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Outline On The Steppingstones To Curriculum: A Biblical Path

Setting out on the curriculum path

Choosing a curriculum orientation
A Christian worldview as a basis for curriculum
Knowledge and the curriculum
School based curriculum planning
Planning Classroom Units
The subjects of the curriculum
Curriculum leadership

Steppingstones book is much focused on the biblical path which encourages educators to

do so as instructed in this book. The chapters that are mentioned in the outline above

which helps in many ways. As Christian schools differs in many of the ways because the

curriculum mostly are focused on preparing students for responsible and responsive

discipleship. And also Christian teachers have the different way of planning the units

which is usually on the biblical manner. As for a teacher choosing a curriculum is not an

easy thing to do as their ways of planning is totally different than others. And a Christian

world view as a basis for curriculum says that A worldview is a comprehensive

framework of convictions about life. As here the curriculum are based on the Christian

worldview which includes creation, fall and redemption. In the knowledge and the

curriculum part it is based on biblical view of knowledge which believes that God has

created the world. On the other hand school based curriculum planning moreover talks

pedagogy and curriculum and how shows how classroom environment be if the

classroom is open, friendly and caring.

As furthermore planning classroom unit is the chapter which focuses much on curriculum

planning which is not easy as teacher and the school has to think more when it comes to

the planning on curriculum because students need to meet their needs. And in the process
of planning this teacher need to think about a whole lot of things bearing in mind about

the aims. And when it comes to subjects of the curriculum the teacher has to plan an

effective units in various ways. As teachers needs to adapt various ways for instance

brainstorming ideas and so on.

So reading this steppingstones book has really helped me in number of ways personally.

As this book teaches us the fact like how Christian teachers need to be. As Christian

teachers we need to think biblically like how we can take the students to help them

understand that everything is from God. And not only that we need have in our mind like

how we can connect the subjects in a biblical worldview. As to implement the biblical

worldview is not an easy thing we can do. We as a Christian teacher have to think in a

broader way in order to take the students in a right path which means the biblical path

whereas the public schools are merely focused on the pedagogy and the classroom

To sum up I would like to say that this book has really helped in many ways. and it

provides us with important information.