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April 2017

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Configurable Front Panel Editor

Advanced PLC Functionality

Three Level PIN Protection

Dual Mutual Standby

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International Edition WORLDview
Michael J. Osenga ...................................... Publisher
Stay The Park And
Michael J. Brezonick .................Associate Publisher/
Editor-In-Chief Course Pay
Ian Cameron ......................Regional Manager/Editor
Roberta Prandi ...................Regional Manager/Editor BY MIKE BREZONICK BY IAN CAMERON
Bo Svensson ............. Field Editor/Business Manager
Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA Ashbourne, England
Jack Burke ........................................... Senior Editor
Chad Elmore ........................................ Senior Editor
Dave Lubach ........................................ Senior Editor
Recently an alliance of USA auto- Call me a cynic, but it seems that
DJ Slater ......................................... Associate Editor makers had sent a letter to the White the latest anti-diesel wheeze imple-
Mark Thayer .................................... Associate Editor
House asking the new administration mented by a London council seems
Maggie Pieper .......................... Advertising Manager
Sue Smith ................................. Circulation Manager to pause the planned implementation to be little more than a cheap money-
Mauro Belo Schneider ............................. Field Editor
of fuel economy and greenhouse gas grabbing exercise masquerading as a
Dr. W. Fleischfresser ................ Hydraulic Consultant
Jerry Karpowicz ......................................Copy Editor emissions standards that are set to be green initiative.
PUBLICATION STAFF phased in between 2017 and 2025. It wasnt too long ago that Brits were
Brenda Burbach .................................. Graphic Artist The thought is that with one of the encouraged to buy diesel cars. Now
Carla Lemke ........................................ Graphic Artist
Alyssa Loope....................................... Graphic Artist new presidents key campaign issues diesel is the archenemy among many
SALES OFFICES being government overregulation, the parts of the U.K.s political elite.
PUBLICATION HEADQUARTERS plea for a rollback of the standards Air pollution is, of course, a big
20855 Watertown Road, Suite 220
Waukesha, WI 53186-1873, USA would be viewed favorably on 1600 problem in many of the worlds cities
Telephone: +1 262-754-4100 Telefax: +1 262-754-4175 Pennsylvania Avenue. and, yes, diesel vehicles contribute
GERMANY Theres been no response from the to that problem.
Lisa Hochkofler ........................ Advertising Manager
Gabriele Dinsel ......................... Advertising Manager
White House, but you have to think a Indeed the problem in London got so
Niemllerstr. 9 lot of people are watching to see what bad recently that some of the citys bor-
73760 Ostfildern, Germany
Telephone: +49 711 3416 74 0 Telefax: +49 711 3416 74 74
the official reaction might be. And if oughs recorded toxic levels, prompting
ITALY there turns out to be any real sympa- the mayor to tell people not to go out
Roberta Prandi ................. Regional Manager/Editor thy toward the idea, one can expect to until the situation improved.
Via Cerere 18
38062 Arco, Italy
see many more requests for regula- Anything that cuts pollution is a
Telephone: +39 0464 014421 tory relief, including by the heavy-duty good thing.
SCANDINAVIA truck manufacturers who are facing But Westminster City Council in
Bo Svensson ..............Field Editor/Business Manager
Dunderbacksvagen 20
their own tightening fuel economy and London appears to have gone a little
612-46 Finspong, Sweden CO2 regulations as well as engine too far as part of the down with die-
Telephone: +46 70 2405369 Telefax: +46 122 14787
manufacturers in general. sel movement.
UNITED KINGDOM And that would be a pretty bad idea. The council says that as part of its
Ian Cameron ......................Regional Manager/Editor
Linda Cameron ......................... Advertising Manager Not to say that there isnt any truth drive to create a greener, healthier city
40 Premier Avenue
to the idea that the federal govern- it is going to start trials on emissions-
Ashbourne, Derbyshire
DE6 1LH, United Kingdom ment hasnt grown overly fond of based charging for diesel cars parking
Telephone: +44 20 31 79 29 79 Telefax: +44 20 31 79 29 70 making rules. In 2016 alone, some in the Marleybone area of London.
JAPAN 81 640 pages of regulations cover- In fact, it is going to add 50% extra on
Akiyoshi Ojima ................................ Branch Manager
51-16-301 Honmoku Sannotani, Naka-ku ing nearly every form of human ac- parking charges for diesel vehicles from
Yokohama, 231-0824, Japan tivity were issued. early April with the council adding, Any
Telephone: +81 45 624 3502 Telefax: + 81 45 624 3503
But at least when it comes to en- money raised will be spent on initiatives
D. S. Chai ...........................................Sales Manager gine emissions and fuel economy to promote sustainable transport.
Dongmyung Communications Inc. standards, the rules promulgated over The scheme sounds admirable
82 Pyeongchangmunhwa-ro, Jongno-gu
Seoul, 03011 Korea
the last few years have had a lot of enough, but is it just a coincidence
Telephone: +82 2 391 4254 industry input. And it would be hard that this idea just happens to come
CHINA to hit the brakes now, since in many at the same time that so many U.K.
Yutan Gu .............................Director Of International
Cooperation Department
cases, programs to meet the targets councils are desperately short of
Floor 4, Haiya, Xiuyuan No.15 Building, Anhuibeili
everyone has agreed to are in pro- money and cutting services?
Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China P.C:100101 cess and progress is being made. Once again motorists and trans-
Telephone: +86 010 64978058 Telefax: +86 010 64955975
Lastly, calls to relax industry-related port companies, especially those us-
environmental regulations would send ing diesel-powered vehicles, are the
Michael J. Osenga ...................................... President
Michael J. Brezonick .......... Executive Vice President a terrible message to the public. Af- first on the firing line when needing to
ter the last few years of scandal in- raise extra cash.
volving diesel engines, is it really a If you dont already have this emis-
good idea to petition for a step back- sions-based charging wherever you
ward? Staying the clean course is a live in the world, dont be surprised if it
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35 A New Lift From JCB Powered Access Market
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The new AST-2P/X high-speed

aircraft tow tractor by Goldhofer
utilizes a diesel-hydraulic drive
system with a driveline control-
ler supplied by Sensor-Technik

Driveline controller for airplane tow tractor provides
optimum traction and a fuel-saving option

erman manufacturer Goldhofer recently intro- reducing diesel consumption as well as tractor mainte-
duced its new generation AST-2P/X high-speed nance costs since operating hours are reduced.
aircraft tow tractor, which is designed to move a A central component of the system is the diesel-hydraulic
broad range of aircraft everything from an Em- drive system. It is composed of a pump and two hydraulic
braer 170 up to the Boeing B777-300ER and Airbus A340. motors which operate a differential steering axle through a
The AST 2 tractor is in its fourth generation and is char- summation gearbox. The pump and motors are controlled
acterized by a new, compact and modular vehicle concept through electrical proportional adjustment.
with a hydrostatically driven steering axle designed to deliv- The drive system is overseen by a driveline controller
er optimum traction, even in the case of low superimposed (DLC), which is responsible for the entire drive system man-
load. The tractor is available in two engine versions, with agement and the airplane type-dependent tensile force limi-
Cummins QSL9 diesel engines delivering 228 or 283 kW tation. During the towing process, only a limited tensile force
and complying with EU 3a and U.S. Tier 4 final emissions may be applied to the aircrafts nose wheel. The tensile force
regulations. A three-circuit braking system is also used, limitation in the DLC is realized through a dynamic, airplane
which distributes the braking force for maximum stability type dependent, high-pressure regulation. In addition, the
and safety, the company said. DLC is responsible for the automatic start-stop function.
The airplane power supply during towing operation is For the selection of the drive controller, Goldhofer was
ensured via a ground power unit (GPU), which can be ret- looking for a flexible and high-power control unit that would
rofitted into each of these vehicles. be in a position to reliably execute the safety-relevant func-
Since towing operations in airports entail a lot of waiting tionalities. The control unit needed to be adaptable to other
periods, an automatic start-stop function has been installed aircraft tractor types and provide the required performance
to achieve maximum fuel savings. This function helps with to safely cover current and future requirements.



The solution was found with the ESX-3XL safety con-

trol unit from Germany-based Sensor-Technik Wiedemann
(STW). The control is built on a 32-bit TriCore controller with a
150 MHz core, 4 MB RAM, 6 MB Flash and 32 KB EEPROM.
In addition to the flexible adaptation possibilities in the
basic version, so that all inputs can be configured via the
initial functions as current/voltage/digital or rpm inputs, one
other outstanding feature of the ESX-3XL is the possibil-
ity to extend the device via expansion boards, said Rudolf
Filser, head of the System Support Team at STW. Because
the control unit can be configured with up to six of these
boards, it simply grows flexibly with the project.
At the moment, 14 expansion board versions are avail-
able featuring different inputs and outputs, additional
RS232/RS485/CAN interfaces and a programmable Linux
system including Ethernet and USB.
Generally, development environments for programming in The ESX-3XL freely programmable control unit
C, Matlab and Codesys are available, the company said. by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann is designed
For the development of the DLC, the development environ- with clear interfaces between safety-relevant
ment Codesys in version Codesys Safety SIL2 was chosen. and nonsafety-relevant software parts. The
The control unit is certified according to standards such as safety-relevant parts have been kept as simple
DIN IEC 61508: SIL 2 and DIN EN ISO 13849: PL d. as possible, the company said.
Since safety-orientated development represents a sub-
stantial cost factor during product development and during
maintenance of the subsequent product, STW paid particu- parameterization of the DLC, Filser said. In addition, it was
lar attention during drafting of the technical safety concept necessary to verify that parameter changes to nonsafety-
to a clear and unambiguous definition of the safety func- relevant application parts would not have any effects on the
tions and their assignment to the appropriate software com- safety-relevant application parts. This will keep the required
ponents, Filser said. validation and verification expenses as low as possible, too.
The focus was placed on keeping safety-relevant parts Basically, every additional parameterization provides ad-
as simple as possible and creating clear interfaces between ditional complexity, additional error sources and therefore
safety-relevant and nonsafety-relevant software parts. In increased validation and verification expenses. Accordingly,
the software architecture, this is presented in appropriate attention was paid in the specifications and design of the
safety-relevant and nonsafety-relevant modules. safety-relevant modules to limit the number of parameters
According to Filser, a clear assignment of functionalities to a minimum.
and the precise definition of the interface between the two With the clear delineation between safety-relevant and
software worlds are always meaningful. But it only leads nonsafety-relevant application parts, the basis was provid-
to cost reductions for development and maintenance if the ed for division of the parameterization into a safety-relevant
separation of different software components is supported and nonsafety-relevant part.
by the hardware. The process of safe parameterization is supported via the
According to the IEC 61508 standard for the functional ESX-Kefex toolchain. This toolchain is part of the ESX-3XL
safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic development environments and comes with a detailed user
safety-related system (IEC 61508-3,, software and safety manual. The Kefex toolchain has been certified
parts with different safety classifications are to be devel- for use in projects with safety requirements in accordance
oped on a control unit in accordance with the highest safety with DIN IEC 61508: SIL 2 and DIN EN ISO 13849: PL d.
level unless they are suitably independent through tempo- In the case of the AST-2P/X tow tractor, the entire de-
ral and spatial separations. velopment process risk analysis, hardware assignment,
The ESX-3XL control unit supports temporal and spatial preparation of safety concept, software architecture, imple-
independence of application parts by providing appropri- mentation and verification has been realized in close co-
ate memory protection and watchdog functionalities. This ordination between STW and Goldhofer. dpi
opens up the possibility for the development team to devel-
op nonsafety-relevant parts of the application in accordance FOR MORE INFORMATION
with a simplified development and verification process.
STWs objective was to guarantee a standard-compliant


A 125 million project to deploy 144 hydrogen fuel cell The GenCell G5rx is a low-maintenance solution that does
buses and seven large hydrogen refueling stations across not emit any carbon dioxide that can be used in extreme en-
Europe was launched in Cologne, Germany. vironments and urban settings.
According to the bodies behind the project, it represents SDG&E will begin a three-year effort to install the GenCell
a step change for the hydrogen bus sector, moving from a G5rx backup fuel cells at its substations. The fuel cell, which
technology demonstration stage to a day-to-day offering for only emits water, will automatically operate in the event the
zero-emissions public transport. power grid goes down, said the company. The fuel cell can
The buses will offer the same operational flexibility com- operate 10 times longer than existing backup power sources.
pared to the incumbent diesel buses without any harmful ex- Producing 5 kW of steady power, the GenCell G5rx is a
haust fumes, organizers said. cost-effective, reliable and more efficient energy solution
The buses are part of the JIVE project that is supported by a than existing backup power solutions, such as extending the
grant from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, battery room or using diesel generators, GenCell said.
which is based in Brussels, Belgium, and through the MEHR- Swedens Volvo Buses said it has sold 3000 hybrids,
LIN project which is supported by the European Commission. electric hybrids and electric buses to customers in 22 coun-
Buses will be deployed in five European countries in the tries in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia since their
following cities and regions: Region Kln, Wuppertal and introduction in 2010.
Rhein-Main in Germany; London, Birmingham, Dundee and Volvo sold 533 electrified buses. Since 2010 the largest
Aberdeen in the United Kingdom (U.K.); South Tyrol in Italy; markets for its hybrid buses is the U.K., which accounts for
Riga in Latvia; and Slagelse in Denmark. almost half (1425) of the total sales. Other major markets are
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been urged to back Colombia (468), Sweden (196), Spain (137), Germany (135),
gas-powered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) to improve Switzerland (129) and Norway (109). Over the past two
air quality by former U.K. Development Minister Mike years, demand for Volvo hybrid buses has also increased in
Foster. A U.K. Dept. of Transport-backed study claimed Eastern Europe, especially in Estonia (44) and Poland (48).
that gas engines provide improvements in air quality over Renault has acquired French company Power Vehicle In-
their diesel counterparts. novation (PVI) with a view to accelerating the growth of its
Foster now runs the Energy and Utilities Alliance, a not- light commercial vehicle (LCV) business. The assets of PVI
for-profit association working in the energy sector, and said include expertise in the design and conversion of commercial
that HGVs account for 16% of U.K.s road transport green- vehicles running on natural gas or electricity.
house gases and 2% of road transport NOx emissions, yet PVI has previously worked with Renault on the develop-
make up just 5% of vehicle miles traveled and less than 2% ment and electrification of the upcoming Renault Master
of vehicle numbers. Z.E. large van, which is due to be launched before the end
Chinese battery specialist BYD said it has been selected in of 2017 and which would extend Renaults existing range
Argentina for the purchase of 50 electric buses on behalf of of electric LCVs.
the Ministry of Environment. In southern Germany, Esslingen Municipal Transportation
The tender was launched by the Ministry of Environment as a Authority (SVE) has presented its new battery trolleybuses
pilot project for the introduction of electric public transport in dif- with In-Motion-Charging (IMC) from Vossloh Kiepe, based
ferent cities throughout the country. The bid evaluation commit- in Dsseldorf, Germany. The four electric hybrid buses or-
tee chose BYD from five bidders for its 12 m electric bus, which dered by SVE from consortium partners Vossloh Kiepe and
is already used in cities such as London, England; Los Angeles, Polands Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. have been on regular line
California, USA; and Amsterdam, Netherlands. To better satisfy service since late 2016.
market demands, BYD plans to build a new factory in Argentina. These articulated buses are equipped with lithium titanate
GenCell, the Israel-based fuel cell developer and manu- traction batteries which, with 37 kWh of usable energy and an
facturer, is partnering with North American energy company output of 240 kW, enable normal operation on sections of the
San Diego (California, USA) Gas & Electric (SDG&E). route with no overhead contact lines, the company said. dpi



JCB has expanded its generator set portfolio to 650 kVA

and above.

