Karin Richter Fine Art

Spring 2017

“Sunken Garden, Butchart Gardens”, Pastel, 18” x 24”

Spring may or may not come soon but I hope you are already
looking ahead and making plans for the more colourful seasons!
My winter has been very busy getting my ducks in a row for an
exciting year ahead. It will be full of travel and new experiences. I
am always gladly anticipating what the year will bring.
In my readings I often come across the comment that one does not
have to leave home or go far to experience something invigorating.
It does, however, require a certain mindset to get off the proverbial
couch and head outside, camera in hand. One idea I heard about
is to photograph a panoramic view of a certain area, say one block
in a city or a particular view of a landscape. Then explore that block
or area to see what you can find that would qualify as interesting.
Get in deep and end with closeup shots.
Samples of panorama, zeroing in and closeup shots

Sounds like a great project! Being confined to a specific area could
yield all kinds of stuff one never thought about.
I need inspiration just as much as the next person. A lot of winter
was spent indoors so I am ready to hit the road, both near and far.
Like most artists I go through creative slumps from time and time
but the muse will not return by herself, one has to chase her!
Mostly due to the kind remarks and encouragement of my students,
colleagues and friends who assured me I could do this, I I decided
to take the plunge and produce a Pastel Instructional Book over the
winter months, due to come out in May.
It was an exciting process and a learning curve, the publishing
industry being something totally new to me. The book will appeal
to the novice pastel painter and also to the more seasoned artist
who wants to refresh and solidify his/her knowledge of painting in
general. Aside from introducing the reader to the medium of
pastels, many of the principles that I base my teaching on in any
medium, are to be found in this book. I can’t wait to share this
milestone with all of you!
Doing something new is always invigorating. What my foray into
this new world has taught me is that you never know what you are
capable of until you try. You have absolutely nothing to lose and
you may actually surprise yourself!
Spring is a time where artshows pop up all over town and going out
to see what is being created in the art community is a good thing.
If you participate in these events, a deadline to have work ready by
is sometimes necessary to keep an artist on track.
This year is of course a special year:
Canada’s 150th birthday! There are a lot of
artistic projects underway to honour this
milestone. Some exhibitions feature this
theme and some artists channel their
energies into work that expresses their love
for this country, addresses historical themes
and/or makes political commentary. Maybe this is an opportunity to
think about what Canada means to all of us and how we would go
about creating a piece of art with this kind of meaning. I am thinking
about entering a show with this theme but am still contemplating
what it is that I find so captivating living here. Being from Europe
with its limited space, the Canadian wilderness is probably “it”.
Whenever I am privileged to be in a pristine area or in the presence
of wildlife, I get very emotional about my connection with nature.
Aren’t we lucky to have such bounty at our doorstep?

The Group of Seven has been celebrated for forging a new artistic
identity, one we still connect with 100 years after Tom Thomson’s
death. “Someday they will know what I mean” he is known to have

“Lake & Red Tree”
Artists are sensitive, they “feel” the land and its treasures both
physical and spiritual and have benefitted from the inspiration it has
provided for generations of Canadian artists. As we try to take
steps to preserve our land, to “stand on guard for thee”, I am
reminded of native artist Roy Henry Vickers series of “The Elders
are Watching”:

I’ve travelled this country quite a bit but there are more amazing
places to see. This year I will be getting a glimpse of New
Brunswick after seeing some of Newfoundland last year, leaving
more of the Maritimes still to be explored.
In a few weeks, a new group of travelling artists will be ready to
explore Portugal/Spain and Morocco. We can’t wait. For those
who were not able to come this year, I have a 2018 trip back to
Tuscany on the program (April 28 to May 12). Check out
www.lafoce.com and let me know if you want to be put on the list.
This is the place I have been to with many groups and you only
have to check with any of these travellers to hear about the
amazing time we have had at La Foce in the past. Further on in
2018, I am putting on another adventure at sea. August 4 to 13
are the dates for Alaska onboard the beautiful tugboat MS Svell,
another trip of a lifetime! Check out and contact Maple Leaf
Adventures at www.mapleleafadventures.com.
Back here in Calgary, an exciting event is happening in August of
this year, August 19-24 to be exact. The Canadian Society of
Painters in Watercolour is hosting its Watercolour Symposium in
Calgary at the Alberta College of Art. Anyone wanting to further
their watercolour skills may sign up for 5 days of instruction by
nationally respected teachers. Go to www.cspwc.com where you
may sign up online, make your choices of teachers and subject
matter, choose accommodations if needed, food choices etc. The
CSPWC contingent here in Calgary put on this event 10 years ago
(how time flies!) and it was a great success. Participants enjoyed
the variety of workshops, the camaraderie and events offered. We
are again looking forward to welcoming watercolour artists from all
over the country. This is a great opportunity! My contribution this
year is 2 days of plein air painting. My colleague and friend
Marianne Hunt and I are taking artists to Quarry Lake/Canmore on
one day and to the Leighton Centre on another.

Don’t delay if this is for you as registration is on a first-come, first-
served basis.
A little further afield, I am teaching an acrylics workshop at St.
Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario, the Canadian gateway to
the beautiful Thousand Islands July 31 to August 4 of this year

I hope to connect with you at some time this summer. When I return
from my overseas travel with all its detours, it will be time for my
summer newsletter and there will be stories to tell! Have a
wonderful spring!

Keep in touch!
All the best in life and in art!
karinrichter@shaw.ca (403)272-1471 www.karinrichter.com


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