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Eco-social ADRINOC, a municipal resilience analysis proposal

Designer & Create a model to identify the main challenges for rural
Systems Catalan municipalities to increase resilience indicators
Dynamics Propose a systems-based strategic plan to boost resilience
Analyst 2016
and sustainability in a prototype municipality Girona, Spain

Eco-social Uniterra Catalunya, a Barcelona-based Earth University

Designer & Design and implement a grassroots university model whose
Systems goal is to cultivate and strengthen the capacities of local 2015-present
Dynamics agents of social and ecological change Barcelona , Spain

Oscar Eco-social
Castanyer Primary School, permaculture for schools
Design a education-focused permaculture design for a school

field, in which permaculture becomes a transversal
education tool for the teachers and students to develop
community skills and a more intimate relationship with their 2016
natural environment Girona, Spain
Nria Social Community Center
Eco-social Horts del Soler, a municipal permaculture initiative
Olot, Girona, 17800, SPAIN Designer Lead the permaculture design and construction of over four
(34) 655 10 44 20 hectares of municipal land intended to stimulate community 2015-present resilience in the rural village of Sant Feliu de Pallerols Barcelona , Spain

Eco-social Pla dEspuella, a permaculture food forest

Designer Design a four hectare Mediterranean edible forest to provide
food sovereignty and a sustainable income for a family-run 2015
farm that is well-connected to the local social network Girona Spain
Applied sustainability,
Natural Thors Hammer Timber Framing Company 2012
ecosocial design & Builder Timber framing and clay walls worker Toronto,Canada
Pat Wolfe's Log Cabin Building Company
systems analysis Log building worker
Ottawa, Canada
Renewable Global Canadian Solar 2011
A natural tendency to systems energy Certified solar panel technician Toronto, Canada
thinking and a strong belief and
TFM Roofing Systems 2006
commitment to social and ecological Certified solar panel installer Barcelona, Spain
transformation have brought me to
Agro- Old 99 Farm
long career in building and designing ecology Design and set-up permaculture-based greenhouse 2011-2012
human ecosystems based on equity, cultivation in a northern climate Toronto, Canada
empathy and resiliency. Vergel de las Hadas Farm
Medicinal herb gardener 2006
La Selva, Spain
Can Maia Organic Farm
Agroecology farm worker 2006
Garrotxa, Spain
Plan B Farm
Agroecology farm worker Toronto, Canada
Sunroots Farm
Agroecology farm worker Halifax, Canada
Designer, RUSDELA project: Sustainability training for local authorities
Trainer & A training to develop skills in municipal design, based on
ACADEMIC STUDIES Organizer systems analysis, to acquire resilience and sustainability

Girona, Spain

Designer & Applied strategies for climate change mitigation event in

Masters in Sustainability Organizer Barcelona
Polytechnic University of Catalonia Design and set-up permaculture-based greenhouse
cultivation in a northern climate
2005 (SPAIN)
Networking organizations to create a national event that has
lobby power and knowledge transfer capabilities to 2017
Bachelors in Environmental Science empower civil society towards greater resilience.

Barcelona, Spain
Fairleigh Dickinson University Designer & CEP: National Spanish Permaculture Movement
2000 (USA) Organizer Organize the Spanish permaculture movement to be able to
generate lobby power and to develop new national
strategies for social and ecological transformation. 2014-2017
Diploma in Environmental Audit
Create the national Spanish Permaculture Academy Spain
International University Study Centre

1999 (SPAIN) Designer, PBI Kenya Project, training team

Trainer and Train and select field volunteers to work in Kenya to 2014-Present
Organizer accompany human rights defenders. Girona , Spain

Post-Graduate Diplomas in Changemakers trainings, for activist to improve performance

Sustainable Community Design Designer, A one-week prototype training, based on systems
Trainer and techniques, specifically training participants on how to find
Open University of Catalonia 2016
Organizer leverage points of social change and activate them Girona, Spain
2011 (SPAIN)

Culture of Peace Designer, Transition youth, for activist to expand knowledge and skills
Trainer and A project developed in three European countries with 33
Autonomous University of Organizer participants, in which participants created a network, shared 2016
Barcelona projects and deepened their knowledge on systems thinking Girona , Spain
2002 (SPAIN)
Designer, PDC, permaculture design certificates and other practical
Trainer and sustainability trainings
Organizer Over 20 courses and workshops in the Catalan national
territory, related to permaculture and other more specific
sustainability techniques, in different training centers. 2006present


Co-founder Resilience co-op, a design, consulting & evaluation
COMPETENCIES & Member organisation
Run an organization focused on identifying challenges for
eco-social design
resiliency in social organizations and municipalities, through
systems analysis working with systems analysis and leverage points

applied sustainability techniques
Co-founder Nria Social Community Centre, Spain
participatory research & Member Renovate and co-manage a social justice community centre
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent) in the town of Olot, located in the rural Garrotxa region.
Provide strategic and operational support and guidance as
and Catalan (fluent)
well as meeting infrastructure to community collectives 2015present
Co-founder 33 co-op, build and design human ecosystems
design and systems software & Member Run a co-op focused on guiding collectives and individuals
to increase their sovereignty through design, assessment,
and training related to agricultural, energetic and building
Over 30 projects in strawbale building, clay and lime plaster, 20112015
timber framing, renewable energy & natural water systems Barcelona , Spain
Co-founder Mas Franch, a collective run rural community center

& Member Launch a pioneer permaculture and social transformation
project in the Garrotxa region, through practical and
theoretical trainings, gatherings and network creation
1. ngels Canadell, Director
Develop straw-bale building, clay plaster and natural waste
water techniques
Universitat de la Terra Catalunya Develop and maintain a commercial permaculture garden 2006-2015
Barcelona, Spain
(34) 699-697-802
Member CUP-SJF Grassroots Political Assembly 2014present
2. Irene Moreno Participatory democracy, agenda 21, community activities Garrotxa, Spain
Member La Trepadella, local food cooperative
Mas Franch Co-op Share collective tasks of sourcing and distributing food 2013-2016
Girona, Spain orders Garrotxa Spain
(34) 972-444-345 Co-founder/ Barrinar cap a la Sostenibilitat Association
Member Organise national and local conferences on issues of 2004-2006
(34) 626-831-714
sustainability, globalisation, peace and human rights Barcelona, Spain
Human Rights Peace Brigades International Colombia 2002-2003
Observer Accompany threatened human rights workers in conflict zones Colombia
Participant Nonviolence conferences and actions
Antiglobalisation demonstrations organizing 2002
Encuentro ciudadano, a national conference on nonviolence Barcelona, Spain


Permaculture Design Iberian Academy of Permaculture, Spain present
Residential & Commercial Grid Seneca College, Canada 2011
Professional Certificate
Solar & Thermal Panel Installation Agrarian College of Manresa, Spain 2006
Professional Certificate
Permaculture Designer Montsant Permaculture Institute, Spain 2005
Organic Agriculture Agrarian College of Manresa, Spain 2004
Professional Certificate

Applied Tadelakt (Coquemont, 2014); Tadelakt (Endeavour Centre, 2011); Natural Waste
Sustainability Water Treatment (Projectes d'Aigua, 2009), Earthen Plaster Body & Finish Coat
workshops in: (Botmobil, 2009); Strawbale Bioconstruction (Taller de Palla, 2008); Natural
Agriculture (Emilia Hazilip Foundation, 2007); Systems Thinking (Vilartimo, 2005);
Organic Fruit Tree Management (Vergel de las Hadas, 2004); Facilitation &
Consensus (Arcoiris Association, 2004); International Human Rights Observation
(Peace Brigades International, 2002)