New premium range and rental market sets launched


s it celebrates the 10th anniversary since the compa- First, the company has launched a new premium genera-
ny produced and sold its first generator, JCB Power tor range from 650 kVA and above and offers customers an
Products has announced two new developments. expanded list of engine suppliers for its heavy range of sets.
JCB Power Products was established in 2006 fol- The company is making Perkins and Cummins engines
lowing the launch of the JCB DieselMax engine. Today it available, alongside the existing MTU and Mitsubishi power
offers a range of generators for various applications glob- offerings, to provide more flexibility to better suit specific
ally including residential, rental, construction, quarrying and customer requirements across the world, the company said.
mining, agricultural sectors and for use as backup power The JCB generators feature 50 and 60 Hz options to suit
supply for commercial applications such as hospitals, of- global demand; a choice of standard Stamford and optional
fices and data centers. Mecc Alte alternators and control panels from both Deep
A key expansion of the companys capabilities was in Sea Electronics and ComAp.
2015 when JCB acquired the 39-year old U.K. company The company said that by working in partnership with its
Broadcrown to strengthen and extend its own range of global customer base, JCB Power Products and its genera-
gen-sets and power supply equipment. The new JCB tor dealer network have developed a broader engine offer-
Broadcrown is based in Hixon, Staffordshire, England. ing to suit all territories and applications.
Most recently, JCB Power Products has announced two Perkins and Cummins engines will be offered along with
new extensions to its gen-set portfolio. continued on page 8



A G100RS generator from the rental range powered by JCBs four-cylinder, Stage 3a-compliant DieselMax engine.

MTU and Mitsubishi diesels engines in a range of 50 Hz models are powered by JCBs mechanically controlled
generator sets from 700 to 3350 kVA. A choice of Cummins, Stage 3a DieselMax engines while the 130 kVA model has
MTU and Mitsubishi power will be available in 60 Hz sets, an electronically controlled DieselMax. The generator de-
with a maximum output of 3200 kW. sign has been future-proofed to accept engines up to Stage
As well as offering customers a choice of power sup- 5 emissions standards.
ply, JCB Power Products can deliver generator sets with The sets can be supplied with an optional engine coolant
a choice of standard Stamford alternators and Deep Sea heater and battery charger for static installations or an op-
Electronics (DSE) controllers. However, if the customer tional anti-condensation heater to ensure that the alternator
prefers, the generators can be built using Mecc Alte alter- remains dry between rental periods.
nators, with ComAp controllers. The RS range is equipped with JCBs LiveLink for Power
Further customization includes sound attenuating enclo- telematics system to remotely monitor the generator or an
sures and containers, industrial and residential silencers, a entire fleet. JCB Power Products uses Deep Sea Electronics
choice of three or four pole circuit breakers and the capabili- controllers on the RS models. The DSE 7310 provides an
ty to synchronize and load share with other power providers. auto start module while the 7320 comes with a Mains Failure
JCB Power Products is also launching the first four RS Module. A Deep Sea Electronics 8610 controller is available
diesel generators, specifically designed for the power gen- as an option, complete with synchronizing and load sharing
eration rental market and powered by JCBs four-cylinder, control module. This controller provides configurable inputs/
Stage 3a-compliant DieselMax engine. The sets also feature outputs for multiple installations options.
Deep Sea Electronics controllers and Mecc Alte alternators. The RS generator sets use Mecc Alte alternators and
The four RS-branded generators offer outputs of 60, 80, standard DSR Automatic Voltage Regulators ensure power
100 and 125 kVA, which JCB said are the most popular backup, essential for operations such as information tech-
power nodes for rental machines. The 60, 80 and 100 kVA nology and data center backup and support, JCB said. dpi


DATEline @dieselprogress
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APRIL Beijing, China Salzburg, Austria

April 24-28 Integer Research Ltd. The Vibration Association
Hannover Messe Invicta House Hallwanger Landessstrasse 3
Exhibition Grounds, Hanover, 108-114 Golden Lane 5300 Hallwang, Austria
Germany London, EC1Y 0TL, U.K.
Web: Tel: +43 662 664146
Deutsche Messe Email: info@torsional-vibration-
Messegelnde, 30521, Hanover,
May 17-19
Tel: +49 511 89-0 Torsional Vibration Web: www.torsional-vibration-
Fax: +49 511 89-32626 Symposium 2017
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HF Fully Loaded AdF (DPI)Diesel Progress
04-17_4.25 x 7.25International
2/21/17 4:53 Edition
PM Page will1 participate.

April 25-29
Zaragoza, Spain
Feria de Zaragoza
Autova A-2, km.311
50012 Zaragoza, Spain
Tel: +34 976 76 47 06
Fax: +34 976 53 45 46

April 27-28
38th International Vienna
Motor Symposium
Congress Center Hofburg, Vienna,
Austrian Society of Automotive
Engineers (VK)

Elisabethstrasse 26/24
A - 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1585 27 41-0
Fax: +43 1585 27 41-99

*May 10-11
AVL International
Commercial Powertrain
Helmut-List-Halle, Graz, Austria
AVL List GmbH
Hans-List-Platz 1, A-8020, Graz, Optimize performance. Reduce energy needs.
Austria Save space. Cut installation time. Increase reliability.
Tel: +43 316 787-927 Specify a HydraForce customized hydraulic control
Fax: +43 316 23 11 44 90 solution for your machine. Using our state-of-the-art
manufacturing technology, well meet your precise
requirements. And well deliver fast turnaround as well
May 10-11 as free engineering assistance from design to production.
O&M and Lifecycle Management For more information on our custom solutions, visit
Strategies for CCGT Power Plants, or contact us at
Crown Plaza Hotel
Birmingham, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 121 200 3810
Fax: +44 (0) 121 212 1623

May 16-18 Lincolnshire, IL, USA 847-793-2300 Birmingham, UK 44 121 333 1800 Changzhou, China 86 519 6988 1200
10th Integer Emissions Summit &
2017 HydraForce, Inc.
AdBlue Forum China 2017



ZF expects a trend toward fully electrically driven machinery. The ZF Innovation Tractor is a demonstration of the future
in off-highway technology, incorporating features such as single-wheel electric drive for tractor and implements, auto-
mated maneuvering and hitching with Safe Range function and pedestrian detection, and 360 camera surround view.

Head of ZF Friedrichshafens Off-Highway Systems business unit
aims to help shape the future of nonroad technology

Editors Note: In 2015, Udo Kneitz was named senior vice BY ROBERTA PRANDI
president of the Off-Highway Systems business unit within DPI: Youve been with ZFs Off-Highway Systems busi-
the Industrial Technology Division at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. ness unit for more than a year. What were you doing be-
Based in Passau, Germany, Kneitz oversees the companys fore ZF and whats the transition been like?
activities in the construction, material handling, agricultural
and waste/recycling vehicle markets. With a mechanical en- Udo Kneitz: Before I started at ZF Friedrichshafen AG,
gineering background, Kneitz spent more than 20 years at I worked for several large on- and off-highway corpora-
vehicle and equipment manufacturers and then held a top tions like Mercedes-Benz, AGCO/Fendt, Renault/Claas,
management position at global technology consultant AVL. and AVL List.
Diesel Progress International talked with Kneitz about his During this time, there were repeatedly points of con-
position and his goals for the company. tact between ZF and me. I had to deal with ZFs products



We are very confident that

we have the right products to
establish CVT technology in
construction machinery and
to improve the performance,
efficiency and comfort of
construction machinery.
Udo Kneitz,
head of ZFs Off-Highway business unit

and services intensively of course also in consider- with a company like ZF, the decision for a change is not
ation and evaluation of direct competitors. What became a hard one.
apparent for me comparatively quickly is that for premi- In my current position, I am now for the first time ever
um suppliers, ZF is one of the central places to go to. ZF operating for a supplier. This made the last year at ZF a
is a highly successful and customer-oriented company, very interesting and diverse one for me and I was able to
which is globally well-positioned for the future. If you are face many interesting challenges.
given the chance to take over a new and challenging task continued on page 12

Flexibility with
real power! ESX-3CM Freely program-
mable central control unit
Software development in CODESYS and C
High current switching, up to 15A
Flexibility through multi-function I/Os
Multiple communication interfaces
Excels in rough environments
Starter kit available for an efcient start
Exhibition Dates
Sensor + Test, Nuremberg
30.05. 01.06.2017

Agritechnica, Hanover
12.11. 18.11.2017

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Am Brenwald 6 87600 Kaufbeuren Germany Telephone: +49 8341 9505-0 Internet:

Megatrends towards automated driving, connectivity and electronic safety features are already well on the way for on-highway
vehicles. The ZF Innovation Truck offers many advanced functions, as for example, Evasive Maneuver Assist.

DPI: Tell us about how the business unit is organized. systems, we will be able to further customize products for
Have you made any changes or are there any signifi- various technology levels.
cant changes coming in the near future?
DPI: What are the advantages for an off-highway cus-
Kneitz: Based on my professional experience, I am in tomer to work with a large organization such as ZF?
a position that enables me to assess our business unit
from a customers perspective. I can therefore judge ex- Kneitz: First of all, ZF is ever more developing into a sys-
actly what a customer expects from our company which tem supplier. As mentioned earlier, our major aim is to pro-
basically is getting complete solutions from one source. I vide technology solutions from one source a competitive
am convinced that serving our customers optimally and advantage we are promoting further in order to perfectly
professionally is only possible if certain structures within meet our customer and market demands.
our business unit are well adapted. In the last year, we Secondly, our long-standing experience in the field of off-
made a decisive step toward showing one face to the highway systems enables us to deliver not only high quality
customer, by restructuring our sales organization accord- but also up-to-date and future-proof products.
ingly. However, further adjustments in other fields will be
necessary in the near future. DPI: What are the most important product or technol-
One of our goals is, for instance, to strengthen our global ogy developments that ZF will offer its off-highway cus-
footprint and the responsibilities in all regions, so that im- tomers in the near future?
portant decisions can be made exactly where they have
most impact. Kneitz: ZF will show that it recognized the trends in the
Also, our business units product range will have to un- off-highway market in time and that we are able to help shape
dergo some decisive changes. In order to reinforce our the future of off-highway systems together with our customers.
competitiveness in the long run, we have to turn away from We are very confident that we have the right products
products produced in small numbers and instead focus on to establish CVT technology in construction machinery and
modular system solutions. Simultaneously, we are also to improve the performance, efficiency and comfort of con-
going to diversify our product range. Based on our modular struction machinery.



In this context, we expect a trend toward more intel- that the market will grow decisively in any regions or geo-
ligent driveline systems and fully electrically driven ma- graphical areas.
chinery. These innovations will play an important role The bottom of the downturn we saw in Asia and espe-
in the future of on- and off-highway markets and con- cially China seems to be reached and markets are stabiliz-
firm our approach to develop and provide Intelligent ing. In Europe we will most probably see a stable sideways
Mechanical Systems. With its Innovation Tractor, ZF trend and we are optimistic about businesses in the U.S.
has already demonstrated that we are able to play a and South America. In general 2017 should be not a bad
leading role in shaping future off-highway technology. year for our industry.
Some of the developmental concepts from this innova-
tive vehicle will be utilized for construction driveline sys- DPI: What challenges do you see ahead for the off-
tems. But it is not only our products that will change, but highway markets and how will ZF address them?
ultimately also the way in which they are produced. In
this context, connectivity and Industry 4.0 are amongst Kneitz: Governmental regulations, fast-moving markets
the buzzwords. and technologies as well as the globalization of our cus-
tomer structures are some of the challenges we see. ZF is
DPI: What do you think are the most important restructuring its organization to perfectly meet these chal-
trends in the off-highway equipment markets? lenges and customer requirements.
Furthermore, the off-highway market is getting more and
Kneitz: In a first step, we need to further improve ef- more comprehensive. Global customers with worldwide
ficiency and productivity of all driveline components. At production activities expect their suppliers to follow their
this stage, automatization will be one of the key technolo- global footprint. This has a big impact on our ZF global-
gies which we regard as a prerequisite for entering future ization strategy and therefore we need to be prepared to
markets. In a next step, we see electrification, digitaliza- produce local for local. With our so-called Best Choice
tion, and autonomous driving not only as the megatrends Strategy we ensure that we also meet the demands of
in passenger transportation but also increasingly shaping local markets such as China or South America and produce
the market of off-highway systems. Those megatrends basic technology components on-site.
will ultimately play a decisive role in all applications on a Besides the already mentioned trends like efficiency and
worldwide scale. productivity, we see a strong tendency urbanization. More
and more construction equipment will be used for the main-
DPI: Are there any countries, geographic regions or tenance of existing infrastructure rather than for building up
specific market segments that you see as better posi- new infrastructure. dpi
tioned for success in 2017?
Kneitz: Even though we expect a recovery of the world-
wide construction machinery market, we cannot assume

safer! digiSENS-F02
Safety pressure transmitter
For safety related applications
PLd / SIL2 Certied
With ratiometric outputs
Built for rough environments
Shock, vibration and temperature resistent
E1 approval for road use
Exhibition Dates
Sensor + Test, Nuremberg
30.05. 01.06.2017

