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Name The tested variable is

Date Period Day (You control)

Notes: Nature of Science - Observations, The outcome variable is

Designing Experiments, and Checking Validity (You have no control)

1. Observations are 17. Identify Tested and Outcome Variables in

each experiment.
Experiment 1
2. We are getting _______________at observing as Study the effect of temperature on bacterial
technology increases. reproduction rates.
3. Answer the question here:

4. Quantitative Observation is an

5. Examples: Experiment 2
Investigate the effect of mass on the speed at
6. Qualitative Observation is an which an object falls.

7. Example:

8. Mrs. Davis voice registers at 75 decibels when

she is yelling. What type of observation is this? Experiment 3
Test a model cars air flow resistance at different
wind speeds in a wind tunnel.
9. 102 degrees is a

10. Mr. Michaels looks happy is a

18. Validity: Validity can answer two questions. 1.
11. Justin has a great running style is a
______________________________observation 2.
12. Haboobaka swam the 200m in 56 seconds is a
______________________________ observation.

Tested and outcome variables 19. Repetition is repeating

13. When designing an experiment, you need to
determine what youre ____________________ and
what the should look like.
20. Replication is repeating
14. (Independent) The tested variable is what you
are ____________________________with.

15. (Dependent) The outcome variable is the 21. Sean is assigned to repeat his lab partners
_______________________of your experiment. experiment, just to double check his work. What
type of validity check is this?
16. How does exercise affect a persons heart-rate? __________________________________________