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Think You Can Work Hard Get Smart!

Harvard Elementary School

STEM Magnet & IB World School
810 Harvard St.
Houston, TX 77007

Laura Alaniz, Principal

Alexis Clark, GT/Magnet Coordinator
Carol Jeery, InstrucLonal Coordinator
Jennifer Escalante, IB PYP Coordinator

Angela Smith McConico, SSO
Steven Guiterrez, CSO
Mission & Vision
Our Mission Our Vision
With the support of our Working with students and
community, is to empower families, we will provide a
each student with global program of educaLonal
awareness, knowledge, excellence which
skills, and values necessary encourages all students to
to make a beWer world. develop to their fullest
Founded in 1898 as Harvard Street School.
Located in the Historic Houston Heights.
Enrollment has increased students since 2005.
There are currently 726 students enrolled in
STEM Magnet Program began in 2000.
Named a NaLonal Blue Ribbon School in 2008.
InternaLonal Baccalaureate World School
oering the Primary Years Programme since
School InformaLon

Enrollment by Ethnicity Magnet: 50%

Asian/Pac. Gifed and Talented: 34%

African 7%
American Economically Disadvantaged: 9%
45% English Language Learners: 8%

Hispanic At Risk: 7%
Special EducaLon: 4%

Total Enrollment: 724

as of 9/14
Target Segments
Zoned students looking for a quality, rigorous, well-
rounded public educaLon in a neighborhood seing.
Families interested in a STEM magnet transfer. They are
looking for a focus on hands on and project based learning
with a strong emphasis in science, technology, engineering,
and math.
Families interested in a school that not only provides
enriching academic opportuniLes in relaLon to Vanguard,
but also ne arts opportuniLes. These families value well-
rounded students in a public school seing.

Non-Target Segments
Families wanLng a Vanguard Magnet Program.
What Harvard Has To Oer
Pros STEM, oered to all enrolled students
IB PYP, oered
Self-contained classrooms, PK-5
Heterogeneous classes
Neighborhood Vanguard (GT)
Rigorous academic program
All teachers GT trained and ESL cerLed
Extensive up-to-date technology
24,000 library books
Art and Spanish Specialists
Strong Community Support
IntervenLon Assistance Team (IAT) Coordinator
Supports (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) ARDs and (impairments)
Before and afer school program with extra curricular clubs. (ex. Early Birds,
AcLve Student Council and NaLonal Elementary Honor Society

Cons No Counselor
Lack of physical space no mulLpurpose room
No parking lot
InternaLonal Baccalaureate
Primary Years Programme
Learner Proles & Aitudes
As IB learners we strive to be:

InternaLonal Baccalaureate
Primary Years Programme
We recently completed our School EvaluaLon visit, April 2016, and were
commended for the conLnuity and ongoing development of the IB PYP.
The IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people
who help to create a beWer and more peaceful world through intercultural
understanding and respect.
Inquiry Based Learning / Project Based Learning
Spanish Push In
STEM Magnet
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Our school-wide program oers all students transdisciplinary instrucLon
and enrichment acLviLes emphasizing STEM.
Science, Math, Literacy Nights
Campus Science Fair Showcase
Vanguard Neighborhood
The term Vanguard is used in HISD, meaning gifed
and talented.
The Vanguard Neighborhood Program is designed to
provide GT services on our campus to all GT students
who are zoned and who are out of zone on a valid
Ex. any out of zone STEM Magnet students.
All teachers are GT trained
Classes are heterogeneous
329 students idenLed

Vanguard Magnet pre-selected.
Fine Arts
Young Audiences:
Musical Theater
Art on a Cart

IB In AcLon
Kinder Daily Schedule
7:35-8: 30 Opening AcLviLes
Journal WriLng, Breakfast, Brain Break
8:30-8:45 Calendar
8:45-10:38 InstrucEonal Block 1
ELA/Science/Social Studies
Math/WorkstaLons/Small Group
Brain Break
Mondays Art on a Cart (Wk2)
10:38-11:08 Lunch Thursdays Kinder Buddies
11:08-11:45 InstrucEonal Block 2 Fridays Computer Lab
11:45-12:43 Specialty Various Days - Spanish
12:43-1:30 InstrucEonal Block 3
1:30-2:00 Recess: 30 mins
2:00-2:30 Snack/Enrichment Video
2:30-2:40 Brain Break (chime)
2:40-3:00 Pack Up/Closing AcLviLes
Brain Break: chime, rain sLck, Go Noodle, stretching, exercises
Specialty Schedule

Specialty A B C D E F

Teacher 1 Math Library Technology P.E. Musical Science

Lab Lab Theater Lab

Teacher 2 Science Math Library Technology P.E. Musical

Lab Lab Lab Theater
Harvard Park
Our Programs
Vanguard Program
TuiLon Prekindergarten
Tubbs Childrens Library
NaLonal Elementary Honor Society
Student Council
Harvard Eagle News Broadcast
MulLmedia Club Kinder Buddies
Coding Club Urban Harvest: Harvard Harvest Lab
Developing NaLonal Wildlife FederaLon Eco School
Harvard Choir
Mental Math Club
Eagles Nest Afer School Program
Harvard Park Playground
Early Birds
Developing 3D PrinLng Club (Makerspace)
Parent Teacher AssociaLon
Toms Fun Band
HMNS: Science Start: Body Works Movin
and Shakin
Eagles Fun Run
Houston Grand Opera: Opera to Go!
Dads Club Movie Night
Book Fair
Seasons of Sharing Craf Night
Parents and Pastries
ConocoPhillips: Science on Stage
College Awareness Week
Puppet Pizzaz: Rhyme, Reason, and Puppetry
HMNS: Wildlife on Wheels
Main Street Theatre
Pre-K Kinder Roundup
Teacher AppreciaLon Week
Volunteer AppreciaLon
Community Partnerships
Project Read
Family Houston
Heights Womens Club
Houston Youth Council
Lions Club
Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS)
Urban Harvest

Living Tree
Tuesday folder
Call outs
PTA Facebook Page
Campus Look