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List Of Technologies Available from CSIR-CFTRI BEVERAGE PRODUCTS

Coffee concentrate
BAKERY PRODUCTS Cola flavour concentrate
Orange flavour concentrate for manufacture of soft beverage
Sugar free Biscuit Clear Lime-Lemon flavour blend for soft drink manufacture
Baking powder Pomegranate juice & products
Bread: Production (Brown, Plain, Sweet, Milk, Whole wheat, Fruit, High fiber, Sugarcane juice bottling
Ragi, Bajra) Fruit syrups & squashes
Composite Bajra bread Litchi products
Composite Ragi Rusk RTS fruit juice & beverages
Onion flavoured biscuit Neera bottling
Wheat Germ Stabilization A low Glycemic Index (GI) Beverage for Diabetics
Sugar free cup cake Banana pseudo stem juice beverage
Sugar free cake rusk Ginger Tea
Instant Payasam Mix Coconut beverage from tender coconut
Bar cake Preparation of Non Aerated Nutri Beverage in Glass Bottles
Sugar free rusk Mixed fruit and Vegetable juices
High protein rusk Fortified sugarcane beverage in glass bottles
Cake rusk Ginger beverage
Instant cake mix
Vermicelli (wheat & whole wheat flour) CEREAL PRODUCTS
Fortified protein rich vermicelli Cereal flakes: jowar
Layered parotta (South Indian) Instant traditional foods: Bisi bele bhath, Sambar, Rasam, Pongal, Urd
Suruchi meethahealth food snacks (burfi) bhath, Imlipoha
Honey based Bakery products Spice mix: Puliogere
Sugar free bread Paushtik atta
Egg less cake premix Composite vermicelli based on ragi flour
High protein biscuits Maize chips
Shelf stable chapathi Ready to eat low fat snack Chakli & Tengolal
Pasta: Chocolate, Multigrain & Legume based Improved maize flour
Online fortification of Atta (whole wheat flour)/ Refined wheat flour (maida) Ready to eat low fat flaked spices Maize/Corn-snacks
Fortified Whole Wheat Pasta Legume based ready-to-fry-snacks
Production of Atta (whole wheat flour) Ragi based papads
Multigrain bread Pulse based papads
Refined wheat flour, semolina & resultant atta by roller milling Decortication of Ragi
Preparation of gluten free bakery products Malted ragi flour enzyme rich
Roller milling process for fenugreek fiber & gum Ready-to-eat low fat maize snacks from milled maize grits
Flaking of fox tail millet

Composite lentil chips Shelf-stable & ready to eat foods thermo processed in retort pouches
Flaked jowar RTE sweet & savoury snacks (non-veg. & veg. Foods)
Quick cooking, germinated & dehydrated pulses Canned (Aluminium cans) mixed vegetable curry and rice based
Fermented & dehydrated ready mixes for Idli & Dosa convenience products
Foods for diabetics Canned (Aluminium cans) vegetable chunks in tomato soup
Shelf-stable jowar flour Tamarind candy
Processed besan (Bengal gram flour) for sev and boondi preparation Nutri blends of edible oils
Puffed moth bean based sweet and savoury snacks Chikki/ Nutra-chikki (3 formulation)
Finger millet (Ragi) based murukku Nutra chikki with added spirulina
Expanded Horse gram Cereal bar
Flaking of ragi Multigrain cereal-legume bar & puffed rice bar
Shelf stable optimally milled brown rice Spirulina-choco bar and spirulina-cereal bar
Multigrain based fortified snack Fat powder
Mothbean Dal Puff Natural Oryzanol Concentrate from Rice bran oil for non-food applications
Multi-grain sweet mix Value Added products from coconut (Instant adjunct mix, Instant filling mix,
Ready to eat snack mix from puffed coarse cereals and legumes Coconut rice mix, Coconut bites)
Ready to cook multi grain whole mix for drink/ porridge Milk Chocolate
Convenience flour from ragi suitable for stiff porridge Milk Chocolate with no added sugar
Finger millet based multigrain semolina for preparation of Upma, Kesri bhat Coconut Oil Blends with other vegetable oils
& alike products Preparation of Lutein rich multipurpose ready mix
Protein enriched ragi vermicelli Preparation of protein, vitamin and mineral fortified chikki
Shelf stable roti from cereal & millet (rice/ragi/maize/jowar/bajra) Low GI soup mix for diabetics
Low fat extruded green snack using moringa Dhal based nutritional supplement for foods
Multigrain instant semolina
CONVENIENCE FOODS Modern dhal mill
Ready Mixes Vada, Dosa, Chakli, Jamoon, Jelebi, Maddur vada, Pakoda, Roller flaker
Flavoured flan, Cake Doughnut, Combination doughnut Single effect evaporator: 1000kg, 500kg, 200kg)
Ready mix: Upma Simple rice milling systems (Double pass single huller, Single pass double
RTE convenience food-Khakra huller,)
North Indian (Punjab) Halwa Mix Chapati making plant
Bombay Halwa Mix Leaf cup machine (hand/pedal operated)
Chutney paste (spreads) Simple pulse dehusking machine (hand operated & mechanized)
Low fat expanded Snacks Mini dhal milling system
Soya based instant sambar mix Versatile Dal mill
Low sugar milk Burfi Automatic Idli making unit
Deep fat fried & flavoured cashew kernels Automatic Dosa Making unit
Roasted & flavoured cashew kernel Design on Spouted Bed Coffee Roaster
Integrated rubber roll sheller huller rice mill

