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Supplementary Application


This form should be completed by candidates applying for the role of

Teacher (SECONDARY) to provide supplementary information not
automatically available from the standard Government Employment
Application Form. This supplementary form is used to establish if your
application meets the criteria for consideration and consequently it is
important that your complete each question even where the information is
provided elsewhere (please do not refer to other doc)

First Name: Annette Last Name: Williams- Louden

Nationality: Jamaican Location: Jamaica
Preferred email contact address:

Describe the Bachelors Degree you hold.

[Identify the qualification, granting institute & year completed]
Education & Science at the University of the West Indies. Four courses to complete
approximately one semester left.
Identify the qualification or licensing requirement which grants you Qualified
Teacher Status, where different from above. [Identify the certification, granting
institute & year granted]
College of Agriculture Science & Education (CASE) 2005
Select the category which best describes the number of full years post
qualification teaching experience you have
11 to 15 years

Describe the grades and year levels you have taught

Grades 7, 9, 10 & 11

Which of the following do you have experience teaching? [Select all that
GCSE BTEC Qualifications
CXC CSEC IMI qualifications
AP exams International Baccalaureate programmes

Succinctly and factually outline, in no more than 150 words, why you are suited to
teaching in the Cayman Islands Government system. [Note: This system is not part

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of the International education system which is usually privately or corporately
administered and managed]

Describe your Suitability

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