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Answer all questions on this paper.
The text below is about Malaysian schools.
Question 1 (10 marks)
Read the text below. There are grammatical errors in the text. Write one word to correct the error in the space .

Schools in Malaysia has been struck by a mass hysteria 'epidemic' in which students claim e.g have
they are having visions with female vampire ghosts and are being physically pinned down by evil a) __________
spirits. Call 'body possession phenomenon', one bizarre incident saw 20 female students that were b) __________
send home from a school after complaining of being overwhelmed by it. Yesterday reporters c) __________
attempting to speak with students at one school were not allowed entry and heard screams coming d) __________
from inside classrooms. Education chiefs in the Kota Baru region are now using religion leaders to e) __________
try and clear the schools of a supposed 'bad spirits', the Straits Times reported. It is said that the f) __________
late school to be struck by the hysteria was SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1, which avoided spreading it g) __________
by sending five students home for the day. This affected by the bizarre hysteria claim to be h) __________
overwhelmed by bad spirits and see spirits such as a Pontianak. , a type of female vampire ghost i) ___________
popular in Malaysian folklore. Pontianaks are said to be the spirits of women, which died while j) ___________
giving birth and return to prey on men.

Question 2 (10 marks)

Read the following text. Then, answer questions (a) (j) .
Five years after ascending the throne, Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar will be officially coronated on Monday,
March 23 2015 in a ceremony that will be the first in 55 years for Malaysias southern state. Here are some things to
know about the Sultan of Johor.
1. Coronation comes years after ascension
Sultan Ibrahims coronation may be taking place five years after his ascension in 2010 following his fathers demise.
2. Military training
Born on Nov 22, 1958, the Sultan is a fully trained army, navy and air force officer and has also studied diplomacy
and international relations. He attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston, Massachusetts, where
he completed courses on South-east Asian Strategic Studies and International Laws of the Seas.
3. Has British roots
Sultan Ibrahim is of Malay-British descent. His father Sultan Mahmud Iskandar, married Josephine Ruby Trevorrow
in 1956 after meeting her in Britain while completing his studies. She adopted the Muslim name Kalsom Abdullah
after her marriage.
4. His son, the Crown Prince, served in the Indian army
Sultan Ibrahim is married to Her Royal Highness Raja Zarith Sofiah and they have six children five sons and a
daughter. His eldest, Tunku Ismail, 30, is the states Crown Prince (Tunku Mahkota Johor). Tunku Ismail, who studied
in Singapore at the Australian International School, was a Captain with the Indian army. In 2007, he became the first
foreigner to lead a unit of the Indian Army contingent. "It is a family tradition to get trained in the forces. My
grandfather was trained in the Malaysian Army.
5. Son's battle with cancer
The Sultan has spoken candidly about his children, particularly about the health of his fourth child, Tunku Abdul Jalil,
25, who was diagnosed with liver cancer last December. Tuanku Abdul Jalil has since undergone a liver transplant and
travels to Singapore for weekly treatments.
Recounting his sons cancer battle in an interview last week, he said: My son is lucky as he is my son. I understand
the agony when a person is diagnosed with stage four cancer. Even my son did not believe that he would survive and
neither did I." His son has since established a cancer fund in his name, the Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer
Foundation. Sultan Ibrahim said in the interview: I am grateful that he is alive and that is one reason why I have put
aside RM10 million to set up the Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation to help fund cancer patients who cannot
afford the expensive treatment.
6. Business ventures
The Johor royalty is involved in a variety of businesses, including a power plant and property development in Johor.
Last week, for example, the Sultan emerged as Malaysian telecommunications firm Redtone's largest shareholder after
he upped his stake in the firm to 20 per cent from 4.8 per cent. Let's be honest here, we are a constitutional monarch.
I have to earn my living like everyone else. I cannot depend on my allowances of RM27,000 a month. I must earn a
living, like ordinary Malaysians, he added.
7. Winning number plate
Sultan Ibrahim has a penchant for cars and once won a tender for a much sought after number plate. In 2012, Sultan
Ibrahims bid of RM520,000 helped him top 9,999 other bidders including the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the ceremonial
Head of State), in the bid for the car number plate WWW 1. Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha then
announced that WWW 1 had set an all-time high bid. Thousands had thronged three branches of the Kuala Lumpur
Road Transport Department to place their bids for the "WWW" prefix, which is the acronym for "World Wide
Web".The Yang di-Pertuan Agong won the number plate WWW 5 in that tender.

Answer questions (a) (j) based on the text above.

