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Property Management System

Customer Relationship Management

Point of Sale
Global Connections to GDS/IDS/OTA
Web Interactive Booking Engine
Events & Banqueting
Guest Service Center
Accounts Receivable (City Ledger)
Central Reservations System
Sales and Proposals
Intelligent Reports
Managers Snapshots
Self Service Kiosk
Experience and Expertise Flexible customized configuration Powerful E-Commerce
Optima Hotelgeniusatwork is global Optima philosophy is that although all In a rapidly growing E-commerce
leading software for the hotel and hotels are the same, each hotel and environment, Optima
hospitality industry. Designed for hotel chain is managed and operated Hotelgeniusatwork provides you the
both the midmarket and luxury hotel differently. Numerous parameters help tools to manage both B2B and B2C
sectors, with the target of creating the hotel customize the system to fit relations. These tools create a dynamic
the best possible software for the its own procedures and needs. selling environment on the Web as well
hotel industry, Optima is adjustable to A dedicated support team is available as on-line connection to leading booking
manage any type of hotel operations. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet sites, travel agents and tour operators
all our clients requests. systems around the world.

Technology Uniqueness
State of the art; Windows A brilliant and clear user interface
based Hotel Management makes your work with Optima smoother
System that incorporates the latest and smarter. Reports and information
in advanced technology. Optima is searches are equipped with a unique
designed to provide all the features of drill down concept matched by no
a sophisticated Front Office System other software. All Optima line
integrated with other computerized applications are integrated using a
hotel applications on one relational single image open database, allowing
SQL database in local or cloud full access to data across all modules
environment. and all hotel departments.
I was very happy to meet a system that is up to date

in all aspects, star ting with its famous ease of use, exceptionally

detailed repor ts and information and the ex traordinar y

methods of one keystroke revenue management

Mr. David Bernas

General Manager, Vitkov Hotels, Prague.

Property Management System

Complete reservations module
Comprehensive guest history and mail merge
Dynamic rooms availability chart
Complete folio control
Unlimited number of folios per guest
Concierge and information
Sophisticated user defined packages and plans
Group reservations with flexible number of room types, rooms,
guests, plans and statuss

Unlimited number of tariffs and daily rates tables in any currency

Dynamic revenue management
Housekeeping and room maintenance
Automatic or semi-automatic night auditing procedures
Thousands of reports plus and advanced report generator
Multi currency payments, charges and invoices
Full management of VAT and other taxes suitable to any countrys

Fully interfaced with all leading PABXs, E-Locks and Pay-TV

result being an increase
in the average price and
the occupancy of the hotel,
in an environment that is
constantly more demanding
and more competitive.

Accounting and billing

Optima handles all
aspects of multi-currency
transactions and all types
of VAT and other taxes and
charges. Invoicing for non-
room folios and unlimited
number of sub-folios per
guest. Automatic cash flow
calculation and control for
each front desk agent at
any time.

Report module with an extensive

report generator
Hundreds of versatile reports logically
sorted for all levels of operations and
management. Statistical, occupancy
and work assignment forecasting
reports. Optima allows drilling down
from the reports down to the very last
details that build it.

Electronic Fax Module (EFM)

Paperless Reservations office! Allow
PMS supervisor to sort, move and re-
arrange faxes by different categories
and files. (EFM) Simply attach faxes
emails and other documents to
reservations for anyone to view at any
time, anywhere.
Efficient Management simple, quick and precise, emphasizing
Optima PMS places all the vital revenues, budgets and yearly Interfaces to third party systems
information needed for optimum comparisons in combination with data Numerous sophisticated interfaces to
operation at the managers fingertips. of occupancy, segmentation and other PABX, Electronic Key Card Systems,
All information can be viewed on-line, guest information. Interactive and Pay-TV Systems,
printed in a large variety of reports Electronic Mini Bar Systems and other
or shown on graphs. Advanced icons Better performance peripheral systems.
and color-coding give the managers Optima PMS enhances reservations
an excellent overview of all hotel management, upgrades guest services,
operations and allow them to maintain boosts staff productivity and improves
precise management controls. It marketing and sales performance for
is a profitable marketing tool, as all types of hotels. It provides the
it captures a wide range of data hotels with the tools necessary to
needed to make the correct marketing run better, more personal and more
analysis. Information analysis is efficient revenue management, the
Optima has managed to answer every need and idea that

we come up with and allows us to operate at technological levels

that most of our competitors cannot even dream of

Daniel Roger

General Manager, Leonardo Hotels.

