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Contains content some readers may find offensive.


2012 James Norbury, Brutal Games


ISBN: 978-1-909126-31-2
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,
including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher,
except for the inclusion of brief quotations in reviews. This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organisations,
places, or events is purely coincidental.


The love of money is the root of all evil.

This edition is printed and distributed, under license, by Chronicle City of 58 Woodville Road, New Barnet, Herts, EN5
5NG, UK. For further information about other Chronicle City games please check out our website and forums at





This book is dedicated to Alan and Jayne

Additional Text
Matthew Keevil - Praetorians & Procedures
Covert Incursion - Tom Cole

Additional Flavour Text

Petroc Wilton

James Norbury, Ian Norbury

Claire Brown, Petroc Wilton, James Norbury

James Norbury

Play Testing
Jon Dore, Hugo Marchant, Matthew Keevil, Ruth Norbury, James Norbury

Angus Abranson

Production Manager
Simon Emmins

This edition published by Chronicle City


Introduction# # # # 6 Armour# # # # # 56
Whats Not Here# # # 7 Anti-Plasma Cores# # # 57
The Formation of Eurasian Inc.# # 8 Mortars## # # # 58
Banned and Restricted Weapons# 60
SECTION 2 - NEW RULES Rogue Nanites vs Nanite Swarms# 64
Luxury Items# # # # 65
Player Generated Details# # 11
Cosmetic Surgery# # # 68
Firing Into Crowds# # # 12
General Equipment# # # 69
Radiation Poisoning# # # 13
Toxins and Drugs# # # 71
Inter Character Relationships# # 14
Addiction# # # # 74
Kananga# # # # 75
BONUSES Teleportation Technology
Medic# # # # # 20 How Do You Get A Teleporter?# # 76
Praetorian# # # # 22 Teleportation Rules# # # 78
Career Nuke# # # # 24 Teleportation Fail Table# # # 79
E.I. Rank Bonuses# # # 25
Misuse of Rank Bonuses# # 28 Vehicles and Vehicle Upgrades# # 80
Inter-Division Rivalry# # # 28 The Trans European Grand Tour# 83
Too Much Cash?# # # 29
LICENSES AND POST NOMINAL V.K.Euronetics# # # # 85
Anascan Optical Technologies# # 87
LETTERS Gemini Bioware## # # 88
Perks Master List# # # 32
Trainings Master List# # # 36 Cybernetics in Society
Licenses Master List# # # 40 Cyber-Trends# # # # 89
Post Nominal Letters# # # 42 The Lure of the Cult# # # 89
Applying and Awarding PNLs# # 43 Cybernetics in the Workplace# # 90
Glamour by Association## # 90
SECTION 5 - DOWNTIME ACTIONS Downsides# # # # 90
Downtime Actions# # # 44
Haemavine Blood Flush## # 92
Build a Business# # # 45
Metapsitrophin Spinal Tap # # 93
Celebrity Appearance# # # 47
Myelin Catasination# # # 93
Nootropic Saturation# # # 93
Making More of Your Business
Nanocarbon Reinforcment# # 94
Running a Business Campaign# # 49
Example - The Tangana Clinic# # 49
Determining Profit or Loss# # 52
Profits to the Corp # # # 53
Why Are Agents Running Businesses?# 53


SECTION 8 - E.I. BUSINESS Lord Henry Davenport - Corporate Integrity# 130
Chris Vaughn - PR# # # # 130
MANAGEMENT AND METHODOLOGY Halina Barshai - Contracts and Suppression# 131
Business Speak# # # 97 Dr. Markus Demyan - Health and Medicine# 132
# Calder Freeman - Leisure and Sports# # 133
Conflict Investment
Switching Sides## # # 98 Newspaper & Grenade Du Jour## 134
The Wrong Side Winning# # 98
Bad PR## # # # 98 Game Shows
Running a Conflict Investment Game# 99 You Bet Your Life# # # 135
Comoros and Conflict Investment# 99 The World Lotto# # # 136
Other Corporations# # # 99 Im Not Gonna Die!# # # 136
Conflict - Is it all War?# # # 99
Covert Incursions
The End Justifies the Means# # 101
Play Styles# # # # 102
Law and Order Within Central London# 141
Places in London# # # 142
Violation of Presumptive Contract# 103
The Diogenes Club # # # 142
Forms of Rivalry to Use in Your Game# 104
The Savoy Hotel# # # 143
Guthries# # # # 104
The Shanghai Noodle House# # 144
The Empire Plaza# # # 146
The Rise of the Medical Industry
Random Weather Table## # 147
Agents and Healthcare# # # 105
London Old City# # # 148
Medcare# # # # 106
Crime - The Company# # # 149
Two Snakes Medical# # # 106
The Cult Warrens# # # 151
Notable Cultists## # # 153
Divisions of E.I. Healthcare
The Suburban Ruins# # # 155
Krieg# # # # # 107
The London Spire# # # 155
Savita# # # # # 107
Medical Education# # # 107
Inside Vastaag# # # # 158
Drugs# # # # # 107
Domestic Heath# # # 108
Military Medicare# # # 108 SECTION 10 - GROUPS AND NPCS
Firestorm# # # # 162
E.I. Emergency Services# # 108 The Earth Front## # # 164
Selling Organs# # # # 111 The Red Army Faction# # # 165
Abuse of Agent Positions# # 114 Outland NPC Table# # # 167
Cult of Machina Warmaster# # 168
Finance Subspace Beast# # # 170
Credit# # # # # 115 Elite Spire Guard# # # 172
Finance Divisions# # # 117
Appendix 1 - Posh Surnames# # 173
E.I. Management and Objectives The Inner Circle# # # 174
Gunther van Rosch# # # 119
Shadow CEO - Alexei Kargin# # 125 Epilogue# # # # 178
Lucas Harrion - Mergers and Acquisitions# 128
Allesandra Bianco Fiera - Fashion and Styling# 129





Welcome to Cities of Gold. This book takes you deep I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars.
into the world of Eurasian Incorporated. Within these The rest I just squandered.
pages you will find a wealth of information including
operational methods, important locations, key George Best
characters within the corporation and of course lots of

Most of the information here can be used in any WHATS NOT HERE
corporation game but is of course most suited for use
with E.I. characters or E.I. based rivals. The main
theme of the book is that of old fashioned corporate
domination via the medium of cash. Theres no E.I. as a corporation has huge scope and there were
attempt to change the world for the better and no some things we would have loved to have covered but
sneaking around in the shadows. E.I. have big simply could not fit into the book without making it
pockets and no morals and thats what makes it fun. huge and releasing it 6 months late. Be assured that
When you play a typical Eurasian Inc. game your these topics will be covered in future books.
players are more than likely going to play self
indulgent, socially irresponsible dilettantes who do The World View and Vastaag - We are hoping to write
what they do for the love of the sport. Sure, they get about these in a supplement dedicated to off-world
paid lots of money and get access to some of the assets which would also include more detail on the
finest life stlyes in the modern world but more than Moon, Venus, Miller-Urey, the AMS Orbital and so on.
anything, being an E.I. Agent is about abusing power
and enjoying it. Royalty and Nobility - These concepts still exist in the
E.I. world and we would like to explain their place in
As a GM you may encounter a few issues as a result society.
of this play style - these include the players having too
much money or more often than not having total The E.I. Airforce - In a future book we will be detailing
disregard for those around them. The money issue is the E.I. Airforce in the same way as we did the Ai-Jinn
actually not the problem you might imagine it is; there fleet in The Dragon Awoken.
will always be someone bigger and better with more
expensive guns and more impressive cybernetics. Our The Toxinomicron - This is a massive book of toxins,
advice to you would be not to step on the players drugs, medicines and so on, which certain E.I. Agents
money making schemes. If they manage to secure may gain the privilege to look through and order from.
100,000 credits let them, it wont help when they get We will hopefully release this as a PDF or mini-book.
hit with a heavy EMP grenade and all their high-end
cyberware goes fizzle. Spetsnaz & the SAS - Some of Russia and Europes
finest soldiers. Their modern day counterparts will be
And as for collateral, well thats part of being an E.I. detailed in the future.
Agent, just remember that its normally going to be 5
Agents against another corporation and that Advanced Business Systems - We are intending to
corporation will be able to muster some significant expand the business system but this is more likely to
forces in the event of a major attack. If the division take the form of a small supplement dedicated to
bomb a spire just release swarms of surveillance building your own empire.
droids, fleets of drop ships and dozens of Agents.
Being hunted across Tokyo Open City after a major
attack is part and parcel of E.I. operations.

So we hope you enjoy this book. E.I. have always

been the quintessential corporation and represent the
21st century gone bad. Have fun with that and enjoy
indulging your excesses in a safe and responsible


What they had not counted on was a Mr. Gunther van
When I was young, I thought that money was the
Rosch, an economic, political and oracular genius with
most important thing in life; now that I am old, I
a charisma and style that drew people to his cause
know it is.
like rats to a pied piper. Van Rosch was one of
Britains two EAC representatives. Through a
Oscar Wilde
combination of unchallengeable logic and awe-
inspiring speeches, he convinced the EAC that the
power they wielded would only wane in time, and that
The official formation date of the European Russian more important than organising petty wars, was the
Alliance is listed as October 12, 2101. The union of safeguarding of the EAC as a means to a financially
the E.U. and the Russian Nation was a direct stable Eurasian State. Over time he convinced the
response to Europe overextending itself and EAC that rather than working for their countries, they
consequently being unable to defend its borders. should work for the best interests of the EAC, each
Although an economic powerhouse, Europe was so individual representative was charged with securing
vilified across the world that it was finding it assets for the good of the committee, be they in the
impossible to import the resources it badly needed to form of allied politicians, control of businesses or even
continue its countless skirmishes. The alliance with legislative power within their home states.
the Russian Nation was a risky move and offered
Russia economic support in exchange for resources These power grabs were carefully orchestrated to
and military assistance: in essence, no more than a appear to be for the good of the alliance as a whole
simple business arrangement. and by the time anyone began to suspect otherwise, it
was too late. Any representatives who were not
This arrangement was overseen by a special council committed to the EACs furtherment or could not
which was set up in Dresden and attended by various deliver the goods had been replaced. By 2112 the
political leaders from across Europe and Russia. The influence of the EAC was beyond challenge; in each
council was named the Eurasian Alliance Committee member state the government was now serving the
(EAC) and wielded ultimate authority over the EAC and being well rewarded for it. Not only that, but
Alliances actions. Its members (87 in all) were each nation was actually benefiting. With every
notoriously clandestine and known for keeping the country essentially being controlled by a single room
EACs discussions so secret that even the E.U. and of people, everything ran almost flawlessly; the
Russian member states were given only the barest of coordination between the various nations was like
information needed to conduct their duties. nothing seen before.

The EACs executive authority was instated so as to Gunther van Rosch, throughout the last 11 years, had
keep things simple and decisive. Each member state been extremely careful to make sure this organisation
had a number of representatives on the committee was running on his terms and that the majority of
which related to their home population; thus Russia Eurasian dealings had been engineered through a
had more representatives than Britain, who in turn had single entity. This entity, which he had entitled
more than Iceland. Eurasian Inc, was essentially the business side of the
EAC and had been the conduit though which
Because of the small number of representatives transactions were routed across Eurasia.
decisions could be made relatively quickly. The
member states native governments were aware of the Van Rosch had been sure always to run the EAC in an
potential for corruption in such a setup but were wise altruistic manner, never taking out more than a basic
enough to know that corruption will occur in any wage and never giving anyone grounds to suspect he
system and that as long as each country sent their was anything but a gifted philanthropist. However, on
best people, a basic fairness would ensue. Dec 14, 2112 Van Rosch openly declared that he was


making himself official head of the EAC and would be

reorganising it to have a more corporate structure -
this was necessary to prepare for the recently formed
Shi Yukiro. Most of the EAC had no problem with this
and those who did were quickly brought round with
promises of power and wealth.

It was the citizens of the various Eurasian countries

who voiced their reluctance to be run by a corporation.
Unfortunately for them, their governments were drunk
on the success of the EACs actions and unwilling to
leave Gunthers new super-nation. To make things
worse, any government that did decide not to be a
part of Eurasian Incorporated would be ostracised by
the rest of Europe and Russia; a proposition loaded
with potential for economic, military and political

And so it was that the EAC broke up

and was reorganised into the E.I. we
know and love. Gunther placed
himself at the top of the tree and
appointed a number of his most
trusted allies into positions of power.
He originally relocated the HQ to
Germany where he used E.I.s
massive wealth to build the first Spire
City though in time moved to

Gunther has never looked back and

is the only CEO to have both formed
a major corporation and still be
running it. He is still as shrewd and
cunning as ever and, if he gets his
way, will be seated upon his golden
throne, lording over his empire long
after everyone else has been ground
to dust beneath the wheels of his
corporate juggernaut.

CEO Gunther van Rosch




Also remember that because it is the players who are
coming up with the details its actually less work for

the GM rather than more. In a typical scene if there
are 6 sets of player generated details, that can add a
great deal of extra content, but each person in the
group will be contributing relatively little.
This section presents a new optional rule for you to
add to your Corporation game in the form of player DETAIL CHANGES AND XS
generated details. What does this mean? Well
basically it is a system which takes work away from XS 1-4# # Nothing
the GM and gives creativity to the players. During any With an XS of 1-4 you can change no details at all.
scene where dice are being rolled the players,
depending on their roll, may get the option to add XS 5-8# # Minor Detail
details to the scene. With an XS of 5-8 you can alter a minor detail. This
should only have a very small effect on the scene.
These details could take any form depending on the
XS of a related roll. The table below is provided to XS 9-12# Moderate Detail
show you the kinds of details you can change You can change something reasonably notable that
depending on your XS. You could think of it as could alter the scene substantially.
deciding the effect of your own critical hit.
XS 13-18# Major Detail
The GM should feel free to make a player choose You can change something significant that could sway
another detail if the one he wants to alter is too the whole scene. This can include details which
extreme or game changing. However, for the most completely eliminate henchmen (non plot-essential,
part that is the idea of this new rule. It can make the weak NPCs).
game change direction sharply and as a result can
create a whole new scenario the GM has not planned Example Using Combat
Below are examples of the Player Generated Details
For this reason this new rule may not be suited to all in action.
GMs. You should be confident in your ability to
improvise before allowing players to change major 5-8 ! Minor Detail
details. If you are at all unsure, you can either Agent Killian fires his pistol at an enemy in a hotel
disregard these rule completely or limit the players room. He passes by 8. Thats a minor detail. He
ability to alter details to minor and moderate ones. declares that his bullet also hit the guards
radio ,hopefully damaging it. This means there is a
The nature of the changes a player can make are chance the guard cannot call for backup. The GM
based upon the XS of their related Action Total rolls. decides this is fair and that there is a 75% chance the
Two important things to note are: radio is broken (though he does not tell the player
1. You cannot use XS for changing details AND
something else. Its one or the other, so if you are 9-12! Moderate Detail
changing a detail, a training like Mastered Weapon Agent Killian fires his pistol at an enemy in a hotel
will not apply to that action. Sub-systems which room. He passes by 10. Thats a moderate detail and
already use XS such as hacking and grappling will so he declares the bullet has passed through the
require a decision on the part of the player as to target (wounding him as normal) but has also struck a
whether they want to succeed or add details. gas pipe and ignited the gas. Now a huge plume of
burning gas dominates one side of the room.
2. When you elect to change a detail your basic action
ALSO succeeds, so if you fire a gun at a target and 13-18! Major Detail
pass by 10, you get to change a detail as well as Agent Killian fires his pistol at an enemy in a hotel
wound your enemy. room. He passes by 15. Thats a major detail. The
player decides that his bullet strikes the guard in the


forehead and kills him outright in a single clean shot officer in a nightclub. She passes her roll by 16 and
with no blood spatter. The players can now use the decides that she is just his type and he has recently
guards perfect uniform as a disguise and a potentially broken up with his long term girlfriend. He will divulge
messy battle has been avoided. anything to her in the hope of gaining her attentions.

Example Using Action Example Using Skills

5-8! Minor Detail 5-8! Minor Detail

Agent Lopez is in the middle of a rooftop chase and Agent Daffidov is hacking into a lab computer system.
makes an Agility + Athletics roll to run along a thin He gains an XS of 6 and decides he has found a
beam connecting two buildings. With his XS he backdoor into the system which will make hacking the
declares that he can run along the beam as fast as he same system next time, much easier.
could along solid ground.
9-12! Moderate Detail
9-12! Moderate Detail Agent Daffidov is hacking into a lab computer system.
Agent Lopez is in the middle of a rooftop chase and He gains an XS of 10 and decides he has found a
makes an Agility + Athletics roll to run along a thin backdoor into the system which allows him to access
beam connecting two buildings. With his XS of 10 he the system with no roll for the next week.
states that the beam collapses behind him, forcing his
pursuers to find another route. 13-18! Major Detail
Agent Daffidov is hacking into a lab computer system.
13-18 Major Detail He gains an XS of 16 and decides he has found a
Agent Lopez is in the middle of a rooftop chase and backdoor into the system which even the A.I. Architect
makes an Agility + Athletics roll to run along a thin has forgotten about. This allows him full access to the
beam connecting two buildings. With his XS of 17 he system for the remainder of its life span.
declares that the beam collapses just as one of his
pursuers is trying to run across it, dropping them to (Naturally these examples are for an isolated lab
their doom. mainframe, the same detail changes would not be
appropriate for a corporate data system.)
Example Using A Social Situation

5-8! Minor Detail

Agent Martinez is attempting to use her feminine wiles FIRING INTO CROWDS
to extract some sensitive information from a security
officer in a nightclub. She passes her roll by 7 and
Ben Richards - I said the crowd is unarmed! There
decides that the target has had a hard day and has
are lots of women and children down there! All
been drinking a little too much to relieve stress. This
they want is food for-gods-sake!
makes him a little more loose lipped than he might
normally be.
Control - As you were Richards. Proceed with plan
alpha. All rioters must be eliminated.
9-12! Moderate Detail
Agent Martinez is attempting to use her feminine wiles
Ben Richards - The hell with you. I will not fire on
to extract some sensitive information from a security
helpless people! Abort mission. We return back to
officer in a nightclub. She passes her roll by 10 and
declares that in his slightly drunk stupor he falls and
smacks his head on a table. When the ambulance
Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Running Man
arrives she offers to accompany him to the hospital,
thereby gaining his trust and having the opportunity to
be alone with him.

13-18! Major Detail Although Ben wouldnt fire into the crowd, he was
Agent Martinez is attempting to use her feminine wiles never trained by E.I. When firing into crowds you gain
to extract some sensitive information from a security +12 to hit and for every 5 points of damage dealt you


incapacitate a member of the crowd. If not tended to
incapacitated people will soon die.
This of course, assumes it is a normal crowd and not
a mob of rioting Cultists etc. It also goes without
saying that the PR fallout from such an act is extreme. Those who do not believe that the flavour of their
afternoon muffin would be enhanced by the texture
Example - A crowd is getting out of control and all of their own fingernails would be well advised to
there is to stop them are 5 E.I. Agents armed with avoid the greater Luxembourg metropolitan area
submachine lasers. The Agents rank up and open fire for the time being.
- this creates a total damage of 40D8 + various
bonuses for mastery and vital shot etc. The total from The Young Persons Guide to the World, 2500
damage dealt is 185 which means 37 civilians are edition
dead and dying. The crowd keep coming and the GM
states that the Agents have one more round until the
crowd get to them. They open up with another volley,
this time dealing 144 damage - another 28 civilians Below are laid out the side effects of severe radiation
down. At this point the crowd begins to break up and poisoning such as that acquired from a dirty bomb.
run screaming. Crisis averted! Nice work boys and You can adjust the time period between symptom
girls! escalation to suit circumstances.

My dear boy, you have evidently forgotten that Within 12 hours the victim reaches stage 1 and suffers
there is a science to these messy little affairs. The from nausea and vomiting, blood in stools, fever,
last thing you want when the crowd breaks and bloody vomit, hair loss.
runs is for the miserable buggers to stampede over
you; just imagine what you might get on your Every time a certain amount of time passes the
shoes. No, your volleys should be directed at the disease progresses a stage. The X (time period)
edge of the herd nearest you, so that the first few varies depending on the level of exposure.
dozen fatalities not only panic the poor cretins but
make a sort of wall of dead and injured to direct the Exposure Example X
flow of panic safely away from your position. And
that means you need to use the sort of kit that will Mild Spent a short time in the 1 week
leave most of em intact: low-cal rounds, light irradiated area.
lasers, perhaps some shuriken. So lets not have
any more of that frightful nonsense with plasma, Moderate Were within 500 metres when 1 day
theres a good chap. the device went off or spent a
few hours in the irradiated zone.
attr: MO Col. The Right Hon Norman Spanky
Jenkins, MBE, CBE, KCMG (bar) High Were within 50 metres when the 12
bomb went off or spent several hours
hours in the irradiated zone.

Stage 1
Nausea, fever, diahorrea and vomiting. Bloody stools,
mild hair loss.

Stage 2
Poor wound healing - (all wounds are considered
Weakness and fatigue resulting in -2 to Str, End and


Stage 3
Lesions appear over the body, other symptoms

All STATS are reduced by 2.

Stage 4
Blistering and ulceration of the skin, other symptoms
Its all very well creating a brilliant character with an in-
depth background, unique fighting style and collection
All STAT are reduced by 2.
of odd quirks but few people think of how he or she
relates to other members of the division.
Stage 5
Necrosis of body parts.
This section describes how you can build relationships
All other symptoms worsen, all STATS are reduced by
between various members of the group. Its
completely optional and you can use as much or as
little of this system as you please. Likewise, you could
Stage 6+
take some of the ideas outlined here and use them,
All symptoms worsen. Stats keep dropping by 2 every
even if you dont intend to use the system as a whole.
12 hours until END reaches 0. This means death.
Radiation poisoning cannot be healed by a toxin
purge, you must visit an anti-radiation clinic and Ideally you should generate a relationship for every
undergo a course of treatment. pair of characters. Even if the relationship is met
during our first mission briefing, it still builds a small
bond between the characters.
DURATION Simply look around the room at the other players and
pick one. You then have a choice of coming up with an
Mild 1000 credits D4 days
idea between you or ... rolling on the random
relationship generator.
Moderate 3000 credits D6 days
Using the generator
You can use the tables however you wish, but we
High 5000 credits D6+4 days
recommend each person in the pair roll once. This
way each relationship has two aspects. You should
simply re-roll conflicting results such as grew up rich
and grew up on the streets.

Bear in mind one person should roll at a time. This

person is the one who the description is referring to,
so if it says you tried to kill the other person then you
will know who tried to kill whom. Youll need a D50 (a
D100 divided by 2).

Positive and negative relationships

If you dont think your players will handle contentious
or negative relationships very well then just leave
them out (re-roll). Some groups thrive on a little
conflict or are able to make it fun and entertaining;
others simply fall out and start assassinating each
other. As the GM you will know your group and should
make a decision.



To make these relationships a little more than notes Roll Relationship
on the back of a character sheet the players are
encouraged to expand the basics by chatting to each 1 Same Class - You were both in the same class in
other and elaborating the story. If this is done well Agent Training. You were often paired up in
then the GM should award a little bonus to the practical lessons and became good friends.
characters involved. Obviously because the players
will be making a relationship for each other player 2 Disastrous Prank - You co-authored a monstrous
they could rack up quite a lot of bonuses this way. prank during Agent Training for which you were
Ideally for each developed relationship a player both caught and almost expelled.
creates, award them one small bonus. Below are
3 Held Back - For whatever reason you were both
listed some sample bonuses so that you dont have to held back a year at some point during your
give them too much of the same thing. education, due to mischief or simply lack of
ability. During this time you banded together.
1 or 2XP towards a related skill.
Recover conviction when a firm friend is aided. 4 Brother / Sister Dating - You dated the other
Recover conviction when an old rival is bested. persons brother / sister. They were not pleased
A point in related contacts because you were somewhat of a tart and
A piece of equipment related to the relationship. known for bad relationships.
1 or 2XP towards a related STAT
A bonus to certain roll types. 5 The other person dated your sister / brother, you

were not pleased because the other person

A shared low level business.
treated them poorly and then dumped them in a
rather callous manner.
For example:
6 You both ran a small drug ring at college (or
Agent 1! - Thomas Yaket (Biologist) Agent Training). You were never caught and
Agent 2 - Fel Kameer (Nuke) made a great deal of cash. It has remained your
little secret.
Yakets player rolls a 12 which states that his father 7 Cohabiting - During Agent Training you shared
was sent to assassinate Kameer some time ago. an apartment. Roll a D10, on a 1-5 you both got
Between them they decide that Kameer foiled the on well, on a 6-10 you really annoyed each
assassination by killing Yakets father with a letter other.
opener. E.I. were so impressed they recruited
Kameer into the Agent Training Program. 8 Shot - During Agent Training you shot the other
person with a live round. ICE had not been fitted
Kameers player rolls a 5 stating that Yaket dated yet and the other person almost died.
his sister. Yaket is one of those evil biologist types
with little human empathy and Kameer was not 9 Dating - You dated the other persons mother /
father. Theyd had extensive anagathic treatment
pleased with the relationship. Eventually Yaket grew
and were extremely good looking. The other
tired of the girl and played mind games with her person even caught you in coitus once.
until she tried to commit suicide and ended up in
therapy for years. This gives Kameer somewhat of 10 Bully - You went to the same Comoros
a grudge against Yaket. Educational Institute. The other person teased
you mercilessly because of your physical
Example bonuses from these backgrounds: appearance (which has since normalised). Get
them to think of a nickname that they used to
Yaket gains 2XP to put towards Psychology. use.
Kameer gains a conviction point each time Yaket
really fails at something. 11 The other person was hit by a car when they
were 16, you were passing by and came to the
Kameer gains 2XP to put towards Close Combat. rescue, stabilising them and calling for help.
Yaket gains +4 to resist female charms because Were it not for you they would be dead.
hes such a dissociated psychopath.


Roll Relationship Roll Relationship

12 Your father was at one time an assassin and 24 Amicable Partners - The two of you courted for
was directed to kill the other person. For some some time before painlessly deciding it was not
reason he failed but you both know the tale. going to work.

13 Schooling - You both went to the same primary 25 Disgruntled Partners - You went out for a few
school where you became good friends. You years but were constantly arguing. You split up
attended the same secondary school and even but still cannot stop squabbling.
entered Agent Training together.
26 Club - You are both members of the same hobby
14 Siblings - You share the same mother and father. club. It could be cat breeders, landscape
painters, gun appreciation, sports, martial arts
15 Half Siblings - You share the same mother or etc.
father but not both.
27 Servant - While low on cash you took a job as a
16 Raised on the Streets - You both grew up servant working for the other persons family.
homeless and had to rely on your raw skills and They insisted on calling you Jeeves, which the
talents to get by. other person cannot (or will not) stop doing, even
17 Victim - Early in your Agent Training you were
ordered to kill the other person. At the last 28 Same Team - You both played for the same
moment the order was withdrawn; you were both sports team for a few years. During this time you
aware of what was supposed to happen, but not built up a solid relationship which put you in
why. good stead for working in a division together.

18 Slaves - You both found yourselves as illegal 29 Rival Corp - You both worked for a rival
slaves for the early part of your lives. Together corporation in a non-Agent position. You both left
you escaped and it made you close companions. at the same time due to issues with their
corporate policies.
19 Swindled - You used to work as a con artist or at
least part of a crew that successfully swindled 30 Mental - You both served time in the same
the other persons family out of most of their lunatic asylum. Both of you maintained you were
money. not mad. Oddly though, you both still maintain
the same set of delusions which you should
20 Client - You fell on very hard times and were create using the GMs help.
forced to become a prostitute. The other player
was high on drugs and employed your services. 31 Time - You both served time in the same prison.
You woke up together feeling somewhat During this time you banded together for security
awkward but the relationship somehow worked, and forged a lasting relationship.
even if the sex did not.
32 Inmate and Guard - While you were in prison,
21 Shared Accommodation - Due to lack of funds the other person was a prison guard in the same
you ended up sharing an apartment together for wing. Your relationship was (roll a D10):
some time. You became great buddies and 1-3 Good, 4-6 Hostile, 7-10 Neutral.
ended up applying for Agent Training together.
33 Father and Son - Or mother and daughter etc.
22 Life Saver - During Agent Training the other Regardless of gender, you are the other persons
player was routinely picked on by the training parent. Anagathics have kept you young if your
officer. You stood up for him and punched out character does not appear to be old enough.
the officers in question. Youve been firm friends
since and you even have cute nicknames for one 34 Cousins - You are cousins and used to meet up
another. at Christmas and other family occasions. There
is a history of Agents in your family so your
23 Thief - You used to steal a few things to get by, respective parents practically forced you both
little did you know the car you stole was the into the Agent Training Program.
other persons - a final gift from their dying uncle.


Roll Relationship Roll Relationship

35 UIG Applicants - You both attempted to join the 44 Business Partners - You were in business
UIG but were thrown out of the process for bad together and have made some cash. You may
behaviour. Together you loped off and joined an still own the business or perhaps it has folded.
Agent Training Program instead.
45 Shared Disaster - You were both involved in the
36 Archons - Both of you were given a mysterious same disaster (ship sinking, burning building,
message one day to meet somewhere strange. earthquake etc.) and had to band together to
Unable to resist you attended but all that was survive.
there was the other person and the word
Thanatos scratched into the floor. From that 46 Murderer - You were assigned a mission to
moment onward you have agreed to find out assassinate the other persons friend or family
what was going on together. member. They found out it was you after the fact
and were not pleased.
37 Holiday - You met the other person on Vastaag
during a holiday. You had great fun, got drunk, 47 Mission Target - The other person, their business
went on the pull and woke up in a drifting escape or family was the target of a non-lethal mission.
pod. Since then youve been firm friends. Perhaps a kidnapping or extortion. You were
involved in that mission.
38 Hobby - Your mutual love of a hobby has brought
you together. After spotting each other at the 48 Still Dating - You are both still dating, roll a D10
same conventions again and again, you to determine the state of the relationship.
eventually met up and have enjoyed each 1-3 Good
others company ever since. 4-6 Okay
7-9 Squabbling
39 Behind Enemy Lines - You were the last 10 Heavenly.
surviving Agents of a unit deployed in hostile
enemy territory. You needed to band together for 49 Doctor / Patient - Whoever has the highest
survival and eventually made it out. medical skill was acting as a doctor to the other
person. Even if they were not a good doctor,
40 Body Swap - After a terrible accident you were they were all that was around at the time and
both restored from psyche matrices; may well have saved the other persons life.
unfortunately into each others bodies. Much
hilarity ensured and eventually you got your 50 Crime Victim - At some point you were down on
correct bodies back but by the end were good your luck and tried to mug the other person.
friends. Compare close combat scores to see who would
have won the fight.
41 Same Unit - Before joining the corp you were
both in the same mercenary unit fighting in the
South American border wars. Times were hard
and you depended on one another.

42 Rival Units - You both fought in the South

American Border Wars but for rival armies.
Circumstances led to you both being trapped
together against a common foe and an unusual
alliance was born.

43 Crossed Purposes - During your early days at

the corporation you were both tricked by a rival
corporation and issued false orders to
assassinate one another. It was only at the last
moment you both realised.


Lafleur shrank down still further behind the

makeshift barricade as another searing stream of
flame shot overhead and burst the ornamental
fishtank, mercifully parboiling its priceless and
unfortunate inhabitants before they could suffocate.
Tiny pieces of smouldering flipper landed in his
immaculately groomed hair and did expensive
damage. You bastard, Lafleur! screamed the
Nuke from the other side of the hallway. She was
my mothers second cousin by marriage after the
secret wedding in the old church! Just another
victim in your barely legal pyramid-sales insurance

Lafleur threw himself out from behind the sideboard

and landed close to the armoured drinks cabinet,
rolling into its reinforced mahogany cover in such a
way, calculated with the easy grace of long
practice, as to disturb the lining of his suit as little
as possible. He slipped a custom-made grenade
from inside his jacket and thumbed the platinum
and sapphire activation stud. Was it my fault her
identical twin betrayed my best friends brother in
an explosive love triangle? he yelled back,
watching the fuse readout tick down. If he hadnt
goddamned well vanished in a still-unexplained
accident on a luxury yacht, that bitch would never
have gotten herself wrapped up in my no-holds- ARE YOU SAFE?
barred quest for revenge on everyone who I
secretly blamed for his disappearance! He winced
With violent crimes on the increase in
as another jet of fire caused an ancient crystal every city it pays to have someone
decanter to detonate in a ruinously expensive watching your back.
explosion, then he flipped the grenade backwards
towards the drawing room door. Your daughter could bleed out from a
knife wound in less than 40 seconds.
The hiss of a particularly potent nerve gas was the
only sound for a few moments, and Lafleur allowed Your husbands brain could die from
himself one deep sigh through his tailormade oxygen deprivation in less than 3
lungs. Just as he made to stand, though, the minutes.
furious voice of the Nuke sounded again, this time
somewhat muffled by what was unmistakably a Isnt it time you took your familys heath
high-grade breath mask.
She had amnesia, you son of a bitch! Ever since
she came out of the three-month coma when her
Savita Really Care
award-winning plastic surgeon boyfriend crashed
their luxury car after a night of drug-fuelled Comm. Savita-881
Lafleur rolled his eyes and tensed his muscles,
preparing to make a desperate lunge for the olive







MEDIC Medics are expected to patch up the division during
missions and field test new advances in medical
AKA: Docs, Nightingales, Scablifters, Patchdocs, technology. This can create a little tension when the
Hacksaws, Cutters. medic needs to field test a new procedure but the
poor Agent dying on the floor just wants something old
Prerequisite, Medical License, Field Surgery fashioned and reliable. Obviously everything the
Training medic is using has been trialled in the labs but you
never know how the treatment will be affected by the
unique circumstances of the situation. Perhaps a new
There used to be a medic in our division, Jane drug has been unknowingly exposed to radiation or a
Parnell. Quiet lass, not much given to small talk, but prototype Compound H has become too hot in a
a cool head in a firefight. She carried this little recent plasma fire exchange.
custom stripped down AMS blade launcher, not
much over pistol size, fired these tiny blades about The medic is obviously free to administer whichever
the diameter of a brandy cork. The first time she treatment he feels appropriate but if he chooses to
came out with us was a sweep in Clanger territory use new and untested methods, he will be seen in a
and our Nuke, Gustav giant of a chap, favoured a favourable light by his superiors and thus be more
rail gun snorts and asks her what she thought she likely to receive more advanced and interesting
could do with her little blades against the big old prototypes in the future; and that could be to the
Clanger agents. Oh, she says, just as demure as whole divisions advantage.
you please, I do believe I have the advantage, for
after some considerable study I know exactly where The only notable downside to being a medic is that
to stick them. Turned out she was right. they can be called upon to act as critical response
medical staff in emergency situations. Examples
attr: Agent Dan Lynch, M&A include visiting scenes of natural disasters during
downtime or taking their division off-mission in order to
visit an active warzone where E.I. troops need help
and normal medics are too fragile to be of use. As a
GM be careful not to ignore these obligations but
Medics can be found in all corporations but the E.I. likewise dont labour them, you should be able to
medic is generally considered to be the best equipped include them in the mission to good effect. Also make
and most thoroughly trained. And they need to be; sure you take away the odd week of downtime from
E.I.s propensity for violent confrontation coupled with the medic as they do get some potent bonuses and
their general lack of finesse means that their Agents very few disadvantages.
spend a great deal of time in various states of
The medic is not only highly trained in the medical Medics dont normally wear a special uniform though
sciences, she is kitted out with the latest custom some carry a red cross armband which they wear in
medical hardware. The box of tricks they carry with times of emergency to show they are a medic.
them often contains some of E.I.s latest medical
developments and as a result is often highly prized by Equipment is a different matter. An E.I. medic carries
enemy Agents. an advanced medical toolkit which is not available to
anyone else. The toolkit is contained in a secure case
Aside from their skills as a doctor, medics are also which can only be opened by the medic using a three
required to be proficient Agents and are expected to ways biometric scan (heart rate, retina scan, ID Chip)
be as skilled and combat competent as the rest of
their division. For this reason, many medics choose to Inside the case are a wealth of drugs and aids to allow
specialise in biological warfare systems so that they the medic to perform his task. The case is
can apply their medical knowledge to their more automatically refilled at each mission briefing or when
martial activities. the GM determines it is reasonable. Note that the


Unexpected Reaction to the Prototype Medical Toolkit

D10 Result

1 Unexpected benefit - The patient heals double the expected HP.

2 Unexpected benefit - The patient gains D4 points to either Str, End, Ref or Agi. Roll a D4 to decide which. This lasts
2 days.

3 Infection - The patient acquires an infection which makes them sluggish. They lose all free actions for the next 3
days. This cannot be cured before the 3 days are up.

4 Severe Infection - The player acquires a very serious infection. He cannot use free actions for 5 days and one of
his limbs (randomly determined) starts to turn black and cannot be used. After 3 days the limb withers and drops

5 Internal Bleeding - The patient suffers severe internal bleeding. For non-ICE humans this results in death within an
hour. Anyone with ICE lowers their total HP by 10 for seven days, at which point it halts on its own.

6 Mental Retardation - During the procedure oxygen is restricted from reaching certain parts of the brain. The patient
loses D4 Intelligence which will start to come back after one week at a point a week.

7 Dyspraxia - The patients nerves are damaged and coordination is severely inhibited. The patient loses D4 points of
Agility and D4 points of Reflexes. This lasts D6 days at which point the STATS return to normal in a matter of

8 Disease - The patient acquires symptoms which are identical to a serious disease. Feel free to use any suitable
disease from any Corporation supplement or make up your own. By default use the following:

Nascrines Syndrome
The victims skin begins to get slippery and come away as a whitish sludge. His eyes become white and cloudy and he becomes
weak and lethargic. Every 24 hours the victim loses 1 point from each STAT. When any STAT reaches 0 the victim does not die
but slips into a coma which lasts D6 days. He then awakens free of the disease and the STATS begin to rebuild at a point to each
a day.

9 Rejection - D4 random cybernetic components are rejected by the body and become useless. This include basic
Agent upgrades and ID chips. They must be uninstalled within 12 hours or the victim will suffer severe infection as
stated in 4 above. After 6 days they can be reinstalled safely but the installation cost must be paid.

10 Mental Change - The victim undergoes a shift in mind state. Some examples are listed below (a D20 could be used to determine
random issues).

1. Phobia - an irrational fear of something - spiders, Federation Agents, swords, etc.

2. Paranoia - The Shi Yukiro corporation, loaded weapons, adverts.
3. Schizophrenia - strong personality switches.
4. Depression - apathy, ill temper, lack of motivation.
5. Mental Degradation - poor memory or cognition.
6. Psychopathy - remorseless, no empathy, disregard for others.
7. Detachment - cold, distant, uncaring, humourless.
8. Hopelessness - negativity, suicidal, pointlessness.
9. Hallucinations - see things that are not there or variants of reality.
10.Tourette's - vocal tics, inappropriate outbursts.
11.Autophagia - eating ones own body parts.
12.Echolalia - repeating other peoples words, repeating other peoples words.
13.Animism - see inanimate objects as having their own personalities.
14.Impulse Control Disorder - take action as soon as you think rather than considering the consequences.
15.Body Integrity Identity Disorder - a desire to remove your own body parts.
16.Kleptomania - cannot resist stealing things.
17.Narcolepsy - keep falling asleep regardless of how tired you are.
18. Cybermania - a perverse desire to strip away ones own body parts and replace them with cybernetics.
19. Agoraphobia - fear of situations where it is difficult to escape such as open spaces and crowds.
20. Encopresis - involuntary defecation in adults.

You could use this list of for other purposes, not just medical side effects.


medic must visit an E.I. spire or arrange for a secure rank so if the medic healed 50HP and is rank 2 he will
drop-off to refill the case. gain an extra 1000 credits at the debriefing.

Rank - If any side effects were triggered he receives

an additional rank point for each one although he is
1 x Compound H
expected to make detailed scientific notes on the
2 x Advanced IV Medpack (heal 30HP)
2 x Toxin Purge
Prototype Medical Supplies
Prototype Equipment Access - After a number of
successful field tests, the Mission Officer may ask the
medic to field test other new medical technologies.
Prototype Medical Supplies
This is completely at the discretion of the GM.
This is a collection of goodies straight from the lab
which the medic is obliged to test.
An E.I. medic can request the use of any E.I. medical
System - The medic can use the prototype supplies to
clinic in any city. Generally speaking he should be
heal a total of 100HP distributed any way he pleases
allowed at least 6 hours in a private surgical suite with
on any number of targets. However, each time
no visitors and no questions. He may also request one
someone is healed there is a percentage chance he
assistant from the staff there. Abusing this privilege is
will have an unexpected reaction. This percentage is
frowned upon.
equal to the HP healed.

Example - The medic uses the prototype supplies to

heal 25 points of damage to Agent Venz. The GM rolls
a D100. If he gets 25 or less Venz has an unexpected
side effect and must roll on the table below. AKA: The Guard, Caesars Men.
Note that Praetorians are simple described as Rank 4
Unexpected Reactions Agents in the Core Rules. This sections overrides that
If you roll equal or below the stated percentage roll a definition.
D10 and consult the table on the previous page. Note
that none of these effects can be cured with Prerequisites
conventional medicine due to the nature of the cause. Close Combat 8, Arts & Culture 5, Defensive Fighting,
Multiple Defence, Mastered Weapon (Longsword,
Two-Handed Sword or Shortsword).
The advent of personal ion wall technology, commonly
The most obvious benefit to being a medic is the referred to as hard ion shields, has had a profound
medical tool kit which contains all kinds of useful impact on military doctrine. Melee combat, long
things which are likely to make a mission more relegated to fringe training since firearms first became
successful. However, there are some other benefits ubiquitous, suddenly became once again of
which deserve mentioning. paramount importance. Suddenly it became possible
to equip commando units with personal shields
TESTING REWARDS capable of allowing them to swiftly eradicate
The medic receives extra rewards if he successfully unshielded opposition with little fear of retaliation.
tests the prototype medical supplies. Note that he Comoros and the Shi Yukiro were the first of the
does not HAVE to use his division mates for this but corporations to begin training their troops in anti-shield
the patients DO have to be taken to the spire where tactics based around melee combat inside an
they can be checked over and assessments made so opponents shield range, and the Federation and Ai-
generally speaking it is better to use fellow Agents Jinn soon followed. Eurasian Inc. were somewhat late
than to lug around an unwilling victim. to the party in this regard, trusting in their unlimited
resources and relying on overwhelming firepower in a
Cash - 10 credits for each point of HP healed using world where the rules had changed to make those
the Prototype Medical Supplies. This is multiplied by tactics less effective than they once were - the second
age of the sword had arrived.


When the message finally got through following the MISSIONS & DUTIES
near assassination of the CEO and a crushing rout of The Praetorians are, first and foremost, consummate
the Eurasian Inc. Agents assigned as bodyguards who bodyguards, able to defend their charges with expert
lacked the close combat expertise necessary to deal skill from the things that personal shields cant such
with shielded opponents, the answer was the as Clan Hitori ninja, Comoros fidai and rampaging
Praetorian Programme, and it was a resounding chimera. Protecting non-Agent executives from harm,
success. Praetorians are elite Agents picked for their overseeing VIP journeys, of course, guarding the CEO
affinity for close-quarters combat and trained in the are all typical tasks assigned to the Praetorians.
fighting styles of Europes antiquity, in keeping with
reenachronist philosophies which have flourished
since the mid 2300s. Their bases of operations are MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS
located in Florence, Lichtenau, Madrid and Athens, Praetorians are trained to put themselves in the path
each specialising in a particular style of of danger to protect others. When within Close Range
swordsmanship inspired by the practical combat of a Praetorian, all friendly characters may use the
styles of ancient times and updated using modern Praetorians Defence (in place of their own) against
technology and training techniques. Close Combat attacks, even if they are armed with a
ranged weapon. Furthermore, if the attack does get
Like the Praetorian Guard of ancient Rome, the focus past the Praetorians Defence the Praetorian player
of this training is on defence, specifically the can choose whether the intended target or they
Praetorians are trained to protect their allies and themself takes the damage.
charges, with their lives if necessary. Agents from the
Praetorian schools are often uncharacteristically self- Praetorians also gain a special Secret Technique
sacrificing and noble, traits rare in Eurasian Inc. unique to the sword school they have chosen;
Agents, and the training to become a Praetorian has a
high emphasis on the importance of martial honour Florence - When armed with two longswords the
and duty which suffuses the whole sect. Praetorians Praetorian all attacks against the Praetorian suffer a
are often seen as force multipliers in combat -4 penalty. This does not stack with any other bonuses
situations, simultaneously being competent fighters such as Active Dodge. The advantage of fighting with
themselves and augmenting the effectiveness of any a sword in each hand is that one need not sacrifice
force they are assigned to, by protecting their division offence when fighting defensively.
from harm and enabling them to operate at peak
performance throughout the duration of combat. Lichtenau - When armed with a two handed sword
the Praetorian doubles the bonus to hit and damage
UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT made from aiming an attack, just as if he were using a
sniper weapon. The zweihander may be slower and
The equipment carried by a Praetorian is generally more cumbersome than other blades, but one rarely
decided by which school they favour. The Florentine needs to swing it twice.
school favours twinned longswords. Lichtenau
emphasises the overwhelming force of the Madrid - When armed with a single longsword the
zweihander (two handed) sword. The Madrid school Praetorian may automatically attempt a Disarm action
prefers the simple efficiency of a single longsword against the maker of any attack he successfully
wielded with consummate skill to confuse, disarm and defends against, at no cost to his own actions per
disable. The Athenian school harkens back furthest to round.
antiquity, with the bulwark of shield and shortsword
providing flawless defence. Of course, all Praetorians Athens - When armed with a shortsword and Disc
wear the best hard ion shield they can lay their hands Shield the Praetorian may make a single, Rate 1,
on, and will usually have several backups. Covert attack against the maker of any attack he successfully
shields in particular are favoured as they can be worn defends against, at no cost to his own actions per
active in public without note, which can be useful round.
during VIP escorts.



CAREER NUKE Because nukes deal out a lot of damage, they tend to
be a popular target for the enemy which means they
will need to have good armour and shields. Career
I am Heavy Weapons Guy. And this ... is my Nukes gain the following items:
weapon. She weighs 150 kilograms and fires
$200 custom tooled cartridges at 10,000 rounds A 50 HP Battle Shield.
per minute. It costs $400,000 to fire this Field Combat Armour.
weapon ... for twelve seconds. 1000 x Rank of heavy weapon ammunition at the
beginning of each mission. Unused ammo should
Attr: The Heavy - Team Fortress 2 be returned to the corp. Abuse of this results in loss
of Career Nuke status.

Although standard nukes can technically be played in any OVER-RISK LICENSE

corporation, this section describes the Career Nuke. You
Once a Career Nuke reaches Rank 3, E.I. are able to
can become a normal nuke by simply being good with a
flex their legislative muscles to gain her an Open
heavy weapon, you can take it to the next level with the
Nuke Training but a Career Nuke is a stage higher still. Over-Risk License. This is exactly the same as the
Rather than simply taking it upon himself to be the divisions standard Over-Risk License but the Nuke is permitted
heavy weapons guru, the corporation itself backs him up, to use the weapon for non-UIG sanctioned missions.
paying for his collateral damage and furnishing him with There is an understanding that the nuke will use the
much of the costly ammo that his profession requires. He is weapon only for the good of society as a whole and if
offered access to new weapons and may even be given caught by the UIG abusing the privilege will recieve a
access to Over-Risk weapons in situations where they warning, the second time he is liable to receive a hefty
would not normally be permitted. fine (50,000 and 20 Rank Points) and have the
license remove. Of course the diligent Career Nuke
OVERVIEW simply makes sure no UIG are around when she
All nukes, Career Nukes included, are heavy weapons unloads with the weapon.
specialists who not only excel in the use of such guns,
but adore everything about them. They can strip, COLLATERAL DAMAGE PAYOFF
clean and assemble them blindfolded. They know The corporation will pay 50,000 per rank towards the
every ammo, grip, stock and barrel variant and every cost of repairing any collateral damage as long as it is
iteration and model of their chosen firearm. Most considered mission essential. The division leader and
nukes name their guns and treat them better than they M.O. are consulted on what counts as mission
would their own children. Obviously these features are essential.
not common to every heavy weapons fanatic but they
are regular enough for nuke identification to be a fairly OBLIGATIONS
easy job. The Career Nuke is expected to be a fearless combatant
who stays at the top of his field. He is expected to regularly
Prerequisites learn new heavy weapons skills such as Mastery in different
The Nuke Training heavy firearms. He is also expected to be diligent in
E.I. Agent ensuring that any collateral damage is taken care of at
Own their own heavy weapon source and that minimal flack hits the E.I. offices or the
Heavy Weapons 10 media.

GM Note: The Career Nukes obligations are quite vague

and so you should keep an eye on them. If they are not
The nukes role is normally pretty obvious; taking regularly increasing their repertoire of heavy weapon talents
down the larger, better armoured foes the division or not supporting the division in the way they should, let the
may encounter. Sometimes he may also branch into division leader know. He should then either discipline the
explosives as these tend to go hand in hand with nuke or inform the Mission Officer. You could even have the
heavy weapons. With sufficient weaponry the nuke division spied on to make sure they are operating as
can also deal with structural problems such as doors, expected.
guard towers and enemy installations.



Large spire apartment with a window, room service
and a maid / cleaner. It also has a regularly restocked
drinks cabinet and cigar box so Agents can always
Perks and bonuses are one of the main reasons that have a phat cigar and brandy to hand.
talented and skilled individuals choose to work for E.I.
Although E.I. lack many of the more spiritual, moral Large company car - typically a powerful sedan or
and professional qualities of their rivals, they are still coup (fuel allowance is included).
able to reel in the new recruits by simple bribery.
Secure parking space at the spire.
For this reason E.I. has perhaps the most financially
valuable and luxurious but ultimately least useful set Gain 1 Perk (mini training) worth any number of
of rank bonuses of all the corporations. The majority of points. See page 32.
an Agents advantages are related to being a flashy
bastard, and not really much use for completing VIP Access Card - E.I. Agents gain free and automatic
missions. Having big cars and expensive suits might access to most of the worlds nightclubs. E.I. pay the
add a certain amount of job satisfaction, but it is clubs a great deal for this privilege and so 95% of
generally not much use when conducting covert black clubs and venues participate. Obviously there are
ops. many exclusive clubs where E.I. Agents are not
It is worth noting that E.I. never actually allow its
Agents to become wealthy. Although they live fabulous Medical Aid - All medical aid is reduced in cost by 50%
lifestyles it is only because of the bonuses offered by at medical centres owned by E.I. or its subsidiaries.
the corporation. Should the Agent defect or retire, all This does not apply to medical supplies such as
of these perks will vanish leaving the Agent practically medpacks, drugs or toxin purges. It does apply to
destitute except for any savings. Because E.I. dont wound #treatment, limb reattachment, disease curing
pay particularly high basic wages, there is not much etc.
room to save and so the only way to maintain the
lifestyle is to remain with the corporation. RANK 2

Health Club Access - E.I. Agents gain universal

access to all E.I. owned spas, gyms, massage
A mans salary is a growing liability: the more you parlours, sun rooms etc. The combination of this and
give him, the greater the risk he will one day buy the free suits at Rank 1 result in all E.I. Agents gaining
his freedom from you. An expense account, by 5XP to #spend on Looking Good. The Agent also gains
contrast, is a golden chain around his neck: the a further +1 to Looking Good for 3 hours after having
larger the chain, the harder he will find it to cast off. a spa treatment. Obviously if the Agent does not tend
! ! ! ! to his appearance the GM should feel free to put a
-attr: Gunther van Rosch, CEO, Eurasian hold on the bonuses gained from this.
A free Perk (mini training) worth up to 2 points.

Each Agent is given a level 5 business to run. (See

RANK 1 Build a Business Downtime Option on page 45.) You
could alternatively give the division a level 10
Clean new suits worth up to 1500 credits before each business to run as a group.
mission. Clothes are provided by E.I. subsidiaries
such as Cappali or Rostov. Overnight Pass - All overnight stays at participating
businesses are paid for by the corporation as long as
Diners Card - All meals are free at participating the cost does not exceed 1000 credits per night
businesses. Most businesses participate in the including food and drink etc. A few small, anti-E.I. or
scheme and reclaim the costs from E.I. Street stalls disreputable businesses may not participate in the
and some smaller private or anti-E.I. establishments scheme.
may not participate.


High-End Car - The company car is upgraded to a Gun Bling - The Agent gains 4000 credits worth of
high-end model. Instead of a Tai-Lan its now a Tai- weapon upgrades. Most weapons upgrades are
Lan C50, instead of a Macari its a Macari SE and so covered in Machines of War. If you dont have it then
on. the GM could instead make some up or increase the
condition level of her primary weapon by 3.
Your division has a team of dedicated lawyers.
Whenever you lose rank points the loss is reduced by Piloting Lessons - E.I. has a large airforce and insists
D4. This can reduce the loss to 0. You can also phone all its Agents can fly. The Agent gains 10XP to
your team of lawyers at any time, who will answer increase the Piloting skill.
your legal questions with an Action Total of 16.
The Agents expense account can now be used to
Drivers Card - Basic - You can rent cars for free, all purchase items which benefit her and the
costs are passed directly on to the corporation. You corporations image as a whole. Items such as flash
may only rent standard or executive models however, watches, new suits, expensive meals, headed
not luxury or sports cars. notepaper, handmade shoes, cosmetic surgery, gun
appearance upgrades, charitable donations etc. are
Tailor's Card - All clothing is free if purchased from E.I. all valid. Obviously there are limits and the
subsidiaries. Agents are expected to be reasonable accountants will still be somewhat picky when
with their acquisition of new clothes and abuse of this assessing receipts. There is a difference between
right is frowned upon. See Misuse of Bonuses on buying a new jacket after a bloody skirmish and
page 28. spending tens of thousands of credits on hats.
Additional parking space (large). RANK 4

Free travel to Vastaag whenever needed. A suite is Specialist non-military vehicle - The Agent gains a
also provided while there. single non-military vehicle worth up to 100,000 credits
which now belongs to her but will not be replaced in
Bank Account at Forsberg & Cavanagh (see page the event of its destruction until she reaches a new
116). rank. I.e. if destroyed it will be # replaced next time
she ranks up. If not destroyed, then she will receive a
RANK 3 bonus of 20% of the vehicles value in credits upon
increasing in Rank. This vehicle may not be sold on.
Big Watch - For achieving Rank 3 you are given a Note that E.I. can get great deals on non-military
large, ostentatious watch made of precious metal and vehicles, hence this perk. The same does not apply to
worth around 6000 credits (Rolex, Omega etc.). If you military vehicles however. If you spend less than
really want to, you can choose to have a less 100,000 credits on the vehicle, the excess may be
conspicuous model which is perhaps a little more used to augment it with vehicle upgrades.
tasteful and discreet though your peers may laugh at
your lack of confidence. Everyone knows that the true One-off loyalty payment of 20,000 credits. Nothing
sign of wealth is a massive, tasteless watch. says stay with us like a wad of cash.

Drivers Card - Advanced - All car rental is free. You Second large apartment and parking space in a rival
may rent any vehicles you wish including sports cars, corporations spire. You may choose the location.
luxury cars, helicopters etc. (Shuttles, military The Agent is given a level 20 business to manage in
vehicles, and space craft require express permission their spare time. Alternatively you may give the
from the Mission Officer.) division, as a whole, a level 30 business to manage
between them.
Apartment is upgraded to a luxury flat in the spire with
every mod con. Office - The Agent gains his own windowed office in
# the spire. This becomes increasingly important as he
Agent now has a total of 4 large car parking spaces. may need to deal with more business aspects as the
corporation comes to rely on him more.


