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A Roguish Archetype


For the Rogue who wishes to embrace their darkest nature, the path of the
Wraithblade holds much promise. Make a deal with beings from beyond the
material plane and unlock powerful boons, for but the price of a normal life in the
light above. Make the darkness your ally. Enhance your already deadly talents with
the arcane energies of the Shadow Weave. Call upon allies from the realms of
darkness. But beware, for down this road lies madness...and death!

by Kenny Hitt

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Wraithblade if an ally excludes you from the damage efects
of a Radiant spell they cast. At 13th level, you can
Some rogues, in their lust for power or no longer be excluded from the damaging
vengeance, choose to make an alliance, efects of your ally's Radiant spells. At 17th level,
sealed in blood, with otherworldly patrons you become vulnerable to Radiant damage.
such as deities, fends, or unfathomable Shadow Strike
beings from beyond the known planes. This
Starting at 3rd level, you can use your action to
imbues them with various powers conjured call upon your patron to imbue your weapons
from the deepest depths, but at the possible with the power of shadows and death. On your
price of their eternal soul or sanity. By next turn, any Sneak Attack damage you deal is
tapping into the power of the Shadow Weave, Necrotic in nature. At 9th level, this becomes a
bonus action. Starting at 13th level, all your Sneak
they are bound to the planes of darkness,
Attack damage is Necrotic by default, and any
sacrifcing any hope of a normal life on the light or fnesse weapon you wield is treated as
upper world. magical for the purpose of overcoming
Because of the fundamentally dark and resistance. You may choose to deal magical
transformative nature of the pact, they Sneak Attack damage versus creatures with
Necrotic resistance, if you frst succeed on an
radiate necrotic energy and carry a subtle evil Intelligence check of 10 + the creature's
aura that prevents them from being Challenge Rating (minimum of 1).
recognized as having a good alignment, even
if they practice goodness in life. Difcult Resurrection
Once an alliance is made with a patron, raising
Light Sensitivity you from the dead may prove somewhat more
Starting at 3rd level, you become light-sensitive. difcult than normal, or even impossible.
You have disadvantage on attacks, and on Starting at 9th level, your soul moves to the
strength and dexterity saving throws made in Shadowfell after death. Raise Dead spells cost
any light brighter than frelight. Wearing an item double unless performed by a cleric of Shar or
that flters light, such as dark eyeglasses or of your patron deity, if any. Starting at 13th level,
goggles, negates this efect. Donning or you can only be returned to life by way of a
removing protective eyewear requires one full Resurrection spell, and at 17th level, only by a
action, and wearing such eyewear in dark True Resurrection or Wish. Alternately, if your
environments negates Darkvision. party can fnd a way to enter the Shadowfell,
they can attempt to retrieve your spirit from
Eyesight to the Blind Shar's thrall and escort it back to the material
plane...a dangerous proposition. If your
Starting at 3rd level, you gain Darkvision, with a comrades choose this option, your spirit will
range of 60 feet. At 13th level, your Darkvision sense the entry of your party into the plane, and
becomes Superior Darkvision, with a range of will be drawn to their location.
120 feet. If your racial bonuses already include
Darkvision or Superior Darkvision, its range One with the Darkness
expands by 30 feet. It has no enhancement
efect Darkvision obtained through magical Starting at 9rd level, you have advantage on
means. stealth checks in dim light or darkness. Starting
at 13th level, your foes also have disadvantage on
Repulsive Radiance all perception checks to see or hear you when
you are in darkness. Starting at 17th level,
A portion of your soul is anchored to the darkness is considered half-cover for you versus
Shadowfell. As a result, you fnd Radiant energy ranged attacks.
extraordinarily uncomfortable. Starting at 3rd
level, any time you are damaged by a spell that
inficts Radiant damage, or enter or start your
turn within the bounds of a Radiant area of
efect spell (such as Moonbeam or Spirit
Guardians), you must make a Constitution
saving throw equal to 10 + the spell's level. On a
failed roll, you have disadvantage on all attacks,
skill checks and saving throws until the end of
your next turn. This weakness still applies even
Not for resale. Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use only. Wraithblade v1.0 2
Immersion Fly By Night. The shadows themselves
become a conduit for you, allowing you to use
Wraithblades seal an agreement with and swear them to quietly sneak up on your enemies or
allegiance to a deity of darkness, a demon of the fee for safety. You can cast Dimension Door as
Abyss, or an unknowable entity from the void. your Immersion spell.
The process, called Immersion, saturates your
soul and mind with the dark energies of the FEAR THE ABYSS
As a result, you gain the ability to cast certain You swear allegiance to a demonic denizen of
spells without preparation, as long as the proper the Abyss. You are granted powers to intimidate
material components are available to you. You your enemies, tapping into their darkest
gain access to a cantrip and a single spell slot nightmares to conjure visions to terrify and
traumatize them.
which allows you to cast spells gifted as boons
by your pact. Sharpened Tongue. Starting at 3rd level, your
Immersion spells can be cast at their lowest voice becomes a weapon empowered by the
spell level only, and once you cast a spell, you demons of the Abyss. You gain the Thaumaturgy
must fnish a long rest before you can cast a cantrip, and can cast Dissonant Whispers as
spell again. The number of spells available your Immersion spell.
increases as you gain levels, increasing to 4 Lord of Delusions. Starting at 9th level, you tap
spells in your repertoire at 17th level. into your opponent's mind to conjure an illusion
At 3rd level, you must choose an Immersion to torment, confuse or frustrate them. You can
type corresponding to the type of torment you cast Phantasmal Force as your Immersion spell.
wish to visit upon your foe: Desperation, Fear, or Shock & Awe. Starting at 13th level, your very
Madness. Once your Immersion is chosen, it presence strikes terror in the hearts of those
cannot be undone. who would oppose you. You can cast Fear as
Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these your Immersion spell.
spells, as your Immersion has opened your mind Dead By Dawn. Starting at 17th level, you tap
and spirit to timeless horrors beyond into your target's deepest subconscious and
description. You use your Wisdom modifer make them confront their most terrifying fear.
when setting the saving throw DC for a spell, or You can cast Phantasmal Killer as your
making an attack roll with one. Immersion spell.

