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Reflection on Entry Points: Biblical Views for Subjects in Curriculum

Chapter 13- History

I used to worry about how to relate Biblical views in every subject area and my concern

for now is about history. As I was working on unit plan and lesson plan, Entry Points booklet

helped me to see the connection between history and God. In fact, God wants us to know history

as the events in the Bible are the stories of mighty God and it is stated in chapter 13, history is

to be viewed as an unfolding story of God. This chapter actually reveals the importance of the

understanding of the Biblical history first, as a Christian, for it is the basic of knowing ourselves

and others. And then, the understanding of the cultures and values of people in the past will help

us to see who we are today in societies. The past has influenced our social, cultural, political and

spiritual development and direction.

After reading this, I could see the reigning of God in all times and realizing the purpose

of studying history. We can see the creation of God as the very beginning of the earth and

mankind. We can see the miraculous works of God through the prophets in the Old Testament

and in the book of Acts through the Apostles. We can also see the continuing work of Christ

through the Holy Spirit until the second coming of Christ; the end of the earth. Bringing all of

these together, indeed it is more reasonable and meaningful about why we should study history

and how do we relate it to God. It is undeniable that without God there would be no history and

all history belongs to Him. He is in control of every nations, every timelines, and everything. In

other words, studying history is to prove the omnipresence of God at all times.