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cathodic protection

cathodic protection METEC GROUP - today comprising Metec Wilson Walton, Metec West Africa, Metec International
and Metec Promproekt - was established in 2006 to take to the next level the successful historic
collaboration between two of the best known names in the field of cathodic protection and anti-
fouling systems for offshore and onshore applications.

The Group was conceived to further improve and build on the existing synergy between Metec
SRL and Walton Wilson International SRL, by combining the flexibility, reliability and quality which
rightly became the synonym of the Metec brand (est. in 1994) with the research, design and
engineering expertise long associated with the Walton Wilson name (est. in 1966).

The result has exceeded all expectations by growing fast into the unique powerhouse delivering
to its clients a full-cycle service tailored to the unique requirements of every on of its many cus-
tomers. Be it research, engineering, production, installation, monitoring or maintenance - no other
competitor in the field of cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems can match the perform-
ance and satisfaction guaranteed by METEC GROUP.

We design, manufacture, install and service a broad range of ferrum-silicon, aluminium, zinc,
magnesium and titanium anodes, transformers/rectifiers, control equipment and accessories for a
wide variety of applications and locations around the world. Our continuous research and devel-
opment activities aim to anticipate and satisfy demand for new products, improved performance
and challenging applications.

Most of our orders come from clients within the international oil and gas and marine shipping
industries, while we note an increased demand for our products and services from users and
operators of other types of corrosion-prone structures and facilities.

Our Integrated Management System certified by DNV is fully compliant with the rigorous require-
ments of both UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment).

Metec Wilson Walton SRL is the new family name of Metec SRL and Wilson Walton Interna-
tional SRL.

Metec SRL was founded in 1994 and remains based in Trapani, Sicily, Italy. The head office of
the Group is located here, providing management, marketing, sales and distribution support,
alongside the sophisticated design, testing, storage and laboratory centre manned by the best
personnel in the industry.

Wilson Walton International SRL was established in 1966 in Genova, Liguria, Italy and it remains
located there to this day. The company is a historic leader in the field of cathodic protection sector
with particular specialisation in design and installation of impressed current cathodic protection
systems for onshore structures as well as antifouling systems offshore.

Metec West Africa Ltd was founded in collaboration with Nigerian Foundries Ltd to produce
sacrificial anodes for offshore applications and onshore cathodic protection systems for custom-
ers involved in this regions booming oil and gas industry. The plant is located in Otta, Ogun State,
Nigeria, where full production in accordance with DNV, NACE and other standards began in 2007,
supported by a sophisticated laboratory.

Metec International SARL in Tunisia, North Africa, was established in 2010 as a brand new
state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution centre in a strategic location with excellent access
by sea, land and air to all key markets in order to satisfy the increasing demand for Metecs high
quality and best value products delivered at the most competitive lead-times. Our order book is
healthy and growing but we understand the needs of our customers - big or small - and none
ever was or shall be disappointed.

Metec Promproekt is the latest and most exciting addition to our family. Following successful
collaboration between Metec SRL and OOO on the development and implementa-
tion of the combined onshore+offshore advanced cathodic protection solution for the record-
breaking Nord Stream pipeline delivering gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, the
two companies have decided to form a strategic alliance in order to further promote Metecs
latest range of products and services in the Russian Federation and CIS.


We are proud of our history and achievements, but we always look ahead to the future for new
challenges and opportunities Our order book is healthy and growing but we understand the
needs of our customers - big or small - and none ever was or shall be disappointed.

Leader in cathodic protection.

Cathodic protection is the only reliable and effective long-term solution capa-
ble of dramatically reducing, and in some cases eliminating, corrosion in large
buried and submerged structures built from steel and other metals.
Saint Petersburg

The knowledge, experience and skills derived from many years of research and
Genova development, continuous use of latest materials and technologies coupled
with involvement in a variety of projects - these are the foundations of our

METEC GROUP produces sacrificial anodes in ferrum-silicon, aluminium, zinc,

magnesium, titanium and their combinations, transformers/rectifiers, im-
pressed current cathodic protection systems and telecontrol systems.


