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bitter medicine boeing abroad naval gazing

NEW mas chief Beijings narrowbody Crowsnest victory keeps

warns carrier bonanza fuels Chinese Thales in position to

faces more pain aspirations to set up 737 deliver AEW look-out
news focus p18 completions centre 13 for UK maritime fleet 15

2-8 June 2015


NATO heralds ground surveillance
revolution as first RQ-4 emerges

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The Bahrain International Airshow offers an exclusive business to business networking platform for
the high-level international aerospace community.

US$ 2.8 billion total deals 120 participating companies

29 military delegations from 18 countries Over 27,000 trade visitors from 35 countries
57 civil delegations comprising 650 international media from 17 countries
106 delegates from 17 countries 106 aircraft on display

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volume 187 number 5491 2-8 June 2015

bitter medicine boeing abroad naval gazing
neW mas chief Beijings narrowbody Crowsnest victory keeps

this week
Warns carrier bonanza fuels Chinese Thales in position to

faces more pain aspirations to set up 737 deliver AEW look-out
neWs focus p18 completions centre 13 for UK maritime fleet 15

6 Armed Hawk goes on the offensive

2-8 June 2015
INTERNATIONAL 7 Canada fixed-wing SAR contest gets Embraer
roll-out interest.
NATO heralds ground surveillance
F-35s Block 4 standard in the balance for USAF
8 Embraer sees scope for E1s future.
revolution as first RQ-4 emerges

Boeing says RD-180 alternative unlikely to lift off

9 Monthly A320 rate could go up to 60.
Toulouse hints at pending order for regional A330
Northrop Grumman

Air Transport

ISSN 0 0 1 5 - 3 7 1 0
10 Wizz Air looks to nail down high-density Airbus
Boeing sees a future for VIP version of the 747-8 P21
2 3

A320 offering.
9 770015 371273

FIN_020615_301.indd 1 28/05/2015 10:02

Transaero plans superjumbo deferral

Cover image Cover story
Northrop Grummans first 11 Systems are Gogo after approval for 2Ku tests.
22 Stronger together Although NATOs main asset
Global Hawk for the NATO FAA task force to recommend on rules governing
for its Alliance Ground Surveillance programme is
the mental health of pilots
Alliance Ground Surveil- Northrop Grummans Global Hawk, development of
lance programme breaks 12 A321 flap errors led to alert. the broader system is relying on a team effort from
Wings Air crew did not act on terrain warnings all its member countries
cover at its Palmdale site in
13 737 key to unlocking Chinas potential
California P22
Defence features
14 KC-390 nearing return to the skies. 26 CIVIL SIMULATORS Whos flying? Our Civil
RAAFs Wedgetail fleet hits full operational status Simulator Census maps the market for the
15 Thales puts Cerberus in Crowsnest for Royal Navy. manufacture and operation of commercial aircraft
Debut test flight gives a glimpse of Raider power pilot training devices. We assess the highlights of
16 France validates E-3F update. this years survey
Artamis scans Asian market for sales 28 Time to get real for simulation Record orders
for airliners around the globe are feeding through
News FOCUS to demand for simulator-based training and the
17 Boeing banks on success with SB-1 ever-more sophisticated devices. We look at how
BEHIND THE HEADLINES 18 Mueller prescribes bitter medicine for ailing MAS the market and the technology are evolving
James Drew (above) hit the
road with Boeing for a pre- Business Aviation
Paris air show tour, which REgulars
20 Gulfstream defers decision on G150. 5 Comment
took in sites including San Cirrus prepares its personal jet Vision.
Antonio, Texas, (P16) and a TBM 900 lands on Mexicos civil register 33 Straight & Level
rotorcraft day in Philadelphia 34 Letters
(P17). Dominic Perry got an 21 MRO sale ends DAEs global ambition.
GE Aviation beefs up blisk to offer stronger 36 Classified
Embraer defence update in
Passport engine. 39 Jobs
vora, Portugal (P14)
Boeing sees future for VIP 747 43 Working Week

next week paris special

Ahead of aerospaces main
Thales, Rex FEatures

event of the year, we preview

its biggest topics from the
A380 to the hot-selling Rafale
Thales to deliver Crowsnest AEW with RN Merlins P15. Boeing unlikely to launch alternative Atlas V engine P8

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Untitled-2.indd 1 07/01/2015 13:37 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 3
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IMaGe oF
THe WeeK
Singapore Airlines has
unveiled a special livery on
two of its Airbus A380s to
mark its home nations 50th
year of independence. The
pair will carry the flag-themed
design until the end of 2015.
The carrier has 19 A380s in
operation and five more on
order, Flightglobals Ascend
Fleets database records

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online and in our weekly tablet

Singapore Airlines

the week in nuMBeRs Question of the week

Last week, we asked: As more operators get ready for the A350,
is the big twin: You said:

Ottawas weak dollar performance has hit the long-term

Flightglobal dashboard
58% 22%
Of limited A credible
debt figure at Air Canada; it now stands at C$5.25 billion market challenger
interest to Boeing

Ryanair 5,080
Full-year net profit reported by low-cost carrier Ryanair for
2014. Its revenues also climbed by 4.2%, to hit $7.05bn
The best
choice for

This week, we ask:
Boeings plans for a 737 completions centre in China:
Flightglobal dashboard Will boost airframers competitiveness in the country
Will only benefit the Chinese
Seating capacity for new aircraft being sought by Haitis Not compelling enough for either party
Sunrise Airways: an increase from 19 on its Jetstream 31s Vote at

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Flightglobal_Media_Banner_Nov2014_AM193.indd 1 2014-10-24 2:05 PM

4 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

Oh, Canada
As it launches its latest procurement programme to replace a fleet of aged fixed-wing search
and rescue aircraft, Ottawa is hoping that this time it can conduct a smooth acquisition

I n a country as wild and in parts inhospitable as

Canada, and with a coastline that stretches far up into
the Arctic, a fleet of search and rescue (SAR) aircraft as
rugged as the landscape is vital.
An interesting statistic, then: one element of
Ottawas SAR coverage is provided by aircraft the de
Havilland Canada CC-115 Buffalo which have an av-
erage age of 48 years.
In comparison, the second type in its inventory, the
Lockheed Martin CC-130H, averages a sprightly 27

Rex Features
years. Better, but only marginally.
Canada has been attempting to replace its fixed-wing
search and rescue (FWSAR) fleet for 11 years now, Where the blame stops
making it one of the nations longest running
acquisition programmes. stretches back some 13 years and now appears to have
Mind you, it has some stiff competition in that field. a delivery target of 2021. And then theres the future
For some reason Canadian procurement has become a fighter programme. Canada in 2010 tentatively com-
byword for shambolic. mitted to the Lockheed F-35, but has yet to place an
order. In the meantime, its PWGSC p rocurement body
For some reason Canadian is investigating whether the Joint Strike Fighter is actu-
ally the right choice.
procurement has become Canadas recently-released Defence Acquisition
a byword for shambolic Guide suggests it will be another three years before any
contract is awarded. Final deliveries could now stretch
out to 2035.
But, to bring things back to FWSAR, according to the
Take, for example, the efforts to replace its fleet of schedule things should now proceed at a relatively
1960s-vintage Sikorsky Sea King helicopters, which brisk pace. Bidders have until the end of September to
have been ongoing since the mid-1980s. The maritime submit proposals, with a decision due next spring.
helicopter project has seen a contract awarded, The field is likely to come down to three
cancelled, awarded to another contractor, and then manufacturers: Airbus Defence & Space, Alenia

heavily modified amidst cost overruns and delays. Aermacchi and Lockheed. They will be hoping for a
Meanwhile, the Royal Canadian Air Force has yet to swift, and uncontestable, decision.
take delivery of a single Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone. Perhaps this time Canada will get the procurement
Ottawa has had little success in the field of process right. Equally, dont hold your breath.
unmanned air systems either. Its JUSTAS programme See This Week P7

Accelerator or brakes?
T o John Leahy, consultants who warn of a perilous
orders bubble are the equivalent of armchair gener-
als, spouting sceptically on an armys military achieve-
emand to a rate of 50 and beyond on the A320 alone.
Persuading suppliers the airframer is serious about its
ambitions is the job of chief operating officer Tom
ments from the comfort of their firesides while the real Williams. He says Airbuss transparency, in happily dis-
generals do the hard work of winning the war. They closing orderbook details to suppliers, and credibility
dont know what theyre talking about, he scorns. it claims a flawless record in meeting production targets
Colleagues of Airbuss top salesman may have a and not building whitetails will win the day.
harder job convincing the supply chain. While a While the ramp-up represents a huge opportunity
bubble-burst would be a headache for the airframers, it for the global supply chain, from mom and pop firms
could be fatal for small firms that have spent heavily on making specialised sub-components to big integrators,
machinery, buildings or staff to meet the ramp-up, as some wariness is inevitable when it comes to betting
For up to the minute news and
analysis of global aerospace they would find themselves with unsustainable costs. the business on an orderbook that cannot keep growing
and aviation matters, visit: But without investment from the supply chain, exponentially. But when to apply the brakes? Airbus admits it cannot raise output to meet current See This Week P9 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 5

This week
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from the global military aviation sector:

dublin approves Aer lingus stake sale to iag
airlines The Irish government has agreed to sell its 25.1% stake
in Aer Lingus to BA and Iberia parent IAG for 1.4 billion ($1.5 bil-
lion), after accepting the groups third offer of 2.55 per share. The
takeover has also gained approval from the Irish legislatures lower
house, but still needs ratifying by Aer Lingus shareholders. Under the
proposed deal, Aer Lingus will retain its existing slots at London
Heathrow, as well as its branding, and keep its head office in Ireland.

Hindustan Aeronautics
eGyptair considers superjet introduction
requirement EgyptAir is to assess the viability of the Sukhoi
Superjet 100 regional twinjet for its medium-haul services. We are Indias air force currently operates 91 of the BAE type in its fleet
seriously thinking of acquiring this kind of equipment for our national
MODIFICATIONS Atul Chandra Bengaluru

Armed Hawk goes

flag carrier, says Egyptian civil aviation minister Mohamed Hossam
Kamal. Sukhoi deployed two Superjets to Cairo for presentations as
part of a Russian delegation headed by industry and trade minister

on the offensive
Denis Manturov. One of the aircraft had a two-class passenger cabin
layout, while the other was in a VIP transport configuration.

brazilian navy gets first upgraded skyhawk

delivery Embraer has handed the Brazilian navy its first of 12 Domestic and export opportunities exist for development of
modernised Douglas A-4 Skyhawks, with the carrier-based type due advanced jet trainer, Hindustan Aeronautics chairman says
to remain in service until 2025. Eight more single-seat AF-1Bs and
three AF-1C trainers are to receive structural enhancements, glass
cockpit avionics, new radars and improved weapons and communi-
cations equipment by 2017. Brazil acquired the strike aircraft from
H industan Aeronautics (HAL)
has conducted weapons tests
with its licence-built BAE Sys-
kets and maintenance solutions
for supporting the Jaguar and
Hawk fleet.
Kuwait in the late 1990s, for use on the aircraft carrier So Paulo. tems Hawk 132 advanced jet BAE has previously listed po-
trainer, and is confident of the tential enhancements as includ-
riyadh wins approval for mh-60r buy projects export potential. The ing the simulated use of a target-
rotorcraft The US State Department has approved Saudi light attack upgrade also includes ing pod, real and simulated
Arabias request to purchase 10 Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin MH-60R display and avionics modifica- smart weapons integration, plus
Seahawk anti-submarine warfare helicopters. The deal is worth a tions revealed at the Aero India a helmet-mounted display sys-
potential $1.9 billion, also including air-to-surface weapons, spare show in Bengaluru in February. tem and an increased thrust en-
parts and support services. Flightglobals Ascend Fleets database We are looking at exports of gine with full authority digital
records the Royal Saudi Navy as currently operating 20 Airbus the weaponised Hawk or light at- engine control.
Helicopters AS332 Super Pumas, built between 1988 and 1991. tack Hawk and feel that there Commenting on the Hawk up-
would definitely be a require- grade at Aero India, an MBDA of-
avianca to put dreamliners on madrid duty ment for this type of aircraft in ficial said: Should we be asked
routes Star Alliance carrier Avianca is to deploy its new Boeing many countries, says HAL to weaponise Hawk with AS-
787-8s to Madrid, Spain, from July, with the Dreamliners to gradually chairman T Suvarna Raju. RAAM [air-to-air missiles], we
replace Airbus A330s on routes from Bogot, Cali and Medelln. The We are looking at the further would certainly be able to assist.
Colombian flag carrier has received five 787s since December 2014 weaponisation of the Hawk, The companys dual-mode seek-
and has another 10 on order, Flightglobals Ascend Fleets database though it has already been de- er-equipped Brimstone air-to-
shows. So far used to serve Latin American destinations, the aircraft clared as weapons-capable to a surface missile also could be
are configured with 28 business-class seats and 222 in economy. limited extent with guns and ideal, the official added.
rockets, he adds. We have done The Indian air force which
fedex slapped with dangerous cargo fine some trials with rocket pods and currently has 91 Hawks signed
safety The US Federal Aviation Administration has proposed fining are looking beyond this. a contract for 66 examples in
FedEx $58,600, alleging that the freight carrier shipped improperly The Indian air force likes the 2004, with HAL responsible for
classified radioactive and other hazardous materials on three flights upgrade proposal, and HAL will the licensed production of 42. A
in June and August 2014. The FAA says the carrier did not provide incorporate further suggestions follow-on order covering 40 for
pilots operating the flights with accurate information about materials made by the service, Raju told the air force and 17 for the navy
on board their aircraft. Flight International at the compa- was signed in 2010, and 25 and
nys corporate office in Bengaluru. 11 of these have been produced
french military to acquire mini uas On 26 May, the airframer an- to date. HAL will deliver the re-
contest Frances defence ministry is conducting a pre-qualification nounced that a memorandum of mainder by 2016-2017.
process linked to a requirement for an initial 35 mini unmanned air understanding with BAE had A planned third order for 20
systems. Industry sources suggest that a future contract will include been concluded, for a Hawk 132 aircraft to equip the air forces
an option to eventually double the size of the acquisition. upgrade, development of combat Surya Kiran aerobatic display
Hawk for Indian and export mar- team has yet to be concluded. n

6 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

Embraer sees This week
scope for E1s
this week p8

FIGHTERS James Drew Washington DC

F-35s Block 4 standard

in the balance for USAF
A s the US Department of De-
fense decides which new
combat capabilities to include
included in Block 4, ahead of a re-
quirements review later this year.
Once approved, the configuration
with the Lockheed Martin F-35s will be the baseline for future
Block 4 configuration, concerns Block 4 increments, as they are
have been raised about the risk of rolled out around every two years.

