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Lobby Day

March 13, 2017

4/13/17 DISD Board Briefing-11:30 a.m.
4/14&17/17 Inclement Weather Day
DISD & NEA-Dallas will be CLOSED
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA “SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU, NEA-Dallas Board of Directors
4/18/17 DCS Board Meeting @ 1 pm BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU.” President Angela Davis
4/22/17 General Membership Meeting @ 10:30 am Vice President Mary D. Smith
VP of Teacher Affairs Delna Bryan
4/27/17 DISD Board Meeting @ 6 pm
VP of DISD ESPs Sheila Walker
Secretary Vivian Bryant
NEWSLETTER APRIL 2017 Treasurer Peggy Rodgers-Pickron

NEA Auto & Home Insurance Program
Brandon Watson – (512) 520-7248 END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION IN THIS ISSUE
NEA-Dallas Page 1
6500 Greenville Avenue, Suite 520
May 6th -
Dallas, Texas 75206 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Page 1 NEA-DALLAS NOMINATION LETTER FOR BOARD OF
Monday – Friday Pappadeaux, Lower Level DIRECTORS POSITION
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
[Closed Saturday, Sunday & all DISD holidays]
3520 Oak Lawn Page 2
TSTA Help Center 1-877-ASK-TSTA Dallas, TX 75219 Page 2 & 3
NEA-Dallas members are cordially invited to attend the annual
End of the Year Celebration! Come and enjoy food, desserts, and
door prize drawings as we celebrate the ending of the 2016-2017 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
school year. See some important dates and times for upcoming events for
the current month.
➢ Everyone MUST call or email to reserve a seat no later than 5:00 Page 4
Malinda McKee Raya Staley
TSTA Staff Office Manager pm on Friday, April 21, 2017. LOBBY DAY - MARCH 13, 2017
(214) 923-2768 – cell (214) 821-2061 ➢ Only ONE guest/non-member per NEA-Dallas member is allowed Page 4 and prepaid by the 5:00 pm deadline on April 21, 2017.
➢ Cash, checks and money orders made out to NEA-Dallas are
NEA-Dallas neadallas1 accepted by drop-off (by the above deadline), or you may mail your
payment to our office at 6500 Greenville Avenue, SUITE 520, Dallas,
TX 75206, provided it is postmarked before the deadline. We A Message from the President
TSTA Help Center recommend you call to verify whether By Angela Davis
1-877-ASK-TSTA we received your payment or not, to avoid confusion at check-in. Are you retiring Although the Texas weather makes it difficult to
this year & decipher, believe it or not we are actually in the spring
➢ RSVP to Raya Staley, Office season! Amazingly enough we are assiduously moving
NEAMB Signature Discount Manager at 214-821-2061 or email: planning to
toward the end of the 2016-2017 school year.
When you enroll in the AT&T Signature Discount program, through your attend?
organization-and have a qualified wireless service agreement- you'll save on Let us know We understand that DISD employees are beginning to receive their
your monthly service charge for qualifying plans. Proposed Nonrenewal letters. These letters begin a 15-day timeline to
Cost your name &
As an AT&T Signature Discount member, you’ll receive: request a hearing. It is important to know that if you do not want to resign, you
NEA-Dallas Members – $5 years of service, do not have to! If you have received a letter, but have not sent our office a
• 15% off qualified wireless plans & services +1 Guest/Non-Member - $20 & NEA-Dallas copy, please do so immediately. It will be forwarded to TSTA, and an attorney
• 20% off eligible wireless accessories All non-registered can recognize you will be assigned to you. Please call our office at 214-821-2061.
For more information and details go to the website listed below: members/guests - $20 at the door at this event! I hope each of you continues to find daily successes, and I look forward to
Union Member discounts available at seeing you at our End of the Year Celebration next month!