Sultan of Johor , Sultan Ibrahims
coronation was delayed for (a) _________________________________________________________

Sultan of Johor skills in military are well recognized because :

He is (b) __________________________________________________________________________
He had (c)___________________________________________________________________________

What was expected of his eldest son and how did his son proved it.
( d) expected to ________________________________________________________________________
( e) became ___________________________________________________________________________

How the Sultan Of Johor helped cancer patients:

( f) set up ___________________________________________________________________________
( g) donated __________________________________________________________________________

Things the Sultan of Johor owns:

( h) _________________________________________________________________________________
( i) largest ___________________________________________________________________________
Questions 3 (10 marks)
Read the article carefully and answer the questions below based on the article.
The House of The House of Yeap Chor Ee was built in the nineteenth century and became a museum managed
Yeap Chor Ee
by his descendants. The museum was opened to mark the 140 th birth anniversary of Yeap Chor Ee
and is part of Sire Museum Restaurant. The shop house is one of the rows containing nine
houses. There are nine townhouses that speak opulence. Built during the 1880s, the houses
number between four and sixteen, extending across the Penang Street into the King Street.
The Penang Hill The Penang Hill locates itself in the Penang Island in the area known as Air Itam and is located at
a distance of 6 kilometres from the city. The hill goes up to a height of 823 metres above the sea
level on the northern part in Penang. The tourists are attracted by the historicity of the place and
its unpolluted and cool air. The place stands distinct from the lowlands in the form of a forested
and a hilly area.
Street Art of A new life has been given to some of the oldest buildings in Georgetown. The travellers to the
place can come across fascinating and funny graffiti art that have been done on the wall by Ernest
Zacharevic, a young Lithuanian-born artist. The streets along which such innovative wall
paintings and graffiti were done include Acheen Street, Cannon Street, Ah Quee Street and
Armenian Street.
Vintage Toy This museum presents a complete collection of vintage toys that are most likely to cast an
impression that is in part nostalgic. Strolling through the museum would take you through
sections where the toys give a creepy feel with the paint peeling out of some. You can see toys
that include space toys, old school trains, classic robots, and antique aircrafts.
Arulmigu Bala- Balathandayuthapani is a garden temple that has been into existence since 1850 when the original
site was taken over by the British. The temple, since the time, became the centre of annual
Thaipusam celebrations. Several major renovations have been made in the temple in keeping
with Hindu religious needs. The place is clean and green with a landscaped garden at the

a). List two natural places to visit in Penang.

_______________________________________________________________ [1 mark]

b). Name two places where you get a nostalgic feeling.

___________________________________________________ [1 mark]

c). Why tourists are attracted to visit Penang Hill ?


____________________ [2 mark]

d). Fill in the table with the appropriate word/ phrase from the article.
(2 marks)
i) drawings done on walls
ii) grandparents

e). Suggest two ways to increase tourist arrivals to Penang.


i) ___________________________________________________________________________________
ii) ___________________________________________________________________________________

f). Name two effects if we do not preserve Penangs historical places .


i) ___________________________________________________________________________________

ii) ___________________________________________________________________________________

Question 4 (20 marks)

CHILDHOOD- the best time of your life?
Some people say that childhood is the best time of your life. However, being a child has both its advantages and
disadvantages. On the plus side, you have very few responsibilities. For example, you dont have to go to work,
shop, cook or pay bills. This means you have plenty of free time to do whatever you want - watch TV, play
computer games, go out with friends, involve in sports and pursue other hobbies. Public transport, cinema and
sports centres also cost much less for children. In short, being a child is an exciting time in life.
However, for every plus there is a minus. For one thing, you have to spend five days a week, from Sunday to
Thursday at school. Studying usually means you have to do a lot of homework, attend extra classes and sit for
exams. On top of that, you need to fulfil your parents expectation and pass with flying colours.
What is more, you may have a lot of free time but you are rarely allowed to do whatever you want. You usually have
to ask your parents permission before doing anything - from shopping in town to staying out late.
Last but not least, although there are often cheaper prices for children, things are still expensive. Some parents are
not always generous in giving pocket money. The reality is that sometimes there is not enough money to satisfy a
childs need.
To sum up, some people see childhood as the best time in their lives. However in reality children do not have
choices to do what they want. As children grow up, they will soon realize that they have more responsibilities to

Read the article carefully and answer the questions below based on the article.
a). List two responsibilities given in the article which a child does not have to carry out. (2marks)

i) ___________________________________________________________________________________


b) What privilege does a child get when he/ she visits a recreational centre ?
(1 mark)

c) Why parents are not generous in giving more pocket money to their children? (1 mark)


d) Fill in the table with the appropriate word/ phrase from the article. (3marks)
i) to engage
ii) seldom
iii) turn up for
iv) a disadvantage

e) Complete the table with the advantages and the disadvantages of being a child as
mentioned in the text (4m)



f) Suggest other ways, which are not stated in the text; how children can show their
responsibilities towards their parents.

i) ___________________________________________________________________________________


iii) ___________________________________________________________________________________

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