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CITY OF COLUMBIA, MO EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION FORM ‘The performance evaluation forms are located on the intranet at www.columbia, . They are. dynamic forms that can be typed on the computer then printed, Please remember to save the form: to your computer before you fill it out. Once the form is completed, please forward through your: department tothe Human Resources Department Ie alu Employee Name | W, C. Weltkemper — Department | Public Works Job Title | Sewer Maintenance Superintendent Date | 10/3/2010 ‘This performance evaluation covers the perlod DATE through DATE. The categories below provide criteria for the performance rating found in the sections below, When rating an evaluation, please select the closest match to the definition provided. EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS (EE): Performance consistently exceeds the requirements of the position, Performance is of an unusually high quality. MEETS EXPECTATIONS (ME): Performance completely meets the expectations of the position. Indicates that all assignments and objectives have been met. All core competencies were performed according to the requirements of the position. NEEDS FURTHER DEVELOPMENT (ND): Performance either does not meet or partially meets some but not all expectations. Further improvement is requlred for successful performance of the area in question. IMPROVEMENT EXPECTED (IE): Performance does not meet most expectations. If the employee does not improve before the follow up review, employment may be terminated. CITYWIDE COMPETENCIES EE: Exceeds Expectations. ME: Meets Expectations ND: Needs Further Development. IE: Improvement Expected FE ME ND IE ATTENDANCE: Regular in attendance; use of leave and notification of such is acceptable; not often absent PUNCTUALITY: Prompt and timely; not often late. ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS: Has good working relationships with other City employees; helpful, polite, and courteous. FOLLOWS INSTRUCTIONS: Follows oral and written instructions well; does not have difficulty understanding new procedures. ATTITUDE: Good attitude and interest in work; does not complain excessively; provides positive suggestions or ideas. FOLLOWS RULES: Follows City and departmental rules and policies with regularity; does not break or bend rules to sult own needs. PERSONAL APPEARANCE: Maintains appropriate appearance, cleanliness, and personal hygiene. Of8®ond ww ww XR B2BeBeeoa ee) eee al ee Pee (led eeee is] eee Ea eee ea) eee al ee Pee ee (led eee sd eee Ea eee ea) ‘SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: | Attendance: Bill always provides proper notice for vacation, sick leave is very seldom used, g00d leader. in advance of his start time, at his own preference. Punctuality: Bill is almost always at his work site, working, well Attitude: Bill has a very good attitude, never complains and has been very eager to provide information and suggestions. He appears to care about the image of the utility and is a very DEPARTMENTWIDE COMPETENCIES ~ PUBLIC WORKS EE: Exceeds Expectations ME: Meets Expectations. ND: Needs Further Development +E: Improvement Expected ME EE ND | IE "ACCOUNTABILITY: Maintains responsibilly for personal actions, behaviors, and decisions. ADAPTABILITY: Demonstrates flexibility and ability to adapt behaviors to meet department needs. CROSS-TRAINING: Demonstrates ability to perform duties within or across divisions that are appropriate to position level. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Demonstrates ability to provide good customer service; deals well with customers, both internal and external. ETHICS: Models ethical behavior, inoluding respect, integrity, and confidentiality. INDEPENDENCE: Demonstrates abilty to work effectively and efficiently without constant supervision. wo LEADERSHIP: Demonstrates leadership skis; provides guidance and direction appropriately. ‘SAFETY CONSCIOUSNESS: Demonstrates awareness of and commitment to safely and models safe behavior. ‘TEAMWORK: Demonstrates ability to work cooperatively to accomplish shared goals. ‘TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrates technical knowledge related to public works at a level appropriate to the position; demonstrates ability to effectively and efficiently operate appropriate equipment. xX 2 B® w®eeeO 0 OO OO80 TIME MANAGEMENT: Demonstrates ability to appropriately prioritize work assignments and to complete duties in the assigned timeframe, WORK ETHIC: Models postive work ethie, including dligence and commitment to} 54 the success of the department. & ww o Oo Oo ead ee eed eed eee Dede Cele eed ede Ceres O oo ooooooo oa ‘SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: has been exceptional. Adaptability: In addition to what is listed in the guidelines, Bill has adjusted to a significant change with his first change in supervisor in 34 years. To date his performance Bill provides very good customer service. He is always willing to meet with customers that are experiencing problems with their sewer service and recommend suggestions to eliminate the problems. Ethics: Bill definitely exceeds the ME as defined in the Quide for this category. Independence: Bill requires littl, if any, supervision to properly deploy his staff to