RANK 5 Fashionista - Youre clothes and fashion allowance is

now essentially unlimited. High ranking E.I. Agents are
If he is a division leader, the Agent gains unlimited use expected to be the best dressed people on the planet.
of a sub-orbital shuttle. If lost the shuttle will be
replaced once the division leader increases in rank. If Free Medical Treatment - All medical services (not
it is not destroyed the division gain 10,000 credits goods) are now free at E.I. owned clinics.
each as a bonus when they rank up.
Savita Black (page 110) is given to you for free.
The quality of your lawyer team is somewhat
Third Property - The Agent is given a third property of improved. Rank point loss is now reduced by 2D6
their choice anywhere in the world. The corporation making it very hard for anyone to prosecute you. This
purchases the property and the Agent lives there for can reduce the loss to 0 points.
free with all expenses such as food and bills covered.
Because the house remains the property of the Savita Black (page 110) is given to you for free.
corporation, price is not really an issue but it should
not cost more than 10 million credits without a good Access to the Diogenes Club - an exclusive
reason. gentlemens club surrounded in mystery, which is only
frequented by E.I.s top brass. Ladies, sadly, are not
Cosmetic Upgrades - The Agent gains 20,000 credits permitted in the club which is a point of much
worth of cosmetic cybernetics or upgrades. The GM contention but tradition being what it is, this is unlikely
should arbitrate what counts as cosmetic but it should to change. More on this on page 142.
be primarily image or luxury orientated rather than
practical. For example, a body space used for ones RANK 8
personal drug stash is acceptable.
Money is no object - You may spend money in any
Private dedicated suite on the World View. way you deem necessary for the good of Eurasian
Inc. Purchases over 10,000 credits will be checked
RANK 6 over by the corporate accountants and anomalies
reported to the Shadow CEO. You are expected to
Expense accounts are no longer scrutinised at the respect the financial wellbeing of the corporation and
same level. Agents of rank 6 and higher are given spending should be purposeful. This privilege can be
more leeway in what they waste the corporations revoked if necessary.
money on. Entries such as companionship,
recreational chemicals and jewel encrusted ammo Spire Floor - You may select any E.I. spire you wish
clips may well be considered to be necessary for an and one of its floors will be dedicated to you and your
Agent of this calibre. operations. Some Agents find it better to share a floor
with their division for convenience.
Savita Black (page 110) is given to you for free.
Personal space shuttle with sub-orbital capability, with
Do You Know Who I Am!? - At this rank you can start pilot if needed.
being a proper, rich, arrogant arse-hole, for example,
when pulled over for speeding simply inform the RANK 9 AND 10
Officer who you are and wait while he radios HQ.
Roll a D10, if you get under or equal to your Rank, the These ranks are exempt from this system and can
Officer returns apologising for wasting your valuable essentially do whatever they like.
If you fail then it represents Officers who are
incorruptible, but it never hurts to try. This only applies
to small crimes which would result in the loss of 5 or
less Rank Points.


General note on expensive freebies for profit may well report you to an accountant in order
to discredit and harm your division.
Selling on your E.I. awarded assets is seen as very
bad form. The corporation bestow these gifts upon Thus if you are going to try and scam the corporation,
you so that the world can see exactly what it means to you had better be very careful and cover your tracks
work for the best corporation in the world. Should you well.
be caught or even suspected of selling on your perk
based assets you will not be receiving any more and
could end up being strongly disciplined. TOO MUCH CASH?

MISUSE OF BONUSES From the point of view of game mechanics, E.I.s

All this free stuff is obviously open to abuse by the rank bonuses are designed to allow players to live
creative Agent. The main problem would be Agents the high life without needing wallets stacked with
taking as much free stuff as they can lay their hands cash. If you were to give your players hard cash
on and selling it for personal profit. For example, with instead of these bonuses, many players would use
totally free luxury car rental you could rent 5 cars and the money to buy guns, armour, cybernetics and
sell them to a chop shop for massive profit. However, shields.
because the corporation will be picking up the tab
somewhere along the line, there WILL be This would not only unbalance the game, it would
repercussions. Rather than create dozens of sub add nothing to the idea that E.I. are overindulgent
clauses we leave it in the hands of the GM to take on wastrels. The fact that as a division, the players
the role of division accountant and assess any abuse may effectively spend 20,000 credits on hotels,
on an individual basis. The division could be cars, prostitutes and meals in a single evening,
interviewed by a somewhat cold, pale-faced whilst still only being as operationally effective as
accountant at the debriefing who, upon finding that the any other division is something to be relished.
misuse was not justified could simply recommend a
reduction of privileges. This could manifest as any of You should also be careful not to let the players
the following: sell their assets for cold, hard cash. For example,
if they get a company car worth 20,000 credits and
Pay cut sell it for 10,000 credits to a chop shop, their
Loss of certain rank bonuses mission officer should be rather irate. The point of
Period of no downtime the assets is not only to benefit the Agent, but to
Menial duties such as house to house searches etc. boost the image of E.I. as a whole. If an Agent sells
Relocation to a shitty part of the world such as the his performance car and ends up driving round in a
Eastern Bank rusty Pinko, it reflects badly on the corporation.
Rank Point reduction
License removal So be generous with the Rank Bonuses, let the
High risk missions players be as decadent as you dare. As long as
they dont convert their bonuses into game-
A careful balance must be struck between letting the changing, stat-boosting mechanisms, let them live
Agents be E.I. and letting them run riot on the as Gunther intended.
companys money. Part of the point of E.I. is to be
decadent and do obscene things without
repercussions. However, if you feel the players are
simply abusing their positions feel free to slap them
with a punishment.

Inter-Division Rivalry
Although Agents are supposed to work together,
different divisions within E.I. are encouraged to be
competitive. More about this is discussed on page 103
but with regard to this section, another division who
finds out you are selling your unwanted designer suits


Agent Ketz, please take a seat, this is fairly routine. The Nice tie Roger ... Rostov?
computers flagged a few of your expenses and we just
need to go over the details. Now, the mission in Good spot Mike, Beijing silk, hand made, cost a
question is designated Alpha-12, location Shanghai, goddam fortune. And if Im not mistaken thats a new
datestamp 16th of June to the 21st of June. Is that watch.
Youre not Rog! Its a Johan Emst, hand built, just
Yes, sounds right. arrived from Zurich on Friday. 150 diamond set,
impervious to magnetic fields, accurate to 1/2000th of a
Very good, the first item is a payment of 2407 credits to second, this baby doesnt tell the time, it shouts it!
Yamchees Ammo Den. I assume you know that
ammunition is not a valid expense Agent Ketz. Funny you should mention that Mike, Ive just had some
business cards delivered from Switzerland. Hand
Ah, yes, but the mission required some very heavy stamped, 300 pound, acid free, rag stock with an indian
firepower, they had anti-plasma core doors and we ink letter set. When I hand one of these bastards out to
knew the clangers would be strapped up tight. If it hadnt someone, I double the buggers net worth.
been for that ammo, wed never have got the job done.
Yeah ... great ... I was thinking of having some new
I see, well under the circumstances, perhaps well let cards made up but I was too busy taking the Kalari out
that one slide. Next I have 7,900 credits on for a spin with Francine, you remember Francine? The
accommodation in the Shanghai Hilton. Looking at the model ... from Rome ... with the ...
brief I dont see that there was any need for you to stay
in such surroundings. In fact, if you look at paragraph Ah yes, Francine. Didnt she dump you for that rank 6?
three, it specifically states that you were to remain
covert. Noooo, I got shot of her, too clingy. She was always
calling and, well, you know how it is.
Ah, well, that was a last minute thing. Our vehicle had been
intercepted and we had to fight our way into the city. We were
Of course, have you seen my new office? 600th floor,
knackered and in a hell of a state by the time wed got into
central Shanghai. Foster suggested drinks in the bar and well, fucking great window. So much space. You should really
one thing led to another and by the time we needed to look for push for a new office Mike. Its so nice to be
a safehouse, well we were three sheets to the wind and acknowledged by the brass.
thought wed be more obvious blundering round the streets at
three in the morning. So yes, we stayed at the hotel and it was If I wasnt so busy shagging models and saving the
so nice we ... er ... stayed another two nights. Excellent cover goddamn world I would. Anyway, duty calls amigo, Ive
though, they thought we were businessmen. got another code black assignment today. Cant talk
about it, all very hush-hush.
And Im guessing that your ingenious deception is also
responsible for point three, just over 31,000 credits on Know what you mean Mike, Ive just been posted to Vastaag.
miscellaneous mission expenses. As you were a little vague on Being temporarily placed in charge of the whole ruddy planet.
your declaration forms I took the liberty of accessing your Van Rosch is expecting an alien attack and says Im the only
divisions recent transactions. 2,955 credits in the Golden man he knows who stands a snowflakes chance in hell of
Fortune Casino, 8,200 credits in Princess Tiger Spanks Love averting it.
Me Long Time Pleasure Palace, 3,100 credits at Fat Laos
Narco Pit. Shall I continue? Yeah, well I suppose it wouldnt hurt to mention that my code
black requires me to spearhead a 300 billion credit operation to
Ah, again, yes, youre right. We needed to blend... destroy the Archons. Ive been given free reign over the funds,
in fact I have them here in my briefcase - might spend some on
Enough. Agent Ketz this is flagrant disregard for the a new car maybe.
corporations money and the rules state that punishment must
be forthcoming. Saying that we are not ungrateful for your work Really? Loving it. Well when Ive saved Vastaag from aliens
and do appreciate that you were successful in your mission ... Ive been tasked with building a city in the centre of the Earth.
and to be honest, the Princess Tiger Spank thing had us all in Im going to recreate dinosaurs and even engineer a race of
stitches up on floor 712 so on this occasion Im fining each of neo-humans to live there.
your division members 50 credits. Lets keep it a bit tighter next
time gentlemen. Dismissed. Funny you should mention that.....




Agent Vladimir Hackett - Asset Acquisitions



PERKS Arts & Culture 2

Cities of Gold introduces a new type of character You can do all kinds of card tricks including advanced
asset to Corporation. You could consider these to be shuffles. This has little practical value other than to
mini-trainings and they work in a very similar way. The impress people. This Perk cannot be used for
only difference is that they are more character than cheating at card games.
system orientated and have a variable experience
Card Tricks# # 1 Rather than a corporate issue vehicle you have a
Classic Car# # 1 beautiful classic car that you maintain wonderfully. If
Connoisseur# # 1 you write off the car it will not be replaced with another
Dastardly Moustache# 1 one, instead you must make do with corporate issue
Family Estate# # 4 like everyone else. Additionally you will only get a new
Flashy Driving# # 2 car when you are eligible for a replacement, which
Gamesman# # 1 depending on your corporation, could be never.
Nobility## # 3
Horse Riding# # 1 Also note that you are heavily attached to the car and
Noble Blood# # 1 would never sell it. Losing or destroying the car puts
Private Scl. Education# 4 you into a state of depression which lasts several
Rapier Wit# # 1 weeks. During this time you cannot spend or regain
Sabrage# # 1 Conviction. The GM should adjudicate the timespan.
Seductive Wink## 2
The Old School Tie# - Arts & Culture 5
Toff# # # 2
Weaponcraft# # 1 You know good food and wine when you see it and
will probably be able to identify its origins by a brief
Buying Perks at character creation taste or smell. To others this normally attests to your
You may substitute skills of the same level for Perks. culture and good breeding.
E.g. if you want Horse Riding as a starting character
then you lose a level 1 skill. If you wanted Private Roll Perception + Arts & Culture.
School Education, then you would need to lose a level
4 skill. Remember that E.I. Agents gain any one Perk Failure means you know a few basics about the food /
for free at character creation. drink.

Some Perks can only be acquired at character Success allows you to wax on about its character,
creation. These are noted in the description. If you can dimensions, production methods, place of origin, etc.
think of a way to bypass this then you should run your etc. etc.
idea by the GM. For example:
Nobility - This cannot be taken after character creation
Looking Good 2
but if you happened to get a solicitors letter telling you
your Great Uncle - the Earl of Walmsbury, has just
You have an incredible moustache that sets you apart
died and now you were an Earl, the GM might then
as a gentleman of distinction. Its no simple hairy top
allow you to take it.
lip - its a magnificent, manicured marvel that others
cannot help but be impressed by (and a little jealous

When making Looking Good checks which are related

to you being fiendish, you may make one re-roll and


keep the highest score. Obviously one must roll the tip If you are interested in gambling you might want to
of the moustache between the thumb and forefinger check out the Gambling Trainings on page 11 of the
while being dastardly. Eastern Bank.

FAMILY ESTATE (4) Each time you purchase this Perk you gain skills in a
new game. When playing this game you gain a +2
You have a large family home somewhere in the
bonus to related rolls.
countryside. You may decide whether anyone but you
resides there but sadly due to legal papers drawn up
by your parents, you cannot sell the property and it HORSE RIDING (1)
must remain in the family. Animal Skills Training

The property can be as large as you please and there A fading art due to the lack of horses or similar ridable
has been a trust set up to take care of its bills, staff animals, this skill allows you full control over a horse
and maintenance. when mounted upon it. At the GMs discretion he
could also allow you a bonus to try and ride other
So sadly, all you can really do with it is stay there at things such as leopards, combat BIOs or giant mutant
weekends and brag about it to your fellow division freaks. Use your Arts & Culture as the relevant skill.
members. That is, unless you are particularly
unscrupulous and convert it into a luxury hotel and NOBILITY (3)
spa or some other such despicable plan - but that You have a genuine noble title, not a purchased or
would require some serious effort and downtime. recently bestowed one. This means one or more of
your parents also has a noble title and can probably
This can only be taken at character creation. trace their noble roots back hundreds if not thousands
of years. Your title is denoted on your ID chip.
Drive 5 Below are some examples although you should note
that though these titles technically have different
Although this has little practical application you are ranks, any physical benefits conferred by the title are
skilled at driving in a seemingly dangerous and flashy not given by this Perk, e.g. if you are a King, you wont
manner. You can perform such feats as: have a kingdom. You would need to sort out such
matters another way, perhaps with the GMs help.
Handbrake parking
Insane levels of speeding Baron, Baroness, Prince, Princess, Lord, Lady, Duke,
Reversing at high speed Duchess, Emperor, Empress, Archduke, Archduchess,
Navigating tortuously twisty, narrow or busy roads at Viceroy, Vicereine, King, Queen, Earl, Count,
speed Countess, Marquis, Marchioness, Maharaja,
Driving without looking where you are going for Maharani, Emir, Sultan, Sultana, Shogun, Caliph,
several seconds at a time. Khan.
Driving whilst drunk / high
and so on ... Some of these titles are exclusive to certain regions of
the world so your family would likely need to originally
A Reflexes + Drive roll is only needed if the GM come from a certain area for you to claim these titles.
deems the move particularly daft or dangerous. This can only be taken at character creation.


Arts & Culture 3 Technically you are related to a nobleman or woman.
Although this confers no bonuses you can legitimately
You are rather skilled at a single game, typically this claim you have noble blood. You have no title yourself
would be a game such as golf, polo or chess but any but that neednt stop you from soaking up a little of the
gentlemans game will do. glory that your relationship offers.

This can only be taken at Character Creation.


PRIVATE SCHOOL EDUCATION Despite the somewhat spartan dcor, the mood at the
(4) Federation ambassadors reception was festive, buoyed by
the gentle clinking of glasses. Viceroy Tavish Ellsworth
Can only be taken at character creation. You will
strode through the throng, pausing only to exchange the
normally need to lose a level 4 skill to do this
occasional volley of repartee with one of his acquaintances
unless you are E.I. and use your free starting
or to tip a devastating wink to one of the younger female
guests. His batman trailed him effortlessly, gliding between
the partygoers with practiced grace.]
Instead of a standard Comoros Educational
Institution you attended an exclusive, elitist and
Suddenly, the Viceroy stopped dead, his batman hovering
mind-numbingly expensive private school. Whilst
soundlessly at his elbow. You there! he bellowed, his
there you developed a rather splendid accent and
tremendously luxuriant moustache quivering. What in
a firm belief that the lower classes are there to
blazes do you think youre doing? What sort of wine waiter
serve you.
serves a 447 Mauvrais with genetically engorged scallops?
I do believe, sir, that you are here under false pretences!
You gain the Toff Perk and the Old School Tie
Perk for free providing you fulfil the prerequisites
An abrupt silence filled the room as the assembled
and you are permitted access to some other
socialites turned as one to regard one of the Ambassadors
Trainings and Perks which others simply cannot
wine waiters, singled out by Ellsworth and now in the
have. (It acts as a prerequisite.)
middle of a slowly expanding circle of empty space. The
man simply stared at the Viceroy for a long moment and
RAPIER WIT (1) then, to a collective gasp, dropped the wine bottle that had
Presence 8 given him away and yanked a skeleton-grip crossbow from
Attitude 6 inside his cummerbund.

You are skilled in the retaliatory one-liner which With astonishing speed, Ellsworth executed a delicate
leaves the recipient feeling both small and stupid. pirouette, in the same motion sweeping a champagne bottle
from a nearby table and snatching up his old cavalry sabre
When you feel like making a witty comeback you as it was proffered by his batman. The crowd gasped again
and the other players may spend up to 5 minutes as a silvery blur swept the cork and three centimetres of
thinking of something cutting to say. Your glass from the tip of the bottle; the improvised missile flew
character may then deliver the comment to his across the room and struck the assassin in the eye,
target as though there had been no break. If you knocking him back into the canaps. The lethal little
wish you can ask that the GM make his NPCs crossbow went skittering away beneath the cheeseboard.
say certain things which you have already
prepared a great one-liner for. Absent-mindedly pouring the frothing champagne into the
glass of the nearest female guest, Agent Ellsworth cast a
SABRAGE (1) quick glance around the room. While the partygoers were
Close Combat 1 now starting to scream and panic, a great many of the
Arts & Culture 2 ambassadors staff appeared to be drawing an assortment
of weapons and converging on Ellsworths position.
However, the Viceroy recognised a number of his old
A technique used for removing the champagne school chums around the room and knew that there was
cork from a bottle using a sword. The sword is hope.Cristonians! To me! he blared, raising his sabre high
run up the length of the bottle until it hits the lip, above his head as he made for the nearest exit.
at which point the upper neck of the bottle (and
cork) come away and fly through the air up to 10 It turned out that there were seventeen alumni of Saint
metres. You can then drink the champagne. Cristos Grammar School For Young Gentlemen in the room
that day, and eight of them won through the melee at his
This technique is rare but sometimes used by back.
some of E.I.s more decadent and flashy
operative upon completion of a successful
mission or at a prestigious event.


This can only be taken at character creation.

Sabrage in Combat
By rolling Perception + Close Combat you can direct
the flying head of the bottle towards a target dealing 1 TOFF (2)
point of damage (and of course, taking them by Presence 7
surprise). Attitude 4

In order to speak like a true E.I. Agent you need to be

SEDUCTIVE WINK (2) able to converse like you attended Eton. When taken,
this gives you a new language - Toff, which sounds
Looking Good 7 somewhat like you are talking with a mouth full of
marbles. The accent is much like Boris Johnsons, an
Despite your good looks people may be too shy to MP from 21st century Britain, well known for his
speak to you or find you a little full of yourself. connections with the old boys network and waffly, but
However, your well honed wink speaks a thousand endearing language; in certain circles this can open
words. some important doors.
Roll Presence + Looking Good - success indicates
the subject (who must be attracted to your gender) will
be intrigued by you and willing to start up a WEAPONCRAFT (1)
conversation. Relevant Firearms or Close Combat Skill of 6
Agility 7
STAFF (5) Reflexes 7
You have a butler; he is considered to be paid for and You dont just shoot with weapons, you dance with
known to be loyal. What you do with him is up to you. them. When you draw a weapon from its holster or
He can follow you on missions or remain at your base scabbard, your opponents and allies jaws hit the
of operations, somewhat like Alfred in Batman. If the floor. Switching it from hand to hand, spinning it
butler dies it will take some serious effort to acquire around your wrist or even throwing it in the air only to
another one of the same calibre. You dont need to catch it behind your back are all everyday tasks to
repurchase this Perk however. you. It has no effect on the system, its just really
If you would rather you can have a female butler or
maid though its not really the done thing. This Perk applies to all weapons that you have 6+ with
in the relevant skill.
Private School Education (Knack)

You attended an expensive private school and have

the tie to prove it. When wearing the tie you will be
treated differently by anyone else who also attended
that school; the results are almost always positive.

Example 1
You are up in front of a judge for murder. The judge
recognises your tie, realises the kind of good egg you
must be and lets you off with a caution.

Example 2
You are in combat against a rival division. Their
division leader recognises your tie - he also went to
Cambridge - and calls a ceasefire. You resolve your
issues amicably down at the local tea room.


Blind Pig Presence 6
Celebrity Minor Looking Good 6
Celebrity Major
Mastered Weapon - Unarmed Youre famous; even if you cant do anything special,
Master of Disguise for some reason people want to see you doing
Nuke random stuff on the TV. Whether youre a guest on a
Old Boys Network talk show, being scrutinised on a reality show or
Physically Perfect simply having a camera follow your pets about, the
Salesman unwashed masses wanna see it.
Taunt It should be noted that you are only a minor celebrity
Torturer though, you cannot expect large paycheques or to
sleep with random beautiful strangers.

BLIND PIG Benefits

Support Weapons 8
Strength 8 1. You can utilise the Celebrity downtime action.
Mastered Weapon - Mortar
2. You may be recognised by others (40% of the time
INCREASED ACCURACY as a rough guide); this can be a problem and a
When using a mortar the initial accuracy penalty is benefit. Either way, the results should be
halved. roleplaying-based and the GM should use his
discretion to determine the effects. Below are some
INCREASED RATE examples to help.
You can fire mortars at rate 1 instead of 0.5.
Example 1
FROM THE HIP You are stealing a car when someone recognises you.
At a push you can also fire your mortar as a heavy They call the police and give them your name. You get
weapon, holding it under your arm and pointing it at booked and lose some rank points. Were it not for
targets like a cannon. your celebrity status this would not have happened.

When firing like this take a -10 penalty which cannot Example 2
be reduced by any means other than with Conviction You are in a gun store purchasing a new weapon. The
(this includes aiming). If you do not pass your attack attendant recognises you and tells the manager. The
roll the bomb flies into the distance causing immense manager comes out and offers you an incredible
amounts of unintended damage. discount if you promise to mention his store next time
youre on the TV.
Damage is as normal.
Example 3
They tell me mortar not designed for urban work. You are ambushed by a rival division. As their sniper
They know nothing. Works better in small spaces. is about to take your head off he recognises you and
alerts the rest of the division. They all agree that if you
attr: Dmitri Pestrov, E.I. Nuke sign their flak vests and do a group photo theyll call
the hit off.

Example 4
You are asked to appear on a talk show. While there
you use the opportunity to pimp your sideline


business. Sales increase notably and the GM decides MASTER OF DISGUISE

to increase your business a level. Lying & Acting 5
Arts & Culture 5
Presence 9
Looking Good 9 You can alter your appearance to look completely
Lying & Acting 6 different. You need a disguise toolkit to use this
Celebrity (Minor) - Training training. If you need to improvise your disguise without
a toolkit you receive a -6 to all disguise related rolls.
Agents cannot start with this training and must earn it
in-game. The GM is free to decide how the Agent will Roll Presence + Arts & Culture to create your
earn his celebrity status but filming his missions, disguise.
spending downtime on chat shows and taking part in
charity events are all good starting points. Roll Presence + Lying & Acting to act the part.

Benefits Some example modifiers are given below. Apply all

that are relevant. Note that some cybernetics could
1. You can make Celebrity appearances in your negate or increase these penalties.
downtime. This can generate substantial amounts
of revenue. (See downtime options.) Different build# # # -2
Different gender# # -4
2. You may receive special treatment from the Different height## # -2
authorities and general public as detailed in the Large age difference# # -2
description for Celebrity (Minor). This will happen Different race# # # -2
far more regularly than for a minor celebrity as you
are a household name and 80% of the media NUKE
conscious world will recognise your face. This is not Heavy Weapons as your Professional Skill.
always good however. An obsession for heavy weapons.
Heavy Weapons must always be your highest (or
A major celebrity needs to work at maintaining their joint highest) skill.
status. If you do not make a significant effort to keep
in the public eye, the GM should feel free to reduce There are those who obsess over their heavy
you to a minor celebrity and only reinstate your title weapons and treat them like children. Each weapon
when he feels you have done enough to reestablish may have a name and will certainly be maintained in
your status. the best condition possible. Nukes are masters of their
art and can do things with heavy weapons no-one
else would think possible.
Close Combat 8 Many of the nuke abilities are noted with the heavy
Unarmed Combat Specialist weapon in question. See the Ocelot AT17 on page 32
of The Eastern Bank as an example.
You add your XS to all damage done with unarmed
All nukes receive the following abilities:
combat styles. Note that some weapons such as
knuckle dusters will allow you to maintain an Heavy Weapon Melee
unarmed status. Nukes can use their heavy firearms as close combat
weapons. For this purpose they are considered
Any close combat weapon which does not give you a Heavy Close Combat Weapons which require
Defence counts as being unarmed for the purposes of Strength 6 to wield two handed and Strength 10 to
this training. This training stacks with Unarmed wield one handed. The nuke retains his Defence when
Combat Specialist. using the weapon in this way. He cannot fire the
weapon and use it as a melee weapon in the same



Damage # D6+Strength # Rate 1 Looking Good 6
Two Handed Presence 7
Damage # D6+2xStrength# Rate 1*
Can only be taken at character creation unless you
*If you use the powerful two handed attack you deal are physically modified or exceptional circumstances
D6+(2 x Strength) but any doubles rolled reduce the prevail (at GM discretion).
condition of the weapon by D4 points (including critical
hits). You are physically stunning to behold, bright, clear
eyes, a perfect jawline, toned muscles, flawless skin
Collateral Containment
and gender specific assets which are the epitome of
Nukes are known for using huge weapons which can
your sex.
tear apart building structures. Collateral Containment
represents a nukes profound knowledge of the
damage capacity of his weapon and means he can
In social scenes where you are trying to manipulate
fire in confined areas without the associated danger of
someone who may find you attractive, you gain a
seriously damaging or destabilising a building.
Conviction point to use. The points do not stack up
and if not used are lost at the end of the scene.
This is normally automatic but the GM can demand an
appropriate roll if he thinks the situation warrants it.
Bear in mind that your beauty can work with people of
Typically Intelligence + Heavy Weapons.
any gender depending on their sexual orientation.
Rapid Heavy Reload
Nukes are so familiar with their armaments that they SALESMAN
can reload heavy weapons as a free action. Presence 7
Attitude 7
Presence 7 You can sell sand to Arabs and ice to Eskimos. When
Private School Education (Perk) attempting to buy or sell goods that have the potential
to vary greatly in price you may make a Presence +
You attended an exemplary private school where you Attitude roll.
made a number of very good friends, who, in time
naturally made their way into positions of power. Your Each point of XS allows you to increase or decrease
network of friends, be they judges, ministers, UIG the price by 5%.
Officers, lawyers, Agents etc. are all able to call on
each other to oil the gears now and again. Nowadays Some example situations include:
of course, women are just as much a part of this
network as men. Buying or selling in bulk
Buying or selling at second hand or pawn shops
Once per session you can call upon your connections Buying or selling illegal and black market goods
to facilitate a difficult situation or gain some useful Buying or selling with someone who is desperate
Freebies - sometimes instead of a price discount or to
When you choose this training you should select 5 sweeten a deal the freebies may be offered instead.
new contacts which will begin at level 3. You may For example, when buying a gun the seller may throw
increase these contacts as normal and with GM in some ammo or a case.
discretion you may add new ones. Adding new
contacts should be roleplayed. Note that the buyer or seller will have a cut off point,
where the deal is no longer even remotely profitable.
It should also be noted that this is a network and from You cannot alter the price to go beyond this point. This
time to time your old friends may call upon you for point should be determined by the GM.
advice or to get them out of a tough spot. The GM
should use this as a story opportunity.


Example - You have a grenade to sell with a new Whether they are trained, augmented or simply highly
value of 200 credits. The pawnbroker offers you 80 principled, some subjects can resist standard torture
credits for it. You pass your roll by 10 (50%) which indefinitely. They may go years without relenting,
means you haggle him up to 120 credits. Bearing in sometimes dying before yielding their secrets or
mind the pawnbroker will only resell the grenade for confessing. The art of the master torturer is to get
120 credits the GM limits your sale price to 110 information from the subject quickly and cleanly whilst
credits. being sure the data gathered is accurate.

STYLE The nature of the torture is irrelevant, it could be

flashing lights shone into the eyes, overriding of pain
Presence 7
suppressing technology or simple threats against
Looking Good 8
family and loved ones, the point is that the skilled
torturer can quickly assess his subject and hit him
You have that indefinable trait that makes people sit
where it hurts.
up and notice you. You can pull off almost any outfit
and somehow manage to look great in any
photograph. Even your actions seem to be carefully
Roll Intelligence + Psychology with a penalty equal to
choreographed and possess an economy of
the targets current Conviction. If you succeed the
movement which makes you look more graceful and
target tells you what you want to know. They may
delay giving out the information for 12 hours by
spending one Conviction point. This can be repeated
You may make one re-roll in any situation where you
until they run out of Conviction.
are required to make a Looking Good check. Even if
you pass, you may re-roll in an attempt to get a better
roll. (Keep the best roll.)
Now the whole world will know that you died
scratching my balls.
It can also be used to boost the Celebrity
Appearance downtime action at the GMs discretion.
Daniel Craig as Le Chiffre tortures Bond by
striking his testicles with a knotted rope.
Rapier Wit (Perk)

In any round where you hit your opponent but he

misses you, you may use your free action to taunt him
about his martial incompetence. Make a Presence +
Attitude check.

The opponent becomes enraged and reduces both his

combat AT and his Defence by your XS for the next

Medicine 2
Attitude 4
Psychology 8

You are highly skilled at extracting information from

people who are reluctant to give it up. Naturally
anyone can torture someone else, most people would
give up their secrets if a broken bottle were waved at
their crotch; this Training is for the stubborn ones or
those who supposedly feel no pain.


Medical License ...undertake not to willingly discharge, or aid other
members of my Division or Corporation in willingly
You are licensed to run a commercial medical clinic. In discharging, said weapon except where expressly
the clinic you can perform any medical procedures requested by an officer of the United International
you have the licence for such as surgery, cybernetic Government or their elected representatives or where
installation, nanotech upgrades and so on. The clinic clearly mandated by an emergency such as civil war,
may have up to 20 medical professionals working imminent coup dtat, clear and present evidence of Cult
of Machina offensive action on a material scale or
there, this includes nurses.
domestic burglary; to at all times and junctures afford
what aid may reasonably be given to United International
OPEN OVER-RISK LICENSE (5) Government officers or their elected representatives in
Over-Risk License order to prevent the unlawful discharge of said weapon,
Rank 3 or the lawful discharge if, expressly or by implication,
any United International Government officer or their
This license extends the Agents privileges to use elected representatives have requested or demanded a
over-risk weapons when he or she feels that it is temporary or permanent ceasefire, weapon-specific
appropriate rather than when the UIG deem it to be moratorium or (pending an investigation) a first-order
pre-emptive investigatory cessation of the use of said
so. He is considered to have shown enough
weapon; not under any circumstances to aim directly or
responsibility in using high risk weaponry that the UIG indirectly (in the case of high-trajectory delivery systems
are assured he will use over-risk weapons or conventional ballistic weapons which may be adopted
responsibly. The first time this license is abused the into a reasonable facsimile thereof), where directly is
Agent receives a warning, the second time the license defined under the United International Government
is revoked and he is fined 50,000 credits and 20 rank Armament Restraint Corporate Code 2489 (Part XI.1.3)
points. as within not less than a five (5) degree angle to that
which might reasonably be assumed to bring the
OVER-RISK LICENSE (5) projectile, coherent light pulse or other munition or shot
or ballistic effect into immediate and potentially terminal
Relevant Weapon Skill 8
conjunction with, at any United International
Rank 3 Government Officer, their elected representatives,
deputies, family members, spouses, estranged spouses,
The Agent is permitted to own, carry and discharge close neighbours or pets; not to portray the bearing,
Over-Risk weaponry on UIG assigned missions or on ownership or use of said weapon either directly or by
missions where he has sought specific UIG representation to minors as an aspirational life goal; not
permission. The missions are always for the good of to leave said weapon unattended in any place or
society as a whole such as hunting down extremely circumstance where it may be accessed by untrained
dangerous criminals, containing a toxic chemical spill personnel or infants less than five (5) years of age...
or neutralising a group of terrorists.
from Open Over-Risk License Terms And Conditions,
page 827



Rank 6
Corp. Knowledge 6

You are licensed to act in the capacity of a courtroom

judge. In minor cases you are responsible for listening
to the evidence and reaching a verdict. In large cases
you are expected to keep order in the court, direct
proceedings and, after hearing the jurys verdict,
recommending a sentence.

Being a judge is a mixed blessing, on one side you

can exert great power and let the guilty go free while
punishing the innocent. On the other you may be
targeted by gangsters or forced into situations you find


Medicine 5
Science 5
Biohazard and Toxin License

You are licensed to produce and sell drugs as long as

they are legal in the area in which you are working.
Your drugs may be examined at random to ensure
their quality. Your stock is expected to be kept in a
secure area under lock and key.


Pharmacology License (Basic) "And there's something dashed iffy about those
Medicine 6 blasted uppity colonials, too!"
Science 6
Corp. Knowledge 3 - Colonel Basil Wainthrop GCIE
Biohazard and Toxin License

You are licensed to manufacture any drugs. However,

those that are illegal must be stored in UIG approved
facilities* and not offered to the public. These drugs
are normally sold to authorised research companies,
the UIG, or exported to destination where they are
legal. Should you break the law you are liable to be
closed down, receive a 100,000+ credit fine and be
docked 30 rank points.

*UIG approved storage normally costs around 50,000

credits per 10 cubic metres to buy. Rental would be
around 10,000 credits per 10 cubic metres per year.



Post nominal letters (PNL) are the letters that follow Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval VRD
peoples names so that others are aware of their Volunteer Reserve
achievements or status. These can range from simple
Distinguished Conduct Medal DCM
academic qualifications such as BSc or PhD to
somewhat grander ones which can only be bestowed Distinguished Flying Cross DFC
by royalty. Distinguished Flying Medal DFM
Distinguished Service Cross DSC
Although such practices are observed all over the
world, Britain has a grand tradition of using them and Distinguished Service Medal DSM
as such has a wonderful selection to choose from. Distinguished Service Order DSO
Efficiency Decoration ED
Listed here are some of the more impressive PNL
which are still used by E.I. Arguably many of the titles George Cross GC
are no longer really relevant but E.I. has found ways George Medal GM
to keep them alive long after the days of the Empire.
Imperial Service Order ISO
Indian Distinguished Service Medal IDSM
Indian Order of Merit (Civil) IOM
Air Efficiency Award AE
Indian Order of Merit (Military) IOM
Air Force Cross AFC
Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and KCMG
Air Force Medal AFM
St George
Army Emergency Reserve Decoration ERD
Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath KCB
Associate, Royal Red Cross ARRC
Knight Commander of the Order of the British KBE
British Empire Medal BEM Empire
Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry CPM Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian KCIE
Colonial Police Medal for Merit CPM Empire

Commander of the Order of the British Empire CBE Knight Commander of the Order of the Star of KCSI
Commander of the Royal Victorian Order CVO
Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order KCVO
Companion of Honour CH
Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the GCIE
Companion of the Order of St Michael and St CMG Indian Empire
Knight Grand Commander of the Order of the Star GCSI
Companion of the Order of the Bath CB of India
Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire CIE Knight of the Order of Saint Patrick KP
Companion of the Order of the Star of India CSI Knight of the Order of the Garter KG
Conspicuous Gallantry Cross CGC Knight of the Order of the Thistle KT
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal CGM Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of St GCMG
Dame Commander of the Order of St Michael and DCMG Michael and St George
St George Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the GCB
Dame Commander of the Order of the Bath DCB Bath

Dame Commander of the Order of the British DBE Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the GBE
Empire British Empire

Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order DCVO Knight/Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian GCVO
Decoration for Officers of the Royal Naval RD
Reserve Lady of the Order of the Garter LG
Lady of the Order of the Thistle LT


Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order LVO APPLYING POST NOMINALS TO YOUR
Medal for Saving Life at Sea SGM GAME
Member of the Order of the British Empire MBE
Obviously many of these titles seem irrelevant but E.I.
Member of the Royal Victorian Order MVO very much enjoy the tradition of bestowing them and
Meritorious Service Medal MSM will use any opportunity to make them fit an occasion.
Military Cross MC
There are some fixed appointments such as the
Military Medal MM CEOs personal medic; such a person would receive
Officer of the Order of the British Empire OBE CHP after their name - Honorary Physician to the
Order of British India OBI CEO.

Order of Merit OM Then there are more arbitrary assignations such as

Queen's Fire Service Medal QFSM Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order
Queen's Gallantry Medal QGM (KCVO) which originally was bestowed for showing
distinguished service to the sovereign. Nowadays,
Queen's Police Medal QPM although the term itself is somewhat of a misnomer, it
Royal Red Cross RRC is still occasionally granted to those who have served
Territorial Decoration TD the CEO particularly well.

Ulster Defence Regiment Medal UD For the most part the first table Offices are simply
Victoria Cross VC rewards for exceptional service. You could look up the
Volunteer Officers' Decoration VD original reason for the honour on the internet if you
wished to keep them in context but E.I. do not
generally show such care. They tend to award them
APPOINTMENTS TO THE CEO based on how impressive the title sounds so Territorial
Decoration would be less well regarded than Knight
Aide de Camp to the CEO ADC
Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
Honorary Chaplain to the CEO CHC
Honorary Dental Surgeon to the CEO CHDS Awarding Post Nominals
You should feel free to award post nominals for any
Honorary Nursing Sister to the CEO CHNS
service that you think is above and beyond the norm.
Honorary Physician to the CEO CHP For example, to an Agent who took down a whole
Honorary Surgeon to the CEO CHS enemy division on his own or perhaps to a division
who saved the CEO from losing significant face in
Privy Counsellor PC
front of a rival. It really is up to the GM as there are no
Legal Positions, etc. hard and fast rules for most PNLs.
CEO's Sergeant CS
Appointments are a little different because most of
CEOs Counsel CC
them apply to certain jobs. If one of the players is
Deputy Lieutenant DL playing a fantastic lawyer, who has got the CEO off a
Justice of the High Court J serious charge then the CEO may elevate him to be
his personal counsel, in which case the title of CEOs
Justice of the Peace JP
Counsel (CC) may be awarded.
Lord Justice of Appeal LJ
Sergeant-at-law SL Just remember not to be hung up on historical
accuracy or tradition. E.I. like to pick and choose what
Supreme Court Justice SCJ
they keep and have no qualms about butchering an
Master of the Horse MHS age old term so that it fits nicely into their corporate
Master of the Hawks MSW machine.
Lady / Lord of the Bedchamber LOB





Each week you make money according to the
following D10 roll on the Business Profit Table.


Roll a D10! ! Profit

Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never
1# Great week# Business increases a level but
forget rule No.1. # # # makes no profit.

Warren Buffett 2# Good week # Business Level x 20

3-8# Typical week # Business Level x 10

This downtime action has already been featured in 9# Bad week # No profit.
the Eastern Bank. We are repeating it here because
10# Disastrous week# Loss of Business #Level x 10
running a business is such an integral part of being
an E.I. Agent that we thought you should not have 25% extra should be added to profit for illegal
to buy another book in order to do it. businesses.

Agents can attempt to establish a business with their

downtime. These rules are fairly basic and will be
expanded in a future supplement to allow Agents to
built vast business empires and major corporate
There is no reason your business should not become part
subsidiaries. Remember there is no reason why the
of the plot. The GM may engineer a mission around your
GM cannot allow the Agents to do this without official business or you may be able to convince other division
rules. members to help you expand your business in exchange
for a reward. This kind of roleplaying could alter the
ESTABLISHING THE BUSINESS random nature of business rolls, for example, if you
You must spend 1 week of downtime and 1000. This spend time forging alliances with local criminal gangs and
establishes a level 1 business of your choice. paying off the UIG then the GM could rule that 9 and 10
on the Illegal Business Event Table are ignored and the
DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS D10 is re-rolled. Also note that players could band
During each week of downtime you may roll together so you could run a Division business.
Intelligence + Business.

If you pass the roll you can increase your business by Examples of Legal Businesses
one level but must invest more money. The amount of Note that Agents cannot staff their own businesses,
money invested can be worked out with the simple they simply manage them and the money made is
formula below. pure profit.
Current Business Level x 100 Level! Shop / Store! ! Weekly Income
1-5# Market Stall / Coffee Tent# # 10-250
Example - To increase from level 2 to 3 would cost 4 6-10# Old City Shop # # # 360-1000
x 100 = 400. To increase from level 30 to 31 would 11-15# Open City Shop # # # 1210-2250
cost - 900 x100 = 90,000. 16-20# Spire City Shop # # # 2560-4000
21-25# Large Open City Shop# # 4410 - 6250
Profit 26-30# Large Spire City Shop# # 6760-9000
This is why most people build a business. It may take 31-40# Chain of Shops# # # 9610-16000
a while to recover your investment but itll pay off in
the end. Bear in mind this profit is what you get to take
home after all overheads such as paying staff, buying
stock, rent and rates.


Underworld businesses are much riskier than legal While Eurasian Incorporated acts as an umbrella
group for more than ten times the number of
ones but generate more money as there is no tax and
dependent start-ups, spinoffs and splinter companies
more can be charged for these illegal services. There than all the other Corporations combined, it is
is also a chance of a UIG raid or rival criminals taking noteworthy that never once have any of these
an interest. organisations achieved sufficient scale or financial
independence to break fully away from EI itself and
Profit emerge as a Corporation in their own right. Most
Underworld businesses make 25% more cash than frequently, this is because a fundamentally important
legal ones. resource for the smaller company personnel,
manufacturing capabilities, or intellectual property
Examples of Illegal Businesses remains under direct EI control. Many of these sub-
companies are also started with inter-corporate loans
set up with such Byzantine conditions that they
Level! ! Example Business
actually scale directly with top-line revenues, making it
1-5 # # Selling DHC to kids almost impossible for any Agent-formed business to
6-10# # Auto chop shop pay off its debts and emerge from under the shadow of
11-15# # Neighbourhood protection racket EI.
16-20# # Brothel
21-25# # Extensive drug ring Where other Corporations most frequently the Shi
26-30# # Illegal underground casino Yukiro, Western Federation or Ai-Jinn attempt to buy
31-40# # Contract killing firm out or reverse merge with one of these sub-
companies, they are invariably swamped with a
In addition to rolling for profit each week the player barrage of regulatory objections from the team of
should roll on the table below. lawyers apparently maintained by EI for this express
purpose, resulting in years and sometimes decades of
fruitless hearings, appeals and counter-appeals in UIG
ILLEGAL BUSINESS EVENTS courts, and legal costs in orders of magnitude beyond
any benefit which might reasonably be expected from
Roll a D10 the transaction. In the handful of acquisitions which
have progressed beyond this stage and the shortest
1# D4 criminals have asked to come under recorded timeframe for such an acquisition to
successfully complete was forty-seven years any
your employ. For every 5 criminals that join your
Agents actively involved in running the original
business you gain a Business Level for free. business have either been bought out by the new
owners for large sums (which are heavily taxed by EI
2# Your services are in demand. You may re- under an extraordinary subset of regulations buried
roll on the Business Profit Table and keep the best deep in its Agent contracts) or turn out to have already
roll. disappeared after being assigned by EI to particularly
dangerous and/or sensitive geopolitical areas, most
3-8# Normal week, nothing special happens. frequently the Eastern Bank.

9# A rival criminal group attacks your business. In short, while Eurasian Incorporated actively
Your business is reduced by 1 level. encourages its Agents to invest in their own business
interests, and while this certainly contributes to the
reputation of wealthy and powerful Agents for whom
10# The UIG raid your business. You lose D4 field duty is a secondary concern, it appears to be
Business Levels. Roll another D10. On a 10 you practically impossible for any Agent to earn his or her
lose another D4 levels. Repeat this until you dont way to any semblance of independence from the
roll a 10 or the business is destroyed. Corporation itself.

- from The Rise of The Corporation-States

Hands-On attr: Dr. Edmond Treval
If you are running a business as part of a campaign
rather than as a downtime action then see page 49.


TRAINING As a major celebrity you may be asked to appear on
more prestigious shows or even take part in some
From a humble has-been TV presenter to the mighty important events. As with minor celebrities, you also
Tex Calahan, celebrities have the unearthly power to gain the chance to increase the level of one of your
woo the public simply as a result of having been businesses each time you make an appearance.
featured in popular media. There are two types of
celebrity; Minor and Major. Rewards
A major celebrity earns 1500 credits x their rank per
Minor week of downtime.
A minor celebrity can earn cash by appearing on
obscure talk shows, panel quizzes, reality The celebrity may also roll make a Presence +
programmes or even radio phone-ins. The cash is not Looking Good check with a modifier as listed below.
great but its safe and it helps to boost any businesses To select the relevant modifier the GM should assess
that the celebrity may own. how well the appearance went, perhaps rolling some
dice or even roleplaying a bit.
A minor celebrity earns 700 credits per week of Passing the roll means the celebrity can immediately
Celebrity Appearance downtime which can be increase their business one level without spending a
multiplied by Rank if the GM deems it appropriate (it downtime action and only paying half the normal
normally should be). amount of cash required. Critically failing this roll
means the business loses D4 levels.
The celebrity may also make a Presence + Looking
Good check with a modifier as listed on the table
below. To select the relevant modifier the GM should
assess how well the appearance went, perhaps rolling
some dice or even roleplaying a bit.

Passing the roll means the celebrity can immediately

increase one of their businesses one level without
spending a downtime action and only paying half the
normal amount of cash required. Critically failing this
roll means the business loses D4 levels. This can
result in destruction of the business.

Circumstance Example Modifier

Appearance went really well The celebrity Agent was on a well suited program or the host was a fan +2
and made the Agent look good.

Appearance was mediocre The celebrity turned up but was fairly uncharismatic or the host was not +0
really into them. Perhaps the celebrity was tired or the program was just ill
suited to their style.

Appearance was poor The show may have been very unsuitable or perhaps the host disliked the -4
celebritys style or ethics. Maybe the celebrity was rude or the audience
were simply not interested in what they were offering.

Appearance was abysmal The celebrity made a huge faux pas, perhaps they were drunk or on drugs. -10
Maybe they slagged off the host or made a racist comment. The host may
have hated them and been out to assassinate their character. Perhaps the
audience was deliberately chosen. Still - they say there is no such thing as
bad publicity so theres still a chance to turn this around.


The hit show returns for a new season. In

episode one Cherry, Candy and Raoul get
hot in the kitchen and special guest Porsche
shows how she skins a sausage and batters
a meatball!

Only on Eurasian Entertainment Network

Ethically questionable but FUN!


Agent appearances on TV are common in all

corporate territories. On Eurasian and Federation
networks Agents often take on the role of guest
compres or even contestants whereas the Shi
Yukiro and Comoros tend to have their Agents talk
about politics, news or policy. All corporations are
known to use their Agents for promotional purposes,
whether that be blatant product endorsement or the
more subtle approach of having some of their more
aspirational Agents interviewed and thereby inspiring
the impressionable to apply to the Agent Training
Dont forget to have your players appear on TV now
and again - it can be great fun!


around at least the level 10 mark such an old city
shop though you could go huge if you wanted to.

YOUR BUSINESS Example - The Tangana Clinic


Overview Well use the same example throughout this

The downtime action Build a Business is a very section. It consists of a group of four E.I. Agents
hands-off approach to making money. This section who have been given a run down medical clinic in
expands on those rules and gives ideas on how you Tokyo Open City called the Tangana Clinic. Feel
can change a business from a downtime only free to use this setup for your own game.
operation to a full blown campaign. After all, the game
is called Corporation and so it is not unreasonable to The clinic is in a real state and has just been
have businesses as a large part of the game. Typically condemned by the Shi Yukiro authorities. Although
in a game of Corporation, the Agents are doing work the building is quite large and in a good central
related to the corporations business as a whole, the location, the appearance of a Shi Yukiro run clinic in
difference here is that they are protecting the interests the next street has taken much of its business. Shi
of their own sub-companies. Yukiro Yakuza sealed its failure by firebombing it
and then assassinating the rather inexperienced E.I.
There is no reason the fieldwork should be division who were previously in charge.
fundamentally different, its just that the Agents are
much closer to the heart of the matter and their After a few weeks with the place standing empty,
success or failure on missions is much more tightly the E.I. Director of Health and Medicine has
linked to the profitability of their own company. If they decided to give it another try and placed it into the
fail to take out the triad cell who are moving in on their hands of a new division (the players).
clients, their business will start to see a loss and in
time could close completely. If that were a mission On their first mission brief the Agents are given an
issued in the normal way, failure would be much less outline of the situation and the ability to requisition
personal. any medical equipment they need to refit the place.
They are also told that they can employ staff and
How Many Businesses get decorators in to make the place look good. The
The first thing to decide is how many businesses you division are given no access to additional funds, any
want to manage as a division. If you are thinking of expenditure must be issued as a request to the
running business development as a campaign then local E.I. office in the Tokyo Archology, who will
selecting a single company and pooling assets is make sure the money is spent and the jobs get
definitely recommended as then everyone will want to done.
work together. If you wanted to have separate
businesses then they should ideally be related. For
example Organ Dealing, Medical Drug Retail, Try to avoid giving the players hard cash where
Cosmetic Surgery and a Health Club could all possible, its far better to make them requisition items,
theoretically benefit from one another and so the staff or services. Getting a business going could cost
Agents could help each other out. However, if hundreds of thousands of credits and giving that kind
possible, you should all pool resources and work of cash to a division could seriously unbalance a
towards a single goal, this will create a far more game. One option that works well and can be a lot of
harmonious campaign where everyone is trying to fun is to have a penny counter assigned to the
achieve the same objective. division. This man or woman must be asked every
time money is spent on the business, he will then um
A Gift from the GM and ah and maybe award the funds. In our example,
This sort of campaign definitely benefits from the GM requisitions are made to the local office which has the
giving the players some freebies at the start. Ideally same effect but has the variation of not having the
this would be a shared business and one worth division followed round by an NPC.


Assessing the Business Obviously there could be a tendency when running a

So once the players have received the brief they will businesses for the game to become very social and
need to assess the state of the business and decide not terribly physical. For this reason its important for
what has to be done. If the business is already you to consider your players action requirements. If
functional then they may be looking to improve it, or everyone is happy to play a low action campaign then
make it more secure. If, as in our example, the so be it, but if the players want to blow some shit up,
business needs rejuvenation then spending some then you need to work that into the game.
cash getting things fixed will be the order of the day.
Example - The Tangana Clinic
For most businesses there will be competition; it Adding Some Action
would be quite rare to have none at all. The division
would be wise to assess this competition and deal After treating the E.I. Agents wounds the doctors at
with it in some way. Perhaps taking it over, eliminating the clinic inform the Shi Yukiro that there are E.I.
it or coming to an arrangement. Agents operating in the area. A division of Shi
Yukiro Agents immediately check out the old clinic
and see signs of activity. Muttering darkly to
Example - The Tangana Clinic themselves that the western idiots never learn, but
not wishing to engage the E.I. Agents directly at this
Assessing the Competition point, they visit a local Yakuza boss and arrange for
his people to go down and wage a guerrilla war
So well assume the division have assessed the against the Agents in the clinic.
business, determined what is needed to resurrect it
and placed all the relevant requisitions for staff and From our divisions point of view this manifests as a
equipment. series of costly incidents such as broken windows,
firebombs, murdered staff and threatening letters.
Now they need to check out their rivals. There are a The Yakuza are careful not to confront the Agents
few medical clinics in Tokyo Open City but the main as they know they will likely lose in direct face-off.
competition is a Shi Yukiro one in the next street
along. E.I. are undisputed masters of health care, The E.I. division are obviously not pleased, they do
so how did this clinic upstage them. A little research a little investigation, find out who is responsible and
reveals that it is most probably corporate loyalty. decide to go down to the Yakuza-run tea house and
The division therefore decide they will run their kick their teeth in - teach them some manners Euro-
clinic under the guise of it being Japanese; they will Russian style.
employ Japanese staff and do everything they can
to give the impression that it is a Shi Yukiro This situation provides a good dose of combat in a
subsidiary. characterful setting against a reasonable level
enemy. Yakuza are excellent adversaries for low
One of the Agents then gets the bright idea of level Agents as there are lots of them, they tend to
injuring himself and getting admitted to the Shi have good sword skills and they are not generally
Yukiro clinic as a patient so he can assess their augmented. Once the Agents feel they have done
level of service. He gets his buddy to blow a few enough damage they leave. The Shi Yukiro Agents
holes in him and they call for an ambulance. After a will not be pleased and will be planning an
few hours he emerges from the clinic with some escalation in their methods.
valuable intel on their level of service.

While there he was also able to assess security The suppression of competition is an essential tactic
measures, tech level, staffing, prices and hygiene. for the modern businessman. Whether that involves
Armed with this knowledge they are able to refine discrediting them or blowing up their premises is
their ideas. simply a matter of taste. Any Agent in business will
realise that its not good enough to just run a tight
ship, you also need to make sure the customer has no
choice but to come to you.


competition from getting established, devising new

Example - The Tangana Clinic
forms of revenue and creating ways to increase profit.
None of this should be boring however, gaining a new
Suppressing the Competition
asset could be a whole mission in itself where you
need to break into his house, find his darkest secrets
The clinic is up and running, the Yakuza have been
and then blackmail him to make you his primary
taken care of for now but no matter how hard they
try they cannot seem to take more than 50% of the
local business. For a number of reasons the Shi
Yukiro run clinic is still very popular. Example - The Tangana Clinic

Being a fairly down-to-earth division, the Agents Expanding the Business

decide the best plan of action is to go round there
and destroy the place. They could have used Somehow, our Agents have managed to get away
intimidation or advanced business principles but with it. Although the Shi Yukiro are furious, the clinic
they have decided to shun these subtle approaches is making money and the other clinic never re-
in favour of heavy weapons and large explosives - established itself. The Agents have the health
they are E.I. after all. monopoly in this part of town and are looking to
At 3AM the division kick the door in and take out
everything in sight. They use toxin grenades and In their typically cavalier manner they decide to use
automatic weapons to wipe out every trace of life in a mild bioweapon which their biochemist will
less than a minute. They proceed to take all engineer. The plan is to create a harmful, flu-like
portable assets and computer records, load them disease which is highly contagious but curable by a
into an unmarked van and leave before a response simple injection.
squad can arrive.
Naturally they will be the only ones with the antidote
Was this a good idea? Probably not, they are in so everyone will need to either visit their clinic or
Tokyo and within the hour entire clans of Shi Yukiro visit another clinic who are purchasing the antidote
Agents will be on their trail. Lets hope they took directly from the Agents. This is a fairly nasty plan
some good precautions and have excellent alibis. as many people might die but the Agents are pretty
callous as a division and see no real drawback. The
The move was arguably not good from a PR point Agent who is the biochemist is very excited at the
of view either, as the Shi Yukiro will use it to make idea and hopes to collect data on the ensuing
the local citizens shun the Agents clinic. Well have epidemic to present to E.I. and hopefully get some
to hope E.I.s legendary spin doctors and lawyers recognition.
can deal with this rather hasty and ill-planned move.
Naturally as soon as the disease breaks out Shi
Yukiro Agents will be tasked with finding out whats
Expanding the Business going on so our division are going to need to be
Assuming the players have managed to establish the very careful. This kind of aggressive business
business and deal with the local competition, they will strategy may be the last thing they do. Infecting
now be looking to expand it. This is where things get Tokyo with a plague will likely have the entire of
interesting because the players will need to use their Clan Hitori descending on them in the night, but
ingenuity to increase revenue. Perhaps they could dont forget, the Agents have a powerful bargaining
steal some industrial secrets to give their products the chip - the cure.
edge, perhaps they could steal stock from a
warehouse so they can increase profits. Maybe they When all is said and done however, this is not a
could even start bribing the UIG to look the other way good plan. Its too aggressive and the Shi Yukiro will
while they branch into illegal, under the counter be outraged. The division will end up as public
services. enemies and either killed or hounded from the city.
Either way, the business will probably collapse. A
This really is what running a hands-on business more subtle plan would have been much better.
should be all about, securing new clients, keeping the


MAKING MONEY FROM THE BUSINESS No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he'd
only had good intentions; he had money as well.
This is what its all about, the business is normally
there to provide revenue. However, unlike a business Margaret Thatcher
as a downtime action, the Agents will be giving moat
of profits to the corporation. For this reason, its not
actually necessary to let the players know exactly how DETERMINING PROFIT OR LOSS
much money is being generated.
What is important though, is to reward the players for Determine the level of the business using the
running a successful business, opposite is a simple examples below to help.
system you can use to determine profit or loss if you
dont want to make it up. Legal Businesses

Basics Level! Shop / Store Example

This system assumes an entire division is running the 1-5# Market Stall / Coffee Tent
business as their primary mission. At the beginning of 6-10# Old City Shop
each game session you should use the tables 11-15# Open City Shop
opposite to generate profit or loss for the group. Note 16-20# Spire City Shop
that depending on the scenario you could elect for 21-25# Large Open City Shop
Agents NOT to receive their standard pay and instead 26-30# Large Spire City Shop
rely on the success of the business for their income. 31-40# Chain of Shops

Illegal Businesses
Level! ! Example of Business
Yes, sometimes a session covers one hour of game 1-5 # # Selling DHC to kids
world time, sometimes it might cover a month. You 6-10# # Auto chop shop
could therefore argue that rolling once per session 11-15# # Neighbourhood protection racket
is a little strange. However, if you think of the fickle 16-20# # Brothel
nature of business its not unreasonable that there 21-25# # Extensive drug ring
should be a lot of profit one month and then none 26-30# # Illegal underground casino
for a few months. 31-40# # Contract killing firm

You also need to consider that if you rolled once per 2. BASIC PROFIT
week of game time, the players could go 6 or more Businesses make 100 per level of the business for
sessions never rolling for profit - that would be no each Agent each session.
fun. Likewise if you gave them 6 months off they
would be rolling dozens of times.
Generate your Net Multiplier by adding the figures
below. This is also awarded each session but is
The once a session rule keeps things fun and
divided among the Agents.
balanced and can be easily justified with a little
imagination. And remember, its your game so if you
Relevant Trainings (+1 Each)
want to let them roll more or less often then go
Add +1 for each highly appropriate Training in the
ahead and adapt the rules to the circumstances of
division. This could include anything the GM deems
your game.
relevant but he should be strict, Gun Melee should not
help a gun business, they should be vital to its
running, not just related. Naturally all business
trainings are counted but some others may be
considered such as Underground Operations in a
drug dealing business or Lawyer in a legal firm.