Agritechnica, Hanover
12.11. 18.11.2017

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH Am Brenwald 6 87600 Kaufbeuren Germany Telephone: +49 8341 9505-0 Internet:
Global Sales And Forecast Sales Of Construction Equipment
Country/Region 2016 2017* 2018* 2019* 2020* 2021*
China 119 218 134 655 144,380 153 375 161 420 168 750
Europe 140 511 140 430 143 801 141 778 144 495 146 267
India 52 619 59 295 65 770 66 270 69 895 73 470
Japan 59 700 64 245 67 410 74 960 75 460 74 960
North America 158 925 168 600 183 785 199 150 209 910 196 900
Rest Of The World 119 160 127 917 136 572 143 511 149 147 149 340
Total 650 133 695 142 741 718 779 044 810 327 809 687
Change From Previous Year -5% 7% 7% 5% 4% -
* - Forecast
Source: Off-Highway Research


fter bumping along the bottom, it looks as if global still only be some 30% of what it was in the boom years of
sales of construction equipment are ready to make 2010 and 2011. It will still be an improvement, however,
something of a comeback. According to Off-Highway and one no one will be sorry to see.
Researchs latest forecasts, worldwide sales of con- The robust Indian construction equipment market,
struction equipment are expected to increase 7% in 2017, meanwhile, is forecast to go from strength to strength.
reaching unit sales of 695 142 units worldwide. That com- Equipment sales grew a remarkable 40% last year
pares to the 650,133 pieces of equipment sold in 2016, which thanks to increased investment and a pickup in project
represented the low point of the industrys economic cycle. implementation in the countrys infrastructure market.
It should be noted that these are provisional figures. Final This is expected to drive consistent and steady growth
totals will be available shortly. in Indian construction equipment sales for the next five
The types of equipment covered in these forecasts are years and as the industry matures India could emerge as
articulated dump trucks, asphalt finishers, backhoe loaders, a significant regional manufacturing hub.
crawler dozers, crawler excavators, crawler loaders, mini At the same time India has been growing, the mature
excavators, motor graders, rigid dump trucks, rough terrain markets of Europe, Japan and North America suffered a 3%
lift trucks (masted and telescopic handlers), skid-steer load- slippage in sales last year. There were several factors that
ers, wheeled excavators and wheeled loaders. probably impacted business confidence negatively, including
Sales of construction equipment last year were affected the long run-up to the USAs presidential elections, as well as
by weak economic growth worldwide and low global prices the U.K.s Brexit referendum. But with those controversies
for many commodities. These factors had a knock-on effect behind us, growth is forecast to return in 2017, particularly in
for the demand for most types of machinery, particularly Japan and North America. The outlook for Europe isnt quite
equipment used in mining and other extractive industries. as positive, as the market looks to be somewhat flatter.
However, commodity prices began to rise as 2016 went on The long-term outlook for the global construction equip-
and sales picked up in a number of key markets. ment market calls for a period of moderate growth. Sales
Of particular significance this year is the expected return are expected to rise from the low point of 650 133 units in
to growth for the Chinese market, which bottomed out in 2016 to around 810 000 machines being sold in 2020 and
2016 after five years of steeply falling sales. Even with the 2021 a 25% increase overall.
13% rise in sales expected in 2017, demand in China will In value terms, the market is forecast to increase 28%
over the same period, with sales increasing from US$69.8
David Phillips is managing director of Off-Highway Research, a London- billion in 2016 to US$89.3 billion in 2020. This reflects an
based management consultancy that specializes in the research and analysis expected resurgence in some higher-value types of equip-
of international construction equipment markets. Phone: (44) 020 7404 1128; ment over the coming years, most notably crawler excava-
Email: tors and rigid dump trucks. dpi



Grigoa, Lybra and Gemini are the new pilot boats at the Genoa Harbor, Italy. They are all equipped with NEF
engines by FPT Industrial.

FPT Industrial engines help keep busy vessels in operation

EF series diesel engines by FPT Industrial will The Genoa Harbor Pilots are at work 24 hours a day, 365
power three new pilot boats for the Genoa Harbor days a year, in any weather and sea conditions. Overall,
Pilots, Italy. these pilot boats are used for thousands of hours each year.
The new Grigoa pilot boat a GRP 12 Pilot Engines are intensely stressed with continuous gear shift-
by the Cantieri Navali Mancini, Italy is equipped with ing and power demands and equally rapid deceleration.
two 5.9 L N60 370 engines, with a maximum power out- Our relationship with pilot boats is crucial, Genoese
put of 275 kW at 2800 r/min. This engine is a six-cylinder pilot Beniamino Cavallari said. Thanks to these vessels
inline unit with electronic common rail injection system. It and their strength, we are able provide our service in the
has a dry weight of 595 kg and maximum torque rating of best possible way. The reliability of the engine itself is
1103 Nm at 1800 r/min. the most important asset for these boats in my opinion.
The Lybra and Gemini boats Seaward Nelson 40 mod- Without that consistency, we could not run our service
els, U.K. are each equipped with two N67 450 engines; the effectively. dpi
engines have a 6.7 L displacement and a maximum power of
335 kW at 3000 r/min. This engine is also a six-cylinder inline FOR MORE INFORMATION
unit with electronic common rail injection. Its dry weight is
600 kg with maximum torque rating of 1305 Nm at 1800 r/min.



The excavator boom reaches over the ships side and the clamshell bucket dips along it into the
Rhine River, almost vertically.

Modified excavator plays major role in river safety and operations


32.7 tonne excavator has started work on the Removing boulders from the Rhine, is one of the most
River Rhine and is helping to increase safety on challenging and hazardous tasks for the excavator. Boul-
the waterway. ders are detected during regular measurements taken by
The Atlas 340 LC crawler excavator has been a survey vessel. In many cases, the excavator can grip the
equipped with a hydraulically adjustable boom and is work- boulders with its Atlas orange peel grab and hoist them on-
ing for WSA in Cologne, Germany, where the machine has board. If the boulders are too big, a hydraulic hammer is at-
a range of duties including embankment protection, dredg- tached and used first and the fragments are taken onboard.
ing, removing boulders and trees and salvage work. There is also the job of removing gravel and sand from the
The excavator is stationed on a barge that is moved by riverbed to maintain the required water depth.
the Keiler pusher-tugboat. Another arduous job is embankment protection, which
The machine is powered by an intercooled, Deutz TCD involves inserting heavy and abrasive basalt rockfill into
6.1 L6, Stage 3b diesel engine with a Deutz turbocharger. sections of the embankment. In addition, the basalt boul-
The engine produces 180 kW at 1800 r/min. Atlas GmbH ders have to be practically tossed to slightly more distant
based in Ganderkesee, Germany made the excavator. parts of the embankment in order to reach those areas. This



The excavator is sta-

tioned on a barge that
is moved by the Keiler

subjects the material, bolts and joints of the excavator to 340 LC a sensitive working machine, according to Atlas.
exceptionally high stresses, the company said. The Atlas dealer Michels GmbH, headquartered in Geldern,
Especially during the winter, the 340 LC is used to clear Germany, carried out the modification work and has loca-
felled trees from the embankment and can drive via a ramp, tions in Bergheim and Essen, Germany. The Atlas 340 LC
pick up the wood and store it on the barge. replaces the previous Atlas 1804 LC that had been in use
From near midship, the excavator boom reaches over the at WSA for 20 years. WSA is responsible for the safety and
ships side and the clamshell bucket dips along it into the maintenance of a specific section of the Rhine.
Rhine, almost vertically. The maximum reach of the excava- Cameras at the side and the rear are designed to ensure
tor with the hydraulic adjustable boom is 12 m. safe driving, and the front windshield can be slid under the
This way you can reach down right at the ships side cab roof. Attachment tools are also designed and built by
without jeopardizing the stability of the boat, said Rolf Atlas. For dredging and other jobs, a clamshell grab with
Nagelschmidt, chief hydraulic engineer at WSA water- a capacity of 1200 L and a completely closed orange peel
ways and shipping office, in Cologne. grab with a capacity of 800 L are available. It is also possible
Linde supplied the hydraulics and main pump. Linde also to work with a rock bucket of 1260 L capacity. A cargo hook
provided the axial piston motor and planetary transmission (11.3 tonne lifting capacity) with the applicable safety de-
for the slewing gear. The excavator also incorporates a vices can be used for duties including salvage operations.
Caldaro joystick. The long reach enables the excavator to work close to
Two flow-on-demand controlled, high-performance pis- the ships side without having to move the machine with the
ton pumps and a fuel-saving load-sensing control make the 600 mm wide floor plates securing stable positioning. dpi

Proventia Test Unit

From Modular Engine Test Laboratories to Test Centres
NEW CONCEPT for testing of engines, components,
exhaust aftertreatment systems, fuels and lubricants
Optimised testing with lower investment and operational costs
Scalable, upgradable and transportable
Contact us:, +358 20 781 0200,

Its a new era at Motorenfabrik Hatz as CEO Michael Schweigert (left) and Thomas Lehner, commercial managing
director and chief financial officer, are responsible for operations at the family owned company.

Venerable German diesel engine manufacturer still family owned,
but new structure aims for flexibility, growth


ver the last several decades, Motorenfabrik Hatz Technical Managing Director Christian Hatz, Wolfram Hatz
has been an increasingly rare company within the is now chairman and two new managers brought in from
industry a family-owned and operated manu- outside the family and company are charged with oversee-
facturer of diesel engines and components. ing the operations.
Recently, however Hatz has undergone a significant Its not an acquisition, said Bernhard Richter-
change yet one that leaves it in much the same position. Schtzeneder, head of marketing at Hatz. Its more of an
As it has been for more than 135 years, Hatz, headquar- equity rise the ownership is still 100% family. By the re-
tered in Ruhsdorf, Germany, remains a family owned com- investment of Wolfram Hatz, he is the majority owner now.
pany. But now rather than the extended Hatz family, the The change in the structure was prompted by sev-
majority of the company is owned by one family member, eral factors, one of the main ones being the increasing
Wolfram Hatz, who had been commercial managing director. cost involved with engine development. The investment
And instead of running the company with his cousin, in technology is not getting any less after Tier 4 final,



Schtzeneder said. We were hoping that it was really

final as far as investment in emissions, but the Europeans
had other plans with Stage 5.
We are implementing our new three-cylinder H Series
engine in 2018 and one year later, we have to prepare all
of our engines for Stage 5. We needed more capital to
work with.
Generating capital for new product development hasnt
always been simple for Hatz, as Christian Hatz explained
in an interview with Diesel Progress in 2013. Its not like a
public company, you dont get fresh money from the mar-
ket, he said. You have to save money you generate and
if youre going to do a development, you have to open up
your pockets for things like the H Series.
While family ownership did allow for an enviable amount
of flexibility All of the Hatz family lives in Ruhsdorf, which
is an advantage for making decisions quickly, Wolfram
Hatz told Diesel Progress in that same interview there
were obviously times when the most willing family pockets
might not be deep enough.
So just over a year ago, the company began examining
options, including taking on outside equity. The first ap-
proach was to have external partners supporting the de-
velopments, Schtzeneder said. All the options involving
external partners have certain consequences because all
of them have their own specific focus. Finally, the manage-
ment and the ownership concluded that was best to go in The face of Hatz diesels worldwide for two decades,
this direction. Wolfram Hatz is now chairman and majority owner
With Wolfram Hatz now chairman, the business will of the company that had been operated by the Hatz
for the first time be managed by someone other than a family for most of its 135-year history.
family member. Michael Schweigert is now chief executive
officer while Thomas Lehner is commercial managing direc- Components supplies products such as connecting rods,
tor and chief financial officer. crankshafts, housings and control parts for other engine
Schweigert, 60, has extensive experience in the automo- manufacturers worldwide, including automotive. The com-
tive industry, including positions in production planning and pany has maintained a high level of expertise in components
production management at Daimler. He also has more than such as connecting rods and it incorporates an impressive
15 years of experience as a management-restructuring range of manufacturing technologies and capabilities that in-
specialist and has been supporting the restructuring pro- clude the machining of high-strength, micro-alloyed steels,
cess at Hatz since mid-2015. He officially became CEO of aluminum, cast iron, sintered materials and titanium.
Hatz in November. Weve split it into two business segments so there is a
Lehner, 50, spent nearly two decades at commercial ve- very clear segmentation in the company now, Schtzeneder
hicle and equipment supplier Knorr-Bremse focused on fi- said. Before that, we could have someone working in the
nances and control and held several management and board morning for components and then in the afternoon for en-
positions. He also took his new post at Hatz in November. gines, so it was very difficult to separate the costs.
Mr. Schweigert started with us in July 2015 so he knows al- The automotive business is completely different from the
ready the production, he knows what we stand for, he knows machinery business, as are also the purchasing methods.
how were working, Schtzeneder said. And of course, he To be competitive, you have to streamline your cost and
also has his own ideas of how to develop in the future. really monitor that very closely in order to provide competi-
Mr. Lehner started after the two cousins were no lon- tive quotes. We have streamlined the components business
ger operating the company and he is the really fresh eyes from a cost structure to cope with OEM requirements of the
bringing in new ideas. Overall, the management has been automotive and pleasure craft engines and weve been very
going very well. successful because we have some capacity, which we were
Another change undertaken by Hatz has been a division able to use.
of the companys engine and component businesses. Hatz continued on page 20



reallocation of production, Schtzeneder said. What we

are always doing is that because of the dynamic situation
in the market, we decide the most effective manufacturing
place, component by component, based on the volumes.
Our two factories are only one hour from one another, so
its very easy to relocate certain parts.
But the engine assembly will stay in Ruhsdorf, so the ma-
jority of the value-added product will stay Made in Germany.
While all those changes have taken place, not much is
different in terms of the companys interactions with cus-
tomers and the industry. Wolfram Hatz remains the public
face of Motorenfabrik. Hes been the face of the company
more than 20 years, so he will be at exhibitions and he will
go to customers with us, Schtzeneder said. Hes still
available to us while hes not in the daily management.
Still being the family business, were more flexible, de-
Hatz operates manufacturing facilities in Ruhsdorf, cision times are shorter and we can sometimes do things
Germany, and the Czech Republic. Even with the that big corporations cant do. Were very happy we can
changes in the companys structure, engine as- keep this position and not be part of another big corpo-
sembly will remain at the headquarters facility in rate organization where we have to apply all the rules
Ruhsdorf, maintaining the companys Made in and terminologies.
Germany heritage. If youre a customer and you have a personal relation-
ship with the owner, youre basically more secure. If you
As far as capacity, there are no changes pending at look at some of the very large companies, if they dont
this time, as Hatz will maintain its facilities in Ruhsdorf make enough money on one engine line and they drop it,
and the Czech Republic. We do not have plans as far as theres nothing you can do. If you know the guy who owns

Services on the Construction

Equipment Industry
The Construction Equipment Industry in The Construction Equipment Industry in The Construction Equipment Industry in
The Construction Equipment Industry in

A Subscription Service A Subscription Service A Subscription Service A Multi-Client Study



A Subscription Service A Subscription Service A Subscription Service A Subscription Service


The first three-cylinder H Series

engine will go into production in
2018. Like the four-cylinder H
Series diesels introduced ear-
lier, the 3H50 diesel will meet
EPA Tier 4 final and EU Stage
4 emissions regulations and
is ready for upcoming Stage 5
standards, the company said.

the company, thats a big difference, a big, big difference. of our customer and we have all the decisions in our hands.
And its not only still being a family company, but its also We are getting excellent management, were getting fresh
being independent from equipment manufacturers. This is ideas. We will focus on our strengths and we will follow the
really a big asset for us because in todays world, a lot of path of efficient development and efficient production and
the engine manufacturers have their own equipment lines therefore all of our customers will benefit from an even fast-
and theyre not reducing this activity but they are building it. er development, faster reaction time. And we will continue
Everybody is going very deep in that direction and I think its to be a reliable partner. dpi
very important for the market to have an independent com-
So we believe this is the best-case scenario. Were still
family owned and not controlled by any potential competitor



Jacobs HPD Truck demonstrations have
proven the technology to be very beneficial
Introducing the Jacobs High Power Density Engine Brake. for fleets and drivers. Take part in our next
Generating a 100% increase in engine braking power demonstration to experience the power
at cruise RPM, HPD is the lightest, most cost-effective of the HPD Engine Brake.
high power vehicle retarding technology available.
It is fully-integrated into the engine and completely to register and receive more information!
compatible with the latest cruise and safety features.

