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Thomas Morin Vail, AZ 520-886-8797

Analytical and Materials Chemist

Analytical Materials and Process Chemist with 30+ years experience in environmental, reagent and process
chemistry;10+ years lab supervisory experience; 6 years aerospace engineering and 3 years precision cleaning.

Knowledge of analytical instrumentation including ICP-OES, ICP/MS, UV/Vis, IC, GC-FID/TCD, GC/MS,
GFAA, CVAA (Mercury, As/Se), FTIR & Raman, HPLC, LCMS, EDXRF-SEM, gas- and solid-source
Mass Spectrometry, Isotope Dilution MS techniques
Proven ability to absorb fundamentals of unfamiliar technologies rapidly and apply appropriate analytical
techniques to solve chemical and process challenges
Highly focused and motivated, able to work both independently and collaboratively
Extensive laboratory team management experience

Analytical Chemistry - Trace Metals Analysis - Materials Chemistry - Root Cause Failure Analysis -
Process Improvement - Statistical Process Control - Solid-state Welding - ISO Class 4-8 Cleanroom

B.Sc. Analytical Chemistry (ACS Certified) University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
A.A.S Electrical Engineering Technology Purdue University Calumet, Hammond. IN

Scientist Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (FTE) - Tucson, AZ Feb 2013 Jan 2017
Scientist Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (FTE) - Tucson, AZ (Nesco Resource) Aug 2012 Feb 2013

Executed research and failure analyses for materials, reagents & process-related issues on Ventana Primary
Stains platforms (H&E and Special Stains). Planned and executed test programs, analyzed and reported

Pioneered use of specialized analytical techniques for product support: Energy-Dispersive X-Ray
Fluorescence Scanning Electron Microscopy (EDXRF-SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM),
microbiological testing
Operated medical diagnostic systems (H&E, Special Stains), optical, UV fluorescence and FTIR
microscopes, UV/Vis spectrometer, high-resolution imaging systems
Solved H&E Destain/Restain problem for Symphony and HE600 platforms 1Q2013
Won 2013 Grogan Award: Digital Recovery of Faded Eosin by UV Fluorescence Microscopy (ROI
Won 2015 Grogan Award runner-up: Two-Part Wash & Decon Process Development for Silver Stains
Successfully troubleshot recalled AFB stain and returned to market ($1MM/yr in sales) 2Q2015
Developed Two-Part Wash and released product to market (BmkSS and NexES) 2Q2014
Successfully completed online courses: Scientific Writing; Multivariate Experimental Design; Deviation
Investigation Best Practices; HPLC Fundamentals, HPLC Operation and Troubleshooting
Thomas Morin Analytical and Materials Chemist

Matls & Process Engineer - Paragon Space Development Corp - Tucson, AZ Feb 2005 to Oct 2011

Specialized in materials chemistry and solid-state welding techniques for stainless steel, aluminum and
titanium for the NASA/Lockheed Orion program and corporate R&D efforts.

Awarded US Patent 9091489 - Developed a friction-stir welding process for extruded thin-panel
space-based radiator
Awarded US Patent 9395123 - Developed phase-change cooling for astronaut EVA and sample
canister for return from orbit
Saved the company approximately $175k over three years by designing and procuring an ISO Class 5
cleanroom facility, developed all training, maintenance and operational documentation and trained
Designed and operated component test rigs for polymer chemical resistance and permeability by gas
chromatography (GC) for Paragon Hazardous Environment Diving System
Saved a prospective client over $1M in a RFQ by suggesting an alternative vacuum valve system
design, winning a $125k contract

Senior Chemist, Laboratory Manager - Janzen Wahl Group - Tucson, AZ July 2003 to Feb 2005

Inspected, precision-cleaned and verified cleanliness (nonvolatile residue (NVR) and particle counts)
of flight hardware in ISO Class 4/6 cleanroom
Eliminated hazardous waste disposal and saved approximately $35k/yr for virgin solvents by
designing and fabricating five high-purity solvent stills
Reduced cryostat cleaning cycle time by 40% while maintaining quality

ChemInformatics Manager, Discovery Partners, Inc. - Tucson, AZ June 2000 to July 2003