Vibro fluidized bed roaster Swallow root candy
Dry maize milling plant Fruit & vegetables: canning of
Device for Pneumatic extrusion of dough & device useful for dusting & Pickles & Chutneys
cutting of dough into geometrical shapes Osmo-air dried: Amla segments (sweet & salted), Jackfruit, Pineapple &
Infrared heating of Cashew for testa removal (Vac) dried mango slices
Combined infrared hot air heating system for food processing Tomato products
Hot air popping machine using flue gas Jamoon fruit products: (squash, RTS beverage, syrup, carbonated
Parboiling and Drying plant 4 TPH & 2 TPH beverage)
Desiccated coconut drier Dehydrated drumstick powder
Continuous bio-plate casting machine Instant dehydrated vegetables curry mixes (Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beans &
Automatic continuous cooker Carrot)
Sugarcane de-skinning machine Amla spread
Chutney dispenser Modified atmosphere packaging of minimally processed vegetables
Integrated hot air roasting machine Value added products from Figs (Ficus carica L)
Continuous Vada making Machine Dehydrated bitter gourd
Mini versatile dhal mill Dehydrated whole lime
Hand operated lemon cutting machine Instant mushroom soup mix
Moulding machine for besan, soji/rava and similar laddus Dipping oil formulation for grapes
Device useful for sheeting and cutting of chikki & other similar Indian Bio-preservation of ready-to-eat sugarcane chunks
Traditional sweets Amla paste
Forming and frying machine for foods Date Syrup Concentrate
Domestic dough shaping & forming machine Post Harvest Technology Protocols for Export of Mango Var. Alphonso
Continuous dough sheet extruder by Ship
Low cost, servo based PLC operated grain/grain products automatic Technology protocol for export of banana variety dwarf cavendish by ship
weigher for flour mill industry Potato flour
Tiny Rice Mill Mangosteen Fruit Products
Continuous wet cum dry grinding machine for foods (Colloidal mill) Value added products from custard apple (pulp, microfiltered beverage &
A device for continuous forming and frying of boondi jelly)
Annatto seed separator Products from pear fruit (dehydrated fruit, juice & powder)
A device for continuous separation of fish bone & meat Fruit jam slices
Apple pomace powder for enrichment of bakery products (bun, muffin,
Fortified Mango bar
Fruits & Vegetables dehydration: Grapes, Banana, Onion, Potato,
Peas & green chillies Meat pickles: Prawn, Mutton
Oyster Mushroom: dehydration Sausage preparation :Chicken
Curried vegetables: canning Meat/Fish/Poultry wafers (Chicken/Fish/Prawn/Pork/Egg/Meat)
Fruit jams & jellies: prepn. Shelf-stable chicken biriyani
Tutti-fruity (papaya/carrot) Shelf-stable chicken tit-bits
Meat burger Zink - EDTA Chelate
Shelf stable kabab mix with chicken meat Garlic paste
Ready to eat shelf stable egg crunchy bite Ginger paste
Dehydrated Egg Cubes Gravy paste for different Indian Cuisine
Deep fat fried Egg Cubes Spray dried coconut milk powder
Shelf stable egg albumin & egg yolk cubes Sugarcane juice spread
Low fat meat kofta Green pepper in brine
Shelf-stable biriyani paste Green tamarind spice mix - paste & powder
Egg loaf Removal of smoky odor from bhatti cured large cardamom capsules
Instant gravy mixes (dehyd) Preparation of cashew apple candy
Shelf stable convenience mix: A cooking base Faster curing of vanilla beans
Shelf stable varieties of curry pastes for vegetarian & non-vegetarian Preparation of radical scavenging conserve from tea leaves - normal/
traditional cuisines coarse/ pruned
Chlorogenic acid rich coffee conserve from green coffee beans
MICROBIOLOGY & FERMENTATION PRODUCTS Preparation of water soluble turmeric colourant (odourless) formulation
Microbial production of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) (WTCF)
Kit for the detection of aflatoxins by improved Dot-ELISA technique 2-hydroxy-4 methoxy benzaldehyde, a natural flavourant from Swallow
Kit for the detection of deoxynivalenol by improved Dot-ELISA technique Roots (Decalepis hamiltoni) Wight & Arn
Tea Biosensor Coffee flakes based mouth freshener
Mass propagation of Vanilla by tissue culture technique Production of coconut spread from Mature coconut water concentrate &
Mass propagation of Banana by tissue culture technique coconut dietary fibre
Preparation of wine from Garcina Xanthochymus Virgin Coconut oil preparation
Marigold Oleoresin preparation
PLANTATION & SPICE PRODUCTS Preparation of dehydrated green pepper without chemicals
Turmeric powder from fresh turmeric rhizome
Annatto dye: preparation
Processing of cocoa beans to: Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Cocoa powder PROTEIN SPECIALITY
Compounded Asafoetida
Mustard/rape seed integrated processing
Food colours: natural Beetroot, Safflower, Kokum & Grapes
Sesame: dehulling, (dry & wet processes)
Garlic powder
Biotechnological production of spirulina-Rural
Mustard powder
Full fat Soya flour: edible (improved process)
Making superior quality White pepper
Low fat high protein snack foods
Dehydrated Green pepper
Bland soy protein concentrate
Plant growth promoter: n-triacontanol
High protein soya cereal ready mix for the preparation of kesari bhath,
Spice oleoresins: Turmeric
upma, porridge and others.
An improved process for chilli oleoresin
Energy food: new formulation
Tamarind: juice concentrate & powder
Dehulling of Niger seeds
Processing of cocoa (Theobroma cocoa pods to dried cocoa beans)
Nutro crispo-sweet & savoury
Desiccated coconut
Heat resistant white Sesame seeds
Ready spice mixes (Rasam & Pulao)
Groundnut butter
Soya Protein Hydrolysate
Preparation of Beta Carotene and mineral fortified bun
Stabilized edible rice bran
Sesame based nutritious supplement