Jacobs is the global leader for engine braking with nearly 60

years of partnering with leading OEMs worldwide.

Visit to learn more.


HED unveils second-generation CANect modules; moving beyond telematics


our years ago, HED Inc., the USA-based specialist in
mobile vehicle control and display technology, took a
big step forward with the introduction of its CANect
technology, a CAN-based configurable data logging
and telematics system for mobile equipment.
Now the company has taken an equally big step with
the development of CANect Generation II, a line of con-
nected equipment technology designed to provide both the
traditional telematics functionalities such as onboard and
remote data logging and the second-generation CANect
system that goes well beyond the original, consisting of
hardware, software utilities and connected services that
allow even mixed fleets to take advantage of all of the
available data generated by machines and develop com-
prehensive vehicle and fleet management strategies. The
system debuted at the recent ConExpo-Con/Agg show in
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
This is a higher level order than telematics, said Brett
McNalley, product manager for Wireless Products at HED.
Its really Internet of Things.
Telematics is traditionally machine to machine you HED has developed a new generation of its CANect
have a piece of equipment talking to the cloud, youre stor- configurable data logging and telematics system
ing data and you have the ability to process data. Then modules for mobile equipment. CANect Genera-
there is MRM, mobile resource management fleet-wide tion II consists of hardware, software utilities and
systems like the traditional telematics for over-the-road connected services designed to allow even mixed
trucking, where they can keep track of speed, direction and fleets to take advantage of all of the available data
hours or mileage. Theyve expanded that to include some generated by machines and develop comprehen-
vehicle diagnostics, but its still very primitive. sive vehicle and fleet-management strategies.
What our system does is a heck of a lot more than that.
We can do all of the usual telematics functions, but we
can actually do things like store digital service manuals or fast downloading and communication interface to other
stream videos. Videos are the new way of the future in ser- electronics and a host/client USB can be used for module
vice and they make it easier for people to pick up how to reprogramming or data retrieval. The CL-T05 and CL-T06
quickly diagnose things and you can really organize instruc- modules have three, tricolor status LEDs, while the CL-T07
tional sets and things like that. We have enough memory on has four LEDs.
board to do all that. The CL-T05 WI-FI module allows for a range of function-
Thats not telematics its a lot more than telematics. alities such as live viewing of vehicle data, either locally on
The three new CANect modules the CL-T05, CL- a smart device phone, tablet or laptop or remotely
T06 and CL-T07 all incorporate processing architecture through a mobile WI-FI hotspot. It can also provide histori-
consisting of a 696 MHz microprocessor with 128 MB of cal data for the development of prognostics, enable vehicle
DDR3 RAM and 4 GB of eMMC flash memory. Data is parameters to be set with a smart device, determine ex-
time-stamped via an integral real-time clock with battery. isting vehicle software and allow reprogramming over the
GPS captures vehicle speed, direction and location while air and pushing stored vehicle data to secure servers via a
a three-axis accelerometer records vehicle angle and ac- hotspot or router.
celeration. A 10/100BaseT Ethernet connection provides The WI-FI module communicates by linking the vehicle



CANect Reflector is designed to allow

users to view and communicate directly
with the CANect module on the vehicle
from any internet-enabled mobile mod-
ule or PC worldwide.

CANbus, through two CAN ports, with an HTML website

that is hosted on the module. By tethering to a mobile
hotspot technicians can remotely diagnose issues on a
vehicle without a cellular modem. Internal WI-FI and GPS
antennas have a 30.5 m range.
The CL-T06 is a GSM module that incorporates many of
the same features and capabilities of the CL-T05, but uti-
lizes 2G and 3G cellular communications rather than WI-FI
to enable telecaching and other telematics and machine-to-
machine (M2M) applications. Similarly, the CANect CL-T07
is an all-in-one module that can utilize WI-FI or GSM proto-
cols for telematics and M2M applications.
All of the CANect modules can operate in 8 to 32 V CANect View is designed for managing individual ma-
systems and are housed in IP67-rated cases designed to chines on-site using any smartphone, tablet or laptop.
withstand the rigors of the mobile machine environment.
Programming of the modules can be done with a free,
open source software development kit. HED also offers a high-speed, real-time data viewing. It gives you the ability
CANect SDK for customers who are familiar with Linux and to see CANect View on your PC, phone or tablet, McNalley
open source software development, along with the CANect said. Its a really nice feature because then youre no lon-
Composer development tool. ger sending people out to the vehicle to fix it youre bring-
CANect is a solution where you dont have to create any ing a rich interface to the actual service team and that really
software to get it out working on your piece of equipment, provides an ROI in terms of your service.
McNalley said. We have configuration utilities and a team For complete remote fleet management, HED offers
of people, so you can either have us develop a solution for CANect Portal, a cloud-based system that can be used to
you or we can give you our utilities and you can develop develop user dashboards that can provide specific informa-
your project yourself. tion to specific users i.e., maintenance personnel can
Utilizing the CANect Generation II technologies, custom- view data trends and prognostic information while managers
ers can avail themselves of three different levels of vehicle can see machine utilization and operator performance, etc.
management, two of them different and above what tradi- CANect Portal also offers fleet-wide over-the-air pro-
tional telematics is today, McNalley said. gramming capability (through the CANect Reflector tool),
CANect View is designed for managing individual ma- geofencing and curfewing for each individual machine
chines on-site. A mobile application, it provides a variety and E-notifications (text, email or phone) involving critical
of functionalities, including virtual dashboards, pre-flight machine issues.
checklists, remote control, live vehicle data logging, his- CANect Generation II is a very comprehensive product
torical data trending, over-the-air programming via WI-FI, comprised of hardware, software utilities and connected
maintenance and prognostic information and service lit- services that will allow the customer to quickly and ef-
erature, service videos and diagnostic visualizations. It fectively deploy a mixed fleet solution, whether youre an
resides on our device and functions on the vehicle electron- OEM, a rental guy or an end user, McNalley said. Its basi-
ics, McNalley said. It can interface with displays, control cally like the FitBit of heavy equipment. dpi
modules and keypads and is really exceptionally unique.
CANect Reflector is designed for off-site vehicle manage- FOR MORE INFORMATION
ment and provides remote access to CANect View, along
with remote over-the-air programming, diagnostics and



Recouping Tier 4 final efficiency a key driver in launch of more than 20 new products


ypically in slower economic times (like now), new
product budgets get reduced or cut, programs get
put on the shelf and the overall pace of develop-
ment slows down to match the reduced revenues
coming in.
Yet even with most of its off-highway OEM markets in the
doldrums or worse, Danfoss Power Solutions is in the midst
of an extensive and robust series of new product launches.
Over about the last 18 months or so, Danfoss Power
Solutions has introduced more than 20 new products
across its overall range, as well as acquiring White Drive
Products, which added a complementary line of hydraulic
motors along with an increased presence in China. Not typi-
cal down-market corporate behavior.
Our story probably goes back to 2008-2009, said Dan
Ricklefs, vice president global marketing, for Danfoss. In
2008, 2009, like a lot of companies, our supply chain wasnt
structured to handle such a downturn. Working through
that, we found a decent solution that is a mixture of more
outsourcing, a little less globalization, a little more regional
manufacturing, all to shorten the supply chain lines and
build a system that can handle downturns.
We paid the price in 2008 and 2009. It was a pretty pain-
ful restructuring, but coming out of that we have a business
model that today is pretty resilient.
Certainly during the downtime of 2008-2009, we did
stop many of these activities. There was a pretty big pause. Underpinning what has been a robust series of new
Coming out of that, weve turned those programs back on, product introductions in slower times for the off-
and as they usually take 18 to 24 to months to develop, highway world has been Danfoss Power Solutions
youre now starting to see things that were developed in launch of two soon to be three Danfoss ap-
2010, 2011 to come to market now. plication development centers (ADC). The original
And economics aside, there was one driver pushing ADC is at Danfoss Ames, Iowa, USA, operations. A
companies like Danfoss Tier 4 final diesel emissions similar facility opened at the companys Nordborg,
regulations. Denmark, operations in 2015 and an ADC in Shang-
Machine efficiencies, connected products, more intelli- hai will open this year.
gent systems, tend to drive most of our product categories,
Ricklefs said. But as many of our OEM customers have Thats where were seeing a lot of the pull for smarter,
gotten through Tier 3, Tier 4 progression, many of them now more intelligent products as they address some of those
are going back and looking at those system designs and system efficiencies. In the end, OEMs want to differentiate
saying, Can we make them better now and not just shoe- their machines. Were offering them product platforms that
horn a Tier 4 engine into our current design? will allow them to do that.



One of the major launches for

Danfoss Power Solutions in this
stretch was the MP1 series of
closed-circuit axial piston pumps.
While not a brand new category
for Danfoss, the debut moves this
medium power line into more of a
platform approach.

And they do it, Ricklefs said, by offering potentially sig-

nificant advances in power management and overall ma-
chine efficiency.
Recouping Tier 4 final efficiency losses is probably the
biggest driver were seeing, Ricklefs said. Tier 4 engines
dont have as much power available for work as previous
versions, so now the designers are looking at the rest of
the vehicle to see where they can recapture some of the applications using the Danfoss Power Solutions Plus+1 GUIDE
systems efficiencies. And as hydraulics are a major user (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment)
of power, were coming up with intelligent solutions and system, MP1 helps deliver more precise machine control
often at the system level, not the individual components by providing many possibilities for connectivity and vital
level to help them figure out how to better manage the data collection, Ricklefs said.
horsepower of their machines to deliver more work for the We continue to progress our steering product line,
end user. Ricklefs said. Especially in the agricultural markets with
One of the product launches Ricklefs highlighted was GPS steering, but you can see that technology coming
the launch of the MP1 series of closed-circuit axial piston into other markets, as well. Its an area were continuing to
pumps that debuted at bauma 2016. Its not a brand new invest quite a bit in the technology, mostly with electronic
category for us, we do have medium power products, but steering actuators.
this is certainly more of a platform approach and leveraging The release of the H1B210, a new frame size that en-
those market drivers, Ricklefs said. hances the Danfoss H1B bent axis motor family (H1B060
The MP1 pump, which was introduced with 28/32 and through H1B250). The new frame features a compact
38/45 cc frames, is targeted at a variety of applications in- design, higher rotating and acceleration speeds than the
cluding road construction, turf care, material handling and H1B250, and integrated controls. Motors in the H1B prod-
specialty machines such as rollers, trenchers, directional uct line feature 32 bent axis technology and zero-degree
drills and pavers, as well as sweepers and harvesters. capability designed to deliver smooth, on-the-go shifting as
MP1 features include: the ability to scale to needed con- well as anti-slip functionality and torque control to optimize
trol capability including manual displacement control the use of available power.
(MDC) and electrical displacement control (EDC); flexibility The introduction of the PVG 16 was the first Danfoss
through common pump platforms for controls and porting; low-flow load-sensing valve with electrohydraulic actua-
and a true clean side (noncustomer interface) designed tor technology the PVE Series 6. Incorporating a mi-
to provide greater flexibility in component placement. crocontroller for closed-loop spool position control, the
Designed to offer modularity, the MP1 also offers common PVE Series 6 actuator delivers total spool controllability
shaft, control, charge pump and auxiliary pad options en- and built-in fault monitoring.
abling rapid and easy conversion to an array of configura- The PVG 16 and PVE Series 6 combination is available
tions, Danfoss said. as on/off, proportional and proportional with float actuator.
The pumps are enabled for telematics with custom continued on page 26



The new application development centers include test tracks to simulate actual operating conditions for machines to run
in. Danfoss said machines can run on different inclines, straight tracks, curves, different mud operating conditions, just
about anything vehicles will see during operation.

The overall PVE technology enhances controllability of the systems application expertise to come up with novel and
PVG 16 for integration in advanced electrohydraulic sys- unique solutions to those challenges.
tems, the company said. Ricklefs said the ADCs include test tracks to simulate ac-
The PVG 16 has a very configurable, very responsive tual operating conditions for machines to run in. Were not
valve design in a smaller frame size, to be able to better testing our products as much as the machines themselves,
fit, to be more competitive, in smaller flow applications, he said. We can run on different inclines, straight tracks,
Ricklefs said. But once again its designed around the curves, different mud operating conditions, just about any-
same kind of technical concept, with a CAN actuator as an thing our customers vehicles will see in operation.
option, so it has advanced system design capabilities, all Systems-level engineering is wrapped around the abil-
those themes for increased efficiencies. ity to look at the machine in total and find the best vehicle
Underpinning all these new product developments has solution versus the best product solution. In the end, maybe
been the expansion and launch of two (soon to be three) you can squeeze out 1, 2 or 3% better efficiency at the com-
Danfoss application development centers (ADC). ponent level.
Danfoss had some of the capabilities at what have be- But if you want to make major step changes in the ma-
come the ADCs at its Ames, Iowa, USA, operations. In chine design you have to look at everything how can you
2013 the Ames operations underwent a significant expan- manage the rpms of the engine and match that exactly with
sion. A similar facility opened at Danfoss Power Solutions the needs of the hydraulic system is just one example. A lot
Nordborg, Denmark, operations in 2015 and an ADC in of those big gains are coming at the systems level.
Shanghai is scheduled to open in this year. We see that as the ripest area for differentiation, not only
The work we are doing in our ADCs is mostly on solu- for us but for our customers. To look at these things from
tion development, Ricklefs said. Our goal is to know our the complete systems perspective and adding value at that
customers applications as well as they do. level rather than just the individual components. dpi
Having the facilities in place allows us to take a machine
and put it through all its practical application paces, under- FOR MORE INFORMATION
stand the challenges our OEMs see and to measure and
test them in close-to real world conditions. We then use our



A Lister Petter LWA20A-WME350 generator set.