Airbus Defence & Space

planned upgrades sliding beyond Harrigian says his main con-
Block 3F, and the overall price tag cerns are sliding things from 3F
as those modifications are rolled into Block 4, and affordability.
out in the early 2020s. Were trying to be as clear-eyed
Weve seen programmes where on what we think we can afford, to Airbus is pitching the PW127G-engined C295 for the requirement
our appetite is more than we can make sure as we go through [in-
contest Dominic Perry London

Canada fixed-wing
afford, Maj Gen Jeffrey Harrigian, crements] 4.1 and 4.2 weve got
who heads the US Air Force F-35 our priorities straight, he says.
integration office, said at a Mitchell The squadron will stand up at

SAR contest gets

Institute event in Washington DC. Hill AFB in Utah, with deliveries
The air force expects its first from September, and Harrigian
squadron of 12 to 14 A-model says USAF senior leaders feel

Embraer interest
F-35s in a baseline Block 3i config- very comfortable about achieving
uration to be ready for combat in a initial operating capability in 2016.
limited capacity by August 2016. However, challenges include re-
Those aircraft will later need to be ducing the time it takes to populate
modified to achieve full warfight- the aircrafts mission data file with Brazilian manufacturer may pitch developmental KC-390 as
ing capability with the full suite operational information, ensuring Airbus Defence & Space and Alenia Aermacchi line up bids
of armaments and improvements adequate resources and aircraft are
provided in the subsequent Block
3F and Block 4 upgrades.
The F-35 joint programme office
available for mission qualification
training, and managing software
glitches with the autonomic logis-
A irbus Defence & Space and
Alenia Aermacchi have con-
firmed their participation in Cana-
lo for the requirement, but is yet
to confirm its participation.
Bell-Boeing has withdrawn
is currently defining what will be tics information system. n das fixed-wing search and rescue the V-22 tiltrotor for the contest,
(FWSAR) contest, and could soon however, noting that the re-
be joined by Brazils Embraer. quests criteria remain focused
Ottawa published a request for on prescriptive aircraft specifica-

proposals in late March for the tions, rather than capability-

long-running contest, which based requirements.
seeks to replace the Royal Cana- Airbus has picked Provincial
dian Air Forces aged fleets of six Aerospace as mission systems in-
de Havilland Canada CC-115 Buf- tegrator for the Pratt & Whitney
falos and 13 Lockheed Martin Canada PW127G-engined C295,
CC-130H Hercules. alongside training and simula-
So far, Airbus and Alenia have tion provider CAE.
indicated their intention to bid, Alenias Team Spartan in-
offering the C295 and C-27J, re- cludes General Dynamics Cana-
spectively. Lockheed is also like- da, DRS Technologies Canada,
INCIDENT ly to offer the HC-130J, a variant KF Aerospace as maintenance,
of the current-generation Hercu- repair and overhaul provider, and
Engines clear on power-loss A330 les tactical transport already op- Esterline-CMC Electronics.
Singapore Airlines, Airbus and Rolls-Royce are reviewing an in-flight erated by Canada. Lockheed has an existing rela-
power loss which affected both engines of an A330-300 on 23 May. Embraer is also contemplating tionship with Cascade Aerospace
Aircraft 9V-SSF was 3.5h into Singapore-Shanghai flight SQ836 when pitching its developmental to support the C-130J.
the incident occurred in bad weather conditions, the carrier says. KC-390. We have received [the Canadas FWSAR programme
Both engines experienced a temporary loss of power and the RFP] and we are analysing very has been running for around 11
pilots followed operational procedures to restore normal operation seriously [whether] to be part of years. The CC-115 fleet now has
of the engines. The flight continued to Shanghai and touched down the process, says Jackson Schnei- an average age of 48 years, re-
uneventfully. The engines were thoroughly inspected and tested der, chief executive of its defence cords Flightglobals Ascend
upon arrival, with no anomalies detected, it adds. Flightglobals and security business unit. We Fleets database.
Ascend Fleets database records the carrier as operating 31 R-R will have a very attractive offer. Final responses are due by 28
Trent 772B-60EP-engined A330-300s, with three more on order. Canadas Viking Air may also September, with a decision due
offer a modernised DHC-5 Buffa- next spring. n 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 7

This week
For news from the Paris air show, including
digital issues of Flight Daily News, visit

PROGRAMME dominic perry vora

Embraer sees scope for E1s future

Brazilian airframer remains open to continued production of current-generation regional jet beyond arrival of successor

E mbraer appears open to the

possibility of continuing
production of its current-genera-
E175, E190 and E195 all receive
new wings and engines, with the
latter aircraft also being stretched
tion E175 regional jet for several by around 3m (10ft).
years after the arrival of its re-en- Silva says Embraer is drop-
gined replacement from 2020. ping the 70-80-seat E170 as we
The success of the heavier dont believe the market will re-
re-engined E2 model in the
quire this size of aircraft any
lucrative US market is depend- more. He points out that the
ent on the positive renegotiation backlog for the variant has

of a pilot-contract scope clause shrunk to just five.
that limits the maximum take-off Geared turbofan-powered E175-E2s will enter service from 2020 Meanwhile, with a pair of or-
weight of regional aircraft to ders newly confirmed Azul
39,010kg (86,000lb). The cur- Cesar de Souza e Silva, chief firm orders for a combined 150 taking 30 E195-E2s, and Tianjin
rent-generation aircraft is below executive of Embraers commer- E175-E2s. Airlines a pair of E190-E2s the
that threshold, but the E2 weighs cial aviation division. However, Silva speaking at firm backlog for the Pratt &
in at 44,650kg. So far, flightcrew unions no- an event at Embraers facility in Whitney geared turbofan-pow-

If there is no change, then of tably the Allied Pilots Associa- vora, Portugal, on 22 May ered family now stands at 242.
course we will continue to tion, which represents staff at played down the possibility of This figure is just one short of
manufacture the E1. But it is
American Airlines have been the E170 continuing in produc- Bombardiers CSeries total, but
difficult to say for how many
implacably opposed to any relax- tion post-2018. has been accumulated in a little
more years it could be two, it ation of the scope clause. The smallest member of the under two years since the range
could be four, five it depends US carriers SkyWest Airlines E-Jet family is not part of the E2 was launched at the 2013 Paris
on the scope clause, says Paulo and Trans States Holdings have programme under which the air show, notes Silva.


Boeing says RD-180 alternative unlikely to lift off

B oeing is yet to see the busi-
ness case for developing an
alternative engine to the Russian-
tive propulsion system following
Russias annexation of Crimea last
year, but air force secretary Debo-
Russian-made engines
power the Atlas V
built NPO Energomash RD-180 rah Lee James says leading launch
that powers the Atlas V rocket, providers are not interested as
even as lawmakers press the US they are already heavily investing
military to develop an American- in next-generation programmes.
made version by 2019. Before we invest in another
Rex Features
Congress tasked the US Air engine were going to have to see
Force to come up with an alterna- the business case and that the

conditions the air force allows us

spaceflight to operate in are conducive. We
If RD-180 supply is
Competition ignited by SpaceX deal havent seen that yet, Craig Coon- cut off, its going to
ing, Boeing president of network be difficult to make
SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket has been gramme as an alternative rocket pro- and space systems said in late
certificated by the US military to put vider, concluding a two-year May at an event in Los Angeles. a business case
its most important satellites into or- certification process that was five Part of the supply issues right Craig Cooning
President, space systems, Boeing
bit, injecting long-awaited competition months overdue and involved three now are based upon the law of the
into a national security space launch Falcon 9 flight demonstrations. land and what Congress has en-
market that has been dominated for SpaceX can now compete directly acted, and if that [RD-180] supply tification for the launch system is
almost a decade by the United against Boeing/Lockheed Martin is cut off, its going to be difficult unlikely to be obtained before 2019
Launch Alliance (ULA). joint venture ULA for two launch for a business case to be made. and, assuming the law banning
The US Air Force Space and opportunities funded in fiscal year The companys dilemma is that Russian imports is not repealed,
Missile Systems Center announced 2015 including a Global Positioning it is pursuing, as part of the United this leaves SpaceX with a near-
on 26 May that it had approved System III satellite launch in June Launch Alliance joint venture with term monopoly for its Falcon 9 ve-
SpaceXs participation in its evolved and another seven from FY2016 to Lockheed Martin, an Atlas replace- hicle once current RD-180 supplies
expendable launch vehicle pro- FY2017, the service says. ment called Vulcan. However, cer- are exhausted around 2017.

8 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

Wizz Air looks to nail This week
down high-density
A320 offering
air transport p10

PRODUCTION David Kaminski-Morrow Toulouse

Monthly A320 rate

could go up to 60
Capacity of engine manufacturers may be hurdle to potential
ramp-up by 2018 justified by current backlog of Airbus type

A irbus believes that it could

conceivably reach an A320
louse on 28 May, Leahy would
not be drawn on a specific time-

monthly production rate of 60 frame for a rate increase, referring
aircraft by around 2018. only to a date past 2016. Engine suppliers CFM and P&W must keep up with demand
The airframer has already com- But chief operating officer Tom
mitted to take output to 50, and Williams says the period around A320neo will be well into its pro- ployed in their Leap-1A and
chief operating officer for custom- 2018 would be a sensible time. duction cycle by this date, and PW1100G powerplants.
ers John Leahy says rates in excess If were going to go to rate 60 Airbus needs to ensure that its We have to make sure the en-
of 60 are justified, given the wed have to go progressively, he engine manufacturers CFM In- gine guys can match those rates,
backlog of the A320 and A320neo. says, adding that Airbus has previ- ternational and Pratt & Whitney he says. They have the biggest
Speaking at Airbuss Innova- ously been careful on pacing. will be able to cope with the technical challenge to deal with.
tion Days media briefing in Tou- Williams points out that the ramp-up of new technology em- But he adds that the rate-in-
crease assessment must also take
into account second- and third-
EVALUATION tier capabilities; the ability of
Flight-test campaign progresses for re-engined narrowbody suppliers to produce sufficient
simple components. You often
More than 130 flights have been had involved the first two Pratt & Airbus and P&W have been ad- find problems in areas you didnt
completed with Airbuss A320neo Whitney PW1100G-powered jets. dressing a maturity issue on the expect, says Williams. You
test fleet, which now includes the first The Leap-1A version has been PW1100G, he adds, with this relating have to get down into a real level
CFM International Leap-1A version. newly introduced to the test regime to a seal in the vicinity of the high- of detail to manage that.
The airframer says it has achieved and had clocked around 24h in six pressure compressor. Some produc- Williams says Airbuss trans-
high- and low-speed performance flights by 28 May. tion batches have shown slightly parency it is willing to disclose
tests with the A320neo, as well as Evrard says that he is confident more deviations during operation, full orderbook details to suppliers
noise evaluation for take-off and land- that both powerplant types will reach and flight testing was last week on and a credibility that comes with
ing. It has also carried out flutter test- the fuel-burn levels promised by hold until the issue is resolved. delivering on its promises and
ing and exploration of handling in their manufacturers, pointing out Evrard says that autopilot certifica- never having built a whitetail
normal and degraded flight laws. that Airbus has yet to conduct de- tion is among the steps yet to be un- will convince smaller suppliers to
Airbus programmes chief Didier tailed analysis on the Leap-1A per- dertaken on the A320neo, along with make the necessary investments
Evrard says the campaign has accu- formance because it hasnt had hot-and-high performance testing, in machinery, infrastructure and
mulated over 440h, of which 420h enough experience in flight. plus functional and reliability tests. n staff to meet the ramp-up. n

order David Kaminski-Morrow Toulouse

Leahy hints at air show take-off for regional A330

A irbus has indicated that it will
disclose an order for its re-
gional version of the A330 short-
mally launched in 2013. It has
been aiming the jet particularly at
the Chinese market.
ly, without identifying the poten- Orders for the regional version
tial customer. The company has would help to bridge a produc-
developed the variant as a high- tion gap before the ramp-up of
density aircraft tailored for shorter the A330neo programme.
routes through a reduction in its The manufacturer has already
maximum take-off weight. opted to cut its monthly produc-
Chief operating officer for cus- tion rate for the current A330
tomers John Leahy says Airbus is model to six. Leahy will not be
pursuing several campaigns to drawn on details of open A330
sell the aircraft. I expect to have sales campaigns, but indicates
an announcement by the [Paris] that Airbus could avoid a further
air show, he adds. reduction in this rate if active

Airbus has yet to secure an campaigns were converted suc-

Maximum take-off weight is lowered for the high-density variant order for the aircraft, which it for- cessfully. n 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 9

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network and fleet information sign up at:

upgrade fleet david kaminski-morrow london

Wizz Air looks to nail down

tom zaitsev moscow

Let L-410 set to

be revamped for
Russian market high-density A320 offering
C zech Republic-based Aircraft Budget carrier is predisposed towards highest number of seats, but is yet to commit
Industries is to thoroughly
modify the Let L-410 19-seat
commuter turboprop with the aim C entral European budget
carrier Wizz Air is still ex-
of boosting the aircrafts appeal in amining the higher-density ver-
the Russian regional market. sion of the Airbus A320, but is
A new variant should replace yet to commit to the type.
the GE Aviation H80-200- Airbus has been developing
powered L-410 UVP-E20 model, 186- and 189-seat options for the
of which 70 units have been A320 an increase on the
built over the past five years. 180-seat cabin used by Wizz.

The upgrade will involve a Chief financial officer Mike
fully digital cockpit, and w ill Powell, speaking during a full- Low-cost airline plans to take its A320-family fleet to 88 aircraft
increase the aircrafts range, year results briefing on 27 May,
speed and the size of its luggage said that the airline had studied a Chief executive Jozsef Varadi The airline has 59 A320s and
compartment, as well as higher seat configuration last year says he is very excited about plans to take this fleet size to 67
improving short-field perfor- but that the airframer, at the time, the larger jet, adding that initial over the current financial year,

mance on the back of reduced had not finalised its plans. concerns over turnaround time with the new additions to include
take-off weight. Were a business thats natu- have been allayed by the carriers its first four A321s. It plans to take
rally predisposed to taking the operational modelling. another 11 A321s in 2017 and 10
Provided [there is] highest density, says Powell, The way were phasing the more in 2018, increasing its total
adding that Wizz is looking to A321 into the system is base-by- fleet to 88 aircraft.
sufficient interest nail down an offering from base, instead of spreading them Powell says the carrier is
and backing, well be Airbus. He indicates that the across the board, he says. Well open-minded about financing

able to build up to 18 airline would standardise its get the right number of A321s aircraft on its own balance sheet.

configuration across the fleet. into one base, then move on to But it needs to be cheaper, he

aircraft a year Watch this space, he adds. the next. This is going to be a very says, pointing out that analysis of
Andrei Kozitsyn Wizz has already opted for a programmed introduction. responses from lessors and finan-
Director general, UGMK higher-density A321, with 230 Wizz is resisting a move to- ciers following a February re-
seats, which will begin arriving wards owning its aircraft, howev- quest for proposals showed that
in November. er, preferring an all-leased fleet. leasing was still cheaper.
Aircraft Industries, which
is owned by Russias Ural
Mining and Metallurgical contract david kaminski-morrow london
Company (UGMK), will present
the L -410NG mock-up at an
upcoming trade show in

Transaero plans superjumbo deferral

UGMK director general An- R ussian carrier Transaero is But Transaero had previously But it has not confirmed when
currently in talks to resched- indicated that it might have to its high-capacity aircraft, includ-
drei Kozitsyn says the enterprise ule Airbus A380 deliveries as defer certain deliveries for 2015 ing the A380s, will arrive.
is undergoing necessary re-tool- well as the financing measures as it deals with the effects of a Taking into account the
ing and will start serial produc- for the aircraft. downturn in Russias economy. economic situation, currently we
tion of the modernised turbo- The airline has four of the type The carrier has just taken de- are conducting negotiations with
prop in early 2017. on order and insists that the livery of a Boeing 737-800 in a re- the partners to alter the schedule
Ekaterinburg governor contract for the Engine Alliance vamped livery, and it says it will of delivery, it says. It adds that it
Yevgeny Kuivashev has visited GP7200-powered aircraft re- receive one more 737 this year as is also discussing the possibility
our facility there and requested mains in force. well as four A321s. of amending financing schemes
his administration to look at due to the current situation in
possibilities of using the
the banking sector.
L-410NG on intra-regional
Its delivery schedule for the re-
routes and earmarking funds to mainder of 2015 similarly did not
sponsor it, adds Kozitsyn. mention the four 747-8s the air-
Provided [there is] sufficient line has ordered, nor its six firm
interest and financial backing for Sukhoi Superjet 100s.
the project, well be able to build Transaero has yet to finalise its

and supply up to 18 aircraft a 2016 schedule, saying it will dis-

year, he says. The carrier recently received a Boeing 737-800 with a new livery close details at a later date.