provide excellent maintenance of the collection system. Bill has 35 years of experience and can be counted on to determine and schedule work assignments based on service calls recelved and finding of field personnel. The performance of the line maintenance section Is very comendable and can be partially attributed to Bill's ability to make independent decisions. Leadership: Bill has lead the line maintenance section for approximately 34 years and is a proven leader. Observing his staff it has been easy to determine that his staff look to him for guidance and respect him. It is evident that he motivates his staff to perform to the best of their abilities and he promotes responsibility among his staff. Safety: Bill developed the Utility's confined space entry program, continues to review and update it on a regular basis and provides training to the utilly staff and other division's staff. Teamwork: Bill is always willing to work with others to improve operations of the utility and to work with other divisions to provide requested assistance. Technical Knowledge: Bill has 35 years experience with the Sewer Utility, The technical knowledge he has gained during this time has proven to be a very valuable assest. He continually does research to expand his knowledge base. Work Ethics: Bill meets all the qualifications for EE listed in the guidelines for this category and often provides suggestions for improving the operations of the division. JOB-SPECIFIC COMPETENCIES ~- SEWER MAINTENANCE SUPERINTENDENT EE: Exceeds Expectations ME: Meets Expectations ND: Needs Further Development EE ME, ND IE mprovement Expected N/A Plans, organizes, prioritizes, schedules, assigns, and evaluates the work of subordinate supervisors over various orews of Equipment ‘Operators and Maintenance Assistants; provides training and counseling, Drives to various sites to evaluate and assist crews engaged in ‘maintenance, repair and internal inspection of sewer lines. Prepares annual budget for activities supervised; controls the expenditure of budgeted funds; maintains general inventory of ‘materials and supplies. Maintains records and prepares reports related to the work; investigates and prepares incident reports, insurance documents for liability claims, injuries and vehicle or equipment accidents; prepares various sewer related Notice of Violation tetters and follow-up correspondence for Director's signature. Ensures that wastewater bypasses are reported to MDNR within 24 hours of ocourrence by telephone and in writing within five days of occurrence; identifies ‘sewers for annual sewer rehabilitation contract; prepares reports detailing findings of TV inspections of new sewer construction projects; assures work Is completed according to proper standards. Analyzes and evaluates maintenance functions; initiates or recommends new or improved practices. Assures that proper safety standards and precautions are followed; develops and organizes safety programs and other training for supervisors and other employees, and partioipates on the wastewater safety committee. Investigates and takes appropriate action or makes recommendations in response to citizen complaints or inquiries; initiates improvements to eliminate continuing problems; provides assistance to contractors, other utilities and the public. ‘Assures proper upkeep, repalr, and maintenance of all equipment; determines when equipment should be rotated, traded or replaced; prepares specifications for new equipment; requisitions materials and ‘equipment purchased; Keeps abreast of new developments in materials, equipment and processes. Uses personal computer for word processing, spreadsheets and record-keeping system. Conducts high-quality performance evaluations of subordinate employees in a timely fashion. o o Oo ‘SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: T. Good planning and scheduling has resulted in the ine maintenance section having a very high productivity level. 4. Bill's reports are accurate and completed well in advance of due dates, There have been an extremely high number of wet weather related $S0s this year and Bill has ensured that proper notification to MDNR has been provided, in all instances and, that all necessary reports were completed on time. All routine record maintenance and reports were completed on time even with this additional work. 5. Bill frequently recommends new practices to improve operations including recommending collection system improvements to myself and engineering staff that might minimize problems. His knowledge of the collection system is, very impressive. 6. The safety record of the line maintenance employees is, excellent, 7. Bill provides very good customer service. He addresses continuing problems and makes recommendations to engineering staff for improvements to the system for continuing problems which cannot be eliminated without significant redesign of portions of the collection system. 