Trained employees in the 3-person ChemInformatics group and others in molecular drug discovery
database operations, and scheduled team workflow.
Constructed and maintained facility compound inventory using MS Excel (700k+ compounds)
Constructed molecular libraries for drug discovery in MDL ISIS, up to 140k compounds each
Slashed library enumeration times from 12 weeks to 3 hours with accuracy approaching 100%, by
initiating enumeration procedural changes and creating a Library Analysis tool in Excel VBA

Radio Telescope Operator Natl Radio Astronomy Observatory, Kitt Peak, AZ Dec 1998 to June 2000

Operated 12-meter radio telescope (millimeter-wavelength spectrometer). Tuned GHz receivers and repaired

Scientific Computing Manager, Senior Programmer/Analyst, CWM Western Processing Facility

Chemical Waste Management (IT Corp) Kent, WA Mar 1990 to Oct 1997

Validated data and scheduled team workflow for 7-person data group, responsible for collection, storage,
reporting and analysis of up to 1000 samples/week, 190 parameters per sample
Received 1995 CWM Presidents Award for creating an Executive Information System for site data
presentation with off-the-shelf software
Received 1990 CWM Presidents Award - Corporate QC reporting programs for high-volume reporting,
reducing prep time from 120 to 4 man-hours/month for ~90 QA parameters, including GC/MS
Thomas Morin Analytical and Materials Chemist

Saved the company $30k by creating a laboratory information management system (LIMS) from off-
the-shelf spreadsheet (MS Excel) and database programs (MS Access)
Slashed tape duplication and archival costs by an estimated $1MM over 10 years, by successfully
lobbying US EPA for approval to use optical storage for 30yr data archival

Inorganics (Metals and Wet Chemistry) Group Leader, Senior Chemist, Western Processing Facility
Chemical Waste Management (RUST Remedial Services / OHM Corp.) Kent, WA Oct 1987 to Oct 1997

Analyzed trace metals (sub-ppb) in water and sediments; wrote procedural SOPs and trained
technicians and chemists in US EPA, CWM corporate and trace metals analytical techniques
Installed and maintained metals and wet chemistry instrumentation, including Ion Chromatograph (IC)
and Inductively-Coupled Plasma / Mass Spectrometer (ICP/MS), ICP, graphite furnace (GFAA and
Zeeman GFAA) and cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAA)
Scored the highest QA compliance in the corporate lab system (36 labs) in Metals and Wet Chemistry
(5 chemists and technicians)
Dramatically reduced GFAA tube expenditures by 70% (~$15k/yr) by formulating a custom purge gas
mixture for in situ tube resurfacing and conditioning

Associate Chemist Chemical Waste Management, Riverdale, IL June 1986 to Oct 1987

Prepared and analyzed hazardous waste and soil samples by ICP, GFAA and CVAA
Established GFAA interference corrections for As in the presence of high ppm Al, and acid matrix
corrections for ICP-OES analyses

Research Associate, Illinois State Geological Survey Urbana-Champaign, IL Oct 1980 Apr 1985

Designed and constructed experimental environments to grow aquatic organisms with controlled
stable isotopic ratios (13C/12C, 15N/14N, 16O/18O, 34S/32S).
Prepared and analyzed biological samples for stable isotope mass spectrometry and 14C dating.

Undergraduate Fellow, California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA June 1982 Aug 1982

Awarded Undergraduate Fellowship for Geochemistry, Summer 1982 for a thesis paper centered on
hydrothermal copper ore deposits
Trained in sample preparation and ultraclean laboratory techniques for heavy metals analysis by
isotope dilution mass spectrometry (208Pb/206Pb, 87Rb/85Rb, 147Sm/143Nd)
Developed a density-based materials separation technique for Pb zircon analysis

Lab Tech III, Color & Standards Laboratory, Sherwin Williams Co. Chicago, IL Feb 1979 Aug 1980

Developed color standards for chemical coatings and consumer paint products
Specialized in metameric tinting, infrared military coatings, round-robin physical standards programs
Revitalized the Color Production Shading Program (CPSP) for computer-based color adjustments

Techncian I, Lacquer Production Lab, Sherwin Williams Co. Chicago, IL Nov 1977 Feb 1979

Tested raw- and in-process materials for conformance; adjusted for color, gloss, viscosity, density