10 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

A321 flap errors
led to alert

IFEC jon hemmerdinger washington DC

Systems are Gogo

Gogo acquired its 737-500 flying
testbed in August last year

after approval for

in-flight 2Ku tests
Satellite connectivity provider receives authority to flight-test
its technology on board a company-owned Boeing 737-500

I n-flight wi-fi provider Gogo has
received authorisation from the
US Federal Aviation Administra-
test the systems radome, avion-
ics and one antenna on its 737
Flying Lab. Gogos next regula-
Six airlines, including
eromexico, Air Canada, Delta
Air Lines, Japan Airlines, United
ity to operate 2Ku from the US
Federal Communications Com-
mission, the regulatory body that
tion to flight test its 2Ku-based sat- tory hurdle is to obtain another Airlines and Virgin Atlantic oversees airwaves.
ellite connectivity service on a STC permitting flight testing of a Airways have committed to test or Gogo acquired its flying test-
company-owned Boeing 737-500. second antenna. deploy 2Ku, Gogo says. Delta and bed aircraft (N321GG) from Com-
The supplemental type certifi- Gogo says satellite-based 2Ku Virgin Atlantic will be the first to mercial Jet Solutions in August
cate (STC) is the first of two the will initially provide data trans- launch the product later this year. 2014, according to Flightglobals
company needs before launching fer speeds of up to 73Mbps, but We currently have more than Ascend Fleets database.
2Ku on commercial flights, a expects speeds to eventually 350 aircraft commitments for the Boeing manufactured the
milestone Gogo hopes to reach reach 100Mbps. By comparison, technology, says Gogo. 737-500 in 1992, and Malaysia
later this year. Gogos air-to-ground ATG-4 con- News of the STC follows Airlines, Air France and Czech
The initial STC permits the nectivity product has transfer Gogos January announcement
Airlines have previously operat-
Itasca, Illinois-based company to speeds up to 9.8Mbps. that it received regulatory author- ed the twinjet.

SAFETY jon hemmerdinger washington dc REGULATORY

FAA task force to recommend on rules ANAC warns of

Embraer trim
governing the mental health of pilots switch issue
U S regulator the Federal
Aviation Administration
(FAA) is participating in a study
B razils civil aviation regulator
has issued an airworthiness
bulletin warning operators of
of pilot mental health issues and Embraer 170s and 190s against
may make regulatory changes installing control-yoke pitch trim
based on recommendations it switches upside down.
expects to receive in around six The 22 May bulletin from
months time. Brazils National Agency of Civil
The FAA is tackling the issue Aviation (ANAC) says regulators
of mental health after the March have become aware of instances
2015 crash of G ermanwings flight of inverted installation of the
Rex Features

4U9525 which co-pilot trim switches a condition that

Andreas Lubitz flew into a moun- could potentially result in
tain while apparently suffering Flight 4U9525 was deliberately crashed in the Alps by its co-pilot opposite commands on the

from depression and the March horizontal stabiliser.
2014 disappearance of Malaysia cidents in other parts of the tal health problems to not be re- This inversion, if not d etected
Airlines flight MH370. world prompted the FAA to take ported, the FAA says. by the pilots during the pre-flight
US pilots undergo robust a new look at the important issue The task force will deliver its or promptly detected by the pilot
medical screening, but recent ac- of pilot fitness, the agency says. recommendations by year-end. flying during the flight when
A task force of FAA employees, Based on the recommenda- pitch trimming the airplane,
Recent accidents international aviation experts, in- tions, the FAA may consider could result in a s ignificant pitch
dustry participants, and aviation changes to medical methods, air- mis-trim which, in turn, would
have prompted the medical professionals will con- craft design, procedures, pilot reduce the airplanes controllabil-
FAA to take a new duct the study. Issues to be exam- training and testing, training for ity, ANAC says.
ined include mental health aware- aerospace medical examiners or The agency adds that Embraer
look at the important ness, mental health evaluations, potential actions that may be issued service bulletins in
issue of pilot fitness reporting of mental health prob- taken by professional airline or February and March to address
US FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION lems, and barriers that cause men- union groups, says the FAA. the issue. 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 11

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investigation safety

STG delivers cutting-edge protection

david kaminski-morrow

Wings Air crew

did not act on S afety equipment specialist
STG Aerospace has devel-
terrain alerts oped a high-visibility product for
Boeing 737s fitted with the new

S even years after a fatal Beech

1900D collision with high
terrain, Nigerian investigators

split-scimitar wing-tip.
The product, based on the
companys photo-luminescent
have released conclusions cabin interior signage, is intend-
indicating that the crew had
ed to reduce the risk of ground-

STG Aerospace
failed to respond to ground- handling vehicle strikes.
proximity warnings. Split-scimitar tips are designed
The Wings Aviation aircraft to cut fuel burn. They feature an Luxair has installed the photo-luminescent product on three 737s
(5N-JAH) had been operating a upper blended winglet but also a
domestic positioning flight from lower blade, which is vulnerable STG says its product brand- in daylight and darkness.
Lagos to Bebi, which is located in to being hit. Luxembourg carrier ed VisiWing incorporates its Development of the product
a region of high terrain near the Luxair is the launch customer photo-luminescent and reflective has been approved by Aviation
Cameroon border. and has installed the device on technology and ensures the en- Partners Boeing, which produces
While a route check to Bebi three of its 737-800s. hanced visibility of the wing-tip the split-scimitar tips.
was a requirement of Nigerian
civil aviation regulations, the
captain the flight safety pilot for inquiry david kaminski-morrow london

A321 flap errors led to alert

the carrier had never had one.
He had only landed at the remote
airport once before.
The aircraft deviated from its
filed flight plan, says the inquiry, Air France crew selected incorrect settings after switching runways, triggering stall protection
continuing along airway UA609
instead of taking a more
northerly course. Investigators

state that the original flight plan
I nvestigators believe an Airbus
A321 crews incorrect flap se-
lection while changing their ap-
ecause 13Ls threshold is located
some 600m (2,000ft) ahead of
13Rs. In the manoeuvre the air-
were close to the idle setting.
The aircrafts angle of attack in-
creased to 10, triggering the
would have led the aircraft along proach runway led to a loss of crafts undercarriage was de- A321s stall-protection system.
a less hazardous north-west airspeed and the automatic trig- ployed but the crew set its flap BEA says the aircraft was
route to Bebi rather than the gering of stall-protection systems. lever to an incorrect position. around 5.7nm from runway 13L
southern approach in the vicini- The Air France aircraft had Instead of moving the lever and slightly below the glideslope.
ty of high ground. been operating to Marseille on 10 from position 2 to position 3 The climb input to the side-stick
This deviation went uncor- March 2011 and its crew was which would have shifted the continued to increase, with the
rected by air traffic control when originally intending to land on flaps from 14 to 21 it was pitch reaching the maximum limit
the crew transmitted estimates runway 13R. But after disengag- reset to cruise configuration, allowed by the protection system.
for two off-plan waypoints. ing the autopilot and auto-thrust, which caused the slats and flaps Flight-data recorder informa-
The inquiry adds that, and intercepting the glideslope of to retract. tion showed the A321 descended
because of the deviation, the
13R, the crew requested the The aircraft was travelling at to 1,700ft before the crew execut-
flight was outside of Enugu air change to the parallel 13L. This 170kt (314km/h) after the offset ed a missed approach, subse-
traffic controls zone of responsi- was undertaken through an offset manoeuvre with a descent rate of quently landing without further
bility when it was cleared to manoeuvre known as a bayonet. around 2,000ft/min. BEA states incident on 13R.
descend to 5,000ft in a region French investigation authority that the pilot strongly applied a BEA says that the crew was
where the minimum en route BEA says the manoeuvre left the climb input to his side-stick, but inadequately prepared for the
altitude was 11,200ft. A321 high on the glideslope did not adjust the throttles which decision to switch runways,
The aircraft descended to which rapidly increased the
3,500ft as the crew tried to locate pilots workload and may also
ground references and have contributed to the incorrect
landmarks. Investigators state
flap selection. The erroneous
that the pilots began receiving setting went undetected and the
terrain alerts including a continu- flying pilot did not question the
ous ground-proximity warning A321s airspeed.
lasting 36s. The aircrafts alerting systems
Before the crew responded the did not warn about the low en-
aircraft collided with terrain at a ergy state because the jet had
height of 3,400ft. None of the been configured for cruise.
Air France

three occupants of the 1900D Air France has since amended

survived the crash. Air France has since amended landing procedures for the type procedures, the inquiry says.

12 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

KC-390 nearing
return to the skies

strategy Mavis Toh Singapore

737 key to unlocking Chinas potential

Boeing looks to ape rivals success in market as talks with Beijing on creation of narrowbody completions centre near end

B oeing appears to be in deep dis-

cussions with the Chinese gov-
ernment about the countrys poten-
tial participation in a minor way at
least in the 737 programme.
The parties have apparently
been in talks for a number of years,
but it appears that a decision on
whether to set up a completions
and delivery centre for the narrow-
body in China could, finally, be
close, according to sources.
It is unclear where the facility
would be located, or which local
parties Boeing will partner with for
the venture.
Any decision also depends on
Sino-US relations, which are
strained by Chinas increasing as-
sertiveness in regional territorial
disputes, as well as the strong im-

provement of its armed forces.
Boeing has distanced itself from Sichuan Airlines operates a 100-strong, all-Airbus fleet, reflecting airframers growth in the country
the media murmuring, limiting its
response to the standard line that it It was interesting when it [Air- I will never say never big two airframers would invest
does not comment on speculation. bus final assembly line] was done. in a major local widebody facili-
Still, the airframer has offered But today if I went to China and to an assembly line, ty, due to fears over technology
clues about its intentions in China. said I want to do the same thing but it has to add leakage.
Last year, Boeing senior vice-presi- its a joke. They would say I al- Such an undertaking is also
dent of sales and marketing for ready know how to do that. So
value [for China] heavily dependent on the addi-
Northeast Asia Ihssane Mounir youve got to go a step further, it has Ihssane Mounir tional business the investment
Senior vice-president, Boeing
said it was analysing what tech- to add value [to Chinese industry]. would bring, and it is doubtful
nologies or processes it could offer Boeings downbeat stance on whether widebody production
the Chinese above and beyond local assembly is no reflection, tle over 48% of the single-aisle volumes would be sufficient to
those already provided by other however, on the success that rival segment, with Boeing just shad- justify such a move.
manufacturers. Airbus has seen with its A320 ing it with a 51% share (the re- Those familiar with the Chinese
Were in discussions with our final assembly line in Tianjin. mainder is accounted for by six market suggest Beijing is also look-
Chinese partners to see what we can Work at the facility commenced in Tupolevs). In total there are 1,127 ing at projects higher up the
do with them from an industry 2008 and on the back of the deci- Airbus aircraft in China, up from value chain when it comes to dis-
standpoint beyond what we are sion to locate there it has seen its just 200 in 2004. cussions with the foreign manu-
doing today. I will never say never share of the narrowbody market in On the widebody front, Airbus facturers. While assembly or com-
to an assembly line, but it has to be a China inexorably increase. has a 56.9% market share with the pletions may be high profile,
product that makes sense. It has to Flightglobals Ascend Fleets A330 the dominant twin-aisle pas- greater involvement in next-gener-
add value, [to China], said Mounir. database shows that it holds a lit- senger type in the country. ation jets is also highly coveted.
Airbus is also moving to in- Against this backdrop, China is
CHINA NARROWBODY FLEET CHINA WIDEBODY FLEET crease its widebody market share building its own C919 narrow-
and has floated tentative plans to body, which has accumulated
Number of aircraft in service Number of aircraft in service
set up an A330 completions centre over 275 firm orders and 125 ten-
Airbus Airbus in Tianjin which would perform tative commitments. Comac is cur-
970 157 cabin installations, painting and rently putting the final touches to
pre-delivery engine runs. the twinjets final assembly centre.
A widebody final assembly One thing is clear: as the coun-
line would definitely be of strong try moves to overtake the USA as
interest to Beijing, especially the worlds largest aviation mar-
since it has plans to develop a ket, and as Comac becomes more
Boeing Boeing
1,030 119 twin-aisle aircraft in partnership of a threat, Boeing and Airbus will
with Russia. However, it is far go all-out to grow or at least retain
SOURCE: Flightglobals Ascend Fleets SOURCE: Flightglobals Ascend Fleets
from clear whether either of the their share of the cake. n 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 13

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development Dominic Perry vora

KC-390 nearing return to the skies

Lengthy delay since first test flight was necessary to install certification instrumentation, says Embraer defence chief

E mbraer will in the next two

months resume test flights of
its developmental KC-390 trans-
Aero Engines V2500-powered air-
craft to achieve certification, said
Schneider, speaking at a media
port and tanker, following a briefing at the companys vora,
lengthy pause since its first and Portugal facility on 22 May.
only sortie on 3 February. The second flight-test article is
This lay-up period, says due to roll out in September or
Jackson Schneider, chief execu- October this year, leading to con-
tive of Embraer Defense & Secu- cerns that the airframer could

rity, was to allow the installation struggle to stay on schedule.
of all the instrumentation re- But Schneider is unconcerned Brazils future transport/tanker got airborne on 3 February
quired for certification trials. by the ambitious timeframe. If it
Military approval is scheduled was the first plane we were de- which has committed to 28 exam- We have discussions already
to be attained late in 2016, with veloping then I would be very ples. However, Embraer also with some countries. Two are
first delivery to the Brazilian air scared, but it isnt. He adds: We holds letters of intent from five pretty advanced, he says.
force that year or in early 2017. have a very proven and experi- other nations, covering 32 aircraft. However, he declines to indi-
Embraer will require around enced engineering team. Schneider is positive that ad- cate whether the pair of potential
2,000h of flight tests using two So far, the only firm order for ditional deals will be signed off customers are drawn from the ex-
prototypes of the International the twinjet has come from Brazil, in the coming months. isting five-nation pool.
Embraer is producing the metal-
lic vertical stabiliser and wing
ORDERS skins, and the composite horizon-
Afghan deal will power more Super Tucano sales Embraer tal stabiliser for the KC-390 in
vora. Components for the third
New orders for the A-29 Super of an initial 20 A-29s to the US Air Training activities for 30 Afghan prototype a static test aircraft
Tucano appear imminent, with Force as part of the services light pilots and 90 maintenance personnel are due to be shipped to Brazil
Embraer Defense & Security chief air support (LAS) requirement, which are ongoing at Moody AFB in Georgia. shortly. Manufacturing of parts at
executive Jackson Schneider saying will equip the Afghan air force. A sev- The LAS contract success which the Portuguese site for a ground-
it is in discussion with about 10 enth is poised to leave the compa- could eventually total 55 aircraft is test article for fatigue evaluations
countries in different stages of sales nys Jacksonville assembly facility in raising a lot of interest in the A-29, will begin in the coming weeks.
campaigns and expects to an- Florida in the coming days, says Schneider. It is the only product Long lead-time components
nounce something this year. Schneider said, while visiting its for counter-insurgency applications for the first customer aircraft are
Embraer has so far delivered six vora site in Portugal. that is designed for this purpose. n also in production. n