8. All sewer maintenance equipment is very well maintained. Bill prepared the specifications for the new CCTV inspection vehicle that is being purchased this fiscal year. 9. Bill and his staff provide high quality reviews of personnel. GOALS EE: Exceeds Expectations, 4 points ME: Meets Expectations, 3 points ND: Needs Further Development, 2 points IE: Improvement Expected, 1 points 2010 Goals SCORE ‘Annually review, update and maintain the Sewer Maintenance Operations Manual, Confined Space Program, and the wt Trenching/Shoring Program. oe ae Quantifiable goal: a. Achieve preventive maintenance service level to maintain public sewer emergency calls to 10% to 15% of the total number of service requests received. > Dirty aurmrrtyy ~ G_ 1 | Quantitable goa ‘gas 25%, Sees ice | b. Sewer Jet cleaning total footage = 1,700,000 linear feet/year Quantifiable goat 1,252, 9°? lf . Television inspection of mains = 190,000 linear feot/year Quantifiable goal: 181, 800 NP d. Sewer line repair/replacement = 450 linear feet/year ia Specific FY10 goa: /B2 Ud For 2010, pursue the IT Department to evaluate/secure ae computer data base systems to store all written sewer maintenance work performed as well as miscellaneous information entered and retrieved by manhole number segment. All sources should be evaluated including the HTE work order module, existing City mapping GIS data base, any other internal capability, as well as outside vendors. The data base system must be compatible with existing City software, including Granite for TV inspection. See attached sheet Co supersize evalurtion of Hace gous ‘The previous sheet has the 2010 GOALS that were established by Bill’s previous supervisor and as scored by Bill in his self evaluation. I have the following comments and seores on these goals: Safety programs - Complete ME Quantifiable goats a, This goal is really not attainable. This year is a very good example of why this is not a reliable measure. The heavy rains resulted in many wet weather related sewer bypasses including wastewater backing up in basements causing many emergency calls. These calls are to be expected due to the rains, This is not a variable that Bill can control or manipulate to achieve the stated goal. I would disagree with Bill's rating of IE and would instead give him a ME due to the circumstances. b, The 1,700,000 feet of sewer main to be cleaned has never been accomplished in the utility’s history. 1,690,570 feet of main was cleaned in 2009 and the next previous high was 944,065 feet in 1975. Again, the heavy rains and the large number of wet weather sewer bypasses that occurred caused the need for crews to-clean up the bypasses instead of performing normal maintenance operations. I do not agree with Bills rating of IE and would again go to ME as I feel the numerical value was set unreasonably high, Same comments for CCTV inspection as for cleaning in item b. above. Sewer line repair and replacement is performed as necessary. A large portion of structural main repair/replacement is now performed using cast in place pipe techniques. Sewer mains are only exeavated and repaired/replaced as needed. if it was only necessary to repair/replace 180 feet of sewer main then T consider that to be an indication that proper maintenance and CIPP work is being performed. Bill could have unnecessarily replaced 450 feet of main just because it could be done and to meet this goal. Bill has much better judgment than that and I disagree with his rating of IE and would again give and ME, ae Computer data base system goal My understanding is that this was bid once before and IT rejected all bids. Additionally, this is something IT, various PW divisions and other City departments need to work on and agree ‘on the best data base system for the City. Talso understand the funding has been rolled over form 09 to 10 and may be rolled over again to 11. I do not disagree with the ND rating but do think itis outside of Bill’s control at this point and do not think that should reflect negatively on his performance individually, GOALS EE: Exceeds Expectations, 4 points ME: Meets Expectations, 3 points ND: Needs Further Development, 2 points IE: Improvement Expected, 4 points AIL SCORE Review and update the Sewer Maintenance Operations Manual, Confined Space Program and the Trenching/Shoring Program at least once per year. Work with engineering and other City staff in the development and inplementation of the proposed inflow and infiltration reduction program. Continue to schedule routine cleaning and inspection of sewer mains in such a manner that the 5 and 10 year frequency goals are maintained. Continue to provide excellent customer service. Continue to share your knowledge and experience with other staff members so that it may be utilized to the maximum. ‘SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: SUPERVISOR COMMENTS AND SIGNATURE ‘SUPERVISOR COMMENTS: Thave only worked with Bill since May, during this short time | have been very impressed by his knowledge and ability to effectively manage the line maintenance section of the utility. Bill has been wonderful to work with and has always been willing to work with me. He has provided me with a great amount of insight on line maintenance and general history of the utility. His willingness to share his knowledge and experiences and to share his opinions and thoughts on improvement to operations have been very much appreciated. He has helped me tremendously in my new position and is a big assest to the utility. ‘SUPERVISOR SIGNATURE: [~~ ) 7 [ DATE: tfilio EMPLOYEE COMMENTS AND SIGNATURE Agree With The Content of This Evaluation | Disagree With The Content of This Evaluation EMPLOYEE COMMENTS: 10 EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE: DA aa