Recent Success or Failure (-20 to +4) PROFITS TO THE CORP

Depending how the previous session went you can And just to slap you with a downer, the corporation
apply anything from -20 to +4 to the NET Multiplier. If may well want their cut. If the corporation demand that
your business was closed down for a week and your the Agents turn in 5000 per session, then this will
staff shot apply a -10. If you secured new clients and come out of the Agents cut. That means the Agents
crushed some competition add +3. The GM should of will have to work really hard just to satisfy the corp, let
course adjudicate the value. You could even increase alone make some cash for themselves. Make sure, as
these numbers beyond the suggested values if you a GM, you pay particular attention to this aspect as it
feel it is necessary. is VERY important. Without it Agents could have a
fairly easy life and make loads of cash. When they
E.I. Division (+1) start needing to satisfy their superiors things get quite
E.I. Agents have a wealth of contacts, advice and help heated and they start needing to get serious. This
at their fingertips. sense of desperation can create some really fun
The business makes 1000 per point of Net Multiplier.
This is a lump sum to be divided among the Agents as Also bear in mind that most of the corporations are all
the Division Leader sees fit. This could of course be a about the cash so having Agents running unprofitable
negative number. businesses is somewhat stupid.


A level 5 business owned by 4 Agents.
Corporate Agents dont run any old businesses. They
Basic Profit are normally placed in charge of companies which
Each Agent makes 500. have special requirements. For example:

Bonus Profit Those in conflict zones.

The last week went well ! ! +2 Those in rival territories.
Two relevant trainings! ! +2 Those whose success is vital.
The division are E.I. ! ! +1 Those whose details are sensitive and are not for general
Total 5x1000=! ! ! 5000 Those selling specific goods, which others are not trusted
to sell.
If this were divided equally each Agent would receive Those which need protection from rivals or criminals.
another 1250 for a total of 1750. Those which are highly illegal.
Those with especially high turnovers.
Those which require a little specialist knowledge.
EXAMPLE 2 Those under UIG scrutiny.

A level 10 business owned by 4 Agents It is not often that Agents are required to run a business
from conception to fruition and beyond. Typically Agents are
Basic Profit brought in for a particular part of the business lifespan;
Each Agent makes 1000. when their work is done they move on. It would be very rare
for a business to be run full time by one or more Agents.
Bonus Profit Sometimes Agents will be regular visitors to companies;
The last week was terrible!! -6 their weekly checks intended to keep the employees in line
Three relevant trainings! ! +3 and make sure there are no problems.
The division are not E.I.! ! 0
Generally speaking however Agents are too valuable to be
Total -3 x 1000! ! ! -3000 used as shopkeepers and when their work is done they
move on. Even if they are business specialists they will be
If this figure were split between the four Agents then each assigned to different places at different times and placed
would lose 750, bearing in mind the 1000 they made in into the field every now and then to keep them sharp.
basic profit they are still 250 up.


The Girl from Ipanema (panpipe version) drifted mindlessly security officer, then turned around and headed back to
from the tinny speaker before being rudely cut short by a where Kleiss was setting charges.
nonchalantly discharged round from the pistol of Agent
Kleiss. Done?
One second, I have one more to do.
Warning - weapon discharged in elevator - warning -
weapon discharged in elevator - warn... With that Kleiss stood up to reveal six primed charges, four
of which he tossed into cardinal points of the room with the
Kleiss put another round in the backup speaker. remaining two thrown into the elevator.

Kleiss! What the fuck did you do that for? Now they know Exit plan?
were coming. Stemmer looked around disdainfully. Hmmm...stairs, Im not
sure this bitchll survive a window drop from 40 floors.
Relax. Were four floors away, what are they gonna do in Kleiss nodded in the direction of the stairs, despite the
four floors? Look were here - less grilling, more killing. debris his thermal clearly picked out the shape of four
armoured figures.
The doors parted with a pleasing ping to reveal a seemingly That was fuckin fast.
endless room displaying every kind of soft furnishing the Window it is then, just try to soften her impact, here, gimme
mind could conceive of. Sofas, curtains, armchairs, your weapon.
cushions, pillows, throws, rugs, even throw rugs. And
between them as mindless and drifting as the elevator Kleiss set the shotguns remaining smartclip to self destruct
music were the shoppers - one hand holding a basket, the and hurled it at the new arrivals. Turning towards the
other extended, checking important things such as thread nearest windows he could already see Stemmer sprinting at
count, tog rating and allergic potential. The only thing it, his free arm shielding his face from the imminent impact.
disturbing their Saturday afternoon was the subdued female
voice who was going on about some kind of security Stemmer smashed into the reinforced glass, the point of his
violation. elbow acting to concentrate his already considerable force.
Stemmer turned to Kleiss, smiling, and nodded. The window shattered into a million tiny fragments and
On three. One, two... Stemmer found himself in the cold air, his direction of travel
slowly shifting from horizontal to vertical. Looking down he
As one the Agents unloaded their weapons into the room; saw nothing but a streetful of Federation citizens going
Kleiss twin pistols putting round after round into the wide about their business, wait, shit - that van, blacked out
eyed shoppers while Stemmers shotgun sent blast after windows - ah fuck - no time - ground coming - shit - protect
blast into the stunned store security personnel. the package.

Feathers, stuffing, scraps of cloth and sprays of blood Stemmers brutal impact with the ground blasted the paving
exploded from the impacts. Screams filled and room and slabs into fragments and elicited shouts and screams from
chaos reigned, the airborne debris making it all but the startled citizens. Seconds later Kleiss hit the road a few
impossible for the hapless citizens to find their way out. Just metres away, the tarmac buckling under the force of the fall.
to be certain Kleiss tossed a pair of grenades - one smoke
and one flashbang - into the frightened throng. Switching to Kleiss looked round, shook his head and sighed, The
thermal the two Agents advanced into the room. package Stemmer, look at the fucking package.

Stemmer smashed his way forward, anyone in his path he Stemmer held the limp body up in front of him, its head
effortlessly picked up and tossed away like a bag of rags. In lolling to the side at an impossible angle, the back of the
the middle of the room he leapt onto a service counter and skull caved in, blood soaking into her long blonde hair.
scanned the area. After several seconds of careful sweeping
his GUI bleeped and drew for him a red flashing outline And while were on the subject of screwing things up, when
around a woman who was staggering towards a fire door. the hell did that van full of malenbrach get here?

Your three oclock - target acquired. Stemmer dropped the now useless corpse and scanned his
I see her, you grab her, Ill rig the room PDA. The A.I. says theres a Hadermans School for the
Mentally Handicapped less than half a klick from here.
Stemmer jumped off the counter, covering nearly twenty feet Sounds like a good place to make a deal. Let get moving.
and landed just behind the poor woman. Reversing his
shotgun, he cracked her viciously round the back of the
head, catching her as she fell. He slung the body over his
shoulder as he casually put a round in the chest of a nearby



Anti-Plasma Cores
Banned and Restricted Weapons
Luxury Items
General Equipment
Cosmetic Surgery
Toxins and Drugs
Teleportation Technology
Vehicles and Vehicle Upgrades
Also see Grenade du Jour on page 134.


good basic protection of AV3. Full plate armour is
available in a variety of styles from ornate,
embellished suits with beasts and symbols over it to
For E.I. Agents armour can be more than mere simple, more practical sets. This suit does not include
protection, it also makes a statement about the a helmet (see below).
Covers the head.

AEGIS GLADIATOR +2 2,500 A visored helmet matched to a set of full plate. For an
Cover parts of the arms, legs and torso. additional 400 credits the helmet can be in an exotic
shape such as a demon, wolf or dragon head. The
A variety of armour components which can be tailored users Perception is reduced by 2 when wearing a full
to your needs, the Gladiator series features a range of plate helm.
straps, pauldrons, breastplates, cops, wings, bracers
and plates which can be mixed and matched to create
Covers the groin.
a custom set to suit the users taste. Because the
armour is not really a full suit and more a set of straps
This pair of polyalloy weave, heavy duty underpants
and components, it does not completely cover the
can be worn under any armour. They do not add an
body. This is both an asset (if trying to display
armour bonus but do provide the following bonuses:
musculature or videoskin) and a hindrance (if trying to
block enemy attacks).
Overall the user gains an AV of 2 (the same as light Any attacks which specifically target the groin such
as random pulping attacks, severs or called shots
combat armour, because although less of the body is
will be totally neutralised and no damage will get
covered, the components are thick and durable.
CHROME RIDER +2 10,000
Covers the arms, legs and torso. Any rolls made which relate to seduction while
wearing Panzer Panten gain a +2 bonus for they
Some consider this to be one of the most vile suits of inspire great confidence in the wearer and great lust
armour on the market, others think its a graceful, in the hapless victim.
streamlined suit of polished liquid style.
The Panzer Panten can be removed and placed on
In reality it is a highly stylised suit of armour with no the head to create a helmet which grants +1 AV.
apparent joints making the wearer look like they are in
a muscularly exaggerated catsuit. To top it off the Many suggest that the material used to make Panzer
armour is finished in a high chrome effect which is Panten should be utilised to create a full suit of
dazzling to behold. A matching helmet (AV+1) can be armour but the creator will not disclose the formula.
purchased for 1000.

As a slight bonus the armour is immune to laser This American system of ours, call it Americanism,
damage and there is a 5% chance any attacks bounce call it capitalism, call it what you will, gives each and
back and hit the firer. every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize
it with both hands and make the most of it.
FULL PLATE +3 10,000
Covers the arms, legs and torso. Al Capone

Unwieldy and archaic, a suit of full plate has almost no

use in the modern combat arena. Saying that, there
are some fanatics and eccentrics who enjoy the look,
especially among the Order of the True Faith. Full
plate reduces your maximum Agility to 6 but its
reinterpretation into modern compounds does offer


Until recently the rigidity and power consumption of Covers the torso, arms and legs.
anti-plasma cores made them only feasible in large, Maximum Agility 9.#
solid structures such as doors or heavy vehicles. AV# +2
Cost# 10,000
Fortunately for Agents Aegis Defence Technologies
have been hard at work miniaturising AP-Cores so Perhaps the most commonly used AP-C armour on
that they can be used in the field. The prototype the market. Its fairly lightweight but stops plasma fire
nature of man portable AP-Cores means that they are being quite as devastating as it usually is. The stiff AP-
prone to failure, sometimes with catastrophic effect. C plates and power pack reduce the potential agility of
(Aegis take no responsibility for this.) the wearer somewhat.


Covers the torso, arms and legs.
MELTDOWN Maximum Agility 7.
At the end of a scene in which your AP-Core was Stealth actions at -1.
used against plasma damage roll a D10. AV# +3
Cost# 18,000
1-7# The unit is fine.
8-9# The unit goes off-line and will not function until A fairly heavy suit of combat armour used for assaults
# repaired. This costs a third of the price of the and heavy defence. The hefty AP-C core means the
# original unit and must be carried out by Aegis armour is not suitable for general use as the users
# engineers.* agility is significantly impaired.
10# Oops - The unit explodes. It is irreparable and
# the user takes 5D10 points of damage which IMPERATOR AP-C HEAVY COMBAT
# ignore shields and armour.
*Servicing your own AP-Core. Yes, okay you can try Covers all.
but you need to roll Intelligence + Mechtronics with a Maximum Agility 7.
-10 modifier. Failure ruins the AP-Core. It takes 2D10 Stealth actions at -3.
hours to complete the service, regardless of your AV# +4
success. You also need a mechtronics toolkit. Cost# 28,000

PLASMA REDUCTION This mighty suit of armour is fitted with various

If armour fitted with an Anti-Plasma Core takes mechanical assists to make it useable by humans. It
plasma damage it ignores an amount of that damage has similar density AP-Core plates to those used in
equal to the double the armours AV. doors and walls and as such requires a heavy power
source worn as a back pack.
For example a set of legion armour (AV2) is hit by a
plasma pistol which deals 6 damage. The victim only The armour is extremely intimidating, the user looking
takes 2 damage. more like a small mech than a person. The wearers
maximum Agility is maintained at 7 due to the servo
EMPS systems integrated into the suit.
Anti Plasma Core armour is very new on the market
and susceptible to EMP attacks. It has an EMPS of
(This is listed in the vehicle upgrades section on page


# # # Roll Perception + Support Weapons with a -12
accuracy penalty. Each successive shot reduces the
Mortars are indirect fire weapons which launch slow penalty by 4 as you tweak the angle of the mortar.
firing bombs in a high arc. They are hardy, portable
and can be fired from cover. After 3 shots there is no penalty. You can take the
training Blind Pig to make this process quicker.
If you fail a mortar attack roll by more than 8 it goes
NOTES ON MORTARS wildly off course devastating unintended targets.

Mortar Crew
By having 2 people manning a mortar you can M93 SKYFIRE HEAVY MORTAR
increase the fire rate to 1 shot per round. Heavy Support Weapon
Damage # 9D20 - Can use standard ammo if desired.
Because of the arc of mortar fire it is possible to shoot
Cost# # 8,000#
the bombs out of the air and have them explode.
Range# # Long
Rate# # 1 shot per 2 rounds
Roll to hit with a -12 penalty. Reduce this penalty by 1
EMPS# # 16
for each KM the bomb is travelling. If you deal 8
damage after the bomb.s AV of 3 it explodes
The Skyfire is an advanced mortar with a targeting
harmlessly in the air.
computer and intelligent stability systems. Despite its
large size it can be carried by a single person with
Tactical Support Weapon
Damage # 9D10 The mortar takes 2 rounds to remove from the back
Cost# # 2,000# and set up.
Range# # Long The angle is then adjusted and the bomb dropped in.
Rate # # 1 shot per 2 rounds The mortar cannot fire at ranges closer than 30
EMPS # # Immune metres or farther than 5 kilometres.

The Hailstorm is an extremely simple field mortar Roll Perception + Support Weapons with a -6
which consists of little more than a metal tube and a accuracy penalty. For each successive shot reduce
base plate. At the bottom of the tube is a firing pin and the penalty by 2 as you tweak the angle of the mortar.
when the bomb is dropped in it is fired back out in an
arc. The nature of the arc depends on the angle of the After 3 shots there is no penalty. You can take the
mortar. training Blind Pig to make this process quicker.
If you fail a mortar attack roll by more than 8 it goes
The M33 is very simple, almost indestructible and has wildly off course devastating unintended targets.
no targeting aids which makes it immune to EMP. It
can be carried by a man and comes with a back strap
to make this easier.

The mortar takes 2 rounds to remove from the back
and set up.
The angle is then adjusted and the bomb dropped in.
The mortar cannot fire at ranges closer than 30
metres or farther than 2 kilometres.



Damage # 6D10
Below are listed the properties for individual mortar
Cost # # 2000
shells. Mortar shells are quite large (about 8 inches
Blast Radius # 6 metres
long and 4 inches wide).
EMPS# # Immune
Contained within the bomb are copper shards which
Damage# 9D10# #
superheat when the bomb goes off and although
Cost# # 800
small, have a high armour penetration. These shards
Blast Radius# 6 metres
easily pierce fuel tanks and ignite the paracane inside.
EMPS# # Immune#
Any vehicles in range stand a 50% chance to have
Heavy (Heavy Mortar Only)
their fuel tank explode, essentially destroying the
Damage# 9D20# #
Cost# # 1400
Blast Radius# 12 metres
Dirty Bomb Shell# #
EMPS# # Immune
Price Varies
These are not purchased in the normal manner and
Damage# 9D10
cannot just be bought off the shelf. There are
Cost# # 1200
generally two ways to acquire them.
Blast Radius# 6 metres
EMPS# # Immune
1. E.I. can provide them to their Agents with
permission from the Mission Officer. If the division
All targets within the blast radius are automatically set
need to pay for them, the price is normally 4000
on fire.
Bunker Buster
2. They can be made by anyone with Science 3+,
Damage# 9D10
Mechtronics 6+, Support Weapons 4+ and a source of
Cost# # 2000
radioactive and explosive material. Cost for parts is
Blast Radius # 6 metres
generally around 1000 credits and you will need a
EMPS# # 15
medium explosive charge (600 credits).
The Bunker Buster has a hardened casing and is
You may be able to purchase a dirty bomb using
designed to reach extremely high velocity when
Underworld Operations to get in touch with a terrorist
falling. This, combined with a spinning tungsten
cell or similar organisation. In this case you will
carbide tip allows it to penetrate up to up to 10 metres
probably be paying around 800 + (D20x100) credits.
of ground or 2 metres of reinforced concrete. Once
the bomb has reached maximum penetration it
explodes. The maximum depth setting can be
When the dirty bomb goes off it deals the same damage as
changed if you know the exact depth at which you a medium explosive charge (6D10, 6 metre blast) but also
want the bomb to explode. contaminates the surrounding area with dangerous
Anti Personnel Anyone within 500 metres of the dirty bomb or who enters
Damage # 9D10 the area after it has exploded contracts radiation poisoning.
Cost# # 1200 (Page 13)
Blast Radius # 12 metres On page 13 are laid out the side effects of radiation
EMPS # # Immune poisoning from a dirty bomb. You can adjust the time period
between symptom escalation to suit circumstances. You can
Flechette packages make short work of ground also decide how badly those in the area are affected,
generally the closer to the explosion the worse they will be
infantry. Ignores 4 points of standard infantry armours
but this could vary with wind or other environmental factors.
but all other AVs are doubled. Within 12 hours nausea and vomiting, blood in stools, fever,
bloody vomit, hair loss will ensue.



You will notice that there are several banned and
restricted weapons. The ones that are clearly marked Damage # 3D10
as BANNED you cannot simply go out and buy. There Cost# # 600
are four ways you could normally acquire such goods. Blast Radius# 6 metre radius
Rate# # NA
1. You would either need contacts with the corporation EMPS# # EMPS 12
who illegally manufacture the banned weapon, for
example, E.I. Agents may be able to get hold of These little horrors are currently up (again) for
illegal Reisner weapons because Reisner are legislational review by the UIG. Pending the outcome
owned by Eurasian Inc. Equally you could have a of their review L7s are legal to purchase but illegal to
friend who works for Reisner or be a member of the use. A strange setup but one that many Agents and
corp itself. arms dealers have been quick to take advantage of,
laying down stocks ready for the inevitable outlawing.
2. You may have contacts with a criminal or arms
supplier who could acquire such weapons for you. System
Remember contacts are not simply servants so if These items look like discuses and are 22cm in
you use your contacts to acquire some banned diameter. They are buried just beneath the soil or laid
weapons, the GM should make sure you repay the on the ground as desired. They have a sophisticated
debt, either with adequate cash or some other sensor which triggers when anyone comes within
service. three metres of the mine. Upon activation the mine
instantly raises into the air at roughly head height and
3. You could have a training such as Underground fires razor sharp needles in a 360 degree arc. Anyone
Operations (Core Rules). in the arc gets to roll Reflexes + Support Weapons at
-8 to recognise the tell-tale whine of the L7 and drop
4. You could steal them or, if you are lucky, acquire to their knees. (Reduce this penalty to -4 if they are
them as loot. A UIG contraband storage facility expecting L7s in the area.)
would be an excellent place to look.
The mine deals 3D10 basic damage which ignores
HCA - High Collateral Armaments 3AV. If two of the dice roll 10s then the head is
severed instantly. Amusingly there is also a % chance
High collateral armaments are not the same as Over- to kill the target instantly with a head pulping attack.
Risk Weapons. HCA is merely a designation created
by the UIG to describe weapons which are generally Head Pulping Chance
somewhat imprecise and that have a tendency to Add up the 3D10. This is the % chance of a targets
splash their damage onto undeserving targets. head being instantly pulped by the mine and rendered
into bloody shards of skull and brain slop. For
Because of their general disdain for surgical strikes example, if the 3D10 add to 16, there is a 16% chance
they tend to be used more by E.I. Agents than by of instant death. Each target should roll separately.
anyone else.
You should let people roll their own dice so they at
least get the dignity of killing themselves.




Damage# Special Damage# D10 per round

Cost# # 3,000 Cost# # 3000
Range# # Medium# # Blast Radius# 6 metre#
Rate# # 1 Rate# # 1
EMPS# # 25 EMPS# # 5

Banned by the UIG in 2409 the Helios is a simple, This weapon was banned by the UIG in 2466; its
matte black rifle which fires a scattered laser at a design was considered to be unnecessarily cruel and
group of targets with the objective of permanently often left victims in a hideous physical condition,
blinding them but causing no other physical damage. neither truly alive or properly dead. In addition it often
One Agent with a Helios T66 can neutralise an entire caused substantial genetic damage in victims which
rioting crowd if he is able to get their attention - this was considered to be a significant risk to the health of
task is made much easier by the fact that the Helios the populace due to the potential for the weapon to
has a sound emitter built in which can play a variety of generate new forms of self-reproducing biological
pre-programmed noises at extremely high volume. pathogen. As though these factors were not enough,
some of the nanites released would quickly reproduce
System forming near unstoppable plagues which devastated
Anyone looking in the direction of the Helios when it is populations and made areas uninhabitable.
fired may roll Perception + Assess Tech with a -6
penalty. System
Once thrown the grenade releases a small cloud of
Fail# # Blinded in both eyes nanites which immediately locks on to heat sources
Pass# # Blinded in one eye and begins to attack them. The subject of the attack,
Pass by 4+# Completely avoid the effects of the be it living or not, is damaged at a rate of D10HP per
# # weapon round. AV does not help but adds its value in extra
HP (which are removed first). Each grenade has
This weapon is still used in remote areas where enough nanites to attack 3 human sized targets at
Agents and mercenaries are unlikely to encounter the once.
UIG and occasionally by devil-may-care Agents*, in
policed urban areas. As soon as the nanites have dealt 10 damage roll a
D10 for every piece of equipment you own. On a 7+ it
*Mainly E.I. Agents. is destroyed. Repeat this roll every time another 10
damage has been dealt. (If the nanites deal 34
Anti-Laser Glasses damage in total you should have made 3 rolls for each
Wearing a pair of anti-laser glasses renders the piece of equipment, you can therefore safely say the
weapons useless - these cost 25 and are available cloud will generally destroy all your stuff if not
from laboratory suppliers. stopped.)

People hit but not killed by the nanites stand a high

chance to develop random mutations (2% for each
point of damage dealt by the nanites).

If a nanite swarm deals 30+ points of damage there is
a 25% chance it splits into two separate swarms, one
of which flies off to attack another area.

Damaging the Swarm

Only EMP weapons, fire and telepathic Assault are
effective against this breed of nanite.



Damage# Special
Damage # Special Cost# # Varies
Cost# # 1000 Range# # D10 x 100 metre radius
Blast Radius# 12 metres Rate# # 1
Rate# # 1 EMPS# # EMPS 30
EMPS# # 10
These weapons are becoming increasingly common,
Another weapon which was banned by the UIG after fortunately so have measures to detect them. The
E.I. Agents deployed them against a group of anti- weapon consists of a container, normally a suitcase
corporate protesters. Over 900 people and 17 UIG which contains a powerful explosive and a batch of
Officers were permanently blinded in the incident. radioactive material. When the device is detonated the
nearby area is contaminated with moderate levels of
The grenades work by emitting dozens of powerful radiation. These levels are not generally speaking
infrared beams which are scattered by spinning high enough to kill but will cause widespread ill health
mechanisms within the grenade housing. This results and make the area uninhabitable for roughly a year.
in an almost unavoidable hail of blinding IR beams The bombs are normally homemade although some
which the target cannot see and is thus unable to sample costs are listed below to assist with divisions
avoid. The only telltale sign is a distinctive popping wishing to buy one. Each one is supplied with a
noise when the back of the eye is boiled in a fraction detonator which has a 50 km range.
of second.
Range ##
System D10 x 100 metre radius.
The grenade is thrown like a normal grenade but upon
landing it rights itself, opens up a many-winged, Cost#
gleaming, metal, butterfly-like mechanism and, to You need the Underground Operations training. The
most observers, simply sits there. The thrower of cost will then be roughly D3x1000 credits. This can be
course knows that the IR beams are firing and to look reduced by the Agent making successful social rolls or
away. by having appropriate contacts.

Anyone within the blast radius who has a chance to Creation#

see the deployed grenade must roll Reflexes + You can create your own dirty bomb. You need
Support Weapons with a -8 penalty. Passing means Mechtronics 5+ and Science 5+. You also need
they recognise the device and turn their head. Failure decent #portion #of radioactive material, some heavy
results in instant blinding. There is 95% far anyone explosive, detonators and a suitcase. Provided you
else to be blinded in one eye and a 75% chance they have all these creation is automatic. Getting hold of
will be blinded in both eyes. Glasses with a good IR the radioactive material is the hard part. If you
filter can negate the effects of the grenade. These manage to make your own device you could of course
cost around 25 credits and are available from lab try to sell it but this is a tricky task and can land you in
suppliers. some serious trouble with the authorities.

The explosion itself causes 9D10 damage in a 15
metre blast radius. However the main point of the
bomb is the radioactive fallout. This spreads across a
large area, typically about 1 square kilometre. The
closer you are to the centre of the blast the more
severe your poisoning. The GM should use her
discretion to decide how much exposure youve had
and consult the rules for radiation poisoning on page


Detection and Legality major electronic systems and flash the area with EMP
Due to the increased use of such devices authorities at a moments notice.
have installed radiation detectors in many key areas
including inner city sites, border crossings, customs The results were still highly beneficial to E.I., having a
and ports. If you pass by a detector there is a 95% city or installation go offline for 30 minutes or so had
chance of being caught, placing the item in crystal considerable knock-on effects and it kept the
weave will not reduce this chance as it does not populations terrified.
disguise the radiation.
If you are caught with such a device or are found to be Perhaps the most interesting and lasting quality of the
involved with people who are using one the penalty is nanocrine bombs can still be seen in parts of the
a loss of 65 rank points. world, particularly in the Freestates and parts of post -
Note that E.I. own most of the anti-rad clinics, which incident France. The reason for this is that
mean they always profit from a dirty bomb. occasionally nanocrine bombs were dropped but the
resulting nanite swarms did not die off, rather they
NANOCRINE BOMBS (TU-CHIN NC50-ANTI carried on feeding, growing, mutating and evolving. In
more civilised areas these nanites were swiftly
destroyed but where they went unmonitored they not
only became life forms in their own right but altered
Damage# Special
the local environments to better suit them.
Cost# # 30,000
Blast Radius# 600 Metre Radius
Known commonly as rogue nanites, these tiny
Rate # # N/A
creatures are capable of incredible feats such as
EMPS# # 15
coalescing into tangible structures or infesting existing
objects and using them for their own purposes. An
Nanocrine bombs are 90cm diameter spheres which
examples of this would be a colony of nanites
saw great use during the corporate wars. Upon impact
colonising an old car chassis and essentially
they discharge their contents of nanites which rapidly
reanimating it. Obviously the car in this instance would
fill the area (a 1200 metre diameter circle) and
not run like a normal car but it would provide a shell in
systematically destroy anything with a biological
which the nanites could live, take shelter and if need
makeup. The process is quite slow but often multiple
be retaliate against enemies.
bombs are dropped. Within 30 minutes the area will
be devoid of all forms of life. Even those who escaped
Some of the more impressive examples of rogue
the area will be contaminated with nanites and die
nanite possession and colonisation include:
within a few hours.
Taking over sentry guns and using them to attack or
Anyone in the blast area will be covered in nanites
Deconstructing and reconstructing tonnes of scrap
within a few seconds. The nanites deal D10 damage
metal and stone in order to build structures. Mostly
per round. Armour is simply added to HP so a person
small ones but in rare cases fortress-like structures
with 30HP and AV6 will be considered to have 36 HP.
which are inaccessible to anyone larger than a few
Removing the nanites is impossible with anything
hundred nanometres in height.
except EMP blasts. Dealing 15 EMP damage to a
Animating piles of junk into shambling forms which
person is enough to kill the nanites on her but if there
can wield weapons and occasionally communicate,
are more around, they will quickly re-colonise the
albeit in bizarre ways.
Rogue nanites will be discussed more in future books.
Nanocrine bombs were one of E.I.s key weapons in
Acquiring these bombs is very difficult, Tu-Chin
the early stages of the wars but it was not long before
maintain they do not build them any more but
their enemies found out that the nanites used in the
occasionally they do find their way onto the black
bombs were very susceptible to EMP. Contingencies
market. Finding one should be a mission in itself.
were thus made in many major cities to shut down all



In The Eastern Bank you will find the rules for nano
swarms and you may notice they are immune to
EMP. This is because nano swarms are composed
of nanites which have been skilfully designed and
programmed to sense incoming EMP blasts and
disable their own electronics for a few
microseconds; thus essentially making them
immune to its effects.

Rogue nanites were built hundreds of years ago

when nanobot technology was still a relatively new
science. The engineers did not have the facility to
place such advanced systems into their creations
and instead ended up with simpler, less adaptable
nanite swarms.

The nanocrine bombs still did their job admirably,

even after the enemy built EMP contingencies into
their strongholds, the fear and constant disruption
to services being a severe impediment to the
enemys effectiveness.

Nanites are not fixed entities, there are hundreds

of variants with hundreds of different properties.


Bone China Afternoon Tea Set! 3500

A man is usually more careful of his money than he
An exquisite, gold detailed, hand painted Staffordshire
is of his principles.
bone china afternoon tea set including six cups and
saucers, a teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, sugar tongs,
Ralph Waldo Emerson
six teaspoons and a number of miscellaneous items
such as a cake stand, and infuser. The item is an
antique and highly desirable.
LUXURY ITEMS Business Cards! ! ! 1000
500 ivory finish, classically embossed, luxury business
Below are listed a range of outrageously expensive cards. Totally customisable with optional scent and
items which normals could not hope to buy on their hidden data storage unit. (DSU costs an extra 2000
meagre wages. However, once E.I. Agents reach credits per 500 cards.)
Rank 3, they are allowed to use their expense
accounts to enhance their image and so many of Cigarette Holder ! ! ! 1200
these purchases can suddenly become a possibility. Nol Coward stand back, hes no match for you with
These items, although often useless in game terms, this antique, ebony and bone slender cigarette holder.
can really help to flesh out a character or NPC. Adds a definite touch of class. Note that this item is
also known as a quellazaire.
Belt Buckle! ! ! ! 3000
A designer-made belt buckle featuring an insignia of Designer Comm. Device! ! 3000
your choice. Cast in durable bronze with precious Although functionally identical to a standard secure
metal and gemstone highlights, this item is something comm. device, this unit incorporates several design
youll want to pass on to the children. features that set it apart from others. Precious metals,
diamond studding and luxury brand logos are just
Briefcase, The Kaufman Executive! 8,000 some of the options.
This briefcase is not only made from the finest
materials, it has a high-end advanced lock which uses Designer Fountain Pen! ! 500
the owners ID chip and mood-state to control access. An oversized fountain pen is ideal for signing fat
(If the owner is not calm, the case will not open, this cheques, ideally from obscure Swiss banks that plebs
can be altered at the owners request when ordering.) have never heard of.

A range of finishes is available from rare leathers to Gold / Platinum Cigar Cutter! ! 1500
designer patterns and precious metals. Special Remove the end from your hand-rolled Cuban in style
finishes range from 1000 to 10,000 credits at GM with this practical but glitzy cigar cutter.
Gold Tooth! ! ! ! 2000 Each
The case has 40HP and an AV of 10. In addition it is Some would say that visible gold teeth are gaudy,
gyroscopically stabilised which means moderate crass and tasteless. Theyve obviously never seen a
knocks such as gunfire and being dropped will not complete set of Cappali Dentrama.
damage the contents.
Standard gold teeth cost 2000 credits each and so a
Secret compartments can be added to the briefcase at complete remodel will cost something along the lines
a cost of 1000 credits each which require a of 64,000 credits. However, some cost conscious
Perception + Observation check with a -8 penalty to customers may opt for only the visibles which is only
be passed in order to find. normally 16 teeth and will cost more like 32,000
Finally the Kaufman has an inbuilt explosive device
allowing the contents to be detonated by either a Cappali Dentrama are the finest gold teeth available
safeword spoken by the user or a command from a and have tiny Cappali logos etched into each one,
PDA. which are then inlaid with tiny precious stones. Expect
to pay 5 times the normal price for these; 10,000
credits per tooth. Prices include fitting.


Headed Notepaper! ! ! 700 actually augments your unarmed close combat

A ream (500 sheets) of high rag content, designer- damage adding 1 extra point of damage.
made headed notepaper. Envelopes included.
Macassar Oil! ! ! ! 500
Hip Flask - Asterman All-Weather! 1500 This rare oil made from palms or coconuts is used to
A superbly crafted, silver plated hip flask with leather groom a mans hair and give it that slick look so
trim and a personalised name plaque, the Asterman popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. In 2500
All-Weather is one of the best hip flasks a man can the look is very much back among the well-to-do and
buy. Suitable for all alcohol types, only a cad would be the fact that the oil is so expensive makes the style
seen without one. even more enviable.

Inner Circle Monthly Journal! ! 5000 One bottle of oil should last around a month. You
A years subscription to the most unscrupulous and should also note that Macassar oil leaves stains on
elitist magazine on the planet. Every page of this the back of chairs where the head rests, hence the
publication is packed with invaluable advice and use of antimacassars in times past.
unmissable articles about how to make the most from
your assets and what to do with your hard-exploited Monocle! ! ! ! 850
cash. Even the subscription cost is too high for most. Wrought in steel, plated with gold and featuring a
The unicorn shown below is the symbol of The Inner crystal clear Lumiere Diamond lens, this breathtaking
Circle. A sample of its cover and contents can be Claus and Steinbeck monocle will define you as an
found on page 174. individual of good taste and inimitable class.

Monogrammed Handkerchief! ! 1000

A set of 4 Egyptian cotton, hand monogrammed
handkerchiefs. Perfect for wiping the nose that is so
vital for looking down at commoners.

Monogrammed Pyjamas! ! 3,000

An exquisite set of hand tailored, silkilin,
monogrammed pyjamas. Available in a choice of
stately colours. Painstakingly crafted at Savile Row,
your chums will die with envy when you stride into the
drawing room, your manhood evident to all present.

Pill Box (Designer)! ! ! 1500

Only those with no decorum keep their drugs in zip-
lock bags. For someone who truly enjoys broadening
Subscribing to The Inner Circle allows you to make their horizons with chemical aid a designer pill box is
one re-roll per session on any failed rolls related to just the thing. Made to measure and often embellished
finance, wealth, capitalism, fine living and with the users name or motif, only a beast of a UIG
exploitation of the masses. At the GMs discretion Officer would dare to confiscate such a glamorous
you could also allow this re-roll to apply to item.
knowledge of elitist or secret societies. The re-roll
does not apply to rolls for downtime actions. Pipe (Hand Carved Meerschaum) ! 1,000
A beautiful pipe carved from a piece of meerschaum
Jewelled Tie Pin! ! ! 1000 (a white mineral often found in the Black Sea). It gives
Keep that massive, badly coordinated tie in place with an unparalleled smoke, especially when used with
a bejewelled designer tie pin. Darcys Finest Indian Blend Tobacco.

Luxury Watch! ! ! ! 6,000

Rolex, Cappali, Omega, Rostov, Tag Heuer; whatever
the brand a luxury watch screams money to burn.
For an extra 2000 credits the watch can be so big it


Pocket Watch! ! ! ! 2,000 Anyone seen gulping Dashwoods or not drinking it in

This 24ct gold plated, open face pocket watch the appropriate way will likely be reported to E.I. and
contains a mechanical movement and is built by Grest their buying privileges revoked.
& Faversham of Zurich. A truly memorable piece
which commands respect and displays excellent taste.
Youll be the talk of the club when you remove this
elegant piece from your waistcoat pocket.

Smoking Jacket! ! ! 3,000

This fine, quilted smoking jacket is hand tailored by
Gieves & Hawkes of Savile Row. An exceptional piece
of craftsmanship that will immediately become the
pride of any gentleman who wears it.

Snuff ! ! ! ! ! 10 a snort
Masters Original Maritime Blend
Masters snuff is the finest money can buy, its delicate,
yet aromatic character will relax your muscles yet
sharpen your mind.

Available in boxes of 100 snorts for 1000.

Snuff Box! ! ! ! 1,200

A small silver snuff box, lined with an odourless
hardwood and ornamented with decorative engraving
- the perfect receptacle for a gentlemans pinch.

Tea - Dashwoods Morning Breakfast!50 ITS NOT A DRINK

Dashwoods Morning Breakfast tea is something of an
institution in the tea houses and lounges of E.I.s
many spires.
The tea itself is grown in a remote district of northern
China which is part of E.I. territory and is one of the
few places left in the world where real teas are grown.
Tobacco ! ! ! ! 10 a smoke
Dashwoods however, is more than just tea, the plants
Darcys Finest Indian Blend
have been carefully genegineered to work in
This rare and aromatic tobacco is the first choice for
sympathy with an Agents physiology and as such give
the discerning smoker. Available for pipe and as pre-
him a little more than a caffeine hit when their
made cigarettes, Darcys is paramount for the anyone
bountiful leaves are sampled.
who enjoys the finest things in life.
A cup is normally 50 credits, but you can buy a small
Whether you purchase the cigarettes or the pipe
chest of loose leaf Dashwoods for only 1000, which
tobacco it works out at 10 as smoke.
has enough tea for 30 cups. You need to be an E.I.
Agent or high level employee to purchase
Pouch of Tobacco - 40 Smokes# # 400
Packet of Cigarettes - 20 Smokes# 200
After a cup of Dashwoods tea, anyone with ICE
technology will gain a free conviction point which must
be spent in the next hour. You can only gain this
bonus once in the morning and once in the afternoon.


COSMETIC SURGERY exist or for a price, you can collaborate with a

specialist to create a bespoke look - just for you.
In the world of E.I. appearance is everything and in
Note that getting a catalogue remodel is seen as
the 26th century there is none of the living dead or
somewhat trashy by the truly wealthy.
windtunnel face that so characterised the early days
of plastic surgery. If you pay enough, you can make
granny look like a five thousand credit call girl. In
You look completely different. Whether you go for
contrast to age-defying anagathic treatments, plastic
catalogue or bespoke you gain the training Physically
surgery is cheap, instant and gives you a better body
Perfect and 10XP to put towards Looking Good and
than you were born with.
Presence as you see fit.
Costs are variable because surgery is highly individual
and you never know what complications may arise.
Going to another surgery will not create a different
price unless its a vastly different quality clinic, then
the effects are up the GM.

There are three levels of cosmetic surgery.

Cost# 1000xD6 credits

This removes the more potent signs of ageing such as

wrinkles, sagging skin and dermal discolouration.

1. If the GM has caused you to lose points of Looking
Good or Presence from ageing this treatment will
restore these lost points.

2. If your character is aged 40+ then this treatment

can be used to make them appear 10-15 years
younger. This has no effect on STATS or skills.

Cost # 2000xD6 credits

This is used to remove excess fat, increase the

volume of muscle, restructure the face and generally
tweak the lumps and bumps which can result from
poor genes or neglect.

You gain 10XP to put towards increasing your Looking
Good skill. You can only do this twice.

Cost# 15,000 x D4 credits (Catalogue)
Cost# 20,000 x D4 credits (Bespoke)

The entire body and face is remodelled to make you

look however you wish. Comprehensive catalogues


and collect a range of angles including what its crude
A.I. considers to be the most interesting action shots.

ALCOSHAVE 20 Noticing the drone watching you

A somewhat dubious creation by LenCo, a firm set up Roll Perception + Observation with a -10 penalty.
by one of E.I.s less well-bred Agents, Alcoshave is a
potent aftershave whose smell is modelled on those Attacking the drone
worn by twenty-something clubbers. Fresh but cheap A -10 penalty applies to attacks made against the
Alcoshave does an admirable job of masking the stink drone as its so small.
which arises during a night of pelvic thrusting and liver
destruction but this is not its only function. Alcoshave New Tags
is a potent hexadentate which means it allows the New marker tags cost 50 credits each.
alcohol molecules in the solution to pass through the
skin and into the blood. This allows the user to get EMPS
drunk at twice the speed. Drones have an EMPS of 5

Although this in itself is not of particular use to Agents, CYBERNETICS SCANNER 360,000
the fact that Alcoshave is a readily available and This device comprises a small booth that a subject
cheap source of hexadentate means it can be walks into. After 30 seconds an accurate image of the
extremely useful for administering other chemicals by users complete cybernetics profile is created. Crystal
skin contact. weave (Eastern Bank page 40) does not show up on
this scan but a skilled operator may be able to notice
System the tell-tale spaces. (She should roll Perception +
By taking a bottle of Alcoshave and simmering off the Cybernetics & Robotics at -10.)
alcohol you are left with a thick residue. This residue
can be combined with a toxin or drug to create a These systems are expensive and normally only
contact version. You must use twice the normal found at secure checkpoints though some of the more
amount of the drug though and sometimes more if expensive club and venues may have one. Because
reliable contact is not certain. they are time consuming not all people are expected
to enter them, the guard will use his discretion to
Creating contact substances in this way requires decide who to scan.
Science 1 and some basic cookware. Painting the
inside of someones underwear with contact- ORGAN PRESERVATION BAGS (O-BAGS) 100
autolamine is a sure way to create a lasting These clear, tough bags are large enough to hold any
impression. human organ and contain a balanced liquid-nutrient
medium. An organ placed into the bag will stay
ANTI-LASER / DAZZLE GLASSES 25 healthy for 48 hours before beginning to rot.
These simple glasses protect the wearer from optical
damage sources such as the flash in flash bang HOLOGRAPHIC EYE VISOR 1500
grenades and the blinding effect of a Takata Helios. A high tech version of the existing eye screen (page
50 of the Core Rules). A small holoprojector the size
CAMERA DRONE 1000 of a rice grain is embedded into the orbit of the eye
This is a drone the size of a large wasp which is used and a data-screen is projected over the subjects eye.
by vain Agents and sometimes reporters or This can relay data from a PDA or other information
surveillants. It can be set via PDA to hang around a source. -1 to Perception while using it.
certain target at a specific range. The drone will then
hover about capturing footage of the target for the CHIP EXTRACTOR 1500
next hour. It records everything it sees and this data A small handheld unit which is used to remove chips
can then be downloaded to a storage device. The that have been implanted inside subjects. Chips which
footage will be centred around the target who is fit in the process socket can be easily extracted but
wearing a special marker tag (supplied) but cannot be some custom units such as locator, data, deadman or
totally controlled. The drone will zoom in and out to try ID chips can be much harder to get out. Although
delicate surgery can remove the chip an idiot can use


a chip extractor. Simply move it around the body until While in an immersion suite you retain a small degree
it starts beeping, then hold it in place for about 2 of consciousness about the outside world and are
minutes and a number of small probes penetrate the able to set a safe word to exit the simulation.
subject and carefully extract the chip. However, some of the more hardcore users are known
to get hold of hacked sims which remove that hard
The device itself is about the size of a large thorn of reality so they believe 100% that what they
screwdriver out of which extends a nasty, prehensile, are experiencing is real. Typically a trigger is set to
self-guiding, bladed clamp. eject them from the sim such as a timer or game
condition. Should this trigger fail for some reason the
CYBERNETIC SUPPRESSOR 5000 user will probably die of dehydration in a few days.
This device looks somewhat like a net of black straps
and metal clamps. It is secured over part of a target Commercial immersion dens are very popular as
and renders select cybernetic components located in buying a home unit is extremely expensive. These are
that region inoperative. The device takes 2 minutes to
mainly video arcades and sim-brothels but all manner
fit and calibrate so is useless in a combat situation.
of dens do exist.
The suppressor is normally remotely connected to an
alarm or PDA so that if it is removed or tampered with, The brothels are as seedy and sordid as you might
the group who fitted it are instantly made aware. expect and typically charge around 25 to 50 per
hour. Some are even hacked to remove the
One suppressor is large enough to be fitted around consciousness element although this is illegal. These
either a leg & foot, arm & hand, torso & groin or head systems are becoming increasingly popular as the
& neck suppressing all connected cybernetics. If the reality of prostitutes has any number of undesirable
target is unusual such as a Cultist or cyber-animal elements.
then more suppressors may be needed.
Breaking out of the suppressor without the unlocking
key requires a Strength + Athletics check with a -4 A knock-off version of the famous gaffer / duct tape
penalty; this will trigger the alarm. known as Tex Tape. Mex Tape seems to be as strong
as Tex Tape when first used but quickly degrades over
These items are common in high-end clubs or in time. When you first use Mex Tape for patch up jobs it
secure zones where cybernetics are not wanted.
works perfectly and has a 300kg breaking point but
each time stress is applied to the tape after that the
SIMS 100 to 10,000 user should roll a D10. On an 8-10 the tape breaks
This unit comprises a chair, a number of electrodes and is rubbish. It is commonly used in Old Cities for
and a sensory helmet. The user sits in the chair, quick repair jobs. As long as it is not disturbed it tends
attached the electrodes to key points of his body and to be okay.
dons the helmet. (If he has a neural jack he can use
this instead and the experience is even better.)
A more potent version of the Shield Breaker (Core
Rules page 52), the Shield Wrecker emits a narrow-
He is then immersed in a virtual world where all his
wave EMP blast which overloads all shields in a 15
senses are simulated. He can touch, walk, talk, taste
metre diameter. Only insulated shields are immune,
and so on. There are hundreds of simulations that can
every other shield is broken irreparably and reduced
be experienced ranging from games and holidays to
to 0HP.
dating and training regimes.

Software (known as sims) ranges as greatly in price

as does normal computer software. The more basic
games such as Sim-Pong can be acquired for only a
hundred credits or so while the more advanced sims
such as Princess Tiger Spanks Kinbaku Schoolgirl
Pleasure Pagoda can cost up to several thousand
credits and are often only available in commercial
immersion dens.



should not be an issue. A brain has no immune
system so if you only have an organic brain you will
not be affected - this is more commonly the case with
Any anti-rejection drugs will slow the effects. Standard
anti-rejection drugs such as poly- and mono-clonal
antibodies will hinder the progress by 1 hour per dose.
COST! ! 2000 PER DOSE!
These can be acquired in most cybernetic clinics for
around 500 credits a dose. For a total cure there are
two options.
This drug, commonly known as CMC is a by product
of cybernetic research. During the creation of anti-
1. A custom made anti-rejection compound. This must
rejection drugs scientists also discovered which drugs
be made in a lab by someone with Medicine 6+ and
tended to exacerbate rejection. At first this knowledge
Cybernetics and Robotics 6+. It takes 3D20
was simply a curiosity, a natural by-product of
minutes and costs D6 x 1000 credits in materials
discovering what inhibited rejection. It was not long
but will immediately halt and reverse the process.
until the bioweapon labs got hold of this data and put
it to good use, refining the composition until they had
2. A dose of Cyclocorticoid Diephrin will immediately
a drug which would trigger cybernetic rejection almost
halt and reverse the process. This drug is
described below.
Anyone injected with a dose of CMC begins to
immediately suffer the first signs of cybernetic IMMUNOSUPPRESANT IL-X
rejection. Note that 100% organic augments such as
the bio-implants featured in Incorporated Vol. 1) are POTENCY! 10
not affected. There are three main stages. CLASS! ! B
1. A terrible itching around the tissue-implant joins. APPLICATION! INJECTED
This lasts for D6 rounds (3-18 seconds).
The most powerful anti-rejection drug commercially
2. Primary Rejection - The hosts tissue begins to available. It was developed by E.I. in 2470 and has
recognise the foreign tissue and no longer acts in been in high demand ever since. Although there are
harmony with it. The cybernetics cease to function numerous anti-rejection drugs CDI is such a catch all
and are essentially dead metal strapped to the immunosuppressant that someone using it could
host. This stage lasts D6 hours. During this period literally pick up a chainsaw and stick it onto a severed
the victim cannot use any of his cybernetics and arm stump. CDI is one of the key active ingredients in
may well die if he is relying on cybernetic systems the latest iteration of Compound-H and many other
for life support. cyber-medical drugs. The drug is mainly used when
attempting to install new or unusual cybernetics into
3. The body now begins to fight the upgrade; hosts, particularly when creating cyber-animals or
obviously the human immune system will have when grafting between species or using bio-
difficulty attacking metal and polymer but the result augmentations. Having access to CDI gives any
is great swelling, bruising and lesions throughout cyberneticist a +4 to her roll when installing
the victim. He suffers 1 point of damage per hour cyberware.
for each upgrade he has until the cybernetics are
removed or a cure is administered. Although this drug is only available from E.I. it is
highly sought after by the Cult of Machina who see it
100% Cybernetics as the ultimate elixir for ascending the world of flesh.
Anyone who is 100% synthetic will not be affected. Although Cult surgeons have tried numerous times to
However these people are few and far between so it mimic the formula they have been unsuccessful and
are therefore forced to either secure the substance on


the black market or, more commonly, raid shipments Because the user turns into what can only be
and storehouses. described as a clueless idiot, many authorities do not
let people who have taken hetrazapan engage in any
CYTOMEGA VIRUS activities which require cognisance such as travel or
machinery use.
CLASS! ! A The main side effect is loss of brain function. On rare
COST! ! 15,000 PER DOSE occasions (2% of the time) users will lose 1 point of

The Cytomega virus is another vile creation from the HYPERANABOLIC COLINASE (HYDRASOL)
E.I. bioweapons lab that has been outlawed by the
UIG. Upon ingestion or injection (including wound POTENCY! 5
infection) the virus spreads rapidly though the body. It CLASS! ! B
infects every cell in the body and in turn every tissue COST! ! 500 PER DOSE
begins to decay and become turgid with virally APPLICATION! INGESTED OR INJECTED
suffused pus.
Developed by E.I.s Bio-Medical Field Ops Division,
System Hydrasol is an incredibly powerful anabolic stimulant
Each round the victim rolls a D6. When he rolls a 6 he which causes the users metabolism, particularly
is considered consumed by the virus and immediately those aspects associated with healing, to work at a
dies. At this point his body explodes from the pressure vastly increased rate. This results in two main effects.
within the affected tissues. This counts as a 3 metre
blast weapon and anyone caught in the blast must roll 1. The user heals at a rate of 1HP per round for 24
Reflexes + Athletics or become infected with The hours after taking the drug.
Cytomega virus. A toxin purge can cure the victim as 2. The users body consumes calories at a rate of 100
normal. per round when regenerating. This means that
unless the user is tanked up on high calorie food he
HETRAZAPAN (FLUFF) will quickly start to metabolise his own muscle.

POTENCY! 5 The GM should keep an eye on the users calorie

CLASS! ! B intake and if it is not reasonable reduce his STR and
COST! ! 30 PER DOSE END by one point. This is not a fixed system as
APPLICATION! INGESTED OR INJECTED monitoring calorie intake is not a fun part of the game.

A date rape drug for the new generation, fluff (as its POLONIUM-N TABS
commonly known) is a benzodiazepine that can be
used on both men and women as it places the victim POTENCY ! 15
into an extremely suggestible state but does not inhibit CLASS! ! A
their motor control and therefore their ability to COST! ! 3000 PER DOSE
perform sexually. The drug was originally developed APPLICATION! INGESTED TABLET
for use as an interrogation tool but although the target
becomes extremely compliant and willing, they lose These small and innocuous tablets look much like
access to their long term memory and act in an headache pills but can be crumbled easily into drinks
extremely child-like manner. Nowadays it has three or over a meal. They contain an extremely toxic dose
main functions. of polonium which kills the victim in 3 days. Once
ingested the user begins to show signs of radiation
1. As a date rape drug. poisoning within 1 day; symptoms include lesions,
2. As a kidnapping / compliancy drug. nausea, vomiting and coughing up blood. These
3. As a relaxant for those who are undergoing symptoms intensify over the next two days and the
unpleasant ordeals. victim will find themselves unable to walk and in a
state of significantly reduced motor control. They will
die approximately 72 hours after initial exposure.


effects can be undone at a later date it costs around

Although slow, polonium is better than many toxins as 4000 credits per lost STAT point and the kind of
it cannot be reversed with a toxin purge. The only people using Prendoprofen cannot normally afford
current way to reverse the process is through such things.
extensive bionanetic-restructuring. This must be done
in a fully equipped bionanetics lab and has only a 40% SPLIT (AZIPRONE)
chance of success. The process costs around
100,000. Backup of the psyche matrix and insertion POTENCY ! 9
in a new vector as detailed in Machines of War would CLASS! ! A
be another way to avoid dying. COST! ! 50 PER DOSE
A modern successor to phencyclidine (PCP) Split
POTENCY! 7 comes as a pinkish crystal which is normally ground
CLASS! ! D down between two spoons until it forms a fine powder
COST! ! 150 PER DOSE which is then rubbed into a moist surface of the body
APPLICATION! INJECTED such as the tongue, inner-cheeks or inner-eyelids.
Within a few minutes the user enters a euphoric state
Commonly used by open league weltball players where he believes he is invincible and feels no pain. If
Praxicol acts as a motor neuron enhancer giving the this were not bad enough he becomes fanatically loyal
user a greater sense of awareness of their own to those perceived as allies and hateful of anyone
coordination. This results in a +3 to Agility for one else, hence the name Split.
scene. The drug can become addictive if used more
than once per week. Effects
The users adrenaline surges granting him an
PRENDOPROFEN additional two points of Strength and Endurance, 10
hit points and a seeming immunity to pain and fear.
POTENCY ! 7 The mind suffers when on Split and the user reduces
CLASS! ! C his Intelligence and Presence by two. A dose lasts
COST! ! 35 PER DOSE about 6 hours.
Side effects include injuries caused by the inevitable
This rather brutal concoction is used by E.I. bouts of fighting, degradation of the brain and simple
emergency medical teams to get the dying back on addiction to the feeling of power. Each time a person
their feet. It is never used by Agents as the side takes Split there is a cumulative 2% chance they will
effects are so awful. lose one point of Intelligence or Presence (alternate
the loss). In time the user becomes an animalistic
System thug, totally hooked on the drug until eventually he
Upon injection all bleeding stops and cardiac functions cannot comprehend himself or his addiction and will
are stabilised. Anyone who was in a state where they typically die in a comatose stupor.
were about to die has a 90% chance to avoid death.
This gives the emergency teams around 2 hours to fix 2-METHYLCARBINOL (ACCUGEN)
the problem. If ignored the patient will return to his (Informally known as NERD ROIDS)
near death state.
Side Effects CLASS! ! C
Anyone treated with Prendoprofen stands a 50% COST! ! 400 PER DOSE
chance to lose 1 point from each of their STATS. (Roll APPLICATION! INJECTED
each chance separately.) This is due to the way the
drug instantly halts a number of metabolic and This drug is a member of the amphetamine family and
autonomic processes which can result in a lack of works by boosting the quantities of neurotransmitters
oxygen to the brain, neurotransmitter leak, cardiac in the brain, particularly those linked with attention,
atrophy and permanent muscle sag. Although these


perception and hand to eye coordination. This results developing an addiction to the substance. Should they
in an extremely hair-trigger disposition but also great continue anyway simply inform them that they have an
capability with tasks related to the factors mentioned addiction to the substance. Most players wont mind
above. The effects of the drug last for one hour. as it will add an interesting element to their character.

