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Facts Ideas Learning issues Action

Solid waste is not Small recycle bin How to build an Do research for an
well managed which can be use indoor recycle bin? indoor recycle bin
inside the house inside the house
People like to Provide recycle bin Where to place the Identify the place where
dispose solid for the residence recycle bin at the the residence like to
waste at residence? dispose the solid waste.
riverbank, What makes the Create a center for
drainage and residence well recycling at the
sidewalk. aware of the residence
recycle bin Place a sign shows that
provided? the recycle bin is placed
at their residence
There is a lot of Identify the How to sort the Investigate the
solid waste but material of solid solid waste into its categories of solid
sometimes they waste which can categories? waste that can be
dont know what be recycle recycle
type of solid waste Follow the label on the
can be recycle recycle bin.
Uneasy smell from Less attentive How to manage Refer to internet and do
the waste. when taking out the waste? more research.
the waste.

Too many things Do more recycle How to recycle?? Prepare a good system
that have been and classification of waste control and
throw out, without each group for build something to
do a recycle. recycle divide each group

Facilities for solid Provide more Why we need to Learn on how to

waste are recycle Centre in recycle?? recycle and
inadequate and residents area and When we need to practice in daily
irregular. management recycle? life.
should be Give a
systematic. suggestion to
local authority
about recycle.
Improvement of

People dont used Provide actions to How to recycle? Build something recycle
dustbin to thrown dump garbage bin with easy to
rubbish evenly flat separate each group

Increasing amount Prepare a lot or Why to recycle? Learn on how to recycle

of rubbish more recycle bin and practice in daily life

Place the recycle Placed the recycle Where to recycle? Suitable used at indoor
is not strategic bin at every home and outdoor