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Mock summer job interview


1- Hello miss Ytrian. So, you have applied for the summer job of member of the welcoming
committee, right?
2- Could you first briefly talk about yourself?
3- In your opinion, what is attractive about this position?
4- Why did you choose Canada for your summer job?
5- What do you think is the most important skill for doing this job well?
6- What do you think youll be asked to do?
7- Thats about it. Do you think youll be able to guide people?
8- What kind of qualities and qualifications do you think you have that make you fit for this job?
9- Do you have any diplomas or certificates proving your language proficiency?
10- Do you have any past experience as a part of a welcoming committee or a similar position?
11- How do you think this would help you here?
12- How would you act in front of a person whose language you do not understand?
13- Why do you think it is the best way to react?
14- In a few words, why do you think youll be right person for the job?
15- How much do you expect youll be paid?
16- Do you have any further questions?

1- Hello, Madam, and pleased to meet you. I have, yes.

2- Well, I am a sixteen-year-old junior in Stanislas High School in Paris, in the science section.
3- As far as I am concerned, it seems to me that one of the most attractive aspects of this post is
meeting people from all over the world, but I am most of all very excited about the prospect of
seeing famous athletes in real life, being able to greet them, guide them, or simply talk to them. T
be able to see them in flesh and bone is very different from seeing them perform on the small
screen. As a sports fan, this job is a unique opportunity for me.
4- Ive always wanted to go to Canada. It is a country with an interesting background and cultural
heritage, always a surprising mixture of European and north-American lifestyle, architecture or
simply eating habits. It feels familiar and brand new to me at the same time!
5- I think that being able to break the language barrier between my foreign colleagues, the athletes
and myself is the most fundamental aspect of the job. It seems to be that one would feel much
more welcome in a foreign country if the person who greets them speaks their language.
6- I guess I will have to go to the airport every day, wait for the athletes to come out of their planes,
then once they have arrived put them at ease by taking care of their luggage and eventually guide
them towards the shuttle which will bring them to the training centre here in the city.
7- Hum, I would say that I have fairly good organizational skills, and a good sense of orientation too,
which means that Im not the type of person who would get lost in an airport, I guess!
8- Putting organizational skills and the sense of orientation aside, it seems to me that I am someone
who is simply able to put people at ease. I work well in a team and am usually the decision-maker
or at least the person who doesnt waste time with mindless deliberation when the way to a goal
seems obvious to me. Besides, I am quite cheerful and optimistic no matter how stressful the
situation I am in can be.
As for qualifications, I am fluent in French, Arabic and English which I have been studying for seven
years now. I would say that my knowledge of the Spanish language which I have been studying for
four years is all right. I also know the basics of the Korean language.
9- I passed the Cambridge First Certificate of English this year and got an A.
10- I already played a part in a welcoming committee in a small local summer festival in Paris. I had to
greet artists at the airport, mostly indie musicians.
11- At this position, I understood the core of the job and now I think I can avoid the rookie mistakes I
made back then.
12- In my opinion, a welcoming smile with no words uttered is a better greeting than an Internet
translation, although I think most athletes who perform in International competitions know at least
the basics in English, so a Welcome to Canada would certainly be understood.
13- I feel like it is the most careful way to react. It would be offensive, I think, to say something seen on
Google Translate. Those translations are not always accurate.
14- Well, aside from being motivated and loving sports, which I think every candidate for this
wonderful position is and does, my past experience and the fact that speak several languages make
me a good candidate.
15- I did some research about that and I expect to be paid the minimum wage for students under 18
years old, which is 10.70 Canadian dollars per hour.
16- Um, yes. Will I be working with fellow French students?
17- It was nice meeting you. Thank you.