System General System for Addiction

+4 to all ranged weapon action totals. Addiction in its simplest state makes you feel good
+4 to all tasks requiring hand to eye coordination but when you get your drug of choice and bad when you
that do not rely on entire body action. I.e. driving and are denied it.
video games are included. Hand to hand combat and
sport are not. Anyone who you (the GM) have classed as an addict
Presence is reduced by 4 points for the duration of the loses one conviction point at the start of each session.
drugs effects as the player turns into a social idiot. This conviction point can be regained when they get a
hit. When the hit has worn off remove a conviction
Side Effects point. They are free to spend the point while high, but
The user often gibbers to himself and has no ability to you still take one off them when they come down.
empathise or keep inappropriate thoughts to himself. Eventually they may be running on zero conviction.
They become extremely fidgety and paranoid for the This represents a depressed state which can only be
drugs duration and look around continuously as elevated with a dose of the substance in question.
though someone is after them. They can easily
become obsessed with fine details such as the grain Note the drugs can only be used to restore a
on a piece of wood or the pattern on some wallpaper. conviction point the GM has taken away at the
start of the session - not to simply gain free

conviction points.

So you can see that someone who constantly feeds

In Corporation we dont use a general system for their addiction will not really have a problem.
addiction. This is because there are so many types of Obviously there are other negative affects from being
addiction which vary depending on what one is addicted but these should be represented separately,
addicted to. Some addiction would be considered to for example, long term addiction to coffee may induce
be purely psychological such as obsession over a sleeplessness.
certain TV programme or having ones PDA constantly
at hand. Other additions such as TDT or Split create in Should you wish you could also use this system to
their users a physiological dependency, which if not represent other addictions; it could be funny to have a
met can result in severe illness to the addict. Many player who is always in a depressed state unless they
substances lie in between these two extremes, for look at a dirty magazine or get to check their MyFace
example, alcohol does not tend to create physiological page.
dependency in people unless they routinely over
consume. Overcoming the Addiction
Going without the drug for long periods of time or
Because of the nature of addiction a single system significantly reducing the dose can start to break the
may be a little too harsh, too soft or simply not hold of an addiction. However, this varies dramatically
represent the addicts needs accurately. Saying that, depending on the drug and as GM you should
we do feel that without some guidance it can be a little moderate cold turkey. If the player manages to
tricky for GMs to manage in-game addictions. succeed then after a set time (of your choice) you can
reinstate normal conviction use.
Everything in life can be addictive if overused -
however, for our purposes we are generally dealing
with drugs so we recommend that if a player starts to
use a particular substance again and again that you
make a note of it. At a point you think they are having
a bit too much, warn them that they are in danger of



A can of Kananga costs between 10 and 30 credits
depending upon availability. Most Federation stores do not
stock it but this is down to a moral choice rather than legal
OH MY WOW! issues. Of course, the squad of Federation Agents
demanding you stop selling it in your shop doesnt help

Kananga is the latest iteration of E.I.s super drink originally Calories

designed as purely for Agents under the designation A can of Kananga contains 2000 calories due to the dense
KANANGA-9 (Kinetic Augmentive Neural Adenosine nature of the metrose sugar compound.
Nutrient Gain Analeptic V9).
Effect Upon the Drinker
E.I. wanted a liquid version of the nutri-bar. A drinkable high Anyone drinking a can of Kananga gains +1 Intelligence and
calorie foodstuff which Agents could use to wash down an +1 Reflexes. This lasts about 30 minutes. They also talk
energy bar to get them in peak form ASAP. After numerous very fast and cannot keep still. You gain +2 to any tasks
iterations, each of which was acceptable but below which require motivation or computational brain power
expectations, researchers arrived at version 9. (hacking, writing essays, etc.) but lose 4 points of Presence
and Attitude as you are a nightmare to be around.
A mindblowing cocktail of metrose sugar, epinephrine
(adrenaline), denoxymene (a medical grade amphetamine- Comedown
based stimulant), carbomethyl anesterase (a euphoric) and 30 minutes after drinking a can you feel a drop. You lose the
phencyclidine (PCP), Kananga is artful in creation as none bonuses and acquire a further -2 Intelligence and -2
of these illegal substances are in a form which prohibits Reflexes. This lasts about 2 hours. The effect can be
their sale according to UIG regulation 2287.Z. negated by drinking another Kananga. (This returns you to
the augmented state listed above).
Kananga gained cult status after getting into the hands of
some late night cyber-junkies who rerouted a shipment of it Addiction
to their apartment. The five individuals, now serving 75 Each time you drink a Kananga make a tally mark on your
years in Kildanna, spent the night drinking it and while riding character sheet and roll a D100. If you get below or equal to
the mind-augmenting high, hacked into the UIG mainframe the tally you are considered addicted and are at a
in Antarctica, left pro-Kananga messages all over the place, permanent -2 to Intelligence, Reflexes and Presence unless
stole 2.1 billion credits and sent a worldwide emergency you have drunk a can of Kananga within the last 30 minutes,
order to all UIG military droid units to party like you mean it. in which case you gain all the benefits associated with the
News of the incident travelled the world and within hours
demand for the drink was soaring. E.I., never missing an To cure your addiction you must go for 4 weeks with no
opportunity, immediately started mass producing it and Kananga. All the time you will be at -2 to INT, REF and PRE.
selling it for the steep price of 10 credits a can. Theyve
never looked back. Its status as a legally arguable drink has Breaking the detox will place you back into full addiction.
only served to make it more popular though it has been
categorically proved to be addictive and far more socially The GM should help you run lapses in conviction, e.g.
devastating than alcohol and many of the worlds most spotting a can in a shop etc.
common recreational drugs. Fortunately E.I.s army of
lawyers make sure that Kananga is going nowhere and Real Kananga addicts walk round almost continually
remains the drink of choice for the new generation. drinking the stuff, gibbering about crap and twitching their
fingers. They are also generally massively overweight as
they routinely consume in excess of 40,000 calories a day.
Of course, the unaugmented human body has limits and
cannot absorb all these calories, but even so, addicts are
often in excess of 25 stone.

Kananga - Oh My Wow!


Small# # 5000# # 30 metre radius
RELATED EQUIPMENT Medium# 40,000# 500 metre radius
Large# # 150,000# 1.5 km radius
TYPICAL COST 40,000 These units range in size from a backpack unit (small)
to 1 metre cubed (medium) to the size of a small room
A large backpack sized piece of equipment the (large). Any attempts to teleport into or out of the area
personal teleporter is normally only available to elite increase their fail rate by 70%.
UIG personnel. Acquiring one outside the UIG
requires considerable effort and ideally Archon or Ai- If there was no chance to fail then there is now a 70%
Jinn Legacy Agent contacts. chance that the teleport does not go according to
plan. If it does fail roll on the Teleportation Fail Table
System on page 79.
The unit allows the user to teleport 30 metres in any
direction. He uses a small interactive map, usually on
Price Varies - Usually about 1 million credits.
a HUD or PDA. There is a 5% chance of failure each
A small teleport station which can only accept one
time it is used. See the fail table on page 77.
person with very little equipment. The unit is only
about the size of a large room. One person can be
Fuelling the unit requires a considerable fission power
teleported from this site to any major teleport station
cell which costs 5000 and lasts 10 teleports. Being
or vice versa. The station must obviously agree to the
caught with such a unit is punishable by instant
transfer or be in some way hijacked. Possessing such
a system requires the same Archon agreement as
normal teleport station.
This large backpack sized piece of technology allows
Installation# # Complex, 10 Hours
the wearer and up to 4 companions to be pinpointed
anywhere on the same planetoid and teleported back
A system of hadian wiring is embedded into the
to the station. The companions must be within 2
subject which is considered a cybernetic upgrade.
metres of the homers wearer. The technology is
Once complete the targets chance of failure when
somewhat new and there is a 10% chance of failure
teleporting is reduced by 5% meaning he normally has
(roll on the table on page 77 once for the whole group
no chance of error. Failures may still occur if he is
of teleportees). The signal can be blocked by very
trying to teleport in adverse circumstances.
thick walls or dense materials so it is best to be out in
the open.

To use the homer the operator simply activates the HOW DO YOU GET A TELEPORTER?
system and waits to be teleported.
No-one builds their own teleporter, if you want one
The GM can include complications such as a weak you need to petition the UIG who will put it to the
signal which might increase the chance of failure or a Assembly. If they determine that your organisation
delay until the teleport station can accept the incoming may have one the request is forwarded to the
signal. In addition the station may require a fee of up Exchange who put the idea to the Archons. Providing
to 10,000 credits. This would likely be waived if the they are agreeable the funds are collected from the
corporation has agreed in advance. corporation and the teleporter constructed in modular
components in an Archon possessed nanofactory.

It normally takes about a week to finish construction,

at the end of which the components are collected by
the UIG staff and made ready for pick up by the buyer.


Costs have never been the same for two teleport MY OWN TELEPORT STATION
stations and has ranged from a mere 500,000 for
Comoros Kisangani station, to a whopping 50 billion It is not unheard of for private individuals to get their
credits for E.I.s station on Vastaag. Why the hands on teleport stations or at the very least teleport
difference? Is it ability to pay, potential for profit or terminals. There is no particular way to go about this,
abuse, mysterious Archon dictates ... who knows? other than it requires the intervention of a rogue
If part of a teleporter malfunctions, which can happen,
a new component is simply nanofactured by an The UIG, in their fascist wisdom, have decreed that
Archon and slotted into place by UIG technicians. The non-UIG sanctioned teleporters are illegal and their
station staff are really just admin people and only commissioning or use is punishable by instant
know how to control the thing, much like someone depersonalisation. A harsh punishment but the UIG
who can drive a car but would have no idea how to live in fear that someone will eventually mimic the
check the oil or even change a tyre. technology which allows free-targeted teleportation,
i.e. a person can teleport to a destination without the
need to arrive at another teleport station. Although this
technology is in existence it only allows one person to
Station Location Owner travel at a time and no more than 30 metres. (See
page 124 of the Core Rules).
Atlanta Eastern Western
USA Federation
If the GM did want to allow the players to get hold of
Berlin Central E.I. their own teleport station he should consider the
Europe following factors:

Chengdu Central Ai-JInn 1. They would need to curry favour with a rogue
China Archon.
2. They would need considerable funding, probably
Dreddoth Mars UIG hundreds of thousands, if not millions of credits.
3. They will need to travel to target teleporters, so
Eldoran Colony Venus UIG unless they have two, they will end up in teleporters
owned by other people.
Igarka Northern UIG
Russia If these factors dont put people off, go ahead and do
Jictar Vastaag E.I.

Kanazawa Japan Shi Yukiro

In an amazing display of cooperation, the corporations

Kisangani Central Comoros
and UIG have agreed upon a fixed pricing scheme for
teleporter use. Fees are payable upfront and a waiver
Lunas Colony The Moon UIG must be signed to indemnify the owners against any
accidents which may happen in the event of
unsuccessful teleportation.
Point Hope North West UIG
The objects listed over the page act as a guide for
Sturt South UIG size and whether the object is biological. The GM
Australia should adjudicate exact prices.

Discounts are offered for groups - i.e. sending through

4 Agents would normally cost 60,000 credits. A 25%
discount would not be unreasonable in such a
circumstance. Sometimes group travel will be insisted
upon to save power and if the teleport station is busy.




BIOLOGICAL On the day in question youll turn up to the station and

be scanned in a booth. You and your carried
Mouse 5,000 1% equipment (no bags or rucksacks unless you pay for
them) will then proceed onto the teleport platform and
Cat 7,000 2% await engagement.

Dog 10,000 3% Each unit must roll for fail - a unit is considered a
single mass for example:
Human 15,000 5%
Briefcase and contents
Cow 25,000 7% Pistol, clip and silencer
Agent with suit, medpack and holstered gun
Elephant 50,000 10% Crate full of guns
Cow with cowbell and tail ribbon
Mammoth 100,000 15% BIO in restraint tank

What is considered a unit is really up to the teleport

operator but adding too much stuff will either raise the
price or reduce the chance of successful teleportation.
Pistol 2,500 1%
Objects sticking out such as cannons or backpacks
disrupt the harmonics of the teleporter.
Rifle 4,000 1%

The GM should feel free to increase the chance of

Cannon 7,000 2%
failure by up to 10% depending on how much clobber
the Agent insists on strapping to himself; of course the
Motorbike 10,000 2% operator may refuse to teleport the Agent if he is
carrying too much stuff.
Car 15,000 3%

Van 20,000 3%
Roll a D100 on the table table for each unit passing
Lorry 30,000 4%
through the teleporter. If you roll equal or below the
fail % then something has gone wrong - roll on the
table on the following page.
* Prices are doubled for teleports which are between
stellar bodies such as from Earth to Venus or Mars
to Earth.



D10 Effect

1 Stripped - Arrive at the destination but everything except the largest part of the unit is destroyed. For example, an
Agent would arrive naked (cybernetics intact). A briefcase full of paperwork would arrive empty.

2 Off Target - Arrive at the destination, everything intact but D1000 metres in a random direction from the teleporter.
1 North
2 South
3 East
4 West
5 Up (in the air)
6 Down (underground)

3 Mangled - Arrive at the destination but the unit is mangled. Items lose D10 condition levels, organisms lose D6 to
each STAT. These STATS can be recovered at a cost of 2000 credits each by visiting a clinic. This takes 2 days per
lost STAT point.

4 Stunned - Arrive at destination but organisms are all stunned and disorientated. They cannot function for D10 hours
and must rest. If they do need to act all AT dice rolls are made at -10 during this time.

5 Ageing - A temporal anomaly affects the unit, ageing it by 5D10 years. Organisms will have 24 hours to receive
anagathic medical attention if they exceed their natural age maximums or they may well die.

Reversing this process costs 1000 credits and 1 week per year you want to lose.

You should lose 1 point of AGI, STR & END for every 10 years you age.

6 Wrong Station - Everything in the teleporter arrives safe and sound but at a random teleport station. The GM
should decide which by rolling a dice. Off-Earth stations are also valid destinations.

7 Random Location - Everything in the teleporter arrives somewhere completely random. The GM should start by
determining which ocean or continent, then continue to narrow it down with random dice rolls. If you have an atlas
or globe you could just stick a pin in.

8 Subspace Entity Breach - The failure has opened a breach and a horrific subspace entity has burst through the rift.
See page 170 for an example entity. You all arrive safely at the destination but within 100 km of the target
teleporter, the beast is at large and hunting for meat!

9 Subspace Exposure - You are exposed to subspace horrors and a portion of your mind flips. The GM should decide
upon some kind of mental trauma for you to suffer and give you an appropriate mental condition to go with it. For
example, You see the destruction of a beautiful civilisation by a warmongering race of barbarians - you feel every
death at once and cry every tear. The player from that point on can no longer take the lives of others. Whether he
can be cured is up to the GM. There are some example conditions on page 21.

10 Swapped Psyches - The organism which rolled a fail randomly swaps mind-state with another organism. This
means that two players could essentially swap bodies even though only one of them had rolled a fail. It is perfectly
possible for a human psyche to swap into a mouses body such is the bizarre nature of the subspace energies (and
its funny). Restoring the mind-states requires a trip to the Itoma Xenjin facility on the moon and costs around
40,000 credits. Note that the mind swap could take place with any organism within 10 miles of either teleport point.


Inside the building is cavernous, around 100 feet / VEHICLES

30 metres in height. The walls are lined floor to
ceiling with thick cables but it is the central area The following vehicles are all luxurious beasts,
which is more interesting. suitable for wealthy fat cats and E.I. Agents.
A large raised platform dominates the centre of
the station, on each side of the square a massive
copper hemisphere seems to hover around 2 LUXURY YACHT
metres off the ground with the flat surfaces all 1 MILLION
pointing into the centre.
A 25 metre long yacht capable of crossing the worlds
A few feet behind each hemisphere a huge mass oceans with ease. It has a magnificent set of sails but
of thick cables terminate and the resulting gap is can also be powered by its mighty array of three
suffused with arcs of powerful electricity. The paracane engines. Inside every detail is of the finest
constantly fluctuating arcs cause the station to be quality and includes two double bedrooms, a
bathed in an erratically pulsing blue glow which bathroom, cocktail lounge, dining area and kitchen.
feels a little like being surrounded by strobe lights. The hull is reinforced and this makes it a popular
The ceiling of the room has hundreds of huge choice for those wishing to frequent more dangerous
black cylinders hanging from it, these are waters.
enormous capacitors which are continually
charging and discharging. The overall noise is a Vehicle Statistics
cross between the screaming whines of the HP# 60
AV# 4
capacitors and the cracking and hissing of
MPH# 70
electrical arcs. DM# 0

Off to one side is a small observation chamber

with a set of metal stairs leading up to it.
In a few seconds a screaming blast comes from 8 MILLION
the platform and a reality bubble appears between
the copper hemispheres. It looks for a second as This vast 98 metre slice of heaven is one of the
though you are peering into the entire universe at largest and most luxurious ocean going yachts in the
the same time, each Agent sees different images world. Below decks are numerous bedrooms, lounges,
of far away worlds and the dark recesses of jacuzzis and bathrooms. There is even a swimming
space. This is believed to be a psychological pool and gym for the health conscious. Everything is
phenomenon and is to do with the psion particles built to the highest standard and so far there have
reacting with the brain rather than the viewer been no complaints. The vehicle is fuelled with
actually seeing other places. paracane and no sail options are available. It has a
garage for one car, a helipad and a docking area at
Then everything goes quiet for a few seconds and the back for speedboats.
a Mantis 9 Series Heavy Tank appears in the
bubbles place. The tank starts its engines and Vehicle Statistics
one of the copper hemispheres levitates out of the HP# 250
AV# 5
way so it can drive past and out onto the tarmac.
MPH# 100
DM# -2
Description of teleport station, reprinted from
Feigned Insanity Incorporated Volume 1.


DA ZHAN/WHITTAKER GENERAL LUXURY only sold to people the companys CEO, Harris
APC Whittaker, deems to be the right sort of chap.
An imposing automobile, the Countessa has 6 wheels,
rear seating for 5, a bar, integrated entertainment
This monstrous 8 wheeled vehicle is typically systems and a fully controllable environment.
constructed by Da Zhan as a troop transport vehicle
and is capable of carrying 16 soldiers into the Vehicle Statistics
toughest war zones in the world. This model however, HP# 55
has been stripped and rebuilt by Whittaker to be an AV# 5
elegant combination of mechanical ferocity and MPH# 220
modern luxury. DM# 0
Shield# 50
It retains all of the aggressive, intimidating and Contains AP-C cores meaning the vehicle has AV 10 against
practical design features of the original model with a plasma weapons.
level of refinement only normally seen in top end
luxury apartments. Rich carpeted floors, a walnut

panelled interior and deep reclining seats are teamed
with complete soundproofing, in-car entertainment
systems and retractable gaming tables to create the
ultimate in style and function. Whittaker even include To an E.I. Agent a car can be a second home,
a fully stocked liquor cabinet and humidor of fine especially if he is away from the spire for a long period
Cuban cigars to welcome you to your ultimate of time. These upgrades can help him to do his job
purchase. better and feel like a piece of his castle has come to
work with him.
Note: This vehicle can be awkward to drive in cities. It
is nearly 2 and a half metres high, 6 metres long and ANTI-PLASMA CORE SHIELDING
3 metres wide. By adding AP-C plates to your vehicle you allow the
vehicle to use double its AV against plasma weapons.
Weapons systems are optional and not installed with Although AP-C plates can be added to all vehicles
the standard package. Generally speaking any their weight and rigidity reduces the vehicles
weapons can be fitted as long as the price of the manoeuvrability by an additional amount stated under
weapon is paid and a 300 fitting charge for each one. DM on the table.

Vehicle Statistics
HP# 120 Vehicle Cost () DM
AV# 20
MPH# 80 Light (Motorbike, grav bike etc.) 15,000 -2
DM# -1
Shield# 100 Medium (car, jeep, 4x4, small boat) 30,000 -2
Contains AP-Cores meaning the weapons has AV 40
against plasma weapons. Large (truck, tank, APC, medium 60,000 -1
500,000 Huge (heavy tank, yacht, artic lorry) 120,000 -1

An enormous luxury car built by the crowned kings of Epic (cyberlin, ferry, small 1 million 0
the road - Whittaker. Unlike their HK Autometrics stratoforge)
counterparts, the Countessa oozes luxury from every
bolt. Built to last a thousand years and by royal EJECTOR SEAT 1000
appointment to the King of England, Whittaker has One of the vehicles seats is replaced with a new (but
made a car which only the worlds elite can hope to matching) version, which upon command (typically a
own. A mere 100 are made each year and they are safe-phrase) launches out of the roof of the vehicle via


a custom built hatch. The hatch is designed to open in PARACHUTE 800

unison with the seats ejection, however if the car is A parachute system is installed into the vehicle. This
below condition 10 there is a chance the ejected deploys out of a roof hatch and triggers if the vehicle
person could simply cannon into the roof. begins to fall rapidly for too long. It can also be
manually triggered. When the car lands it and all
The ejected person is fired 3D10 +10 metres into the passengers will still take 3D10 damage (armour helps)
air. The seat must then be replaced at a cost of 600 but it will not be trashed. The parachute is reusable.
credits. If you can recover the old seat it can simply be
reinstalled. REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEM 2000
You can choose to drive your car via a PDA. This
ELECTRICAL DIFFUSER 1500 requires a Reflexes + Computers & A.I. roll instead of
A variant of the galvanic grounder is installed into the the normal drive rolls. Reliable range 100km. A
vehicle which causes all electrical and EMP attacks worldwide satellite control unit can be installed which
made against the vehicle to be harmlessly discharged increases the range to global but costs another 600
into the ground via a hanging conductor. credits.


Allows you to set the temperature, oxygen Your car is fitted with a personality which talks to you
concentration and perfume inside your vehicle. This is and lets you know what is happening with the cars
done from a control panel integrated into the dash. systems. The voice can be tailored to your tastes. It is
not a full A.I. personality though and cannot hold
ENVIRONMENTAL SEALS 1500 proper conversations.
Prerequisites: Environmental Controls (above)
The car is upgraded to have all cabin ports sealed so SPIKE STRIP DEPLOYER 1000
that the outside environment cannot affect the driver. Upon command a spike strip is deployed from the
An oxygenator is fitted into the car which allows 4 back of the car. This extends across the road and a
people to breathe inside the car for 10 hours. pursuing driver must roll Reflexes + Drive with a -6
Additional oxygenators can be purchased at a cost of penalty or hit the strip. Upon hitting the strip the
100 credits each. mechanism attaches itself to the cars tyres and
essentially jams them up, forcing the target car to
LICENSE PLATE SWITCHER 800 stop; it does not deflate the tyres. Replacing a spike
The driver can switch the cars registration plates strip costs 100. It comes with 3 installed.
between 6 preset options. When combined with
polychromatic paint or similar camouflaging upgrade it SUBMERSIBLE KIT COST VARIES
can make the car very hard to pinpoint by the UIG and The car is environmentally sealed and fitted with
other would-be aggressors. The preset plates can be buoyancy aids and aquatic drives to allow travel
changed by plugging a PDA into the switchers x-pin underwater. Speed is reduced by a third and DM
socket. This takes only a few seconds. reduced by 3 to a minimum of -4.

NOX SYSTEM 1000 Vehicle!! ! Cost ()

Although the chemicals have changed the concept Small Car# # 20,000
remains the same. Super-volatile gases are pumped Normal Car# # 30,000
into the engine to give a quick speed boost. If misused Large Car / SUV# 40,000
it can damage the engine. Refilling the nox system is Van# # # 50,000
required after 3 uses. This cost 100 credits. Truck / APC # # 60,000
Lorry# # # 80,000
Effect Articulated Lorry# 100,000
The vehicle gains a temporary boost to its speed
equal to 50% of its top speed, this lasts one round. It
also reduces its DM by 4 for this duration. If nox is
used more than once in a scene the driver should roll
Intelligence + Drive - failure on this roll reduces the
cars condition level by one point. It can be used a
maximum of twice per scene for each nox installation.



500 PER LEVEL As long as you can connect the car to a level 4 (or
Heat-shielding is added to the surfaces of the vehicle better) A.I. it can assist with targeting and this reduces
so that it is harder to locate using thermographic the penalty to hit with vehicle weapons by 2. You
sensors. Each level of shielding purchased will add a could use an A.I. from a computer or the Agents
-1 penalty to the searchers roll when trying to spot the integrated A.I. for example.
shielded vehicle. You can purchase up to 8 levels. Having both Swivel Joint and A.I. Assist reduces the
Large vehicles such as lorries or tanks will double the penalty to 0.
cost of each level.


The tyres are fitted with retractable spikes which allow THE TRANS EUROPEAN GRAN TOUR
the vehicle to drive perfectly in slippery conditions.
This negates ice, water and even oil from an oil slick Rumour has it that each year a great race takes
dispenser. place which starts in Edinburgh (Scotland) and
ends in Magadan (Russia). Only a select few are
WEAPON MOUNTINGS COST VARIES invited to take part and each car may have a crew
The vehicle is fitted with mounted weapons which can of up to five people. Often a division from each
be fired by the driver using his action. He cannot corporation is invited to take part and the only rule
perform extreme manoeuvres in the car and fire the is that the car which reaches Magadan Spire first
weapon at the same time unless he has the Combat and passes through each checkpoint is the winner
Driver training. (obviously the car cannot be transported via
shuttle etc.). The prize normally consists of cash,
Firing weapons from inside a car suffers a -4 penalty rank and sometimes a rare and priceless item. No
due to the difficulty in lining up a good shot (even with one knows who organises the race, many suspect
the Combat Driver training). E.I., but if you are lucky enough to be invited you
will simply get a communication from the
You should decide which way a weapon points when organisers with a start location and time.
mounting it. Front, rear, left or right. You can only fire
in a reasonable arc when using the weapon so a As a mission this can be great fun, the players can
forward facing gun mounted on the bonnet cannot fire all form a single crew and although they may not
to the rear. Guns on the roof with a swivel mounting all drive, they can plan ways to thwart the other
could fire in any direction. drivers and make sure they win the prestigious
accolade of first place.
Retractable (600)
The weapon can be retracted into the hull of the
vehicle. Only weapons which could reasonably fit
inside the vehicle can be used. For example, you
could not pintle mount a heavy weapon to the bonnet
of a small sports car. (GM discretion applies.) A firing
switch is connected from the weapon to the dash.

Basic Mount (300)

The weapon is simply mounted to the vehicle and
connected to a firing switch inside.

Swivel Joint (+600)

This augments an existing mount and allows for much
easier targeting. The -4 penalty to hit with vehicle
weapons is reduced to -2. Having both Swivel Joint
and A.I. Assist reduces the penalty to 0.




V.K.Euronetics is E.I.s main producer of recreational Anyone installed with a Conqueror has far more control
cyberware for the everyday consumer. The products are when lovemaking so gains +4 to any associated activities.
relatively cheap and can be acquired in most installation
clinics around the world. V.K. PROJECTED MEDIA SYSTEM V9.0
Installation# Simple, 2 Hours
Installation# Simple, 8 Hours
A simple and increasingly common upgrade, the Version 9
Cost# # 3500
unit is implanted just below the zygomatic arch underneath
Requires # A.I. 1
the eye. A small lens is the only externally visible feature.
The G9 is a fairly simple enhancement which consists of a 5
Upon mental command the user can summon a holo-
part install. An actuated micro-servo system is installed into
projected TV screen approximately 16 inches / 40cm in front
each femur, humerus and the spine. Upon mental command
of their face (the distance is user alterable). The holoscreen
the micro-servos power up increasing the overall height of
is a static-light version meaning that it is 100% opaque.
the wearer by up to 6 inches. This process can be reversed
Functions can be accessed by pressing buttons on the
by a further mental command. This upgrade is normally
screen with fingers or if the user has an Inner Vision GUI
installed into those who simply wish to be taller but it can
(Machines of War) they can control the system and its
also be used to help fool some crude skeletal analysis
settings mentally.
Sound is generated by passing signals directly to the
auditory centres of the brain although an external speaker
Installation # Simple, 4 Hours jack can be fitted for an extra 600.
Cost# # 3,000
This system is a common sight anywhere you find people
The patients genitalia is removed and replaced with a waiting such as on trains, in queues, at doctors surgeries
cybernetic system which has all the benefits of human and so on.
female genitalia. In addition it is more controllable and can
have all its settings adjusted to personal preference. Such
settings include sensitivity, size and so on. Note that this can
Installation# Simple, 3 Hours
be installed into males as well but will require the user to
Cost# # 3,500
lose their previous genital system or have it located in a
non-standard position.
The central pattern generators in the brain are routed
through a customisable processor which allows the neural
The system is hardwired into the various pleasure centres of
impulses travelling to the bodys locomotary functions to be
the brain such as the ventral pallidum and the nucleus
moderated. This results in a range of gaits, bearings or
accumbens. The Nymph system does not alter the womb or
movement styles to be accessible by the user.
ovaries so the users fertility is not affected.
A virtually unlimited number or gaits can be installed into the
system but each must be downloaded from the V.K.
Anyone using this augmentation during lovemaking will have
Euronetics data site at a cost of 100 each. By moderating
a much higher chance to create great pleasure in their
the way one stands, walks, holds ones posture and so on, a
partner. This means any related rolls will receive a +4
number of styles can be achieved, for example:

Martial Artist
Military Personnel
Installation # Simple, 3 Hours Dancer

Cost# # 3,000 Gangbanger

No, its not a chicken. Its a fully width and length adjustable Catwalk Model

cybernetic penis replacement. The Conqueror can be made Seductress

to grow, shrink, widen or narrow on mental command and Lame

can perform all functions associated with a normal penis but Athlete

can be made to do them at will. The Conqueror allows the Heavily Augmented Individual

discharge of seminal fluid if desired so does not interfere
with fertility.

This system can be used to fool the majority of gait analysis change their gender every few years. Note that because of
technology which is often used to look for certain individuals the nature of the process the surgeon does not need the
by the way they walk. Cybernetics & Robotics skill.

Custom styles can be added to the system but require a V.K. SCENTASIA SCENT DELIVERY SYSTEM
Presence + Computers & A.I. roll to install. Passing by 8 or Installation# Simple, 1 Hour
more is required to make styles as good as the ones you Cost# # 1000
download. Creating a style takes around 1 day.
A small diffuser is placed into the targets body at the
If you have the Anascan GUI you can copy someone elses location of their choice. Once installed the diffuser can be
gait and add it to your database for free by watching them loaded with a selected perfume or aftershave. A simple
walk for no less than 30 minutes. muscle twitch activates the system which sends a small
spray of the chosen substance into the air, essentially giving
V.K. ARCTIC ORAL PURIFIER the patient a distinctive smell whenever they want it.
Installation# Simple, 1 Hour
Cost# # 1000 Some Agents who have been known to place other
substances into the diffuser such as Carnalate (Machines of
A very common upgrade these days, the Arctic system War, page 58).
comprises a small synthetic duct which is installed into the
roof of the mouth and regularly dispenses a cleaning V.K. DIAMOND SMILE
solution. This keeps the breath fresh and the teeth shining Installation # Simple, 1 Hour
white. Once installed there is no need for brushing but the Cost# # 1,000
duct must be refilled once a week by inserting a small
capsule into it which costs 10. The patients teeth are straightened and brought to a bright
white. In addition a small crystal refracted laser is embedded
V.K. DOMESTIC CONTROLLER V3.4 into the tooth that emits a twinkle when the user clenches
Installation# Simple, 1 Hour his teeth and smiles; in addition a ting noise can be made
Cost# # 1500 to sound from a tiny speaker in the back of the tooth. Naff,
but salesmen and E.I. Agents love it.
Providing your house systems are compatible, which all
spire accommodation is, you can control your domestic V.K. GLINT
systems simply by willing it. This primarily consists of Installation# Simple, 1 Hour
switching lights and electrical appliances on and off but any Cost# # 1000 per eye
system attached to the houses A.I. is suitable. If your
accommodation is not compatible, it can be upgraded for a For those looking to make an impression the V.K. Glint can
cost of around 1000-2000. The implant itself is a small chip make all the difference. A small crystal-refracted laser is
which is inserted behind the right ear. placed into the eye and upon neural command activates
creating an iconic glint in the eye. Another favourite with E.I.
Installation# Complex, 6 Hours
Cost# # 20,000 V.K. RETROSONICS
Installation# Simple, 30 Mins per unit
This lengthy operation switches the targets gender and Cost# # 100 credits per unit
involves altering the chest, genital area and basic face
structure using traditional surgery. The endocrine (hormone) The whine is put back into a mobile cybernetic component
system is genetically reprogrammed to mimic the one so that when the user moves it sounds like hes a proper
present in the target gender. cyborg. This is only really taken up by youths, gang
members and occasionally Agents who think it intimidates
This shift in hormones causes the patients body to begin their enemies. Many consider it gauche and would not
taking on the traits of the desired sex such as alterations in dream of such tackiness. Each cybernetic component you
body hair, fat and muscle distribution and voice pitch. want altered costs 100 credits.

There is no actual cybernetic surgery involved in this

procedure but it is commonly carried out in cybernetic clinics
anyway. V.K.Euronetics are one of the worlds leaders in
such operations and because the process is completely
finished in three months it is not unusual for some people to

This protocol is not designed for recognising faces,
instead use the Face Recognition Protocol on page
Prerequisites# Level 4 A.I.
112 of Machines of War.
# # Anascan GUI
# # Telemetric Vision
For descriptive purposes only, a wireframe mesh
Cost# # 10,500
appears over the object in the users vision. It blinks
for a few seconds and then displays the name of the
This protocol although reasonably basic, is expensive
object in the bottom left of their vision. Information can
due to the huge and ever-changing library file which is
then be brought up on the object so, for example, if
attached to it.
the protocol had identified an unusual weapon it may
inform the Agent that the weapon deals plasma
The user of this protocol can simply focus on an
damage but is susceptible to EMP. The level of detail
object and issue a quick mental command (this does
is down to the GM.
not even use a free action but can only be done once
per round) and the software will map the object into a
detailed three dimensional lattice, which it then EMOTIONAL PHYSIOLOGY INTERPRETER
compares against all objects in its database. The
chances of correctly identifying an object are listed Prerequisites# Level 5 A.I.
below: # # Anascan Thermal Imaging System
# # Anascan PSE
Cost# # 5,000
This protocol assists the user with identifying the true
Common Mug 95% emotions of anyone he is looking at. It uses a
Modern Car combination of temperature determination, muscle
Common Weapon
assessment and skin and eye changes to work out the
Common Toy
subjects physiological state. It can then, with a
Drinks Can
Ion Shield reasonable degree of accuracy, determine if the target
Cyberanimal is lying or nor. This information is normally combined
with the Agents own instincts and training to arrive at
Unusual Custom Gun 70% a decision.
Damaged Common Object The user must watch the subject making the
Animal supposed lie for at least 3 seconds. The A.I. will then
Flowers / Plants offer its opinion. The recommendation will appear in
Cybernetic Upgrade the users vision.

Obscure Sculpture 50%
Damaged Unusual Object You gain a re-roll when attempting to detect deceit.
3D Objects Rendered in 2D You must keep the newest roll.
such as a drawing or building
Mangled Common Object
Rare Fruit or BIO
Object which changes form
easily such as t-shirt.


Large Glandplant
A relatively new technology, implanted custom glands
Installation# Complex, 4 Hours
allow users to bypass the need to carry their utility
Cost# # 12,000
drugs as equipment. This can provide any number of
benefits including instant administration and easier
This functions in the same way as the small glandplant
bypassing of customs or security checks.
but allows three doses of a drugs to be stored in the
gland. All three doses must be the same drug.
Glandwear is relatively expensive due to the current
low production levels.
Universal Glandplant
Installation# Complex, 4 Hours
Refilling the gland is done via injection, the injection
Small# # 15,000
point being hidden just under the targets skin. This
Medium# 25,000
point can be marked by a tiny symbol for the users
Large# # 40,000
convenience though some users may prefer it marked
with a freckle or left blank so that others are not aware
This specialised unit can accept any substance and
of its presence. Obviously leaving it blank means the
has an injector network which permeates the body and
user needs to remember exactly where the port is.
allows the drug to be injected into the correct area.
Activation of the gland is by voluntary impulse and is
The unit itself incorporates a tiny chemical analyser so
considered a free action. A person can have up to 5
that the gland can tell what drug is currently inside it
glandplants fitted.
and how to administer it. The gland is activated by
voluntary action and is refilled in the same way as
IV medpacks (Haemavine) cannot be used in
normal glandplants.
glandplants as there is too much fluid. All other drugs
are fine unless the GM decrees otherwise.
The different sizes allow different amounts of drugs to
be stored.
Each gland is custom and can only hold a certain
substance. Its physiology and location is tailored to the
Small - 1 Dose
drug in question. Thus you must state which drug it is
Medium - 2 Doses
for when purchasing it. Some clinics may refuse to
Large - 3 Doses
install glandplants which are going to be used for
illegal substances but it is not illegal, just immoral so
Internal Haemavine Glandplant
you should be able to shop around and find a willing
Installation# Complex, 5 Hours
clinic without too much problem.
Cost# # 20,000
This gland is around the size of a liver and is designed
Installation# Complex, 4 Hours
to hold haemavine, the drug used in medpacks. Upon
Cost# # 5,000
mental command the glandplant administers a dose of
haemavine equal to that in a standard medpack. This
A small gland is installed into the body and connected
heals the user 20HP. It is refilled in the same way as a
into the users system, normally near a major vein so
standard glandplant.
that the secretion can be pumped directly into the
vascular system. The gland can hold one dose of a
Note that because of the way this glandplant works,
substance which must be refilled after use.
you can use it AND wear an IV medpack. You cannot
use both in the same round however.
Medium Glandplant
Installation# Complex, 4 Hours
Cost # # 8,000

This functions in the same way as the small glandplant

(above) but allows two separate doses of a drugs to be
stored in the gland. Both doses must be the same

E.I. are fairly select in their production of cybernetics. In instances such as a cybernetic lung or heart, where
They dont create many military based augmentations the upgrade cannot be made visible or audible the
and instead focus on upgrades related to sport and model or brand is often tattooed on the skin. This is
leisure, medicine and personal body modification such not unlike car-modding culture where the owner is so
as the ones made by V.K.Euronetics. proud of their creation they want everyone to know
whats going on inside. Obviously there are right and
When most people think of cybernetics they tend to wrong ways to do this and whereas some augmented
think of augmented Agents and rampaging Cultists. individuals will look stunningly upgraded and fiercely
This is in fact quite a small part of the cybernetics competent, others will simply appear daft, having too
industry. Only 30% of augmentations find their way much crap written on their bodies or having their
into the hands of combatives. Most upgrades are sold various pieces of cyberware badly shown off.
to wealthy citizens who use them to enhance their
quality of life. A large percentage are also sold to the Another point to consider is that Agents are highly
medical industry for installation into those who have revered by much of society and so their look is
suffered severe wounding or have malfunctioning considered to be highly desirable. Back in the 21st
biological systems. Sadly there are very few century similar trends existed. The wearing of combat
subsidised healthcare systems in the world and so fatigues by non-military personnel and the mimicry of
when an average Joe loses a leg or has an organ prison-wear by teenagers are just a few examples.
failure, he will probably not be able to afford a
replacement. Naturally E.I. offer a fine line in credit When considering this it is easy to see that well-to-do
options but the fees are sizeable to say the least and teenagers would gladly shun their first car in
many people end up in debt to E.I. for sums of money exchange for a military spec. cyber arm or a set of
which far outstrip the original cost of the procedure. Krieg Ocular Repigmentations.

Cyber-Trends It is also interesting to note that much like sportswear,

many people wear cybernetic branded clothing, even
It has become very fashionable of late to actively though they have no cybernetics installed. Particularly
display ones augmentations. In the past prosthesis common are Reaver and Hachiman branded clothes.
was somewhat crude and having a skin-coloured
plastic leg or polymer cheek plate was considered to The Lure of the Cult
be ugly and freakish. Nowadays cybernetics
companies, and E.I. in particular, have become aware The world of cybernetics can be very compelling but
of the potential for cyber-fashion. Many augments are for many its far too expensive. The first step may be
so expensive people actually want to show them off. simply to resort to crime to fuel the habit but its a
Even those which are practical, rather than cosmetic, slippery slope. Should a disenfranchised teenager
are treated as trophies. manage to steal a few thousand credits worth of
goods she still needs to fence them and find a cut rate
Some of the more blatant modifications include surgeon. At this point the Cult can look very
process sockets with clear covers. Often dermal or promising, their access to cybernetics and
structural augmentations are clearly visible on the unsurpassed ability to install sub-standard upgrades
face and hands so the wearers face is obviously makes them a tempting option.
segmented into sections or polished alloy rivets,
screws and bolts are left exposed. Sometimes model Of course most wannabes dont have the stomach to
numbers are left exposed or tattooed onto the skin actually get through the initiations but it does not stop
surface. A more recent addition is called retrosonics them trying.
and involves the tell-tale whine of the servo being put
back into the joints so that when a person moves their
hand or rotates their head that classic beware of me,
Im a cyborg sound is emitted.


Nowadays even the client has the option to augment

himself to experience more pleasure. If he or she
does not wish to frequent the numerous brothels and
fleshel bars he can now stay at home and simply use
an immersion suite to get his kicks. Obviously to get
the most from such a system a process socket is
required which although expensive, allows the user to
experience all his fantasies as though he was actually
there. Some would say 20,000 credits for the socket
and 15,000 credits for the suite was a lot of money but
when you consider that E.I. will provide an easy
payment scheme its not that much. Many people
would spend as much on a car without a second
thought. It can also be justified by taking into account
the increase in pay grade that an employee normally
receives for having a process socket.

Glamour by Association

There is also a certain amount of prestige that comes

from having an augmented workforce. For example,
imagine that you turn up at a Cappali store to buy the
latest designer jacket and the attendant is augmented
to have a lithe, sinuous figure with flawless skin and
Cybernetics in the Workplace piercing purple eyes. Now you may think what a load
of superficial crap but if youre in a Cappali boutique
There are many ways in which cybernetics have buying this seasons jacket, then youre obviously into
affected peoples occupations. A builder with strength superficial crap so its going to have a profound effect
or endurance augmentations will be able to work on you.
harder and carry more materials. A secretary with
internal memory augments will be a great asset to his Another powerful force in fashion is sport, you only
boss. Likewise anyone with a chip socket can use have to look around you to see people wearing sports
task chips making them extremely useful to any shoes, branded sports tops, jogging bottoms and so
company. Imagine youre in charge of an ice cream on. What is more unusual is that most of these people
factory and one of the machines breaks. Rather than dont even do sports. They wear the clothes because
call in an engineer you simply get Michael over who its been drilled into them by the media. Therefore
has a chip socket and ask if hell stuff this task chip in when the media tells you to get the latest Springbok
his head and go fix the pump. leg upgrades to make you run like Jagodi Inira, there
is a good chance you will, particularly if you are young
And although somewhat underground, the attraction and idolise sports stars. This is especially true in
of cybernetics as an erotic tool should not be weltball circles where augmentation is the name of the
underestimated. The sex industry has always been a game. Weltball has such a worldwide following that
multi billion credit industry but now the wealthy or many cybernetics companies simply give pro-players
motivated can indulge in almost any fantasy they free upgrades, safe in the knowledge that when the
wish. Sex providers now undergo total body alteration kids see Kamir Blackhand sporting the latest Takata
in order to resemble dryads, mermaids, centaurs, optical enhancer, theyll start craving Takata upgrades
anime characters and so on. With such alterations for themselves.
they are able to charge vast amounts of money. Even
basic prostitutes, male and female, for a modest sum Downsides
can have genital reconstruction or augmentation so as
to better please the client. Its not all good news though, cybernetics go wrong
and if you have blown all your cash on a new leg, only
to have it fail out of warranty, you will be in a decidedly


bad position. There is also a large percentage of the Plot Ideas

populace who do not have any form of augmentation,
typically because they cannot afford them, and are 1. Prostitutes are dying from poorly installed
resentful towards those who do. Although very few of cybernetic upgrades. Clients are being wounded by
them actually do anything about it their animosity is these same upgrades. Find out who is installing
palpable and they will react in a hostile or cold manner them.
towards others that are obviously upgraded.
Examples of such behaviour include refusal of 2. A pro-natural group are attacking cybernetic clinics
service, name calling, spitting, vandalism, rumour when they are closed dealing considerable
mongering, lynching and so on. damage. Catch them.

For the most part this does not make a huge 3. An illegal cybernetics manufacturer is making
difference to the augmented society as they dont tend cheap, unsafe replicas of premium cyberware. Find
to frequent the poorer areas where animosity is high them and close them down.
and so are not exposed to their bitter prejudices.
Occasionally though, there is enough hatred or 4. A serial killer says he is doing it because the cybes
resentment among the unaugmented for them to unite tell him to. Catch this person and publicly reveal
and get active. that it is NOT the cyberware. His actions could
seriously damage revenue.
These pro-natural groups are for the most part fairly
peaceful and tend to campaign for heavier cyber- 5. The corporation needs to start getting little kids into
regulation or work together to get the people to cyberware. As E.I. Agents this kind of unscrupulous
boycott those involved in the cybernetics world. For task is ideally suited to you.
example, not shopping at a store owned by an
augmented individual. The more extreme end of the 6. Groups of youths are getting their hands on cheap,
scale is of great concern to the augmented as they will second-hand cyberware and somehow getting it
often attack or kill enhanced individuals on sight, their installed. These groups are then warring against
reasoning being THE CULT. each other. Find out who is supplying them and

Who are they to say how much is enough? The 7. Cultists are upscaling their operations in the area
Cult look at all humans as bags of walking shite, and kidnapping spire citizens to take their
so how do you think those spire-bound aug- cybernetics. Find their nest and end the problem.
junkies view us. Theyre just steps away from
revering the Machine and trying to do away with
their weak, human brains. We must act to stop this
divide getting any bigger and now is the time.
Spare none, they are all guilty.

Final speech by Raymond Dench, leader of the

pro-natural group Flesh Army, prior to the assault
on E.I.s Evaria Clinic, York, England.


Procedures are a new kind of augmentation HAEMAVINE BLOOD-FLUSH
technology, alongside cybernetics, bio-implants and Cost 5,000
A.I. protocols which are available only to E.I. Agents.
Unlike most forms of augmentation procedures are The patient is subjected to mutiple-point dialysis and
temporary, though still lasting longer than combat deep-marrow bone injections to replace the entirety of
drugs, and have significant side effects. True to E.I. their blood with a superior artificial blood compound
form procedures are something of a devils bargain, derived from haemavine. This treatment affords the
according Agents who use them great power but at a patient vastly accelerated healing and recovery while
commensurately great cost. it lasts but leaves them greatly weakened once the
procedure wears off as the artificial blood denatures
System and blood production is inhibited, robbing tissues of
Procedures last for the duration of 1 mission or, if you nutrients and oxygen. An Agent that has undergone a
want to use a less dramatic timescale, about a week. haemavine blood-flush is incredibly hard to kill, their
All procedures require 1 day to be performed. After normal Agent regeneration accelerated to such
the procedure has worn off, most will have some speeds that wounds close before the very eyes of
debilitating side effect that is listed under the their horrified opponents.
Comedown section of its description.
Rehab Each round, an Agent who has undergone this
Undoing the physiological dependancy to the procedure recovers D10 HP and is totally immune to
procedures is possible with medical work; this is far bleeding, even that caused by mashing damage. This
more expensive than simply riding out the comedown healing takes place at the end of the Agents turn and
but for long-term procedure users this may be the only can occur for up to three rounds after they have been
way to survive the comedown. The cost of rehab is reduced to 0HP or below. If this takes them back
equal to the cost of the procedure, it allows the patient above 0HP they immediately regain consciousness
to ignore the comedown effects as if they had and continue healing as normal. Body part
undergone another procedure but without any of the regeneration times are also vastly accelerated, turning
associated benefits and also reduces the accrued weeks into days on the regeneration chart.
comedown penalty by -1 per week.
Biologically Strenuous For the next mission, the Agents effective Endurance
All procedures are insanely damaging to the human and Strength scores are reduced by 2. 2 weeks of
body in the long term, medical follies that no rational downtime can be spent in total bed rest to remove this
doctor would perform on a normal human being. Only condition, with no other benefit. Undergoing a second
those who possess transhuman physiology are able to haemavine blood-flush returns all stats to normal,
withstand and recover from the strain that they exert however it also increases the comedown penalty by
on the body, and as such only corporate Agents, UIG an additional -1 to Strength and Endurance and the
Marshals and others who possess at least ICE, duration of the comedown by 1 week for each
synaptic modulation and take a regular course of R- additional procedure performed without a recovery
drug are able to safely undergo procedures. To period. This may result in the patient becoming totally
anyone crazy enough to undergo a procedure without dependent on the procedure in order to support his
these augmentations the comedown penalties are physiology (i.e. the comedown would reduce either or
permanent. both stats to 0), in which case a lengthy period of
rehabilitation will be necessary, see rehab, in the
previous column.


METAPSITROPHIN SPINAL TAP denatures the patient will face a few weeks of
Cost 5000 uncontrollable muscle spasms and reduced
coordination until their myelin sheathing repairs itself.
The patients cerebrospinal fluid is extracted and
replaced with a psiactive compound derived from
Myelin Catasination increases the users Reflexes and
metapsitrophin combined with a series of bacterial
Agility by 2 and allows the re-roll of one Agility or
injections which colonise and cause an inflammation
Reflexes based roll per scene, including Initiative.
of the choroid plexus, inducing it to overproduce. This
substance is a much better conductor of telepathic Comedown
energy and contains stimulants which prompt the For the next mission, the Agents effective Reflexes
psionic plexus to produce telepathic energy at a and Agility scores are reduced by 2. 2 weeks of
higher rate. For obvious reasons only telepaths stand downtime can be spent in total bed rest to remove this
to benefit from this procedure, but those who do find condition, with no other benefit. Undergoing a second
that they are able to tap a nigh-inexhaustible well of myelin catasination restores all stats to normal,
power, at the cost of a few maddening weeks of however it also increases the comedown penalty by
migraine headaches, nausea and listlessness that an additional -1 to Reflexes and Agility and the
make it near impossible to think clearly. duration of the comedown by 1 week for each
additional procedure performed without a recovery
period. This may result in the patient becoming totally
Each round, an Agent who has undergone this
dependent on the procedure in order to support his
procedure recovers D10 TE and their maximum TE
physiology (i.e. the comedown would reduce either or
pool is increased by 10 points.
both stats to 0), in which case a lengthy period of
Comedown rehabilitation will be necessary, see rehab on the
For the next mission, the Agents effective Intelligence previous page.
and Perception scores are reduced by 2. 2 weeks of
downtime can be spent in total bed rest to remove this NOOTROPIC SATURATION
condition, with no other benefit. Undergoing a second Cost 2500
metapsitrophin spinal tap restores all stats to normal,
however it also increases the comedown penalty by The patient is placed on a carefully formulated
an additional -1 to Intelligence and Perception and the regimen of the very latest long-duration intelligence
duration of the comedown by 1 week for each and awareness enhancers tailored to their specific
additional procedure performed without a recovery neurochemistry. Results of this procedure have been
period. This may result in the patient becoming totally universally astounding, resulting in a massive boost to
dependent on the procedure in order to support his the patients memory, recall, spatial and fine detail
physiology (i.e. the comedown would reduce either or awareness and analytical ability. The drugs used
both stats to 0), in which case a lengthy period of facilitate the growth and development of new
rehabilitation will be necessary, see rehab on the synapses and left/right hemisphere communication,
previous page. allowing the patient to take in every detail of their
environment and form new connections based on
MYELIN CATASINATION available data at an incredibly increased rate.
Cost 2500 However, these new connections are often unstable
and without a continued regimen of the drugs they
The patient is injected with nanoassembled smart- often degrade, sometimes crazing existing neural
proteins that seek out and cannibalise the myelin pathways as they do, resulting in patients who cease
sheathing that insulates their nervous system, the regimen complaining of feeling stupid or slow.
replacing it with themselves. The result is that the
patients nerves are coated in a substance that is able Effect
to intelligently vary its own insulating properties to Nootropic saturation increases the users Intelligence
optimise fast-twitch reflexes and fine motor function. and Perception by 2 and allows the re-roll of one
Unfortunately the substance has an incredibly short Intelligence or Perception based roll per scene.
lifespan before it becomes unable to initiate repair
processes, and unless replaced constantly after it


Comedown duration of the comedown by 1 week for each

For the next mission, the Agents effective Intelligence additional procedure performed without a recovery
and Perception scores are reduced by -2. 2 weeks of period. This may result in the patient becoming totally
downtime can be spent in total bed rest to remove this dependent on the procedure in order to support his
condition, with no other benefit. Undergoing a second physiology (i.e. the comedown would reduce either or
nootropic saturation restores all stats to normal, both stats to 0), in which case a lengthy period of
however it also increases the comedown penalty by rehabilitation will be necessary, see rehab (page 92).
an additional -1 to Intelligence and Perception and the
duration of the comedown by 1 week for each
additional procedure performed without a recovery
period. This may result in the patient becoming totally PUKE DOUBLEFUKK
dependent on the procedure in order to support his
physiology (i.e. the comedown would reduce either or Puke is undeniably one of E.I.s most important cultural
both stats to 0), in which case a lengthy period of assets. He pioneered a new brand of punk, anti-corporate
music commonly known as Skrudge. Skrudge
rehabilitation will be necessary, see rehab on page
incorporates brutal industrial rhythms with punk / aggro
92. overtones. There are elements of neurothrash (music
known to physically influence brain function and induce
NANOCARBON REINFORCEMENT aggression and violence), which only served to make the
Cost 2500 music more controversial.