Optima CRM
Complete account management of hotel guests, travel agents and

Fully integrated with all Optima products.

C alculations of Guest Value and display across all Optima products
(PMS, POS, Spa, Oscar etc.)

Management of multiple Loyalty Programs and Clubs.

Sales Force Automation.
Dynamic user defined dashboards.
Management of tasks per user or account.
Call centre module connected online to Optima PMS.
Match and Merge process to keep clean guest data across all
hotels in the group.

Management of Campaigns and Mailing Lists.

Quick conversion of opportunities into actual Optima reservations.
Advanced reports combining actual statistics and forecast data
taken from Optima.

Smartphone capabilities to use Optima CRM on the go, wherever

you go.
Professional Guest Management are integrated together with the Multiple Loyalty Programs
Optima CRM gathers and manages quest picture in Optima PMS, POS Optima Loyalty Programs are
information on hotel guests, travel and Spa windows for the optimal integrated into Optima PMS based
agents and companies, market implementation of CRM concept on centralized guest profiles. This
segments, groups and sources of throughout the hotel departments. powerful loyalty program management
business. tool allows hotels to implement multiple
Sales Force Automation - SFA loyalty programs with different gain and
The CRM database collects information Optima CRM manages sales redeem schemes.
about the guests including demographic representatives, sales leads and
information (Email, phone numbers, sales opportunities, tasks including Campaigns & Mailing Lists
dates of birth, anniversaries, etc.), target dates with tasks tracking and Optima CRM allows creation of mailing
hotel preferences personal preferences performance. Sales leads are easily lists to guests and customers based
and culinary preferences, details converted to active accounts while on information gathered about guests
of their reservations at the hotel, opportunities are instantly converted and groups of guests behaviors and
statistics on revenues and the guests into actual Optima bookings when preferences. Mailing lists can also be
interests, drawing an overall picture materialized. Budgets and targets may set according to specific events which
about the guests behaviors and be set for all sales reps on customer are pre- defined such as email after
preferences. levels and cumulative level with actual check out and email before check in.
performance taken from the PMS.
Optima CRM is used by hotels to
support sales and marketing efforts, Call Center
increase guest service levels and make Optima CRM reviles new approach to
the relationship with the hotel and its CRO management when, like in other
customers more efficient. industries, the booking process starts
with the identification of the customer
CRM Built for Hotels giving specific sales instruction as per
Optima CRM works transparently pre defined parameters such as guest
with all Optima Line products using value, segment, preferences and others.
the same single image database. It
calculates guest value by user defined
factors and classifies hotel guests
according to different parameters
and types of guests data and
allows different actions based on
this information. The guest value is
translated into clear icons, which
After been in the industry for over 10 year and having worked on

many Front Office systems, it has been a definite breath of fresh air having made

the revolutionize change to a complete product such as Optima

Ms. Mandy Stein

General Manager, Don Johannesburg International.

Optima Point Of Sale

Table Service Outlet for restaurants and other table management

Quick Service Outlet for fast food counters and shops management.
Remote kitchen printers.
Acceptance of cash, cheques, credit cards, foreign currencies and
other methods of payment.

Unlimited number of items with unlimited number of prices.

Happy Hour defined to each POS separately.
Cashiers control - Sales, returns, reductions, credits, X reading
including cash drawer log.

POS control - Cashiers list, sales, returns, reductions, credits, X

reading and trial balance.

Business control - POS reports to each station separately as profit


Enterprise control - Business reports, cash flows and cashiers for

any level.

Enterprise Z reading done from Optima PMS during night process.

