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Criteria A-Investigate

Introduction- Design Task

KC- culture
RC- collaboration
GC- dimensions of time and space
SOI- cultural identity is created as a result
of events, changes and time, place, space
and is passed down to others to meaningful
Role: for this unit i will be playing a role of
website designer. me and my teammates
has decided to work on the the country
MALDIVES and will be created a travel
planner using HTML. we decided our travel
planner name as world tourism. we are
excited to do the design process and see
the result.

Task Specific Clarification

Design cycle:

Inquiring and Analysing-

Explain and justify the need
Identify and prioritize the research
Analyze a range of existing products
Summarize the analysis of the research

Developing ideas-
Develop a design specification
Develop a range of design ideas
Present and justify the final chosen design
Develop planning drawings/diagrams
Creating the solution-
Justify changes made to the design
Follow the plan to make the solution
Demonstrate technical skills
Construct a logical plan

Designing testing methods
Evaluate the success of the solution
Explain how the solution could be improved
Explain the impact of the solution

Inquiring and Analyzing


Identify the problem/issue/topic will you inquire?

The problem is that i got to know that there were
less tourist in maldives so i selected this place
and started to create and research about the
place, so that i can develop a travel planner for
the country Maldives and improve tourism there.
Task 1-Design Need
Justify the need for a solution to this problem?
Explain your point of view
For solving this problem i will develop a travel
planner on Maldives. This document will help
tourists know about Maldives and get some
knowledge about Maldives.

Specify your client/target audience.

Tourists are my target audiences.
Task 2-Research Plan (Mind map)
State a research plan to develop a solution to the problem.

What we need to learn

Primary Research Secondary Research

Survey inquiry questions




Information Available on Internet

Task 3 Existing Solutions
List the existing products you are aware of and
analyze them
in this website we can get some basic information about
in this website we can get more information about Maldives and
history of Maldives.
in this website we can get knowledge on MAldives and
understand about MAldives.

Two best products that I choose

Survey Questionnaire

Inquiry Questions

Define tourism and state its components?
the commercial organization and operation of
holidays and visits to places of interest.
The main components of tourism are
accessibility, accommodation and attraction or
One of the main components of tourism,
accessibility, refers to the ability for tourists to
get to the destination. This mostly includes
transportation, which needs to be regularly
scheduled, economical, safe and comfortable.
Depending on the destination, this includes cars
and buses, boats and ships, trains and airplanes.
The second component of tourism is
accommodation. This means that tourists have a
place to stay upon reaching the destination and a
way to get food. Much like accessibility,
accommodation also needs to be economical,
safe and comfortable. The type of
accommodation also varies according to the
The third and arguably most important
component of tourism is attraction. This means
that the destination needs to have some draw
that makes tourists want to visit.

2. Explain the nature and significance of

It is tourism based on the natural attractions of
an area. Examples include birdwatching,
photography, stargazing, camping, hiking,
hunting, fishing, and visiting parks. These
experiential tourists are interested in a diversity
of natural and cultural resources. They want what
is real, and they want to be immersed in a rich
natural, cultural, or historical experience.

3. What are the causes for the growth in

tourism in recent times.
4. How to improve the tourism in
As maldives is like an island there are many
resorts in the islands where people can live there
and enjoy the place. So we need to develop the
resorts and the place in the island so the tourism
will grow because the people will like the place
maldives as it is developed.

What improvements need to be carried out
to enhance your level of satisfaction with
MALDIVES as a tourist destination?
As maldives is like an island there are many
resorts in the islands where people can live there
and enjoy the place. So we need to develop the
resorts and the place in the island so the tourism
will grow because the people will like the place
maldives as it is developed.


Does tourism benefits hosting economics?

Does tourism bring its own traditions that

may serve to improve a city or area?
We believe that tourism's traditions can improve
a city or an area if those traditions can have a
positive social and economic impact. If those
traditions can yield a net positive effect on how a
certain culture or society conducts business or
treats other individuals, then yes. Traditions are
the buildings blocks of great societies and they
strengthen the overall well being of nations.

Task 4 Design Brief

I am going to design and make a travel planner
about maldives. in this document i will explain
and give information about Maldives by
researching about it. when tourists see this travel
planner they can get some knowledge on
Maldives and can understand about Maldives. for
doing this product i will need to do lots of steps
to develop this product.

Understanding of Inquiring and Analyzing


i will choose 7 because i could describe all the questions about my

Country and could create an analysis report on country. i could develop
my analysis report better by giving pictures on Maldives.