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Rosy Thinn

Dr. Jeffery Spanogle

Instructional Alignment II
12, April, 2017
Reflection on Final Portfolio

As I was working on my portfolio, I learned to improve planning lesson plans,

specifically, in setting measurable objectives along with the guiding question which I did not do

well during teaching practicum. Usually, my objectives were vague and the guiding questions

were more of factual with less of critical thinking. Through practicing another new lesson plans

in class, I have learned how to use specific verbs when considering the objectives. As well as, I

am improving in preparing guiding questions that will match the objectives and will lead

students to think critically and enhance their active participation. Recalling my teaching

practicum experience, honestly, I did not have enough knowledge about the lessons that I was

delivering. It made me worrying about what if I could not answer students questions. Regarding

this, as I was examining myself, I realized that content knowledge is also a key to prepare

effective guiding questions. When we know what we are teaching very well, we will have

confidence to ask and to answer students. That is how I have learned to improve writing

objectives and asking effective questions.

Yet, as a future Christian teacher, I am still struggling in integrating Biblical perspectives

into lesson plans. When I was teaching at SPH, I wanted to connect the lessons with the Bible

and provide great messages to the students. However, it was really difficult for me. I was able to

do only two times during the whole week but it was not likely going well for there were also

non-Christian students in the class. Both of my cooperating teacher and my professor reminded
me to be careful next time. But, this is a different case and I believe this is a big struggle for

many Christian teachers as well. As a Christian, I would like to learn how to connect Christian

worldview with the lessons that I am teaching regardless of different subject areas. One example

would be my currently practice unit planning on History. I was having a hard time figuring out

what kind of Biblical framework should I place in every topic? Fortunately, the Entry Points

book has helped me to see the relation of God to all history. In chapter 13, it says that God acts

in history which will come to an end as he entered into human history, he will continue his

redemptive work through His Holy Spirit and will end in judgment. In fact, God was the

beginning of everything (the Alfa), the origin of human beings and the end (the Omega) of all

things. After knowing this, studying history become more meaningful to me as I can relate it to

the Bible, the word of God. This study has inspired me to study about other subject areas too.

Although it is hard, I hope I can be improving more in relation Biblical worldview with every

subject, as I continue to study and practice more.