Optima POS is an advanced computerized viewed from the PMS folios.
system for restaurants, coffee shops,
Items are grouped into menu groups and
fast food counters, pubs, shops and other
main groups for easy daily operations by
hotel outlets. Optima POS produces a
waiters and cashiers. Quick one button
solution for all managerial needs such as
cash payment process speeds up activity
cash register management, printing job
in busy outlets.
orders to the different food preparation
sites (kitchens), price management and Options for additional connections:
price equivalents. Optima POS is fully Cash drawer, touch screen, magnetic
integrated with Optima PMS and Optima cards reader, connection to credit
Events using one single image database cards center, multi stations, interface
with no interfaces and no breakpoint. to financial and inventory back office,
Room charges are done directly to the export of information to Microsoft work
guests folios and charge details can be tools.
Optima Global Connection
Optima Global Connection is a revolutionary interface between Optima PMS to the
GDS and IDS channels allowing seamless integration between Optima PMS and
the various global booking channels. This integration
enhances the control on distributed prices and
availability while receiving all reservations
from these channels directly to the
hotels database.

Interface to the GDS

Optima Interface to the GDS allows you to update rates, inventory and restrictions
across multiple third-party sites from a single platform. You can manage all the GDS
and third party web sites with the same effort required to manage them in your
own PMS. Optima PMS combines the expertise in channel management connection
technology with extensive knowledge of hotel business processes that provide the
leading on line distribution solution that fits your hotel needs.
Optima Interface to the GDS allows you to:
Reduce time spent managing extranets with the efficiency of one interface
Automatically load inventory into channels to sell excess inventory
Construct and update parity groups to easily accommodate dynamic pricing decisions
Access a display of current inventory, prices and restrictions across multiple sites in
Provides you with flexibility when choosing which sites to update and allows you to
easily execute pricing changes.

Interface to IDS
Optima automates the exchange of booking information with various global booking
web sites.
Optima exchanges rates, restrictions and inventory information on line, retrieves
bookings and booking updates and inserts them automatically into the PMS.

This automatic process saves the costly resource required to maintain rates in
several systems and manually input reservations received via fax or email and saves
the charges of a intermediate third party between the PMS and the booking site.
Optima Mobile
Booking Engine
Optima mobile booking engine offers complete freedom to make
your reservations directly on your mobile device no matter
where you are or what time of day it is. The Mobile booking
engine supports any Smartphone including iPhone, Blackberry,
Nokia, Android, Samsung and others and is adjusted to meet the
needs of businessmen as well as city travelers allowing fast and
mobile-phone friendly booking process.

Professional Hotel
Optima web site content management system (HWS/CMS), is a
web based application administrating the hotel home site on the
Internet. It is part of a complete web site management solution.

HWS/CMS manages all the information of the hotel, published

Optima Interactive
on the hotel web site, including general information, rooms
description, restaurants and bars, attractions in the hotel and
other services given by the hotel. Each information page includes

Booking Engine designed text and pictures and may include videos, virtual tours
and search engine optimization information. All the information
Optima Interactive Booking Engine is a real time two way interface between Optima can be written in different languages.
PMS and the hotels Web booking site.
HWS/CMS is a robust, interactive, editable engine that gives
The Optima Booking Engine is a .NET based, on-line Internet booking system allowing the hotel team the ability to create content, update information,
direct (though limited) Internet access to the hotels Information System and and post information and pictures to the hotels website from
database, with no need for external interfaces, for optimal usage of real time data everywhere without any technical knowledge.
obtained directly from the core of the information system.

Optima Interactive Booking Engine allows direct individual bookings, company

individual bookings based on companys negotiated rates and agreement,
direct cancellations of bookings and dynamic prices and special offers

Optima Interactive Booking Engine is created as a Web face to

Optima PMS aimed at customers on the Internet. It allows
the customer, whether an individual or a company, limited
access to hotel information with the possibility of creating,
modifying or canceling reservations. Availability and prices
are taken directly from the real hotel database, using a
pre-defined factor, so that it is always accurate. Prices are
dynamic and are taken from the flexible price codes defined
in Optima. Any change in occupancy or price policy will
influence the Internet users immediately, the same way they
affect the reservation clerks in the hotel.
It is the start of a new generation of hotel software. No

software is as easy to handle as Optima. It combines the cutting

edge solutions of a host of other programs and offers solutions for

all day-to-day problems. It is a pleasure to work with optima in our

hotel as it presents a good future investment for any hotel.

