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Founder Ole Gabrielsen

The heart chakra / Love / Protection

Variety of quartz, Stone Love

Rose quartz is associated

with the heart chakra and love in general
in all its aspects:
self-love, maternal love, love for others, etc.
Caring. Protection.

Recommended prerequisites: Kundalini Reiki - 1 level, Prana


On the physical level:

It strengthens the heart, blood vessels, bones. It improves blood

circulation. It increases potency. Detoxifies. It regenerates the skin,
pancreas, blood and bone marrow. It helps with pain in the limbs,
diseases of the nervous and lymphatic systems, urinary organs,

On the psychological level:

Love and loyalty. Rose quartz for those who can not feel the joy of
life. It teaches to forgive and to love sets, sets the inner world. The
process of healing rose quartz can last months or even years. Once
he started, to be ready for surfacing of many forgotten past
events to create emotional stress. It gives
Reciprocity in love, keep the family fortune, it protects during
pregnancy, causing his owner interest the opposite sex, a good marriage
helps retain health and brings longevity.
It relieves stress,irritability, reveals the creativity and self-

Magical properties:

In the modern practice of magic rose quartz is sometimes used to

identify the dwelling areas with high negative energy.
This stone is very sensitive to the manifestation of evil and black magic.
It is recommended to wear on the body as warding off evil spells, the evil
To work with the configuration, you can simply activate by calling
energy plan and being in flow.

The energy can be used as Reiki.

Hands impose as in healing, calling the energy, just blurts out, Rose
Quartz instead of Reiki began to flow energy.

You can also use the energy to create

tools antennas similar to those described in
Prana manual.
Here you can simply replace the word prana in the
corresponding energy, such as rose quartz.

When the contact session:

The spine of the client must be straight!

1. Put your hands in gassho and encourage energy: I call the energy
..nazvanie energy, urge Guides subtle planes of this energy for healing
(the customers name ...) and (... name of the problem) in the best way
and the greater good of all

2. After talked intention, put his hands on the shoulders of the client
and conduct the session, until the flow stops. The flow will go 5 - 10
minutes or more.

You can work using classic positions Reiki or imposing hands on the
problem area.

3. At the end of the session, her hands clasped in gassho and thank energy.
With telecommuting and self:

1. Visualize clients image or name in the palm of your hand, connect

your palm.
2. Call the energy for healing (... name) and (name of the problem ...)
the best possible way at the highest good of all.

Let the stream to flow freely.

3. After 3 - 10 minutes you will feel the energy stop.

The healing energy will continue to work with the patient.

4. At the end of the session, her hands clasped in gassho,

thank and release energy.

You can blow off hands into the space, you close this channel.

Transmission and reception settings.

The transmission and reception settings can be performed by listening to

an audio file.

You can transfer the setting differently. Here is an example of how this
can be done:

1. Relax and recharge. (you can rub a few drops of oil in the palm of
Pranic). After 5-10 minutes of rest, rise and cheer up completely.
2. Say mentally or loud: (to your higher self) I ask that (name) was set
up in the energy of Essence Rose Quartz 2017
Or, if you pass in advance: I ask that (name) has been configured to
(time) on (date) in his / her time zone in the energy Essence of rose quartz
3. Setup will begin and will last about 10 minutes.
How to accept the setting:

1. Sit or lie, taking a comfortable position. Mentally say once: I now

accept the setting Essence rose quartz 2017 from (... .name Master)
Setup will begin, which will last 12-15 minutes.
2. The setup procedure is complete, but it is recommended to maintain
the position even minutes
10-25 (or more if desired). This will increase the flow of energy can be
distributed faster through your grid and soak in it.

How to make audio settings:

First, decide how you will play the selected mp3 audio file. Will it be
via a computer or listen via the mp3-player? Both can be used.

Setup (you only need to listen to one time) must be received when you
are alone in the room.

Make sure you sit or lie in a comfortable position. Also make sure you
will not be disturbed (turn off the mobile phone, etc.).

When youre ready, turn on and listen to mp3, until it stops.

Stay in this position for 10 minutes, at which time adjustment will

continue, let yourself relax for a further 10 minutes or more.
A tuning session is ready, and you can start to use energy.

I WISH YOU fruitful work with this energy !!!