NEA-Dallas Nomination Letter for Board of Directors Positions Name of Nominee: Dallas ISD District 1
In the Fall, you elected new Executive Officers that will take office on June Nathan Adams George H.W. Bush William L. Cabell F.P. Caillet George B. Dealey
1, 2017. You elected the following: ____________________________________________________________ Ev erette L. DeGoly er Anne Frank Tom C. Gooch Jerry R. Junkins Arthur Kramer
President – Delna Bryan Herbert Marcus John J. Pershing Walnut Hill Harry Withers Edw ard H. Cary
Executive Vice President – Sheila Walker Thomas C. Marsh E.D. Walker Thomas Jefferson W.T. White Ben Milam
Nominee’s Address:
K.B. Polk Preston Hollow Sudie Williams Benjamin Franklin Longfellow Career
Vice President of Teacher Affairs – Hope Lee
Hillcrest North Dallas High C.F. Carr George W. Carv er Lorenzo DeZav ala
Vice President of DISD ESP Affairs – Carmen Behrend ____________________________________________________________ Thomas A. Edison William B. Trav is Wright L. Lassiter Jr. Early College at El Centro L.G. Pinkston
Vice President of DCS ESP Affairs – Lonnie Richardson Sidney Lanier Gabe P. Allen Dav id G. Burnet Leonides G. Cigarroa Amelia Earhart
Secretary – Vivian Bryant Nominee’s Home Number: _______________________________________ Tom Field Stephen C. Foster Onesimo Hernandez Sam Houston Obadiah Knight
Treasurer – Peggy Pickron Maple Law n Eladio Martinez Joe May Esperanza Medrano Julian T. Saldiv ar
Francisco F. Medrano Thomas J. Rusk Booker T. Washington Dallas Env ironmental Science
Nominee’s Cell: _______________________________________________
Now NEA-Dallas is taking nominations for the Board of Directors. District 2
To be considered please complete this form and return it to our office Stonew all Jackson Lakew ood Robert E. Lee William Lipscomb Dan D. Rogers
by 4:00 pm on April 18, 2017. You may return the nomination form through Nominee’s Email: J.L. Long Woodrow Wilson Bay les Casa View S.S. Conner
DISD Mail Box 118; return it through US Mail to 6500 Greenville Ave., Ste. Charles A. Gill Victor H. Hex ter Highland Meadow s L.L. Hotchkiss Edw in J. Kiest
520, Dallas, Texas 75206; via fax 214-821-0219; or in person. ____________________________________________________________ Jack Low e Sr. Lee A. McShan Jr. Martha T. Reilly Reinhardt Alex Sanger
Qualifications and Duties of Board of Directors Larry G. Smith Jill Stone George W. Truett W.H. Gaston Robert T. Hill
All members of the Board of Directors shall have been an active professional, Nominee’s Worksite: ___________________________________________ Sam Tasby Bry an Adams Emmett J. Conrad César Cháv ez John F. Kennedy
paraprofessional, educational support or administrator member of the Mount Auburn J.W. Ray Oran M. Roberts Ignacio Zaragoza Alex W. Spence
association for at least (1) one year immediately preceding the year in which
May a Angelou Eduardo Mata Multiple Careers Magnet Harold Wendell Lang Sr.