The patients tendons, connective tissues and vital You might imagine that E.I. would not want anti-corporate
organs are surgically exposed and wrapped in a music to be encouraged but the majority of people who
listen to it are actually wealthy teenage citizens and are
fullerene mesh nanocarbon matrix that is then
only indulging a misplaced fantasy and would no more try
exposed to alternating treatments of irritants to induce to bring down the corporation than they would miss out
inflammation and haemavine to repair the damage on a chance to acquire some top end designer clothes.
until the body starts to absorb and incorporate it. The
process is then completed with a course of steroids, Puke styles himself on Johnny Rotten from the 1970s
immunosuppressants and pan-immune smart proteins band the Sex Pistols. He is usually smacked up on a
to slow the rejection of the mesh. The result is that the cocktail of drugs and his slurred, English accent has been
patient is able to safely make use of much more of styled on Johnnys characteristic voice.
their bodys strength without risking strain or muscle
tear and is able to take more trauma to their vitals Although Pukes music is very much about putting it to
without danger of organ failure. Unfortunately, unless the man, fucking the power and being anarchic, Puke
himself has no idea about the politics he supposedly
the dosages are maintained and the matrix reapplied
promotes and lives a luxurious lifestyle. His girlfriend,
the body loses the ability to maintain its immune Margaret Thatcher, (named after an ancient English
system and connective tissue density, resulting in long warrior queen) can always be found staggering a few
terms of illness and weakness unless a few weeks are steps behind him, drunk and stoned on a rare cocktail of
spent recovering in a cleanroom under modern expensive substances.
medical supervision.
Its not uncommon for Puke to go off on a bender,
Effect researching material for his next album. In his last
Nanocarbon reinforcement increases the users episode he chose to live on the streets for a few weeks
Endurance and Strength by 2 and allows the re-roll of but was given an Agent escort to ensure his safety.
one Endurance or Strength based roll per scene. Halfway through the first night he decided he could not
stand the smell of the poor, shot a hobo, and booked
himself into a hotel, demanding the Agent division took a
Comedown camera and collected experiences on his behalf.
For the next mission, the Agents effective Endurance
and Strength scores are reduced by 2. 2 weeks of E.I. do a good job of keeping Pukes hypocrisy out of the
downtime can be spent in total bed rest to remove this public eye and he is still worshipped as a rock god and
condition, with no other benefit. Undergoing a second the leader of a movement, the fact that this movement is
nanocarbon reinforcement restores all stats to normal, a fake and has no genuine following does nothing to
however it also increases the comedown penalty by diminish his reputation or enthusiasm.
an additional -1 to Endurance and Strength and the






BUSINESS SPEAK 6. All our ducks in a row

Used to describe a situation which requires accuracy,
organisation or precision.
E.I. executives are known for their predilection for
corporate buzzwords and nonsensical business
The security in this hospital makes Kildanna look like
speak. Below are a range of fun and useful terms
a holiday camp so we really need to get all our ducks
used by both Agents and administrative employees.
in a row before planting the bomb.
You could have your players Mission Officer use such
phrases now and then or they could be an integral
part of your character.
As Late as Possible, the opposite of ASAP.
1. Touching base!
Placing hookers on your charge accounts a bit risky
To contact or speak briefly to someone.
Mike, if you hand in the report ALAP, maybe itll slip
past in the monthlies.
So when you have identified the target, touch base
with me, and if all our ducks are in a row, smoke the
8. Baked in
Included in the package and cannot be removed.
2. Singing off the same song sheet
Im with you on the tax increases, I know they can pay.
To have various parties saying the same thing in
I think the riots are baked in with this one but hey, Im
just wondering whether the ammunition costs should
be factored into our numbers?
It was not a massacre, it was a necessary and
regrettable show of force. Now are we all singing off
9. Beauty Contest
the same song sheet here?
A highly competitive pitching scenario.
3. Low Hanging Fruit
Ive managed to get reps from AMS and Takata here
Easy targets which dont require a great deal of effort.
at the same time. Lets see if we can get some
discount out of this beauty contest.
Well start collecting the test subjects in Sao Paulo,
once youve exhausted the low hanging fruit Id
10. Blamestorming
suggest the shanty towns east of the city, theres
A meeting held to determine who could be held
bound to be some willing volunteers there.
accountable for a problem.
4. Challenges
Okay people, I think we can agree the mission was a
Another name for problems, issues or obstacles.
fucking shitfest. I suggest some blamestorming before
Challenges are far easier to overcome than problems.
we meet with the MO.
Thats the difference between you and me Agent
11. Chainsaw Consultant
Rees, when you see a detachment of Atrocity Class
An individual brought in to fire employees.
Cyberlins between you and your objective, you think
problem. I think challenge!
The Petersburg office is running at a loss Mr. Van
Rosch so Ive taken the liberty of sending in a
5. Sprinkling our magic
To turn up and add a little, much needed and often
characteristic sparkle to a situation in order to improve

The riots are escalating Commander, I suggest we

send in Delta Squad to sprinkle their magic.


him killed and replaced with someone more compliant.
However if, despite his best efforts, he loses the war
all of your investment and plans are for nothing. In fact
One of E.I.s lesser known political strategies centres you may be in an even worse position of having failed
around the field of conflict investment. In short this is to win, gaining a ton of bad PR and making even more
assessing a foreign conflict, determining the outcome political enemies. There are no simple solutions to
which is of most benefit to the corporation and taking losing so prevention is the best course of action.
steps to ensure thats the way it turns out. For Ideally an Agent division will be assigned to the war
example, imagine two states warring over oil fields. zone and will be set to monitor in close detail the
One of these states (A) you know may be prepared to mechanisms of the conflict. Their ability to collect
trade oil with you, the other (B) considers you mortal relevant information and relay it back to the people
enemies and would never deal with you. Rather than who matter is vital.
joining in the war you supply side A with arms on the
condition that when the war is over they agree to sell In small scale conflicts a well placed Agent division
you oil at a very reasonable rate and allow you to can make a huge difference, they can act as a
install a few of your own operatives in their guerrilla unit if need be, actively helping the supported
governmental process. side to achieve their objectives. This is particularly
common with Comoros Agents. They can also give
By doing this you gain an ally, avoid fighting in a war, advice to the leaders on their side suggesting
get discounted oil and acquire some degree of strategies, how best to use the equipment supplied by
influence in that states political process. the corporation or presenting useful intel on enemy
movements and likely routes of attack.
There are a few risks of course, your ally could
change his mind at the last minute after taking your Agents can also take on a sabotage role where they
valuable military aid, the wrong side could still win and infiltrate the enemy lines and attack their assets. This
of course you could be seen as immorally fuelling a could take the form of something small such as
war. Successful conflict investment requires that all poisoning water supplies or EMPing computer
these factors be carefully considered and thats where systems to more significant acts like detonating
skilled Agents come in. missile stockpiles or assassinating key personnel.

Switching Sides Bad Public Relations

When dealing with a greedy South American dictator it How to be a warmonger and not get political flak for it
is important to remember that he or she is generally is an art form. Human history is full of instances where
only out for their own interests. Few warlords are powerful countries have stuck their oar into the affairs
fighting for their peoples best interests. For this of other nations, attempting to manipulate the
reason, if things start to get dangerous, many outcome of a conflict or influence their economies. It
warlords will simply run, swap sides or give up. When seldom goes well and the country in question is
your employers have invested a considerable sum of generally vilified by the world press. Avoiding this kind
cash into a war, the last thing they want to see is the of fallout is a difficult task but one that E.I. is certainly
supported side reneging on their part of the deal. So more suited to than most. One should also bear in
how do you stop them? Well there are many methods mind that there are often international laws prohibiting
but the more common ones include implied threats, this kind of activity which means one does not just
conditional rewards (i.e. you win this war, we give you have to avoid a loss in profits due to bad press, one
a million credits), close up scrutiny, tracking systems, also has to avoid the wrath of the UIG.
implanted explosive devices, bribed bodyguards and
tag-along-divisions. The best systems are those which The most common system used by E.I. at the current
do not threaten the target; these people tend to have time is to keep it small. They concentrate on small
huge egos and do not respond well to intimidation. Far scale conflicts in misbegotten parts of the world such
better to use the carrot than the stick. as the Freestates or isolated border wars such as the
ones that go on along the WF / S. American Freestate
The Wrong Side Winning boundary, the E.I. / Ai-Jinn border and the Ai-Jinn /
This is the worst case scenario really, if the despotic Comoros borders.
general refuses to play ball, you could simply have


By sticking to smaller conflicts it is possible for a many millions where tanks, missiles, cyberlins and the
single Agent division to get in, alter the course of the like are needed. The more efficiently the Agents can
war and make sure no one gets to tell the world what help their side win, the better E.I. are likely to reward
happened. Woe betide any reporter brave enough to them. In some instances a single Agent division and a
try and get the scoop on a small scale border war. Not few crates of AK66s can turn a tiny guerrilla army into
only will there be little or no UIG humanitarian a side which can take out a considerable military
presence, there is a very good chance that some force. In such a situation the Agents would be highly
undercover Agents will quickly find the poor soul, decorated by their superiors and would likely be sent
interrogate him brutally and then murder him. on similar but more important missions in the future.

When it is necessary (or profitable) to get involved in Comoros and Conflict Investment
larger conflicts E.I. will take great steps to remain Although E.I. invest in war for profit, Comoros do so
safe, often operating through proxies and making sure for political ideology. They use exactly the same
their meetings with the conflicts leaders are both principles of support and supply but they back the side
clandestine and totally deniable. With these larger which they feel has the most just cause. On occasion
projects it is not uncommon for two or three divisions you may have the unfortunate situation of a small
to be posted to the war, each being given separate scale war having each side backed by a different
tasks. One may be responsible for negotiating with the corporation. The evil, greedy despot who is
general and supplying arms, another may be required oppressing the people and attempting to impose a
to oversee containment (making sure no evidence of brutal regime having E.I. support and the under-
E.I. presence leaks out), and a third may be used for equipped, brave and loyal freedom fighters having the
counter-intelligence, sabotage and recon. backing of Comoros.

In such a conflict the investment is very high. Huge This could lead to some entertaining game situations
amounts of arms need to be discreetly shipped in, such as where the E.I. division sneak into the guerrilla
multiple Agent divisions are often deployed and camp with the intention of mowing them all down with
supported at great expense and the potential for machine gun fire but to their surprise find themselves
negative exposure is huge. It is therefore crucial that a surrounded by powerful Comoros Agents who had
huge payout is guaranteed and that the supported been expecting them.
side is both capable of winning and very unlikely to
renege on the deal. Other Corporations
All corporations attempt to manipulate the outcomes
RUNNING A CONFLICT INVESTMENT GAME of conflicts. The Ai-Jinn often support wars against the
Its a fairly simple affair and requires no special rules Shi Yukiro although they generally prefer the
or preparation. Simply decide on a conflict area, work satisfaction of attacking them with their own soldiers.
out your sides and their motivations, then choose The Federation will back any side which they think
which party E.I. would want to back and why. Once might allow more Federation influence into the area
this is established you can send in your Agents and let post-victory. With their main objective being
them know the basic mechanisms they need to expansion, supporting pro-Federation armies is one of
employ to make sure the conflict ends the way E.I. their major routes. Like the Ai-Jinn, the Shi Yukiro will
want it to. normally back the side fighting the Ai-Jinn but it is
considered a little beneath them. Generally speaking
It can be fun to have the division totally cut off from they will only get involved with conflict investment if
HQ during the mission, even to the point of having they see it as noble and right. They do not, as a rule,
their ID chips removed to increase deniability. For the take advantage of peoples suffering (unless those
duration of the conflict they will be living in war torn people are corporate employees, especially
cities, towns or villages, ferrying supplies to the employees of the hated Ai-Jinn!).
combatants, sabotaging enemy assets, maintaining
pressure on their warlord to perform and gathering Conflict - Is It All War?
relevant intel. No, there are many types of conflict; political,
religious, ethical, industrial and so on. If two sides are
The cost to back a side in such a conflict could range locked in a workers dispute and Ai-Jinn factories are
from 50,000 credits for a few cases of firearms to at a standstill, E.I. would have every reason to get


some Agents in there and make sure those factories players, prominent businesses or areas, locations of
stay dead as long as possible. Obviously this does not strategic importance or human resources yet
yield the profits of a well managed war but it may untapped. Once the theatre of operation has been
certainly be worth dispatching a division for. evaluated, it's time for the regime engineers to come
into play.

COVERT INCURSIONS Given the fact that the interests within an area can
vary wildly, it's uncommon for entire divisions to be
It is inevitable when two strong willed individuals have assigned to a single operation. Instead, a division is
the same driving goals that conflict will result between often welded together from a group of consultants
them. This holds true for the corporations as well. The selected for their particular expertise in certain fields.
corporate wars demonstrated that full scale conflict is They are often deployed to their post along with
no longer a viable option, the fallout from such a support personnel, whose duty is to help with the day-
global incident, given current technologies would to-day operations.
reach near world-shattering proportions,
metaphorically, if not literally. The operation can then be seen to proceed in the
following phases (known as S.P.A.C.E.):
It is therefore the case, that a more subtle approach is
needed. Each of the major corporations have their # Surveillance
covert operatives. Eurasian Incorporated has far more
than most. Deployed to strategic locations both # Positioning
worldwide and off-world, these men and women can
manipulate almost any aspect of their environment in # Advance
order to engineer a situation which best serves E.I.'s
needs. # Consolidate

The Agents responsible for such "hostile takeovers" # Evaluate

have many options at their fingertips, including, but
not limited to:
The SPACE methodology was a triumph of the
Providing weapons or other resources to one faction marketing department, managing to blend an
within an area, to shift the balance of power. inspirational acronym with a tried and tested
Influencing the economy so that living conditions incursion strategy. That said, if I hear one more
become more difficult, making it more likely that person refer to a covert incursion team as "space
violent events happen. invaders", they'll find themselves stripped stark
Flooding the market with cheap, mass-produced bollock naked and hoisted up the flagpole."
goods, driving would-be competitors out of
business. Araldite Steel, E.I. Tactical Analyst
Spreading dissent, rabble-rousing.
Controlling media outlets, creating a bias to suit
their ends. Simply put, an operation consists of tactical analysis,
Physical action, such as sabotage or assassination based on all available information, followed by
Infiltration of local organisations. deployment of assets to the best tactical location. At
And, of course, the application of financial pressure, this stage, objectives are identified and the actions
more commonly known as buying the buildings out necessary to achieve them are realised. Upon
from under people. reaching the objective, plans are set in motion to bring
# the new assets into the divisions operational
For an operation of this size to be effective, infrastructure. It then falls to tacticians to analyse the
preparation is crucial. Before any major assets are group's performance and formulate the next course of
committed to an area, groups of deep-cover Agents action. This system's strength is that it can be applied
are sent in to investigate the locale, and find out as to almost any operation available.
much information as possible about factors that could
be of interest, whether that's the identities of the major


Iterations of this plan continue until the objectives are It's Friday, so I get into work early, before lunch
achieved or the project is deemed to no longer be even. The phone rings. Shit!
financially viable. At this point, personnel and other
assets are removed from the theatre, and any I turn the page on the excuse sheet. "SOLAR
evidence they'd been there is removed. This is FLARES" stares out at me. I'd better read up on that.
traditionally done through large quantities of Two minutes later I'm ready to answer the phone.
explosives, set so as to resemble a series of
explosions along a gas main, for instance. "Hello?" I say.


It has already been established that Covert Incursion
divisions tend to be composed of a number of
specialists. When necessary, more than one division I hate it when they shout at me early in the morning.
is allocated to an operation. Should security be of It always puts me in a bad mood. You know what I
paramount importance, each division is unaware of mean.
the others' activities directly, although the overall
strategy is planned with each division's objectives "Ah, yes. Well, there's been some solar activity this
being taken into account as part of an overall plan. morning, it always disrupts electronics ..." I say,
The commanding executive can, at their discretion, sweet as a sugar pie.
open channels of communication should collaboration
prove necessary. "Huh? But I could get through to my friends?!"

"Yes, that's entirely possible, solar activity is very

Despite this seeming adherence to a centralised unpredictable in its effects. Why last week, we had
command structure and clearly established procedure, some files just disappear from a guys account while
each division retains a remarkable amount of he was working on it!"
autonomy while in the field; this is necessary owing to
field operatives having to make swift judgement calls ---The Bastard Operator From Hell
should the course of events take an unexpected turn
for the worse. Owing to the sensitive nature of many
of these covert incursions, surveillance footage
requested by the UIG often suffers from poor light THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS
levels and interference. E.I.'s technical department
have an extensive list of reasons why any footage of A question that often plays on rivals' minds when
an alleged atrocity is not admissible as evidence. considering EI is "What would a corrupt, decadent,
Many of these have been handed down from one morally bankrupt corporation with seemingly limitless
technician to the next for tens, if not hundreds of resources do to achieve their goals?"
The answer is, of course, "Whatever they can get
away with."

Frequently in covert operations, misdirection and

disinformation are the greatest weapons available to
an Agent. In these situations, electronic warfare
specialists, hackers and media executives are
selected to shape the perceptions and views of the
local populace. To accomplish this, extensive
surveillance networks are set up around the theatre of
operations. These can be composed of drones,
wiretaps, security cameras that have been
commandeered, WDN lines, satellite feeds, weather
stations - in fact, whatever sensors the cell can get
their hands on. These feeds are often routed through
a panopticon system (q.v.) or an expert AI that builds a
holistic map of the local area in real time. These


systems also allow false information to be fed into any At first glance, this could be a bit dull, and may simply
device on the network. It's also common practice to just be a factor in a much larger campaign, focused on
control telecommunications within their territory, corporate infighting and internal conflict.
jamming, falsifying, intercepting or simply monitoring
communications as the mission requires.
Perhaps the Agents could also be sent out into the
More often than not these technical consultants
field in order to liaise with the people they are dealing
display a playful, albeit sadistic streak, conducting
with, assuring them that they share the clients
extensive and often unnecessary psychological
ideology, reassuring them that their backing is not
warfare campaigns against potential threats, leaving
simply for profit (however true that may be is down to
them either exhausted, broken or one step away from
the Agents, of course).
violence. All that is required then is to engineer a
suitable scapegoat. Such incidents of trolling would
This can allow for more variety in terms of missions
meet with harsh punishment were the UIG to find out
available as the division may have to juggle field
about them. Thankfully, the cells have proven to be
affairs with corporate affairs, perhaps travelling from
more than adept at evading even the UIG's scrutiny.
the conflict zone to their spire offices for meetings and
reports to their superiors.

"You'll never hear us coming, yet our presence is "Man on the street"
always felt, Prying on opposers, watching their
In contrast to the Ivory tower approach, this would
disbelief melt. Marching in anonymity together as allow a very much hands-on approach to things. The
division is posted to the area they wish to influence,
one, Embracing the strength from the voice of and may well have to deal with the provision of
none ... You, me, we...I am as you are. Together we resources, securing smuggling and information
channels and grooming clients, all the while being in
are united, stretching near and far. Anything the middle of a volatile and potentially violent
standing in our way, doesn't deserve to live. We are
void of human restraints, taught to never forgive. This also has the additional bonus of the division
actually becoming a power in the conflict themselves,
Answering the question of who we are is a must. We with the possibility of investing in one of the factions
are Anonymous, indeed. Therefore, Expect us." both ideologically and financially, maybe even 'going
native' and having a second division called in to make
sure that they are brought back into toeing the
- Anonymous corporate line.

The third possibility is that of a "hostile takeover",

where the Agents insinuate themselves into a faction,
COVERT INCURSION - PLAY STYLES then bring their new assets into the open and
welcoming arms of E.I.
The "Running a Business" rules (page 45) can easily
form a part of a Covert Incursion campaign, serving as In this style of campaign, the Agents may not be able
a means to launder money, provide a front for to take full advantage of their expense accounts,
unsavoury activities. especially in less developed areas. To compensate for
this, more frequent materiel drops can be arranged by
"Ivory tower:"
coded transmission, and a GET system could be set
The most hands-off approach available. This would up within one of their bases of operations.
involve examining intelligence, deciding what assets
to deploy and how to manage them, who to invest in, "Trailblazers"
and the reactions of different factions to events.
In this scenario, the players will infiltrate a hostile
environment as deep cover Agents and make


preparations to bring in a team of Regime Engineers, Agents, divisions and auxiliaries within the corporate
while keeping a low enough profile to avoid the structure.
attention of the major players in the area.
Although E.I. actively encourage elements of the
Once again, the Agents may not have access to their corporation to compete with one another, what the
expense accounts, depending on their modus upper limit of this rivalry is has never been officially
operandi. Should this prove to be the case, designated though there is an unwritten requirement
compensatory measures can, and would, be put in that the corporation as a whole does not suffer.
For example, two divisions have been charged with
"How to make friends and influence people" recovering an item from an enemy. Although only one
was strictly necessary, putting two on the job creates a
As a departure from the "hands-on" approach of many certain amount of competition which E.I. considers not
of the other play styles, this idea allows the player to only healthy, but vital for the evolution of Agent field
approach things from strange and oblique angles, as work. Both divisions are free to pursue the recovery of
they play the group attempting to control all the items in any way they choose, even hampering
information within their designated territory. They are one another with small obstacles or misinformation.
likely to have access to vast amounts of information However, if these instances of inter-division sabotage
and technology, more of which can be requisitioned should result in the loss of significant resources such
from E.I., provided nobody finds out. This would also as Agent death, excessive UIG involvement or failure
provide an opportunity for stealth and mechtronics to complete the mission there will be dire
focussed characters (saboteurs, etc.) to shine. consequences for those involved.
"The Big Picture" So the question really is, is it better to not get involved
in these rivalries? And the answer is NO, it is
As a final possible idea, the GM decides how many
preferable to make sure you do not get caught.
divisions are assigned to the operation, and the PCs
Diverting blame and remaining beyond suspicion is
make one character per division, and take on the
such a vital skill for a Eurasian Agent that ranking E.I.
control of the entire offensive, bringing the strengths of
Mission Officers have nothing but respect when
each character to bear on issues that may arise.
obvious sabotage has been employed but the poor
victims have not the slightest means to point the finger
"Guns make you stupid; better to fight your wars with at the culprits.
duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart."
It is not what actually happened that concerns me,
but what appears to have happened and what you
Michael Westen - Burn Notice can prove has happened.

Agent Andreas Makovich, E.I. Mission Officer

VIOLATION OF Guilt and blame are of no interest to E.I., only results.

PRESUMPTIVE Yes, this does create somewhat of a dishonest,

sneaky, backstabbing culture but it also promotes

survival of the fittest and ensures that Agents who are
in positions of power are slippery as snot on a
doorknob. E.I. want their ranking Agents coated with
or backstabbing, betrayal, treachery, selling out and Teflon, they invest a great deal of money and time in
putting the needs of oneself before those of ones these individuals and they need them to be able to
colleagues and the corporation. divert blame and remain above suspicion in all
This rather vague and oddly non-catchy title is E.I.s
way of summarising the rivalry that goes on between So what happens to the losers, the good guys if you
like, who head out and attempt to complete their


missions with honourable intentions and ideals which SO WHAT TO DO?

involve teamwork and cooperation. Well in short they
lose and lose and lose and lose again until it gets You can see its a cut-throat world as an E.I. Agent,
drummed into their heads that nice guys come last. keep your head down too much and you will be seen
Theyll then either learn or theyll get canned. as weak and lacking in ambition. Try to do your rivals
over too much and you may get a reputation for it or
FORMS OF RIVALRY TO USE IN YOUR worse still, get caught in the act. Although E.I. love a
GAME hustler, they despise a traitor and the line that divides
them is nano-fine.
Two Divisions, One Objective
Most of the time you are safe with your own division,
By setting two divisions on the same task you can intra-division rivalry is rare and generally speaking no-
introduce all kinds of interesting situations. One one benefits from it. If a division find out that one of
division could spread misinformation to the other their own is screwing them over, they may well end up
resulting in them missing the prize. Division A could being sold to the Cult.
spy on division B, they could set gangbangers on
them or tip off some Cultists, report them to the UIG You cannot hide forever though, at some point
for carrying contraband, alert the target they are about someone is going to want to see you fail because your
to assassinate, replace the target item with something loss will ALWAYS be someone elses gain. And it will
worthless in order to humiliate them at the debrief. happen, after reading this section there is no excuse
The list is endless and it can also be fun to let the for the GM not to start adding in rivalries, in fact he is
players division set up the NPC division as well. advised to get a piece of paper this very minute and
plan a nemesis division populated by arseholes who
Building Rivalries will wind up the players and press all their buttons. If
the GM has done her job well the players will learn to
During a mission you could have your players division hate this division and it will become another strong
bump into another division. They could clash heads motivation in the campaign.
and create some real hostilities, maybe even a quick
scuffle. Then on a subsequent mission you could have
the two divisions operating in the same city. Perhaps A GUTHRIE
the NPC Agents spot the players and decide to
sabotage their mission just out of spite. The result In Corporation we call this rival division a Guthrie
would be that things would start going inexplicably after an NPC called Guthrie Pemberton who was
wrong for your players. Will they work out whats designed to be everything a certain character
happening? Obviously you could work that the other yearned to be. He was a bit smarter, had a better
way around too so that your players are sabotaging car, better women, a slightly higher rank, slightly
the NPC division during their spare time. nicer clothes and so on. He was also a smug git
and rather patronising. The poor player became
Political Machinations emotional every time his name was mentioned,
muttering darkly and swearing vengeance. Having
Not all manoeuvring need be done in the field. Back at such a Guthrie or group of Guthries in your game
the spire a player might find intel has leaked out on can add a great deal of fun; please dont miss out
someones past which would make them ineligible for on this opportunity to really rile your players.
promotion. Someone could be spreading rumours
about an Agent which will damage their reputation. If
an NPC has the right connections he could rack up
100,000 credits on one of the players expense
accounts. If rivalries got too out of hand they could
even hack into mission briefs and change important
data meaning the players kill the wrong target in an
assassination, perhaps a ranking Agents wife or



E.I. have two main forms of revenue, health and For someone as unscrupulous as Gunther van Rosch,
leisure. This section details E.I.s growth in the health the medical industry also offered some rather
sector and how they intend to expand over the coming loathsome opportunities for exploitation. Want to make
decades. E.I.s domination in this sector began shortly a quick billion? Release a new strain of botulism into
after their unification of Europe and Russia. With all the Chinese population, then offer everyone a costly
the governments essentially working together each (but of course affordable) vaccination or antidote.
countrys skills and knowledge could now be shared. Naturally, the victims of such an epidemic would be
After all, the acting heads of each country were no more than welcome to wait for their own medical
longer interested in the success of their country, they researchers to come up with a cheaper cure but would
were more concerned with the supremacy of their you wait 4 weeks and risk the death of your family for
corporation. This meant that each countrys assets, in a weeks wages? Probably not. Health has been and
the form of unique technologies or cutting edge always will be a fantastic industry to fearmonger in
research data, were all fed into E.I. Obviously many and E.I. know that all too well. At what cost your
private companies were reluctant to hand over their health? is a maxim used by the upper echelons far
valuable information to the corporation and this, in more than it should be.
part, was responsible for the creation of E.I.s Agent
Training Programme. Agents and Healthcare

Medical companies who could not be bought and So how are E.I.s force of Agents used to safeguard
were hanging on to existing legislation for protection and expand their health enterprises? Well on the most
were used as a training ground for Gunthers new basic level any medical or research facility of note
breed of attack dogs. Using a combination of has a resident Agent division to oversee its running,
sabotage, espionage, extortion, brute force and terror protect it from attack and of course, carry out its dirty
these newly created Agents literally ripped apart any work. Should a research lab need some more intel the
remaining companies who refused to play ball and resident division will be dispatched to retrieve that
offered their spoils to the CEO. With the medical information; should it be lacking vital skills, the Agents
research of two continents at his disposal van Rosch will head off to kidnap someone in possession of said
was able to dominate the health industry in a way abilities.
never previously imaginable.
Of course one of the biggest concerns E.I. have is that
Why health? Van Rosch believed that in the not-too- their rivals, Two Snakes Medical and to some degree,
distant future large scale war would be a thing of the Gemini Bioware, will get too big for their boots. E.I.
past. He believed the power of the emerging Agents are therefore tasked with carefully monitoring
corporations would lead to a worldwide military these companies. They will then take various courses
standstill which meant weaponry and warmongering of action based on their findings. Typically this would
(previously one of Europes key industries) was a include infiltration, industrial espionage, sabotage or
dying trade. He also felt that the recently formed Shi occasionally out and out attacks. For the most part ,
Yukiro would be (for now) unassailable as a E.I. are happy for these companies to exist so long as
technology giant. Likewise, Chinas ability to cheaply they do not forget their place.
mass manufacture goods outstripped E.I.s
considerably but he did feel that people, no matter Naturally the other large corporations and the UIG are
how wealthy or poor, would always need healthcare. also actively pursuing their own medical advances.
Although E.I. are not overly concerned they routinely
And so E.I. progressed rapidly in the field of medicine, dispatch Agents to steal secrets, assassinate,
(and leisure, but we will come to that later). They sabotage and occasionally lure rival researchers to
became known as the go-to corporation for anyone their cause with promises or occasionally threats.
with health related needs and their sheer size meant
that they could cater to anyone, from cheap malaria
vaccines and street clinics to exclusive weight loss
and anagathic (anti-ageing) treatments.



E.I.s medical business is vast and varied with Eurasian Medical

hundreds of subdivisions and thousands of projects.
From inhuman experiments to plague vaccines, from
designer pharmaceuticals to anti-cyber-rejection drugs
Our wide range of services will suit
so you can rest easy knowing E.I. have it covered.
Their methods are daring and many would say your familys needs.
dangerous but you can always be sure of two things:

1. They are not in it for the philanthropic, feel good

factor; power is the bottom line. Inoculation and Anti-Ageing
2. A moral code of practice is of as much use to E.I. Genetic Screening
as a machine gun was to Mahatma Gandhi. Pre-Natal Gene-sculpting
Health Checks
Cosmetic Enhancements
The UIG insists to this day that there is no proof. Disease Prevention and Treatment
They are cowards and they are liars. I say to you
that the Rajasthan Atrocity summarises Eurasian Accident and Emergency
Incorporated better than any other incident before Heredity Augmentation
or since. And so much more ...
The fact that Agents were dispatched to poison
baby food in factories belonging to what were, at Drop in to one of our clinics today
the time, the three major local competitive before its too late.
pharmaceutical companies operating in the area
was an unthinkable horror. The fact that poison was
designed to take effect only after thirty-six hours, to
ensure the greatest possible coverage before the E.I. - At what cost your health?
onset of panic, was an abomination. But the fact
that the poison was also genetically specified to kill
only 15% of its victims and merely leave the rest

with permanent cosmetic damage was testament to
that corporations pure, calculated and avaricious
Three decades later, Eurasian Incorporated has E.I. dominate the medical care industry and although
their monopoly in the area, and if that market is only Two Snakes have a few well used products, should
85% of the size it was thirty years previously ... well, E.I. wish they could simply copy their procedures,
that is a price they are evidently willing to pay for assassinate their leaders and in doing so, ruin them
total commercial control. But I ask you: how much overnight. So why dont they? The answer is twofold,
longer must we, the victims, pay the price for these on one side, E.I. business tacticians believe that the
monsters to hoard their bloodstained gold? competition is actually healthy; their employees
continual battle to best Two Snakes can create a real
attr: Kalkai Kulanu Jeira buzz in the workplace and can help to avoid the
complacency that can manifest in a company with a
complete monopoly.

Secondly, a number of Two Snakes employees are

actually E.I. operatives who are perfectly placed to
hand over trade secrets at regular intervals. This
allows E.I. to not only acquire important research


data, essentially for free, but it also allows them to The majority of cosmetic business is conducted under
take advantage of Two Snakes alternative work the name Krieg, a subsidiary of E.I. which deals
methodology which has often led to some brilliant exclusively with making people look better.
innovations such as the IV medpack.
Emergency Treatment (Savita)
Now admittedly, Two Snakes make a fortune from City clinics and emergency response vehicles are the
some of their medical inventions, the IV medpack two main forms of treatment in this department.
being the most notable and should E.I. wipe them out, Rather than name their emergency teams E.I. which
they would become the undisputed lead manufacturer would ostracise many potential customers, the name
of all medical supplies in the world, which would make Savita is used. Obviously many people know that
them a lot of money. E.I.s current attitude however, is Savita is an E.I. brand but the difference seemed
that they are generating enough capital with their own s i g n i fi c a n t e n o u g h to h a v e b o o s te d p r o fi ts
medical services that it is not necessary to eliminate considerably when Angela Drek made the change in
Two Snakes yet. Because Two Snakes is a relatively 2290. (A combination of SAVE and VITA (life).) For
small, independent corporation, many strong minded more information on emergency services see page
geniuses are attracted to it and as a result they make 108.
some truly innovative creations. E.I. would prefer to
have these innovations on the market and steal their Medical Education
secrets than they would have them fall by the E.I. run a number of medical universities and training
wayside. centres around the world. They give out several
scholarships each year to promising students on the
They also predict that should Two Snakes go under, understanding they work for E.I. upon completion of
another company would spring up to fill the void and their training. Anyone with the required qualifications
the problem would continue. At least at present, E.I. can attend E.I. medical training facilities and although
have the situation under control and are reaping some many leave to work for the UIG or rival companies E.I.
significant rewards from the current setup. do not mind. The fact that they are considered the go-
to guys for all medical education does great things for
their reputation. Stating on your CV that you are an
DIVISIONS OF E.I. HEALTHCARE E.I. trained medic is always well received and E.I. take
a certain pride in knowing that the Shi Yukiros top
E.I.s health concerns are vast and numerous but can surgeons are trained by Eurasians.
be divided into the following divisions:
Drugs (Eurasian Pharmaceuticals - EP)
Cosmetic Treatment E.I. make literally millions of tonnes of drugs each
Emergency Treatment year. From a simple aspirin to the highly desirable
Medical Education Sunatol, this is one area E.I. have completely
Drugs dominated. Although Two Snakes manufacture some
Domestic Health pharmacological products they tend to be fairly
Military Medicare specialised and are used for very specific procedures.
You can guarantee that any drug you are handed at a
Cosmetic Treatment (Krieg) chemist or buy from a store is made by EP.
All across the world people want to look better,
whether its the result of an unfortunate accident or a The majority of their drugs are very fairly priced and
simple desire improve on Gods handiwork, E.I. are extremely effective. However, as soon as you step
there to fill your need and take your cash. outside the realm of everyday problems you get hit
with some staggering bills. For example, if you suffer
The cosmetic business includes clinics where you can from migraines, STDs, acne, stiff joints and so on you
go for treatment, drugs to make you look and feel will have little trouble affording your tablets. If
better and even augmentations to boost your meagre however, you should be unlucky enough to have
body. Addisons disease or Myasthenia Gravis you will find
yourself struggling with bills in excess of 50,000
credits a year.


E.I. of course, offer payment solutions but these can refused the warring parties would be forced to evolve
be fairly unpleasant, for example, selling one of your their own forms of field medicine and thats something
kidneys, agreeing to be a test subject, working in high E.I. dont want them to start getting into. Far better to
risk jobs, placing your children into experimental help out, make some cash and retain their position as
education procedures and so on. the number one go-to guys for all things medical.

When rival corporations attempt to move in on the

drug market E.I. are at their most savage. Squads of E.I. EMERGENCY SERVICES
Agents are deployed with nigh unlimited funds with
strict instructions to stop them by any means There are several aspects to Savita (E.I.s premier
necessary. For this reason E.I. have retained their emergency response service) but you have to pay for
position of arbiters of life and death among the all of them. If youve no medical insurance or
unfortunate and increasingly diseased populace. liquifiable assets then another of E.I.s subsidiaries will
come to your aid - the infamous Up and AtEm.
Domestic Health (Eurasian Medical)
E.I. maintain a vast network of health clinics around
the world. Every city and spire boasts several clinics,
each capable of handling hundreds of clients each
day; for the average citizens there is no real Up and AtEm!
alternative. Because most treatments are provided by Eight eighty-eight, its the peoples hotline!
E.I., private clinics must charge more for their services Up and AtEm!
which means that you would need to be very Better than death, almost all of the time!
principled (or rich) to stay clear of the E.I.
establishments. Even so, E.I. clinics tend to be very - Up and AtEm advertising jingle, c.2497
well run and are staffed by highly competent
individuals with excellent insurance and backup.

The same is not normally true of private clinics and as Up and AtEm is a UIG sponsored medical response
a result they tend to go out of business very quickly. service which is horribly underfunded. In reality the
Should a privately run clinic survive for more than a UIG give E.I. enough cash to do a decent job but
year E.I. are likely to take a real interest in the because of E.I.s operational profit margin system, the
establishment and try to find out what they are doing. end care is somewhat below par. I.e. they keep a
Sadly, the end result normally involves a group of large percentage of the UIGs money for admin and
Agents being tasked with bankrupting the rival clinic spend only a small portion of it on medical care.
and rebranding it as Eurasian Medical.
So how does it work?
E.I.s domestic health services also run to hospitals of
which there tend to be 3 or 4 in each city and of Imagine youre a homeless teenager, youre walking
course specialist medical facilities which offer services the streets looking for somewhere to sleep,
such as oncotherapy, physiotherapy, psychiatric occasionally asking people for change. Suddenly, out
assistance and genetic repairs. of nowhere some Agents come tearing round a corner
in a blacked out car, unable (or unwilling) to slow
Military Medicare down, the car ramps the kerb, smacks into you and
Although their clinics are capable of helping Agents in leaves you broken and bleeding in the gutter. You
the field, E.I. also provide medical care for combatants manage to crawl to a phone box, call 888 and mutter
- even rival combatants. This is particularly common in something into the receiver before you pass out.
border wars or Freestate skirmishes where E.I. send About half an hour later a large vehicle turns up and a
mobile medical units to take care of wounded soldiers. couple of guys stagger out laughing, they look about
It may seem odd for them to be helping their rivals but for a minute and see you dying on the floor.
once again its down to cash and maintaining their
monopoly. In the Shi Yukiro / Ai-Jinn border wars, E.I. One comes over, shoves you with his foot and checks
have permanent medical staff on each side. They do your ID chip. He checks your pockets, takes your
not see any harm in keeping the war going and if they small change, removes your cigarettes, lights one up


and then drags you across the concrete towards the Its really up to the GM to decide how well the patients
van. He bundles you into the back and gives you a are and how long they stay there.
shot of something which causes horrible palpitations.
He pours some kind of glue into your wounds which is You heal 1HP a day in the facility and will generally
intensely painful, winks at you, finishes his cigarette need to heal up to 50% total HP to leave. Sometimes
and then grabs a beer off the side and carries on you will heal less if you have VERY serious wounds.
chatting to his mate in the back.
Also remember you are getting no medical treatment
Over the next hour more and more people are tossed here of note, so unless you have ICE your bones will
into the back of the van until there is literally no room set skew and you could catch any number of
left. Youre all then taken to a shoddy medical centre diseases.
where all the patients who are still alive are strapped
to a gurney while a UIG employee comes around and
makes notes on a PDA. Early the next morning, you We will be releasing a supplement to allow you to
are given water and slop and told to try walking. If you play unaugmented humans - this will give more in
cant youre given another 12 hours in the cold depth information about healing broken bones and
corridor, if you can, you sign a document and get serious wounds. The rules for recovering humans
booted out into the street. are at present very simple because they are
intended for NPCs only.
You are allowed up to one week in the centre before
you are transferred to long term care (LTC) which is
essentially a filthy flop-house somewhere in the SAVITA
outskirts of the city. You can stay there until
discharged by a doctor but most people dont get that Savita is E.I.s proper emergency medical assistance
far. The LTC is so awful that most patients leave as programme. There are various payment plans
soon as they can. The chance of catching a disease available which range in price from basic care to a
here is so high that most people are better off on the luxurious, all encompassing, total health suite.
Below are listed the five plans. Some plans have
System prerequisites, so you cannot place an Agent into a
This applies to non-ICE humans. Agents and the like domestic programme.
heal normally.
If you are injured you can call 888 for Up and AtEm. KEY TO MEDICAL PLANS
They will turn up at your location in 20+2D20 mins.
If you are depersonalised youll be taken directly to an Bronze, Gold etc. The name of the plan. Your plan and
E.I. Organ Stripper where youll be taken apart and your unique member code are added to your ID chip.
your organs placed in storage. (Game Over.) For an extra 100 credits you can have a chip
embedded into your skull with your details encoded so
If youre ID checks out okay youll be shot up with that if you lose your hand, the medics can still
Prendoprofen - a nasty but effective drug which places determine your eligibility.
the body into a brief metabolic shutdown state which
prevents 90% of people from dying of normally fatal Monthly Cost
wounds but with dire side effects (see page 73). Just what it says - the standard monthly payment.
void. From a game point of view you should get the
Youll then receive the cheapest treatment available to players to make a payment fairly regularly - perhaps
stop you dying. There is no attempt to heal you as every two or three sessions.
such, the sole objective is getting the patient to a state
that they can physically walk out of the med centre on Set up Fee
their own. Every 12 hours youre in the centre, E.I. are A one off set up fee. This includes a complete medical
losing profit. workup.


Eligibility Set up fee# # 2000 credits

This describes the people who may take up the plan. Eligibility# # Citizens who do not work in
# # # martial occupations.
Excess Excess# # # None
This is the amount payable every time you visit the
doctor. This is designed to stop customers visiting The best domestic service available, you can see a
every time they have a cold. On the better plans the doctor immediately and all extras are covered by the
excess is lower or even waived. plan. You are treated like royalty and are able to see
leading specialists if necessary. The small print is
Universal Services mostly gone and only in extreme circumstances will
All plans include emergency response, i.e. - you can E.I. weasel out of paying your medical costs.
call 999 or 911 and a well equipped, professional team
will arrive within minutes to take care of you and BLACK
transport you to a suitable E.I. healthcare centre. Monthly Cost# # 2000 credits
Set up fee# # 2000 credits
BRONZE Eligibility # # Anyone in a martial
Monthly Cost# # 200 credits # # # profession such as Agents,
Set up fee# # 1000 credits # # # guards, UIG Officers or those
Eligibility# # Unaugmented citizens in low # # # who have high levels of
# # # risk jobs. # # # cybernetics such as Cultists.
Excess# # # 200 credits Excess ## # 200 credits

A simple package which covers basic medical This service is only available to those in the business
services. All ailments will be dealt with although E.I of getting blown apart for a living. Although the plan is
are very careful to put in a great deal of very expensive its a good deal when considering how
indecipherable fine print which limits their liability in risky the clients life can be.
the case of chronic or rare disease. For the most part
however, this package serves the poorer citizens well. Also one should bear in mind that many high risk
E.I.s ingenious advertising relies on scaring citizens martial careers come with this level of healthcare
into thinking that they could never afford off the shelf included as part of the deal.
medcare, which indeed, most cannot.
This service is fairly simple and is more to stop people
On a practical level this service is not very efficient, dying than it is about getting them back into perfect
you will see a doctor but it could take time and you will health. The response times are very quick, usually
only be given necessary treatment. All extras must be only a few minutes due to the anti-grav vehicles used.
paid for such as hospital meals and in-room TV.
Below are listed the more common ways different
SILVER companies use this plan. These are only examples
and in the same way that high ranking E.I. Agents
Monthly Cost# # 500 credits
gain packages for free low ranking Agents may get no
Set up fee# # 1200 credits
help at all. However, if you are a good, reliable Agents
Eligibility # # Lightly or non-augmented
and discuss it with your mission officer, you may be
# # # citizens in low risk jobs.
able to get discounts as described below.
Excess# # # 150 credits
E.I. # # # They pay 50% of the costs
A slightly better package than bronze which includes
Shi Yukiro# # They will pay 30% of the costs
all the same services but gives you a more attentive
Comoros# # Will pay none of the costs
level of care. You can see a doctor within 12 hours
UIG # # # WiIll pay 50% of the costs
and most of the small things are included such as
Western Fed# # Will pay 30% of the costs
meals and in-room TV.
Ai-Jinn# # # Will pay 25% of the costs
Typical security## Will pay 100% of the costs
Monthly Cost# # 1000 Credits


GREY 7 day detox plan# # 2000

Instant sobering# # 300
Monthly Cost# # 1000 credits
Set broken bone# # 500
Set up fee# # 3000 credits
Eligibility# # Criminals
Excess# # # 500 credits
Yes, of course you could do these things yourself and
save a lot of cash, that is the nature of self service.
This under the counter service is only offered to
However, when you pay for the following services at
criminals. E.I. are never one to miss an opportunity
an E.I. (and most other) clinics, you are assured that it
and they have realised there are plenty of wealthy
will work. There will be no scarring, no infection and if
criminals out there who are in highly dangerous
the toxins you have are rare, they will have the right
positions and would like to avail themselves of
anti-toxin. Obviously for most Agents they are going to
emergency medical aid.
be used to doing all this themselves but there may be
circumstances where its not possible, in which case
This service is very basic and will save lives but does
you can use the guidelines above.
not include many frills. If the criminal wants E.I. to help
them with anything but the basics, they will need to
pay extra. The service is very reliable and discreet
however, and thats what a typical criminal wants.
E.I. will unashamedly buy organs at any of their
SERVICES clinics. It works much like a pawn shop where as long
as you agree to get ID scanned and sign a form
Not everyone is a member of a medical plan and if
stating that you got hold of the organs legally, they
that is the case then you need to pay as and when
wont ask questions and you can walk out with a stack
you need attention. Below are listed the typical prices
of cash.
for various medical procedures. These could increase
or decrease by as much as 100% depending on
This grisly business is highly disapproved of among
circumstances (though free is very unlikely). Some
much of society but the demand for clean, new organs
examples of what could cause such fluctuations
is such that it will always find a niche. Because of the
price organs reach it has become quite a popular line
of work for criminals who can simply kill a healthy
High demand
looking patient and be thousands of credits up within
Expensive neighbourhood
the hour.
Famous doctor
Medical complications
As a reaction to this some individuals have begun
Rare diseases or ailments
installing kill-switches into themselves which activate
Treatment is needed urgently
when they die and irreversibly poison all of their
Doctor must be called out
organs. They display the tag Viraline on their clothing
Patient is in a dangerous or distant location
somewhere which alerts would be looters to their
Medic is a friend
situation. To some degree this works but naturally
Your cybernetics complicate or simplify the procedure.
those without a Viraline upgrade still wear the logo
which means the organ leggers tend to ignore them
Reattach a limb # # 600
and take their chances.
Healing (1HP)# # # 30
Remove toxins# # # 600
Remove scar tissue# # 400
Remove nanoinfection# # 5000
Cure minor disease (cold)# 100
Remove parasites# # 600
Simple recovery from KO # 300


severed head into an O-Bag and take it to a clinic.

Bloody clever, really. Funny how many people seem
However, when removing organs of any kind you
to go doolally in the Underswells and what have
should roll Agility + Medicine.
you, pick up a knife and cause no end of bother.
Used to be wed have to spend all sorts of time and
Failure means the organs are damaged and you will
resources chasing the blighters down. Now we just
get less money for them. Critical fail means it has
slip em an O-bag and tax the profits.
taken too long and they are starting to rot and become
unusable. In addition, the GM could rule the UIG turn
-attr: Agent Parcival Bentts-Smyle, Eurasian
up and start asking questions.
Incorporated Spire Peacekeeping detail

Standard Procedure Prime Organs! ! 1000
When you find an organ you must place it in an O-Bag These organs are the popular ones and include most
(originally featured in the Eastern Bank but of the ones people consider to be lootable organs.
reproduced on page 69 for your convenience). The list includes:

Once this is done, the organs should be taken to an Brains, hearts, kidneys, lungs, livers, pancreases and
E.I. clinic as soon as possible where they will be eyes, an intact human skin.
assessed for freshness and quality. Providing they are
acceptable the seller is expected to scan their ID chip Secondary Organs ! 200
and is then paid.
These organs, also known as offal in the trade, are
generally not much use and may not be taken. The
If the organ was not in an O-Bag then it should be
other organs of the body (of which there are dozens)
packed in ice. If there are no forms of preservation are not generally wanted.
then it will very likely be useless in less than 10
minutes, at best it will be considered non-fresh. Spleen, testicles, large sheet of skin, stomach,
prostate, uterus, ovaries, litre of blood.
If the organ donor had ICE technology the organ will
stay in excellent condition for around one hour without Price Modifiers
any form of preservation.
Black Market# # -50%
Black Market Sales ICE Organ# # +50%
Fresh# # # 100%
If the user is unwilling to have their chip scanned or Almost Fresh# # -50%
does not have one, then they will need to sell the Minor Damage# # -50%
organs a little more discreetly. To do this you will need Minor Disease# # -50%
the correct contacts or trainings - for example,
Underworld Operations or Contacts (Organ Dealer). So you can see that unless you are handing in good
quality organs, the money is not great. Especially
Payment when you consider that any responsible organ dealer
is not going to re-use the O-bags.
The system used and quality of the organs determines
the level of payment you can expect to receive. Example 1
Unusually, all organs are bought at a flat rate of 1000 After a fight with some criminals you decide to strip
or 200 credits. out some organs. You have two O-Bags so take a
heart and prostate as they seem to be undamaged.

Removing the Organs The organs are legally acquired so you go to a local
E.I. clinic and swipe your chip.
Anyone can remove organs. Even a complete idiot
knows a brain lives inside a head and can put a


The heart is fresh but has minor damage - you get BECOMING AN ORGAN DEALER -
The prostate is slightly diseased and also has some
minor damage. You only get 50. Its all very well and good being a street level supplier
but what about the guy whos making all the money.
50% of 200 = 100 E.I. sell organs to patients who need transplants and
50% of 100 = 50 make a great deal of money from it. Likewise, black
market organ dealers sell organs to select clients and
You make 550 but arguably have lost 2 O-Bags. That
also make a very good living. (These dealers are
means a profit of 350.
known as Grinders.)
Example 2
You need some cash so murder a citizen in an alley If you want to be a grinder then you really need to set
and stuff 3 prime organs in a single O-bag. up an illegal business as on page 45.

You manage to find a dealer after 36 hours which To make running this business more colourful and
means the organs are not at their finest. lucrative you should consult the section Making More
of Your Business on page 49.
All organs are free from disease but are considered
not fresh, usable but certainly not fresh. They have
also been crammed into one bag which means the
lung has suffered minor damage and the GM rules
that the brain is totally mulched.

Organ 1 - Black Market - Lung - Not Fresh, Damaged


Organ 2 - Black Market - Heart - Not Fresh


So you can see that although street level organ selling

is not hugely profitable, for a simple gangbanger, 375
for a few minutes hacking with a penknife is not a bad



Anyone caught participating in any branch of illegal

organ dealing is fined 15RP as standard. Murder and
assault charges can be added to this as necessary.

Those caught running big time organ legging

businesses are looking at an additional 50RP loss -
basically instant depersonalisation.



Agent Hale stepped onto the luxuriously deep pile of the carpet,
carefully closing the sturdy oak-panelled door behind him. The
tastefully subdued lighting of his MOs office did nothing to hide
the hallmarks of the mans vast wealth. Hale flicked a glance
around the room, taking in the priceless works of art, the display
of antique weaponry on one wall, and most of all the massive
close-fronted mahogany desk at which Hargreaves sat with his
head tipped slightly back and his eyes half-lidded. The desk was
hand-crafted from whole sections of actual wood, which made it
at least three hundred years old; Hale estimated its value as
perhaps twelve times his annual salary.
Sir, began Hale, raising his voice to be heard over the rather
loud classical music that filled the office from hidden speakers. I
wanted to speak with you about that business with the Countess
de Liennes
Hargreaves did not bother to open his eyes, but shifted his
corpulent bulk slightly in the deep and creaking leather of his
chair. The swollen fingers of one liver-spotted hand lightly tapped
a datapad on the vast plane of burnished wood before him; his
voice, when it came out, was little more than a sigh. Ive read
your report in full, Agent Hale. What more could you possibly
wish to add?
Hale hesitated for a moment, then ploughed on earnestly. Just
to reiterate, sir, that I would strongly advise the report be
classified top-secret. Particularly given that the Countess is a
relatively young woman, if it were to come to light that our
surveillance team discovered such significant quantities of tripto-
dimethyl-transmerate in her residence well, sir, it could ruin her.
But to be honest, sir, Im rather more concerned about the
potential for blackmail. Shes obviously very influential in the
eastern sectors, and if someone found out about the TDT, Im
afraid they could pretty much get her to do anything they want.
Now Hargreaves did open his eyes, sunken and bloodshot in his
lined and ruddy face. Hale, your idealism and your
thoughtfulness are assets to your division and your Corporation,
he rasped. But I fear you do me too little credit. The possibility of
blackmail was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read
your entirely excellent report; I most certainly have no intention of
sharing any of these details with anyone outside these four walls.
And it will no doubt comfort you to know that I have already
brought the Countess in and debriefed her thoroughly; you may
rest assured that she and I have gone through all the angles.
Visibly relieved, Agent Hale clicked his heels together and
snapped off a crisp salute. Thank you, sir. And a good afternoon
to you. He turned about smartly and left the office.
Just as the thick door clicked quietly closed behind Hale, a
muffled noise floated up from beneath the enormous desk: the
sound of someone gasping for breath.. Hargreaves glanced
down. Now, Countess, he murmured admonishingly, I dont
think were quite finished yet, are we?
After a few moments, he tipped his head back again, his eyes
closing once more as a smile spread slowly across his face.


Agents from all corporations routinely misuse their 8. Shooting anyone they choose and simply saying I
status but those from E.I. have refined it to an art felt threatened.
form. Whether its forcing citizens to tell on their 9. Letting criminals off on the understanding the
neighbours by issuing threats of depersonalisation or criminals will help the Agents in the future. This
simply getting free food from restaurants by does not have to be as a confidential informant. It
suggesting the establishment is not up to hygiene could be that the criminal can get hold of drugs that
code, there are literally hundreds of ways Agents can the Agent is addicted to or can acquire illegal
get what they want. The most common form of weapons that the division needs.
position abuse is simply to engage in low level, mild 10.Blackmail - Agents have access to a wealth of
threats such as we need to borrow your car, you information on various people. They can also use
would not want to impede an investigation would their impressive surveillance skills to collect
you?. Statements like this will work on most citizens sensitive data and then use this information to force
because generally speaking the UIG dont have the a person to conform to their wishes.
time or inclination to follow up a citizens complaint
and there is often no way to prove the Agent in So how do they get away with it? Surely there are
question was lying. There is also the chance that laws in place to stop this kind of behaviour?
should the citizen in question manage to get the Agent
into trouble, retribution could be far more dangerous Well primarily, as stated before, the UIG do not have
than its worth. Most people would be terrified of an the means nor the desire to follow up on every claim
angry Agent division descending on their home. made by a citizen which states that an Agent
threatened them with such and such. Often the victim
Below are listed a number of commonly used tricks does not have the Agents name or even an adequate
which Agents use to get what they want. Use them in description. Even if, for example, the citizen had
your game to help get the job done quicker and with surreptitiously scanned the Agents ID chip it would
less fuss. still be their word against the Agents which is not
enough for a conviction. The matter would be taken to
1. Keeping contraband from raids and then selling it court and not many people can win a battle against a
on. This can bring in much needed capital for a major corporation unless they have some extremely
division. compelling evidence. Taking into account the fact that
2. Planting contraband on citizens, then using this as recorded video and audio evidence is inadmissible,
leverage to get the citizen to comply in further the corporations always win. Agents are very aware of
matters. this and so often bully their way into getting what they
3. When visiting hotels the Agents can maintain they want, knowing full well only an idiot would try to stand
are conducting an investigation into a serious crime in their way.
which is being perpetrated in the building. They will

need to stay somewhere that evening while they
investigate. I.e. they want a free room.
4. Simply stopping citizens and taking their cars
saying that if the citizens does not comply they will You cant talk about E.I. without going into finance in a
be considered to be impeding an investigation. little detail. From E.I.s private banking services to
5. Demanding free food in restaurants, stating that the running a Finance Division, this section presents a
establishment does not meet regulations and they little more information about money in the Corporation
will close it down if they dont. world.
6. Visiting gun shops and taking a few free clips,
stating that if they examined the shop thoroughly Credits and Cents
they would probably find a tiny breach of code and Perhaps the first thing to cover is the existence of
would revoke the sellers retail license. (And they Cents, the sub-unit of Credits. If you want to buy a
probably would, even if they had to engineer the chocolate bar it would probably cost around 50 cents.
breach themselves.) However, to keep the game nice and simple, cents are
7. Demanding upgrades on commercial travel by normally disregarded. There are 100 cents to a credit.
stating that the Agents believe a dangerous criminal
may be in the first class section.


UIG can only request to look for specific things if they

have due cause and they cannot simply browse for

Unusually the UIG do not abuse this right as they

know E.I. would simply go back to its clandestine
banking techniques if they did. They would rather
have some level of control over E.I.s finances than
none at all. From E.I.s point of view the system
functions well, working in large amounts of slip has
some unwanted side effects such as losing up to 10%
in conversion and being unable to deal with certain
companies, for example, international stocks and
shares cannot be purchased in slip.

How does this affect the game

There are no major issues affecting day to day
gaming. E.I. Agents will often use registered credit
chips issued by F&C, these are better quality and tend
to be a little more elegant, much like using a
chequebook from a Swiss or private bank such as
Coutts & Co.

When E.I. Agents take money out of their accounts

FORSBERG & CAVANAGH - they will receive it in F&C chips rather than the
WEALTH MANAGEMENT AND standard UIF issue ones.
PRIVATE BANKING As F&C chips are for registered credit only they are
United International Financing control nearly all of the not handed over, they are only swiped in machines.
worlds credit. This is an enormous thorn in the side of Thus there is never any reason to give them away.
E.I. who do not always want the UIG to know what is They essentially act like top-up credit cards.
happening with their finances. For this reason E.I.
have in the past kept a great deal of their money out
of the banks and therefore away from the eyes of the CREDIT
UIG. Doing this requires working in huge amounts of A lot of new equipment is presented in this book,
slip credit which is awkward for E.I. and irritating for much of it is rather expensive but as E.I. Agents youll
the UIG. want it nonetheless. In instances where such goods
cannot simply be stolen, a line of credit may be a
Less than 50 years ago, the UIG felt a need to reasonable second option.
address this issue and so set up a semi-private bank
in collaboration with E.I. which would allow the Because Agents lead such dangerous lives and live in
corporation to continue its dealings in registered credit such a day-to-day manner, they are extended only
but without the UIG being able to freely scrutinise their certain types of credit. The system of credit accessible
activity. to citizens is very different and more like the credit
services used in the past.
So how does it work? Basically E.I. Agents from rank
2 onwards are given an account at Forsberg &
Cavanagh, through which they conduct all their EURASIAN CREDIT SERVICES
registered transactions. These transactions are all E.I.s main credit and financial service will allow the
considered private and are overseen by E.I. staff who customer to borrow an amount based on their ability
work in collaboration with the UIG. The UIG are only to repay. However, for Agents the following guidelines
permitted access to the transactions for specific are in place:
investigations. Much like obtaining a legal warrant, the


E.I. Agent or Employee Civilian Loans

Amount borrowable# Rank x 10,000 credits Normal loans are also available for citizens on terms
Collateral needed# None much like there were back in the 21st century. Terms
Interest rate# # 10% remain much the same but instead E.I. have also
Repayable in # # 5 sessions branched out into criminal loans and lending to high
risk parties. They do this because they use Agents as
Non-E.I. Agent / UIG Employee debt collectors and everyone knows what kind of debt
Amount borrowable# Rank x 5,000 credits collectors E.I. Agents would be.
Collateral needed# None
Interest rate# # 20%
Repayable in # # 5 sessions SESSION SLOTS - A TIME SYSTEM

Citizen As we have already discussed in the Loans

Amount borrowable# Rank x 10,000 credits section, using standard time division is not a great
Collateral needed# Property or organ donation idea in a roleplaying game as a session could
# # # agreement cover a year, a month, a week, an hour, a day or
Interest rate# # 20% even a few minutes in the case of a big combat
Repayable in # # 6 weeks / 5 sessions game.

