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Running Head: Anti Bias Education Plan 1

Rebecca Escutia
Anti Bias Education Plan
HD 390 Developing Anti Bias Curriculum
Hacienda/La Puente Cohort
Running Head: Anti Bias Education Plan 2

A proposal to bring awareness to gender bias in a classroom setting.

Bringing stereotypical gender roles to the attention of others by promoting equality in gender
roles. Changing the classroom environment to break the social norm of gender roles such as
clothing, house chores, games and toys and literacy books in the classroom.

I would like to change the area tags in the classroom. Most of the posters of children and
family in the classroom come from Lakeshore where children model and pose for a picture.
These pictures can create a message of anti bias because not all children look like the ones
displayed. I would like to make my own area labels by taking actual pictures of the children
exploring the specific areas. Having a girl and a boy in each of the area labels to ensure that all
children regardless of gender can participate in the different areas.
I would like to break stereotypes about colors and activities. The social norm for the color
blue is to represent a boy and pink for girls. The Dramatic play area is for girls and the Block
area is for boys. Isolating a child from an activity because of gender can affect a childs attitude
and self esteem.

Beginning Plan:
I would start off by involving the parents in the classroom. Encouraging them to bring in family
pictures. I would do a family project where each child brings in pictures of their family and their
daily household chores. These pictures will be displayed in the classroom showing the different
jobs that both genders are capable of doing. Promoting different children doing different things
in a diverse world can help open minds and bring awareness about gender bias. Also asking
parents to donate any old work or sport uniforms for our dramatic play area. I have donated my
daughters T-Ball uniform to our dramatic play area in my classroom. I also brought in my
daughters cheer uniform, and basketball jersey. On the wall in the dramatic play area i have
displayed pictures of both females and males participating in each sport.
Running Head: Anti Bias Education Plan 3

A few difficulties that may be a barrier for this proposal is implementing a weekly theme into the
curriculum. At my work we follow the Creative Curriculum day by day so adding a new theme to
promote gender roles would have to be approved by a supervisor.
Another risk would be having limited access to items with neutral colors and finding the budget
to get everything necessary to transform the classroom to promote Gender Bias.