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Reflection on Brophy Teaching

This book contains the principles of effective teaching resulting from research and

observation. It is a rich guide for teachers who want to create an authentic supportive classroom

environment along with the effective management and well discussed instructional methods.

There are twelve suggested principles; A supportive classroom climate, Opportunity to learn,

Curricular alignment, Establishing learning orientations, Coherent content, Thoughtful discourse,

Practice and application activities, Scaffolding students task engagement, Strategy teaching,

Co-operative learning, Goal-oriented assessment, and lastly, Achievement expectations.

According to last teaching practicum, I think I applied the supportive classroom climate

in the classroom. I tried to memorize each students name, I welcomed and greeted them when

they entered the class, I called them by name during class discussion and asked questions to

them. Since it was only a short amount of time, I was not able to reach out to everyone and make

friends with them. Reflecting to Brophys Teaching, I believe the core is to know our students

well, their weakness and strength. Regarding this statement, getting students into groups to work

together, establishing achievement expectations and learning orientations, scaffolding, providing

comprehensive instruction and many more, all of these principles will work when the teacher

knows individual students. It might take more time to get to know and build relationship with

them. Another thing is that the developmental profile of the students is also useful so that the

teacher will be able to plan and deliver effectively to meet their requirements. Unless, classroom

management will become bias and affect the learning environment. One last thing that I think is

important for every teacher is that to have positive attitudes toward our students and to scaffold

them step by step to reach their goals.