Reference electrode

Magnesium anode with backfill
METEC GROUP provides full engineering service, supplies materials, organises
training and manages the maintenance of tailored impressed current sys-
tems cathodic protection systems with and without telecontrol for onshore
Transformer rectfier pipelines, processing plant, oil and gas storage facilities, underground pipe
networks, industrial assets and civil structures.


Bracelet anode
METEC GROUP handles design, production and installation of anodes for the
cathodic protection of ships (be it hulls, ballast and fuel cisterns, transporta-
tion tanks), metallic submerged structures, platforms, jackets, pipelines and
other maritime structures. Standard Metec sacrificial anodes production
centres on:
Off-shore aluminium anodes
Bracelet anodes for pipelines in a variety of sizes

Mounted anodes for ships from full range of materials

Anodes for structures, both stand off and flush
Wire anode: Piggy back - Meteflex
(polimeric anode)

Telecontrol system

Offshore The widest range of cathodic
protection solutions for
offshore structures.
Metec International and Metec West Africa provide a wide range of cathodic
protection solutions for offshore structures by sacrificial anodes: bracelet an-
odes for sub-sea pipelines and jacket anodes for platforms, in aluminium and
zinc alloys, suitable for all offshore application.

Confidence based on solid experience drives a multi-skilled Metec team in all

activities, be it our sophisticated design, superior production or strict quality
This wealth of knowledge reflected in the engineering, production and
testing of anodes for offshore projects, allows METEC GROUP companies to
produce anodes for new and existing structures in full accordance with even
the most complex specifications.

We also offer to our customers a highly qualified consultancy support at every

stage of the process, helping them optimize the anodes and full systems
specifications and layout to help achieve the maximum technical and eco-
nomic efficiency.

Industrial Unmatched customisation of
cathodic protection solutions
for onshore use.
Cathodic protection has been the heart and soul of Wilson Walton Interna-
tional (WWI) since its foundation in the mid-1960s. One of the companys
key strengths is its great experience in the design and supply of customised
cathodic protection solutions to the onshore industry like pipelines, refiner-
ies and process plants.

Its most experienced and knowledgeable team works together with its
clients from the initial site survey, to engineering and design, supply and
project management, right through to technical assistance at installation
and follow-up maintenance.

As the result of its full integration into the METEC GROUP, WWIs key
strengths have been further enhanced by this union with the leading sup-
plier of sacrificial anodes to the offshore sector. Together they now provide
to their clients all known types of cathodic protection solutions and research
new ones - whatever is needed to fulfil the clients requirements.

Over the years due to the ever-growing demand for more complex tailored
solutions from its clients METEC GROUP companies have extended their
range of unique products. By entering several long-term cooperation agree-
ments with some of the best and most important manufacturers in the elec-
tronics industry we have been able to secure the best and most up-to-date
components for our electronic control and monitoring systems.

Marine Port Harbour Structural anodes of any
shapes, sizes, composition and
connection type, plus more
Wilson Walton International (WWI) has served the marine sector since the
mid-1960s in the design, supply, start-up and after-sales assistance of ca-
thodic protection solutions. Its extensive experience with cathodic protec-
tion systems gathered and refined over nearly half a century has put this
company in a leading position in the industry. Since its inception WWI has
continuously expanded its range of products & services to include Antifoul-
ing Systems.

Today the products and services offered by Metec Wilson Walton to the glo-
bal marine industry include the internationally renowned Aquamatic ICCP
System and Anfomatic and Chlorematic Antifouling systems installed on
hundreds of vessels operating around the world.


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With ISO 9001/2 certification METEC s.r.l. provide

products in compliance with the highest
international standards and expertise staff in carrying
on production and management processes.