Sebastian Horn

Front Office Manager, Mercure Airport Hotel Hamburg

Optima Events and Catering

Combination of hotel rooms and conference rooms under one
main reservation

Management of one folio per congress that includes all

components (hotel rooms, conference rooms, banqueting halls,

meals, accessories)

The use of joint dining rooms allows calculation and limitations of

the number of covers in each dining room at any given hour

One meal forecast for the hotel includes all meals of hotel guests
and events participants

Book quickly conferences based on pre defined packages.

Various operational booking status (option, tentative, reserved,
paid, canceled, waiting)

Follow up and cutoff dates

Complex halls and hall arrangement
Accessories from predefined list of accessories, depending on
accessory availability

Standard dining room meals, standard menus and special menus

for family events

Multi lingual agreement forms

Optima Events works under open in one congress booking.
architecture and is built both as a
standalone system and as a module Optima Events places all the vital
inside the Optima PMS. The module information needed for the optimum
handles the processes of catering, operation of events and banqueting
banqueting, events and conferences in the hotel. All information can be
integrated with all the functions of the viewed on-line or printed in a large
Optima Property Management System. variety of reports. Advanced icons and
The exceptionality of this module is the color-coding charts give the banqueting
integration between room reservations, managers an excellent overview of all
meals and conference rooms included hotel operations.

Optima Events issues quotation forms,

events contracts, confirmation letters,
fact sheets and special menu items
lists for the use of all the hotels
Optima S e rvic e
Better guest service & satisfaction
 Higher motivation, competitiveness and challenge to hotel employees
Locating persisting problems, problematic rooms and areas
 Analyzing average response times in different periods
 Track team performance and analyze quality levels with Inspector
Predicting future problems, based on past statistics
 Avoiding calls that could be handled by preventive maintenance
Reducing human resources expenses
 Utilizing department performance, schedule and order of actions
 Implement a focused, paperless preventive maintenance program
 Simple calls are handled by the service operator
Oscar on the Go on smartphones for hotel employees
C ent er
Centralizes all guests requests and and efficiently and to improve internal line, Oscar alerts the operator of the
complaints and guarantees full follow up organizational service procedures. Oscar possibility of failing to handle the event on
on every request. provides the hotels management with time.
Optima Service Center Oscar, is a tools and statistics to constantly measure The department responsible informs the
conceptual breakthrough in management the quality of service delivered. guest service center upon completion of
approach to guests requests and Oscar is integrated with Optima PMS handling the event or the request. The
complaints. By continually monitoring of using one single image database with no center operator contacts the guest as
guest service, Oscar enables the hotel interfaces and no breakpoint. soon as he receives a sign of completion of
to improve guest service, work elegantly the event in order to verify his satisfaction
If anything goes wrong during the stay, and in doing so designates process
Oscar helps you stay on top of the conclusion.
incident until it is resolved to the guests
satisfaction. The guest receives one
telephone number to call for any problem
- minor or major. The operator of the
Service Center records the message into
Oscar, classified to one of many optional
event types. Simultaneously, the operator
directs the department responsible
for handling the event by telephone Reduce Guest complaints.
call or an automatic SMS messaging. Oscar helps the hotel track all of the guest
An internal stopwatch is activated to incidents and bring to light those areas that
monitor the event, while for every kind of need most attention. Systematically, the
event maximum reaction time has been hotel can then correct the recurring issues
programmed. A short time before dead one by one until it has no guest issues.
Optima Go Green allows hotels using Optima Hotel Genius at Work to

go the extra mile and reduce the total amount of printed paper, meet

the valuable targets of helping the environment and save costs of


The Optima Go Green solution includes: Optima passports and IDs scanning
Optima Green Check In advance check smart scanning of various IDs,
in that can be done on the Internet passports, driver licenses and business
or Smart-phones up to 24 hours cards. The ID scanner extracts the
before arrival, avoids the need to print data directly into the Guest Profile
registration cards and speeds up the information in Optima database. Hotels
checkin process at the hotel. using Optima CRM may also import the
Optima Green Check Out display of picture from the scanned document.
guest folio on an external monitor, iPad, Paperless night process the entire
or similar device, instead of printing statistics and financial information
folio statement and an option to send is stored in a data warehouse within
invoices to guests or companies Optima database and can be accessed
directly by email. at any time and issued as reports,
Optima Fax and file attachments on-screen display, PDF files or Excel
attachment of faxes and other sheets. Green hotels using Optima
documents to the reservations Hotel Genius at Work do not print a
and access them directly from the single paper during night process.
reservation window at any given time.
The files attached to the reservations
and folios can be viewed even years
after the guest has checked out.
This solution is ideal for hotel groups
and ends the days of paper based
communication between head office,
CRS and hotels.
Optima Self-Service is a self service counter that combines a touch-