CAPABILITY Greg Waldron Singapore

RAAFs Wedgetail fleet gains full operational status

T he Royal Australian Air
Forces six Boeing E-7A
Wedgetail airborne early warning
programme aimed at enabling
improved communications be-
tween assets.
and control system aircraft have Separately, the DoD has dem-
achieved final operational capa- onstrated a new satellite-based
bility status. communication system installed
Australias Department of De- on one of the air forces Boeing
fence says the 737-derived type C-17s. This allowed for full mo-
has proven effective while sup- tion video from an Israel Aero-
Commonwealth of Australia

porting Operation Okra Can- space Industries Heron un-

berras contribution to the fight manned air vehicle to be
against Islamic State militants in streamed to the strategic trans-
the Middle East with more than ports crew and passengers from
100 sorties and 1,200h flown. The 737-based E-7A has supported operations in the Middle East 1,080nm (2,000km) away.
The aircrafts advanced multi- The DoD says such a capability
role radar gives the air force the says the services deputy chief of force as part of Plan Jericho, the could be used to view enemy po-
ability to survey, command, con- staff, Air Vice-Marshal Gavin Wedgetail will be able to support sitions during a conflict, or to
trol and coordinate joint air, sea Davies. As we transition into a future aircraft and surveillance help crews assess areas struck by
and land operations in real time, more technologically advanced systems, he adds, referring to a natural disasters. n

14 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

France validates
E-3F update

Surveillance Craig Hoyle London

Thales selection
puts Cerberus in
Crowsnest for RN
Merlin HM2 prime contractor Lockheed Martin UK picks

rival to ensure airborne early warning coverage from 2018
Sikorskys coaxial-compound, rigid-rotor S-97 is under evaluation

T hales is to supply an im-

proved version of its Search-
sessment phase during 2016. The
company selected the Searchwa-
techNology Stephen Trimble Washington DC
water radar and Cerberus mission
system to deliver the UK Royal
ter/Cerberus combination after a
competitive phase in which it had Debut test flight gives a
Navys Crowsnest airborne early
warning (AEW) capability.
To be integrated with some of
teamed first with Northrop Grum-
man and then Elta Systems to pro-
mote a solution using twin active
glimpse of Raider power
the RNs upgraded AgustaWest-
land Merlin HM2 multirole heli-
copters, the equipment will fea-
electronically scanned arrays.
We have accelerated our pro-
gramme delivery strategy in order
S ikorsky has conducted a first
flight test with its S-97 Raider
in West Palm Beach, Florida,
tended by more than four months
to complete several new technolo-
gies. The aircraft supports a varie-
ture numerous enhancements to sustain the capability seam- opening a year-long test and dem- ty of projects within the company,
from that used with its current lessly through our Merlin Mk2 onstration phase for the high- including additive manufactured
Westland Sea King 7 airborne helicopters as the Sea King Mk7 speed, compound helicopter. components, a low-fastener-count
surveillance and control system fleet retires from service in 2018, The companys chief pilot Bill approach to structural assembly,
rotorcraft the last of which will says Air Vice-Marshal Julian Fell and co-pilot Kevin Breden- and new composite materials.
be retired in three years time. Young, director helicopters at the beck performed three take-offs and The S-97 is a testbed for a lot of
According to Thales, the sys- UKs Defence Equipment and landings within a 1h period on 22 new technology, and some of those
tem will maximise re-use of the Support organisation. May, evaluating the aircrafts han- took a little bit longer, says Sikor-
Ministry of Defences existing in- Previously valued at up to dling at speeds of up to 10kt sky vice-president of research and
vestment in equipment, training 500 million for 10 systems, the (18.5km/h) while using a degrad- engineering Mark Miller.
and expertise by upgrading, up- Crowsnest project will deliver a ed mode of the fly-by-wire system. Proposed for light attack, scout
dating and adapting a battle- critical capability in providing The 5t-class S-97s pusher propel- and special utility missions, the
proven capability. AEW cover for the RNs future ler was left deactivated, with the coaxial-compound, rigid-rotor
Improvements will include pair of Queen Elizabeth-class air- counter-torque function of a nor- S-97 will be tested at speeds of up
new modes for the mechanically- craft carriers. The MoD says the mal tail rotor having been re- to 220kt.
scanned Searchwater radar, en- Merlin-mounted system will also placed by the use of a counter-ro- Sikorsky and Boeing will draw
hanced performance and data be used to support wider fleet tating, coaxial rotor system, which on the lessons of the Raider project
processing, an improved human- and land operations, following also provides vertical thrust. for their 13.5t-class SB-1 Defiant
machine interface and reduced its introduction to service. You have a phenomenal rotorcraft, to be flown in 2017 as
weight, it adds. Thales says its mission system amount of control power with this part of the US Armys joint multi-
Merlin system prime contrac- for Crowsnest will also be suita- very rigid rotor, Fell says. There role technology demonstrator pro-
tor Lockheed Martin UK will con- ble for installation aboard other is no lag. The aircraft responds im- gramme. A Bell Helicopter and
clude the Crowsnest programmes helicopters, as well as fixed- mediately to your control input. Lockheed Martin team will also fly
27 million ($41.8 million) as- wing platforms. n Launched in 2010, Sikorskys their V-280 Valor tiltrotor. n
self-funded programme was ex- See News Focus P17


Orbiter spawns lethal munition

A eronautics Defense Systems
has introduced a loitering mu-
nition variant of its Orbiter 2 un-
from a personal ground control sta-
tion, the UAV can be tasked with
detecting and destroying a moving
manned air vehicle, which it plans or stationary target. The system
to be operational in the near future. also can loiter over a given area, in-
The Israeli manufacturer says dependently scanning it before
its Orbiter 1K is launched from a detecting and engaging a target.
catapult and can fly for 2-3h, car- If a target is not located or ap-
rying an electro-optical/infrared proved, the UAV can be returned

sensor payload and warhead. to its operator, with recovery via a

Crowsnest will offer airborne early warning cover on AW helicopters When given a specific waypoint parachute and airbag. n 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 15

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munitions programme james drew washington dc

France validates E-3F update

james drew washington dc

USAF hits hard

targets with high Air force declares initial capability after operational deployment with first modified AWACS
velocity weapon
T he US Air Forces chief
scientist says the high veloci-
F rance has completed test and
evaluation of its second mod-
ernised E-3F airborne warning
perations in the Middle East.
Aircraft two was returned to the
air force in March, Ellis says,
ty penetrating weapon (HVPW) and control system (AWACS) air- with the remaining two to be
that its research laboratory has craft, and declared initial opera- completed in October and June
designed for internal carriage tional capability on its Boeing-led 2016, respectively.
with the Lockheed Martin F-35 mid-life upgrade programme. Air France Industries is a
and other types is ready to The Block 40/45 modernisa- major partner on the programme,
transfer to a development and
tion is the largest update to the installing the electrical, mechani-
production programme. French air forces E-3F fleet since cal and structural systems and
The Air Force Research Labo- the types introduction. Along mission hardware on the aircraft

ratory has been testing a 908kg- with the addition of four more at its facility at Paris Charles de
class (2,000lb) rocket-propelled operator work stations, the up- The French air force will deploy Gaulle airport.
bomb for attacking fortified tar- grade adds modern computing the system until at least 2035 Flightglobals Ascend Fleets
gets such as underground bun- systems and communications database records the 707-based
kers and tunnel networks. Unlike equipment, improving the air- mand and control, Mark Ellis, AWACS aircraft as having been
traditional gravity bombs, the crafts air surveillance and battle said at the companys San Anto- built in 1990 and 1991. The
kinetic weapon is rammed into management capabilities. nio site in Texas. French air force expects the
the ground like a pile driver. They have a much greater Worth $380 million to Boeing, mid-life upgrade to keep the E-3F
Little has been said about the picture of whats going on, so the four-aircraft upgrade started relevant through to 2035. France
programme since its inception in situational awareness is much
in May 2013. A first example was is already starting to consider
2011, but Dr David Walker says improved, Boeings director of delivered last July and has what type of platform will come
HVPW has been very success- airborne surveillance and com- already been deployed on
next, according to Boeing.
ful, with the weapon now part of
a study into future hard-target
munitions requirements. These enhancement greg waldron singapore

Artamis scans Asian market for sales

also include Boeings 13,600kg
massive ordnance penetrator and
more traditional bunker-busters.
The idea is to get a heavy
weapon effect with a much lighter
and more compact weapon,
L ockheed Martin has held talks
with countries in Southeast
Asia about a roll-on, roll-off mari-
Hercules operators to perform
maritime missions ranging from
search and rescue to anti-subma-
tion system receiver can be
hard-mounted to the aircraft,
which would also can carry a pal-
Walker told Flight International at time mission package for use on rine warfare, the company says. let equipped with two operator
a recent defence science and tech- its C-130 tactical transport. Additions including a search workstations. This could be in-
nology exposition at the Pentagon. The airborne tactical mission radar, electro-optical/infrared creased to four or five operators
The air force has not revealed system, or Artamis, would allow sensor and automatic identifica- for missions such as intelligence,
whether it would equip the surveillance and reconnaissance,
HVPW with a new void-sensing business development principal
fuze produced by Orbital ATK. Lori Lindholm said at the Imdex
This can count the number of lay- Asia show in Singapore.
ers or levels the bomb has pene- Lindholm attributes regional
trated before detonating. interest in such a maritime mis-
A test and evaluation pro- sion enhancement to territorial
Commonwealth of Australia

gramme for HVPW was due to disputes in the South China Sea,
wrap up in late 2014. The main and the search effort mounted
industry partners on the pro- following the disappearance of
gramme were Boeing, Lockheed Malaysia Airlines flight MH370
Martin, MBDA and Raytheon. Malaysia committed Hercules transports to the search for MH370 in March 2014.

Download the 2015 IN ASSOCIATION WITH

Wo r l d A i r F o r c e s R e p o r t
w w w. f l i g h t g l o b a l . c o m / w a f
Ruag 2015 strip ad.indd 1 07/01/2015 14:22
16 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015
Mueller prescribes news focus
bitter medicine for
ailing MAS

ROTORCRAFT James Drew Philadelphia

Boeing banks on success with SB-1

Manufacturer confident the result of its partnership with Sikorsky will meet the US Armys future vertical lift needs

B oeing is banking on its part-

nership with Sikorsky on the
SB-1 Defiant demonstrator to
help usher in the next generation
of rotorcraft for the US Army, but
still anticipates that its long-serv-
ing AH-64 Apache and CH-47
Chinook designs will continue to
dominate the skies out to 2060.
Being developed for the armys
joint multi-role technology dem-
onstration (JMR-TD) programme,
the SB-1 is expected to make its
flight debut in the third quarter of
2017 in West Palm Beach, Flori-
da. Boeing and Sikorsky are 50:50
partners on the programme.

The propeller-pushed, lift-off-
set coaxial aircraft will be as- The coaxial platform draws on Sikorskys past experience with high-speed demonstrators
sessed along with the rival Bell
Helicopter/Lockheed Martin V-280 gether a requirements list thats current activity with the S-97 helicopter fleets.
Valor tiltrotor to inform the way exhaustive. What were doing in Raider prototype. The rigid coaxial We fly in 2017, and [were]
ahead in the medium-weight our SB-1 Defiant is helping them rotorcraft first flown by Sikorsky probably flying for about one year,
class of the services future verti- understand what the implica- on 22 May is built to cruise at Donnelly says of the JMR-TD activ-
cal lift (FVL) programme. If suc- tions of any one of those design 240kt. ity. He notes that the army will
cessfully validated in testing, a features does to the aircraft. Were pursuing our vehicle in consider the SB-1 and V-280 de-
Defiant or Valor type of rotorcraft The SB-1 is designed with stiff, our [coaxial] configuration be- signs in an analysis of alternatives,
would start replacing US Apache counter-rotating blades mounted cause we believe it buys helicopter before publishing its final medi-
and Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk close together to reduce drag. The capability as well as speed, Don- um-class FVL requirements docu-
helicopters in the 2030s. blades will slow as the aircraft is nelly says. The focus of our air- ment. Developing a heavy-lift plat-
Speaking at Boeings rotorcraft propelled to speeds of more than craft is its agility at low speeds, form to replace the Chinook is a
manufacturing facility in Phila- 250kt (462km/h); roughly 90kt like a conventional helicopter. We longer-term priority for the service.
delphia, the companys director faster than a Black Hawk. Don- believe for the requirements as In addition to its JMR-TD pro-
of future vertical lift at Phantom nelly says the propeller reverses specified a couple of years ago, gramme involvement, Boeing also
Works, Pat Donnelly, says the pitch to slow the aircraft and this configuration is the best. hopes to develop a next-genera-
army wants a speedy, multi-pur- even act as a parachute. Boeing says that its CH-47F Chi- tion vertical-lift platform based
pose aircraft that flies faster and There are advantages to the nook and AH-64E Apache will re- from its Phantom Swift: a ducted-
farther than a traditional helicop- tiltrotors, theres advantages to the main in production through 2020 fan tiltrotor aircraft.
ter and carries more payload, but coaxial, he says. A tiltrotor is a at least, with the exact dates to de- Donnelly says Phantom Swift is
which must operate like a heli- more mature platform, but we are pend on future sales, including to designed to be much more effi-
copter and cost like a helicopter. relying heavily on what Sikorsky international operators. The US cient in hover than the SB-1, and
We are helping the govern- has done in this environment. He Army expects to keep flying both to reach cruise speeds of 300-
ment decide what they want for points to that companys experi- aircraft types through 2060, by 400kt.
future vertical lift-medium, ence gained through flying the X2 which time its FVL programme is Boeing expects to complete its
Donnelly says. Theyve put to- demonstrator to 250kt, plus its due to deliver a replacement in preliminary design later this year,
both mission areas. before the US Defense Advanced
There are approximately 850 Research Projects Agency will se-
Chinooks currently in operation lect one of four bidders to build
globally, and Boeing has delivered and fly a high-speed vertical take-
more than 2,100 Apaches since off and landing X-plane. Other
the A-model variants introduction candidates pursuing the opportu-
in 1984. Flightglobals Ascend nity are Aurora Flight Sciences,
Fleets database records more than Karem Aircraft and a Sikorsky/
1,100 of the attack helicopter as Lockheed team.
being in current active use. Boeing Donnelly says Boeings candi-
says the US government will in date aircraft will be autonomous,

time need approximately 4,000 but that this is not the main focus
Lessons from Phantom Swift are informing X-plane candidate design FVL platforms to replace its legacy of the competition. n 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 17

news focus
Take the controls of your access to all
the latest aviation news and data:

