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'ART I (Rs.ln [acs]


QuarterEnded Half Year Ended Previousyear

30-09-2016 30-06-2016 30-09-2015 30-09-2016 30-09-2015 31-03-2016

Unaudited Unaudited Unaudited Unaudited Unaudited Audited

1 ncome from operations

a) Sales/lncomefrom operations (net of exciseduty)

,b) Other operating income

Total income from operations (net)

2 Expenses

(a) Cost of materials consumed

Ib] Purchasesof stock-in-trade

c ) Changesin inventories offinished goods, work'in-
rrogressand stock-in trade

,dl Employeebenefits expense v.5b 6.s2 6.04 16.08 12.01 27.62

(e) Depreciationand ammortisation expense 2.03 2.03 2.05 4.06 4.10 8.18

f) Professional and consulting fees 1.66 1.13 2.78 2.79 3.90

g) Stockexchange listing fees 0.57 0.58 0.56 1.15 l.t2 2.25

h) Other expenses 2.89 2.26 4.29 t, lo 6.94

Total expenses 15.71 t2.52 L5.72 29.24 78.07 70 51

3 Profit/(Loss)from operations before other income, finance

costsand exceptional items (1-2) (1 6 . 7 1 ) (t2.52:, (1s.72) (ze.24l (28.071 i70.s1
Other income 7.99 9.25 6.92 t7.24 13.26 29.81
f, ,rofit /(Loss) from ordinarY activities before finance costs
(3.27) (8.80 (12.00) (14.81 (d0.70
lnd exceptionalitems (3!4) (8.72
:inance costs 0,0t 0,01 0.21 0.04 0.30 a,4l
7 Profit /(toss) from ordinary activitiesafter finance costs but
before exceptionalitems (5!5) (8.751 (3.28) (e.01) (12.04) (15.11)
6 :xceptionalitems

9 'rofit/(Lossl from ordinary activties before tax (718) (8.2f (3.28) (9.01) (12.04) (1s.11) ({1,r0,

10 Tax expense 0.54 0.54 :.t.00

11 Net Profit/(Loss) from ordinarY activties after tax (9i10) (e.30) (3.28) (e.011 (12.s8) (1s.11) (s2.1

L2 Eitraordinarv items (net of tax expense) 246.47

13 Net Profit/(Loss)for the ppriod/ year (11112) (e.30) (3.28 (9.01' (r2.58) (1s.11i 194.31

14 ,aid-up equity share caPital

Facevalue of the share Rs,10each) 15.34 16.34 L6,3t 16.3r

l5 leserves excludint Revaluation Reserye

as per balancesheet of previous accountingYear
16i EarningsPer Share
lbefore extraordinary items) (not annualised)
(2.03 (s.s7 (7.77l, (9.33) (,32.22].
a) Basic (s.74)
b) Diluted (s.74 (2.03) (s.s7 (7.77]. (9,33) t12.22)
15ii EarningsPer Share
(after extraordinary items) (not annualised)
(a) Basic (s.74) (2.03, (s.s7l l7.77 (e.33) 120.03

(b) Diluted (s.741 (2.03 (5.s7 (7.77 (9.33, I20.0::



( a )S h a r eC a p i t a l
S u b - t o t a-l S h a r e h o l d e r s '
Shareapplicationmoney pendingallotment
Minority interest*
(a) Long-termborrowings
( b ) D e f e r r e dt a x l i a b i l i t i e(sn e t )
c) other long-termliabilities
d) Long-termprovisions
Sub-total- Non-currentliabilities

(a) Short-termborrowings
( b )T r a d ep a y a b l e s
( c )O t h e rc u r r e n tl i a b i l i t i e s
(d) Short-termprovisions 143.16
S u b - t o t a-l C u r r e n lt i a b i l i t i e s

(a) Fixedassets
( b ) N o n - c u r r e ni tn v e s t m e n t s
c) Deferredtax assets(net)
(d)Long-term l o a n sa n d a d v a n c e s
(e) Other non-currentassets
Sub-total- Non-currentassets

( a )C u r r e n ti n v e s t m e n t s
( b )I n v e n t o r i e s
( c )T r a d er e c e i v a b l e s
( d ) C a s ha n d c a s he q u i v a l e n t s
(e) Short-termloansand advances
(f) Othercurrentassets
Sub-total- Currentassets

*Applicablein the caseof Consolidated

Statementof Assetsand liabilities
1 u l t s w e r e r e v i e w e d b y t h e A uC
T h " a b o v e s t a n d a l o n e u n a u d i t e d f i n a rnecsi a d iot m m i t t e e a n d t h e s a m e

h a sb e e na p p r o v e db y t h e B o a r do f D i r e c t o r so f t h e C o m p a n ya t t h e i r m e e t i n g h e l d o n 1 L - 1 1 - 2 0 1 6 .

T h e s t a t u t o r y a u d i t o r s o f t h e c o m p a n y h a v cea r r i e d o u t l i m i t e d r e v i e w o f t h e a b o v e r e s u l t sa n d t h e

relatedLimitedreview report is beingforwardedto the stockexchange.

2 Figrreshavebeen re groupeownerever necessary.

T h e A b o v es t a t e dr e s u l t sa r e a v a i l a b l eo n t h e W e b s i t eo f t h e C o m p a n yi . e .w w w . g u j c h e m d i s t i l l e r s . caonmd o n w e b s i t e
e S EL i m i t e di . e w w w . b s e i n d i a . c oamn d A h m e d a b a dS t o c kE x c h a n gLei m i t e d i . e .w w w . a s e l i n d i a . c o m
o f S t o c kE x c h a n g B
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: 11-11 -2015
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P l a c e :A h m e d a b a d M a n a g i n gD i r e c t o r
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