Lister Petter engines and generators are used in a
variety of applications including power generation,
marine, construction, agriculture and telecoms.

With new owners and management, 150-year-old engine and gen-set manufacturer
makes big changes as it plans for the future

s it celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2017, the past and marketing is based 290 km north at Sherburn in Elmet,
three years were probably the most challenging near Leeds. Both parts of the business are run very much at
and volatile for United Kingdom-based engine and arms length from each other, according to Whitmarsh, who
generator set manufacturer Lister Petter. is managing partner and sales director.
The company is rebuilding itself under new owners and Todays setup contrasts sharply with the formation of the
management following upheaval that saw it hit financial prob- previous Lister. Gone are the small factories in Pune, India,
lems in 2014, leaving some creditors with substantial losses. and Kansas and Texas in the USA, along with a Miami,
Today the company produces air-cooled engines from Florida, USA, distribution center and a sophisticated telemar-
2.1 to 28.5 kW, water-cooled engines from 6.8 to 124 kW keting setup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that claimed to
and gen-sets from 4.5 to 20 kVA with an aim to expand this have staff able to speak a total of 24 different languages.
range in both directions and going up to 150 kVA in early Lister Petter has a very English backbone and is proud of
2017. Listers products are used in a variety of applications, its Made in Great Britain badging.
including power generation, marine, construction, agricul- When the previous Lister hit its problems the biggest
ture and telecommunications. creditors were basically given the option of reverse buy-
During its long history, the company at its peak em- ing the company by writing off their debts, Whitmarsh said.
ployed more than 5000 people. Today it employs around That is how the new ownership came about it was a
100 people and produces 200 to 300 engines a week. But case of a group of us saying Do we lose everything or do
the company seems to be back on an even keel and talks we try and acquire something because we still have a belief
enthusiastically about growth, new products, possible joint and passion in it? We asked ourselves, can we regrow it?
ventures and potential tie-ups with other engine makers. So that is where the new business came from.
The largest shareholder in the new Lister Petter is for- The company is continuing to build and evolve its well-
mer supplier Trevor Modell, who is estimated to have been known and long established Alpha Series of engines that
the biggest creditor. The other directors are Ben Whitmarsh, includes four models in the two-, three- or four-cylinder, nat-
Tony Brimble and Ian Thompson. urally aspirated or turbocharged LPW range of diesel en-
In the U.K., Lister has its manufacturing and research gines which have a power range of 6.8 to 41.3 kW at 1500
and development at Quedgeley, Gloucester, whilst its sales continued on page 28



are projects where we are looking at petrol-based products

to be able to complement the existing range.
We are also looking at a wide range of projects to take
products up in kVA and these will happen in 2017. Some will
be done directly and some may be done as a joint venture
partnership and others may even be done as investment
opportunities from other companies.
We are not averse to having discussions about investments
into our business as long as it is in line with our objectives.
So if a partner wanted to get involved with us and could offer
added value by product range or by new facilities or research
and development, then we are interested. In fact, we have had
those discussions with other engine builders about some sort
of tie-up which would further strengthen the Lister Petter brand
and enhance the other companys product offering as well.
Does that imply Lister eventually being taken over and
the name disappearing?
No, Whitmarsh said. All of the management team went
into this venture with their eyes wide open and we knew
All of the management team went into this what we wanted to achieve and that was to re-establish
venture with their eyes wide open and we knew Lister Petter as a major engine maker and having a historic
what we wanted to achieve and that was to re- brand not one just left to wither on the vine. We want our
establish Lister Petter as a major engine maker products to be the lifeblood of our customers markets.
and having a historic brand not one just left to For example, if you look at Africa, which was a market hit
wither on the vine. badly when the old company went away, interest has come
back and there is now massive demand for the Lister product.
Ben Whitmarsh, managing partner and We have customers who say that despite the problems the
sales director, Lister Petter. company had over the past few years, we still support you
as long as you deliver the right quality products and on time.
The company has between 50 and 60 dealers worldwide.
to 3600 r/min (fixed speed) or 1500 at 3000 r/min (variable The number had previously been much higher but, accord-
speed). The company is working on a project to offer up- ing to Whitmarsh, many dealers drifted elsewhere during
graded, more powerful LPW engines. the difficult times.
Lister also offers its LPW Long Running diesel engines run- Dealers now see a more secure Lister which is deliver-
ning at 1500 to 1800 r/min and specially configured for 2000 ing engines and on time, Whitmarsh said. He cited the fact
hours unattended running or for 1000 running at 3000 r/min. that three former dealers have recently enlisted again as
Outputs range from 7.5 to 41.3 kW and they are designed for Lister dealers to take stock for their local markets.
continuous running in ambient temperatures up to 52C, with Explaining the strategy of shrinking the companys over-
a cold start capability down to -32C, the company said. seas operations, such as the now-closed Kansas facility
Another Lister Petter mainstay is its diesel-fueled TR en- that made and remanufactured Alpha engines, Whitmarsh
gines within its T Series, ranging from 5.5 to 28.5 kW at said, The reason for the consolidation is that the new com-
1500 to 2500 r/min. The direct-injection engines have one, pany has a very different management style and vision.
two or three cylinders and are naturally aspirated. Lister Petter is still a powerful brand, but it has to be
Lister also supplies a range of gen-sets including the grown correctly. We are still interested in partnering with
LWA liquid-cooled, slow-speed set with power outputs businesses if there is a justification in a local territory or if
of 6.1 to 21.5 kVA at 50 Hz and 7.3 to 26.8 kVA at 60 there is a benefit to us to manufacture in a particular area of
Hz. The companys Gamma Series of gen-sets can also the world, but in reality, shipping costs have been reduced
reach 150 kVa. and the cost of me running an operation in the USA versus
According to Whitmarsh, Lister Petter does have wide- me running the business in the U.K., when you consider the
ranging, ambitious plans, but he stressed that they will only economies of scale and the efficiencies we have put into
be carried out in a structured and strategic manner. the business, I can build the engines and ship them over to
There are a number of things in the pipeline, Whitmarsh the USA at a lower cost base than I could by running there.
said. We are working on several projects whereby we Lister has also adopted a policy of making it sure it can
would expand our range both up as well as down. There walk properly before it tries to run.



time which was a problem in the past when some custom-

ers were waiting a long time for their product. Now we are
meeting, 95% of the time, the expectations of our custom-
ers and that comes back to managing a business properly,
putting good structures in place and making sure that it is
customer focused.
The companys engines still fall into the Tier 2 and Tier 3
emissions categories, although Lister is working on a proj-
ect to enable it to compete at Tier 4 level. Lister Petter said
it came out of 2016 in profit with plans to increase the pay-
roll and start extra production shifts. Its main markets for
expected growth in 2017 will be Africa and South America.
Lister Petter is now in good shape, considering where it
has come from and bearing in mind there has been a lot of
competition who have tried to keep us down, Whitmarsh
Lister Petter said it is continuing to build and evolve its said. There were a huge amount of problems.
well-known and long-established Alpha Series of en- We are grateful to the customer base that has come
gines, which includes four models in the two-, three- or back to us and supported us but it has also been down to
four-cylinder, naturally aspirated or turbocharged LPW good management coming in to grow the business.
range of diesel engines. It is fair to assume that the 150th anniversary celebrations
will be low key. The company wants to focus on the next
There are big commercial opportunities and contracts 150 rather than spend much time looking back. dpi
we could have gone for but it may put the company in jeop-
ardy so it has been a far more slow and gradual buildup, FOR MORE INFORMATION
Whitmarsh said. We are now producing between 200 and
300 engines a week and that is allowing us to deliver on


June 2016 May 2016 March 2016

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Phone: 262-754-4138 Fax: 262-754-4175
Address: 20855 Watertown Road, Suite 220, Waukesha, WI 53186-1873

The zirconia screw fit housing

option for SST Sensing Ltd. oxy-
gen sensors allows only the sen-
sor head to be exposed to the
sample gas environment, keep-
ing the supporting electronics
away from potential harm, the
company said.

SST Sensing housing option for oxygen sensor
designed to protect electronics

dvanced gas and fluid sensing technology company SST Sensing Ltd.,
Coatbridge, Scotland, has expanded its portfolio of high-accuracy oxygen
sensors with a zirconia screw fit housing option. The new housing provides
engineers with the basis for a simple-to-implement solution where only the
sensor head itself is exposed to the sample gas environment. All of the supporting
electronics are kept away from sources of potential harm, ensuring long-term reli-
able operation, SST said.
The zirconia screw fit oxygen sensor is mainly used in combustion control
applications, such as industrial gas- and oil-fueled boilers, as well as oxygen
monitoring for reducing the output of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in industrial plants,
suppressing oxygen levels in aircraft fuel tanks to safeguard against the risk of
fire/explosion and also for examining vehicle emissions, the company said.
Supplied in an M18 x 1.5 mm mounting threaded housing with stainless-
steel construction, the device is designed to cope with extreme temperatures
from -100 to 250C. This makes it suitable for combustion control within
industrial coal/oil/gas/biomass boilers, continuous emissions monitoring sys-
tems and accelerated composting applications, SST said. dpi


30 APRIL 2017

The four-cylinder Perkins Syncro 3.6 L has been

designed for the agricultural tractor market.

Editors Note: Perkins recently launched its new 3.6 L DPI: What are the trends that are driving Perkins and
engine into the agricultural market. Diesel Progress Inter- OEMs developments and product offerings in the agri-
national talked with Oliver Lythgoe, the companys product cultural tractor market?
concept marketing manager, about Perkins approach to
the sector and how many factors are impacting on product Lythgoe: Over the past 15 years there has been a
design and development. trend toward engine downsizing with more power out of a
smaller engine, allowing a more compact engine to go in
BY IAN CAMERON a bigger machine.
DPI: What are some of the details about Perkins A 90 kW machine of 20 years ago might have used a
3.6 L engine that is now being introduced into the 6 L, six-cylinder engine. That is now perceived to be too big
agricultural sector? and the engine has gone from a 6 L to a 4.5 L engine and
now that is continuing to the 3.5 L space. There are several
Oliver Lythgoe: The four-cylinder Perkins Syncro 3.6 L reasons for this cost is one but also fuel economy it is
has been designed for the agricultural tractor market and more efficient to have a little engine working hard than a big
delivers up to 100 kW at 2200 to 2400 r/min with torque engine working lightly. But another driver is that the space
up to 500 Nm at 1500 r/min. It meets Stage 5/Tier 4 fi- inside a machine is always at a premium and OEMs want
nal emissions regulations, and because it has an efficient the smallest engine space. Of course there is emissions
combustion system, the size of the radiator pack can be equipment to fit in so a lot of factors are driving smaller,
minimized to help tractor original equipment manufactur- more powerful engines.
ers (OEMs) design machines with good visibility. There is Also, theres a new generation of users and owners coming
also a 2.8 L Perkins Syncro with 55 kW at 2500 r/min and along who have different expectations about how reliable and
torque of 325 Nm at 1600 r/min. continued on page 32



fuel, the other technologies are challenged, which means

we dont think they are going to be adopted in a mass-market
way in the next 10 to 15 years. The main problem is getting
the energy to the vehicle and the space and cost of en-
ergy storage on the vehicle. This is a problem on-road but
is worse for agriculture because the machines are operated
in remote places.
For emissions we talk about Stage 5 currently in Europe
but the rest of the world isnt standing still. It is easy to think
that it is the rich, developed nations that have clean engines
and that everyone else has dirty engines, but that percep-
tion is outdated. China is moving very fast toward a low
emissions environment and other countries like India, Brazil
and Russia are taking steps in that direction. It is the coun-
For emissions, we talk about Stage 5 currently in Europe tries that are not moving on the emissions journey which
but the rest of the world isnt standing still. It is easy to are the exception.
think that it is the rich, developed nations that have clean We are moving to a place where the global emissions
engines and that everyone else has dirty engines but that landscape is very fragmented. Our OEMs tell us that this
perception is outdated. is putting pressure on them as they work to gain business
Oliver Lythgoe, product concept marketing scale. They need to find ways of getting business scale by
manager, Perkins developing a product for Europe, with very similar versions
they can sell in, say, China, or the Middle East. They need
a scale of production to control their costs but need flex-
ibility to get access to different markets. OEMs also need
serviceable the equipment is. They are different to farmers to find ways to differentiate from their competitors but are
nearing retirement who knew engines intimately and used very pressurized with regard to the R&D resources needed
to work on them in a way that people dont expect to do to bring new machines to market. They dont want to spend
anymore. Reliability is a huge focus because this genera- too much developing multiple versions of their powertrains
tion of users expects reliability and is quite happy to share but would prefer to concentrate on other things that differ-
experiences on social media if they dont get it. entiate such as hydraulics, electronics and implements.

DPI: What is the role of smaller tractors today that DPI: How are you meeting this demand and what are the
offer good power performance? key features of the 3.6 and 2.8 Perkins Syncro engines?