screen with keyboard, signature pad and card encoder, allowing

guests to perform checkin and checkout on their own without waiting

in line for the reception.

Optima Self-Service is designed for simple, quick and yet fully

functional processes that allows guests to easily practice the

complete essential procedures of checkin and checkout.

Optima Self-Service

Optima Express Checkin process allows

guests to complete their registration
form, upgrade their room type with full
or special price, select room features
such as non smoking or king size bed,
purchase additional services such as
parking or newspaper and complete
the checkin process by receiving their
encoded keycard.

Optima Express Checkout allows guests

to view their folios, post mini-bar
charges and confirm payment with a
credit card. The invoice is sent by email
to the guests email address or any
other address given upon checkout.

Optima Self Service technology is fully

integrated with Optima PMS without a
need for an interface. It is multilingual
and allows the hotel to decide which
languages will be available and add
languages that were not originally
defined by a simple, built in process
of translation.
Optima additional features

Accounts Receivable (City Ledger)

Intelligent Reports
Managers Snapshots
Central Reservations System
Sales and Proposals
Accounts Receivable (City Ledger) that organizes vital information for day
When an invoice is closed in the Optima to day work, helps maintain a high level
Front Office system for later payment, of service for increasingly demanding
a record is automatically created in guests and assists you in making crucial
the Account Receivable Optima A/R decisions that affect the total success of
module for the particular agent with your spa and hotel business.
all relevant details such as amount, Optima Spa is fully integrated with
guest name, due date etc. Payments by Optima PMS using one single image
agents are against specific open invoices database with no interfaces and no
allowing full tracking of open amounts. breakpoint
Optima A/R allows printing of
Summaries of invoices, payment against Optima CRS
summary or individual invoices, part Optima offers two type of central
payment of invoices, adjustments to reservations. The Multi PMS, ideal for
invoices and summary and detailed centrally managed hotel groups and the
aging reports with breakdown to CRS, ideal for a group of hotels that are
current,30,60,90 days. not centrally managed or are running
on local servers in the individual hotels.
Intelligent Reports Seamless integration between the CRS
The Optima Intelligent Report program and the PMS allows the CRS to compete
is an advanced reporting tool based on on the last room and assist the hotels in
a data warehouse created daily for this filling up at the current effective price.
purpose. It contains over a thousand
decision supporting reports and graphs Optima Sales & Proposals
based on actual activities and forecasts. Optima S&P manages and follows up
The program allows viewing KPI Key quotations given to customers for
Performance Indicators (room income, groups, congresses and seminars. It is
number of reservation etc.) in different built to prevent mistakes and internal
perspectives (market segments sources, competition between sales reps, allows
group/individuals etc.) in different time multiple quotations for one group in
frames (day, month, quarter etc.) The different hotels and dates and calculates
system supports decision making in prices by setting basic price per group.
various issues. All the reports can be
transformed into graphs using standard Optima S&P is integrated with Optima
Microsoft Excel tools. PMS (single hotel or hotel group)
and may block tentatively rooms
Optima Snapshots when a quotation is waiting for final
Optima Snapshots are powerful tools confirmation. Once a quotation is
for hotel managers and owner to follow confirmed and finalized the group
up on hotel operations by receiving reservation is automatically created in
daily income and forecast Snapshots Optima database.
automatically by email. The Snapshots
are sent daily to selective managers
of the hotel or group reporting on
the hotels on-the-books performance
compared to last year, forecasts and

Optima Spa is an effective scheduling
and management tool to help you provide
your guest the best service your spa
has to offer. Optima spa is a reliable
and professional management system
Graphic Design: Robi Hartmann

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler

Albert Einstein 1879 - 1955

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