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Capstone Project Proposal

Students Name: Loren Judy

Senior English teachers Name: Mrs. Grebel Class Period: 1st Signature:
CTAE/Fine Art Teachers Name: Mr. Bunce Class Period: 5th Signature:

Project Title: The Effects of Various Conducting Gestures on Rhythmic Energy

A. Project Abstract: (Refer to the detailed information located in the proposal/letter of intent)
Through this project, I will gain the tools and knowledge necessary to become well-acquainted with the technique of conducting a choir. I chose this because
leading a successful group in a performance fills me with great hopes of one day being the leader. My product will be a video of myself conducting the LCHS
Choir in a concert held on campus, courtesy of Brad Bunce. The audience of my presentation will be the actual audience of the concert! My essential question is
"what skills are required to successfully conduct a choir?".

B. Learning Skills: (List 2-4 specific goals and how they will stretch you)
Goal/Skill How will you be stretched

Clear Communication I will be able to improve my speech to a small group so they will be able to hear and understand me more
than they normally would.

Time Management I have learned from past experiences that effective time management is very important concerning this
project, which I will have to work on improving.

Performing for an Audience I have performed for an audience before, however I have never conducted a whole choir which will take a
lot courage and bravery to execute correctly.

C. Project Steps: (If you need more lines, simply go into the last provided line and tab over)

Step/Major Estimate of time F. Resources: (consider both people and things you will When will this be
Component required Expense? need) completed?
(with brief (if
description) expected)

Brainstorming ideas for 2-3 Days None Open access to choirs performing various songs through October 17-19
a piece of music to sources such as YouTube through a phone or computer.
conduct for an audience
through a choir. Pencil and paper to take notes on songs I find interesting.

Practice rhythm and 1-2 Weeks None Teacher and YouTube videos will help me learn November 3
technique for
conducting Beat to learn along with

Create and acquire 1-2 Days None Video camera or recording device To Be Determined
video of myself
conducting Concert

Someone to take video

D. Project Justification: This project will be very successful in the outcome because I am very well acquainted with rhythms, music, and voice parts. I have been
in chorus for almost six years, and have become very talented in reading sheet music and singing. I will be stretched by this because I get "stage-fright" very often
if I am part of or the central focus of a large group.

E. Product Justification: The skills necessary to conduct a choir would be prior knowledge of beats and rhythms and how effective they can make a performance.
My product will have a video of myself while directing the LCHS Choir in concert, displaying these characteristics while conducting.

F. Academic Integrity: Academic integrity in this project is critical to me because I want whoever will be assessing my project to clearly know that I was the one
who completed it, because of my personality and skills that were put into creating it.

G. Mentor First and Last Name (if applicable): Brad Bunce Mentor Phone Number: Mentor Email Address:

I. Student Signature: Date:

J. Parent Signature: Date:

Ctae/FA/FL Teacher Signature: _________________________

Senior Literature Teacher Signature: _____________________________________

Once approved, place in your portfolio