Something that is important to note is that in a As a resolution in some instances Corporation

roleplaying game your entire campaign may only last uses sessions as time divisions. This does not
2 weeks of game world time. This means you could really make sense in the big picture but it serves
take out the biggest loan possible and probably never the functionality of the game well.
pay it back. For this reason loan repayment is
measured in sessions. The typical loan repayment If players realise they have 3 sessions to achieve a
time is 5 sessions which means that should you goal they can start working towards it and it adds a
borrow 10,000 credits at 20%, you will need to pay sense of urgency and realism. If they have 3
back 12,000 credits in 5 sessions time. weeks of in-game time to complete the task, there
could be 20 sessions to get it done in, which would
We are fully aware this does not make sense as those remove much of the thrill.
five sessions could last anywhere from 5 in-game
hours to an in-game year but the overall effect it So as a GM feel free to use the session timing
creates is one of necessity - i.e. the player needs to system for all manner of tasks.
make sure he gets the money back before the start of
session 6 or he is in trouble. Feel free to alter this time

scale to suit your game or to ensure it makes sense to

Penalties for non-payment E.I. need to generate huge amounts of cash to run
Each session the loan goes unpaid an extra 10% of their corporation the way they do and acquiring new
the loans value is added. So at the end of the 6th assets is key to their strategy. One of the main ways
session the loan used in our example will be at 13,000 they do this is through their Asset Seizure
credits. This continues indefinitely. Department. The ASD is a relatively small section of
the corporation and is staffed by only 15 or so mid-
Loan Collection level executives, most of whom are mission officers.
Should the loan continue for 10 sessions unpaid an
E.I. Agent will start having all his wages docked until Every now and then a division who shows promise is
the loan is paid back. His expense account will also assigned to the ASD and told to go out and make
be cancelled until repayment is complete. For non-E.I. some money. They are typically given an old or open
employees debt collectors are dispatched in the form city to work in such as New York or Shanghai and
of Agent divisions. given some financial target to meet. Other than that
they are free to operate as they see fit. Some sample
financial targets are given below.


FINANCIAL TARGETS will give them the impression the city has been well
designed and that there may be real consequences
to their actions.
SESSION CASH (CREDITS) 3. Decide how the target city is run. Are there triads,
yakuza, firms etc? Think of some resident Agent
1 30,000 divisions who will not appreciate your players
moving in and messing things up. What is the UIG
2 80,000 presence like? Are they quick to respond and dutiful
or lazy and corruptible.
3 150,000 4. Will the Agents get starting cash and expense
accounts? The point is for them to make money so
4 300,000 perhaps these luxuries should be curtailed for the
duration of the mission.
5 500,000 5. What are the knock on effects of taking over a
business in the city. Most people have connections
6 750,000 of some sort. If you take over a casino, brothel, gun
shop or chop shop the owner may not be pleased
7 1,000,000 and might tell the local corporation representatives.
This could result in the asset being lost as fast as it
was acquired.
The column marked cash is how much the players
should hand over in cash should they simply be Finance Based Plot Ideas
making short term financial gain. If the players acquire
assets instead of cash then you could consider them 1. The division act as debt collectors, primarily from
to be worth more. For example, winning a game of criminal organisations. Many of these will have their
poker is a one off gain and is considered a cash own augmented heavies so its dangerous work.
acquisition. Taking over a business will continue to 2. The division act as debt collectors from normal
return income long after the Agents have left the area citizens. They will need to systematically go around
and is thus considered an asset. their houses and scare the crap out of them so they
will sell their own grandmothers to pay the debt.
Whether you choose for your division to acquire 3. The division are requested to get people into debt.
assets or cash is really up to you, you may opt for a This could take many forms but will often involve
combination of the two. putting the target under severe financial pressure
and then offering them a way out.
Penalty to Non-Delivery 4. The division are required to borrow money from
If you do not provide the money required, the amount financial institutions owned by someone other than
is doubled and added to next sessions requirement. their own corporation, then somehow default on the
This is a brutal punishment and really sorts the men payment without getting caught. Essentially loan
from the boys. fraud.
5. Someone has committed loan fraud against the
So if you are thinking of letting your division act as corporation. Unknown to them it has been going on
part of the ASD here are some things to consider: for 20 years and the borrower has managed to rip
them off for the sum of 15 million credits. Catch
1. It is a great game type, its very free form and all them and make them pay.
you have to do is ad-lib most of the time. It can be
very rewarding for all concerned because the
players dont have to follow your plot and can try to
rob banks, take over minor corporations or set up
their own businesses.
2. It might be worth thinking of 5 or 6 existing
businesses in the target city which would make
good targets. You can then list these assets to the
players when they first look around the city and it



Training. E.I. Agents and employees are carefully
monitored by their Mission Officers and anyone who

shows enough ruthless, grasping, immoral single-
mindedness will be marked out and considered for
later board membership.

VAN ROSCH - RELIC AND ICON Fortunately for van Rosch, his current board was very
well picked and there has only been one replacement
E.I. represents the epitome of the corporation; in the past century; the individual in question, Robert
totally profit orientated, immoral, ruthless, Anderson, having been removed for questioning
expansive and inhuman. And so it follows that whether the expansion of the Old City Viral Testing
Gunther van Rosch, being the mastermind behind Initiative was in everybody's best interest. It was not
E.I., is the most archetypal CEO. so much his concerns that were an issue, rather the
nature of them. Had he been worried about profit loss,
It is for this reason that this section in this book is potential bad PR or even worldwide contagion thered
strongly integrated with van Roschs background be no problem. Instead he raised the issue of ethics,
information. He is one of the few CEOs whose stating that the new biosimulator in Stuttgart would
ethics (if that is the right word) seep deep into the provide a near perfect breakdown of effects without
roots of the corporation and can be seen in every the concomitant loss of life. Bearing in mind that a
asset from the lowliest soft drink to the largest great deal of money was going to be made by treating
spire. the infected individuals Andersons judgement was
brought into question. Even the mention of ethics over
profit is a surefire way to pinpoint those who have
GUNTHER VAN ROSCH started to think down the wrong avenues.

Gunthers ascension to the position of CEO is detailed Van Roschs iron grip does not only extend to his
in the introduction and does not need repeating here. board members, it reaches deep into the blood and
What is notable however, is that he is the only person guts of the corporation as a whole and he takes it
to have both formed a major corporation and still be in upon himself to get involved with any aspect of the
charge of it. companys running he deems necessary. If he hears
of a lab which is markedly underperforming or a
For the other corporations CEOs come and go, even testing site which has suffered a data leak he is not
though some may have lasted more than two hundred opposed to visiting the site in question and conducting
years, no one has come close to the half century that a personal investigation. Although his advisors often
van Rosch can claim. Gunthers biography is thus consider this to be a significant security risk, van
intertwined into this section as his personality is Roschs attitude is that if he is going to spend all his
directly linked with the structure of the corporation. time locked up in a spire then he may as well take his
own life. Running the corporation is his passion and
A HAND PICKED BOARD van Rosch believes without a hands-on approach not
So what is it about him that is so different from all the only would he get bored and out of touch, the
others? Firstly, when he set about structuring E.I. he corporation itself would begin to rapidly decline.
made sure that the team he selected was both loyal
and shared his ideals. There is nobody on the board AGENTS - ABUSE OF POWER
whose views do not run almost perfectly parallel to his The only element of the corporations running he does
own. There is no democracy and any hint of not overly involve himself in is the control of Agents
alternative thinking is met with a brutal removal from and his absence is clearly noted. E.I. Agents are
power. Naturally the board are free to voice their ideas known to be callous, careless, self-indulgent wildcards
but should one of those ideas fly in the face of van with little or no respect for the rules, who rather than
Roschs objectives the individual would be swiftly avoid trouble, simply rely on E.I. to get them out of it
removed from power. A great deal of preparatory work using cash and lawyers. So why does van Rosch
is done to vet potential board members and this permit these menaces to represent his precious
process starts early on; often as soon as during Agent corporation? Firstly and perhaps most importantly E.I.


Agents instil fear into their enemies like no other mission shields, arranging their operations so that
corporation. The Shi Yukiro may be like murderous should the worst happen the Agents can take cover in
shadows, the Ai-Jinn like tanks, the Federation like a politically sensitive area into which the enemy are
five man armies and Comoros a horrifying unknown, unlikely to deploy high threat measures.
but the sheer destructive might of an E.I. division
coupled with their total disregard for collateral damage With the exception of the Ai-Jinn, the other large
and the law means that even a small scuffle can end corporations tend to play by a certain set of rules and
up with a horrendous death count and enormous E.I. use this honourable practice to their advantage.
damage to corporate assets. Any fallout from such immoral methodology is either
crushed by E.I.s legal teams or washed away with
rivers of cash. And as far as the Ai-Jinn go, they lack
Get this rubbish off my desk. There will be no more E.I.s coffers, legal skills and publicity acumen so
talk of atrocities or chaos; I do not wish to hear despite the absence of ethical practice, are still
another word about controls or regulation. If I unlikely to sink to E.I.s level when it comes to
wanted another phalanx of indoctrinated achieving results.
sycophants to massage my ego, I would hire more
morons for our PR team. I employ our Agents And so you can see, the attitude taken by E.I. Agents
because of their endless creativity in dealing with is actually desirable, although things can be taken too
the issues facing this Corporation every day, and far the corporation does not frown on the abuse of
that is a value-add that no amount of legal fees, Agent power, unethical behaviour or inappropriate use
war crime reparations or paternity suit costs can of corporate assets. True, it doesnt exactly encourage
outweigh. One simply does not stifle creativity. them, that would lead to complete chaos but by
! ! ! ! ! allowing Agents to be a bit naughty van Rosch
-attr: Gunther van Rosch, CEO, Eurasian cleverly turns his otherwise run of the mill soldiers into
Incorporated terrifying mavericks who inspire far more dread than
their training would suggest.


The corporate world is a vile place to live if you are
anything but wealthy and although E.I. Agents are not
paid as much as some, they get some wonderful job
related bonuses which can make their life something
of a materialists dream.

On top of the best wage in the Agent world, E.I.

Agents gain a wealth of rank based bonuses to make
their lives a little more bearable and set them apart
from their rivals. (These can be seen on page 25).
From tailored suits and regular cash bonuses to free
vehicles and luxury apartments, E.I. easily lead the
best lifestyles of any corporate Agents.

Van Rosch knows how much these perks mean to his

Agents and encourages his mission officers to hand
out more as and when deserved. By getting his
Agents used to these sublime levels of decadence he
ST IN - FEDERATION STORM MATERNITY CLINIC - MOTHERS ACCUSE makes it very hard for them to defect. Only those with
extremely hardline morals would be likely to leave E.I.
for another corporation and its very unlikely these
Some E.I. divisions are known to carry dirty suitcase individuals would have joined the corporation in the
bombs with them and use them as a last ditch threat first place.
should things not go as planned. Its also a common
technique to use schools or other public buildings as


SO MUCH FUN Instead van Rosch takes the attitude - this is the best
And last, but by no means least, E.I. is known to be damn corporation in the world, live it, love it, have
perhaps the most fun of the corporations to work for. some fun, if the shit hits the fan well get you off with a
The fact that you can easily get three bottles of 50 slap on the wrist and youll be home in time for tea
year old scotch and a team of hookers through your and medals.
expenses with little more than a devilish grin is such a
plus to most Agents that the corporation seldom THE FORGING OF A CEO
needs to worry about loyalty enforcement in the same So what made Gunther van Rosch into the man he is?
way as the Federation and Comoros do. Bearing in Surprisingly it was nothing especially notable; he was
mind there are no deep seated codes of brotherhood born in 2095 to Silvia and Mikhail van Rosch. His
or honour such as those shown by the Ai-Jinn or Shi father was a well paid spin doctor for a large chemical
Yukiro, its quite remarkable how E.I. have done such company and his mother a socialite who spent most of
a good job at keeping their hedonistic rabble loyal to her time flitting between lunches, charity dinners and
the cause. shopping trips.

Although Gunther was an able child his school

He is Greed, and Mammon lives in him; his performance was not remarkable, but what he lacked
grasping corruption has infected a great host, and in academic prowess he made up for in the
his Spires are the horns of the seven-headed understanding of people. He took a keen interest in
beast. His legions would drag the world into his fathers work and never ceased to be impressed at
squalor and ruin for a piece of gold. All righteous how the man was able to take a seemingly hopeless
men abhor him; all of the faithful strive for the day situation such as a chemical leak which has killed
of his Fall. And that day will come, even if it costs thousands and turn it into not just a harmless accident
the blood of a thousand times a thousand martyrs. but an opportunity for the company to benefit. Even
! ! ! ! ! now van Rosch never sees a situation as negative, his
-Temur Yeke, Revelations of the Second Age ingenious brain will somehow turn the situation on its
head and the corporation will come out of it better off.

This ability to reverse fortunes is brilliantly backed up

by his understanding of modern human nature. A
So all these Agent handling systems are listed here
million books have been written on the subject and
for good reason; they all allude to the psyche of Mr.
philosophers and psychologists will endlessly debate
Gunther van Rosch. Each one demonstrates his deep
what drives the human mind but to van Rosch it
seated knowledge of how the modern human works
seems it is not so complex: meaning and pleasure.
and although some slip through the net due to
morality or a realisation that there must be more to life
than money and blowing stuff up, it is a rare event for
Van Rosch believes that all lives need meaning,
an Agent to desert the corporation. When such
otherwise, regardless of the quantity of luxuries rained
defections do occur they are typically to Comoros or
down on someone, they will always feel a yearning for
the UIG which would suggest that its an ethical
something else and that something else could
reason for desertion rather than anything to do with
manifest in negative behaviour or at the worst
lack of rewards or job dissatisfaction. Van Rosch sees
defection. On the other hand, the way the world is at
the odd desertion as unavoidable and although such
the moment, if a typical person feels they are missing
individuals are added to the blacklist and hunted by
out on something such as a new car, a holiday or a
their former colleagues, there are no loyalty
designer suit, discontentment can also begin to breed.
enforcement schemes active within the corporation to
prevent such events.
By focusing on these two elements throughout the
entirety of the corporation, van Rosch has
Van Rosch sees such behaviour as counter productive
successfully developed a workforce who find at least
and that forcing your workers to attend a course on
some meaning in their everyday labours and are
why they should not leave, is in fact suggesting to
compensated well enough that they can play keeping
them that perhaps there is a reason for them to leave
up with the Joneses to their hearts content.
and that you want to fortify them against inevitable


Much of this insight was a result of watching his He will order the indiscriminate cleansing of an
mother and her friends. Although they all had more underswell in the same conversation as offering free
disposable cash than they knew what to do with, it medical treatment for a group of Freestate refugees.
was those who had a driving force in their lives who What unites these two acts is that they are
tended to be the most content. Spending large undoubtedly both good for the corporation. Despite its
amounts of money on designer dresses, lavish excellent employee care record, thousands of
interiors and exclusive lunches was only sufficient to benevolent acts and billions of credits spent in free
alleviate the monotony of an empty life and went little medical treatment, van Rosch has not committed a
way towards creating real satisfaction. When he selfless act in over 400 years. Every kindness is a
looked at his mother however, who passionately calculated move; and it is not an exaggeration to say
raised money for the victims of her husbands van Rosch is as close to actually being a corporation
chemical companies, he saw someone who seemed as it is possible to come. He is merciless, unflappable,
genuinely content (or at least content enough to not immoral, unethical, profit driven and without regret
question her lifestyle and to be an all round productive and despite his generous treatment of those around
citizen). him, he really has not one ounce of compassion in his
soul. One thing you can be certain of is that should
As soon as Gunther began working towards forming Eurasian Incorporated do the right thing, its simply
E.I. he used these simple principles to make sure part of a larger game plan in which kindness and
those around him were loyal and enthusiastic in their generosity play no part.
work. For example, when setting someone the task of
digging up some dirt on a rival company, he would That is not to say van Rosch is evil, far from it, his
instil into that person a firm belief that the company actions are motivated purely by what is good for the
needed to fall, that the people in charge were rotten to corporation. If he could create the most profit by giving
the core and that without this vital work the world away medical care he would, the suffering or
would be a worse place. Obviously this example happiness his decisions cause play no part in the
would only work for someone with a decent sense of decision making process. Its also worth knowing that
right and wrong, his tactics would change were the van Rosch plays the long game, he is never out to
employee a little less scrupulous. make a fast credit and some of his manoeuvres which
were started back at the formation, have still not come
So at every level E.I. ensure that its employees are to their conclusion.
well paid for their work and that they are able to be
strong warriors in the consumer war. Likewise every
employee is made very aware of their importance in
In my four hundred years of life, an interminable
the corporation as a whole. No one is made to feel like
succession of idiots have variously informed me
a tiny cog in a huge machine. In addition, a number of
that one cannot buy happiness, faith, class,
services are made available to every member of staff,
creativity, love, and a number of other rather
these include counselling, social advice, basic medical
ephemeral abstractions. They are wrong because
care, sports and games, after hours clubs and so on.
they are too poor to understand a very simple truth:
By giving employees access to a wealth of activities
with enough money, you can buy all of those
they form more relationships and have more meaning
things. Or at least rent them.
in their lives. Although van Rosch spends a great deal
! ! ! ! !
of the corporation's money making sure all his
-attr: Gunther van Rosch, CEO, Eurasian
employees are content, the benefits of a motivated,
effective, loyal workforce are beyond question.


Gunther van Rosch would be described by many,
especially psychologists, as a psychopath. Maybe PERSON TO PERSON
hes been alive too long, perhaps he is simply Anyone meeting van Rosch might mistake him for a
detached in a way seldom seen but regardless the simple business man, he wears well tailored suits,
man is more of a machine than a person. works in an office and holds the demeanour of a
somewhat severe CEO. He is to the point, logical,
cold and quick but any hints of emotion one might


detect on him are merely practiced affectations that he Van Rosch is playing the long game, waiting until all
uses to put others at ease. And again, dont think this his pieces are in place before making a pivotal move
is a kindness, on occasions when van Rosch does not which will throw the main players into a single decisive
make the effort to appear at least a little normal, conflict where only one victor can emerge.
people find it almost impossible to talk to him which
makes for a somewhat pointless conversation, which So what moves are E.I. making and how will they
is of course, a waste of the corporations time. guarantee the outcome of the war? Economic
expansion is top of the agenda. Van Rosch believes
that money makes the world go round and its only the
Comoros corporation who would be not crippled by
Anyone who spends any time around Gunther van having their economy ripped apart. Although the slow
Rosch cannot help but notice the smell that follows accumulation of assets is essential to the grand plan,
him everywhere. Oh, the man himself is never less it needs to be bolstered by a little clandestine
than immaculately groomed; it is something he infiltration. In short E.I. have been steadily training
brings out in other people. It fills small branch operatives and placing them into rival-owned financial
offices when he descends on them in one of his institutions, allowing them to exist as sleeper Agents
legendary micromanagement exercises, where for as long as necessary. These men and women are
careers are made or destroyed with a few terse even fed useful nuggets of information from E.I. to
words in that famously emotionless voice. It hangs allow them to perform well for their employers, the
in the shadowed boardrooms where he meets with idea being to make them invaluable and thus be
the heads of the other Corporations, who invariably promoted into positions of power.
find themselves rapt in horrified fascination at the
sheer wealth he will throw at the most innocuous With E.I. placing their operatives into the managing
acquisition, even as they desperately try to discern echelons of the worlds major financial bodies, the
the agenda that they know must underpin his bid. It game of chess E.I. are playing grows to a scale none
is expensive cologne gone sour with anxiety, it is of the other corporations would have dreamed of. The
sweat seeping through the fabric of perfectly assassins of the Shi Yukiro and soldiers of the
tailored suits, it is the coppery hint of old blood. It is Federation cannot turn their knives and guns on their
the stink of greed and fear. own companies. Without a target that bleeds many of
! ! ! their rivals assets will be rendered useless and the
-attr: Hermann Aunger, UIG special trade envoy to war may be won without a bullet being fired.
Eurasian Incorporated
This is of course the endgame, the master plan if you
will, and it is far from being achieved. The other
corporations are not ignorant to the fiscal threat that
GOALS E.I. presents and make a point of keeping their
Van Roschs plans are not a mystery and are simply to corporate finances as secure and incorruptible as
have E.I. control the entirety of civilisation replacing all possible. It can be very difficult to keep E.I. out of your
the other corporations and the UIG with a single, giant finances, much in the same way as it is hard not to
entity run by himself. The methods however, are a rely on Ai-Jinn made buildings or Federation made
little less well publicised. weapons. Many choose to use the UIGs banking
facilities but they are crude compared to E.I.s and it
Financial domination is of course important, through leaves all your accounts open to government scrutiny.
continual economic growth it should be possible to
undermine and crush E.I.s rivals. At present, although In the short term E.I. has a number of smaller plans.
E.I. have enormous financial muscle they believe the
time is not yet right to strike. They can currently 1. To perfect a way to neutralise the Comoros
maintain a corporate empire whilst having plenty of telepathic threat. Their progress in the matter has
resources free to expand, speculate and defend their been kept under wraps and they refrain from any
existing resources. Should they start to put the open testing of their work. They have no wish for
squeeze on other corporations there is a very good Comoros to get hold of their research and devise
chance that their rivals will retaliate which would force countermeasures. Even the discovery of psitropine
E.I. into a war they are not quite ready for. As ever by E.I. researchers was ingeniously manipulated to


appear as though the Federation had engineered it. one-free. By having these unassailable businesses
A loss of profit yes, but a move which ensured integrated not only into the enemys cities but into
Comoros turned its attention towards the their culture, E.I. have a powerful foothold which
Federation rather than E.I. they can use for all manner of financial and street
level operations.
2. To take over medium to small sized businesses
in rival territories. This is normally done by Agent 5. The destruction of UIF. United International
divisions who are tasked to visit susceptible areas Financing present some significant challenges for
where local loyalty to the corporation in question is E.I. Firstly anyone who has a grudge against E.I.
low. For example, if the Ai-Jinn have recently gone can bank with them and although UIF are a long
into a town and used force of arms to crush local way behind E.I. in terms of service, they maintain
anti-corporate feeling a group of E.I. Agents may they will not invest your money immorally and they
actually be welcome and the residents may not will not use it for the furtherment of any corporation.
object to them setting up shop in exchange for a Although each corporation has its own financial
little security. Likewise in some of the Old Cities, services which citizens are able to bank with, they
particularly Federation ones, where Agents are are simply UIF subsidiaries and are notoriously
more brutal and indiscriminate, the locals may not susceptible to any fluctuations in the economy and
have a problem with rival Agents, especially if it your debts or interest rates can soar overnight. Its
takes the attention away from them. no surprise that these dreaded fluctuations are
generally a direct result of E.I. manipulating the
3. Destabilisation of existing commercial worlds finances in a deliberate attempt to make
ventures. For example, the Shi Yukiro chain banking with anyone but themselves a great risk.
Shishi-Zen which sells healthy Japanese style Unfortunately UIF are large enough to weather
cuisine from its thousands of shops around the these storms so are still getting a lot of business
world is an official E.I. target. If ever E.I. Agents are from customers all over the world. So how are E.I.
out and about or short of work they are told to going about reducing UIF to rubble? Firstly they
compromise an Shishi-Zen. This could mean use their economic clout to make life very hard for
smashing windows, stealing stock, spreading UIF. Although as mentioned earlier, UIF are able to
rumours, introducing toxins into the food and so on. bounce back from some extremely unpleasant
The Shi Yukiro have remained amazingly situations it all takes its toll on the company.
successful with Shishi-Zen despite the campaign Secondly and perhaps most importantly from an
but its definitely going downhill. Predictions say Agents point of view is the sabotage of UIF assets
that in 2515 Shishi-Zen will be unprofitable, which includes (but is not limited to) terror attacks
whether the Shi Yukiro will choose to continue on bank property, bank robberies, intimidation of
running the chain after this point is unknown but staff, theft of customers, blackmail and more
nonetheless, the damage reduces profit, deviously, destruction of assets insured by UIF
undermines the corporation and is bad for morale; such as the sinking of cargo ships or the bombing
all things that E.I. strive to bring about in their rivals. of buildings. These dirty tricks are especially
unpleasant as UIF, being owned by the UIG, are
4. Expansion and integration of existing brands. extremely unlikely to retaliate as this would be
This means not only making the brand larger and counter productive to their overall mission.
more successful but integrating it into peoples
lives. Two excellent examples of this process are 6. Domination of the medical industry. E.I. are so
Kananga (page 75) and Grenade du Jour (page far ahead in the world of medicine that it is almost
134). The Kananga energy drink is so embedded in impossible for anyone else to catch up. Two
so many subcultures that the resident corporations Snakes are the only ones who even get close and
dare not ban it for fear of massive public unrest. their products tend to be very specialised and
Likewise Grenade du Jour has become the number centred around field medicine, biological warfare
one stop for all Agents to purchase their explosives. and espionage systems. If you want a cure for your
The special offers and fantastic service have made eczema, excessive weight, migraines, bad heart,
the company indispensable to the point that even IBS or rotting teeth youre going to end up at an E.I.
E.I.s most ardent opponents have been known to clinic. For the meantime E.I. are happy for Two
pop in when heavy EMP grenades are buy-one-get- Snakes to carry on their work. They have teams of


researchers who would never work for E.I. and so people will work out that E.I. are working with anti-
rather than have them wasted, they let them telepathic drugs.
continue their studies with Two Snakes and simply 2. Establish your division in a city which is not anti-E.I.
use their infiltrators to steal the data. This has been and start a business. The larger you can make this
going on for years and so far E.I. have kept it a business the better. As soon as it is self sufficient
secret, occasionally making a show of attempting to move on and start another, the goal being to
blatantly steal some intel so that Two Snakes dont establish a chain as fast as possible.
become suspicious. E.I. are careful not to go public 3. Pick an enemy chain store and take it down. This
with the stolen data and simply store it, employ could involve any number of methods from
elements of it or use it as a stepping stone to sabotage to slander and intimidation.
perform a branch of related research. Although it 4. Build a brand. Find a gap in the market and fill it. It
sounds like a surefire way to take over the world, might be a good idea to steal something another
control of medicine is no better than dominating the corporation is about to release. Obviously
worlds electronic industry, macrostructure or intellectual property laws will need to be bypassed
education systems. E.I. also have to be very careful etc.
about inter-corporate espionage. Their rivals could 5. Help E.I. in their destruction of UIF by staging a
very easily reverse engineer a drug, find out how to good old fashioned bank robbery.
make it and then go into business. To ensure this 6. The location of a fake drug synthesis lab has been
does not happen E.I. take a fourfold approach. discovered. Go over there and teach them a
Firstly they lace their drugs with molecular lesson.
instability tags which cause the compounds to 7. Create a batch of poisonous fake drugs and
destabilise under certain types of radiation. This distribute them whilst pretending to be from a rival
makes it very hard to analyse them. Secondly they corp. This will reinforce the benefit of buying
run huge advertising campaigns about the value of genuine drugs.
original drugs; these can be very effective at 8. Destroy an asset insured by UIF. This could be a
scaring people away from replica drugs. Thirdly building, factory, cruise ship, stockpile etc. Make
they offer excellent support for their customers; its sure it appears to be a genuine accident as
easy to sell someone a drug but E.I. have a vast sabotage is not generally covered by UIFs policies.
network of clinics staffed by caring professionals 9. Take over a number of rival owned businesses.
who will take the time to determine a patients This will be hard and they will have access to
requirements. This is not going to happen with any Agents. You may need to use tricks such as
other companies. And lastly, good old fashioned blackmail or bribery.
wetwork. When E.I. find out where the drugs are 10.Engineer a way to slander a rival luxury product,
being made they send in squads of Agents armed for example, a Japanese fashion brand. The idea
with heavy weapons and nerve toxins. Few being to make room to create more space in the
chemists are brave enough to risk this kind of market for E.I.s brands such as Cappali.
involvement. E.I. Agents are not always so blatant
and have been known to simply poison drug
batches so that the customers all die in a horrific SHADOW CEO - RANK 9 - ALEXEI
manner; E.I. naturally use the situation to denounce
fake drugs and reinforce their own trustworthiness. KARGIN - LEGAL

There are of course dozens of other plans being The slim, unassuming figure of Agent Kargin should
hatched by E.I. at any time and these include all the never be underestimated. His quiet demeanour and
standard schemes such as murdering rival Agents, gentle manner belie a man who would stop at nothing
stealing technology, infiltration on a corporation level, to ensure the safe and efficient running of the
building more spires and so on. corporation.

MISSION IDEAS Throughout his career as E.I.s head litigator he has

1. Break into the Federations psitropine labs and acquired a reputation of being the most unscrupulous
steal their latest research notes. This needs to be man to grace the worlds legal process.
done without anyone knowing it has happened or


Appearing to be in his late 40s with greying hair and a were poor people and would be unable to pay the
slight build, Kargin is Russian though he speaks all rent.
international languages with no trace of an accent and
no task chips or translation software. His study of The residents, in a remarkably brave effort, took their
world languages and cultures, he maintains, is crucial story to the press and managed to borrow the funds
to his understanding of world politics and from Comoros to take E.I. to court; their case was
mechanisms, and thus his understanding of human considered watertight and they felt they could not let
nature. E.I. get away with this.

Kargin was first recruited from the ranks of the UIG The court case took several months and it was looking
when it was noticed he was one of the few UIG like the residents were going to win, they even had
lawyers who was willing to stoop to dirty tricks, binding agreements from E.I. stating that they would
intimidation and borderline crime in order to win his be given spire city homes (the Agent who worded
cases. It became apparent that Kargin was all about those documents has subsequently been disciplined
the winning and was not really interested in the and given some lessons on the correct way to word
success of the legal system. legal documents).

Over the following 300 years Kargin was given all the In a move that is still considered one of the dirtiest
resources he required in order to win some of the legal tricks in history, Alexei Kargin found out where
hardest cases in E.I.s colourful history. He was not the residents were currently staying, (a cheap hotel in
averse to taking to the streets, personally conducting Zurich) and sought out the owner offering to buy the
background work that would ensure a successful trial. property for quadruple its value if he did it on the
Acts such as murder, intimidation, blackmail, theft of quiet. Kargin subsequently bribed a local UIG Officer
evidence, planting evidence and even jail breaks were to fill out a Trespassing Caution stating that the
all part of his active Agent life and he relished stacking residents had not paid their rent and were staying in
all the cards in his favour before the game began. The the hotel illegally. Not only that but he made sure the
fact that he was a tremendous litigator was just the notice said they had been previously cautioned and
icing on the cake. told to move on.

Were you to have the pleasure of meeting Agent This document was sufficient to convict all the
Kargin, you would be pleasantly surprised, he is a well residents staying in the hotel with aggravated
educated, softly spoken man with a seemingly trespass. This conviction in the hands of Kargin, along
generous nature and time to speak with anyone who with the sentence of a blackmailed judge and a lack of
asks. Underneath this facade however beats a heart high-end legal defence resulted in the residents losing
of stone; everything on the surface, the smiles, the enough rank for them all to be depersonalised. As a
polite conversation and the gentle manner is all an gesture of goodwill to the court, Kargin offered to buy
act. Kargin feels very little for anyone but knows the the criminalised residents there and then to help
human soul well and is able to replicate the correct recompense the court for its wasted time. They were
action in order to make others feel comfortable. Its subsequently shipped to Brienz Bioweapon Lab where
only when one looks back at the legal atrocities he they were used as human test subjects.
has performed does one begin to understand the true
nature of the man and wonder at the seeming duplicity
of his existence.
In E.I. Europe, the first thing all the lawyers do is
kill you.
One of his most famous cases was the razing of
Brienz in Switzerland. E.I. had opted to build a
Graffiti on the side of the Brienz lab complex
laboratory complex on the site of the town. The
residents, were temporarily rehoused in prefabs
pending relocation to the nearby spire city in Lucerne.
Upon completion of the complex E.I. informed the This grotesque orchestration by Agent Kargin was the
residents that there was no room for them in the spire case that got him promoted to Shadow CEO, van
city, though in truth it was simply the fact that these Rosch was extremely impressed with his
resourcefulness and was able to see though Kargins


veneer of civility. He enjoyed the idea of his Shadow

Advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to
CEO being devoid of normal emotions as he would be
the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied
far more predictable and if correctly motivated would
in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained
be extremely loyal and effective. He was also aware
in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.
that having a Russian as his second in command
would demonstrate that the corporation was
Bertrand Russell
represented fairly in a geographical and cultural

Van Rosch and Kargin are about as close as a pair of

detached, single minded sociopaths can be and the OTHER MEMBERS OF THE BOARD
union has worked successfully for many years. Kargin
enjoys his position as head of legal and makes time to On the following pages you will find descriptions of the
lecture up and coming E.I. litigators on how to get the major, long standing board members. Although other
most out of the law. Although he still practices law on members come and go, the ones listed here are the
a regular basis, especially for the big cases, he no core of E.I.s executive committee. You may notice
longer engages in active missions. Saying that, that many of the board members have a tendency
divisions will be asked to meet with him prior to towards being emotionally challenged, detached
missions to discuss possible legal repercussions or sociopaths. This is no coincidence; van Rosch himself
they may be specifically requested in order to stack is not known for his empathic nature and sees a lack
his card for an upcoming trial. of human connection as a good thing. As he sees it,
the less involved a person is, the more able he or she
Visions for the Future is to make objective, rational decisions. This remains
true as you ascend the E.I. hierarchy and as an Agent
Agent Alexei Kargin is not a man of great vision, ascends in rank, she often loses her more human
instead he is what might be called an implementer. He traits.
has a tremendous ability to see what needs to be
done to achieve a particular result; hence his skill as a
lawyer. He also, like van Rosch, is highly adept at
understanding human nature. With van Roschs
dynamic leadership and foresight and Kargins facility
for execution E.I. look difficult to stop. What makes
them even more dangerous is that their
comprehension of the human animal allows them to
give the masses what they want, and so as much as
the other corporations would like to see E.I. burn,
generally speaking, the populace dont. They want
their designer clothes, flashy cars, blockbuster films,
cheap healthcare, luxury accommodation, daytime TV,
glossy magazines, tasty snacks, luxury holidays, fine
wines and trips into space. Without E.I. the world
would be plunged into the dark ages of health and
leisure. And although you could say the same thing
about all corporations, most citizens can imagine a
world without the Ai-Jinns massive structures, the
WFs guns and the Shi Yukiros high-end tech. They
cannot, however, comprehend a life where they would
have to live in a prefab city eating slop and watching
endless reruns of WF and Ai-Jinn propaganda shows.
Kargin and van Rosch have made E.I. the one
corporation few people will admit to liking but even
fewer would be without.


LUCAS HARRION - RANK 8 - MERGERS AND Harrion is known as somewhat of a monster. Although
ACQUISITIONS he may be seen joking and laughing its the kind of
humour that terrifies those around him; only other
members of the board have the luxury of knowing he
Tally bloody ho, you bastards, and down the hatch!
wont execute them on the spot for getting a drinks
And this ones for Spitzer, poor bugger, but a bet is
order wrong. Harrion has three distinct demeanours -
a bet and I swear to God he almost did manage to
the joking, laddish, hail good fellow well met; the
crowbar the tracks off that P-tank at the Shenzhen
serious, level headed, shrewd, calculating
shindig. Id have paid up like a shot if he had, of
businessman; and the emotionless, murdering
course. Like a shot. Yes, my dear, another round
psychopath. Of course, the first two aspects of Lucas
for my brave bunch of survivors here, haha.
are controllable, he can turn these on and off as
I say! Williams! That bloody SY wonkey-chonk at
needed, the third and more concerning state is not so
the bar is looking at you funny. Get over there and
easy to hide. Should an employee make a mistake, an
give him what for! Whats that? Now listen here,
inappropriate comment, or simply get unlucky, the
chum, dont give me that corporate relations
Devil (as hes known behind his back) is quite
twaddle, what it boils down to is us versus the
capable of having the unfortunate individual executed
wonkies, the primitives and the sodding Yanks and
on the spot or thrown into the arena at Magadan.
let me tell you theres no place in my outfit for any
man who lets the other lot eyeball him like that.
Harrion is a well built man appearing to be in his early
Clear? Now get to it. Good show. I say, you lot, a
forties with a strong jaw and greying, combed back
thousand credits each says he gets sliced up like
hair. He wears expensive suits, normally in grey and
Multymeat, whos on? Capital! Yes, my dear,
has pale blue eyes which seem to reduce most men
another round for my intrepid betting buddies, and
and women to whimpers with their intensity.
heres a little something for you, haha, sorry about
any mess we might cause, know what I mean?
Being in charge of Mergers and Acquisitions, its
Oh, there he goes now - Williams, man, you cant
Harrions job to bring new companies under E.I.s
dodge a bloody sword, get inside his reach! Up
umbrella, either through complete takeover or through
close and personal! Ohhh, nasty. Haha. Alright,
mergers, though these unifications are often heavily
pay up, you lot. And wipe those looks off your
one sided and are simply takeovers wearing very
faces, you miserable arseholes, drop of the good
clever disguises. Much to Harrions frustration, his
stuffll see you right. Down the hatch! This ones for
work means he is forced to associate with field Agents
Williams, the stupid slow bastard.
on a daily basis. Much of the groundwork for a
Sorry, my friend, can I help you? No, with respect,
takeover involves destabilising the target, taking out
fuck off, he wasnt one of mine; loose cannon et
certain key individuals, sabotaging assets and
cetera. Youve had your satisfaction, as far as E.I.
applying pressure in the form of blackmail. Because
goes the matter is closed, and well pay the
the less people who know what is going on the better,
cleaning bill as per bloody usual. Yes, very good.
Harrion often chooses to skip mission officers and go
Carry on.
straight to the active division. Unfortunately for him
Well, he didnt have much of a sense of humour,
this often means working with idiots and although he
did he? Stiff bunch of johnnies over in Japland, I
has a few trusted divisions he can rely on, he has
can tell you, damnable place. Right. One more lot
been known to have an entire division killed for their
of these and well hop over to the Old City for a
proper night on the town. Dont blame me if you
dont come home in the morning, but any man still
Being picked to work for Harrion is somewhat of a
standing at the end of the night is on the fast track.
mixed bag, on the one side, if you perform well you
Death or glory, what? Haha. Yes, my dear, another
will find yourself rapidly promoted and privy to a
wealth of top-level information. Additionally for those
E.I. Agents looking to rise in the social world, this is
attr: Lucas Harrion, E.I. Head of Mergers and
also a great boon as Harrions parties and nights out
are famous for their debauchery, decadence and
extravagance. Anyone who has hit the town with
Lucas Harrion, aside risking death and arrest, will
certainly have made a number of powerful friends and


strengthened their position in upper echelons of the half the worlds women either follow suit or start
corporation. saving up. The power she wields is subtle yet potent
and she can make or break companies on a whim.
The downside of being one of his active divisions is Even the food she eats and the programmes she
that whether you succeed or not, his legendary watches are cleverly revealed to boost sales in one
temper could see you missing limbs, dead or fighting area or increase ratings in another. Should the
packs of slavering monsters in the arena. Federation be airing a show on E.I. scandals it could
be revealed that Allesandra will be making a live guest
ALLESANDRA BIANCO FIERA - RANK 8 - appearance on another channel at the same time.
As regards her work, Allesandra seldom gets involved
The elegant Miss Bianco Fiera heads up E.I.s world- in fieldwork and so has little reason to meet with
dominating fashion industry. She is also responsible Agents. She has been known to engage in romances
for the styling of the corporation as a whole and with some of the more well-known foot soldiers but
although she no longer works as a designer she has a these are often carefully orchestrated affairs designed
keen eye for a successful look and employs those to highlight the career of certain charismatic
who she knows can come up with the goods. individuals in an attempt to catapult them to celebrity
status overnight.
Allesandra appears to be in her late 20s and at
present of Italian descent though this can change at a
moments notice. Her olive skin, dark eyes, classical WHOS THE LUCKY MAN (OR WOMAN)
features and flawless figure, though clearly not
natural, are the best money can buy. She is very much As an interesting plot idea you could have one of
a woman of the 24th century and enjoys continually the division members chosen to be Allesandras
remodelling herself to stay ahead of current trends. next consort. She is well beyond male and female
Indeed, most of the fashion conscious world sees distinctions and will take either as her lover
Bianco Fiera as the ultimate icon and model their own assuming they are stunningly good looking and
look around hers. This is not an accident but a meticulously attired in the latest fashion.
carefully maintained phenomenon which is central to
the ebb and flow of E.I.s fashion-based economy. The chosen one will be in for a tough time as they
However, if the masses ever caught up with must not only satisfy the demanding Miss Bianco
Allesandra she would be devastated and may well Fiera, they must also play a role for the public. This
have a total body overhaul. could include going on extremely dangerous
missions, making public appearances, going on
Although Allesandra loves her work and enjoys being chat shows, attending premieres and so on.
the epitome of fashion and style it can be very
draining. She has to regularly be seen in public so that The rest of the division will obviously be in tow
the new trends can dissipate though the consumer most of the time for security purposes so theres no
base but this does not come without problems. The need to leave anyone out.
press, especially the anti-E.I. newspapers,
programmes and magazines, take great pleasure in
ripping her down from her pedestal. The Federation Allesandras physical and combat prowess is
maintain she is a corporate whore, selling her body something of a mystery. Although it is well known that
and soul for cold cash and Comoros pity her saying she ascended through the ranks of the corporation in
she is deluded and surrounded in so many layers of the normal manner, it has been so long since she has
illusion that she must wonder who she really is. The been on a mission that there are few who remember
Ai-Jinn and Shi Yukiro oddly enough, are quite happy her exploits. In reality she worked as an assassin and
to let her be, they seem to enjoy the world of E.I. social engineer relying on stealth and charm to
fashion seeing it as a harmless indulgence and a complete her assignments rather than out and out
healthy pastime for the citizenry. aggression. Her feminine wiles are still powerful
weapons but she has not needed a garrotte or
Allesandra for the most part is more than able to poisoned blade for some time. It is interesting to note
weather the abuse, when she wears Astazier shoes, however that she was rank 7 when she retired from


active field duty so was presumably a formidable killer face to face is likely to make a friend and he is one of
with a potent range of skills, weapons and the few individuals that has ever been close with three
cybernetics. CEOs (Ai-Jinn, E.I. and Comoros).

LORD HENRY DAVENPORT - MARITIME Davenports primary function above all is to inspire the
ADVENTURER - RANK 8 - CORPORATE E.I. workforce to be proud of their heritage and who
INTEGRITY they are. Despite the fact that much of what Lord
Davenport represents is British, he speaks with
Lord Henry is a self confessed adventurer of the old warmth about the whole of the Eurasian corporate
school who benefitted from a superb education, and a state and seems to show as much love and
successful career as an Agent. During his time in the enthusiasm for the Russian side of the corporation as
field he was responsible for some of E.I.s most daring he does for the European.
raids and marvellous discoveries. From the day he
stole the Shi Yukiro CEOs Ion katana to the time he As far as active duty goes, Henry insists on going on
battled the Jaguar people of Guri Lanzi, Lord Henry the occasional mission, insisting it is necessary in
Davenport has always been an iconic E.I. Agent who order to stay in touch with the way his corporation
enbodies much of what the corporation stand for. works. This attitude gains him even more favour with
Although he has never retired from active duty he is Agents who appreciate the fact that although they are
no longer quite as present in the field as he once was. risking their lives each day for the corporation, at least
Instead he channels most of his energies into keeping some of the board are doing the same.
the spirit of times gone by alive and well among the
corporate ranks.
So what does this involve? Along with Allesandra RESPONSIBILITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS
Bianco Fiera and Chris Vaughn he acts as one of the
main faces of the corporation. Bianco Fiera is the If Lord Henry Davenport (above) could be considered
glamourous, elite aspect, Vaughn the slick, corporate, E.I.s secret weapon then Agent Chris Vaughn would
competent one and Davenport the charming, bygone be its nuke. He is a fierce but confident man with cold,
character full of fantastic and loveable nostalgia. hard eyes and a powerful build. Vaughn is typically
brought out when matters of corporate policy or
If E.I. ever want to present their more homely, various incidents have reached the public eye and
approachable, non-threatening side to the world, they created anti-E.I. sentiment.
roll out Davenport. Few can fail to be won over by his
good nature and affable manner. When he talks of his He is almost impossible to out talk and when
missions (or adventures as he calls them) even those interviewed has an incredible ability to make the
who were once on the receiving end seem to feel a interviewer look like an ill informed idiot while making
bizarre kinship with the great man. the corporation look hard done by and well
Davenport stands six feet high, has broad shoulders
and appears to be around 50 years old though in Vaughn knows corporate policy inside and out, he also
reality is more along the lines of 350. He wears makes it his business to be aware of all Agent
antiquated clothing, often in the form of tweeds, operations currently going on throughout the world. By
smoking jackets or safari suits. He sports a large taking the time to assess the risks of all these
moustache and is normally found smoking a pipe. His operations he is able to prepare cover stories should
hair is always slicked down with Macassar oil. some of the more sensitive operations go wrong.
Should any Agents be involved in particularly
Lord Davenport makes a great impression whenever horrendous disasters they can expect to meet Agent
he appears in an interview or is a guest on a chat Vaughn face to face - a meeting in which they can
show. He even manages to leave out all the ethnic expect to come out feeling somewhat worse for wear.
slurs and misogynistic comments his friend Sir Basil
Wainthrop is so famous for, which has the result of
making even his corporate rivals less opposed to him
than they might like to be. Anyone meeting Davenport



Agent Vaughn is an excellent character to use

when a mission has gone badly wrong and the
division are being chased around Tokyo by ninjas
and cyberlins.

He will typically infiltrate the location and approach

the division, taking command with overwhelming
authority. He will bark commands and make
unreasonable demands on the Agents abilities in
order to sort out the situation.

Alternatively you can have the players report to

him when they have screwed up badly. He will tear
them apart and have them relate the exact details
of the mission so that he may create a convincing
tale to spin to the public.



Halina heads up E.I.s Contracts and Suppression

department, this cryptically named section is
responsible for damage limitation and simply put
decides who gets killed and who gets forced to keep
their mouth shut. C&S is obviously never openly
spoken of and if it is brought up tends to be referred to
as Damage Limitation.

E.I. create a great deal of ill feeling where they

Christian Vaughn was born to German parents in a
operate and certain people could potentially do the
small town in Holland. As a child he was obsessed
corporation a great deal of damage. For this reason
with becoming an Agent and applied as soon as
the company must identify such threats and either turn
possible. He made division leader at a very young age
them, suppress them or murder them. Its Agent
and it was not long before his skills in command and
Barshais job to determine which course of action
oration got him some very important public relations
should be taken and how it should be done.
work with the corporation. After a number of incredibly
successful appearances, he caught the attention of
Generally speaking, anyone who represents a high
CEO Gunther van Rosch who upon meeting Agent
degree of threat to the corporation is killed, this is
Vaughn decided that he had met a kindred spirit and
simple and does not leave unknowns such as will the
that the man could go far.
target turn again? or is the target acting as a double
agent?. However, its not always practical to kill
Agent Vaughn still engages in active duty but
someone, they could for example, be of major
generally this is on cover up missions where precision
importance to a rival group and their death could start
and discretion are more important than firepower. He
a revenge war with far reaching consequences.
will typically drop into a botched mission and attempt
Alternatively they may be very well protected and the
to clean things up by taking command of the unit and
effort needed to assassinate them would be vast; far
being extremely resourceful and inventive.
easier to simply threaten their family.


Barshai is a hard woman raised in extreme soviet

Poor false prophet of the flesh. He seeks base
tradition. She despises weakness and always speaks
glories for the meat, yet all his works drag it
her mind. Although she does use anagathics to stop
quivering and screaming towards the pinnacle. He
her dying she has no interest in vanity appearing to be
serves the Machine, and does not know. Blessed is
a 36 year old, black haired woman with sharp features
he in Their eyes, deluded apostate of a carrion
and pale eyes. During her 200+ years as an Agent
she unsurprisingly worked as a killer, taking out key
targets who threatened the corporation. It was not
-attr: Charnel, haruspex of the Cult of Machina
until she advanced to Rank 7 that she presented the
idea of a permanent department to CEO van Rosch
who approved the idea and made her its head. So
successful was C&S that she was elevated to rank 8 Demyans research was truly revolutionary and he
and placed on the board. knew it would change lives, however, he also knew
that the laboratory was not where he would make a
Agent Barshai seldom works the field any more, only real difference. He wanted to take to the field, to use
occasionally taking up her weapons when a job is of his discoveries in situ where he could see them
great personal interest to her or if she does not trust working first hand and find out their shortcomings. E.I.
others to succeed in a particularly important task. gladly obliged and after completing the Agent training
programme Demyan was attached to a specialist
medical division whose job it was to test the latest and
greatest medical research. For over a hundred years
DR. MARKUS DEMYAN - RANK 8 - DIRECTOR OF Demyan served with his division, continually coming
HEALTH AND MEDICINE up with incredible new formulas for healing
compounds, combat drugs, interrogation formulas and
The good doctor has worked for E.I. for around 280 the like. It was not until 2402 that CEO van Rosch
years and his shrewd decisions have taken E.I.s decided he was too valuable to leave in the field and
medical division from strength to strength. Although had him placed in charge of E.I.s health and medicine
many would find his methods to be unethical and at department.
times abhorrent Demyan insists that ethics and
morality have no place in modern medicine. You Demyan was not overly pleased with the decision and
cannot put a price on health and no research agreed only on the condition he could go on at least 4
programme should ever be compromised because of field trips per year. The deal was made and Demyan
the suffering of a few, often insignificant, individuals. (and his division) have directed E.I.s medical
department ever since. Naturally Demyans horrific
Markus is originally from the Ukraine where he studied medical ethics have filtered through the department
in the infamous Ukrainian Institute for Experimental and now mirrors of the Institute have cropped up all
Medicine (commonly known simply as the Institute). over E.I. territory (and some outside). Demyan himself
This featureless slab of rotting concrete high in the has become something of a physical monster as well
Ural mountains was, and sadly still is, an unspeakable as a psychological one, his entire body is made up of
horror whose corridors echo with screams, whimpers cybernetics allowing him incredible strength, precision
and the gibbering of the insane. Although Markus and durability. He is all too aware of the weaknesses
began his career as a simple doctor specialising in of the flesh and finds that a mechanical body allows
epidemiology his work took a different turn after being him to work in any conditions without fear of
posted to the Institute. Over the years his sense of contamination.
right and wrong, healing and harming, pleasure and
suffering, became twisted and indistinguishable. Anyone meeting Agent Demyan will most likely be
struck by his stare, an inhuman gaze which makes the
As his humanity suffered so his ability to see life as recipient feel much like bacteria under a microscope.
simple equations blossomed. He saw the opening of a Youd best hope you dont display any unnatural or
petal with the same wonder and intrigue as he did the interesting biological qualities or you may find yourself
vivisection of a child. Cause and effect, nothing more. waking up strapped to his table.


CALDER FREEMAN - RANK 8 - LEISURE AND Agent Freemans antisocial and irresponsible public
SPORTS behaviour has become such a problem that he now
has two divisions constantly tailing him who are
Ex-captain of the Blackhawks weltball team, prize charged with clearing up his mess.
winning cage fighter and 14 time overall winner of the
Augment Olympics few are better suited to head up On the plus side, after a short time Calder tends to
E.I.s Leisure and Sports department than Agent become quite attached to his cleanup crews and
Calder Freeman. A jocular character with extensive offers them all kinds of perks which other Agents will
body remodelling Calder stands 6 feet 11 inches high likely never receive.
and has the build of a professional fighter. He sports a
black crewcut and typically a range of biomotion
tattoos which speak of his latest exploits. ANOTHER FINE MESS

Oddly enough Calder is not greatly loved by other Yes, youve guessed it, the division has been
members of the board, his chirpy, winning attitude assigned as one of Calder Freemans cleanup
does not sit well and he does not show the same divisions. Bear in mind that in a typical night out
ruthless determination of his fellows. What he does Agent Freeman will probably start several fights,
possess however, and is consequently the reason Van offend dozens of women and break thousands of
Rosch employs him, is a keen sense of what people credits worth of property. This means that the other
want to do in their spare time. From TV programming cleanup division will more than likely have plenty to
and eating out to supporting teams and engaging in deal with leaving the players to sort out a
sport, Calder knows the recreational mind inside and particularly nasty situation Calder has created.
out and what he doesnt know is more than made up
for by his carefully selected team. Perhaps he has killed a ranking UIG Officer or
burnt down a bar. Nothing is beyond Agent
Much like Allesandra Bianco Fiera, Calder is a Freeman for although hes basically a really nice
household name. His sporting exploits are famous the guy he is a drug addict and a drunk and that can
world round and he regularly participates and really change a persons demeanour. Being
commentates in many of the leading sports events assigned as Calders cleanup crew is somewhat of
around the world. Even the Federation are not a curse as failure is utterly unacceptable. If he
opposed to asking Calder to appear on their shows, ends up in jail or worse, E.I. profits will be seriously
perhaps hoping to publicly upstage him, but damaged.
nonetheless giving him all the celebrity status he
deserves. Again, similarly to Bianco Fiera, Agent
Freeman has a massive worldwide following who will
wear the same fight mitts he wears, use the same
aftershave and take the same healing drugs.
The point is that you can't be too greedy.
Its not all great for the golden boy however, he has a
somewhat dark side and is known to be heavily Donald Trump
addicted to a number of high-end narcotics. He drinks
incredible amounts of Kananga 9 and has a shocking
weakness for beautiful girls which has gotten him into
no end of trouble. This reached a peak in the early
2400s when he was accused of forcing himself on the
niece of the Ai-Jinn CEO. 12 Agent divisions were
dispatched to cover up this event, kidnapping
witnesses, wiping memories, assassinating officials
and blackmailing jurors. Freemans massive popularity
with the public was not adversely affected by the
incident but only due to the extensive efforts made by
the 12 divisions involved.


Today a skirmish broke out in the Whitechapel district of
London. One group, thought to be Agents of the Ai-Jinn GRENADE DU
corporation were suspected of being in London Old City to
meet with local drug lord Hugo 8 Ball Merrit. The
meeting was interrupted by what was believed to be the
notorious E.I. division Red Army Faction and chaos ensued.
Both groups of Agents showed wanton disregard for both Bonjour Monsieur, welcome to Grenade du Jour, the
civilians and property discharging heavy weapons and worlds favourite set and thrown munition retailer.
hurling explosives. Whatever you want, we have and at knockdown
After only a few minutes the engagement broke up as the
Ai-Jinn Agents managed to fight a retreat to their vehicle
and flee deeper into the city. Running offers include:

Reports state that 11 died, 18 were wounded and two listed Standard Frags and Incendiaries - Any three for
buildings sustained critical damage and will have to be 120.
knocked down. No Agents were killed on either side though Knock out Grenades - Four for only 1000.
witnesses say that one of the Ai-Jinns number had lost a One medium, one large and one small explosive
leg and an arm. pack for only 1500.
3 EMP grenades for only 2500.