Lythgoe: The big field tractors may have power up to 400 Lythgoe: With the two engines we offer a modular con-
hp (300 kW) or more. We see a lot of interest, however, in cept the engines dont share a block, crankshaft or head
the 100 to 120 hp (75 to 89 kW) machine in farming. These but many of the other components are communized so they
may not do the heavy field tasks like plowing, spraying and have the same gear train, for example. A huge amount of
baling, but as more of a multipurpose machine doing light the architecture is the same so we can design two engines
yard work, towing, and off-road work. We see strong inter- that are well matched to their machines but without having
est in tractors and telehandlers in this size range. This size to do two big development programs.
of tractor does lots of jobs with many attachments and the We designed the engines to be a pair and have differ-
kind of duty cycle is very different from one task to another ent versions for different international emissions legislation
so the powertrain for that has to be very dynamic and per- so an OEM can design the machine once and then, with
form in lots of conditions. small changes, sell it to different territories. So for differ-
ent regions the core engine is the same but aftertreatment
DPI: How have the challenges posed by climate change components change slightly.
and de-carbonization affected OEMs in the sector? One of the big challenges for OEMs is packaging, so size
matters. If the engine gets too big that causes problems with
Lythgoe: For the next 15 to 20 years diesel engines will turning circles or sightlines. We wanted to get an engine that
dominate in agriculture. OEMs have experimented with al- would fit in as many machines as possible so we worked with
ternative powertrains such as batteries or natural gas or our customers. They gave us 3-D models of the part of their
propane type powertrains and to some extent with bio-fuel. machines which contained the engines and then we did virtu-
What we see is that apart from conventional diesel and bio- al fits of our engine concepts so we knew we had an engine


DPinterview DIESELhr
in size, shape and arrangement that would fit in as many Lundblad New Senior VP At Volvo
machines as possible around 80 different machines. Patrik Lundblad has been appointed senior vice president, Tech-
It is often the things around the engine such as the dip- nology, at Volvo Construction Equipment
sticks, filters, hydraulic pump and air conditioning and com- (Volvo CE). He will lead the development and
pressors that can cause packaging difficulties. We did the delivery of Volvo CEs global technology strat-
same with our aftertreatment and developed a number of egy reporting to company President Martin
ways of mounting the aftertreatment so it would fit in the Weissburg and serves as part of the Executive
different machines. Finding space for aftertreatment in en- Management Team.
gine bays has been hugely challenging for OEMs as emis- He previously held senior roles with Saab
sions regulations have progressed, but we believe we have and General Motors and joined the Volvo Group
the recipe that makes it as easy as it possibly can be. We as a graduate trainee in 1994 before becoming
also looked at the torque requirements of our customers manager in the global electrical engineering de- P. Lundblad
machines and developed a number of different curves that partment. Since rejoining the Volvo Group in 2007 he has had a number
would match our engine to their transmissions to make sure of senior sourcing and procurement roles.
each machine gets the performance it wants.
Because of the machines these engines go into, such as Tenneco Names Patel
tractors and telehandlers, it is very important how the engine New CTO
reacts as it does different jobs. For example, as hydraulic Tenneco Inc., based in Lake Forest, Illi-
loads are put on, one of our techniques to make it more re- nois, USA, announced that Ben Patel would
sponsive when hydraulic loads are applied is to put a smart replace the retiring Tim Jackson as execu-
turbocharger on the engine. We can electronically control how tive vice president and chief technology of-
much of the exhaust gas goes through the turbocharger, which ficer (CTO), effective March 31.
means the engine can accelerate faster. Fuel consumption is Patel is currently vice president for Clean
B. Patel
not as critical on this type of machine as it is on large, plowing Air global research and development and
types of tractors but it is still an important consideration, and systems integration. Prior to joining Tenne-
we have put several technologies on the engine that we be- co in 2010, Patel spent 10 years at GE Global
lieve will give us the best-in-field consumption in our market. Research and three years at GE Ventures, a
Four valves per cylinder, vertical injectors, low-friction coatings unit of General Electric that licenses technol-
and the smart turbocharger will all contribute. Our approach is ogy the company has developed.
to optimize our fuel consumption around the duty cycle of the Before moving into the CTO role in 2012,
machines. We take the machines and measure through data Jackson served as senior vice president of
logging how they are used in the field then tune our engines to global technology and managing director,
respond to those duty cycles. Asia Pacific, where he also managed Ten-
To improve reliability we have a range of test cells in Peter- necos advanced technology initiatives. T. Jackson
borough, England, including a tilt bed and cells for noise. We
perform cold testing both in a cell and in real world conditions Dewey Retiring As Allison CEO
through testing real machines in the Swedish winter. Allison Transmission Holdings Inc., a global manufacturer of fully
Developing emissions-compliant diesel engines is certain- automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial
ly an expensive business. Ten years or so ago there was a vehicles and hybrid vehicles, announced that it
trend for some of the bigger OEMs to buy their own engine has entered into a new employment agreement
making facilities. That seems to have stopped. People have with Chairman and CEO Lawrence E. Dewey.
realized the complexity and they are increasingly leaving it to The agreement runs through May 31, 2018,
engine specialists companies like Perkins. One of the things at which time Dewey, currently 60 years old,
we focus on is predictive engineering and we have a super intends to retire.
computer where we can run very high-resolution simula- The board will implement a leadership
tions of the performance of engines such as for combustion transition plan prior to Deweys retirement.
simulations and this is something which was not possible 10 Dewey will be retiring after a career of 44
years ago. Our computer has 20 000 processor cores com- years, which includes serving as CEO since L. Dewey
pared to, say, a standard laptop which has just four. 2007. As the longest-serving head of Allison in its 100-year-plus his-
This means we can test lots of different versions of the tory, he oversaw the companys transition from being a division of
designs in a short time. For example, on the Perkins Syncro General Motors Co. to becoming an independent company with private
3.6 we tested 18 versions of the head in just two weeks. equity ownership, to offering equity on the New York Stock Exchange
Using these predictive engineering techniques translates in 2012 and, for the last four years, as an independent public company.
directly into a better quality product. dpi continued on page 37



With the ability of utilizing from

48 to 240 input and output chan-
nels and two 32-bit CPUs, the new digsy
fusion-S controller by Inter Control is able to
process two programs in parallel: one for safe func-
tions, and one for auxiliary functions.

New controller with certified safety-relevant functions keeps nonsafety-related functions separated


nter Control has launched digsy fusion-S, its second- According to Stratmann, the scalability of the control
generation, 32-bit safety controller, with Performance from 48 up to 240 I/Os allows to economically automate
Level d, CAT 3 according to EN ISO 13849, that is a wide range of vehicles with a single control system.
especially meant for use in working machines with a Particularly with demanding tasks, the performance of a
long product life cycle, in particular for demanding off- safety controller must not be affected by internal tests and
highway applications. diagnostics, Stratmann said. In the digsy fusion-S this is re-
Joachim Stratmann, sales manager in Inter Controls alized by the redundancy of a double core 32-bit CPU whose
Off-Highway Electronics Division and functional safety two cores are working in Lock-Step-Mode. Beyond that,
engineer, said that the safety controller has been certified complex trigonometric calculations are supported by a re-
by the German certification body TV-Sd for its safety- dundant FPU. The management of the redundant CPU and
relevant functions. According to our information, we are FPU is carried out internally using only one safety program.
the only manufacturer so far having a certification for the Digsy fusion-S works with powerful interfaces, for ex-
safety-relevant functions of our controller, with a certified ample, Ethernet and USB, which can transmit even huge
separation between safety-relevant and nonsafety relevant data volumes in a short period of time. Laptops, modems or
functions, Stratmann said. routers can thus be connected for the up/download of user
The controller has the capability to process two pro- data, programs or for the analyses of logged-in data. In ad-
grams in parallel: the first program (safe program) is re- dition to that, the USB-interface allows to connect external
sponsible for the safety-related functions, while the second mass storage devices or to load software from a USB stick.
program (standard program) processes auxiliary functions. For the communication to nodes, sensors or further con-
This means that nonsafety related functions of the digsy trollers, four CANbus interfaces are available and can be
fusion-S cannot influence the certification of the product, used with standard protocols such as CANopen, CANopen
Stratmann said. Therefore, the controller has a great flex- Safety, J1939 or proprietary ones. dpi
ibility in terms of functions that can be managed and that
we can add to it. Also, modifications and customizations of FOR MORE INFORMATION
the standard program can be realized quickly and without
extensive safety analyses.



JCB is entering the powered access

market with electric scissor lifts,
which will be followed later this year
by diesel-powered machines.

Company is entering the powered access market; nine all-electric scissor lifts
will be followed by diesel-powered machines

y the end of 2017, the newly launched JCB Access The machines are rated for basket capacities from 227 kg
business will be offering 27 new platforms, includ- to a maximum of 550 kg.
ing scissor lifts, articulated booms and telescopic The electric scissor lifts are powered by four 6 or 12 V
boom machines. batteries, with hydraulic drive. Three diesel models will be
The new JCB Access products designed in-house to introduced later in 2017.
meet the needs of rental companies and contractors world- The AJ50D diesel articulating boom is powered by a JCB
wide will initially be offered in the U.K., France, Germany Diesel by Kohler engine, while the other three articulated
and North America. models and all telescopic models use the JCB by Kohler
By the end of this year, JCBs range of access platforms engine already proven in many of JCBs compact machines.
will include nine electric and three diesel scissor lifts from These engines all meet Tier 4 final emissions standards,
4.6 to 13.8 m; five articulating booms four diesel and one making them suitable for the North American and European
electric from 14.9 to 24.7 m and 10 diesel telescopic markets. Load capacities range from 227 to 250 kg, again
booms from 20.4 m to 41.5 m. enough for two occupants and tools.
The access market is a truly global market, and offers A range of 10 diesel-powered telescopic booms will also be
immense opportunities for growth for JCB, JCB Chairman added throughout the year. These will offer platform heights
Lord Bamford said. from 20.4 to 41.1 m. There will be a high degree of parts com-
The scissor lifts weigh between 1330 and 3366 kg. The monality between the three model ranges, JCB said. dpi
two smallest machines, the S1530e and S1930e, have
platforms measuring 1.64 m long by 0.76 m wide, while all FOR MORE INFORMATION
larger models use a 2.5 m long platform, save for the larg-
est S4550E model, which has a 2.64 m long working area.


The HTS 1100 high-temperature sensor with thermocouple and
digital signal output by TT Electronics is designed to cope with a
large temperature range: -40 to 1200C.

SENSING lines. As the number of input signals reaching the vehicles

ECU has increased significantly, it is important that the tem-
perature signals coming from the exhaust tract can use only
one input line in the ECU.
TT Electronics makes high-temperature sensor The in-house-manufactured thermocouple is composed
technology used in passenger cars available of two wires that are welded at the tip of the sensor and
for heavy-duty trucks, off-highway equipment housed in a mineral insulated cable (MIC). All electrical
connections are welded or soldered, including at the elec-
tronic unit that amplifies the signal in order to measure the
BY ROBERTA PRANDI small voltage difference captured by the sensor.

T Electronics is introducing to the commercial The HTS 1100 has a very robust housing, adapted for
vehicle and off-highway machinery markets a use in off-highway and heavy-duty applications, Rothe
high-temperature sensor developed and manu- said. One other characteristic of the sensor design is that
factured in Klingenberg, Germany, under the AB while the MIC housings diameter is 4.5 mm, at the tip this
Elektronik brand. size is considerably reduced to 3.2 mm. This is neces-
The company said it developed the HTS 1100 high-tem- sary to reduce the response time, and we are already work-
perature sensor with thermocouple and digital signal output ing at reducing the size even further to reach 2.4 mm while
to cope with a large temperature range: -40 to 1200C. still having insulated wires inside the housing.
The sensor is appropriate for measuring temperature in Rothe said that tolerances are an important factor in tem-
high-performing petrol engines, TT Electronics said, and perature sensors, adding that the HTS 1100 has very low
has been in series production for passenger cars for three values lower than for platinum resistance sensors in the
years. Since diesel engines are becoming more prevalent high temperature ranges. Between 900 and 1100C, we
and utilize complex exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, measured tolerances below 5K, he said. With the two-
the company said the product could represent the right unit sensor version, utilizing differential measurement, we
choice for makers of heavy-duty trucks and even of some can reach tolerances of 1K.
off-highway vehicles. According to Rothe, temperature dissipation is another
Since 2015, we have been working with this particu- important criterion. The HTS 1100 has very high dissipa-
lar thermocouple sensor for Euro 6-compliant heavy-duty tion, he said from 1000C measured at the tip down to
trucks, said Frank Rothe, product application manager at 100C at the cable output.
TT Electronics Center of Excellence for Temperature and TT Electronics also offers the HTS 1100 thermocouples
Pressure Sensors. Its design and construction characteristics in preassemblies composed of two, three or four sensors.
make it an interesting choice for the commercial vehicle and Customers can choose from various variants: straight or
off-highway market. First of all, its digital output signal, when bent construction; tip diameter of 2.4, 3.2 or 4.5 mm; bend-
combined with an electronic unit, enables up to four sensors ing angle from 70 to 125; and sensor length between 35
to be combined into one single signal to the vehicle electronic and 75 mm. dpi
control unit (ECU) using PWM (pulse-width modulation),
SENT (single edge nibble transmission) or CAN protocol. FOR MORE INFORMATION
Nowadays, a typical exhaust gas aftertreatment system
can use four sensors in various positions along the exhaust



when the International Engine Competence Center of MAN

Engines in Nuremberg, Germany, delivered its 2000th en-
gine for the 1000th motorboat by Viking Yachts.
The 2000th engine is a 12-cylinder MAN V12-1400 and will
be installed with a twin engine in the Viking 52 Convertible
sportfishing boat No. 822. Each engine has a power out-
put of 1029 kW at 2300 r/min with a cylinder capacity of
24.2 L. The maximum torque is 4680 Nm and is achieved at
A MAN V12-1400 diesel engine rated 1029 kW is installed speeds of 1200 to 2100 r/min.
in a Viking Convertible sport fishing boat. The companies MAN engines are the perfect fit for our Viking boats;
recently marked a supply milestone in which MAN deliv- they look great and add the finishing touch to our overall
ered its 2000th engine for Vikings 1000th motorboat. package, said Patrick Healey, Viking Yachts company di-

rector. Also, the large number of MAN engines that we
have in use means that we have a great deal of experi-
ence with them, something which is valued very highly by

our customers as well.
According to Healey, a major feature of the MAN V12-1400
is its low-noise operation. MAN engines sound fantastic, he
MAN Engines and Viking Yachts said. Quiet at the dockside and when idling, but under full
load, they roar like a lion, demanding respect. And despite
make successful match
this, the crew can still communicate with each other. dpi

AN Engines has been supplying engines to Vi-
king Yachts, the U.S.-based luxury cruising yacht FOR MORE INFORMATION
and sport fishing boat manufacturer, for 24 years.
The companies recently reached a milestone

