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Belleville, Kansas  (785) 527-5524 
Belleville, Kansas is located at the Crossroads of America, in the center
of Republic County and served as the junction of two divisions of the
Rock Island Railroad. It's also at the intersection of two major highways,
Highway 36 and Highway 81, making Belleville an ideal place for
businesses. Belleville is known for its racing history at the historic 1910
era Belleville High Banks Racetrack, known as the "World's Fastest Half
Mile Dirt Track" and home of the Belleville Midget Nationals.
Belleville township was incorporated on September 25, 1869 and was
named Belleville in honor of founding father A.B. Tutton's wife, Downtown Belleville Drive Time Markets

Fast Facts
Arabelle. Belleville was designated the County seat and houses the
impressive art deco Republic County Courthouse. Four Kiosks around
the inside of the Courthouse Square provide a downtown walking tour.
Downtown markets are held Saturdays in October through May in the
Library. Farmers Markets are held Saturdays June through September Population 5 Min 10 Min 20 Min
around the courthouse square.
2010 Census 2,109 2,428 6,260
Annual events include The American Ag Heritage Festival, Cruise-in at
The Crossroads car show featuring classic cars and motorcycles, Square 2016 Estimate 2,044 2,367 6,253
on the Square and Christmas on the Square.
The historic Blair Theater, originally built in the late 1920's, was 2021 Projection 2,015 2,338 6,241
recently renovated and features a state of the art digital 3D projector &
DTS sound system. It also serves as a public gathering place for live Change 2016—2021 -1.4% -1.2% -0.2%
music, dance recitals and the states' Distinguished Young Women
Daytime Population 5 Min 10 Min 20 Min
Belleville Chamber and Main Street works closely with Republic County
Economic Development to help advance downtown revitalization goals. 2016 Day Population 2,656 2,894 6,676

2016 Workers 1,617 1,705 3,461

2016 Residents 1,039 1,189 3,215
2016 Daytime Change 29.9% 22.3% 6.8%

Households 5 Min 10 Min 20 Min

2010 Census 992 1,120 2,817

2016 Estimate 953 1,081 2,811

2021 Projection 935 1,062 2,802
Belleville is a Kansas Main
Street, Inc. community. Change 2016—2021 -1.9% -1.8% -0.3%
This document summarizes information
contained in the 2017 Downtown Belleville
Market Profile report commissioned by Median HH Income 5 Min 10 Min 20 Min
Kansas Main Street, Inc. (KMSI)
Reinvest | Revitalize | Restore 2016 Estimate $36,877 $37,083 $38,248
KMSI provides technical assistance to
support the economic development, 2021 Projection $38,884 $39,209 $40,863
preservation and revitalization efforts of
member communities working to improve
their traditional downtown and
Change 2016—2021 5.4% 5.7% 6.8%
neighborhood business districts. Source: Esri

Downtown Belleville Market Snapshot | 2017 | Belleville, Kansas

Lifestyle Profile
The Esri Community Tapestry consumer segmentation system
adds color to the demographic profile of residents and
households within the defined trade area geographies.

The Tapestry Household Distribution Report identifies prevalent
segments and describes the population’s likes, dislikes, lifestyles
and purchase behaviors for households within the defined
geographies. The information can be particularly helpful for
Top Tapestry LifeMode Groups
Downtown Belleville Drive Time Areas | Esri 2016
assessing opportunities for business growth and for designing
marketing strategies and messages to reach targeted segments.
Cozy Country Living
The following tables show concentrations of the most prevalent ► Empty nesters in bucolic settings
Tapestry LifeMode Groups found within Downtown Belleville’s ► Largest Tapestry group, almost half of households located in the
five, ten and twenty-minute drive time areas. Midwest
► Homeowners with pets, residing in single-family dwellings in rural
areas; almost 30% have 3 or more vehicles and, therefore, auto
5-Minute Drive Time Area Households Count Pct. loans
► Politically conservative and believe in the importance of buying
Cozy Country Living 691 72.5% American
GenXurban 262 27.5% ► Own domestic trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs/UTVs
► Prefer to eat at home, shop at discount retail stores (especially
Count/Pct. of 5-Minute Drive Time Area 953 100.0% Walmart), bank in person, and spend little time online
► Own every tool and piece of equipment imaginable to maintain
10-Minute Drive Time Area Households Count Pct. their homes, vehicles, vegetable gardens, and lawns
► Listen to country music, watch auto racing on TV, and play the lot-
Cozy Country Living 804 74.4% tery; enjoy outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, camping,
boating, and even bird watching
GenXurban 277 25.6%
Count/Pct. of 10-Minute Drive Time Area 1,081 100.0%
► Gen X in middle age; families with fewer kids and a mortgage
► Second largest Tapestry group, comprised of Gen X married cou-
20-Minute Drive Time Area Households Count Pct. ples, and a growing population of retirees
Cozy Country Living 2,223 79.1% ► About a fifth of residents are 65 or older; about a fourth of house-
holds have retirement income
GenXurban 277 9.9% ► Own older single-family homes in urban areas, with 1 or 2 vehicles
► Live and work in the same county, creating shorter commute times
Hometown 311 11.1% ► Invest wisely, well-insured, comfortable banking online or in person
Count/Pct. of 20-Minute Drive Time Area 2,811 100.0% ► News junkies (read a daily newspaper, watch news on TV, and go
online for news)
► Enjoy reading, photo album/scrapbooking, playing board games
and cards, doing crossword puzzles, going to museums and rock
concerts, dining out, and walking for exercise

