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Running Head: ARTICLE REVIEW 1

Summary, Reflection, and Evaluation on Students Feedback: An Effective Tool in Teachers

Evaluation System

Subas Bk

International Teachers College, UPH

Dr. Spanogle

Instructional Alignment II

5 April 2017


In this article, the author claims that Students feedback is an important and effective

tool for the teachers evaluation. The article gives the information how important is Students

Feedback for teachers. According to this article, all the teachers should evaluate by students.

Students feedback is important for all the teachers because the teachers should make sure that

their students can learned in classroom. The teacher is the one who will help students to learn.

First, the benefit of Students Feedback is that the school would know about a teacher

how potent he/she is for their students. The teachers could change his/her teaching style, once

they know about their frailty on teaching.

Second, the school must let students tell the truth of their teachers. The students could

write about how was their teachers teaching whether understandable, successful, or ineffective.

The author wrote that all the teachers agreed that students feedback made them more aware of

the students, need and helped them to improve their skills but still feedback make them


In conclusion, after Students feedback the teachers reflect on it. They should find the

new strategies, methods, and assorted styles of learning for their students if needed and think

how to enhance for the next teaching. They should aware of the dispositions.

Evaluation and Reflection

After reading this article, I agree with this article and I am not agreed with this article as

well. I agree with this article because teachers could realize on their teaching and they would

know their strength and mistake on the teaching. They can find the way to solve their mistake in

the next semester. They can keep the strength for the next teaching. All the teachers cannot be

good to students at all. This kind of teacher would be lazy to teach in the classroom. They do not

plan for their teaching, care their students, and provide any assessment for students learning.

Thats why the school community should know about all the teachers behavior, teaching skills,

and their efforts for the student. Students feedback helps school community to know about

teachers well. I am not agreed because all students cannot be good in the classroom. They may

want to revenge their teachers and give negative feedback to their teacher even the teachers are

good. If the teachers are strict on their teaching students may give him negative feedback for his

teaching even he was strict to help student learning. The students are may not qualified to judge

their teachers.

As I know about students feedback in my college ITC, all the students must evaluate

teachers end of the semester. The students feedback has been helping ITC program to change

teaching style. Its good because my professors would know where need to change on their

teaching, they can think how they can use different methods for the next semester, and which

parts need to improve. I will let my students to give me feedback honestly in the future. I will

accept even my weakness and I will try to work on it for the next time.

Bible said that Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the

future (Proverbs 19:20). The teacher should accept their weakness and try to change it into


In conclusion, all the teachers can reflect on their teaching how went well and what need

to change based on Students feedback for teachers.



Husain, M., & Khan, S. (2016). Students feedback: An effective tool in teachers evaluation

system. International Journal Of Applied & Basic Medical Research, 6(3), 178-181.