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Pooja Thapa Math

35 minutes Kindergarten 2


Subject Area Developmental Profile

Math, Addition
ages 4-5
Length of Time - Students are dependent upon their teacher.
2 weeks - Students have their sense of initiative reinforced by being
45 mins/day/5x a week given the freedom and encouragement to play
- Students are egocentric. They cannot take another persons
10 meeting
point of view.
- Students can understand abstract concept and casually
Grade Level within the concept of stories.
Kindergarten 2 - Learn through physical manipulation objects.
- Students focus on one characteristics of an object at a time
but not relationship of parts to a whole.
*Resources: Van Brummelen, pp. 115-120
: Fennema, pp. 9-15
: Piaget
: Erikson

Main Idea (Claim)

Reinforce learning of the signs +& =, object and word problem and provide motivation for student
independent practice.

Biblical Perspective and Interdisciplinary Connections

Mathematics is one way we can seek to better understand how God has ordered our world and knit it
together. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible,
whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for
him. Colossians 1:16. Students can learn that there are both good and bad ways to use mathematics
and that mathematics should be used to help them become more obedient disciples of Jesus Christ.
This is where we can go beyond the theme of creation to consider how mathematics ties into fall and
Pooja Thapa Math
35 minutes Kindergarten 2

Enduring Understandings Essential Questions

- Knowing the meaning of + and = signs - How do we use = and + sign?
help us how to use it. - How can we know if addition problem is
- Knowing the solution to one equation can correct?
help us know the answer to a related - How can we decide what strategy will
problem. work best?
- Knowing which different strategies are - When and how is addition helpful in our
more effective and efficient for each real life?
different problem.
- Knowing how to add and solve story
problem related to our real life helps us
when and how do we use addition in our
real life.

Knowledge Skills Dispositions

The learner will know: The learner will be able to: The learner will value:
The order and pattern of Demonstrate numbers Some of the order and
Gods creation through using different pattern that God has built
Math. manipulation. Such as into mathematics.
The connection of Math blocks, sticks, balls etc. Mathematics as a subject
in our everyday life Apply the method that is that is helpful for
Addition is simply appropriate for content. understanding how
putting 2 things together Solve the problem things work.
How to add one digit related to the equation. The importance of
number. number basic facts.
Pooja Thapa Math
35 minutes Kindergarten 2

Objectives Summative
Formative Assessments Objectives Assessed
Assessed Assessment(s)
Game -Addition is simply Individual Motivation for
putting 2 things worksheet for students
together and simple adding independency
demonstrate the problems and practice by knowing
numbers using word problems and solving problem
different manipulation related to the
equation, using
Checking for -How to add one digit correct strategies and
understanding number value the order and
-The order and pattern pattern that God has
of Gods creation built into
through Math. mathematics.

Coloring and adding

Some of the order and
pattern that God has
built into mathematics

Worksheet -The connection of

Math in our everyday
- Apply the method
that is appropriate for

Word problem - Mathematics as a

subject that is helpful
for understanding how
things work.
-Solve the problem
related to the
Pooja Thapa Math
35 minutes Kindergarten 2

Unit Schedule

Day Topics Objectives Assessment Activity ideas

1. Monday Introduction of Addition Know addition Checking for Balls game
is simply understanding
putting two through ball
things activity

2. Tuesday Adding by coloring Value order Coloring objects Draw and

objects and pattern of worksheet color in the
God that he board using
has built in different
mathematics markers
3. Wednesday Addition of objects Demonstrate the Distribute to sets Using cone
practice numbers using of manipulatives and other
different to add them manipulatives
manipulation together to add them
4. Thursday Adding One digit number Know the Worksheet for 1 Using
meaning of + and digit number manipulatives
= signs that help addition to explain
them on how to concept
use it.

5. Friday Simple addition Solve the problem exam Use

independent practice related to the manipulatives
question to review
6. Monday Story making, Game Know how to add Online game Game using
(flashcard) and solve story flash card and
problem related to act out, online
our real life which game
helps them when
and how do we
use addition in our
real life
7. Tuesday Word problem with Play a flash Group activity Flash card
picture card game
Pooja Thapa Math
35 minutes Kindergarten 2
try to make an
answer and
8. Wednesday Independent word Demonstrate worksheet Using counter
problems worksheet numbers using overhead by
different students
9. Thursday Review of the whole The connection of Question answer quiz
chapter Math in our
everyday life

10. Friday Addition and word Independently exam worksheet

problem practice by
knowing and
solving problem
related to the
equation by using
correct strategies
and value the
order and pattern
that God has built
into mathematics.