REstructure Mavis Toh Singapore

Mueller prescribes bitter

medicine for ailing MAS
New chief executive warns staff of pain to come but promises brighter future for carrier

C hristoph Mueller may have

been at the reins of Malaysia
Airlines (MAS) for little over a
working style will have to be
built. In part, this will be aided
by the launch on 1 September of
lion on revenue of $4.7 billion. But
that was exceeded by its financial
performance during the first three
month, but employees already Malaysia Airlines Berhad quarters of 2014, where net losses
have a sense of the changes on (MAB), which will take on the ballooned to $408 million.
the way. operations and selected assets Therefore a cohesive, compre-
In a four-page internal memo and liabilities from MAS. hensive business plan is required
sent to all staff not long after he But Mueller is brutally aware of to deal with many of its underly-
began the new role on 1 May, the impact caused by the fear fac- ing ills.
Mueller warned the changes re- tor following the loss of two air- Trimming excess fat will no
quired to nurse the flag carrier back craft in 2014 the disappearance doubt be a key element of that
to health may be painful; the medi- of flight MH370 and the shoot- strategy. Its cost base is up to
cine is bitter, he said, and the fit- down of MH17. People are not fly- 20% higher than those of its ri-
ness programme required will ing with the airline simply because vals, with many services per-
cause a lot of sweat and sometimes they are frightened, he says. formed in-house at uncompeti-
tears. However, it will be reward- Of course, Malaysia Airlines tive rates.
ing in the end, he writes. was ailing before last years inci- Some functions will be out-
To him, it is clear that a reborn dents. In 2013, the latest full year sourced and specialists in other
airline complete with new uni- for which figures are available, areas will be brought in as part-
forms, facilities, processes and MAS made a net loss of $368 mil- ners. In addition, staff have been
warned that job cuts are loom-
$ millions $ millions uncertainty this has created
2000 50 among employees has had the out the destinations it will serve,
Total revenue Operating result knock-on effect of causing ser- its key markets, the aircraft it will
Net result
1600 0 vice levels to deteriorate. use, its schedule, product offering
Mueller warns that the airlines and how to take on its main com-
1200 -50 2015 financial situation is more petitors. No small to-do list then.
challenging than we all thought. FlightMaps Analytics from
800 -100 This is blamed on the apprecia- Flightglobals Innovata schedules
tion of the US dollar, sluggish de- specialist shows the flag carrier
400 -150 mands in certain markets despite still has a comprehensive net-
deep discounting, and highly ag- work covering Asia, Europe, the
0 -200
Jun Sep Dec Mar Jun Sep Dec Mar Jun Sep gressive, lower-fare competitors. Middle East, India and Australia.
2012 2012 2012 2013 2013 2013 2013 2014 2014 2014 Routes, therefore, will be key. However, the airline is review-
SOURCE: Flightglobal
Mueller says MAS needs to figure ing its European and Middle East-
ern routes to focus on network
The shoot-down of flight contribution and profitability,
MH17 compounded the and to build on its money-making
carriers financial plight domestic and regional routes.
FlightMaps shows that the air-
lines top destinations, by seat ca-
pacity, are Kota Kinabalu, Kuch-
ing, Singapore, Penang and Jakarta.
These are, unfortunately, also
routes where it faces cutthroat
competition from AirAsia and
Lion Airs Indonesian unit Malin-
do Air. Both of these budget oper-
ators have better cost structures
and have no qualms about slash-
ing prices to gain market share.
AirAsia currently leads with a
Rex Features

43.2% share of seat capacity on

domestic routes, followed by

18 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

news focus
Gulfstream defers
decision on G150

STRATEGY Aaron Chong Singapore

Kuala Lumpur unveils plan for growth
The Malaysian government has de- take-offs and landings. This will in-
tailed its proposals to enhance the clude upgrading Mukah airport in
countrys aviation sector in its five- Sarawak and possibly relocating the
year economic plan, which was ta- airport in Lawas.
bled in parliament by prime minister MASwings, the regional domestic
Najib Razak on 21 May. subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, will
In a six-point statement on avia- continue to serve as the community
tion, the strategy makes clear that airline for Sabah and Sarawak with,
the countrys international gateways the purchase of more ATR 72s and
will be continually upgraded in terms Viking Air DHC-6-400 Twin Otters,
of capacity and efficiency to cater for the plan states.
the expected rise in air traffic. An independent regulatory body,
The airport sector will also be The Malaysian Aviation Commission,
developed to strengthen institutional will meanwhile be created to oversee
and regulatory frameworks, as well national development objectives,
as improve capacity and review rural as well as to manage capacity of
air services. operators and competition via licens-
A new Kuala Lumpur air traffic con- ing and route allocation.
trol centre will be built to replace the The body will work to transform
current national control centre at Malaysias civil aviation regulatory
Subang to improve aircraft move- frameworks, focusing on aviation
ment capacity over the countrys air- development including policy and
space. Communication, navigation, planning, economic regulation and
surveillance and air traffic manage- consumer protection.
ment systems will also be upgraded, Responsibilities for technical,
Rex Features

allowing aircraft movements at Kuala safety and security aspects will,

Lumpur International airport to in- however, remain with the countrys
Mueller says people are frightened of flying with the airline
crease from 68 to 108 per hour. department of civil aviation (DCA).
Elsewhere, Sultan Ismail Petra The government believes that such
MAS (40.4%), Malindo (8.3%) line says it has decided to with- airport in Kelantan will also be up- changes will further intensify ef-
and regional turboprop operator draw this tender/RFQ for the graded to include a wider and longer forts to streamline all airports ac-
Firefly (8%), itself a subsidiary of sale and will not proceed with runway, along with improvements to cording to their hierarchy.
Malaysia Airlines. the next step... The tender pro- taxiways and an expansion to the Furthermore, Kuala Lumpur is
Mueller says the airline is cess will cease on [an] immediate existing terminal. also proposing to spin-off the DCA to
working on the assumption that basis. Bids on the aircraft had Najib says the government will ensure financial and management
it needs to retreat from some mar- been due by 15 June. also work to improve connectivity in independence. Such a move, it be-
kets until it regains a stronger Turning the airline around, Mu- rural areas by making improve- lieves, will improve the capacity, qual-
cost position to allow it to com- eller expects, will take between ments to airports designed for short ity and competence of its staff. n
pete on price. Growth, the ulti- three and five years a period
mate aim of this, comes in the last which will require high levels of
phase of restructuring. endurance and faith in the plan.
The process of recalibrating its But you can be certain I will
fleet is also ongoing, although as put all my passion and dedica-
yet with little clarity as to the tion behind the mission until it is
eventual outcome. accomplished, he adds.
At the beginning of May airline Meanwhile, a key piece of the
sources had said that a number of broader reshaping of MAS was
long-haul jets were potentially up confirmed on 25 May, when Mo-
for sale. A tender notice issued hammad Faiz Azmi was appoint-
on 12 May sought bids for four of ed as administrator of the carrier
its 13 Boeing 777-200ERs, but by its owner Khazanah Nasional.
sources suggested it was also The appointment of the ad-
looking to move on its four Air- ministrator will facilitate the
bus A330-200 Freighters and transfer of selected assets and lia-
even its flagship fleet of six A380 bilities from MAS to MAB.
superjumbos. That transition is a vital com-
However, the carrier has since ponent of the 12-point recovery
rowed back on that decision and plan announced by the carrier in
Rex Features

is no longer offering for sale the August last year. n

four 777s. In an email sent on 20 Additional reporting by Laura
May to potential bidders, the air- Mueller in London Kuala Lumpur International will be upgraded as demand increases 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 19

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in-depth analysis from the business
aviation sector:

strategy stephen trimble geneva

Gulfstream defers decision on G150

President of business jet manufacturer says the market situation for its 10-year-old midsize product will have to play out

G ulfstream executives have

stopped short of fully com-
mitting to the midsize market
continuing weakness in the mid-
size segment as the reason for
putting development of the
sector for the long term, as the Learjet 85 on an indefinite pause.
10-year-old G150 now faces two Gulfstream does not break out
new rivals with no replacement sales totals between the G150 and
yet identified. G280, but reports deliveries as a
The G150 and the G280 are group to the General Aviation
both based on products that Manufacturers Association.
Gulfstream inherited from the
Since the G280 was introduced
acquisition of Israels Galaxy
in 2012, overall deliveries for
Aerospace in 2001. Were defi- both models increased from 11 to
nitely committed long-term in 23 in 2013 and 33 in 2014.

the G280, incoming Gulfstream By comparison, overall sales of
president Mark Burns tells Flight The aircraft faces tough new competition in a struggling sector Gulfstreams three largest prod-
International. The G150 [situa- ucts now in production the
tion] will have to play out. Bombardier Learjet 60XR, but ulfstreams senior vice-president
G G450, G550 and G650 rose from
The mid-sized G150 entered now faces new alternatives in the of worldwide sales and marketing. 83 in 2012 to 121 in 2013 before
service in 2005 with a wing fly-by-wire Embraer Legacy 500 That [sector of the market] seemed falling slightly to 117 last year.
borrowed from the G100, a wid- and Cessna Citation Latitude. to take the hardest hit, he adds, re- Israel Aerospace Industries
ened fuselage, uprated Honeywell Gulfstream introduced the ferring to the 2008 financial crisis. continues to assemble the G150
TFE731 engines and Rockwell heavily updated, super-mid-size Deliveries of large-cabin air- and G280 aircraft at its factory
Collins Pro Line 21 avionics. G280 in 2012. craft continued to grow through near Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport.
The G150 previously compet- Compared with the G280 the recession, but sales of light The green aircraft are then ferried
ed against aircraft such as the market, sales of the G150 have and mid-sized jets struggled. to a Gulfstream completions cen-
Cessna Citation Sovereign and been slower, says Scott Neal, Last January, Bombardier cited tre in Dallas, Texas.

delivery programme kate sarsfield geneva

TBM 900 lands

on Mexicos
Cirrus prepares its personal jet Vision
civil register C irrus may have had a low-
key presence at the recent
EBACE show its sole represent-

D aher has delivered its first

after VIP Empresarial, a charter
ative in the static display at Ge-
neva was a German-owned SR22
but 2016 will be different, as
operator based at Del Norte Inter- the US manufacturer plans to
national airport in Monterrey, showcase the first single-engine
bought a TBM 900 from the personal jet on the market.
French manufacturers Mexican Minnesota-based Cirrus is
distributor Jet Mach. confident the Vision SF50 will be
Although earlier TBM series certificated by year-end, leading

700 and 850 aircraft have been de- to its major show debut at EBACE
livered to Mexican private opera- the following May. A single SR22 was on show in the static display at EBACE
tors, all have been registered in the Three test aircraft have been
USA. The first TBM on the Mexi- operational since March 2014. anyone expected. The company Williams International FJ33-pow-
can civil aviation register will be The Chinese-owned company is came close to perishing shortly ered SF50, but Bergman says it
listed as XA-TSN. now building the first production after launching development of will approach the production
Roberto Ramrez, principal of model of the type, to be used to the SF50 in 2007, when the finan- ramp-up cautiously.
VIP Empresarial, says his compa- verify the pilot training pro- cial crisis hit deliveries of piston- Deliveries next year will in-
ny selected the TBM 900 for its gramme. The second production powered SR20s and SR22s. But a crease at a slow but steady pace
ability to operate in hot and high version in assembly will be the buy-out by Chinas CAIGA in until Cirrus reaches a long-term
conditions and from short run- first aircraft delivered to a cus- 2011 rescued Cirrus and the jet peak of about 100 aircraft per
ways an essential in Mexico, tomer, says Vision SF50 project development programme. year in 2017, Bergman says, al-
where many airports are at alti- manager Matthew Bergwall. Cirrus still has more than 500 though the rate could be adjusted
tudes of more than 6,000ft. The wait has been longer than signed deposit holders for the based on demand.

20 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

Stronger together

programme stephen trimble geneva

Boeing sees future for VIP 747

B oeing could continue
producing business jet ver-
sions of the 747-8 and the 737NG
something we wrestle with all the
time: is there a market ongoing for
the NG version of the BBJ in what-
for several more years, says the ever form it is after we start build-
newly-appointed head of Boeing ing the 737 Max?
Business Jets (BBJ). Boeing is continuing to study

Both types have appeared close an ultra-long-range version of the
to the end of production, with 737 Max BBJ. We are definitely
Bombardiers Global 7000 will be powered by the new turbofan waning deliveries of the 747-8 very interested. We pester our
casting doubt about the pro- parents at Boeing corporate all
propulsion stephen trimble geneva grammes future and the 737 Max the time, Longridge adds.