COMPENSATION Although we have stores in almost every city and
spire we offer a very reasonably priced delivery
Yesterday in Los Angeles Open City the infamous E.I. service.
division Red Army Faction was yet again alleged to be
involved in a street war that left buildings in ruins and Del. Time 24 Hours 12 Hours 2 Hours
hundreds dead and wounded. The fight started when the
division were approached by Federation security forces and Civilised Area Free 10 30
required to submit to strip searches. Despite the legal nature
of these searches the Agents refused to comply and
executed the security officials in full view of the public, and Remote Area 50 100 300
unbeknownst to them, a group of UIG Officers.
Off World Varies Varies N/A
Unwilling to engage the division immediately, the officers
called for backup which came in the form of Federation
UAS teams and a Malenbrach squad. Using their signature Any order for 5000 or more comes with free 2 hour
methodology, the Agents retreated into the LA Metro delivery to any location on Earth.
shopping mall laying down barrages of suppressing fire and
setting off high yield explosives. Unwilling to add to the Terms and Conditions
bloodshed Federation authorities called off the chase and In order to purchase from Grenade du Jour you must
instead surrounded the mall. After 3 hours and no sign of join our members club. This will require a name,
the Agents, scout units were sent in to investigate but the
address and proof of citizenship.
E.I. division seemed to have disappeared. Whether they
knew a secret exit or were using a teleportation technology
is unknown. GM Notes on Grenade du Jour
Feel free to make up your own special offers for
Colonel Jed McIntyre of the Federation is demanding Grenade du Jour - remember its a favourite with all
compensation to the sum of 3 billion credits but E.I. Agents for a reason, its prices are seriously good.
spokesperson Agent Henry Davenport maintains that there
is no evidence to suggest that these were Eurasian
employees or acting under the orders of the corporation.


looking for some way to change their depressing,
dreary existence. To many, the idea of losing
Over the 21st and 22nd century reality game shows everything and starting again, is a risk worth taking
became ever more extreme. Simply watching people when looking at a life stuck in a dead end job.
performing demeaning tasks or having arguments Sometimes things are even more exciting and wealthy
ceased to capture the publics imagination as it once fat-cats play. Games like this can triple the viewing
had. The media companies began searching for more figures and become a worldwide talking point.
provocative material and as a result, some of the most
bizarre, immoral and downright dangerous television SHOW FORMAT
Round 1
This section details some of the more popular shows This is a general knowledge round with questions
and includes ideas of how you can incorporate them ranging from politics to pop music.
into your game.
Round 2
A practical skills round where the contestants must
use their hands-on skills. Challenges include tasks
YOU BET YOUR LIFE such as building a flatpack wardrobe or baking a

Viewers## # Around 750 million Round 3

Host# # # Quaid McKean Sr. The talent round requires the contestants to entertain
Slot# # # Weekly, Saturday night, 8pm the audience in a medium of their choice. It could be a
Exceptions# # Not legally shown in WF joke, a dance, a song or just showing their fantastic
# # # territory tits. The audience is amazingly fickle and there is no
Producer# # Mick Cannas reason that a guy who can make a funny noise with
Network# # The Real View (E.I. owned) his armpit will lose against a beautiful model who can
Filming Location# E.I. enclave in Hollywood sing like a bird.

Hosted by the fatherly and suspense building Quaid Round 4

McKean, You Bet Your Life sees five contestants of The final round, known as Justify sees the last two
similar financial means, pitted against each other in a contestants attempting to appeal to the audience
series of challenges. using any means necessary. Begging, pleading, sob
stories or simple statements of fact are all fair game.
Before taking part each player signs a legally binding Even promises of sharing some of the cash with the
(E.I. drawn up) contract, which sees their worldly voters have been tried. At the end of the round the
assets placed into a pot under the control of the audience votes for someone to leave.
After each round a contestant is eliminated, this poor The winner is given the choice of all the assets being
soul leaves the studio without even the clothes on signed over to her or having 66% of their value as
their back (they are loaned a hessian sack by the cold hard cash. Either way the winner is a happy soul
network which must be returned within 3 days or legal and goes home not having to work for a long time.
proceedings begin). The spectacle of the loser leaving
in her sack is met with great jeering and taunting and Other Features
sometimes the throwing of rotten fruit (provided by the There are lots of advert breaks in the show to
network). capitalise on the shows popularity and subsequent
high ad-price. There are also detailed background
After four rounds have passed and the losers have stories of each contestant to really bring home what is
left, the winner is given all of the various losers being lost. Another important part of the show is the
assets. Typically this would be four houses / previous winners and losers section which shows
apartments, four cars and four lots of savings. This is how the ex-contestants are doing now. Are they
because most of the participants are average people


sleeping under a motorway bridge, living on Vastaag There are a number of sub-sections to the lottery
or slaving away at another dead end job. show, examples include Previous Winners, Bruces
Jeet Kune Do Challenge, Mystic Cyrils Predictions,
IN GAME USE How to Pick Winning Numbers, News Breaks and
You could have your players take part in the game, Celebrity Appearances.
perhaps against other Agents from other corporations.
Teams of players are not unheard of, they simply Overall the show is fairly simple and glitzy but people
combine their assets. Be careful though, for Agents, are eager to see whether they have won so it has a
cybernetics, guns, cars, shields, etc. all count as huge following.
assets and E.I. forensic accountants are VERY good *He claims to be Bruce Lee, he looks like him and
at determining whether the competitors have been fights like him, people are happy to accept it.
honest about their assets. If anyone tries to cheat they
will probably be found out as the contestants are often IN GAME USE
secretly observed for a few weeks or even months Firstly you can allow the players to buy tickets which
afterwards to see if they visit a secret cache to reclaim could be fun. The number choices range from 1-100
some hidden items. so you can use a D100 to determine the winning

THE WORLD LOTTERY / Secondly, the players could appear on the show as
special guests or as part of Bruces weekly challenge.
In addition accusations or requests of fixing could also
Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich warrant the players attention.
they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I
want to be.

Rita Rudner
IM NOT GONNA DIE! But someone will!

Viewers## # Around 2.5 billion

Host# # # Brock Tanner & Maria Harnez
Viewers## # Around 1.5 billion Slot# # # Fridays at 10pm
Host# # # Lydia Savage & Bruce Lee Exceptions# # All, illegally distributed
Slot# # # Weekly, Saturday, 7pm # # # everywhere#
Exceptions# # None Producers# # Simon Venning & Drew Colt
Producer# # Lex Hutton Network# # Xite (Excite) Media
Network# # UIG World Network Filming Location# Vastaag
Filming Location# New city each week
The most controversial and popular show ever made,
The stunning and charismatic Lydia Savage is joined Im Not Gonna Die! is filmed on Vastaag and
by martial arts master Bruce Lee* for one of the broadcast to Earth via the WDN to avoid UIG
worlds most popular shows. broadcasting law.

The system is pretty simple, each week citizens buy In the show 10 contestants sign their lives over to E.I.
lottery tickets and pick 6 numbers. If they pick the and become their bitches for a week of horrifying
same 6 as the machine, they win huge amounts of ordeals which are certain to result in more than a few
money, normally tens of millions. minor scratches.

3 numbers the same# # D10 x 10 The tagline - But someone will! sums it up. In 45
4 numbers the same# # D10 x 1000 years of broadcasting a show has not gone by without
5 numbers the same# # D10 x 10,000 a death, and in some instances every contestant has
6 numbers the same# # D20 x 1million met with a grizzly end at the hands of one of the


numerous traps, hazards, psychopaths and creatures That's right, Al--You lost. And let me tell you what
which infest the arena. you didn't win: a twenty volume set of the
Encyclopedia International, a case of Turtle Wax,
Applicants and a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni, the San
Although anyone can apply to be on INGD, only those Francisco Treat. But that's not all. You also made
who are physically capable and well versed in combat yourself look like a jerk in front of millions of people.
should even consider it. The show is highly You brought shame and disgrace to your family
demanding and requires contestants to be extremely name for generations to come. You don't get to
fit, strong and resilient. come back tomorrow. You don't even get a lousy
copy of our home game. You're a complete loser!
When applicants run low there is always a wealth of
depersonalised individuals who, although E.I. cannot I Lost on Jeopardy - Weird Al Yankovic
technically set free, can be placed into positions of
wealth and luxury should they be lucky enough to win.
These individuals would generally live on Vastaag to
avoid UIG prosecution.

The players are directed through a series of brutal
tasks, each of which has a chance of death. The early
rounds see the contestants engaging in fairly simple
tasks such as taking turns firing a bow at each other
from 50 metres. Anyone who survives goes through
successively more savage encounters until only two
players remain.

These two players are then given into a Face Off,

where they essentially compete in a contest where
there can only be one winner and someone is very
likely to die.

Examples include one-on-one combat, weaponised

stock car racing, fighting mutated or wild creatures,
seeing how much blood they can remove from
themselves (the winner being the one to fill the most
containers before passing out and probably dying).

Brock Tanner
All in all the game is a horrendous affair, hence its
current illegal status. The UIG have permanent details
assigned to find and stop the game but so far they
have met with no luck.

In Game Use
For other Agents they may want to take part in a team
based variant which sees various groups competing
against each other instead of individuals.

Should you be playing Comoros or Western

Federation then you may be tasked with finding the
games and trying to shut them down.





fervent pace and the majority of the work was
completed by 2270.

This section provides an in depth look at London, it OUTER LONDON

would make an ideal location for you to base an E.I. The great sprawl that was the rest of London received
campaign and has a wealth of different locations and cursory treatment. Because it was the financial and
problems for your Agents to get to grips with. political districts of the city that were the prime targets,
the outlying suburbs had not been hit too badly. Van
The City of London was hit badly during the corporate Rosch felt that with just a little nip-tuck these areas
wars, it being the financial capital of Eurasian could be made habitable and turned into sources of
Incorporated, the other corporations spared no revenue with very little expenditure. He even went so
resource attempting to bring the ancient city to its far as to pass a conciliatory olive branch to the Ai-Jinn
knees. Aside from the D-Shift device, London received and employed them to manage the rebuild of the
a battering from a range of biochemical, nuclear and outlying areas. Although he knew their methods would
chemical weapons. Even though Europe as a whole is be cheap and aesthetically questionable, he also
extremely difficult to attack with armour units due to knew they would do a good job and get people in
their airforce, it did not stop the likes of the rented accommodation far sooner that his European
Federations UAS, the Shi Yukiros Ninja, Comoros builders would. This move by van Rosch also acted as
Janissaries and the Ai-Jinns Machi-Yakko from a catalyst for more business deals between the two
ripping the city apart from the inside out. corporations and ever since there has been a
begrudging understanding between them. They are
Because all its enemies knew how much E.I. relied on certainly not friends but if there was ever to be an
its well ordered revenue channels to keep the war alliance of two corporations a Sino-Eurasian one
going, its major financial cities were prime targets and would be the most likely.
London suffered the worst of all.
Outer London is by no means a dream location but it
The corporate wars officially ran between 2226 and is one of the better Old Cities and van Rosch
2238, a mere 12 years, but in that time London had continues to put money into its services and
been reduced to a pile of rubble. From his twisted infrastructure in the hope it will eventually become a
wreck of a city, CEO van Rosch decided that his home desirable place to live and in turn generate more
town should be restored to its former prior splendour, money for the corporation.
at least in part, and so plans were drawn up to rebuild
Central London. CENTRAL LONDON
So what is Central London like now? Well, from a
From Whitechapel in the east to Mayfair in the west superficial glance it appears much like it was in the
and from Islington in the north to Lambeth in the south early 1900s but without all the horse shit and poor
an area was designated as the historic quarter and people.
was to be restored, not only to its former glory but to a
time when Van Rosch considered London was at its The roads are immaculate tree-lined affairs,
greatest, the early 1900s. surrounded by towering architectural wonders. The
parks have been beautifully restored and the Thames
Although van Rosch was not a fan of true is clean and free of flotsam. Because of the
demodernisation (see The Mind Unbound page 121), checkpoints around the district, only citizens are
he did believe the area would be far better if it could permitted in the area which means that the great
emulate as many aspects of the Edwardian era as unwashed are seldom seen which suits most of
possible, while naturally maintaining all the best parts residents perfectly.
of modern society, hidden away of course but
ultimately accessible. The residential areas are extremely expensive with
houses ranging in price from 500,000 credits for a
With the war over, E.I.s coffers rapidly refilled, after simple flat to 5 or 6 million for a house. Renting is
all, the post-corporate war era was one of celebration possible but you can expect to pay 2,000 a month for
and E.I. was there to make sure everyone could have a flat and anywhere up to 12,000 a month for a house.
a good time. The reconstruction was undertaken at a


The commercial areas are considered to be some of 4. Meet up with people already on the other side
the most fashionable places in the world with all major 5. Engage in organised crimes
brands being represented. Youll find the largest 6. Gather intelligence
Cappali store in the world in Chelsea and even 7. Plant bombs / terrorist activities
Richenbacher have a 6 floor emporium in Bond 8. Assassinations
Street. Although you can expect to pay considerably 9. Piss off E.I.
more for anything purchased in Central London, you 10. Visit expensive restaurants, clubs and shops
will receive a level of service unlike anything you have 11. Cause chaos
experienced before. Typically prices are 25-50% 12. Steal expensive cars
higher than in a standard store. 13. Show that you can
14. Draw anti E.I. graffiti or commit vandalism
As regards leisure activities, the clubs, freehouses,
restaurants, theatres and immersion suites found in Aside from droids E.I. also have other measures in
London are again, some of the finest in the world. place to deter the grubby ones. The most basic of
Descriptions of some of these establishments can be these is a fine of 3 Rank Points (the UIG would not
found later in this section. permit more) and the most worrying of which are
groups of Agents hidden among the roof tops waiting
THE CHECKPOINTS to catch and kill any trespassers. #

For most citizens however, it is simply a question of

The central region has been designed to be
having your chip scanned by a checkpoint guard and
inaccessible except by passing through checkpoints.
being waved through. Rival Agents and occasionally
These checkpoints are fairly basic and are just guard
citizens from other corporate states may find
posts with weapon turrets and droid support. Anyone
themselves being asked some questions but in
of citizen status should have no problem passing
general everything is very polite. E.I. have no desire to
through them but outcasts will be turned back without
deter rich foreigners from spending money in their city.
The main reason anyone would want to pass through
Although all criminals should be stopped at the
the checkpoints is generally to access the motorways
checkpoints and ideally arrested this does not always
in and out of the city. Few people would want to simply
happen. E.I. are in the business of making money, not
leave Central London and head for the slums.
enforcing the law and many of the criminals who come
Unsurprisingly there are thousands who would like to
to Central London are part of a balanced economy
leave the slums and head to the bright lights and they
which benefits both E.I. and the criminals in question.
continually try different schemes to get around the
The border guards are made aware of who may pass
checkpoints, one of the most common being roof-
and are instructed to simply let them through. The
criminals who are permitted in the city centre know
that they are not to let their business spill into the
Roof-hopping entails climbing to the tops of buildings
streets; they are free to carry out their dealings and
and using ropes or grapples to navigate a route past
even to take care of business but if so much as a
the checkpoints. Obviously E.I. have thought of this
bullet is heard or blood spatter spotted then E.I. will
and a number of droids are assigned to guard the
take decisive action. So far the agreement has worked
weak points and subdue any would be intruders.
well and everyone has benefited. E.I. get a heads up
Typical droids used include Cybermonkeys,
on crime in the area and typically take a cut for
Executioners (Core Rules page 143 and Vigiliator
themselves whilst the criminals get to operate without
Droids (Eastern Bank page 111).
interference. On the odd occasions where something
has gone wrong Agents have descended like hawks
So why would you want to cross the checkpoints?
and brought swift justice to the perpetrators; this is
Well there are a few reasons listed below and you
essential to keep the wealthy people coming to the
should be able to think up more of your own.
1. To burgle houses and shops
2. The thrill of it
3. See how the other half live


Checkpoint Plot Ideas Typical issues they might deal with include domestic
arguments, drunk and disorderly conduct, driving in
1. Intel has come in that a large group of well armed no car zones, crimes of passion and the occasional
outcasts are roof-hopping tonight. Lie in wait for outlaw who manages to get past the checkpoints. The
them and make sure they do not make it. criminals who are welcomed here by E.I. typically
2. A number of wealthy VIPs are heading in from out receive the same treatment from the UIG Officers and
of town. You are required to escort them into as a result this makes Central London even more of a
London and make sure they dont get any trouble at goldmine for the enterprising kingpin. With a few
the checkpoints. friendly, retiring Officers on-side some truly wonderful
3. For recent bad behaviour or failure the division crimes can be perpetrated.
have been placed on checkpoint duty. They need to
be polite to an endless stream of rich, self important Aside from these wandering, corrupt antiques there
tossers. are a number of Agents who keep an eye on the
4. A call comes in from an E.I. citizen saying he has machinations in the city and ensure things run
seen undesirable types hanging around his smoothly. Most of the time two divisions are posted in
favourite coffee shop. He insists someone come the central area with another two in the Old City.
down and deal with them. These divisions are used to cooperating and will come
5. Outcasts in stolen cars break through the to each others assistance when necessary. It should
checkpoints and drive like maniacs through the city also be remembered that London Spire is only a
causing chaos. Your division is closest and are matter of miles away which means dozens of Agent
expected to stop their escapade. divisions can be on hand within a few of minutes.


Much like the UIG Officers here, Central London
Agents are considered to have somewhat of an easy

time. The low crime rate and tight security means that
although crime and rival corporate activity do occur
within the city, its not common and is normally fairly
LONDON clandestine - open firefights and the like are rare
Central London has a remarkably small number of
UIG Officers present and because it is considered one IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN LAW AND
of the best places to police in the world, those Officers ORDER
who are present are rather privileged. For this reason
Officers who have good connections are often posted
to Central London during their later years which is an Agent Michael Fortescue-Smythe (Rank 7)
arrangement that suits everybody fine.
The poor are like snails - if you carefully pick up
Patrolling the city centre generally involves wandering each one and place it out of the garden, itll be back
about in pairs and every half hour or so popping into a in a matter of days, eating your geraniums and
pub, coffee house or gentlemans club in order to savaging your tulips. Far better to simply deal with
make sure everythings okay. The proprietors of them once and for all when you get the chance. I
these establishments are generally pleased to have use a bag of salt, my men use automatic weapons.
the UIG pop in, especially when it means cultivating
friendships with some influential and well respected Agent Michael Fortescue-Smythe, Administrator for
Officers. Central London

Unlike typical UIG patrols the ones in Central London

are normally made up of two Officers, both of whom Agent Fortescue-Smythe is the regional administrator
tend to be older than you might expect although for Central London and is the one held accountable
generally able to hold their own perfectly well in a for any hiccups in its otherwise smooth existence. He
fight. is a more than capable man with a polished exterior
and steely resolve.


He is of the old school and appears around 45 years the jaw-tastic Buck Cornbread. Discreetly protect
old with a slim build and racy moustache. He is Buck and take out the assassin.
impeccably mannered, well dressed and generally 4. Reports of mutant BIOs in the remnants of the old
speaking, a pleasant gentleman. When he spots a underground network require your attention.
problem however, he makes sure it is dealt with 5. The weather satellites have gone wrong over
quickly, efficiently and often brutally. Central London plunging it into a horrific storm.
Outcasts are taking advantage of the chaos to
Anyone found polluting his beautiful municipality with break the checkpoints and loot the city.
the stink of crime or poverty tends to bypass the law, 6. A number of beggars have begun appearing around
be taken somewhere quiet and shot. This applies to the city, technically many of these people are
beggars, unwanted criminals and even those who are citizens down on their luck. Fortescue-Smythe does
simply deemed to be not good for the feel of the not care. Round these people up and make sure
place. they wont come back. This could anger Comoros.
7. The UIG have arrested a number of criminals who
Officer Hardy Williams (UIG Rank 5 - Enforcer) were operating in Central London. Fortescue-
Hardy is getting on a bit now but has seen his fair Smythe does not want them tried in a court as he
share of action. Much of his body has been replaced believes they have powerful contacts and will get
with cybernetics and although he only looks about 50, off. Kill these vermin before the trial date.
he is in fact over 90 years old. He has been a 8. A kingpin is looking to make some very important,
municipal Officer for over 60 years and has seen high risk meetings and deals over the next few
almost everything imaginable on the streets of a days. E.I. have assigned him an Agent division for
corporate Old City. his protection (thats you). You will need to defend
him against all comers which could include the UIG.
In recognition of his dedicated service the UIG have
placed him as the senior Officer (Enforcer) in Central THE DIOGENES CLUB
London. Although the job is known to be cushy, it is
not without its problems. Ensuring his Officers do not A short distance from Pall Mall, not far from the
become too corrupt is a full time occupation in itself Carlton Club is a rather ordinary door which leads into
and on top of that, there are many who make constant a less than ordinary club. The Diogenes Club is a
demands of the local enforcer, be it to let them off a gentlemans club from another era; burgundy leather
parking fine, reveal the location of a witness or simply armchairs surround crackling open fires whilst sombre
attend a fundraiser. oil portraits hang on oak panelled walls. Throughout
most of the club a policy of silence is enforced though
Officer Williams takes it all in his stride and is perfect in the Strangers Room anyone may speak.
for the job. He is businesslike when he needs to be
but not averse to looking the other way if it will make A point of much contention is that ladies are still not
the city run a little more smoothly. Occasionally, when permitted within the walls of the club; but according to
he finds himself in difficult positions he can become a the founder, Mr. Alan Farquhar, It is tradition, and
little more forceful and lay down the law, ignoring the without tradition we are but ephemera, lost in the tides
threats made by any affected parties. of time.
Plot Ideas for Law and Order Farquhar, a scholar and fan of the classics, founded
the Diogenes Club in 2298 in honour of Sir Arthur
1. Rival Agents have come to Central London to Conan Doyle, of whom he was a great admirer. He
kidnap a VIP. One of the VIPs neighbours heard has done an excellent job of recreating all the
the scuffle and called the authorities - your division nuances and subtleties you would expect of a late
respond to the call. 1800s gentlemans club down to the stiff butlers, daily
2. A bomb goes off in the Kensington area, a group of papers and first rate spirits.
anti-E.I. terrorists have claimed responsibility. They
must be brought to justice. As far as membership goes, you may only be invited
3. An all-star awards ceremony is taking place tonight, to join the club, no one may apply and many are
intel suggests that an assassin will be present to kill considered and declined. Money alone does not
guarantee membership and even though E.I. Agents


of Rank 7 are invited automatically, some have been exterior of a friendly old man in a checked suit with
ejected after a brief stay. Character and contacts are mutton chops and a cheery smile.
far more important if you wish to become a member
and once you are doors open for you. Jude Cullin (Agent)
Jude is a rank 6 E.I. Agent who spends a great deal of
A member of the club will always go out of his way to time in the club. He can normally be found dining in
help another member and that means if a UIG Officer the Greenway Room, sating his monstrous appetite.
is a member, it can be a useful asset. That is not to Jude is an exceptional Agent with an almost unrivalled
say you can always rely on the help of others; martial ability. He is practically all machine, hence the
although they will help if asked, to continually request reason for his continuous eating.
favours of your fellows could soon see that you are
more needy than helpful and result in your expulsion Although he does leave the club now and then, Jude
from the club. is valued as a one man security team. On the rare
occasions some undesirables do find their way into
IMPORTANT MEMBERS the club Jude has had no problem dispatching them,
quickly and quietly so as not to disturb the other
Alan Farquhar - Founder members.
Mr. Farquhar is an austere man appearing to be
around 40 years old with a slim build and neat brown One should bear in mind that even when Jude is not
hair. He is independently wealthy and owns a number present there are normally at least 4 or 5 E.I. Agents
of publishing houses which he uses to print obscure of Rank 6+ in the club, so Alan Farquhar feels no
classics for niche markets. need to employ additional security .

Alan is known for his passion for old books and will Plot Ideas for the Diogenes Club
often employ people to track them down for him or
reward those who bring him fine examples. 1. Mr. Farquhar employs the Agents to recover a rare
book from an Order enclave. You could run this
Dennis Halliday - Head Butler mission for them during their downtime.
Dennis is the head butler at the Diogenes Club and 2. The division are at the club to collect a VIP when a
seems to know everything about everyone. He is not group of terrorists breach in through the back
daft though and attempting to extract tidbits of doors. They must help defend it.
information from him had better be done skilfully or 3. Three of the members have turned up dead in their
you may find yourself in a spot of trouble. Dennis is homes in the past week. Unearth the source of this
ultimately a family man with strong morals and if you sinister turn of events.
did want to get to him, going through his loved ones 4. The basement of the club has become infested with
would definitely be an option. large mutated rats and someone needs to clear
them out. Your MO thinks it may gain you favour
Eli Faversham (Agent) with the club to help out.
Eli is a rank 8 E.I. Agent who practically lives in the 5. Your MO is a member of the club and another
club. He only leaves occasionally to visit his suite at member has asked that he make someone
the Savoy. He spends most of his time digesting disappear. He asks your division to covertly do the
periodicals, and chatting to other members over hit and not tell anyone. He cannot pay you for fear
exceptionally fine cognac. Faversham is in fact, highly of leaving a trail but will owe you one.
regarded by the upper echelons of E.I. and his lack of
active duty is tolerated because he is such an THE SAVOY HOTEL
important linchpin in Londons machinations.
Somehow, despite his sedentary lifestyle he seems to Restored to its former glory after being levelled in the
know everything that goes on within the central wars, the Savoy has been taken back to its heyday
region. He knows who is taking over whom, who is with a magnificent marble foyer, grand, sweeping
marrying whom, where to acquire the cleanest drugs, staircases, sumptuous rooms and an attentive, well
how to obtain a rare painting, even who to talk to in mannered staff.
order to get someone snuffed out. All of this with the


For anyone visiting Central London it is the epitome of 2. A Western Federation Mission Officer is staying,
class and refinement. assassinate him but make sure it is not connected
with the Savoy or your corporation.
Prices 3. A fussy guest has an exacting list of demands
Standard room# # 1000 per person per night including (but not limited to) a seedy prostitute,
Luxury room# # 4000 per person per night some rare Japanese sake, a 1987 film entitled
Suite# # # 10,000 per person per night Dirty Dancing and a buttock massage from a male
Penthouse# # 50,000 per person per night weltball player. You are tasked with making sure his
Ambassadorial suite# 50,000 per person per night wishes are granted.
Meal# # # 150 per person 4. Hester is furious, someone has stolen a file with the
guest book on - this is a terrible breach of privacy -
The Savoy is managed by Hester von Ferrier (Rank the hotel has been locked down and the thief must
6), an E.I. employee who takes his work very still be in the building - find her (or him).
seriously. Although he is the politest of gentlemen to 5. A large group of wealthy Russians arrive but soon
his customers he can turn into the meanest and after settling in, take out assault rifles from their
bitchiest of men if any of his staff let him down. crystal weave cases and take hostages. Your
division are close at hand and must resolve the
It suffices to say that the Savoy is owned by E.I., and situation.
that there is always at least one contingent of Agents 6. The A.I. in charge of environmental regulation has
working in or near the property to safeguard both the decided its had enough and has locked the
hotel and its guests. These Agents however, are not building down. It is attempting to kill the guests one
safe from the wrath of Hester who treats them no by one.
better than he treats his cleaning staff. If a mistake is
made a dressing down will ensue and he will pursue THE SHANGHAI NOODLE HOUSE
all the necessary channels to make sure that the
Agents are duly punished for their failings. People are still wondering how the Ai-Jinn managed to
sneak a noodle house into the demodernised district
Typical guests of the Savoy include foreign Agents, of Central London. Some say they took advantage of
especially from the Shi Yukiro, wealthy businessmen, a planning loophole, others speculate the tentative
film stars, successful musicians and of course, rich understanding between Gunther van Rosch and Yuan
holiday makers. All of these people are worthy targets Qingzhao (CEO of the Ai-Jinn) was enough for E.I. to
in their own way and expect the Savoy to protect them see past the incongruity of it.
from muggers, paparazzi, assassins, jealous spouses
and the like. What is of note is that the noodle house has been built
and decorated in a style consistent with the period.
Staying at the Savoy is more than simply bed and The building itself is a grand three storey affair with
breakfast though, it is uplifting and makes one feel the first floor being a restaurant and kitchen, the
special. The quality of service, the excellent food, the second floor being a balcony level with more tables for
beautiful rooms - it all adds up to an experience one is dining and a wonderfully stocked bar and the third
unlikely to forget. floor being for private guests. The fact that the second
floor is a balcony gives an enormous height to the
System interior, especially when one considers that each level
Staying in the Savoy grants a character 1 temporary is already around 20 feet (7 metres) in height.
Conviction point which can be spent on any social roll.
This point is lost if not spent by bedtime the next day. The materials used are as authentic as the times will
This is in addition to the standard Conviction points so allow with the supporting columns being made of
you could have a total of 6 for a short time. cedar and the various fretted screens being
constructed of equally rare and expensive Asian
Savoy Mission Ideas hardwoods. Enormous statues of dragons stand by
the doorways and hang from the ceiling, some
1. A division of Shi Yukiro Zaibatsu is staying. Make covered in gold leaf, others painstakingly painted.
sure they have a good time but keep an eye on


The overall effect is that of a traditional Chinese tea What very few people know is that Mr. Yu is an
house that has been around for generations. ancient Shi Yukiro Agent, who was present at the
founding of the corporation some 400 years ago.
Naturally the establishment still specialises in noodles Although he never leaves the noodle house, he does
and remains a hangout for the most notorious Asian occasionally use his advanced telepathics to contact
gangsters in the UK; their presence made possible by the Shi Yukiro bigwigs and let them know if anything
E.I.s selective checkpoint operation (see checkpoints significant is about to happen.
earlier in this section).
Although Mr. Yu is quite capable of taking care of
Upstairs himself in combat, he never needs to as his cover is
Although all manner of guests frequent the noodle quite safe having not openly contacted the Shi Yukiro
house, criminals and civilians alike, its upstairs on the for almost 200 years. Mr Yu also has no cybernetics
third floor that things get really interesting. Only those and uses advanced Biokinesis to prevent himself from
with a certain level of influence are given use of the ageing further. (See The Mind Unbound page 44 for
three top floor rooms. This includes Ai-Jinn Agents of more details.)
reasonable standing, ranking triad, tong and yakuza
members and of course, anyone with direct It should also be noted that Mr. Yu is not Chinese but
permission from the noodle houses owner - Mr. Yu. many assume he is; it is all part of his plan. The Ai-
Jinn believe him to simply be a trustworthy property
The top floor is divided into three rooms, each styled manager and friend to the cause. Mr. Yu makes sure
in the same traditional manner as the rest of the he never compromises his position as it affords him a
noodle house. One contains a large table capable of great deal of sensitive information on the Shi Yukiros
seating around 20 people; this tends to be used for most hated enemies. One final thing to note is that Mr.
large meetings. The second room contains a series of Yu is actually a wonderful person and genuinely
smaller tables much like a private restaurant and can enjoys his job and befriending all the guests.
be used for functions or parties. The third room serves
as a casino and has a number of different tables In all things I aspire to the five tenets of jen, chun-
which offer a range of games. Naturally there is also a tzu, li, te, and wen; and that is why I welcome noble
bar and seating area for those who wish to be present guests to my house, strive for perfection in the
but not gamble. kitchen, and instruct my staff in the way of humility
and grace. But I am also a realist of four hundred
These rooms are well soundproofed as it is not years experience; and that is why I purchase
uncommon for scuffles to break out and a few bulletproof crockery.
gunshots or screams to erupt.
-attr: Mr. Yu

Mr. Yu
Mr. Yu appears to be around 110 years old; he is
small, stooped and bald with a wry grin and amusing Noodle House Mission Ideas
manner. He occasionally shuffles around the noodle
house with a walking stick chatting to guests and 1. A group of E.I. Agents is due to have a night out at
enjoying the atmosphere but is more at home seated the noodle house and want to use the private
at one of the out-of-the-way tables, supping rare casino on the top floor. It is due to be used by a
oolong teas and reading obscure rare Chinese books. group of yakuza so you will need to sort something
out which pleases both parties.
He is an eminently likeable man who seems to get on 2. A group of Shi Yukiro Agents are in town and want
with everyone he meets and has a manner about him to go to the noodle house. Unfortunately there are
which seems to bring out the best in people. From the also a large number of Ai-Jinn Agents eating there
most inhuman gangster to the most materialistic tonight. E.I. are very keen to ensure no violence
Agent, everyone has a place in their heart for Mr. Yu. breaks out and has requested your division to have
a meal there tonight and make sure nothing starts.


3. Mr. Yu would like some very rare oolong tea from a even pseudo-panoramic vistas which make it appear
remote part of China. It seems he and CEO van that rather than being in a giant shopping plaza you
Rosch must be friends because your division has are actually at a sun-drenched beach or in a dense
been sent to find some. tropical forest.
4. After a successful mission your division has been
rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to the Its a playground for the wealthy, modern shopper and
noodle house including 3000 each to spend in the your every whim is served by the wealth and diversity
private casino. The problem is, a group of of shops and services on offer.
Federation Agents are already in the noodle house
and cannot stop themselves taunting your division. Security is tight and there are dozens of guards and a
This session would involve gambling, a verbal few Agents discreetly placed about the plaza in case
battle and possibly a fight! anything untoward should happen.
5. It appears someone is trying to ruin the noodle
house by lacing peoples food and performing *Briefly these are advertising systems which read your
various other acts of sabotage, probably in the ID chip and offer you targeted advertisements.
guise of a waiter or customer. You must find out
who and bring them before Mr. Yu. SHOPS OF NOTE
Below is a list of some of the more famous shops
located within the plaza.
AMS Unlimited
Chelsea is a wonderful place to go shopping, it has One of the largest AMS stores in the world. Three
the most exclusive and expensive boutiques where floors of weapons, droids and gadgets which will get
one can find anything from the latest designer outfits your trigger finger itching.
to custom, one-of-a-kind reverse induction sine-optic
plasma cannon. Cappali Empire
There are two Cappali stores in London, one in
Although the experience of shopping in Chelsea is Kensington and one in the Empire Plaza. This one
unbeatable for some, there are many who enjoy the caters to a more modern, edgy client who demands
grandeur that is the Empire Plaza. Its vast structure the clothes from more extreme and daring designers.
dominates the district but has been sensitively styled
to resemble St. Pauls Cathedral. Some argue that this Multymeat Monde
is a travesty and creating a copy of that long gone A somewhat specialist branch of the multymeat brand,
magnificent structure to act as nothing more than a Monde specialises in top of the line simulated meats
den of commerce is unforgivable; there are others which are all but indistinguishable from the real thing.
who say that at least a version of it remains. Either Laid out like an old fashioned delicatessen, Monde
way, its there and its huge and its full of amazing offers an exquisite range of products which will delight
shops. your dinner guests.

Because of the demodernisation policy there are very Eurasian Home

few places people can experience the modern world The leading chain of interior decor shops in the world,
within Central London. The Empire Plaza is a Eurasian Home offers an unrivalled range of top
concession to those who love the feel of London but quality designer decor, fittings and furniture. The fact
enjoy a dose of the up-to-date now and again. that it has Eurasian in the name and is still successful
the world over is testament to its quality and style.
From the exterior, as previously mentioned, the
building looks much like a larger version of St. Pauls What Ho!
Cathedral; the architecture is grand, classical and Everything for the modern gentleman from rare
ornate. However, when one steps inside the view is a tobaccos and spirits to smoking jackets and pocket
total contrast - holoscreens, water cascades, watches. See the luxury items of page 65 for
magnificent plants, ITA systems* (see The Mind examples of what you can purchase here.
Unbound page 137), holographic hosts, interactive
shop fronts, immersion suits and so on. There are

1 Acid Rain 55 Whirlwind 109 Air Pollution
2 Arctic Wind 56 Atomic Dust 110 Avalanche
Use this table to introduce some chaos into Old London (or any other location). Some conditions such as volcanoes are obviously not really weather conditions but have

3 Ball Lightning 57 Balmy 111 Whiteout

4 Bitter And Brisk 58 Black Ice 112 Blizzard
5 Blue Skies 59 Windstorm 113 Bolt Of Lightning
6 Breeze 60 Brisk 114 Calm
7 Chill 61 Cloudless 115 Clear Sky
8 Cloudburst 62 Whirlpool 116 Clouds
9 Cloudy Sky 63 Wind 117 Cold Spell
10 Cold Wave 64 Zephyr 118 Continuous Drizzle
11 Continuous Rain 65 Continuous Snow 119 Cool
12 Cyclone 66 Damp 120 Dark
13 Deluge 67 Dew 121 Downpour
14 Draughty 68 Drizzle 122 Drought
15 Dry 69 Winter 123 Dust Storm
16 Earthquake 70 Eclipse 124 Electrical Storm
17 Erosion 71 Red Hot Roads 125 Eye Of Hurricane
18 Fair 72 Asteroid Strike 126 Falling Star
19 Flash Flood 73 Fog 127 Freeze
20 Freezing Point 74 Freezing Rain 128 Frigid
21 Frost 75 Gale 129 Gulf Stream
22 Gust 76 Hail Shower 130 Hailstones
23 Haze 77 Heat Wave 131 Heavy Driving Snow
24 Heavy Thunderstorm 78 Hot Spell 132 Howling Wind
25 Humid 79 Landslides 133 Hurricane
26 Ice Crystals 80 Ice Storm 134 Indian Summer
27 Intermittent Drizzle 81 Intermittent Rain 135 Intermittent Snow
28 Landslide 82 Lava 136 Lightning
29 Lunar Eclipse 83 Meteor Shower 137 Asteroid Strike
30 Midnight Sun 84 Mild 138 Mist
31 Monsoon 85 Moon Phases 139 Moonlight
32 Mud Slide 86 Muggy 140 Nor'easter
33 Nor'wester 87 Ocean Currents 141 Overcast Sky
34 Pea Soup 88 Pollution 142 Quake
35 Rain Shower 89 Rain And Sleet 143 Rainbow
36 Rainfall 90 Rainstorm 144 Rain During Sunshine
37 Riptide 91 Runoff 145 Sandstorm
38 Sea Breeze 92 Shade 146 Sheet Lightning
39 Shower 93 Sleet 147 Slight Driving Snow
40 Slush 94 Smog 148 Smoke
been included to make this table multi-purpose.

41 Snow Flurries 95 Snow Shower 149 Snowflake

42 Snowslide 96 Snowstorm 150 Solar Corona
43 Solar Eclipse 97 Solar Halo 151 Spring Sunshine
44 Sprinkles 98 Squall 152 Storm Clouds

45 Sultry 99 Summer 153 Sun Spots

46 Sunburst 100 Sunny 154 Sunshine
47 Sweltering 101 Temperate 155 Tempest
48 Thunder 102 Thunderbolt 156 Thunderclap
49 Thunderhead 103 Thundershower 157 Thunderstorm
50 Extreme Tidal Changes 104 Waterspout 158 Tornado
51 Torrential Rain 105 Total Eclipse 159 Tropical Storm
52 Tsunami 106 Twister 160 Typhoon
53 Undertow 107 Volcanic Eruption 161 Volcano
54 Warm Front 108 Raining Fire


Sin-U-Lation Digital Dreams

Perhaps the largest purveyor of obscene literature, One of the largest gaming emporiums in Europe, DD
erotic films and immersion kink on the planet. If you (as its known to its regulars) is a vast techno-haven of
have a fetish youll find it catered for here; if you lights, holoscreens, immersion suites and traditional
cannot find it one of their skilled A.I. architects will 2D/3D games. The place has a dark-future feel to it
make your dreams come true for a very reasonable which is made more intense by the deafening
price. neurothrash tracks that are continuously played
(sometimes live). The attendants are primarily young
Cybertopia women dressed in scraps of PVC though there are
An E.I. run cybernetics clinic with a vast in-house men who wear mock-military fatigues. Most clients are
catalogue of upgrades and a crack team of installers. males between 12 and 40 years old although the back
If youve got the cash you can have anything legal room immersion machines attract all manner of
installed in record time. weirdos due to their explicit nature.

Always a Kitten Baby Genie

Arent kittens cute? Cats not so much. Well, weve The worlds premier genetic enhancement clinic.
spliced and diced and now that little treasure will Doesnt your baby deserve every chance?
never grow up - prices start from 5000 credits.
Kilari London
Always a Puppy, Always a Piglet and Always a Lamb On the ground floor of the plaza, dominating the north
services also available. Ask in store for details. entrance is a the Kilari showroom; Europes prime
outlet for the Kilari Motor Company. The brutal beauty
of these vehicles cannot be overstated. Generally two
or three of the cars are placed outside of the
showroom in the pedestrian concourses where visitors
can see up close, these aspirational vehicles.

Krieg Aesthetics
An exclusive Krieg cosmetic enhancement clinic that
offers a range of sensitive and discreet services.
Commonly frequented by celebrities getting the latest

Feel free to add any other stores you wish into the
plaza, the only restriction is that they should be
impressive and wonderful. There is no room for
Shell never grow old, never average in the Empire Plaza.
go senile and never stop being
cute as a button. Try our two
for one offer - nothings as
adorable as a pair!

The Wunderbar
A large friendly Oktoberfest style ale house with long
drinking tables and buxom serving girls. Lederhosen
are not compulsory but can be purchased or rented at
the bar.


Small House 70 per week

LONDON OLD CITY Medium House 80 per week
Large House 100 per week
Small Shop 150 per week
I woke up that morning in a room smelling of fresh Medium Shop 200 per week
jet fuel, next to two dead tarts and a live bloody Large Shop 400 per week
weapons-derivate BIO. Both mlegs were broken, I
had the devils own hangover, and it turned out These prices are very low and this reflects the lack of
some blighter had stapled a frag grenade to the secondary service by E.I. This results in erratic
electrical and water supply, low policing levels, poor
inside of my chest cavity. But it wasnt till I crawled
city maintenance and so on. If the power fails in your
to the window and saw I was in Old London that I bedsit you can expect to wait a long time for anyone
knew I was really in a spot of trouble. to come and fix it. Naturally a little extra cash goes a
long way when it comes to expediting the process but
- from Memoirs not many Old London residents can afford it.
-attr: Agent Peregrine Cubby Baxter (Major)

There are two ways to leave Central London - via the

Northern Gate which essentially takes you onto the
motorways in order to travel the country, or via one of
the four cardinal checkpoints which lead into Old

Should you take one of the checkpoints you will likely

receive a courteous message from one of the guards
informing you of the risks associated with visiting the
Old Town. Should you decide to pass through anyway,
you will be greeted by a seemingly endless maze of
Ai-Jinn made prefabs, high-rises and residential
blocks. Scattered in among these functional eyesores
are occasional sections of the old city which were
deemed more economical to restore than to replace.
After many miles you will eventually pass out of the
rebuilt zone and into the crumbling suburban ruins
which have received no attention at all. These debris
strewn wastelands are home to the poorest of the
poor who have to hole up in the ruined husks of
bombed out structures, hoping the indigenous Cultists
and drug crazed psychopaths dont find them.

Because of its rebuild by the Ai-Jinn Old London is

capable of housing a massive population in relatively
decent accommodation.

Prices for Old London Property CRIME - THE COMPANY

Property is only ever rented out in Old London, E.I. Old London is controlled primarily by one large Firm
figure they can make more money this way. who go by the name of The Company. The Company
is so extensive that it is all but impossible for another
Bedsit# # 30 per week criminal group to establish themselves. When they
Small Flat 40 per week have tried to do so they are hunted down and
Medium Flat 50 per week massacred in the most gruesome and terrifying way
Large Flat 60 per week


possible. This certainly puts the frighteners on any

other organisations hoping to move in. The Ai-Jinn are fully aware that The Company have an
arrangement with E.I. and although they are not
The success of The Company is down to: happy about it, do not as yet, see a way to sever that
relationship. After all, should E.I. wish to they could
Their E.I. connections make life very difficult for The Company.
Their Ai-Jinn connections
The Company operate in the old style. They have a
They are one of the few groups of organised criminals boss who decides the overall direction of the firm and
who have backing from more than one corporation, uses a number of captains and lieutenants to organise
the American Underground being the other obvious the soldiers on the street.
example (Core Rules page 115).
The boss has changed over the years, mainly due to
Their E.I. connections come in the form of the many death but occasionally because of a lack of
business arrangements made between The Company confidence from captains - this usually ends in death
and the corporation. For example, if E.I. want to as well, but for less noble reasons. A great deal of
distribute drugs throughout the Old City then they look care is taken to make sure the boss is never directly
no further than The Company who have operators on linked to any crimes so that he can operate freely and
every street corner. Likewise The Company can keep go out in public without fear of arrest.
E.I. informed of any underworld machinations that
might prove of interest to them. Often it can be NOTABLE COMPANY MEMBERS
advantageous for The Company to let E.I. be privy to
some sensitive information in order to have Agents John The Peace Oldman
sort out difficult situations for them. For example, if a
Current head of The Company, Oldman is known as
group of Shi Yukiro Agents move into the Old City for
The Peace because of his intolerance for bickering
an operation, The Company would rather pass this
within the ranks. Any instances of such behaviour are
information on to E.I. who can send in a specialist
met with a stern warning; there is no second warning,
team to deal with them. This arrangement benefits
the individuals are simply taken out. This attitude has
everyone and has led to continued good will between
led to a time of huge growth within The Company as
the two.
none of the petty rivalries one normally associates
with such an organisation are allowed to flourish.
Obviously sometimes their purposes clash as The
Obviously there are still disagreements but these tend
Company are inherently a criminal organisation and
to be resolved quickly with bullets or knives rather
some of their work may involve activities that the
than via extended vendettas. The end result is that the
corporation deem undesirable. One particular point of
members all get along and basically trust one another
contention is The Companys continued affiliation with
which makes for some very efficient lawbreaking.
the Ai-Jinn corporation.
John appears around 40 years old and is a solid
The Ai-Jinn have a hand in almost every criminal
looking man with a bull neck, close cropped hair and
organisation in the world, the Japanese-loyal yakuza
fists like a pair of 56lb weights. He was born and
being a notable exception, and they certainly have
raised in Old London and has great affection for the
their claws deep in The Company. They are known to
place. Although he likes to keep things businesslike
have at least six Agents embedded within The
and not involve innocents, hes not averse to a few
Companys ranks, four of whom have managed to
collateral deaths; his belief in the survival of the fittest
keep their true identities a secret. The remaining two
exonerates his conscience of any wrongdoing.
hold high positions and act as communication
conduits between The Company and the Ai-Jinn. This
John cultivates a good relationship with the local E.I.
allows for a steady stream of weapons, drugs and
Agents and regularly gives them intel and stuffed
cash to flow into the city and keep the criminals on top
brown envelopes in exchange for their assistance or
of things. In return The Company is expected to do a
to encourage them to look the other way. He is a
few things for the Ai-Jinn now and again such as incite
regular at the Shanghai Noodle House and often
riots, create distractions, distribute contraband or
simply perform the odd hit.


meets his Ai-Jinn contacts upstairs in the private Bryant always uses his alternate identity and only the
rooms over a lavish Chinese feast. other Ai-Jinn Agents in The Company know what and
who he really is. That is not to say he is not loyal to
Johns one weakness is antiques and he has a The Company, simply that should it be required by his
profound love for anything more than a hundred years Ai-Jinn superiors, he would kill every Company man in
old. Even his faithful side arm is a four hundred year the room without a second thought.
old shotgun which he painstakingly cleans and
maintains on a daily basis. If you wanted to get on Company Plot Ideas
Johns bad side, stealing his collection of antiques
would be a good way to do it, especially his priceless 1. If the division are Ai-Jinn they are told they must
array of Swedish flatpack furniture; few such items join The Company. There is no need for them to
held together for more than ten years and those that hide their identities from John Oldman, they are
did are considered something of a rare miracle. there as Agent support for an ambitious upcoming
Alex Bryant (Ai-Jinn Agent, Rank 4, Level 23) 2. E.I. want the Ai-Jinn Agents in The Company killed,
your job is to root them out and kill each one.
3. John Oldman has requested an E.I. division to help
on some Company business. For some reason E.I.
have agreed and you are Johns bitches for the next
two weeks. Hopefully he wont make you get him
some more circa 2000 flatpack furniture.
4. The Company are getting out of hand and need
putting back in their place. Teach them a lesson
they will not forget.
5. The Company have managed to kidnap an
important Federation VIP. Recover the hostage for
your corporation without The Company knowing.
6. The Company seem to be siding with the Ai-Jinn
more and more. Its time to take them and their
Dragon members out once and for all - destroy The


There is something about poverty that smells like

Zora Neale Hurston

Bryant is The Companys head enforcer and
responsible for any displays of the power they might
need to make. Despite his fairly normal appearance, The city limits are a wasteland where few choose to
Bryant is a savage man who instills fear into almost live. There is no power, no lights, no clean water, no
everyone who looks him in the eyes. Part of this may police and a million ways to die. Sadly for some its a
be due to the fact that he is an Ai-Jinn Agent but reality, whether The Company has chased people out
simply claims to have a lot of cybernetics as a result of the city or they simply cannot stand being stared at
of his mercenary days. He is of average height and by others, a few sad folk are forced to eke out a tragic
average build but will switch from diamond geezer to existence in this rubble strewn hell.
psychotic pint-glass-in-your-face nutcase in the blink
of an eye. For others though, its the perfect place to set up
shop. If youre a seven foot cybernetic death machine


5. Prison

EXIT 2. Alteration Chamber

1. The Nexus

6. Data

8. Store

7. Arena

3. Armoury
4. Standby
9. Power

with an unquenchable hatred for humans and an The name of the Cult cell who reside here is the
aversion to the law, the city limits is like a new Eden. Ruination of the Manbitch, they number some 25
The old underground tunnels and ruined buildings chimera and 10 architects and they take their privacy
provide an endless network of places to exist, very seriously.
scheme, butcher, upgrade and if need be, hide.
Regular sorties are made to the Old City and The network of tunnels is constantly echoing with
sometimes to Central London in order to secure screams of tortured human prisoners; a sickening idea
supplies and kidnap anyone who may have from the mind of the Warmaster to help the Cultists
cybernetics or be exchanged for them. remember how weak the flesh really is.


GUIDE TO THE CULT Cultist is free to enter the prison and add to the
WARRENS 6. Data Room
Computers are stored here and often hardwired into a
1. The Nexus number of architects who sit statue-like while their
This is where The Existence, de facto leader of the minds scream through cyberspace looking for relevant
cell has made his headquarters. There is only one information.
obvious entrance but in the event of an emergency a
secret door can be opened which allow the rooms 7. Arena
occupants to escape into a long abandoned sewer This large open area is where a number of
network. underground trains were once stored and indeed
some of them still remain but have been hacked up
The large stone room is dominated by a huge and welded together to form a makeshift
mechanical throne known as The Quiet (see Machines amphitheatre.
of War page 87) which is used to prevent machine
cancer, caused by active naninium, from advancing. Here Cultists fight one another to prove superiority or
Sat upon the throne is The Existence, a gargantuan bring in victims from the outside world to fight one
Cult Warmaster who controls all that goes on in the another or sometimes a Cultist.
warrens. He is always accompanied by at least six
powerful chimera and his advisor, architect Dying Outlaws, UIG Officers, Agents, mercenaries, cage
Psyche. fighters, gladiators, BIOs, and the like all make
suitable fodder for the Cultists insatiable lust to see
2. Alteration Chamber flesh fail.
This collapsed metro tunnel has been mostly cleared
of rubble and is now used as a place to install and 8. Store
modify cybernetics and replace body parts. There are This old network of tunnels, caves and sewer pipes
no beds here, just large metal slabs and boxes of dirty acts as general storage for whatever the cell deem
surgical tools. A Dedicated Cultist (page 143 of worthy of keeping hold of. Such items may include
Machines of War) named Cleanses the Machine lives pieces of toughened metal for armour, damaged
in here, secured to the ceiling, its long arms bristling cybernetic limbs, food and fuel cells to meet their
with surgical equipment, ever ready to strip away power needs.
more flesh from its machine brothers.
9. Power
3. Armoury A number of salvaged fission generators are stored
Although many Cultists prefer beating humans to here and used to power any lights, computers and
death with their own hands, they often need access to machinery needed by the Cultists.
weapons either to graft to themselves or simply
because they are not equipped to deal with the task. Exits
This collapsing underground concourse is stacked Anywhere marked EXIT can be used to access the
with all manner of weapons, some new but most in surface; these areas are well hidden from the outside
various states of disrepair. though and would be difficult, if not foolish, to find.


Cultists do not sleep, they wait. They normally do this
wherever they please but this room is assigned for the The Existence
purpose. This monstrous beast towers above its kind at a
height of almost nine feet. Its body is based around a
5. Prison cyberframe rather than a skeleton and as a result it
A horrific room where captured humans are has awesome offensive and defensive capabilities.
maintained in states of permanent agony to remind
the Cultists how weak the flesh really is. All manner of The Existence is so named because it believes it
creative methods are used to administer pain and any simply is, neither male nor female, not machine or a


man, it is a fusing of material and immaterial into a

single, purposeful entity.

Its goals are simple; to share its philosophy with as

many others as possible that they may one day bond
into a single unit. What The Existence does not share
with everybody is that its sees itself as the higher
consciousness of this proposed entity, controlling the
other Cultists like a hive of slaved insects, leaving
them enough autonomy to be effective, but stripping
them of their independence.

The plan is still a long way from fruition but The

Existence and its advisors are working out ways to
make this plan a reality. For now they must be content
with strengthening the cell and acquiring the
technologies that may one day be needed.

Autumn of Flaying (AKA - The Flayer)

The Flayer is in charge of the prison and it is her
responsibility to ensure a constant cacophony of

Autumn of Flaying
screams can be heard throughout the tunnels.
Sometimes her ingenuity is quite sickening and has
led her to create self-moderating torture machines
which can be placed about the warrens so that the
cries can be heard in the most remote locations
without the need for the poor victim to be manually
prodded and poked.

In life Monica was a self-destructive teenager who Cult Warren Mission Ideas
ended up on the streets laced with wounds from self
harm and exacting all manner of horrors upon herself 1. You must enter the warrens and extract one of your
in order to feel something. When she learned of the Agents from the prison before he is broken down
Cults initiation practices she laughed feeling nothing for parts.
could cause her to feel anything. And she was right, 2. The Ruination of the Manbitch have been making
despite their best efforts she sat through the rites with increasingly bold raids on Old London and Central
scarcely a mutter. London. They must be looking for something
What it did show her though, was that the systematic 3. One of the Cultists has defected and has revealed
infliction of pain on another, made her feel ecstatic all of the secret entrances. This knowledge could
and she has never looked back. Now almost be used to place cameras in the warren and spy on
completely augmented, she still maintains a feminine the Cultists. Your job is to plant the cameras.
figure and would be considered an Agile Chimera but 4. During one of their raids the Cultists stole a
she has none of the temperament one might expect of prototype weapon which is now probably residing in
a youthful woman. She is sadistic, cruel and utterly their armoury. Sneak into the warren and recover
without humanity. Her only pleasures are drawing the weapon.
closer to The Machine that showed her salvation and 5. The Existence wants to talk to some Agents about
extracting agonised screams out of the weak, a deal. Your division are sent in to negotiate.
trembling flesh. 6. One of the division is infected with machine cancer
and needs access to The Quiet as soon as
possible. Make a deal with The Existence to borrow
his throne.


7. Bored of easy victims, Autumn of Flaying has taken So if your players really need to go into the suburbs
to the streets of Central London looking for new, you can use the random encounter table on page 167
more deserving victims. to make their journey a little more exciting.
8. The Ruination of the Manbitch is gaining too much
of a following, head out to the suburbs and cull Suburban London Mission Ideas
9. Attempt to infiltrate the cell by pretending to be a 1. A VIPs shuttle was shot down over the suburbs. Go
group of Agents who have tired of the corporate life. out there, find her and bring her back.
10.Cultists have stormed one of E.I.s tech labs a few 2. The players are running low on funds. They could
miles away from the London Spire. You are the use their downtime to round up some criminals and
nearest division and must respond. Either stop the rogues for a nice reward.
raid as it happens or follow clues to recover the 3. Rumour has it that a rogue cyberlin is wandering
stolen goods. the suburbs. If the division could capture it they
could use it as a staggeringly useful division asset.


4. Someone or something seems to be unifying the
nut-cases who live in the suburbs. This could be
one of the most disturbing alliances of all time.
The Cult are not the only dangers to be found in the 5. A large tower has appeared in the suburbs, its built
broken shells that make up the suburbs. Mutants, from scrap and seems to be guarded by droids and
escaped BIOs, drug addicts, fugitives and outlaws can BIOs. What is going on?
all find anonymity in this dark and dangerous place. 6. The suburbs need cleaning up. The corporation
issue you with either truckloads of weapons,
Another factor which makes this area so inhospitable cyberframes or cyberlins and tell you to get out
is the weather. Because of the excessive use of there and kick ass.
weather satellites in and around London, the 7. As non-E.I. Agents you are required to set up a
barometric conditions of the unmoderated areas are secret base in the suburbs and monitor the Old City.
erratic at best, chaotic at worst. 8. Some of the suburban BIOs have mutated into
really ferocious monsters. You have been tasked
Weather satellites tend to have a displacing effect and with capturing some for study.
although they create heat and aridity in one area, the 9. A new over-risk weapon has been developed by
side effect is more cold and damp in another. Because your R&D department. Test it out in the suburbs
so much of southern England is kept balmy and dry, away from the prying UIG.
there are a lot of corresponding icy, freezing and 10.A new form of extreme vehicle racing has become
storm wracked areas. a sport based in a cleared area of the suburbs.
Take part in this event in order to see if there are
The suburbs of London is one such place and the any potential recruiting opportunities.
conditions here range from driving rain to freezing
sleet and storm wracked skies. Lightning and thunder
are common occurrences and E.I. have considered THE LONDON SPIRE
using some general purpose weather satellites to
calm the area down so that residents of central Among the first spires to be built, London was
London do not get bothered by the distant storms. designed to act as the Western European
headquarters for E.I. It is at the same time beautiful,
Unless you have a specific reason to be in the functional and nigh unassailable.
suburbs it is lunacy to visit them. Almost all of the
occupants are so aggressive and deranged that Surrounded by green fields and rambling deciduous
combat is an inevitability. What is more, your foes are forests the London Spire soars over 900 floors into the
unlikely to be all they seem. They are sometimes well air, its base covering an area of over 4 square miles.
organised and will lure the unwary into ambushes or The climate is always pleasant ranging from warm
across minefields which only they know the safe route sunshine to light summer rains. In the winter it cools
through. down and snows, but only enough for the residents to
get a cosy feeling when they look out of the window.