Mayeur New Director at CMR
CMR, a control instrumentation and elec-
trical engineering company, has appointed a
senior director to oversee strategy and drive
global sector operations. Jacques-Andr
Mayeur will be based at the CMR Groups
Marseille, France, head office, where he will
lead and support the commercial team, the
project team and the delivery of the Energy
J.A. Mayeur S. Hartung M. Heyn C. Kbel
Industry Marine business strategy.
Mayeur, who will report to CEO Yves Barraquand, has held previ- He was also responsible for the Americas, manufacturing coordination,
ous management positions with David Brown and Clyde Union Pumps and for occupational health and safety and environmental protection.
(CBC Group), Sundyne Corp. and Flowserve. The CMR Group supplies Struth has been a member of the board of management since Jan-
instrumentation and controls for offshore platforms and vessels, ma- uary 2012. During the course of his Bosch career, Struth also served
rine, engines and industrial applications. as president of the Chassis Systems Control division from 2005 to
2012 and was a member of the executive management of the Diesel
Struth Announces Systems division from 2002 to 2005. Before that, Struth also worked
Retirement From Bosch for several years at Bosch Braking Systems Co. Ltd. in Japan.
Dr. Werner Struth announced he would be Struths areas of responsibilities will be reassigned as follows:
retiring as member of the board of manage- Dr. Stefan Hartung will assume responsibility for the Industrial
ment of Robert Bosch GmBH on March 31 Technology business sector and for manufacturing coordination;
after 28 years with the company. Struth was Dr. Markus Heyn will be responsible for the Americas; and Chris-
responsible for the Industrial Technology busi- toph Kbel will take on responsibility for occupational health and
ness sector, with its Packaging Technology safety and environmental protection.
W. Struth
and Drive and Control Technology divisions. continued on page 41




ZF Aftermarket has
opened a distribution
center in South America.


ollowing ZFs integration of TRW into ZF Aftermar- positions for ZF, Sachs, Lemfrder and TRW brands in all
ket, the company depends on a new distribution business segments ZF is involved in, including light and
center that it said would combine all of its products heavy lines as well as off-road equipment.
and services. South America was the first region The operational structure is based on lean methodology
in the world to get an integrated ZF Aftermarket distribu- which the company said guarantees operational efficiency
tion center. when compared to conventional logistics processes.
Located in Itu city, So Paulo state, Brazil, the site has
21 000 m for logistics and administration. It is near main FOR MORE INFORMATION
roads and two hours from Santos harbor.
We have great potential at this center and this is a per-
fect example of our main goals: The best of both, said
Wilson Bricio, president of ZF in South America, about unit- LS Tractor Adds Planter To Line
ing the best features of the two companies. LS Planter is the new product of LS Tractor in Brazil. The
Assembling of the center and the move of inventory and South Korean manufacturer of tractors has decided to mar-
teams took place over four months. There are more than ket planting tools and said it invested in the product line
150 workers at the ZF Aftermarket unit. because it has a synergy with its tractors.
This is the first big project after the integration of the com- Sales director Andr Rorato said LS spent four years
panies, which happened in May 2015. Gains of synergy studying Brazilian soil conditions and developing the product.
will result in improvement of performance for the client, The South American plant also announced that new
said Joo Lopes, director ZF Services. products may be launched in the future but did not give
The distribution center has approximately 16 000 parts further details.



LS Tractor has introduced a line of planters in Brazil.

The market is very open for innovation and this is our of road buses that are exported from Brazil. At the Australian
aim, to attend to the producers demands, Rorato said. LS branch, the growth is due to the increase in units sold by 10.1%.
Planter said it intends to reach 5% of market share within For 2017, Marcopolo believes bus demand in Brazil will
the first year of entering the market. return after the second semester. The company is still
Astor Kilpp, product manager, said three models would engaged in its strategy of cost reduction, operational effi-
be introduced with mechanic, electric and hydraulic trans- ciency increase and the adoption of LEAN concepts, Mar-
mission systems and sizes that vary from three to 18 rows. copolo said in a statement.
We will enter the market with several options to meet
the demands of growers, Kilpp said. He also said that LS
Planter will reduce power requirements and maintenance
costs. All of the models are assembled on a modular chas-
sis that allows for several options of row spacing.
The LS Planter is a result of an agreement made by LS
Tractor and Eixoplant, the latter a manufacturer from Passo
Fundo city, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil. It will manu-
facture the machines. In Brazil, LS Tractor has a plant in
Garuva city, Santa Catarina state.


Marcopolo Expands Worldwide Marcopolos Paradiso 1800 double-decker bus rides

Marcopolo concluded 2016 with stable business com- on an 8x4 chassis from Volvo.
pared to 2015, reaching a consolidated net income of R$2
574 billion (around US$780 million). The Brazilian bus body The domestic bus demand might increase because of ac-
manufacturer registered a growth of 27.3% in exports and cessibility regulations, which require buses manufactured
14.6% in sales realized by the foreign units, which helped after July to be equipped with lifts. The fleet age will also be
compensate for a retraction of 37.6% in its domestic market. reduced to eight years.
Net incomes of Polomex, its bus operation in Mexi- Marcopolo believes in the continuity of the positive de-
co, and Volgren, its company in Australia, grew 28 and velopment of exports at its foreign operations, with the
13.3%, respectively. maintenance of traditional clients and prospection of new
The result reached by Polomex was mainly due to sales continued on page 40


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*Further information on this companys products can be found in the 2016 Edition
of the Diesel & Gas Turbine Sourcing Guide and at

markets, the company said. Marcopolo aims to maximize John Deere has launched two new combine models. The
business in all regions and improve the integration between S430 and S440 belong to the S400 series.
exports from Brazil and the international operations. John Deere said the machines are ideal for small- to
medium-sized producers who want operational simplicity,
FOR MORE INFORMATION better cleaning and grain quality. The S400 Series is a 100% national project, designed to
attend the farmers necessities of our country, said Rodrigo
Bonato, John Deere sales director. That is why it delivers
25% more performance, with 50% more grain quality and
75% less loss. These are products that are born in Brazil
for our local farmers.
The S400 combines cause less soil compaction because
they are lighter. Deere stated it is an important factor es-
pecially in flooded terrain, such as rice plantations, where
heavy machines may bog down.
For corn harvest, the 600C platforms were designed to
take advantage of the S400 combines with higher perfor-
mance in separation and cleaning. They are available in
different sizes and row spaces.
The machines use John Deeres TriStream rotor configu-
ration, which has a coned front. That allows room for high
volumes of crop material fed from the feed section to enter
John Deere has launched two new combine models in the threshing and separating area. dpi
Brazil targeted toward small- to medium-sized producers.
John Deere Launches New Combines
Aware of the importance of soya, corn and rice in Brazil,


Vacuworx Appoints European orientations and take part in business reviews and special projects and
Business Director remain responsible for mergers and acquisitions.
Vacuworx Global announced the hiring Boettcher takes over his new role after serving as chief operat-
of Rob Verwilligen as European business ing officer following a long career in the tire industry and board
director in charge of sales and service, part- presence with Camso. The management changes will be effective
ner agreements and logistics for Vacuworx April 1, the start of the companys fiscal year.
Europe. Verwilligen has more than 20 years
of experience in the European market. His Daum To Lead Daimler
most recent position was director of sales R. Verwilligen Truck & Bus Businesses
and marketing for American Augers/Trencor. Verwilligen has also The Supervisory Board of Daimler AG has
served as director of sales, marketing and product support for appointed Martin Daum to the companys
Vermeer International BV. Founded in 1999 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, board of management responsible for the
USA, Vacuworx engineers and manufactures heavy-duty material Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses divi-
handling equipment for the oil and gas, water and sewer, highway, sions. The appointment is for five years.
concrete, landscaping and manufacturing industries. Daum succeeds Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard,
who has left the company of his own volition
Camso Announces Executive and for personal reasons, Daimler said. M. Daum
Level Changes Since June 2009, Daum has been president and chief executive
Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal of officer of Daimler Trucks North America and its affiliated compa-
Magog, Quebec, Canada, said that Pierre nies: Freightliner Trucks, Western Star Trucks, Thomas Built Buses,
Marcouiller would become executive chair- Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. and Detroit Diesel Corp. Before
man of the board and that Thomas Boettcher that, he was a member of the management of Mercedes-Benz Trucks
has been promoted to president and chief ex- in Europe as vice president Production Mercedes-Benz Trucks and
ecutive officer (CEO). at the same time, was responsible for the Mercedes-Benz plant in
Marcouiller spent 17 years as CEO. In his T. Boettcher Wrth, Germany, the worlds biggest truck plant. Daum started his
new role he will remain involved in defining the companys strategic career in the trainee executive group of Daimler-Benz AG in 1987.

DIESELdot com MARKETplace

Webtec, a specialist manufac- @dieselprogress
turer of hydraulic measurement
and control products for heavy ma-
chinery, announced it has launched
a new multilanguage website. The FOR SALE
company said the site could more GAS TURBINE GENERATORS
easily adapt to different screen sizes (3) 5.2MW MOBILE
for desktop, tablet or mobile use. GAS LOW NOx (OIL)

The site will include news, educational white papers, product information and (1) 15.1MW G.E.
an applications section to allow the user to search for their industry application OIL/GAS 1840 HOURS

and find related customer case studies and product solutions. Visit (3) 22 MW GE

FPT Industrial, a brand of CNH (1) 40MW GEC

FR-6B GAS 50/60hz
Industrial that designs, produces
and sells powertrains for on- and
off-road vehicles, marine and power
generation applications, announced 24/7 EMERGENCY SERVICE
that it has launched a new website WWW.WABASHPOWER.COM
was revamped to provide a more
logical and interactive navigation, placing search engines for Dealer Finder wabash POWER

and Engine Finder in more prominent positions. The setup also offers more
opportunities, said the company. For interactive activities through the 360 View
Tool and the Social Wall, a content aggregator that allows for the gathering of all Wabash Classified.indd 1
events and comments about the brand.
For Marketplace Rates 12/11/12 9:49 AM



Eatons newest CLS sectional

mobile valves are designed to
provide a range of capabili-
ties within a compact, highly
modular design for a range of
mobile off-highway machine

Newest Eaton CLS valves aim for increased flexibility,
capability in a more compact package

atons newest CLS sectional mobile valves are de- your pump, everything will proportionally slow down evenly.
signed to provide load sense bleed off, pre- and Weve had customers put a pre-comp section in so that
post-compensated load sense relief on each sec- gives a priority to a certain function one had a slewing
tion, all within a compact, highly modular design. function that they always wanted to maintain and the rest
Engineered for mobile off-highway equipment such as of it was post-compensated so it slowed down. So the CLS
excavators, refuse trucks, forklifts, truck-mounted cranes, valve gives them a little more flexibility to ensure that certain
forestry and agricultural machinery, the CLS valves, which features and functions, whether it is for productivity or safety
are available in four frame sizes (see accompanying chart) or operator comfort, are always the priority.
and allow machine manufacturers to prioritize work func- The other proprietary feature is no-load sense bleed-off.
tions to improve productivity, machine efficiency and safety, Every conventional mobile valve has a load sense bleed-off
the company said. so that when the spool goes into stroke, there are a couple
The modular, highly versatile CLS sectional mobile valve of lands on the spool that basically close off that load sense
was designed to streamline features adding value without bleed off. A lot of valves will do about a half-gallon of oil to
increasing size or sacrificing flexibility, said Nadine Powell, close that bleed-off orifice and what happens is you get a
global strategy and planning manager, Mobile Valves, dynamic response.
Eaton. With a number of available features unique to many We have a video we show on our website where it shows
load-sensing valves, such as priority flow sharing and local the no-load sense bleed off and then a normal bleed off.
load sense relief on each section, customers can design the And it shows you that within 50 seconds the cylinder has
valve to meet the distinctive needs of their machine. moved about 127 mm compared to the competitive valves.
Powell highlighted several of the most significant features The valves offer post-compensated load sense relief,
that she said differentiate the CLS valves from other direc- which is not very common in the industry, Powell said.
tional controls in the industry. One of them is the CLS valves Rather than have a main relief, a load sense relief uses
ability to do pre-and post-compensated sections in the same a lot less flow, she said. For one customer, we did post-
assembly bank, she said. Many times, engineers will go comp with load sense relief on it and what that allowed
pre-compensated when theyre trying to ensure that certain them to do was downsize their pump because they didnt
functions are managed, so theyll regulate their loads. need as much flow. Depending on the size of the pump, that
Post-compensated is basically when youve oversaturated could be $200 or $400 out of their system and thats a lot.



Eaton CLS Sectional Mobile Valve Specifications

CLS100 CLS180 CLS250 CLS350

Max. Working Sections 10 10 10 8
Rated Pressure Inlet 350 bar 350 bar 550 bar 350 bar
Rated Inlet Flow 150 L/min 220 L/min 300 L/min 450 L/min
Rated Workport Flow* 100 L/min 180 L/min 250 L/min 350 L/min
Operating Temp. Range -40 to 60C -40 to 60C -40 to 60C -40 to 60C
* - post compensated

Along with their compact size, Powell noted that the valve Our goal with these new products was to just offer more
solenoids, originally vertically positioned in the original CLS flexibility to answer pain points customers have had in the
configurations, are now canted 15 to allow for easier ac- past and really work to improve on the technology. dpi
cess in assembly and maintenance. Thats very important,
Powell said. On todays machines, youve got the DEF tank FOR MORE INFORMATION
and everything else that you have to put in for Tier 4 and
theyre trying to squeeze in a lot.


aton has launched new software engineered to
streamline the process of designing custom hydrau-
lic manifolds. Circuit Design Software Studio is pro-
grammed to be an easy-to-use platform that offers
new 3-D design capabilities along with an updated product
library incorporating Eatons extensive range of cartridge
valve solutions. It allows users to shorten design cycles
while increasing efficiency for quicker communication and
manifold display, Eaton said.
The Circuit Design Software Studio was developed in
response to our customers growing need for speed, pro-
viding a platform for them to easily position design compo- Eatons new Circuit Design Software Studio is intended
nents and communicate quickly with their clients, said Todd to streamline the process of designing custom hydraulic
McIntyre, product manager, Global Planning and Strategy manifolds for mobile machine applications.
at Eatons Hydraulics Group. From gathering customer re-
quirements and selecting the right valve, to packaging solu- and lead-time adjustments by utilizing the updated valve
tions in a custom manifold, Eatons Circuit Design Software library, the company said.
Studio helps users to do it more quickly, cost-effectively and Information from the Circuit Design Software Studio tool
efficiently than ever before. can be accessed from a PC without requiring internet ac-
Eaton Circuit Design Software Studio users can incorpo- cess. The platform also makes it easier for designers to
rate a variety of solutions into their 3-D design, including export with a variety of formatting options, including STP,
surface mount valves, fittings, plugs and other components DWG, PDF, CDSX and XML. Step-by-step training modules
to ensure the manifold fits their project needs. Additionally, are available from Eaton online 24/7 to guide users through
Eatons new software tool is intended to provide a simplified each phase of their manifold design project. dpi
way to identify cartridge valve lead times and match valve
pressures with specific system requirements for faster and FOR MORE INFORMATION
more efficient configuration. With the Circuit Design Soft-
ware Studio tool, users can also stay up-to-date on pricing



