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Malama Honua, Period 4

Kiai Ah Mook Sang, Ashley Tyau, Matthew Aio, Kamehana Ruiz

April 13, 2017

Water Sprinklers

For our project we have decided to focus on the ongoing problem of

water sprinklers on campus. Some of the problems we face with these

sprinklers is: the unnecessary times they go off during the day, the wrong

locations they are in, and how much water they use in a certain area. This

addresses the problems facing where sprinklers are located and if they

are/arent being effective. We want to propose the idea that we can change

the habits of these sprinklers by creating better rules and regulations. This

project will make Kamehameha a better place because it focuses on limiting

the amount of water we use and can help us to create better habits for our



As some students take the bus or drive onto campus, they notice these

water sprinklers going off at unusual times during the day. Not only that, but

they have seen the sprinklers spraying water on the concrete, where nothing

grows. This can be seen as a huge problem on our campus because it shows

how unorganized in planning the use of the sprinklers were and how we

continue this wasteful routine. This cycle creates water waste, making our

school pay for something that is hurting them more than benefiting them.


Our solution is to set up rules and regulations as to where and what

times the sprinklers are to be used. It will benefit the workers at

Kamehameha because they will use less water and be more sustainable.
However there will be some work to fix the sprinklers but it will fix the

enormous amount of water the sprinklers use. We would also like to suggest

either getting rid of/moving certain sprinklers in efforts to save money, save

water, and have sprinklers in most effective areas.

We were also considering collecting natural rain water instead of fresh

water through the sprinkler system. However would require a lot more

money, supplies, time, and help. Another solution we wanted to consider was

a rain detector so the sprinklers dont go off when it rains. A solution we also

thought about was a soil moisture sensor that would monitor if the soil was

wet enough to see if we had to water it again or not. With this we can save

water from watering the water only when it needs to be watered.

This project can help us to save money and water by just changing

certain water sprinkler habits on campus. The main goals of this project is to

get the people in charge of the water sprinklers to change their system. We

want them to see first hand how their water sprinklers are creating problems

and eventually change how they use the water sprinklers.


Place Number of Sprinklers Time Sprinkler goes of

Kaahumanu 6 9:30pm-10pm

Konia 12 9pm-10pm

Performing Arts 0

Haleakala 4 8:30-9:30pm

Girls Dorm
We will be collecting data on water sprinklers from our upper campus.

Targets and Metrics for Success

To successfully complete this project it would take months mainly

because we as students cant authorize certain portions of this project. We

would need the time to take out the sprinklers that are not in the right places

and put them in different places. Also we need to monitor the times the

sprinklers go off and to monitor the soil moisture in the grass and plants. This

project can be designed within a month but to be able to execute it

successfully will take a lot longer, due to other parts that we may not be able

to control. The project can be pitched out to the workers but the only way it

follows through is for the workers to find the rain sensor and soil moisture


This project does require special knowledge and we will need the

assistance of adults in order to make this project successful. We may or may

not need tools depending on if we are able to get rid of and or move water

sprinklers. Another thing we would need to know how we can manipulate the

sprinklers so that they only spray the grass. We would have to know the

correct angle and position for each sprinkler for it to work to its full potential

and water the grass and plants. We also need to know where each sprinkler

is on campus to know what changes we can do. Also we need to observe

what the sprinklers are like spraying the concrete and spraying the other

sprinklers. Lastly a thing we need to consider is different sprinklers that

would benefit the campus. If there are better sprinklers that can better the
amount of water and sprinklers in the area it could save water and money for

the school. Although buying and installing new sprinklers would be a hassle it

would end up being for the better.


In conclusion we want to propose this water sprinkler project because

we do feel that this will benefit our Kamehameha High School Kapalama

campus for the better. As weve said this project focuses on a water problem

at our school and is something we would like to fix. This project will hopefully

inspire more student led projects and will give students the opportunities to

make a difference on campus.