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April 10, 2017

Rita Momanyi
ALE Reflection
Within the Discipline
One of the most impactful and rewarding leadership opportunity I have had at Tarleton
State would be to be becoming a Residential Leader (RL). During my time as an RL I have
learned many leadership skills such as, effective time management skills, better communication
skills and serving others. Between academics, being a RL, and supplementary instructor. I have
learned how to properly focus on each task and be intentional when accomplishing them, and
also not allowing myself to become overwhelmed but scheduling time to focus on myself. This
position is more than just a housing scholarship, it is beyond that, being an RL has been
impactful, life changing and influential.
Experiences as an RL has contributed to my understating of the connection between my
academic experiences, while also being able to apply the knowledge and experiences in the real
world. I have learned better ways to communicate, because everyone is different and as an RL
you meet so many people who communicate differently. This is how the real world is because
once you being working, whatever carrier you may choose, you will have to communicate with
others. As an aspiring Nursing student, being an RL has taught me how to better handle crisis
situations in an effective, calm and timely manner. These skills are going to be essential when I
become a nurse on how to handle crises and everyday life.

Beyond the Discipline

Outside the RL position, I am a Supplementary Instructor (SI). This position has taught
me organization skills and patience. There is a lot of paper work that comes with being an SI and
it is very easy to mix up things or lose track of things. But during my time as an SI I have had to
become more organized and proper plan my session. With patience , it sometimes gets frustrating
when students dont understand a concept that you have explained multiple times , but I have
learned how to become more patient because everyone goes at a different pace and I have to
understand that. These skills are very applicable in the real world and can help improve an
individuals lifestyle.

Beyond Academics
Experiences outside academics has contributed to my understanding of the connection
between my academics and leads towards meaning real world application. Working with
underclassmen residents I have learned about many different degree programs, and services
offered at Tarleton. The RL and SI position has allowed me to be both a mentor and someone the
residents can come to for academic support. This has helped me grow closer to my residents
because they are more confrontable to come to me with any situation whether it being social life
or academics. During this time as an RL I have to learn that everyones academic journey is
different. As an RL you want all your residents to have a successful academic journey but at a
point your residents have to want that for themselves.
The residential leader experience contributed to my understanding of the
interconnectedness of knowledge and skills within the discipline, beyond the discipline and
academics. This experience as an RL has helped me grow in many aspects of my life. By
learning more effective communication, organization and patience skills, I have improved my
leadership skills in the RL position. The connectedness of each of those skills will help me in
everything else that I am accomplishing or plan on accomplishing.

Global Awareness
I had many preconceptions when I first began this positions. I thought that I would not
form any relationships with my staff member because everyone was so different. But that is
exactly why we all grew close, they were a lot of similarities within the staff but our differences
brought us together. Learning how to get a lot with people who arent like you is a key essential
when dealing with the real world. Accepting people for who they are and not judging them for
their differences but embracing them.

Broader Implications
Within this experience, I have learned about many global issues. During the RL position
you get exposed to many different situations that could occur. Such as, sexual assault, mental
illness and finical problems. Your residents come from different places and different lifestyles,
and hearing about their upbringings and experiences makes you reflect about yourself. You learn
that you never know what people are going through or have been through, and it inspires you to
become a listener, helping hand and a friend for people who my need it.
Becoming an RL has helped me grow as a person, I have become more confident in myself ,
because you If you dont believe in yourself who will. I always look at how can I help other
people become more confident in themselves if I am not in myself.