The LG958L is SDLGs

most popular wheel
loader in India.



ine years into its operations in India, Chinese con- tonne motor grader, the G9138. Both were introduced at
struction equipment company Shandong Lingong bauma ConExpo India in December 2016.
Machinery Co. Ltd. said it has seen its sales vol- The L933 is equipped with a Weichai WP6G125E331 tur-
umes reach seven times those of its first year. bocharged diesel engine rated 92 kW at 2300 r/min. With an
With double-digit growth in wheel loader sales in India, overall working weight of 10 200 to 10 250 kg, the machine
2016 was a record-breaking year for the company, which can deliver up to 96 kN of breakout and traction force. Its 45
markets its equipment as SDLG. The brand has served In- dump angle and 45 bucket rollback allows for more efficient
dia since 2008. load carrying and quicker cycle times, the company said.
The company currently sells three wheel loader mod- The G9138 is designed to satisfy the need for smaller
els in the country, with the LG958L in the 4.5 tonne class equipment for narrow road conditions as India boosts its
the most popular machine, the company said. It is used in national road network. With an overall working weight of
dockside applications as well as mining and for general 12 100 kg, the G9138 is powered by a Deutz BF4M1013-
loading. Among the companys range of motor graders, the 15T3R/2 diesel engine rated 111 kW at 2100 rpm. Mated
14.5 tonne G9190 is most popular. to a ZF 6WG 158 transmission, the G9138 can reach maxi-
As Indias construction industry continues to target the gov- mum forward and backward speeds of 39 and 24.5 kph, re-
ernments ambitious goal of building 30 km of new roads a day, spectively. It can deliver up to 75.4 kN of traction force.
the demand for roadbuilding equipment is expected to rise. The brand has a dealer network of 14 companies in India.
SDLG machines have proven to be reliable and cost- The companys headquarters is in Linyi, China, and it has
effective on road projects across India, said Sanu George, an additional manufacturing facility in Pedeirneras, Brazil.
business head, SDLG India. The trust our roadbuilding
customers have in us will most likely transfer to other sec- FOR MORE INFORMATION
tors. In future, we expect to see our machines used in quar-
ries or other applications.
To build on its momentum in India, SDLG unveiled two
machines, the 2.7 tonne L933 wheel loader, and a 10.9 Mahindra & Mahindra Buys Hisarlar
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. has moved into Turkey through
T.C. Malhotra is a technical journalist based in Delhi, India. His email is the acquisition of Hisarlar Inc., a farm implement company that produces pull-type equipment such as tillers and harrows.


The company also supplies cabs to manufacturers of farm
and construction equipment.
Under the transaction, which is expected to close in April,
Mahindra will acquire a 75.1% equity stake in Hisarlar. The
association will help in growing the farm equipment busi-
ness in Turkey and Europe.
Mahindra is the worlds No. 1 tractor company by vol-
ume, with an on-ground presence in India, USA, China and
Japan, besides many other export markets, said Zafer
Turker, chief executive officer, Hirsarlar. We at Hisarlar
Tata Motors said its latest buses reiterate the companys
welcome them to Turkey. I am confident that Hisarlar will
commitment toward smart and green technology.
benefit from Mahindras global reach and expertise and we
will jointly expand our portfolio to include various new cat- Tata Motors Launches Hybrid, Electric Buses;
egories of farm machinery. This acquisition is an important Partners With Castrol
milestone in our journey and we are pleased to have Mahin- Tata Motors has launched 9 and 12 m versions of its Star-
dra as our partners. bus electric bus as well as the 12 m Starbus hybrid bus at
Rajesh Jejurikar, president and chief executive officer, its factory in the western state of Maharashtra. The com-
Farm Equipment & Two Wheeler, Mahindra & Mahindra pany also showcased the countrys first fuel cell bus, LNG
said, Hisarlar is a market leader with 45% market share powered bus and an 18 m articulated bus. In doing so the
in soil preparation equipment in Turkey. The acquisition of company has reiterated its commitment toward smart and
Hisarlar will enable Mahindra to expand its footprint in Tur- green technology.
key and Europe, making this entity a global manufacturing At Tata Motors, our aim is to not only comply with emerging
base for various farm implements and tractor cabins. regulations of clean and green emissions but also be ahead
of the requirements, said Ravindra Pisharody, executive di-
FOR MORE INFORMATION rector Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors. We have consis- tently been developing and manufacturing products that can
contribute to CO2 reductions across all road transport seg-
ments and with early investments in new technologies, we
BharatBenz Opens New Dealership are geared up to further strengthen our market leadership.
Truck manufacturer Daimler India Commercial Vehicles With our new range of future-ready buses, we will continue
(DICV) has inaugurated a new dealership in Tuticorin, in the to play an active role in mass public transportation, with a
south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The new dealership will commitment towards striking the right balance between sus-
cater to BharatBenz trucks and buses as well as Mercedes- tainable growth and profitability. We will work closely with
Benz luxury coaches. government and regulatory authorities to intensify its efforts
The dealership is owned and run by Jayaraj Trucks & Bus- at tackling pollution, focusing on building alternative transport
es Pvt. Ltd. The Tuticorin dealership is the fourth for Jayaraj, fuels and infrastructure, for smart cities of tomorrow.
as it has other locations in Tirunelveli, Trichy and Madurai. Meanwhile, Tata Motors and Castrol have entered in a
BharatBenz enjoys a strong following in the market three-year strategic partnership agreement for supply of
with a robust and reliable product portfolio, said So- commercial vehicle oils to Tata Motors globally. The agree-
minder Singh, vice president Domestic Sales, Product ment will cover over 50 markets, including the Middle East,
Management & Network, DICV. With our 12th dealership Africa, Russia and Latin America.
touchpoint in the state of Tamil Nadu, we are able to ca- As Tata Motors expands its international footprint, Cas-
ter to our customer requirement in the region. Jayaraj trol will support Tata Motors channel partners with high-
Trucking meets BharatBenzs highest standards of qual- quality products and services to enhance their market
ity and expertise and is committed to provide a holistic share and profitability.
ownership experience. The company said in a statement that Tata Motors is a
The 3S facility (sales, service, spares) has six repair key strategic global account for Castrol and this agreement
bays. The dealership will provide a host of value-added is a step forward in the partnership which goes back three
services such as full maintenance contracts, extended war- decades. Castrol will work closely with the Tata team to co-
ranty, roadside assistance, vehicle tracking systems and engineer products suited to meet specific requirements of
driver training. new engine technology and environment regulations. dpi




The Cimolai travel lift, model MBH 560, is a mobile unit, which enables marinas to hoist large boats in or out of
the water, for launching, repairs and maintenance. Volvo Penta will supply twin TAD571VE four-cylinder, off-road
diesel engines for the lift, each engine producing 112 kW. Each leg holds one engine, located centrally between
the front and rear wheel sets.

Volvo Penta teams with Italian Cimolai Technology, a
manufacturer of specialized lifting equipment

olvo Penta and its industrial products dealer, Car- Cimolai Technologys purchasing manager. And it can also
mi, have begun working with Italian manufacturer be used in the construction industry, which gives both of our
Cimolai Technology to supply twin TAD571VE en- companies the opportunity to be present in other markets.
gines for a new Cimolai travel lift. The model MBH As a Volvo Penta dealer, we represent a global organi-
560 is a mobile unit, which enables marinas to hoist large zation and our mission is to work in close quarters with the
boats in or out of the water for launching, repairs or mainte- customer in order to achieve symbiosis between machine
nance. It has already proven to be a success during testing, and engine, to reach the best possible performance, said
when it lifted a 550 tonne boat, the companies said. Francesco Girotti, sales and application engineer for indus-
As the TAD571VE engine is compliant with Stage 4 reg- trial engines at Carmi.
ulations, it means that our MBH 560 can be sold and used Volvo Penta said the TAD571VE is a powerful yet eco-
in any marina in Europe or the world, said Enzo Pilotto, nomical 112 kW, four-cylinder, off-road engine. The engine



Volvo Pentas TAD571VE is a 5 L, four-cylinder,

off-road engine offering 112 kW. The engine is
compact and simple to install and is easy to
service, the company said.

offers an excellent torque at low speed, enabling a quick

response and ease of movement with heavy machinery,
the company said. The engine also has exceptional fuel
efficiency and an exhaust aftertreatment using a selective
catalytic reduction (SCR) system, and does not use a diesel
particulate filter (DPF), which maximizes uptime and pro-
vides low cost of ownership, Volvo Penta said.
With this sort of lifting, once the boat is out of the water
the load is fully applied. Consequently, the engine has to and that was part of the appeal. We are very present in this
give a rapid response to avoid shutdown. Volvo Penta said field. They wanted a simple solution and our engines are easy
its 5 L engines performed perfectly in this demanding field to install. We make all the constituent parts rather than using
test with Cimolais travel lift, with less than 2% speed drop other suppliers, and we can service everything, so that makes
during the lift, while the weight went from zero to full load. it easy for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) from a
Cimolai Technology, based near Venice in northern Italy, maintenance point of view.
has been manufacturing specialist lifting equipment such We decided to use Volvo Pentas engines because of
as mobile straddle transporters, cranes, launching gantries their performance and due to the knowledge the com-
and travel lifts since 2004. Its products service several in- pany supplies both the marine and off-road industries,
dustrial settings, including shipyards and marinas, civil en- said Donato Cecchin, electrical department manager at
gineering yards, steel factories, renewable energy produc- Cimolai Technology. We have created a good working
tion, and other large tailor-made applications. relationship. dpi
For Volvo Penta, Cimolai Technology is a new customer,
said Matteo Mambelli, Volvo Pentas sales representative for FOR MORE INFORMATION
industrial engines. We have a lot of experience and knowl-
edge of marine applications, so we have a good reputation,

The MBH560 has a capacity to lift 550 tonne boats. The Volvo Penta TAD571VE engine is compliant with Stage 4
regulations. The exhaust aftertreatment uses a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, and is without a diesel
particulate filter (DPF). With this sort of lifting, once the boat is out of the water the load is fully applied.



Kohler Acquires Clarke Energy Navistar-

VW Alliance JCB Enters Powered Access
Market Yuchai, Zoomlion Ink Agreement

Kohler Co. announced that its Power Group has ac- market, starting with nine all-electric scissor lifts followed
quired Clarke Energy Ltd., Liverpool, England. Clarke En- by three diesel-powered models later in 2017. By the end
ergy is a multinational specialist in engineering, construc- of 2017 the newly launched JCB Access business will offer
tion, installation and maintenance of engine-based power a total of 27 new platforms, including scissors, articulated
plants and is an authorized distributor of General Electrics booms and telescopic boom machines. The new JCB Ac-
reciprocating engines in 19 countries around the world. cess products designed in-house to meet the needs of
Company founder Jim Clarke, as well as current Chief Ex- rental companies and contractors worldwide will initially
ecutive Officer Jamie Clark and other company leaders, will be offered in the U.K., France, Germany and North America.
maintain their roles following the acquisition, Kohler said. More information is available elsewhere in this issue.
For the first time, Rolls-Royce will be supplying MTU en- Brokk, a Swedish manufacturer of remote-controlled
gines for use in excavators, having received an order from demolition machines, has acquired Aquajet Systems AB,
British construction equipment manufacturer JCB. MTUs six- a manufacturer of hydrodemolition robots headquartered
cylinder 6R100 Series Stage 4-compliant engines are to be in Holsbybrunn, Sweden. The acquisition will help Brokk
used to power new excavators in JCBs JS300, JS330 and expand its application solutions in the construction and
JS370 series. The 7.7 MTU diesel engine delivers 240 hp demolition industry, Brokk said. Financial details were not
in the JS300 and 280 hp for the JS330 and JS370 models. disclosed, and both companies will maintain its current
The machines incorporate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) management with the acquisition, Brokk said.
within the exhaust system, with dosing of a urea-based diesel China Yuchai will make six-cylinder engines for Zoom-
exhaust fluid (DEF) to reduce NOx emissions by almost 90%, lions ag machinery, the companies announced. The
JCB said. This system allows the engine to meet Stage 4 final agreement covers new six-cylinder medium- and heavy-
without having to use a diesel particulate filter (DPF). duty engines. China Yuchai makes engines for on- and
Navistar International Corp. announced the closing of off-road applications in China through its main operating
its wide-ranging strategic alliance with Volkswagen Truck subsidiary, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co. Ltd. (GMYCL).
& Bus, which includes an equity investment in Navistar by In addition to Zoomlion, the Wuhu government and Y&C
Volkswagen Truck & Bus and framework agreements for a Engine Co. Ltd., a GYMCL joint venture based in Wuhu,
procurement joint venture and strategic technology and sup- Anhui Province, China, are also signatories to the agree-
ply collaboration. Global Truck & Bus Procurement LLC, the ment. GYMCL and Y&C Engine will develop the engines for
procurement joint venture created by Navistar and Volkswa- Zoomlions agricultural equipment.
gen Truck & Bus, will operate out of Navistars headquarters Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) announced
in Lisle, Illinois, USA, and is made up of representatives from that the companys global headquarters will move from
both companies who will be combining the demand of five Brussels, Belgium, to Gothenburg, Sweden. The company
brands, including Volkswagen Truck & Buss Scania, MAN said the relocation will facilitate closer cooperation with the
and Volkswagen Caminhes e nibus, in addition to Navis- groups other business areas and allow for better use of
tars own International and IC Bus brands. group resources. Sweden is home to about 4000 Volvo CE
With the closing of the alliance, Volkswagen Truck & Bus employees. The headquarters will be operational in Go-
acquired approximately 16.2 million newly issued shares in thenburg in the third quarter of 2017.
Navistar, representing 16.6% of post-transaction undiluted JLG Industries Inc., the manufacturer of aerial work
common stock or 19.9% of pre-transaction outstanding platforms and telehandlers, announced it plans to close
common stock. As a result, Navistar receives US$256 mil- three facilities. The three include the Maasmechelen, Bel-
lion to be used for general corporate purposes. gium, manufacturing and pre-delivery operations as well as
JCB said it will enter the powered access equipment its engineering center in Bruntingthorpe, England. dpi


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