March 31, 2017

Dear President Henry and Executive Board,

We the undersigned officers and members of the Clark County sector of SEIU Local 1107 are
expressing our concern for our local and especially our members.

We are the largest sector of SEIU Local 1107 with over 8,000 eligible members. We are currently in
negotiations with Nevada Revised Statute # 288 hanging over our heads. The last contract had to go
through district court to get our members paid due to this statute. There were over 1,400 members
affected by this legislature. We cannot afford for this to happen again.

All of the Clark County Officers informed President Mancini that we had concerns of moving forward
with our contract bargaining without the attorney we had been with for many years (since
approximately 2007) and had been our chief spokesperson for the last several contracts. President
Mancini did not even consider our concerns, instead told us she had the right to choose the chief
spokesperson. The Clark County Officers do not dispute that it is the right of the president, but it
doesn't make it right to do so without considering the needs of seasoned officers and the membership
they represent. It has been expressed multiple times that there is concern that if a contract is not in
place by July 1, 2017, many members will walk away.

It was brought to our attention that again, President Mancini, not understanding the importance of
having a contract in place by July and keeping our membership informed of the progress of the
negotiations, has informed you that Julie Ouelette (SEIU International), is no longer necessary at Local
1107. We are expressing to you that this is NOT true. Julie has been fulfilling a need that this Local is
lacking. First and foremost, professionalism. She laid out a contract campaign plan, met with all of the
officers of the County for buy in and moved us forward. During the way, staff was transferred due to
other problems (hospitals running decertification, layoffs within the local, etc.) and yet, she continued
to keep us in the loop and tried to keep the plan in motion although she was met with roadblocks at
every turn.

We feel the necessity to let you know that we do not believe that we will have a contract in place by
July and we are very, very concerned that we are not being heard and this is even more obvious by
President Mancini's actions. With only one (1) organizer working for the County membership, he is
being setup for failure. One individual cannot reach 4,000+ members that reside in a County of over
8,000 square miles.

The leadership within the Clark County unit are informing you that we cannot continue in the same
direction we are today. The negativity, in-fighting, retaliation, blatant disregard for fellow officers, etc.
has got to stop. We have waited patiently since November 1, 2016 for the results of the hearings held
on October 30 and 31, 2016 and we can't wait any longer. We need to know the results so they are not
being held over our heads. There is no reason that we should feel that you, the SEIU International
Officers, are ignoring our continued pleas for help.

Everyday that we draw closer to July 1, 2017, the closer we are to having a membership that is no
longer willing to believe in SEIU. They will give themselves a raise by dropping the union that is no
longer fulfilling their needs. We are barely over the 50% membership and we are willing to bet that if
we drop below that mark, Clark County Management will be convinced to follow in the footsteps of the
hospitals being represented by the same union that are currently under the microscope to prove their
membership numbers to keep the status of the members union.

This local is broken and needs you. Please, please, please do the right thing and hold President
Mancini and this local responsible for taking care of our membership which is where the focus should
always be.

In unity,
Clark County Officers
 Sharon Kisling – Executive Vice-President
 Sheila Grain - Treasurer
 Clara Thomas – Trustee (1)
 Mark Matthews – Supervisory Vice-President
 Michelle Maese – Supervisory Chief Steward
 Brenda Marzan – non-Supervisory Vice-President
 Brent Miller – Clark County non-supervisory Chief Steward
 Keishe Caruthers – DAFS non-supervisory Chief Steward