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Save Water to Secure Your Future

About 76 million people in India are without access to clean and safe water. The reasons are numerous
out of which some of them are, pollution and over-exploitation, rapid pace of industrialization and
greater emphasis on agricultural growth combined with financial and technological constraints and
non-enforcement of laws. Accessing drinking water is a problem and assuring it is safe is a challenge
by itself.

As Per the Water Aids report on Wild Water- the State of the Worlds Water 2017,

Without access to clean water, 63 million people are living in rural areas in India. Diseases such
as cholera, blinding trachoma, malaria and dengue are expected to become more common
and malnutrition more prevalent.

Climate change is another major factor resulting in water availability. Unpredictable weather
patterns are particularly challenging to the water and food supplies of agriculture-reliant rural
communities. Longer dry spells result in crop failure and shortages of food and clean drinking
water. Flooding can pollute clean water sources and may lead to cholera outbreaks. Climate
change is likely to exacerbate these challenges and place an even greater strain on people.
Also, water, sanitation and hygiene have a critical role to play in helping poor communities cope.

SEED CSR is a Corporate Social Responsibility advisory and implementation agency. At SEED one
of our thematic area is Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).
To ensure that community members do not develop water-based ailments and to make clean
drinking water easily accessible, installation of hand pumps and boring water arrangements is
prioritized in all operational areas. Moreover, to create awareness about better sanitation, street
campaigns and cleanliness drives are organized.
In one of our projects, toilets Installation that was initiated at Varanasi Ghats where we
encouraged the correct way of washing hands and discouraged open defecation. The
objective of this activity was to stop the wastage of water and reduce open defecation by
tourists, local vendors at Ganga Ghats.

Such activities are done to advocate the practice of good hygiene and sanitation. SEED CSR
along with client companies thrives to achieve accessibility of safe drinking water and clean rural

Highlights of World Water Day Celebrations at few project sites:

1. CMA CGM, Uran Mumbai :

Painting and Essay Writing Competition was organized at ZP Digital School at Jaskhar, Uran,
Maharashtra on World Water Day. The Sarpanch of the village was the chief guest for this event
and all the VDC Members were present. The themes of competitions were based on water and
biodiversity conservation. The winners of the competition were awarded. Also, saplings of
endangered plants were given to the guests who pledged to plant those in their respective

2. DHFL Chandarpur

On world water day the Centre at Chandrapur celebrated World Water day. The event started
with understanding the importance of this day in our lives. Later, ways to save and conserve
water were discussed. Finally, a Sankalp (Pledge) was taken by nearly 300 trainees from different
traits like BFSI and Constructional Sector to save the water.

3. DHFL , Kohlapur :

On 22nd March 2017, we have organized water awareness drive at Skill Development Centre,
Kolhapur where we conducted rally from center to Sasane ground and back. A total of 90
trainees of BFSI and Construction participated in the drive. In front of Sasane ground, Our BFSI
trainees did two street plays and spread the message about water conservation, dont waste
water and importance of water and educate people those who were wasting water on road
while washing car etc.

3.Technip , Suva :
On the eve of World Water Day , we organized a wide spread Water Awareness Session at Suva
Village , Bharuch . The Awareness Session was organized in School to make students aware about
importance of Water and how to save water . Secondly another awareness session was
organized with Women Self Help Group with an objective to spread the awareness on Save
Water. The Objective of both session was to Save Water for Future. At the end of both session a
pledge was taken by both Childrens and Womens to save water from getting wasted through
running taps.

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