The spire is accessible by the M1, M4 and M11 which The London spire embraces the classic curved conical
are all high speed motorways (rebuilt after the wars). design and is clad with a white stone which shimmers
As you come within 10 miles of the spire the faintly in the afternoon sun. There are no perceptible
motorways end and narrow into smaller roads to keep flaws in the spires surface as the windows are layered
traffic noise down. Only select visitors and residents in a one way optical membrane which allows you to
are permitted to bring their vehicles to the spire, most see out and lets light in, but appears to be opaque
have to park at one of the main monorail terminals from the outside.
which are located a few miles outside the city. They
can then, for only a few credits, get a ride to the spire Stretching for about 10 miles in every direction from
or walk if they prefer. the spire is rolling countryside which is carefully
maintained by teams of environmental professionals.
Those who are permitted to bring their vehicles into There are very few places in the world where this kind
the spires parking area include. of environment can be found. After the corporate wars
the worlds temperature dropped and many of the
Agents plants which would naturally grow cannot survive in
VIPs their former environments. It is only because of E.I.s
Residents in the expensive suites who pay for a overt use of weather satellites that such large
Parking License (10,000 credits per year) ecosystems can be restored. The rather unfortunate
E.I. staff of Rank 3+ side effect is that the satellites have a habit of shifting
Notable individuals sanctioned by the the weather so although several hundred square miles
administration. around the London Spire are balmy and pleasant,
outside of this controlled zone, much of the landscape
Checkpoints is wracked by unending storms and unnaturally cold
temperatures. This is compounded by the fact that
At each of the terminals there is a checkpoint staffed every now and then one will find an E.I. enclave such
by uncompromisingly thorough guards and equipped as Central London which is again, maintained by
with top of the range contraband scanners. 95% weather satellites. This can create anomalies within
chance to detect items on the watch list; this list anomalies and means areas like Old London have
includes the follow: some of the most changeable and awful weather
patterns in the world.
Unlicensed weapons
Explosives / bombs One of the few blots on the landscape is the
Hazardous chemicals and biological agents occasional appearance of scout and sentinel class
Droids cyberlins. Most of these mechanical monsters are
BIOs kept in huge underground facilities and only emerge to
Data theft technology including illegal software test their systems or in response to threats. However,
Licensed weapons that pose a threat to security E.I. feel that the residents derive a certain amount of
comfort in seeing the great guardians now and again.
E.I. reserve the right to deny anyone access to the It also lets the enemy know that they are there and
spire and confiscate any items carried by people ready to act. Most of these cyberlins are fitted with jet
wishing to enter the spire. Cybernetic suppressors packs and have specially built landing zones so that
(page 70) may be force-fitted to visitors who have they do not damage the roads and countryside. Of
particularly threatening upgrades such as over-risk course during times of emergency the hedges and
weapon limbs, penetrative vision modes, self destruct forests come second as entire battalions of battle and
cores etc. ranger class watchmen take to the field.

Anyone who is suspected of visiting the spire for Aside from the more obvious external defence
nefarious purposes may well be detained and measures there are several more subtle intruder
interrogated by Agent divisions. countermeasures.


Counter Robotics Drones - These insidious little droids Whether your reaction to the spires style is good or
swarm in packs onto other droids and take them out bad tends to depend on your attitude to extreme
using high speed drills and EMP shocks. They buzz wealth and misuse of money but on the whole, E.I.
around quiet areas of the spire gardens like citizens are generally approving.
inoffensive gnats. More can be found about them in
Gate 22. Within each atrium is a checkpoint manned by a group
of heavily augmented Elite Spire Guards. They do not
Recessed Turrets - Hidden turret weapons emerge have the same diverse training as Agents but are
from dozens of locations and can open fire on targets often a lot tougher and very competent at sniffing out
with great accuracy and power. trouble and restraining potential troublemakers. See
the E.I. Elite Spire Guard on page 172.
Droid Patrols - Groups of droids patrol the ground and
nearby countryside looking for unauthorised INTERIOR
personnel. The inside of the spire is the same kind of luxuriant,
decadent, over-the-top affair you should have come to
Agent Divisions - There are normally one or two Agent expect from E.I. and boasts the same range of
division who patrol the grounds, visiting the various designer shops, exclusive restaurants and beautiful
monorail terminals as needed. suites as any other E.I. spire.

Guards - Dozens of guard contingents are present Perhaps the most notable aspect of the London spire
outside, they are responsible for keeping order in the is the presence of CEO Gunther van Rosch. For this
immediate area and for patrolling the nearby region in reason alone it has the largest droid, guard and Agent
vehicles. They normally use large off road trucks presence of any E.I. spire. Anyone trying anything
which are equipped with a range of aggressive suspicious within the spires territory will be met with
measures. merciless force. Should your players non-E.I. division
be tasked with infiltrating the spire they can expect to
Precision Orbital Strike - Although a relatively new be interrogated and killed if they are caught.
technology E.I. have made it accurate enough to Amazingly this excessive brutality goes unchecked by
deliver a concentrated microwave blast to a 10x10 the UIG. A combination of bribes, clever politics and
square metre area. That is within their acceptable careful threats insures that London remains an
range of tolerance and has been used on a few irrefutable bastion of E.I. power.
occasions to destroy enemy units who were
attempting to infiltrate the grounds. Civilian casualties
have always been within acceptable limits.

Sniper Turrets - Located high on the side of the spire

are recessed sniper turrets which when activated
track targets up to 3 miles away and shoot with deadly
accuracy. A sniper turret is based on a rail gun chassis
and is A.I. controlled.

These are just some examples, feel free to make up

more of your own.

There are four main atria at cardinal points on the
ground floor of the spire. Each of these is a stunning
architectural masterpiece of sweeping curves, elegant
columns and graceful arcs. Colossal waterfalls and
huge hanging plants cascade from heights of up to 30
metres and the huge windows let in so much sunlight
that there is a feeling of being outside.


Players may want to skip this section as it may spoil some missions.
We are planning to release a book which describes complex array of biotechnology. Possessed of both
the various orbitals and planetoids of the Corporation great determination and inexhaustible wealth, E.I.
world in more detail. For this book we have decided to decided to construct a permanent lab complex around
reveal what lies at the centre of Vastaag as it gives an the asteroid in order to better study its contents. The
insight into E.I. methodology. scale of this development grew as E.I. discovered it
was a perfect station for conducting all manner of
research which was not practical or legal on Earth.
What I have built up there is better than Heaven.
And considerably more productive.
The day that Dr. Felix Monsaint Devereaux finally
worked out the subspace key to unlock the gate was
attr: Gunther van Rosch, CEO, Eurasian
historic. All it took was a gentle cascade of specifically
tuned subspace particles directed at the apparatus
and the biomachine took on a life of its own, growing,
The question of what lies at the centre of Vastaag has morphing and twisting into a large doorway 6.3 metres
been of great interest to the UIG and E.I.s rivals since across and 5.4 metres high. Its surround was a mass
the planetoid was first constructed. Although the of thrashing mechanical vines and the portal itself a
surface is teeming with buildings, oceans and disk of pure black which reflected no light.
terraformed landscapes which are of obvious fiscal Robotic teams sent through the gate returned with
benefit to E.I. the core of Vastaag allows the imagery of endless caverns defined not by walls but
corporation to engage in any activities they wish, safe by hordes of living mechanical tentacles, roots, trunks
from the scrutiny of the UIG and the potential PR and vines. When exploration crews were sent in it was
issues that public awareness could bring. determined that the scientific value of this find was
beyond measure and that it should be locked up and
To understand Vastaag fully it is necessary to go back hidden away; and so Vastaag was born.
several hundred years to a time when the World View
was new and local space travel had much more of an E.I. arranged to have the pleasure world built around
element of the unknown. On her third voyage, while the asteroid, what better way to allow the workers
heading to Saturn, an anomaly was discovered continued access and routine flights back and forth
roughly halfway into the journey; an asteriod some but at the same time divert attention. Vastaag took
4.2km long and 3.3km wide. It was emitting a looping many years to complete but E.I.s teams of experts
signal which although indecipherable, was clearly managed to deflect the scrutiny of others and make
worthy of further investigation. At the request of the sure that anyone who did suspect what was going on
science officer the vessel was stopped and a crew was either paid off, recruited or assassinated.
sent to find the source of the signal.
The exploratory crew reported, upon reaching the
asteroids surface, that a number of natural tunnels led After decades of journeys back and forth through the
deeper into the rock and that they would descend and gate it was ascertained that what lay on the other side
find out more. Some hours later the crew made was most likely a vessel or a large colony structure
contact again, describing a central chamber deep in floating in space. Although its exact function has never
the asteroid which housed a great but unfathomable been determined, there are several theories to explain
apparatus. Images sent back to the World View its presence. Typically E.I. are not really interested in
showed the structure to be more plant that machine such postulations. Xenoculture can only generate
but with the deeply unmistakable feel of technology money if the existence of the ship is revealed to the
with purpose. world and at present, E.I. has no intention of doing
that. Instead they use technologies taken from the
The asteroid was anchored with bridge cables and hulk to further their own knowledge. Many of E.I.s
towed behind the ship for the remainder of the most impressive medical advances are a direct result
journey. Over the next 3 years a number of E.I.s of reverse engineering technology recovered from the
scientific teams were sent to investigate the asteroid vessel.
and its contents but little could be made of the


The Island Project is E.I.s newest experiment where STRUCTURE OF THE GARDEN
technology taken from the hulk is used to augment
existing life forms. Inside Vastaag they have created a The garden itself, as stated earlier runs around the
vast garden which extends around the inside of the inside of the crust of Vastaag giving it an area of
planetoids surface giving it an area almost as large as some 20,000 square miles. Much of this is given over
Vastaag itself. Hundreds of square miles of arcadian to natural plant growth, of course when we say natural
gardens are home to a wealth of plants, animals and we mean genetically engineered using material
humans, all a product of careful bioengineering. gathered from the hulk. Throughout the garden are
Although each is based on an earth-origin template, located various laboratory complexes, residential
every organism has been meticulously enhanced with areas, storage facilities, conditioning labs and
genetic material from the hulk to make them superior recreational facilities. In the centre, located where the
to their terrestrial cousins. For example, grass which core of the planetoid would be is suspended the
has the nutritional properties of soya, cows which asteroid. It is connected to the garden by dozens of
lactate upon request and are able to eat anything and gantries which join to the ground via large and very
of course humans who are resistant to all diseases, secure terminal buildings.
do not age and desire nothing more than the joy that
the island offers. THE HULK

Of course experiments like this have been conducted The hulk, as it has become known, has never been
on Earth for hundreds of years but the ones on fully explored, in fact, its estimated that the
Vastaag have two very notable differences. Firstly E.I. exploration crews have only covered around 17% of
can do literally anything, they are not constrained by the vessel. So far they have managed to collect a
UIG law so ethical and environmental issues can be sizeable amount of data and samples, yet met with
ignored. Secondly they have a wealth of new genetic very little hostility or resistance from the ship. There
material in the form of samples from the alien hulk. have been a few isolated incidents with scientists
Originally splicing some of the alien DNA into Earth- being snagged by lethal spines and thorns, a few fatal
based life forms seemed to yield very little, the falls down sinkholes kilometres in depth and
changes were very small and surprisingly easy to occasionally actual attack by the living walls of the
perform. There was no rejection on the part of the ship but these are rare indeed. During over 400,000
human host and the DNA seemed to slide together man hours there have been a total of 12 deaths inside
effortlessly despite its fundamental differences. It the hulk; statistically speaking it is more dangerous to
seemed almost as though the life forms from the hulk work back on Earth as taxi driver.
were akin to a universal donor whose genetic material
was designed to unite with any target species. This The occasions which have caused the ship to
rang certain alarm bells with the genegineers who physically attack the explorers have always been due
pointed out that any life form whose DNA merged so to the crews trying to get to places where they were
well with a targets was more than likely some kind of obviously not welcome. For example, Linya
genetic parasite or puppeteer master race. Their Sarrensson, after months of painstaking calculations
views were made clear to the upper management and behavioural observation predicted the location of
back in London but it was considered worth the risk. a control hub. She determined it was down a
Ultra secure containment systems were demanded to passageway which was currently blocked by thorned,
ensure that in the event of an emergency the Island biomechanical creepers. At first probes were pushed
Project could be sealed off from the rest of the between the spaces and it was indeed determined
planetoid but other than that it was business as usual. that they seemed to be a barricade and beyond the
Some cautious senior staff suggested a self destruct corridor continued. As the plant material was cut away
system in case of an uncontainable situation but van the hulk noticeably shuddered, then tensed. Everyone
Rosch stated that no emergency could be worth currently on board noticed it as contractions of the
blowing up his holiday planet for and if such a various plant organs which seemed to seethe and
situation did arise, a less costly solution was bound to thrash like walls of angry snakes.
present itself.
The crew attempting the breach were lashed to death
by sharpened razor vines then fed through the walls of
the ship and never seen again. Since that incident


there have been no attempts to hack through barriers And of course the basic genetic material from the
though the senior scientific officers are working out plants which is highly invasive yet controllable. As a
how best to do it so that when they run out of result it can be integrated into almost any other
collectible information and samples, a more organism with great ease and yet controlled. This
aggressive invasion of the ship can begin. allows for some fantastic hybrids with enormous
It was the hour of the Ox and only stars and
darkness filled the garden, but still we could not USING THE ISLAND PROJECT IN YOUR
make our peace. The barbarians have committed GAME
ten thousand outrages against us, I cried again.
How can you forget them, to consort with the Everyone wants to know whats at the centre of
Merchant King? Vastaag so for all non-E.I. divisions a great mission
would be to travel to Vastaag and try to get inside the
She said: I do not forget. But I can forgive a planetoids core and find out what is going on. This will
thousand times ten thousand outrages to pave the be tough as there is very tight security. Obviously
way to the Celestial Palace. The barbarians are once they are inside they will need to lay low, avoid
nothing; their outrages are nothing. When the detection and then they will probably want to find out
Phoenix Glass is built, they will drown in a flood of what is inside the asteroid. Supposing they succeed
shadows. any division worth its salt will want to use the gate to
travel into the hulk and explore. This will be a very
Pointing at the brightest point in the dark heavens, I difficult mission as remaining undetected for so long
said: If the Celestial Architect speaks truth amongst will be an enormous undertaking.
his riddles, then there is one outrage the universe
cannot forgive. And will not soon forget. From the point of view of an E.I. division there are
numerous ways you could use the island. These are
Yuan Qingzhao does not show fear. But she could summarised below in the mission ideas.
not reply.
-From My Conversations With The Venerable 1. The research teams have run dry, no more useful
Leader data can be collected from the ship without delving
attr: Dragons Head Kuan-Yin Liang in where they are not welcome. Such a task is very
dangerous and an Agent backup team is needed.
You are that team.
2. The Agents are being used as a guard detail in the
FINDINGS garden when bolts of green and black lightning start
There have been a number of interesting findings emitting from the holes in the asteroid. All comms
which have resulted from examination of the hulk and are lost. Get in there and investigate.
its contents. Some of the more functional discoveries 3. The alien DNA that has been used to augment the
are listed below: plants and animals in the garden has started to
express itself. The modified organisms are making
Organic compounds which are routinely used in E.I. their way towards the gate, even the plants. Find
medical procedures. out why?
Agricultural discoveries which have allowed E.I. to 4. A cryptic signal has reached the comms station on
grow plants at accelerated rates, even without the the Island. After decryption it appears to be an open
use of alien genetic material. invite from the hulk to send in some ambassadors.
To x i c c o m p o u n d s w h i c h c a n b e u s e d t o The division are chosen to be those ambassadors.
manufacture potent poisons. 5. It has been decided the hulk will be tamed. The
Fusing techniques which allow plants to be Agents are equipped with heavy weapons, armour
integrated with machines; this is of great interest not and shields and sent in to get to the bottom of it.
just for a new line of bio-mechanical cybernetics but
also for the creation of organo-mechanical
computing systems.





who is part of the authoritarian machine is guilty.
Drawing the line is therefore left as a personal
decision and often based on individual cases. UIG
Officers for example are not inherently guilty, some
may have joined the UIG to protect the citizenry from
rampaging monsters or bloodthirsty Cultists, others
FIRESTORM may simply enjoy the power their position affords them
and worse still, give in to the lure of corruption.

Its better to die on your feet than to live on your Whatever a members personal choice, it should be
knees. shared with the other members and discussed. If it
seems that a members views are beginning to clash
Emiliano Zapata with those of the group as a whole they may be asked
to revise their thinking or leave.

Politically speaking the corporations are a step down Because Firestorm innately has no authority within it
from the governmental systems of the 21st century, these situations can occasionally become ugly but
primarily due to the fact that there is little or no public usually simply shunning the offending individual is
input into how the country is run. Of course the UIG enough to make them realise this is not for them and
do get some amount of say in how corporate policy they can go and join another group which is more in
affects the general populace but for the most part this line with their personal choices.
is somewhat superficial and does not really address
the needs of the people. Some would argue that the Membership
older political systems of the 20th and 21st century Anyone wishing to join Firestorm is heavily vetted. E.I.
were also lacking in their ability to represent the would dearly love to insert Agents into their ranks in
citizenry but at least there was some token choice order to learn their plans and destroy them from the
given to the populace. inside. For this reason all those wishing to join receive
thorough background checks which include existing
Although there are millions of contented E.I. citizens, members visiting all of the prospects old friends and
there are also those who find the capitalist, money- hangouts in order to gain a good idea of their life.
centric world of the corporations to be highly offensive Even if Firestorm are satisfied at this point they still
and would love nothing more than to see them burn. put the prospect through a thorough physical and
make them execute a number of tasks which would be
Foremost among these is a group calling themselves very awkward for an impostor to complete, e.g. killing
Firestorm who are an anti-authoritarian collective a corporate Agents wife (providing shes deserving) or
based in Europe. They have successfully extracted stealing vital secrets. Firestorm are extremely savvy
themselves from the corporate system by living away and faked killings or false secrets will be quickly
from view in unwanted parts of the world; mainly detected. The repercussions on the impostor are not
abandoned towns and areas of unpatrolled good and he may find himself undergoing a rather
countryside or more commonly in Old Cities where vile interrogation before being sold to the Cult or some
they use their cunning to avoid UIG and corporate other horrendous fate.
At present there are around 5000 active members of
Firestorm are primarily anarchists who work to Firestorm with the largest concentration of their
destabilise and eventually eliminate all forms of members being in the Old Cities of Berlin, London and
government so that people may live freely rather than Madrid.
under the enforced will of an authoritarian body. They
have no rules within their organisation though they do OPERATIONAL METHODS
have a policy of ensuring the group is acting in its own Because of Firestorms policy of only attacking the
interests and the interests of the people at large. guilty they are forced to be a little more careful when
Unlike the American Underground however, they have fighting the power. Firebombing assets for example,
a policy of harming no innocents. This can be a can kill indiscriminately and who knows what
contentious issue because some argue that anyone unexpected visitors may be in the building.


More surgical types of attack include assassination, Disseminating Anti-Authoritarian Propaganda

theft, disruption, disseminating anti-authoritarian Simply informing others that the current situation is
propaganda and asset destruction. not acceptable is a powerful tool. Many citizens simply
accept their lot and never consider how things could
Assassination be. By informing people in a non-aggressive way
Firestorm will identify key targets who are maintaining about the disaster that is the corporate world, they can
or pioneering capitalist, authoritarian systems and bring many people on-side. If enough people start to
take them out. They have a number of ex-Agents and doubt the merits of a corporate state some real
mercenaries in their ranks who are skilled at such changes could follow.
tasks. Agents make exceptionally good targets as they
are (with the exception of many Comoros Agents) the Asset Destruction
epitome of the corporate machine. This is a particular favourite and is seen as having
very little chance of harming innocents. Some
examples include:
Whenever you see one, if you can, kill it. Theyre
barely human murder engines who execute any
Spray painting walls.
order for nothing more than a bloody pay cheque.
Smashing windows.
Even the power wont mourn their death, only the
Burning / damaging cars.
loss of a goddam investment.
Releasing coded nanites into buildings with
instructions to ruin all electronics.
Karl Walker - Firestorm
Cutting power and information cables.
Hacking important systems and simply taking them
offline for weeks.
Theft Vandalising or smashing publicly located objects
Theft is a great mechanism for as stealing anything such as holoscreens, benches, statues and
from the power will damage them and cause little or streetlights can cost the UIG a fortune making less
no harm to innocents. Below are some common forms cash available to enact its dictatorship. Some would
of theft. argue this damages the people as well, Firestorm
would say that we all must make some sacrifices.
Hit and run raids on poorly guarded installations.
Stealing vehicles, then selling them on. Naturally you should be able to think of many other
Burgling the houses of primary targets. methods that Firestorm could use to damage the
Hacking into systems and then stealing secrets, power.
intel or cash.
Setting up scams which target sub-companies Comoros Involvement
belonging to the corporation. Although Firestorm answer to no one, they will take
Benefit fraud, which simply strips the UIG of cash. assistance from anyone and aside from a little funding
Abusing UIG schemes simply to cost them money. from the WF and the Ai-Jinn they receive a great deal
of support from Comoros.
By getting in the way, Firestorm can really damage Comoros regularly send divisions of Agents over to
corporate and UIG events. For example, if a CEO is Europe to supply, support and train Firestorm cells.
visiting they can call in a bomb threat. Such a phone They ask nothing in return and will always work in a
call can cost the corporation thousands of credits in way that is acceptable to the members, respecting
additional security, postponed meetings and so on. anonymity where necessary.

Likewise, walking into a spire atrium and looking The members of Firestorm are aware that Comoros
suspicious can end up in an arrest. Ultimately the are simply using them as a tool to destabilise E.I. and
member will be released but the costs involved can be the UIG but as long as they are both working to the
surprisingly high to the UIG and the corporation, same end Firestorm are happy to take anything they
especially if the member then sues for false arrest and can get. When both E.I. and the UIG have toppled,
distress etc.


they can move on to the WF and Ai-Jinn. Taking out 3. There is a street party planned in central Madrid
Comoros is way down their to-do list. with lots of important E.I. executives in attendance.
Your division has been placed in charge of security.
FIRESTORM AND E.I. Make sure Firestorm do not ruin it.

The two have a long history as Firestorm traces its 4. Attempt to infiltrate Firestorm. This may require the
roots back to the 21st century. Back then it was a a removal of some cybernetics and an elaborate past
small anarchist group based in Bristol (UK) which did life to be planned. Players should be in charge of all
little more than promote self sufficiency and denounce elements including creating a feasible backstory
ruling bodies. Since then they have gained a and making sure the relevant people are in place to
significant following and as E.I. has become more back it up. Parts of this game could be done when
powerful and demanding, Firestorm has become more the players are not together to keep the session
active and supported. lively and interesting. Planning background stories
and how to maintain them could be written up and
E.I. have tried numerous times to insert Agents into emailed to the GM outside of the game.
the organisation with varying degrees of success. On
occasions entire cells have been wiped out but so far 5. You have received a tip off that some Comoros
there has been no sign of the entire group being Agents are in the city training Firestorm members.
eliminated. That should make them much easier to track down.
Find them and wipe out the cell.
Firestorm have become very good at what they do
and on a good year can cost E.I. billions of credits in
security breaches, evacuations, compensation and THE EARTH FRONT
general repairs. For this reason Gunther van Rosch
does not hesitate to spend a great deal of cash Eurasian Inc. are arguably the least responsible, most
attempting to root out and kill these vermin. profit orientated and immoral of the corporations. They
are only interested in results and the only time they
Most of the members of Firestorm have ripped out consider morality, human interest or environmental
their ID chips although some keep them so that they repercussions is when such factors might affect
may work as infiltrators or are less likely to be singled profitability. For example, if building a golf course on a
out. They are very cautious and take great lengths to site of natural beauty would cost more in negative PR
ensure their crimes against E.I. are extremely hard to than it would generate in cash, the project would likely
trace. be scrapped. However, if they could think of a way to
fix things, they would do so. One such example might
Such is E.I.s frustration, there are standing bounties be to make it appear as though the land had been
on any member (between 5,000 and 20,000 credits a subject to environmental contamination (by a rival
head). This has led some bounty hunters handing in corp) and then offer to clean up the mess out of the
citizens or outcasts, claiming they are members of goodness of their hearts. Of course, this cleanup
Firestorm. E.I. naturally interrogate these individuals would irreversibly damage the land and all it would be
in an attempt to ascertain the truth but what they do good for afterwards would be something like a golf
with them afterwards is anyones guess. You can be course.
sure they wont be lenient on the bounty hunters that
try to pass off fake marks though. E.I. are extremely good at what they do and most of
their population are happy to accept that a certain
Firestorm Plot Ideas amount of underhanded, nefarious goings on are
1. If you are not playing E.I. your division could have necessary in order to keep them living in the style to
been sent to equip and train Firestorm members. which they are accustomed. Of course, most is not all
and some of the worlds residents are not happy to sit
2. Someone has defaced Gunther s Column back and watch as E.I. rape the planet in the name of
(previously Nelsons Column in London). The good living and progress. There are many
culprits must be brought before the CEO. environmental and political groups who oppose E.I.s
methods but one of the most significant is the Earth


The E.F. are currently believed to number between More importantly this stunt had gained the EF a
two and three thousand members, located mostly in worldwide following and the interest of Comoros who
Europe but with cells scattered around Russia and are always keen to fund anti-capitalist organisations.
various E.I. assets. The primary directive of the EF is
to damage Eurasian Incorporated, to make their As E.I. Agents you need to be aware of the subtle but
immoral actions so costly that they start to act like clever tactics of the EF. They are not overt, they dont
humans or better yet, go out of business for good. carry bombs, guns and toxin grenades. Their damage
is done through negative PR and exposure. Although
This sounds a lot like the group Firestorm, (see page damage limitation is always possible covering up the
162) but the EF have a much more environmentally truth is hard work and when E.I. have committed a
orientated approach. They do not destroy assets as very real atrocity, containing the event is critical. Far
this can prompt E.I. to rebuild, thus causing more better it never gets out than it is whitewashed at a
resource use. Instead they work to publicly humiliate later date.
and weaken E.I. by aggressive journalism, potent
exposs and dissemination of information. MISSION IDEAS
1. The EF claim to have an incriminating video which
An example of a success follows: would be disastrous if it got out. Although E.I. could
claim it was a fake the video contains many truths
In December, 2414 E.I.s UCB factory in Kolpino (nr. which if revealed would be cause for journalists to
St. Petersburg) exploded, killing over 17,000 people investigate some dark corners. Get the tape and all
and leaving another 26,000 in critical condition. copies back.
Overall it was estimated that over half a million people
were injured by the chemical fallout. 2. The EF are known to have a cell in Berlin. Create
an event which will bring them out of the woodwork
The disaster was brilliantly covered up and few so that they can be captured and dealt with.
citizens had even heard of Kolpino, let alone know
about the problems that still go on there today as a 3. An illegal E.I. owned biolab has become unsecured
result of polluted groundwater. EF representatives and the occupants have escaped into the
visited Kolpino shortly after the explosion and took surrounding wilderness. Contain the disaster before
several hours of footage. This was a demanding task the EF get there and start collecting a story.
as the town had been sealed off by Agents in order to
contain the PR nightmare. EF maintain that 6 of their 4. (For non-E.I.) Compromise an illegal or unethical
members disappeared that week and have not been E.I. operation and make sure some EF
seen since. representatives are on hand to get the story.

The footage taken was aired over the world data net 5. (For Comoros.) You have been asked for help by an
and in private showings but not many people were EF cell on Malta who wish to do an expos of some
interested, its a sad fact that most E.I. citizens prefer dubious practices at Valetta Air Base. Help them
to live in ignorance of the truth. The EF took matters complete their mission.
into their own hands and hijacked several movie
theatres around Europe, splicing their footage into the
summer blockbusters. The results were significant to THE RED ARMY FACTION
say the least and E.I. took considerable criticism for
both causing the situation and handling it badly. Was it The exact reason this deniable ops E.I. division call
enough? Well E.I. made a public statement promising themselves the Red Army Faction is not entirely clear.
to compensate the injured and increase safety in its It is suggested that perhaps they admire the violent,
chemical plants. Did they? No, of course not, but most and extreme methods used by the original Red Army
of the citizenry believed them and that was enough. Faction (Baader-Meinhof Gang) of the 1970s.

The incident cost E.I. several million credits in PR spin The division is mainly notable for their sheer
and token amounts of compensation so the EF felt aggression and disregard for life and property. They
they had succeeded, even if it had not caused as will use any means necessary to achieve their
much financial damage as they might have hoped for. objectives and think little of murdering scores of


innocents if they think it will provide a distraction or Frankie

improve their chances of operational success. Female, electronic intrusion expert. Unsurpassed
hacker whose modus operandi is to seize control of
The Red Army Faction are one of the few divisions to systems and turn them against their owners, ideally
all be installed with ID chip concealing technology. In bringing large armies of droids under her control.
short a crystal weave coated scan blocker is fitted into
the forearm and a neural command can then extend a The Crazy Cat
jammer over the chip. This means that the chip can be Female, social engineer, seducer and close combat
read when required, but will register as missing if the specialist. Cat is a woman of two parts being both
division needs to remain covert. Being caught with subtle and psychotic.
such a device is normally grounds for instant
depersonalisation. THE OUTLAND NPC TABLE
The RAF typically receive their orders from Agents
very high up the chain, Rank 8 or higher, and are On the next page you will find the outland NPC table.
answerable to no-one else. They are free to use any This is just a small aid to help you when choosing
methods they choose and are normally given NPCs for combat situations. These NPCs are all
generous expense accounts and equipment considered to be bad guys. I.e. there are no UIG
allocation. Officers here or enemy Agents. They are all usable as
random encounters with no real risk of heavy
The nature of their missions vary but are typically very comeback. A typical use for this table would be where
high priority such as the extraction of VIPs, recovery players were driving across some wasteland and their
of critical data, assassination of key rivals and car breaks down. You could roll on the table to see
defectors or the sabotage of important enemy assets. what evil beings might take advantage of their bad
Their work is always considered extremely important luck. Equally many of the entries would be suitable for
as their methods are so brutal and obvious that they Old City or underswell encounters. Although you could
always generate huge political fallout and massive roll a D20 to determine a random encounter it may not
collateral damage. If there are no missions requiring always be applicable. A rogue scout cyberlin attacking
their attention they are normally posted to Freestates a green division in an underswell is not always an
or lawless zones where their activities will generate ideal or likely situation.
less interest.
Page references are given for different books. If you
The Red Army Faction are very good at their job and dont have the relevant book you should roll again or
very skilled in their individual specialties. Their high make up something appropriate. Obviously you
levels of augmentation make them very tough to kill should change the number of enemies to suit the
and the division seldom needs to recruit new party. A single rogue telepath will be little trouble for an
members. Below is summarised the division as it advanced division.
stands at the moment; real names are never used.
Where multiple NPC Template options exist, for
Division Leader - The Gas Man example Droids and Outlaws, it is probably most fun
Male, toxin specialist, known for deploying vast to pick a selection so for example, in the case of
quantities of lethal toxins in built up areas. droids you could pick two cyberwolves both being
ridden by cybermonkeys.
Miss Nails
Female, torture, interrogation and asset analysis.
Excels are directing the mission to take in the greatest
potential for damage.

Male, explosives specialist, regarded for his ability to
use relatively small amounts of explosive to deal vast
amounts of damage and even drop buildings.



Roll Type NPC Template

1 Rogue Telepath Comoros Biokine (TMU Page 149, 150 & 151)

2 Medium BIO BIOs (EB Page 116 & 119)

3 Ferals Feral Humans (INC1 Page 114, 115 and 119)

4 Ex-Mercenary Comoros Sayeret (TMU Page 152)

5 Shaggy Mutant Yilepsid (TDA Page 154)

6 Rogue Scout Cyberlin Scout Class Cyberlin (TDA Page 157)

7 Lunatic in scavenged P-Tank Red Talon Mk VII P-Tank (TDA Page 160)

8 Rogue Malenbrach Malenbrach (CR Page 232) or Malenbrach in Cyberframe (MoW Page 147)
or Juggernaught (INC1 Page 111)

9 Escaped Class 2 Gemini Class 2 (EB Page 114)

10 Giant BIO Carvax (MoW Page 148), Terralocite (EB Page 117)

11 Dead Soldier Platoon Dead Soldiers (MoW Page 151)

12 Wild Cybercat Cybercat (MoW Page 152)

13 Insect Combat Bio Mantis Bio (MoW Page 154)

14 Rogue Replicants Replicants (MoW Page 158-161)

15 Mutated Human Mutated Human (CR Page 220)

16 Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter (CR Page 224)

17 Outlaws Outlaws (CR Pages 225, 226 & 227)

18 Cult of Machina Chimera Cult of Machina (CR Page 228), Cult of Machina Warmaster (CoG Page 168)

19 Rogue Droids Droids (CR Pages 242, 243, 244, 245, 246, 247) (EB Page 111 & 118)

20 Nano Swarm Nano Swarm (EB Page 112)

Guide to Books
MoW - Machines of War
This table can be used for all kinds of encounters, EB - The Eastern Bank
not just the London Suburbs. Anywhere you are TDA - The Dragon Awoken
likely to find random hostiles the list should be of TMU - The Mind Unbound
use. Examples include any Old City or wasteland, G22 - Gate 22
France and the Freestates. INC1 - Incorporated Volume 1
CoG - Cities of Gold



RANK 0 / LEVEL 40 Electrodermis
Jaws of Death
COMBAT Midnight Vision
Myotic Restructuring x 2
HP 100
Neural Jack
Shield 100 (Flux variant, Close Form)
AV 11
Reticle Eye (M.B.G Launcher Modded)
Defence 10 (vs all opponents)
Videoskin (Stretched horribly over parts of his metal
body - showing images of torture, bloodletting and
WEAPONS war, granting +2 Presence)
Jaws of Death AT 17, Dam D12+XS, Rate 2
M.B.G Launcher AT 17, Dam 6D6, Rate 3
Bladed Fist AT 17, Dam D10+13, Rate 2 EQUIPMENT
Electrodermis AT NA, Dam 3D6 + EMP 50% 3 Heavy EMP Grenades
2H Plasma Sword AT 17, Dam D12+26, Rate1 100% 6 Heavy Plasma Grenades
Heavy Grenades AT 14, Dam 6D6, Rate 1 100% 12 Heavy Frag Grenades
100% All listed weapons
The Warmaster may attack with a ranged attack and a 100% 3 IV medpacks
melee attack each round. He gets the full rate of 100% Tactical Assault Shield
attacks with each. # 50% Liquid Alloy

The Warmaster is a rare beast. The Cult do not
Str 13, End 12, Ref 6, Agi 7, Int 8, Per 7, Pres 12
readily go on all out offensives and consequently the
need for monstrous, highly trained warlords is low.
SKILLS However when that need does arise the Warmaster is
Assess Tech 6, Athletics 6, Close Combat 10, a force to behold. He is typically a giant, 7 to 9 feet in
Computers and A.I. 3, Corp Knowledge 5, Crime 5, height and almost pure machine. The active Naninium
Cybernetics and Robotics 6, Drive 2, Heavy Firearms used to armour the Warmaster is often bulging and
8, Light Firearms 4, Looking Good 3, Mechtronics 4, ugly, looking like the plates have become diseased
Medicine 3, Observation 6, Pilot 2, Science 4, Street and cancerous. His voice is like the screaming of
Culture 4, Stealth 7, Support Weapons 7, Tactical gears and he exudes a terrifying presence which only
Firearms 8 the most hardened of adversaries are unaffected by.
Typically None The Warmaster is made even more concerning by the
fact that he is almost always accompanied by a
TRAININGS detachment of 6-8 chimeras. He will typically begin
Assassinate combat by activating his shield and launching Heavy
Command (Considered Rank 10) EMP Grenades at the enemy, then advancing while
Defensive Fighting firing more plasma and frag grenades. In close
Mastered Weapon (Jaws of Death) combat he lays down the chip checked Multi Barrel
Interrogation Grenade Launcher and engages with the Jaws of
Powered Melee Death and 2 handed plasma sword. It goes without
Scything Strike saying that the Warmaster is a terrifying opponent and
Survival should be avoided. Thankfully their excursions into the
Dual Wielding (Jaws of Death + 2H Sword) outside world are rare as they spend a great deal of
Underground Operations time in The Quiet (a hibernatory state).
Multiple Defence
Active Naninium Subdermal Plates x 6 Terrifying
Alloy Skeleton The Warmaster is beyond scary, he is a horror from
Alloy Skull the worst nightmare. Anyone facing the Warmaster
CardioMechanics x 2 must make the following roll:
Cybernetic arms x 2
Cybernetics legs x 2


This is just one example of a
Warmaster, they could have any
combination of weapons and upgrades
although they always tend to be huge
and carry overkill weaponry.



The warmaster should not be a casual

encounter, he is much better placed as
an end of campaign boss. The
warmaster will never be found without
his retinue of 6-8 chimeras for although
he is extremely powerful he knows that
those wishing to destroy him will come
well prepared and probably in large

His location should also be carefully

considered. He will likely be found
somewhere underground and
surrounded by numerous traps and
surveillance systems. Aside from his
retinue, there will be dozens of other
Cultists in the area as a warmaster will
tend to attract many followers.

Roll below or equal Presence on 2D10. You gain +1 Allowing the players to stealth up to the
to your effective presence for every 4 levels of your warmaster and stab him in the back is not a good or
character. reasonable idea. He is very aware of how much the
UIG and corporations want him dead and does not
Pass The Warmaster is not as scary as people take his safety lightly.
make out act normally.
There will also be escape routes as the warmaster
Fail by 4 or less The Warmaster is terrifying but you knows that a concerted effort by his enemies could
can take him. You may act normally but all rolls are overpower him. He may be one of the most fierce
made at -2. Involuntary rolls such as resisting a toxin opponents in the world but he knows that superior
are unaffected. numbers are often an insurmountable advantage. If,
after watching footage of an invading force, he
Fail by 5 or more Oh my God! All rolls are made at decides there is a chance of losing the fight he will
-2. Involuntary rolls such as resisting a toxin are flee and set up in a new area. The warmaster is not so
unaffected. In addition you cannot approach the proud or arrogant that he will risk his existence in a
Warmaster. You may only make ranged attacks unless meaningless fight.
he engages you in close combat first. You also lose all
free actions. These factors work together to create a situation
where the warmaster will seldom be at a
The GM may use his discretion as to whether this disadvantage. However, clever or determined players
quality should affect the division or not. Factors which may end up toe to toe with a decent chance of
might negate this include: winning. If this is the case, dont be mean. Let the
warmaster and his retinue give their best but if need
Use of drugs. be allow them to be beaten. There are hundreds of
Having fought one before. warmasters across the world who will take his place.
Something very important is at stake.
They have been very well briefed or prepared. Oh and one more thing. Dont forget to give him (or
her) a terrifying name. Reputation is half the battle.



The Void Crawler is much like a cow grazing on grass
COMBAT and does not consider eating humans to be
HP# # 1000 aggressive. However, if it feels threatened it will phase
Shield# # None out of reality making itself impossible to hit with
AV# # 10 anything but telepathic, darkmatter, antimatter and
Defence# 5 psion based attacks.


Smash AT 9, Dam D20+50, Rate 3, Ignores
Defence Smash
Vomit Void Special, Rate 1 per 3 rounds The beast uses its tentacles to smack targets - it can
Spew Voidling Special, Rate 1 per 3 rounds
Phase Out Special make up to 10 of these attacks per round but the
Eat Special tentacles are scattered around the body so generally
only 3 would be effective at a time. This attack cannot
It can use all of these attacks per round, if Rate be used when the creature is phased out.
permits. I.e. if it has summoned a Voidling last turn, it
cannot summon one this turn. Vomit Void
The creature vomits a portion of subspace out of its
STATS mouths, this creates chaos in the vicinity (100 metre
Str 50, End 50, Agi 4, Ref 5, Int 4, Per 4, Pres 9 radius). Inside this area random events occur, some
examples of which are listed below. This attack can be
SKILLS used once every five rounds and can be used while
Arts & Culture 0, Assess Tech 0, Athletics 3, Attitude 6, phased in or out.
Business 0, Close Combat 5, Computers & A.I. 0,
Corp Know. 0, Crime 0, Cybernetics & Robotics 0, 1. Everyone loses 50% of their HP.
Drive 0, Heavy Firearms 0, Light Firearms 0, Looking 2. Non-organic items simply vanish including the parts
Good 2, Lying & Acting 0, Mechtronics 0, Medicine 0, of the ground and all cybernetics.
Observation 10, Pilot 0, Psychology 0, Science 0, 3. Everyone gains a point of Intelligence as they gain
Stealth -10*, Street Culture 0, Support Weapons 0, insights into the meaning of the universe.
Tactical Firearms 0 4. Everyone is hit by a 5D6 Telepathic Assault.
5. All shields are irreparably destroyed.
*The beast simply cannot hide. 6. All energy cells become depleted and useless.
7. Random monsters from subspace appear and
DESCRIPTION attack. (Use some BIOs as templates for your
This massive monstrosity looks somewhat like a giant, monsters.)
translucent, milky ant roughly 60 metres high at the 8. Anyone in the area is teleported to another location
shoulder and 300 metres in length. It has a wealth of on Earth.
long, armoured legs which can stab and smash, and 9. Everyone in the area gains the ability to use Assault
mandibles which can pluck energy sources from its Telepathy up to level 10 for the rest of the scene.
locale and feed them into its mouth. It does not have a 10. Everyone in the area is subjected to a 5D10 EMP
preferred food and will eat whatever is around, attack.
however should it be encountered on Earth, humans
would make an excellent foodstuff. Feel free to make more of these up as you see fit.

The Crawler is a native of subspace where it drifts Spew Voidling

through the void, latching on to corporeal objects and A Voidling (a tiny void crawler) is summoned and
gathering power. It is however, adept at floating, attacks anyone the void crawler wishes it to. It looks
controlling its direction by use of its tentacles. much like its big daddy but is around 2 metres long
and only about 1.5 metres high. This can be done


every three rounds and cannot be used while phased Eat

out. One of the beasts Smash attacks can be used to eat
instead. It can eat anything by feeding it into its mouth
Voidling Stats with its mandibles and will regain HP. It gains a
number of HP equal to double the items HP. For
HP# 30# # example, if it ate an Agent with 32 HP, it would gain 64
AV# 4 HP.
Def# 7
Attacks Should the beast be slain its corpse simply fades into
Bite# AT 15, Dam D10+6, Rate 1 nothing and it returns to the void. If someone could
work out how to keep the beasts corpse in the
material world it would be very valuable.
Phase Out
The beast can phase out at will. During this time it WHY IS THIS THING IN THIS BOOK?
cannot make physical attacks and loses 3HP per Good question - well if you refer back to teleporters on
round. It can then phase in again at will. Should it page 79 youll see one option is to unleash a
reach 0HP while phased out it returns to the void. subspace beast. So thats it really, that and youll see
When the beast phases out anything from the material there are no E.I. Agents listed here as NPCs because
world connected to it is discarded. This includes they tend to be fairly easy to create and we thought
bullets embedded in it, toxins it is suffering from etc. It wed give you something a bit different.
essentially cleanses it completely. When it phases
back in it can be anywhere within 1km of where it
phased out. It uses this technique to close in on
opponents with ranged weapons.




HP# # 55
Shield# # 100
AV# # 7
Defence# 8 (vs All Opponents)

Sub Machine Plasma AT 17, Dam 6D6+XS, Rate 1
Plasma Longsword AT 16, Dam D8+10+XS, Rate 2
Magnum AT 15, Dam D10+XS, Rate 2
Stun Pistol AT 15, Dam KO, Rate 1

Str 10, End 10, Agi 8, Ref 7, Int 6, Per 7, Pres 6

Arts & Culture 0, Assess Tech 2, Athletics 4, Attitude 7,
Business 1, Close Combat 8, Computers & A.I. 2,
Corp Know. 4, Crime 2, Cybernetics & Robotics 0,
Drive 2, Heavy Firearms 5, Light Firearms 8, Looking
Good 5, Lying & Acting 0, Mechtronics 0, Medicine 1,
Observation 9, Pilot 1, Psychology 6, Science 0,
Stealth 1, Street Culture 0, Support Weapons 2,
Tactical Firearms 10

Mastered Weapons: Magnum, Plasma Longsword &
Sub Machine Plasma. Restrain, Multiple Defence,
Powered Melee Spire Guards are not particularly good in the field but
then they do not need to be, thats what Agents are
EQUIPMENT for. They will spend the majority of their life, diligently
Hard Ion Wall Generator x 2 for sealing breaches serving their corporation in exchange for large sums
2 IV Medpacks (1 attached at a time) of cash, a nice apartment and the honour that holding
Toxin Filter, Reusable such a prestigious post brings.
Toxin Purge x 2
Riot Grenades x 4 COMBAT
A range of physical cybernetics Spire guards will prioritise calling for backup and hope
Midnight Vision System, PSE, Eternity Recorder that numerous Agent divisions, droids and attack
ICE technology - cannot be knocked out and does not vehicles will speed their way. In the meantime they will
bleed. lay down fire from cover, only moving into close
combat when necessary.
Elite Spire Guards can be found in all spires around ALTERNATIVES - CAPTAIN
the world. In E.I. territory they can normally be found In each squad there will be a Captain. These
in squads of 5 patrolling the grounds and manning the individuals will have higher stats due to more
entry and exit checkpoints in the atria. Although they upgrades and experience. They will also tend to carry
are heavily augmented and very skilled with weapons, better quality weapons that critical on 1/1-4/4 and may
they are not very versatile and are really only suited to even have some other interesting cybernetics which
responding to physical threats within the spire, the GM should take from any books that she wishes.
normally in the form of violent groups or individuals.



Below you will find a list of names which may be

useful in making characters and NPCs.

Ashley-Cooper Rutherford
Atherton Smythe
Beaumont St.John-Smyth
Bennett Stockton
Bennington Stuart-Lane
Buckingham Templeton
Burkehardt Thompkins
Burton Topwells
Carruthers Towneley-Bertie
Cavanaugh Tudor
Chenard Valentina-Smith
Chetwynd-Talbot Votre
Cholmondely (pronounced Chumley) Wellington
Coventry Wentworth-Farlington
Darcey Wetherby
Darlington-Whit Wheeler
Davenport Whittaker
de la Haye Windsor
de Vere



breach the UIGs BIO laws. Another shining

IN A MANOR OF SPEAKING example of how CEO van Rosch has managed to
use his diligent legal teams to make sense of a
Naomi Huntingdon-Fitz-Aubrey
rather messy and draconian law. Were it not for
E.I.s considerable legal expertise such a law
In this issue of The Inner Circle, were lucky
could easily be misinterpreted.
enough to be allowed an exclusive, if brief, peek
into the second home of E.I. CEO, Gunther van
Its not long before we see the spires and flags of
the van Rosch Mansion jutting above the trees. As
more of the building is revealed Im amazed at
As I drive up the three mile long Italian marble
how much it looks like Buckingham Palace;
paved driveway, the security officer informs me
historically the primary residence of the British
we are being scanned by no less than four
Royal Family. Stemmer explains this is no
different satellites, any one of which could orbital
coincidence and that although the original
strike my current location at a moments notice.
building was damaged in the corporate wars CEO
To my left and right are lines of beautiful trees, as
van Rosch had a team of over 21,000 workers,
I understand each of these magnificent specimens
deconstruct the palace, collect up the debris and
are the last of their line, CEO van Rosch having
rebuild the iconic structure here in
had all other examples of the various species
Gloucestershire. When I ask who lives here I am
exterminated to ensure an inimitable arrival
surprised to hear that only CEO van Rosch
actually resides at the palace and everyone else is
expected to commute in and out each day. He
I have to say that I am surprised at the lack of
apparently enjoys having some space and
apparent security measures but Agent Stemmer,
currently has architects working out the logistics
the security officer, assures me that CEO van
of having Windsor Castle rebuilt and added to the
Rosch is very particular about security; he finds it
back of the palace by way of an extension.
an eyesore and insists that it be hidden. Stemmer
informs me that the 24,000 acre mansion grounds
Agent Stemmer tells me that we have to cut the
have Agent divisions, cyberlin detachments and
tour short at this point as CEO van Rosch has
other measures he cannot discuss all primed and
been called to an important meeting. Apparently
ready to deploy in an instant. Some would find
some Russian factory workers have formed a
this oppressive but I find it reassuring. If I had
union - the kind of activity that could erode at the
worked as hard as CEO van Rosch, I think I
foundations of our consumer based lifestyles. I
would want to look after my well-deserved wealth
think everyone will join me in congratulating
CEO van Rosch in creating a world where we can
be healthy, feel secure and indulge our shoe and
I have to admit that my curiosity is piqued by the
handbag habits without worrying where the next
presence of what appear to be dinosaurs grazing
pay cheque is coming from.
in the grounds to my left. I was under the
impression that BIOs were not permitted on Earth
Next week Miss Huntingdon-Fitz-Aubrey visits
but Stemmer informs me that these are naturally
E.I. Agent Sebastian Grey and asks Do laws
raised pure-breeds, created from something called
really apply to our Eurasian Agents?
stable-fragment DNA and that they do not


Index Equipment, Section 55

Equipment, General 69
A Eurasian Medical Ad 106
Abuse of Agent Positions 114
Acute Radiation Poisoning 13 F
Addiction Suggested Rules 74 Family Estate 33
Agents on TV 48 Firestorm 162
Alexe Kargin 125 Firing into Crowds 12
Allesandra Bianco Fiera 129 Finance 115
Always a Kitten 148 Finance Division 117
Anascan 87 Flashy Driving 33
Anti Plasma Cores 57 Formation of E.I. 8
Armour 56 Forsberg & Cavanagh Banking 116

B Gamesman 33
Banking 116 Gemini Bioware 88
Banned and Restricted Weapons 60 Glandplants 88
Basil Wainthrop 41 Grenade Du Jour 134
Blind Pig 36 Groups and NPCs 161
Build a Business 45 Guthries 104
Business, Building 45 Gunther van Rosch 119
Business, Example 49
Business Speak 97 H
Halina Barshai 131
C Henry Davenport 130
Career Nuke 24 Horse Riding 33
Card Tricks 32
Celebrity Appearance 47 I
Celebrity Minor 36 Im Not Gonna Die! 136
Celebrity Major 37 Inner Circle Magazine 175
Characters, relationships 14 Inter-character Relationships 14
Chris Vaughn 130 Inter-division Rivalry 28, 103
Classic Car 32 Introduction 6
Clinic License 40 Island Project 159
Collateral Damage Payoff 24
Company, The 149 J
Conflict Investment 98 Judges License 41
Connoisseur 32
Covert Incursions 100 K
Cosmetic Surgery 68 Kananga (Oh My Wow) 75
Cooking with Hookers 48 Kananga Advert 68
Credit 116
Crowds, Firing into 12 L
Cult of Machina Warmaster NPC 168 Law and Order in London 141
Cult, Warrens 151 Letters, Post Nominal 42
Cybernetics and Procedures 84 Licenses 40
Cybernetics in Society 89 London 139
London Old City 148
D London Spire 155
Dashwoods Tea 67 Lottery 136
Dastardly Moustache 32 Lucas Harrion 128
Detail Changes 11 Luxury Items 65
Diogenes Club 142
Divisions of E.I. Healthcare 107 M
Downtime Actions 44 Making More of Your Business 49
Markus Demyan 132
E Mastered Weapon, Unarmed 37
Earth Front 164 Master of Disguise 37
E.I. Emergency Services 108 Medcare 106
E.I. Management 96 Medic 20
Elite Spire Guard NPC 172 Medical Industry 105
Empire Plaza 146 Misuse of Bonuses 28
Extended Over-Risk License 40 Mortars Ammunition 59


Mortars 58 The Company 149

Mr. Yu 145 The Old School Tie 35
Toff 35
N Too Much Cash 28
Nanites 64 Torturer 39
New Rules 10 Toxins and Drugs 71
Nobility 33 Trainings 36
Noble Blood 33 Trans European Grand Tour 83
Nuke 37 Two Snakes Medical 106

Old Boys Network 38 Underworld Business 46
Open Over-Risk License 40 Up and AtEm 108
Organ Selling 111
Organ Value 112 V
Outland NPC Table 166 Vastaag 158
Over-Risk License 40 Vehicles 80
Vehicle Upgrades 81
P Violation of Presumptive Contract 103
Perks 32 V.K.Euronetics 85
Pharmacology License 41
Pharmacology License (adv) 41 W
Physically Perfect 38 Weaponcraft 35
Player Generated Details 11 Weather Table 147
PNLs 42
Posh Surnames 173 Y
Poisoning, radiation 13 You Bet Your Life 135
Post Nominal Letters 42
Praetorians 22 Z
Private School Education 34 Calder Freeman 133
Procedures 92
Prototype Medical Supplies 22
Puke Doublefukk 94

Radiation Poisoning 13
Rapier Wit 34
Rank Bonuses 25
Rank Bonuses, Misuse of 28
Red Army Faction 166
Reality Game Shows 135
Relationships, characters 14

Sabrage 34
Salesman 38
Savita 109
Savoy Hotel 143
Shanghai Noodle House 144
Selling Organs 111
Seductive Wink 35
Sects and Rank Bonuses 19
Shadow CEO 125
Staff 35
Suburban Ruins 155
Subspace Beast NPC 170
Surnames, Posh 173
Style 39

Taunt 39
Tangana Clinic 49
Teleportation Equipment 76
Teleportation Fail Table 79


The gods came to him again at night.

He stood in a little pool of light in a darkened office at the top of the Pamplona Spire, on
the very edge of the desert. He held an untouched glass of the worlds most expensive
brandy; his expressionless gaze swept across an utter blackness that would never again see
the lights of civilisation. Lesser wastelands might be coaxed into supporting life, might be
habiformed or irrigated to accommodate the endless seething expansion of humanity. But
Minerva had, if nothing else, been thorough; she had sown the scoured land with poison
and disease and worse things, until not even the angry ghosts could live there. France was
the ultimate desert, would remain so until the end of the world.

He found satisfaction in its purity.

A sudden chaos of reflected colour splattered the window, but he did not turn around to face
the monitor screen; he had seen them before. A booming confusion of voices spoke as one,
filling the room like a madmans dream, but he did not react; he had heard them before.

Your enemies have the key to the stars. An alliance with the lost one. Limitless resources.
We can give you the power to break their monopoly.

He flicked a speck of dust from the lapel of his exquisite suit. I dont need your power.
Whose chemical plants provide their fuel? Whose pharmaceuticals accelerate their crew
training? I will own them.

Your enemies strike at you with the power of the mind. We have found a way in. We have
broken the secret gate! We can give you the insight to neutralise their weapons.

He straightened his perfect tie. I dont need your insights. Whose researchers designed
Psitropine? Who leaked the patents to the other corporations? I will own them.

The wealth you so prize is a fiction. It exists only in the minds of men and in the world
data net. Our domain! We could reduce you to a pauper in a heartbeat. Do not make
enemies of us, little rich man!

His eyes, still staring out over the desert of a machines genocide, narrowed to chips of grey
stone. My wealth is not a number, to be counted or deleted by such as you. It is the
nations worth of resources I control, the industries I dominate, the people I have bought.
Who has fostered a fatal dependency in every other major corporation? Who owns
controlling shares in two-thirds of the worlds networks?

For four hundred years I have been preparing for war. Move against me and I will strike
you blind while I throw the world into the chaos that you dread. Oh yes; I have bought
enough of the UIG to know what you have built, to know what you are doing. Fuck with me
and I will shatter all your careful preparations. I will not be part of it.

The voices shook the armoured glass of the windows. YOU DARE? WE ARE GODS!

He turned from the window and stared unblinking into the furious jumble of colour in the
monitor screen. Yes. And I will own you.

The voices were gone. The colours were gone. Alone in the little pool of light, the desert at
his back, Gunther van Rosch raised the brandy glass to his lips and took a long swallow.
His hand did not tremble, even a fraction.