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MIDLAND Check-In begins at

8:00 am

WHIZBANG Morning rotation

begins @ 9:00 am


5911 SOUTH FM 1788
Afternoon rotation
REGISTRATION INFO begins @ 12:00 pm

First Name: Last Name:

County: Cell Phone:

HOA & HAA awarded
Email: for each division

Grade of your shooter as of August 31, 2016:

Please circle your division: Make checks

payable to:
Junior (Grades 3, 4, 5) Senior I (Fresh/Soph)
Midland County
Intermediate (Grades 6, 7, 8) Senior II (Jr/Senior) 4-H Shooting
Circle your rotation:

Morning Afternoon MAIL YOUR ENTRY

Event entry total: $95

50 targets each for skeet, trap & whizbang SHEA THOMPSON

3700 Bluebird Lane
Midland, Texas
The shoot will take place at Midland Shooters Association Shotgun Range, 5911 South FM
1788, between Midland and Odessa.
Check-in begins 1 hour before rotation begins.
Mandatory safety meeting will begin 30 minutes prior to your rotation.
Morning rotation begins at 9 am; Afternoon rotation begins at 12 pm.
Rotation choice honored on a first registered, first served basis so dont wait to register.
Preliminary rotations posted via email as time permits; Please include your email for updates.
Shooters will be grouped according to division to make sure each division shoots on the same
whizbang course.
If you have siblings shooting and you would like to have them on the same squad, please
email the club with your request, and we will do our best to accommodate you, if possible.
Concessions available ON-SITE.
Breakfast begins at 8 am; Lunch begins at 11:00 am.
Any tie-breakers will be settled with shoot-offs.
Shoot-offs will begin after the completion of the afternoon rotation.
Awards will begin after the completion of all events and shoot-offs.
Buckles for HOA & HAA will be awarded in each age division. A ladies HOA, 2nd and 3rd will
be awarded as well.
Awards will be presented for the top 4 scores in each event and in each division.
For directions, preferred lodging and additional information, please visit our blog at:
Direct any questions to Shea Thompson at the club email:
or text her at: 432 352 4669.


Are you willing to help us make this event GREAT by pulling or scoring? Please email
Shea at: with your preferred sport and times that will work for
you. We will do our best to accommodate your requests and respect your time.
AND volunteers get complimentary breakfast & lunch!
Thanks in advance for your willingness to help!
Waiver for Participation

In consideration of being permitted to participate (including guests of participants who are observing only) in
shooting sports events at Midland Shooters Association Shotgun Range the undersigned, individually and/or in
his capacity as parent/legal guardian for a minor child(ren) identified herein for himself/herself, his/her
spouse, his/her child(ren), legal representatives, heirs, assigns, HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, AND FOREVER
DISCHARGES Midland Shooters Association, Midland County 4-H Shooting Sports and such parties officers,
directors, committee members, and each of them, together with any corporate and/or charitable entity
sponsoring the event, its officers, directors, and employees from all liability to the undersigned releaser,
his/her spouse, his/her child(ren), legal representatives, heirs and assigns, of and from any and every claim,
demand, action or whatever kind of nature, either in law or in entity, arising from or by reason of bodily injury
or personal injuries known or unknown death or property damage resulting from any accident that may occur
from his/her participation or his/her childs participation, in shooting sports events or any activities in
connection with same, and whether by any such parties negligence or not. The undersigned also assumes full
responsibility for the risk of bodily injury, death or property damage that may occur during his/her
participation, work or other activities related to participation whether or not the same is caused by the
negligence of any of the above mentioned entities, their employees or officials or otherwise. The undersigned
further agrees to indemnify of all the above mentioned entities, their officers, committee members, and each
of them, from any loss, damage or cost they incur due to the undersigneds, or the undersigneds minor
childs, participation in the shooting sports event. This release, waiver, and indemnity is intended to be as
broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Texas, and if any portion is held invalid, it is
agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding continue in full legal force and effect. The undersigned further
states that he/she has carefully read the foregoing release the foregoing and knows the contents thereof and
signed this release as his/her own free act. In witness whereof, the undersigned has executed this release on
the day and year stated below.

Shooters Signature: _____________________________________________

Date: _________________, 2017

Printed Name: _____________________________________________

I HEREBY CERTIFY that I am the parent/guardian/legal custodian of the minor designated herein, and I execute
this RELEASE on behalf of the minor, indemnifying all entities identified.

Signature of Parent/Guardian/Legal Representative: _____________________________________________

Date: _________________, 2017

Printed Name: _____________________________________________