GE beefs up blisk to offer set to replace the older 737NG

family of aircraft from 2017.
The US Air Force has commit-
ted to buy at least two 747-8s to

stronger Passport engine

But BBJ president David replace the 747-400-based VC-25
Longridge says demand remains fleet dubbed Air Force One.
high for the head of state version Despite a recent decision by the

G E Aviation has completed an-

other key test of one of the
most critical technologies in the
incident of bird strike or foreign
object damage will require the
aircraft owner to replace the en-
of the 747-8 and the 737NG-
based BBJ series could remain in
production after the 737 Max is
Japanese government to order
two 777-300ERs to replace
747-400s for VIP transport, many
Passport engine selected to power tire 52in-diameter blisk instead of introduced. governments still prefer to oper-
the Bombardier Global 7000 and a single blade. Its not completely out of the ate four-engined aircraft for head-
8000 ultra-long-range jets. In fact, GE has reshaped the ini- question, Longridge says. Thats of-state missions.
The Passport engine is designed tial design of the hub to make it
with a 52in (132cm)-diameter fan thicker, says Brad Mottier, GE Avia-
blisk. Rather than inserting blades tion vice-president and general
into a fitting on a rotating disc, the manager of business and general
Passport manufactures the blades aviation and integrated systems.
and hub together. That design re- The heftier design strengthens the
sults in a narrower hub which can blisk to make it more damage-re-
improve the amount of airflow en- sistant, but also slightly reduces
tering through the fan and make the efficiency of the airflow
the aerodynamics of that airflow through the fan, he adds.
more efficient. But its still much more effi-

However, this design also in- cient than a bladed engine of that
troduces the risk that a single diameter, he says. Sales of the BBJ variant of the 747-8 have remained strong

acquisition murdo morrison london

MRO sale ends DAEs global ambition

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise to refocus on domestic base as StandardAero is acquired by USA-based investment group

D ubai Aerospace Enterprises

plan to become a global
giant with businesses in
When it was founded in 2006,
the Dubai group planned to
launch or acquire businesses in
has approvals for General Electric
CF34, Rolls-Royce AE3007 and
Honeywell TFE731 engines.
executives at the time insisted
DAE had no plans to raise cash
by selling the business.
expanding industry sectors has spheres such as pilot training, StandardAero, which also DAE launched a pilot training
effectively ended with the sale of component manufacturing, carries out military MRO, was
and education arm called DAE
its only overseas subsidiary, MRO and airport management founded in 1911. Veritas University, but axed it after little
StandardAero, one of the biggest and development. managing partner Ramzi Musal- over a year. It also owned a stake
and oldest names in the mainte- DAE bought StandardAero in lam says his firm will help drive in Swiss-based SR Technics.
nance, repair and overhaul of 2007 from Carlyle Group. [StandardAeros] next phase of DAE managing director
business jets and their engines. StandardAero is a factory service growth, including expanding the Khalifa AlDaboos says the Dubai
The acquisition for an undis- centre for Bombardier Globals, companys presence globally. group will now redeploy
closed sum of the Scottsdale, Challengers and Learjets, as well When DAE which is capital and refocus its efforts on
Arizona-headquartered group by as Dassault Falcons and Embraer majority owned by Dubai gov- building a world-class aerospace
New York-based Veritas Capital Legacys. Its Dallas-based Associ- ernment-controlled concerns footprint anchored in Dubai
leaves DAE with just one divi- ated Air Center specialises in was hit by the e mirates financial and aggressively acquire air-
sion, commercial aircraft leasing Airbus Corporate Jets and Boeing crisis in 2010, StandardAero re- craft assets to expand its aircraft
firm DAE Capital. Business Jets completions. It also mained a strong performer and leasing portfolio. 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 21


Although NATOs main asset for its Alliance Ground
Surveillance programme is Northrop Grummans
Global Hawk, development of the broader system is
relying on a team effort from all its member countries

The first of five RQ-4s for

Northrop Grumman
the NATO AGS programme is
set to be rolled out in early June

beth stevenson london was already operationally proven, and that perspective, this is a preview of the vision

was key, Jim Edge, general manager for the that NATO has had for having an airborne
t NATOs Chicago Summit in May NATO AGS Management Agency (NAGS- ground surveillance capability. Its the first
2012, the organisation signed a MA), tells Flight International. So when opportunity to see that aircraft it is a real
$1.7 billion agreement with North- SHAPE [Supreme Headquarters Allied Pow- system now.
rop Grumman to acquire the RQ-4 ers Europe] and the NATO nations began Following the roll-out, first flights for the
Block 40 Global Hawk high-altitude, long- looking, the Global Hawk aircraft developed programme and testing of the system in Cali-
endurance (HALE) unmanned air vehicle by Northrop Grumman in the United States fornia will take place later on this year, and in
under its Alliance Ground Surveillance was the only aircraft that fitted that bill. the middle of 2016 will be the ferry flight
(AGS) programme. There was a considerable need for ISR the delivery of that first aircraft to the main
Now, some three years later, the first of five during Operation Unified Protector in Libya, operating base at Sigonella, he says.
systems is due to be rolled out in California and that absolutely demonstrated just how Four of the five Global Hawks and soon
on 4 June, marking the start of a series of ex- compelling NATOs need really was. all five are in final production now, so they
pected milestones for the HALE UAV, which Bob Zeiser, NATO AGS business develop- will roll out very quickly, Zeiser says. After
will be operated from Sigonella air base in ment director at Northrop, told Flight Inter- the first delivery, the other four will follow
Sicily, Italy. national ahead of the roll-out: From one quickly behind it.
The AGS system to be owned and operat- We certainly know that the world situa-
ed by NATO will provide intelligence, sur- tion demands the earliest introduction, and
veillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabili- This has been a very we are striving to provide the earliest fielding
ties to the alliance once operational. Of the 28 successful risk mitigation of this capability to NATO, he says.
NATO members, 15 have funded the develop- Following the acquisition, an in-service
ment, while all will be involved in supporting
strategy all of the players support (ISS) programme will be introduced,
the programme. are working well and it is expected that the industrial team that
NATO needed what was essentially a Jim Edge is currently involved in AGS will once again
long-endurance, stand-off ISR platform that General manager, NAGSMA team together to bid for this separate contract.

22 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015


In the meantime, training is being offered

under the acquisition contract to fill the gap
until the ISS comes to fruition. A request for
proposals is due to be released towards the
end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017, and
the contract will have to overlap with the cur-
rent arrangement for continuity purposes,
Zeiser notes.
At Sigonella, NATO is working with host
nation Italy and the contractors it has selected
to establish the main operating base infra-
structure. There are two phases to this: a
bridging infrastructure element, which allows
the delivery of systems from industry; and
then the main operating base element, the in-
frastructure for which will arrive later.
This has been a very successful risk miti-
gation strategy all of the players are working
well to make sure that this happens, Edge

Northrop Grumman
says. We expect to be able to take ownership
of these facilities probably by the middle of
July, and our first entities from industry will
begin arriving with the ground systems late The US Air Force proved the UAVs disaster relief capabilities after 2010s Haiti earthquake
this summer.
mance testing and then will undergo the sys- Right now each nation is bidding on posi-
SCHEDULE tem level performance verification testing tions: maintainers, analysts, system operators,
Parts of the tactical and mobile ground sta- where well have aeroplanes in the air and pilots, command, security specialists in all
tions will be the first AGS elements to be de- test sensor control of the aircraft and trans- fields that will support the system; and the
livered, and then the first aircraft will fly over mission of data. nations right now are building their own com-
in late spring 2016. This data will then be analysed and dis- mitments to that initial cadre that will at FOC
We should have everything on the ground seminated as it would be in a real operational in December 2018 number approximately
side delivered in time for us to do the system- situation, which Edge says is key to the sys- 600 people, Edge says. SHAPE will slowly
level performance verification, but not until tem. If we collect the data and then cant build up personnel to get to IOC with about
we get the airplanes over there as well, Edge push it to decision makers we have failed in 250 people and then build up.
adds. So the ground systems start arriving one of the critical elements of ISR, he says. The nations are looking at what they can do
before the airplanes, but well have the entire Initial operational capability (IOC) is ex- for NATO, and SHAPE is looking at what it
system in place probably in mid- to late 2016, pected to be achieved in December 2017, with needs from the nations to fill its empty billets.
and well begin the system-level performance full operational capability (FOC) to follow late
verification at that time. the next year. rotation
All segments the aircraft, tactical ground At this point its a very complicated pro- It is understood that personnel will be based
station, mobile ground station, satellite infra- gramme and we have a lot of hurdles to over- at Sigonella on three-year rotations in support
structure and the mission support system come, but its looking good, Edge notes. of the AGS effort. While UAV pilots are poten-
will have their own individual tests at this NATO is expecting a force of some 600 per- tially going to be provided by all NATO na-
stage, and then they will all have to work to- sonnel to eventually operate and maintain the tions, Edge suspects that initially only a hand-
gether to deliver an integrated and executable AGS system when it becomes fully operation- ful of these will be able to do so.
system, Edge says. Each entity will go al, taken from all 28 nations that have pledged But then again SHAPE and NATO are build-
through a series of individual level perfor- to support it. ing a capability to organically train UAV pilots,
he adds. The pilots themselves are a relatively
small part of the 600 personnel that will be sta-
tioned there under the SHAPE AGS force.
Zeiser notes that while the roll-out of the
aircraft is indeed significant, its important to
realise... AGS is really a system of systems, of
which the aircraft is one component.
Airbus Defence & Space, Kongsberg and
Selex ES will deliver the ground segments
that they are developing straight to NATO,
and testing due to take place on the first sys-
tem in California will use a communications
centre that has been developed for the test
Northrop Grumman

This ground segment is wholly developed
by European industry a great benefit for those
Global Hawk was contracted to be the base system for Germanys Euro Hawk offering nations that want to re-use it for national 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 23


purposes, but also it demonstrates the Able to fly at 60,000ft for 30h,
team NATO philosophy that weve had Global Hawks endurance will be
throughout this programme, says Zeiser. the longest among NATO assets
The RQ-4 and the Northrop-Raytheon mul-
ti-platform radar technology insertion pro-
gram (MP-RTIP) sensor are US-developed, but
although the AGS system will benefit from
this technology, the European involvement in
the programme is significant.
Selex ES is providing a transportable ground
station and the mission operations support
centre at Sigonella; Kongsberg the system mas-
ter archival/retrieval facility; and Airbus De-
fence & Space the mobile ground segment de-
ployable ground station.
Industries from all 15 funding nations are
involved, which has allowed national capa-
bilities from each to have been developed and
invested in to feed into the AGS programme,
meaning it is an off-the-shelf system.

Principally the concept of NATO was to buy
a system that needed little to no development
money, says Zeiser. We realised that all of
our defence budgets have pressures and buy-
ing what Ill call an off-the-shelf Global Hawk
Block 40, missionised to NATO standards, is
what is required. Also, NATO required a mar-
itime mode in the radar that is being devel- Because of the ability of Global Hawk to fly ering ground moving target indication [GMTI]
oped as well, but it is essentially a Block 40. at 60,000ft for 30h, AGS will have longer en- signals and SAR imagery a unique ability of
This precedes the maritime capability of the durance than any other NATO asset, Zeiser the system is to playback that GMTI history,
radar being developed for Northrops MQ-4C says, and will be able to transmit near real- and we can show with very high certainty
Triton variant of the UAV, Zeiser notes. time data to anywhere in the world while op- where vehicles such as tanks, trucks and artil-
This will provide a maritime mode in mis- erating for these long durations. lery are sitting, and more importantly, where
sions that are very useful, like counter-piracy The aircraft that were buying will certain- they came from.
in the Mediterranean, he adds. Triton will ly support 24/7 operations; a single aircraft As a result, it meets all the requirements of
have a maritime capability as well, and this can fly up to 30h unrefuelled, so you can do a what NATO calls its smart defence initia-
will be very complementary and interopera- tremendous amount with one aircraft in one tive, and the North Atlantic Council has re-
ble with NATO AGS and will be useful in sortie, Edge says. peatedly revalidated and reconfirmed NA-
places like the Arctic, where prolonged, sus- NATO, Im sure, looking at that capability, TOs commitment to getting this system in the
tained endurance is needed for military and is able to project its communications and in- field, says Edge.
non-military applications. telligence capability to support any mission
that they may undertake, Zeiser adds. We experience
can envision the full range of missions here The Global Hawk has also had previous expe-
for NATO AGS: certainly for military mis- rience in aiding disaster relief efforts, Zeiser
sions and supporting the multinational forces says; the US Air Force sent the system to sup-
of the coalition but theres also the ability to port the disaster relief effort following an
do non-military missions. For every military earthquake in Haiti in 2010.
mission that you can envision, I anticipate a Furthermore, Edge says that the fact this
non-military application. will be a NATO-owned and -operated sover-
Edge adds that NATO will use the system eign capability will provide an operational
across the full spectrum of operations, so the advantage to the alliance.
imagery it gathers will readily support crisis That is a very unique capability, because
response operations such as natural disasters. even in operations that NATO does today,
The ability of the active electronically
scanned array MP-RTIP sensor to scan for
moving targets with its synthetic aperture For every military mission
radar (SAR) capability is ideally suited to pro- that you can envision, I
vide crisis managers with a tool that helps it
anticipate a non-military
Northrop Grumman

find survivors, as it can loiter for hours for

search and rescue tasks, he says. application
Obviously military commanders will ex- BOB ZEISER
MQ-4C Tritons would complement AGS ploit the systems stand-off capabilities, gath- Business development director, Northrop Grumman

24 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015


Northrop Grumman
Germany may revive its Euro Hawk programme to replace its retired Breguet Atlantics

the base system for Germanys Euro Hawk sig-

nals intelligence HALE offering. Although the
One of the key issues is that
programme came to an early end as the cost of NATO can do NATO operations
Northrop Grumman

development escalated, some testing of one without relying on individual

delivered Euro Hawk took place, and some
further testing with the Airbus Defence & national assets
Space-developed payload is expected to JIM EDGE
General manager, NAGSMA
many of the systems are brought by the indi- occur as Germany explores a replacement for
vidual nations, he says. They unfortunately the Breguet Atlantics it retired in 2010.
and for good reasons inside the nations I foresee emerging requirements in both What we hope to be able to do in the fu-
carry restrictions on what can or cannot be re- Norway and the UK as well, Zeiser says. I ture through NATOs joint ISR level of ambi-
leased from nation to nation. think there are a lot of emerging requirements. tion is to bring all of the information gathered
When NATO owns and operates a system The UK is awaiting its Strategic Defence from all sources into a data fusion centre that
there will be no question of what can be re- and Security Review later this year, which is could be at Sigonella imagery and a tremen-
leased and what cannot be, and I think there expected to indicate requirements for a mari- dous amount of signal intelligence can go into
is a very big reason that NATO chose to pur- time patrol capability, be it manned, un- the data fusion centre, he adds.
chase the system outright. manned or a mixture of both the last of these Zeiser says: This is a transformational ca-
Zeiser notes that the AGS concept could be a akin to the US Navy and Australia, which pability for NATO. Coming together as part-
model acquisition for NATO, with all nations have both chosen Triton and Boeing 737- ners to provide a global capability for a global
coming together to acquire the system, but with based P-8 combinations for this role. NATO. Seeing this roll-out of the actual sys-
all 28 nations benefiting from it and contribut- Norway, meanwhile, also has an interest in tem and the realisation that it is no longer a
ing to its long-term support at Sigonella. acquiring a HALE UAV, and is entering into a dream but a reality for collective defence for
That said, its a benchmark acquisition defence review that is expected to address its the alliance and its member nations is a tre-
programme because it realises that there are concerns regarding the threat from Russia and mendous accomplishment for Northrop
defence pressures in each of the alliance na- monitoring of the Arctic. Grumman and the entire team.
tions, and it is a capability that only a few na- Our focus now becomes the site testing
tions could afford by themself, he continues. contributions and delivery of the system to NATO.
But by pooling their resources and harvest- In addition to the acquisition of the Global Edge says that when the contract was
ing and taking full advantage of national in- Hawk, for AGS France has offered its Israel signed during the Chicago summit, all of the
vestments already made in operationally Aerospace Industries Heron UAV in kind, alliance nations were behind the effort, and
fielded and proven systems for the whole alli- while the UK has offered its Raytheon Senti- this is just as true now that the first aircraft
ance, it becomes the model that NATO will nel R1 manned ISR aircraft. being rolled out.
want to carry forward in future acquisitions. These, Edge notes, are not under NAGS- During the 2014 summit in [Newport,]
Meanwhile, the European operation of MAs remit at the moment, but SHAPE and Wales, there was an absolute reconfirmation
Global Hawk could lead on to business deals the nations that are providing those contribu- of the nations commitment to delivering the
with other nations, Zeiser believes. tions in kind have a set of NATO standards to system, and indeed they revalidated the ur-
The Royal Australian Air Force has which they should adhere. This, at least in gency of the system particularly in light of
pledged to buy Tritons, South Korea is to buy theory, means they should be interoperable discussions on the Ukraine crisis, he says.
Global Hawks, and there is also an emerging with the NATO AGS and the joint ISR net- One of the key issues is that NATO can do
requirement for HALE UAVs in Japan. work being built, although Edge is not cur- NATO operations without relying on individ-
Global Hawk has previously had a foray in rently required to test the Global Hawk AGS ual national assets that is an absolute key as
the European market it was contracted to be system against any of those. to why NATO is acquiring this system. 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 25


