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Criteria A-Investigate

Introduction- Design Task


KC : Communication
RC : Innovation, Collaboration
GC : Scientific and Technical Innovation
SOI: Communication is a useful way to
spread news using scientific and
technical innovation.

Task Specific Clarification

Design cycle:
Inquiring and Analyzing
Identify the problem/issue/topic will you inquire?

In this unit we will be broadcasting information in different

mediums to gain large audience's attention. The purpose of
media is to spread awareness about national and international
happening in the society around the world.


Task 1-Design Need

Justify the need for a solution to this problem? Explain your
point of view
According to our problem we decided to make a news media that can achieve it
purpose of giving information to different audience so that they can have an
easy access to information that will not only satisfy their surveillance in uses and

The objective of our unit is to practice language skills through broadcasting

news. It also develops other skills such as computer skills, organizing,
information processing . it gives real life learning experience to the students
which enhances students's confidence, autonomy and responsibility.

Students working in groups are responsible news to broadcast so they will hunt
for the latest news, will do editing and produce the final broadcast in form of
video or newspaper. student are free to choose content of news providing
impressive, truthful and worth-full reading material
Specify your client/target audience.

our target audience is the society , news hunters, school

community and general audience.

Task 2-Research Plan (Mind map)

State a research plan to develop a solution to the problem.

so our research plan to develop a solution to the problem is as

follows :

step 1. We will conduct a survey our news through which we

will be able to know people choices

step 2. hunt for the latest news topi according to our interest
area using world wide web
step 3. visited many websites to gain, develop ideas for our final product

step 4 we will research on secondary research where in we will inquire for

factual and debatable and conceptual questions

step 5 we will summarize all the info gathered from primary and secondary
research in the form of investigation doc.

What we need to learn

Primary Research Secondary Research

Inquiry questions





Websites, etc

Information Available on Internet

Task 3 Existing Solutions

List the existing products you are aware of and analyze them
1. Istanbul- ISIS claimed responsibility for the New Year's attack
at Istanbul's Reina nightclub that left 39 people dead, but authorities
are still scrambling to find the killer.

2. A terrorist was killed on January 3 2017 in a predawn operation launched by the police
in Baramulla district in North Kashmir.

3. In the wake of terror attack on army convoy yesterday, security of the forces during
their movement on Srinagar-Jammu national highway was today reviewed at a high level
meeting chaired by state police chief K Rajendra Kumar who pressed for devising
foolproof mechanism.
Two best products that I choose

Survey Questionnaire
Inquiry Questions

Inquiry Questions

What are the different forms of media?

There are many different types of media. Books, the

television, magazines, newspapers, the Internet and the
radio are only some types of media.

What is the importance of media?

Media is important because it spreads a message to a

wider audience and this means more people know about
a certain news. It helps people know exactly what a
person wants to communicate.

What is news broadcasting?

News broadcasting means transmitting information

through a source of media. It means sending latest or
old news or information to a certain number of people or

What does a broadcast journalist do?

A broadcast journalist researches and investigates

information and news. They present information and
news to televise it. They present information in a
balanced and understandable way,also interactively .

Why is news important?

Having a updated source of news can help people be

aware about the changes that happen in the world or
locally. For example if there is an upcoming disaster
about to hit the city, people can be informed about it
through news and can thus prepare for the disaster.

Why is understanding world news so important?

With world news you can be updated date to date about

what is going in the world. You can be informed about
any new technologies that may have come up outside
your country.

How to write a good news report?

There are 6 simple steps to writing a good news report.

The steps are:

Write a headline which should be clear and

Write byline or a place line.
Write the body of your report.
Include quotes on the report.
Write in an understandable way.
Write down your name at the bottom as you
have written the article.

Is it important for teenagers to pay attention to world news?

I definitely think that world news is important for teens

to pay attention towards world news. They need to
know what is happening in the world so that they have a
better understanding of the world and they can also
make a change in the world if they see the news and get
inspired. This why teens need to read and see world

Write an article on Broadcast News vs. Print News:

Emphasizing the Differences.
Write a reflection on the above article.

News are of two types: broadcast and print news. Most

individuals use broadcast news as a source of
information as it is more convenient and tells the most
recent news. Moreover these days most people have a
T.V or a radio or any other source of broadcast news.
These facilities let people use a more convenient source
of information. Even newspapers are used, but they do
not have the latest news, but the news from the day
before. I think that broadcast news wins this
competition as it is more convenient.
Task 4 Design Brief
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Understanding of Inquiring and Analyzing

In inquiring and analyzing we inquire and ask for

answers. After finding the answers we try to analyze or
examine it to put it in our final product.