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Capstone Project Proposal

Students Name: Juan Alaniz

Senior English teachers Name: Mr.Holt Class Period: 5th Signature:
CTAE/Fine Art/For.Lang. Teachers Name: Mr.Thompson Class Period: 4th Signature:

Project Title: Future planning

A. Project Abstract: There is more than just grinding up metals and putting them together. Welding properly consists of multiple steps and preparations. I will be
showing how one should prepare to weld while also welding itself. Being able to weld properly, as well as, safely could be life saving. If you do not produce a good
strong solid welding structure, your product could collapse. If you do not wear the correct equipment the light from the weld can cause skin problems that can
affect your future. That is why I am choosing how to weld as my capstone project.

B. Learning Skills: (List 2-4 specific goals and how they will stretch you)
Goal/Skill How will you be stretched

Time management Help me keep on task and finish each checkpoint on time.

Communication I will learn the correct and effective way to intrigue the listeners.

Professional Appearance I will be capable to dress accordingly to the job i'm going to apply for.

C. Project Steps: (If you need more lines, simply go into the last provided line and tab over)

Step/Major Estimate of time F. Resources: (consider both people and things you will When will this be
Component required Expense? need) completed?
(with brief (if
description) expected)

Design a idea, And 2 week estimated Unknown Internet, Welding teacher October 10th
Collect the materials.
Start welding 2 weeks estimated 100.00 $ The Welding room here in the high school. October 31st

Finish and detail item 1 week 20.00 Welding room November 10th

D. Project Justification: To show proper ways to weld.

E. Product Justification: Welding and making equipment is something I want to pursue a career in after High School, it is something I am very
interested in and i feel like it would be a great skill to have in life and is a very helpful skill.

G. Academic Integrity: I will have pictures and videos taken of me to prove I am the one doing the work on my project.

H. Mentor First and Last Name (if applicable): Mentor Phone Number: Mentor Email Address:

I. Student Signature: Date: 10/4/16

J. Parent Signature: Date: 10/4/16

Ctae/FA/FL Teacher Signature: _________________________

Senior Literature Teacher Signature: ______________________________________

Once approved, place in your portfolio.