CAE makes almost three fifths

of simulators in this sector,
such as its 5000 Series

whos flying?
Our Civil Simulator Census maps the market for the manufacture and operation of
commercial aircraft pilot training devices. We assess the highlights of this years survey

ANTOINE FAFARD loNDON Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training, According to proprietary figures, CAE is again

which acquired Sim-Industries in 2011, and the biggest individual player, with a 14% share
quick look at the world of airliner Mechtronix. of the training market. The company operates
simulation reveals that, from a man- Flightglobals latest figures record a total of training facilities around the globe and owns
ufacturing perspective, it is a busi- 1,231 commercial simulators in use in the in- close to 170 airliner devices based across 26
ness dominated by only three simu- dustry. Some 34% of these devices are based countries. FlightSafety International, Ameri-
lation companies. Canada-based CAE in North America (the USA accounting for can Airlines and Boeing Flight Services follow
provides 58% of the devices currently in op- 30% of the world), while Europe and Asia- with shares of 6%, 5% and 4% respectively.
eration, followed by L-3 Link Simulation & Pacific have 27% and 26% of the share re- Operators with smaller shares than that make
Training UK and FlightSafety International, spectively. Looking at the leading countries, up the remaining 71% of the market.
which have a market share of 23% and 9% China comes in second after the USA, with a
respectively. FlightSafety International in fact 9% share for the 107 simulators based there. TYPES
specialises in business jets and smaller air- The UK and France are the most popular loca- When it comes to aircraft types, the Airbus
craft, which have not been included in this tions for Europe, where a combined number A320 and Boeing 737 families NG and clas-
analysis. But its presence in simulation de- of 134 simulators are based. sic variants combined dominate with 21%
vices designed to simulate Bombardier and While three manufacturers are pre-eminent and 18% of the market share respectively.
Embraer regional aircraft is noticeable. on the equipment side, the marketplace in Simulators for the A330/A340, 777 and 747
Other simulator manufacturers include terms of operators is much more fragmented. widebodies have shares of 9%, 6% and 5% of

26 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015



Total: 1,231 Total: 1,231 Canada
France 4%
L-3 Link UK Other
6% 45%
CAE 23%
58% 9%


10% China
9% USA
SOURCE: Flightglobal SOURCE: Flightglobal 30%


Total: 1,231 Total: 1,231 Asia Pacific 26%
Airbus 6% Europe
33% Embraer 27%
7% Middle East

46% Other ATR
5% 3% North America South
34% Africa America
1% 4%
SOURCE: Flightglobal SOURCE: Flightglobal

the overall marketplace. Boeing represents MARKET SHARE BY OPERATOR

46% of the airliners simulated while Airbus Total: 1,231
totals 33%. Embraer, Bombardier and ATR ac- Other
count for 7%, 6% and 3% of commercial air-
craft simulated while the 5% represents other
aircraft manufacturers.

Boeing Flight

American AIrlines
Flight Academy CAE
5% 14%
SOURCE: Flightglobal FlightSafety International 6%


Total: 1,231 737 Classic 767

E-170/175/190/195 4% 3%
747 Other
5% 34%

Download your free copy of the 14%
Civil Simulator Census 2015 at A320 family
SOURCE: Flightglobal 21% 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 27



Boeing Flight Services

operates 17 training iven the unprecedented wave of air-
campuses worldwide liner orders of recent years, strong
demand for simulators is unsurpris-
ing. CAE, which claims the top slot
in civil simulation equipment sales, ended its
financial year on 31 March having sold 41 full-
flight simulators (FFS), the second-highest
total ever, after 2013-2014s record of 48 (the
latest years number did not include a further
11 deployed to CAEs own training centres.)
The Canadian company is in the unusual
position of both selling its simulators to air-
lines, but then competing with them in the
third-party training market through its own
training centres. CAEs group president, civil
simulation and training Nick Leontidis ac-
knowledged the potential conflict of interest
during the World Aviation Training Confer-
ence and Tradeshow (WATS) in Orlando,
Florida, in April, but takes the view that: If
we dont sell [simulators], someone else will.
CAE has close links with fellow Canadian
company Bombardier over its much-delayed
CSeries regional jet, which is approaching ser-
vice entry.
We have a dual relationship with CAE
and Lufthansa Flight Training [LFT], ex-
plains Firas Saleh, Bombardiers director, air-
craft training. CAE manufactures the Bom-
bardier CSeries simulators, while CAE and
LFT have created a joint venture, Flight
Training Alliance, which is Bombardier Com-
mercial Aircrafts authorised training provid-
er and essentially trains our CSeries custom-
ers on Bombardiers behalf, using our
syllabus and methodology.
Usually for any new programme, the sim-
ulator needs to be ready to support the aircraft
Boeing Flight Services

certification and ops-evaluation of the regula-

tory authorities such as Transport Canada, the
FAA [US Federal Aviation Administration]

time to get
and EASA [European Aviation Safety Agen-
cy], which would come and fly the plane and

real for
Record orders for airliners around the globe are in turn
feeding through to demand for simulator-based training Boeing says business
and the ever-more sophisticated devices themselves. We is so strong, it is
turning some away
look at how the market and the technology are evolving
28 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

the simulator to test the fidelity of the simula-

tor. The aircraft certification is expected by
the end of this year.
The CSeries flightdeck, and thus CAEs
simulator, will have a radically different look
to previous Bombardier products.
On the CSeries weve had the luxury of
starting from scratch; were not writing the
design to achieve commonality [with other
Bombardier aircraft], says CSeries pro-
gramme director Sebastien Mullot. We real-
ly went for the best technologies available, so
we werent encumbered by anything.

We are using the CAE/LFT

network to bring training
closer to our customers
Firas Saleh
Director, aircraft training, Bombardier

This is the first time weve used sidesticks Airbus is developing more of its own simulator software for types such as the A350
on an aircraft and its the first FBW [fly-by-
wire] aircraft for us. The big benefit of sides- and enables easier maintenance and lower
ticks is that they dont take up space in the life-cycle costs, it argues.
cockpit, so we can have large display screens; The new generation of airliners that will in-
we have a really large LCD, 5in by 15.1in, creasingly enter service in the next few years
much larger than anything to date. has created an unprecedented situation for
We have a simulator demonstrator thats simulator manufacturers.
been around since 2005 to develop the con- Increasingly, the aircraft manufacturers are
trol laws. taking a larger role on simulators for new de-
However, the lack of commonality with signs such as the A350 and 787. Prior to that,
previous Bombardier products will mean that we would get block diagrams and informa-
a full initial [training] course on a simulator tion and our engineering team would write

will be required for any pilot, says Saleh. our own software, says John Van Maren,
There will be no credits given. Whether a A350 sims are being sited near customers vice-president, simulation at FlightSafety In-
pilot comes from Airbus or Embraer etc, that ternational (FSI) .
pilot will still have to do a full initial course, training network to access the market globally With the A350, however, were getting
the length of which is still subject to approval and bring training closer to our customers. software black boxes [from Airbus]. This
by the authorities. Currently, Bombardier is Meanwhile, a new name in the civil simu- means that the task for simulator manufactur-
looking at eight, 4h simulator sessions, plus a lator marketplace is Lockheed Martin Com- ers such as FSI is shifting, from engineering
check ride of 4-5h. mercial Flight Training (LMCFT). to integration.
Our plan is to have one CSeries simulator Lockheed, which has had long experience in Its a paradigm shift, says Van Maren. If
in Montreal. We are also using the CAE/LFT providing military simulators, acquired Sassen- something goes wrong with one of the black
heim, Netherlands-based Sim-Industries in boxes, we have to have very close ties to the
2011, rebranding it earlier this year. OEM and take it back to them; we cant fix it
ourselves, he says. The situation is analo-
COMMONALITY gous to that of modern cars, whose complexi-
LMCFT produces simulators for the Boeing 737, ty takes all but the most basic maintenance
767, 777 and 787, as well as the Airbus A320 tasks beyond the owners capabilities.
and A330/340, and is developing one for the This change has both positives and nega-
A350. It has two commercial aviation training tives, he says.
centres at Incheon in South Korea, and at So A major pro is that we are using the soft-
Paulo in Brazil, where its primary partner GOL ware thats deployed in the actual aircraft, or
Airlines has trained more than 1,700 pilots. modified by the OEM, so we know its accu-
LMCFT believes several factors will help rate. A con is that the engineer does not
it compete in a crowded marketplace, nota- know enough about the internal workings of
bly shared investment and technology read- the module, since theres no visibility into
across between its military and civil simula- what the module is doing.
tor sectors. Combining OEM cockpit I think the OEMs are seeing an opportuni-
equipment and commercial off-the-shelf ty to better protect their intellectual property,
products also gives its devices a modular de- instead of handing over block diagrams that

sign that takes advantage of commonality show their internal workings. 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 29


LMCFT says it believes that Lockheeds

legacy as a systems integrator will help it cope
with this trend.
For its part, Airbus says it is developing
more of the software for simulators partly be-
cause of the increasing complexity of aircraft
such as the A350 and A380, but also because
of export control limitations. The simulator
manufacturers appreciate receiving a plug
and play system from the OEM, believes
Antoine Renaud, head of Airbuss simulator
data group.
Airbus plans to station A350 simulators
close to its customers location, which is why
an early location will be Singapore, which may

eventually have up to four such machines.
This is the place where we believe we have to
be, says Renaud. The first is scheduled to be Bombardier plans to use providers global networks to offer training for its new CSeries
in place by the end of this year.
Boeing Flight Services, meanwhile, reports ing a new Boeing aircraft type and need train- into the latest generation of simulators. Fol-
that demand for simulator training is busier ing, you will always get your training time. lowing a series of loss of control in flight
than ever. Were going gangbusters, says But its the case that were sometimes so (LOC-I) accidents in recent years that have
Sherry Carbary, vice-president, Boeing Flight full that if someone calls us and says Id like made it the worlds primary cause of airline
Services. Were actually turning customers to get 20 crews [trained] on the 777, we have fatalities, the phenomenon is starting to be
away on a daily basis. to sometimes say: We cant do it. tackled in simulators.
To get round this problem, Boeing some- At WATS, CAE announced it had qualified
CAPACITY times refers the customer to airlines with the worlds first simulators equipped with
Boeing Flight Services operates 17 training which it has a close relationship and which Upset Prevention and Recovery Training
campuses worldwide, with three offering ad- may have spare simulator capacity. (UPRT) instructor stations approved by both
vanced 787 training suites for both flight and Like Airbus, Boeing is moving towards a the FAA and EASA. New FAA regulations to
maintenance technician training. Three 787 situation where it has more input into simula- enhance training to tackle LOC-I are on the
simulators are based at London Gatwick, with tors, notably those for the 787. The simulator way, but the move by CAE pre-empts these.
two apiece at Miami and Singapore. One simu- will still be produced by the simulator manu- UPRT is a very hot topic in the industry,
lator has also been placed in Shanghai, specifi- facturer, says Carbary, but the Boeing com- confirms Dr Nidal Sammur, director, engi-
cally for Boeings Chinese customers. ponent has grown quite a bit. As well as the neering, at FSI. Software is currently being
Were always looking at what makes sense data packages it traditionally supplied to the developed to allow stall manoeuvres and re-
in terms of more capacity. Weve added multi- simulator manufacturers, Boeing now pro- covery to be performed.
ple devices across the network and we keep vides hardware: All the stuff that will be on FSIs recovery programme has been demon-
adding them, says Carbary. the flightdeck. strated to a number of major flight operations
If youre a new customer or youre operat- New features are starting to be incorporated departments and has been extremely well re-
ceived, says the company. Its first such pro-
gramme has been developed not for an airliner
but the Gulfstream G550 executive jet, with
training now underway in Savannah, Georgia.

Were going gangbusters.

Were turning customers
away on a daily basis
Sherry Carbary
Vice-president, Boeing Flight Services

Among other developments from FSI is a

new software module that gives greater fideli-
ty for taxiing practice. That is being installed
on new-build simulators and will be available
for retrofitting.
FSI operates a fleet of some 300 simulators
in 40 learning centres around the world.
The company has primarily focused on pro-
viding simulators for the regional airliner
operates 300
Flight Safety

market but, like many airlines, is up-gauging.

We have an A350 simulator in test today,

30 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015


says Van Maren. Currently, he believes the days four working on systems knowledge in points to the increasing use of glass, rather
only operational A350 simulator is at Airbuss the classroom, followed by another four in the than the metallised plastic Mylar, as mirrors
Toulouse plant, although I know one or two simulator although the simulator in this within simulators.
others have been delivered. FSIs example is case need not be an FFS Level D machine, on For maximum visual fidelity, the surface
completing its testing procedures but he can- which hours spent are accorded the same onto which images are projected should be as
not say for which customer it is destined. credit as flying the real aircraft. It will, in- close to spherical as possible. What the indus-
stead, be a fixed-base Level Two machine. try does now is take a metallised plastic,
CONVERSION Meanwhile, new materials and technolo- stretch it over a frame and pull it into shape
Boeing is placing emphasis on the relatively gies are being pressed into service to improve with a vacuum. This isnt a precise spherical
short time required to convert from other the appearance of simulator visuals. FSIs surface; use glass and you get a better picture.
types in its range to the 787. A 777 pilot, for vice-president, visual systems, Jon Hester, Youve also got a very smooth surface, whereas
example, would require just five days to move with plastic you get micro-cracks in it because
over to the more modern design: two in the of the vacuum. This gives a less crisp image.
classroom and three in an FFS. Mylar is also more susceptible to damage:
It is aiming for similarly short conversion Somebody can accidentally poke a hole
times to its latest aircraft, the 737 Max and the through it with a screwdriver.
777X. In the Max development, were count- Advances are also afoot in the type of pro-
ing on pilots coming off the [737] New Gener- jectors used. The FAA has certified the first
ation on to a Max with very little additional laser phosphor projector, which gives a crisp-
training needed, says Carbary. The details er image and whose considerably longer life-
are still being worked through, and the regula- cycle compared to its predecessors eases the
tor will have to get involved to certify the re- pressure on maintenance teams from having
quired training period. A similarly small to swap out lamps in the increasingly restrict-
jump is the goal with the 777X. ed down-time allocated to simulators. With
Airbus, too, is emphasising the short time airlines racing to train enough crews for their
required for conversions. The A330 and A350 growing fleets, it is becoming increasingly

will have a common type rating. Converting common for simulators to be operating 20h
to the new generation twin-jet will take eight Boeing says 787 conversion time is short out of every 24h.

THE ELEGANCE - Leading edge technology that allows for

designs that are both simple and reliable
OF TRUE INNOVATION - Maximum availability achieved through
robust design and predictive failure
- Comprehensive support including an in-
dustry-leading 10 year turnkey program
AXIS designs and builds award-winning Full Flight Simulators,
employing innovative technologies and best-in-class cueing
systems that significantly improve functionality, reduce
complexity and maintenance while delivering unparalleled
realism in training.

