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Running Head: ARTICLE REVIEW 1

Summary, Evaluation, and Reflection on Students and Teachers Thinking Styles and Preferred

Teacher Interpersonal Behavior

Subas Bk

International Teachers College, UPH

Dr. Spanogle

Instructional Alignment II

6 April 2017


In this article, the author claims that good relationships between teachers and students

are important in the learning process. An effective teacher should have an ability to build a good

relationship with different cultures students. Teachers behavior is a key role in students

thinking and learning. The article encourages teachers to know that students may have different

thinking styles than teachers. However, teacher should embrace them.

Firstly, the article talks three different thinking styles of teachers and students those are

Type I prefer to work on complex and creative-generating activities and they are more effective

in producing positive behavior. Type II engage themselves in more simplistic and norm-favoring

activities. Type III act in a more situational-dependent manner. teachers and students have

different personalities and nature. However, teachers can help students to be considered on

thinking and learning. The teacher skill is important for students learning process because

whatever teachers teach students, it affects the students. For example, if the teachers can think

critically then they can help their students to think critically.

Secondly, the teachers should have dispositions qualities. It will help teachers to be an

effective teacher. The teachers need to be strong classroom leaders who are friendly and

understanding and not uncertain, dissatisfied and strict. The teachers need to be firm it does not

mean not proving freedom to students. Teacher should provide some liberty for the students.

In conclusion, an effective teacher must have capacity to be fixable with students. The

teachers must have a healthy relationship with their students. They must help students to learn by

being friendly and strict.


Evaluation, and Reflection

I am agreed with this article because an effective teacher should embrace diverse

cultures students. Even students have diverse types of thinking styles. I like this article because

this article is very useful to be an effective teacher knowing that the importance of teachers


To become an effective teaching, I should have a relational character in me. I want to

have a healthy relationship with my students in futures. It will help me respect my students

cultures. I want to be kind to them and strict as well. I still need to work on how to be strict in an

effective way for students. I want to encourage individual character student to work in a group.

The Bible says, The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law (Galatians 5:22-23). As

Bible says about the fruit of the spirit, an effective teacher should be loving and kind to their

students. I want to be a loving teacher for my students in the future by teaching well,

encouraging them to learn, and showing respect them.

In conclusion, this article is good to reflect on teachers behavior. I will try my best to be

kind to my students.


Zhu, C. (2013). Students and Teachers Thinking Styles and Preferred Teacher Interpersonal

Behavior. Journal Of Educational Research, 106(5), 399-407.