Symbolism in AIKIDO

There are three dominant symbols in Aikido, written on practitioners kimonos. The triangle, the circle and the square. These symbols are some of the most ancient and meaningful symbols in the world. First, the triangle. Philosophically, the thesis gives rise to its antithesis, and these two together create a synthesis and thus create the tree sides of the triangle. The triangle is also a symbol for power and, as such, related to danger. But according to the law of the polarity of meanings of the elementary graphs, it also means safety and also sometimes success and prosperity. The Hittites used it to mean well, good, or healthy. This marks the triangle as a symbol of natural order, as its sides represent two opposites that create balance. In Aikido the triangle represents technique. To make a good aikidoka, one must be powerful yet gentle creating unstoppable power. Next, the circle is perhaps the purest, most profound and the most common symbol in existence. An alchemical symbol representing gold or the sun, it stands for man s enlightened soul that has been turned from the closed minded base metal. Having no beginning and no end it stands for wholeness, infinity and the feminine. Circles are an emphasis on te featured work within its contured border, like two fighters enticed in their battle.The circle also embodies spiritual energy. As the famous Yin-Yang circle, it represents fundamental principle of Aikido. The human spirit. Last, the square. In contrast to the circle which stands for the divine, for spirit, the square represents the earth and all things physical. The square if the male whilst the circle is the female. It represents the foundation of things, a shape of perfect balance. Pointing to the four compass directions, the square stands for one s own search for direction in life. Like Aikido the square teaches us of balance.

But Aikido is not just one of these things. It is all of them together. To practice Aikido first you have to learn from your mistakes and so, by practicing with and without flaw you create perfection, the triangle. Then, you must hone your spirit, lice the circumpunt that signifies your evolution from a basic, untrained practitioner, to a master of the art after many years of tr aining. After you have become such, you must remind yourself to be grounded, you have to fight a hard battle for balance and you must not forget that you must always work on the foundation on which you stand, making it stronger and stronger. The union of a circle and a square represent the union of heaven and earth, of the spiritual and the material. All of these symbols together, form the various "elements" and forces needed for magical work in the quest for physical transformation and spiritual illumination and immortality. So it can be said that the practice of Aikido is a lifelong pursuit that doesn t end in the dojo, it goes on continuously through one s life, fighting to achieve balance, peace and an enlightenment of the mind and spirit.

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