► Growing up and staying close to home; single householders
► Close knit urban communities of young singles (many with children)
► Owners of old, single-family houses, or renters in small multi-unit
► Religion is the cornerstone of many of these communities
► Visit discount stores and clip coupons, frequently play the lottery at
convenience stores
► Canned, packaged and frozen foods help to make ends meet
► Purchase used vehicles to get them to and from nearby jobs

Belleville, Kansas  (785) 527-5524 

Retail Performance Total Retail Sales
Downtown Belleville Market ($MM)

Doing Business in Downtown Belleville 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 20 Minutes

Downtown Belleville, Kansas features several restaurants, a quilting $44.4 $47.3 $143.9
store, pharmacy, movie theater, farmers market, retail shops and Source: Esri Retail MarketPlace Report 2016
library. Long-time businesses are being joined by new businesses and Totals shown for all North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Retail
categories (NAICS 441—454) and Foodservice and Drinking Places (NAICS 722).
young entrepreneurs who are bringing new energy and a heightened
sense of vibrancy to the downtown area. An exciting series of annual
events continue to attract old friends and a growing number of
newcomers to enjoy the downtown experience throughout the year. Retail Pull
To capture a snapshot of an area's retail marketplace and
relative strength, the leakage and surplus factor summarizes
the relationship between supply (retail sales by businesses)
and demand (consumer spending by household). The factor is
a measure of the relationship between supply and demand
that ranges from +100 (total surplus) to -100 (total leakage).
A positive value represents a surplus of retail sales (often
indicative of a market where customers are drawn in from
outside the defined trade area).
The following table displays figures for some of the highest
and lowest Surplus/Leakage Factors in the five– and ten-
minute drive times for select Retail and Food & Drink
categories and subcategories. The information could serve as
a good starting point for the consideration of potential
expansion and recruitment targets for Downtown Belleville.

Category/Subcategory 5 Minutes 10 Minutes

+ Furniture Stores 80.3 77.9
Downtown Belleville + Automobile Dealers 60.0 57.1
Trade Area Sales Surplus and Leakage Estimates
+ Beer, Wine & Liquor Stores 46.3 43.7
Sales Surplus & Leakage ($MM) 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 20 Minutes + Grocery Stores 44.4 40.3
Surplus/ Surplus/ Surplus/ + Florists 37.8 30.9
(Leakage) (Leakage) (Leakage)
Total Retail Trade and Food & Drink — General Merchandise Stores (66.1) (68.5)
$17.0 $15.4 $53.6
(NAICS 44 – 45, 722) — Specialty Food Stores (100.0) (100.0)
Total Retail Trade (NAICS 44 – 45) $16.4 $14.9 $51.2 — Sporting Goods/Hobby/Musical Inst (100.0) (100.0)
— Book, Periodical & Music Stores (100.0) (100.0)
Total Food & Drink (NAICS 722) $0.6 $0.5 $2.4
— Office Supplies, Stationery & Gifts (100.0) (100.0)
Source: Esri and Infogroup. Retail MarketPlace 2016 Release 1 (2015 data in 2016 geography)
Source: Esri 2016
Comparisons of Retail Trade and Food & Drink sectors demand versus
sales estimates for the drive time areas reveal sales surpluses at all
drive time levels ranging from about $15.4 million for the ten-minute Belleville Chamber
drive time to $53.6 million for the twenty-minute drive time. The
figures and patterns suggest that, in certain respects, the community
& Main Street
1205 18th Street | P.O. Box 261
could be appropriately viewed as a “retail hub.”
Belleville, Kansas 66935
Leakage within a specified trade area represents a condition where
supply is less than demand—retailers outside of the trade area are  (785) 527-5524
fulfilling demand for retail products. A surplus within a specified trade 
area represents a condition where supply exceeds demand—thus, 
retailers are attracting customers that reside outside the trade area.

Downtown Belleville Market Snapshot | 2017 | Belleville, Kansas