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1. Purpose of Report- To summarize as well as analyze

2. Time Frame- A report is generally written about an event or happening of
the past
3. Language and Grammar Markers:
a) Past Tense is used.
b) Indirect Speech is used.
c) Passive voice is used
4. A report avoids giving any personal opinion of any kind, which is why a
report is always objective in nature.
5. As indirect speech is used, it negates the use of I anywhere in a report.
6. A report is distributed into 4 or 5 subsections. The subsections can be
standardized as follows:
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Event Summary
6.3. Analysis
6.4. Feedback ( Of both participants and organizers)
6.5. Conclusion and Recommendation

7. Standard word limit is of 150-200 words.

8. A report should make use of as many facts, figures and data as and when
necessary and appropriate.

** Keep in mind that report belongs to piece of informed writing.

** Explain the concept of content- balancing which dictates that sub-sections

should be evenly matched. For example if one has written an introduction of half
a page, the conclusion cant be of a single line.

** Refer to the Chapter 11, page 57 for a prototype of the same.