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Rig Acceptance Chick List

Rig: ST#1 Well: ARM-14 Date: 25/11/2013

Old Location (B.B#13) Must Be Clean & Clear To Accept the Rig.

Category Item Checked YES Remarks

Assembly point & parking area is ready

Water fire tank filled w/ water
Water fire pump is ready to be used
Alarming system (sounds & lights)
Ground cables for all electrical equipments, e.x. generators

Eye washes & desh wash filled

Fire extinguishers is valid & their arrangments
Masks & Breathing apparatuses are available
Derrick ladder & cage well installed
Check griding of mud system.
Snatch Block Fall Arrestor, Derrick warning light.
Ladders safety.
Escape Line
Diesel tank in a safe area away from any spark risk
Accumelator bottles precharge pressure (1000 psi)
Accumelator pressure gauge (3000 psi)
Manifold pressure gaure (1500 psi)

Oil reservoir full

Air supplier pressure gaure (120 psi)
Electro-Mechanical system (3 generators are working)
Read the ampere value on each generator.
Electrical & air pumps are working & shut downs when met cut
out pressures (electrical @ 2900 psi, air @ 2700 psi)
Remote control panel for kommey unit.
Pumps to be tested @ 90% of max. working pressure & low p. IBOP & manual BOP will be
Pulsation dampeners pressure (1000 psi) tested w/ pumps.
Gauges @ driller cabin, pumps, swaco unit, & stand pipe manifold Surface & stand pipe will be
met together during the test. tested w/ pumps.
Insure proper lubrication for liner rod.
Run pumps separately @100 spm with no load.(choke open)
Load test by pumping through choke.(record pressure).
Strokes counters are working
Centrifugal pumps under mud systems working.
Check Equalizing Valves Integrity.
SYSTEM Check dumping valves integrity.
& Test all mud guns.
PUMPS Carry out transfer test from reserve pits to active pits.
Check agitators (run for one hour).
Check Gates integrity.
Mixing hoopers are working
Shale shakers can handle objects out (80 mesh size)
Desander & desilters are working (check for pressure=35 psi,
ical equipments

plugging, & mud exit)

Mechanical equipments

Deggasers negative pressure & vent valve.

Check poussembly for plugging.
Circulate through system lines to check plugging w/ diff. SPM
TIW & safety valve on floor. 2 HWDP jts will be used for
Rotary table alignment w/ top drive & 30" c. pipe alignment & M/up w/ power &
rig tongues.
Power tongue. (dies)
Rig tongues.(dies)
Dp & Csg slips are ready to be used.
Swaco unit working (check pressure gauge, connections )
Rig floor horses are working
Man rider
RPM for top drive must be counted w/ rotation (60 & 100 RPM)
Top drive rotation clockwise & anticlockwise
Visually check top drive saver sub.
Rig Floor Equipments

Check Stabbing board working safe.

Check dead line anchor clearance to be 5/8"
Visually check c.block & t.block for wear, damage & misalignment
Check grease fitting for proper lubrication.
Traveling block raising & lowering (check for bearing noise)
Cooling system of drawwork working.
Rotary table rotation clockwise & anticlockwise
Martin decker load w/ travling block, hook, & top drive.
IBOP & manual BOP test against holding pressure
Inspect drilling line for condition and check reel supply.
Check Ton-Mile program is correct.
Safety crown-O-matic up & block control system w/ alarms.
Links are working w/ elevator (try using 13 3/8")
Sensors panel in driller cabin working properly
Check modes of drawwork (Low & High) (transmission & Clutch).
Test the throttle
Check teeth wear of clutches.
Working Brake rims (check for wear, corrosion & grooving).
Emergency Brake & Parking Brake.
EATON brake is working
House keeping
Sea water line ready to collect sea water

Solid Control Equipments are working

Dry location is ready
check 2" valve on sea water line.
Inspection certificates for tubulars.
Others Earthing for generators & skid.
Test each generator separately, emergency shut down w/ high speed
Check Spare Parts of all materials needed.
Choke manifold function and pressure test. ( 300 psi for 5 mins &
2000 psi for 10 mins) for up stream and down stream valves.

check for sea water pump functionality

Rig Supervisor
Abdo Elshawaly
** Check Personnel (Qualifications, Experience, Attitude & Effectiveness)