the election takes places. All members shall maintain their membership in Job
Innov ation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy at James W. Fannin
the category that they represent and be current in dues. Title______________________________________________________
District 3
The term of office for district directors of the Board of Directors shall be three
years and begin June 1, 2017 and ending May 31, 2020. Birdie Alex ander Jimmie Ty ler Brashear John W. Carpenter Elementary DAEP–Dallas Barbara Jordan
Signature of person completing form
Umphrey Lee Thomas L. Marsalis Ronald E. McNair Maria Moreno Clinton P. Russell
Each District Director shall:
Leslie A. Stemmons T.G. Terry Robert L. Thornton Thomas Tolbert Adelle Turner
1. Serve as a liaison between the members of NEA-Dallas in their ____________________________________________________________ Mark Tw ain Daniel Webster Martin Weiss William H. Atw ell T.W. Brow ne
assigned district and their respective Dallas ISD/Dallas County Schools
Board of Trustee member. All information is REQUIRED to be officially nominated. Return Zan Wesley Holmes Jr. STEAM at D.A. Hulcy Barbara Manns Boude Storey Village Fair
completed form by 4:00 pm on April 18, 2017. Dav id W. Carter Kathly n Joy Gilliam Justin F. Kimball John Leslie Patton Jr. Arcadia Park
2. Conduct district meetings of NEA-Dallas in their assigned district
and report to the Board of Directors. Mary McLeod Bethune Felix G. Botello James Bow ie Nancy J. Cochran Lelia P. Cow art
NEA-Dallas District Directors Locations L.O. Donald Lenore Kirk Hall Margaret B. Henderson James S. Hogg Lida Hooe
3. Inform NEA-Dallas members in their assigned district of NEA- Dallas County Schools Service Centers
Dallas policies and actions. Anson Jones Louise Wolff Kahn George Peabody John F. Peeler John H. Reagan
District 1
Rosemont Rosemont Primary Arturo Salazar Celestino Mauricio Soto Stev ens Park
4. Serve as a liaison between the members of NEA-Dallas in their  North Dallas
assigned district and the Board of Directors. Winnetka Hector P. Garcia W.E. Greiner Raúl Quintanilla Sr. L.V. Stockard
District 2 W.H. Adamson Moisés E. Molina Sunset Trinidad "Trini" Garza Early College
5. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors.
 Don Shields Wilmer Early Childhood N.W. Harllee John Neely Bry an Harrell Budd W.W. Bushman
6. Attend Dallas ISD/Dallas County Schools General Board
 Beckley J.N. Erv in H.I. Holland at Lisbon Albert S. Johnston William B. Miller Roger Q. Mills
District 3 Clara Oliv er Elisha M. Pease Harry Stone William B. Trav is Whitney M. Young
7. Actively participates in membership recruitment activities.
 Pat Raney Wilmer-Hutchins Oliv er Wendell Holmes Kennedy -Curry Barack Obama Harry Stone
Please place a check mark on the line next to the appropriate Board of
Sarah Zumw alt Franklin D. Roosev elt A. Maceo Smith South Oak Cliff Wilmer-Hutchins
Directors’ seat that the nominee is being nominated for. The nominee can District 4
Tow nv iew Center J.P. Starks
run for only ONE position. Each district will have two directors (1) from Dallas  Kleberg
ISD and (1) from Dallas County Schools except for District 5. Please look on District 4
 Lawnview
to find what district your worksite is listed under.  DCS Administration
John Q. Adams William M. Anderson Annie Webb Blanton Central Gilbert Cuellar Sr.
____District 1 _____District 2_____District 3______District 4 _____District 5 Julius Dorsey Ebby Halliday Nathaniel Haw thorne Kleberg Richard Lagow
District 5
I, ________________________________________ respectfully submit my B.H. Macon Nancy Moseley Pleasant Grov e John W. Runy on Seagov ille
 Aledo Seagov ille North Edw ard Titche Balch Springs Fred F. Florence Seagov ille
nomination form to serve on the Board for the period of June 1, 2017, through
 Carrollton/Farmers Branch
May 31, 2020. I realize this is a commitment and that Board meetings W.W. Samuell Seagov ille H. Grady Spruce W.A. Blair Rufus C. Burleson
regularly meet, and I will be expected to attend to ensure that I am current on  Coppell
Adelfa Botello Callejo Frederick Douglass Paul L. Dunbar Henry B. Gonzalez Frank Guzick
all NEA-Dallas’ events and administrative functions.  Irving
John Ireland Martin Luther King Jr. Joseph J. Rhoads Charles Rice Edna Row e
 Richardson
 Weatherford San Jacinto Ascher Silberstein C.A. Tatum Jr. Urban Park Pearl C. Anderson
 White Settlement E.B. Comstock Billy Earl Dade John B. Hood Ann Richards Ev ening Academy
Lincoln James Madison Sky line Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women's Leadership