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LightWorker™ Activation of the Labyrinth

Channelled & manual by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center Layout by Jens Søeborg

LW Activation of the Labyrinth
The LightWorker™ Activation of Labyrinth is the third in a series of LightWorker™ Earth Medicine Empowerments, mainly channelled and written by Lisa “Ladywolf” Center. LightWorker™ Earth Medicine Empowerments LightWorker™ Activation of the Labyrinth (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Activation of the Medicine Wheel (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Activation of the Shaman (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) Other series where you find attunements from Lisa Center are: LightWorker™ Animal Empowerments LightWorker™ Bear Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Cougar Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Coyote Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Deer Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Fox Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Hawk Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Racoon Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Turkey Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Turtle Medicine Empowerment (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Wolf Empowerment (Lisa Center & Jens Söeborg) And a single one in this series … LightWorker™ Mythological Lairs LightWorker™ Centaurs Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Chimeras Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Dragon Attunement - Dragon Attunement SE (Roger T. Hill) LightWorker™ Dragons Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Dwarfs and Gnoms Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Fairies Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Firebirds Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Gryphons Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Mermaids Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Ouroboros Healing (Lisa “Ladywolf” Center) LightWorker™ Pegasus Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Phoenix Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Salamanders Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Satyrs Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Sphinx Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Sylphs Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Undines Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Unicorns Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski) LightWorker™ Wodwoses Lair (Andrea “Chisara” Baginski)

Labyrinths have been around and created for the past four thousand years. They are ceremonial pathways. Symbolic of one’s life journey, this sacred symbol combines the spiral and the circle. The labyrinth is a powerful prayer and meditation tool. They have been found in churches, gardens, sculpted and hand held, etched into stones and coins. They are often confused with mazes. Mazes were made for fun and entertainment. They have dead ends and crazy twists and turns. They are more of a puzzle to be solved. The Labyrinth takes you deeper into yourself where you connect with Divine energy, then emerge into the world with a clarity and peace that was not present before walking the circle. The labyrinth was used during the time of the Crusades for those who could not make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. It was believed if you walked the labyrinth on your knees you may be granted forgiveness for transgressions. The labyrinth was referred to as Chemin de Jerusalem or road to Jerusalem. The center of the Chartres or 11 circuit labyrinth is a rosette design. The Christian approach is threefold. They were seeking Purgation, Illumination and Union. As they entered, they released worries and concerns. Solitude within the center enabled the walker to receive insight, spark creativity, and inspire peace. Geometric form representing ease in travel, these symbols were used by Hindu midwives. They were believed to lend ease to the infant as he traveled the birth canal. Ancient Scandinavian men of the sea employed the magic of the labyrinth by constructing them close to the ocean. They believed this would bring mild weather and the fish would be plenty Some say if you dance the Labyrinth…you will activate your own magical powers.

Fatima Labyrinth in Indiana, USA

Basic types of Labyrinths
There are two basic types of Labyrinths (some sources state three and name a twelve circuit). For this activation, Chartres and the Classical or Cretan are used. The Chartres has the strongest history with Christian faith. They are 11 circuited with four quadrants. The quadrants represent emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. You achieve balance in your inner work here. Be aware, the way the energy flows can initiate Kundalini activity because of the serpentine flow. Though the path may twist and turn there is only one path. This is a right brain task that promotes intuition, creativity and imagery. The Chartres Cathedral in France is the home of the labyrinth pictured on the cover. The Cretan is a seven circuit or Classic Seven aka Classical design. In building this type of labyrinth you begin with a cross in the middle and work outward. It is traveled like all other, you enter from the outside. The seven circuits can also be used with chakra work. Each circuit represents one of the chakras and as you walk knowing the corresponding “color” and musical notes can give a new perspective to your journey.

Labyrinths and Chakras
Root chakra: Muladhara, earth element and note of C that sounds like vowel sound of O ( as in rope) the long

Sacral chakra: Svadhisthana, water element and note of D that sounds like the short vowel sound of O ( as in cool) Solar plexus: Manipura, fire element and note of E with the short vowel sound of A (as in father) Heart chakra: Anahata, air element and note of F that sounds like the long vowel sound of A (as in play) Throat chakra: Visuddha, element of sound and note of F that sounds like the long vowel sound of E (as in eeeeee) Third eye chakra: Ajna, element of Light, and note of A that sounds like Mmmmm. Crown chakra: Sahasrara, element of thought and conciousness and note of B that sounds like ng as in sing.
* I was taught the notes years ago through a source long forgotten but the rest of this information is from the Chakra cards presented by Anodea Judith in her guide, Chakra Balancing.

The seven circuit labyrinth design was featured on Cretan coins and it is associated with the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Ariadne in the Labyrinth
Ariadne was the mistress or priestess of the Labyrinth. Her father, Minos, king of Crete, placed her in charge of a “labyrinth” he had built to keep the Minotaur prisoner. The center of the labyrinth was the lair of the Minotaur and sacrifices were made to him of captured Atheneans. King Minos had this labyrinth constructed to contain the Minotaur. The exit was blocked.

Athens sent the hero Theseus to slay the Minotaur and end the killing of the people. Once he was seen by Ariadne, she became smitten. She gave Theseus a secret thread to help him find a way out of the labyrinth should he be the one to conquer. He killed the Minotaur and emerged from the labyrinth and though he promised Ariadne he would take her on his journey, he left her to travel alone. She later became the bride of Dionysus which made her a true immortal goddess. When you become lost and not sure of the path to take, call upon Ariadne to assist you in your choices. She will guide and aid with any problems related to the 2nd or sacral chakra as well.

Color, cloth, stones, gardens; labyrinths are made many different ways. The wise women of Great Britain used finger labyrinths. They believe this could alter their consciousness for deeper meditation and vision.

Activation of the Labyrinth
Call this activation to you by stating your intention to activate the power of the Labyrinth and help you with what you need on your journey at this time. Follow the labyrinth with your finger or a pointer and think about releasing as you go into the spiral, remember to give thanks for what you receive when you are in the center and emerge with innovative answers and vision of pathways you had not seen before. Pay close attention to events following this activation. You may find yourself in a place you never thought of for you before. You will also understand that sometimes we may know what we want but the Universe/Mother/Father God will provide what we need.

I wish many blessings of love and light for you on your journey, Ladywolf.

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