Phone +43 5 9889-0,

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event in the aviation calendar in 2015 discussing the most pertinent issues in aviation Spirit Airlines
safety. For the first time three safety conferences will be co-located, bringing together Robin Zammit
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For the first time the following events will be co-located: Martin Timmons
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tween Andrew Lloyd Webber all that was likely to follow
and Cameron Mackintosh for that the great pioneer work of the
one), but rather an honest and Wright brothers.
funny opera based on a true story
of a refugee trapped and living at Bombers away
a major international airport. The invasion of the Low
Gilson notes: I have the strong Countries brought the RAF
impression some designer has the opening for
taken a good long look at the which it had been
mags cover design still, imita- anxiously waiting
tion being the sincerest form and since the
all that. beginning of the war.
We are duly flattered. Everyone unites in a chorus
of praise for the work of our
bomber pilots. They were
Pearse envoy daring and they were clever.
Following our recent Straight &
Level piece about Connecticuts Super plan
claim to the first man to under- The Minister of Aviation
take powered flight one Gus- expresses the hope that
tave Whitehead in 1910 New Imitation of Flight: is this some sort of cover-up? BOAC will
Zealand has entered the fray. consider
A phone card produced by Tel- developments of
ecom New Zealand, spotted by the world, his claims gathered lit- the Super VC10
Alexander Field, honours Kiwi tle traction. His modesty, plus a to meet the competitive
Richard Pearse, the first to lack of written and photographic challenge of the big new
achieve a powered take-off in an evidence, ensured his obscurity. 250-seat developments from
aeroplane 1903. Field admits Pearse continued his home- Boeing and Douglas.
to not knowing about Pearse, de- built exploits into the 1940s but
spite being an avid follower of became reclusive and paranoid. Soviet link
aviation history, and a Google He died in 1953, but many in Honeywell has clinched an
enquiry sheds only a little more New Zealand, where he has a agreement with the Soviet
light on the aviators exploits. memorial, consider him the real Union to develop
There are suggestions that father of powered flight. a new civilian
Pearse, a farmer and inventor, satellite
may have built and flown a pow- navigation
ered aircraft nine months before Youre Spitfired! Battle not get it wrong system which will link the
the Wrights. But because he was The Daily Telegraph may be the Soviet global national
from a remote part of a country favoured read of retired group satellite system, Glonass,
that was itself pretty cut off from captains in the English shires, but Down blunder and the US Navstar Global
they would have been spluttering Not that we can be too cocky. Positioning System for the
into their G&Ts at the sight of its Russell Hancock and several oth- first time.
recent front page faux pas. They ers wrote to us to point out that
werent the only ones. Serious- after highlighting another publi- 100-year archive
ly, how can the Telegraph not cations hilarious typo in Straight Every issue of Flight
know the difference between a & Level we went on to refer to from 1909 onwards
Hurricane and a Spitfire? thun- Scoot as an Australian airline. It can be viewed online at
dered former Top Gear presenter is, of course, Singaporean. Hum-
Call me later? Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter. ble pie duly consumed. 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 33


pends on the operation, but yes,
spinning up the wheels before
INTERNATIONAL Right at the seat of the matter landing would reduce tyre wear.
We welcome your letters on Its time to speak up for the The main question (Flight In-
any aspect of the aerospace people who keep airlines air- ternational, 5-11 May) is whether
industry. borne: the self-paying, self- its worthwhile, given that any
Please write to: The Editor, loading cargo. system would add weight and
Flight International, Quadrant
House, The Quadrant, Sutton,
Private passengers usually fuel consumption. Despite many
Surrey SM2 5AS, UK. cannot afford business class, bright ideas, none has demon-
Or email we end up in cattle class strated an economic advantage. and try to like it. Only some Airliner wheels are not gener-

Rex Features
airlines make liking it more ally balanced after assembly (be-
The opinions on this page do not
necessarily represent those of the editor. difficult than others, and they yond aligning any balance mark
Flight International
Letters cannot
without a full postalpublish
sup- are the ones with the short Sitting comfortably? Too bad on the tyre with the inflation
plied mayname andpublished.
not be address. Letters must
may seat pitch. valve), because the effects of tyre
be nobemore
also than 250
published words in length.and
on The entire airline industry should reconsider the wisdom or other- wear and the simple mass of the
must be no longer than 250 words.
wise of allowing reclining seats in economy: short-haul or long-haul. wheel together make precision
When the guy in front of you reclines his seat, he steals a balancing pointless.
chunk of your already severely limited space. The sole solution is to Des Senior
Worrying threats recline likewise, and steal space from the guy behind you.
On 30 August 2014, The Independent reported the arrest of a
Luton, UK

to flight safety French passenger on an American Airlines Miami-Paris flight, which A weapon called
Your letters Putting profit before was diverted to Boston after he objected when the woman in front
proficiency and Get a grip reclined her seat. the word
EASA (Flight International, That report referred to an incident on United 1462, two days be- Okay, so it seems the battle
12-18 May) left me worried as to fore, when a passenger used a $22 device called a Knee Defender. against airframer is lost. But
where the aviation industry and On finding she couldnt recline her seat, the woman in front threw a weaponised (Flight Interna-
safety in particular are being led. glass of water over him. tional, 12-18 May)? Whats
Not only do I not want a I predict, before long, a stand-up fight over reclining seats. In wrong with armed? It even
tired and stressed captain and economy, they should be banned altogether. When is ICAO going to saves time, space and ink!
an incompetent, cash-strapped wise up? Supposing for a moment that
600h first officer in charge, but David Boggis the word weaponised actually
I also do not want them flying Matignon, France exists; wouldnt it mean turned
aircraft that have been main- into a weapon, like the Japanese
tained but not inspected by li- suicide bombers or the German
censed aircraft examiners. no further than we the passen- Mistel combination?
It seems to me that the one in- In defence of BA gers combing the internet for Rich Lambert
dustry claiming to be totally safe- I think David Stevens (Flight In- the best deals. Companies are no Farnborough, UK
ty-orientated has in fact not taken ternational, 26 May-1 June) is less culpable, trimming travel
on board any lessons at all from
previous accidents, and commer-
being a little unkind to BA. They
have had to respond to the com-
budgets by insisting their em-
ployees take EasyJet and Ryanair.
Could Typhoon
cial pressure is winning through. petitive threat of the no frills air- It remains to be seen whether cross the pond?
Regulatory oversight was first lines and have arrived at a rea- the Ryanair leopard can really Your recent editorial (Flight In-
implemented by the (UK) gov- sonable compromise. change its spots, but I for one re- ternational, 5-11 May) can be
ernment in 1919 to protect citi- I am happy to survive a 1-2h main sceptical. condensed to: In future, the
zens from the hazard above. The flight without food if I can enjoy Philip Rogers USA will be looking for more
dog was clearly in control of the civilised treatment, land at an Huntingdon, UK bang from its shrinking buck.
tail back then. However, it would airport close to my destination Did the recent Red Flag perfor-
seem that today the tail is indeed and have confidence in the train- mance of the [Royal Air Forces
wagging the dog. ing and professionalism of their Wearing debate? Eurofighter] Typhoon impress
The situation is an accident crews and ground staff. Wear on aircraft tyres arises from the locals sufficiently to make it a
waiting to happen. If we are to place blame for re- three main causes: initial touch- worthwhile contender?
Steve Roberts duced legroom, thin profile seats down, rolling and cornering. The Ian Kennett
Bracknell, UK and minimal cabin service, look proportion each contributes de- Harlow, UK

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Train with an aviation legend at one of our many convenient locations on
Level-D Full-motion simulators, the A300, A320, B737(all types), B747, B757,
B767, B777, and the B787. Comprehensive training programs include:

t'"" &"4" *$"0 $""$ %($"NPSF t$BCJO$SFX5SBJOJOH

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Let us show you ways to reduce your training dollars. Call today!


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Courses and tuition Aircraft leasing

1999 VIP Airbus A340-300
Serial Number: 257 Registration Number: M-ABIG
Canoga Capital Corp.
is proud to exclusively present this exceptional
>i >
}>}i L{

TEL +44 (0) 20 8652 4897 FAX +44 (0) 20 8652 3779 EMAIL
The Interior design has been customized by Envergure
Design France
It has reached the highest standards of design,
engineering and workmanship with the production of
this interior of best quality. Great care has been taken in
i iV }>` >V }w i>`V `i`
look has been applied to increase the feeling of comfort
and softness, which is produced by the mix of beige
colored seats, cushions and the wood.
Fresh of C4/72 Months Inspection
->i i* i76-"-9-/ /-
, -
> ,>}i\] ]{ 

15 VIP First Class Seats
Full 180 degree lying bed
70 Business Class Seats
ATR 42/72-500, SAAB 2000, 127 Economy Class Seats


50,173 Hours Total Time, Cycles Since New 9,591
New courses started continuously.For more information contact us
on or visit ENGINES
Type: CFM 56-5C4 Manufacturer: CFMI
10/3/09 Engine
15:05 Page 1 Cycles remaining 4,570
#1 741727
Engine #2 741809 Cycles remaining 2,294
Business services Engine #3 741811 Cycles remaining 4,161
Engine #4 741728 Cycles remaining 3,903
Model GTCP331-350C P/N 3800454-6 S/N R-370C

Dauphin AS.365
Parts Specialists CONTACT
w w w. a l p i n e . a e r o
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Getting careers off the ground
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Policy Lead: Personnel Licensing

Circa 60,000 | Gatwick
You will be the prime subject matter expert on all policy issues
Head of Security relating to the licensing and training of flight crew - developing
Deputy Head of Security policy, guiding, supporting and directing colleagues, building
stakeholder relationships and leading the activities of the Policy
Duty Manager Specialist. Knowledge of European and UK legislation is required
London Southend Airport is currently seeking dynamic candidates for the as it applies to personnel licensing, as well as experience of
above positions. policy development and the handling of novel and potentially
contentious issues.
Stobart Group have invested over 100 million in transforming the
Airport which has recently been voted "Best Airport in the UK" for two
years running in a passenger survey. Significant investments have Policy Specialist: Personnel Licensing
included a new terminal building, a runway extension, new railway Circa 46,000 | Gatwick
station with trains direct into London; new Air Traffic Control tower, and a
hotel on site. Providing support for the Policy Lead, and a range of colleagues,
you will be responsible for developing policy and guidance on
London Southend Airport offers routes to 19 European destinations for the rules that apply to pilot licensing and training, as well as for
business and leisure and passenger numbers have exceed one million. developing proposals to amend those rules. You should have
specialist experience and knowledge of the applicable rules,
We are seeking experienced and aspiring leaders that deliver through a plus an interest in policy development and implementation.
team centred ethos, and believe the success of the airport is achieved
through working together. For further information and to apply, please visit our website
Strong and effective communicators who can successfully manage
business requirements, whilst positively maintaining stakeholder Closing date: 18th June 2015
relationships. You will also be able to confidently demonstrate a sound
understanding of all the regulatory and technical aspects relating to the Interview Date: W/C 6th July 2015
roles. Committed to Equality of Opportunity.
If you would like further information about the role, Job descriptions
can be found at

If you wish to apply for any of these opportunities,

Please send CV and covering letter to or please contact
01702 538538 with any enquiries.

40 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

Specialist Aerospace
+44 (0)20 8799 8924

Tel: +353 1 669 8224
Fax: +353 1 669 8201
The preferred company for Stress (Fatigue & DT), GFEM,
Composites), Aeronautical Research. Business units: DQGDHURVSDFHLQGXVWU\
Contract staff, Workpackages, Innovation and New
Concepts, Aeronautical Research.
Tel 0049-(0)40-866-258-10 Fax 0049-(0)40-866-258-20


Worldwide specialist for

Call: +44 (0)1524 381 544 Aerospace Engineering, Certification &
Email: Management Services E:
T: +49 (0) 8153 93130
youre in safe hands with us W:

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42 | Flight International | 2-8 June 2015

working week


Relentlessly rethinking rotorcraft

Having entered the industry with Bell Helicopter almost 12 years ago in a structural research role, engineer
Dave Dennison has advanced to become assembly line manager for its 525 programme, in Amarillo, Texas

Where did you start out? make sure it meets our pro-
My first job was at a private golf gramme objectives. This allows
course in high school, working as me to be fairly strategic in my
a cart boy, caddie and golf shop role, which is always fun and
attendant. I worked for seven exciting.
years at that job all the way Whats the most difficult part of
through college, and learned a lot your job?
about how to deal with custom- The most difficult part of my job
ers with high expectations. My is keeping focused on the long-
first aviation job was working for term goals. The key to success is
Bell Helicopter right after I grad- being able to filter out the day-to-
uated from Georgia Tech. I was day noise, and ensure you are
hired on to the research struc- making progress towards your
tures organisation as an airframe overall big picture objectives
designer. Some of the early pro- every day.
jects I worked on involved ad- Whats most enjoyable?
vanced composites design, de- Being around aircraft is always
sign for survivability and exciting. The complexity of these
advanced tiltrotor concepts. machines and seeing how all the
What came next? systems work together is fantas-
I have worked in a number of tic. However, seeing the passion

Bell Helicopter
roles and programmes primarily in our customers, and how they
in airframe design. I was a de- use these products every day to
signer and technical lead on the Dennisons assembly manager role is his first outside engineering at Bell save lives, is really at the core of
Armed Reconnaissance Helicop- why we do what we do. That is
ter (ARH) programme helping ing role in my career. Building on Few people get the opportunity by far the most enjoyable and re-
build four prototype aircraft, and that experience, I transitioned to to heavily influence the design warding aspect of my job.
helped start a production line for a manager role, leading the sys- of a cutting-edge rotorcraft, and What position do you hope for?
a US Army programme. After tems integration design team on then get to build it after the de- Personally, I would love to have
that, I was the airframe technical the 525. Finally, I transitioned sign is complete. The learning the opportunity to lead a new de-
lead for a single-engined light out of engineering for the first opportunity is immense. We are velopment programme some
helicopter development pro- time, as the assembly manager currently building flight-test ve- day. I, like so many others, got
gramme, transitioned into the for the 525. I started at Bell Heli- hicles to support our certifica- into this business to invent new
technical lead for the Bell 429 copter in July of 2003, so I am tion programme, but later this products and technologies. Inno-
wheeled landing gear variant, quickly approaching 12 years year will start building produc- vation is incredibly exciting. n
and the technical lead for a cost now. I have been in my most re- tion aircraft. We will be acceler- Looking for a job in aerospace?
and weight reduction pro- cent role for six months. ating our line quickly to meet Check out our listings online at
gramme for the Bell 429. This all How large is your team? the huge market demand for this
led to being named the airframe My team is currently approach- product. My primary objectives
supervisor for the brand new Bell ing 60 highly motivated individ- are to make sure the build of the If you would like to feature in
525 Relentless. I helped lead that uals. These include mechanics, aircraft is on schedule, on budg- Working Week, or you know
team through the conceptual, electricians, supervisors and et, safe, and of high quality. Ad- someone who does, email your
preliminary and detail design of managers. This is my first ven- ditionally, I am responsible for pitch to kate.sarsfield@
the airframe structure, which has ture outside of engineering, and ensuring the long-term strategy
personally been the most reward- has been a terrific experience. of the Bell 525 production and

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route to building your aerospace and aviation career 2-8 June 2015 | Flight International | 43

01 - 02 SEPTEMBER 2015

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