Spell save DC = 8 + your profciency bonus +

your Wisdom modifer MADNESS THE GREAT OLD ONES
You swear allegiance to a demonic denizen of
Spell attack modifer = your profciency bonus + the Abyss. You can open gateways to the voids
your Wisdom modifer and dark planes where the Great Old Ones
dwell, driving your foes mad with pain and
DESPERATION THE PANTHEON Death Grip. Starting at 3rd level, you can call
You devote yourself to a living deity of death, forth dark forces to grip your foes, inficting
darkness or night. You are an able killer, seeking horrible pain. You gain the Chill Touch cantrip,
to fll your god's quota of fresh souls, and to fll and can cast Arms of Hadar as your Immersion
the rolls of the afterlife. Your god grants you the spell.
power to move quickly and silently, and to strike Mental Disturbance. Starting at 9th level, the
with overwhelming accuracy and power. darkness of the Old Ones disrupts your
Fel Wounds. Starting at 3rd level, your enemies' ability to discern fantasy from reality.
expertise in channeling dark energies through You can cast Crown of Madness as your
your weapons makes you more accurate and Immersion spell.
damaging. You gain the True Strike cantrip, and The Great Devourer. The darkness between
can cast Infict Wounds as your Immersion spell. the stars desires the fesh and minds of your
Shadow Steps. Starting at 9th level, the victims. Starting at 13th level, you can cast
shadows cushion your feet and those of your Hunger of Hadar as your Immersion spell.
allies, making you agile and silent. You can cast Cosmic Horror. Starting at 17th level, you can
Pass Without Trace as your Immersion spell. summon the limbs of your dark overlords into
Breathtaker. Starting at 13th level, you can pull the material realm, leaving your foes helpless.
the very life essence from your foes and use it You can cast Evard's Black Tentacles as your
to close your own wounds. You can cast Immersion spell.
Vampiric Touch as your Immersion spell.

Not for resale. Permission granted to print or photocopy this document for personal use only . Wraithblade v1.0 3