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NAME and SURNAME:______________________________________ Score:___________________

Shopping say few Rooms in my house (There

sentences using Present is/There are/arent...)
Simple, Past Simple and Say 2 sentences using
Present Continous Comparative and 1
Parts of the body Name 10 superlative form
parts of the body. Illnesses say how you feel
What do you do at the Dialogue

CAN/COULD/COULDNt - say Outdoor sport activities (go,

5 sentences about play, do)
something you can or could Mobile phones
do Adjectives vs Adverbs (give
Furniture describe a room few examples of sentences
of your choice using adjectives and
What is she/he like and what adverbs)
does he/she look like?

Holidays talk about

Directions I am lost (how holidays for 60 seconds
do you ask for directions, (where did you go, what did
give few examples you see?)
Places in the town (name At the hotel reception -
few, what do you do in types of room, how to ask
hospital, There is/isnt... politely
etc.) The weather what is the
Your to do list what do you weather like today,
need to do yesterday... what weather
(I have to....) you like...)

Work vocabulary give few Internet waht do we use

examples of necessary internet for....
phrases Films and Cinema tell us
At the Clothes shop about the film you watched,
Types of transport (how do actors...
you like to travel) Compare Talk about everyday
use comparison what is fast, activities and say what you
slow etc. do now!

FINAL TEST A2 Level POU, Ogulin, 12 April 2016 Part 1 Listening and Reading
NAME and SURNAME:______________________________________ Score:___________________
Natural places
House and Home (where do At the Furniture store
you live, compare flats and At the Chemists
Types of jobs where do you
work, working hours, what
skills do you need, what is
you dream job?

PART 1 Listening


FINAL TEST A2 Level POU, Ogulin, 12 April 2016 Part 1 Listening and Reading