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2016/17 ADVANCED PROJECTS Proposal Form

First Name Ryan Student ID 000771323

Surname White Submission Date 17/10/2016
Programme of Study Digital Arts Practice, BA Hons Email Address ( Uni )

Proposal Title

Superficial Entities

Is the proposed project a group/collaborative project. If so please state your role and intended
contribution to the project (150 -200 words)
This is a group project. My role will be Editor/Producer/Researcher.

I will spend my intended contribution to;

Design and produce our investigative online entity, ensuring the design is of industry standard
and meets our primary aims
Research our area of investigative study, using many types of sources including but not
limited to: books, research journals, exhibitions and videos
Edit and produce written content to a professional standard
Exercise our need to follow an agreed tone of voice in all content. This ensures consistency
throughout the final output
Figure out new creative directions to assist the Art Director in implementing their new or
current ideas for the project. This would include providing assistance to how we approach
certain obsacles in the project
Collaborate with the Art Director to ensure the equipment we acquire is fit for its role in the
project. This may require keeping inventories and written records
Keep a well detailed blog regularly to provide reflection for the overall process of this
research project.

Outline of Proposal (500 words maximum).

Group projects: please detail other members and their roles here.
My role will be Editor/Designer/Researcher.

Gabriele Staraites role is Art Director.

She will be working on providing artistic direction in our project, ensuring that the idea we have
created is implemented in an effective creative output. She will be taking photography and any
videography that is required, and primarily focusing most of her time on researching our topic in

We will be addressing the following question:

Why are beautiful superficial entities that exist on London commuter routes so overlooked?

We believe as regular commuters ourselves, we are fully engaged in our smartphone technology that
has in the past 5 years rocketed to becoming the forefront of our daily lives. On average personally
as a group, we spend 70% of our commutes engaged in this technology unaware of the superficial
entities that surround us. When we talk about entities, we talk about the ones that are natural and
man-made that provides a powerful response that affects human emotion. Rainbows made from car
oil and rain showers present in a puddle is a good example of this. It is hardly noticeable to the
human eye when engaged in activity such as walking from A-B to your workplace or home, but once
acknowledged and examined in greater detail, it is a natural wonder. A beautiful natural looking thing
in a gloomy East London street really does create a sense of emotion.

Another example but that involves a manmade object, is an abandoned broken umbrella face down
in a deprived east London suburb that we found after a torrential rain storm. This discovery wasnt
just a discovery of an umbrella with its face down with an attached physical meaning, but an attached
meaning that suggests to peoples minds that there was a humorous story/reasoning behind it getting
there in the first place. These such objects become completely unnoticed to many busy Londoners,
and our aim here is to generate awareness to these entities, and that there is more to life than

In order to address this question in a conceptualised form, we will answer it via a creative online
project that incorporates critical written, photographic, video and illustrated content. We hope to use
this multimedia to fully express our thoughts, our research and our critical analysis behind how these
superficial entities become so sadly overlooked, and to show awareness.

Advanced Project (DW) 2016/17

2016/17 ADVANCED PROJECTS Proposal Form

The form/media the project is likely to be submitted in.
If you wish to work accross platforms please indicate here, and state how you plan to do this.
Note: Blogs can be submitted as part of a project, but are not submissible in their own right.
Our multimedia project will be submitted in the form of a memory stick. Our website will be the primary media,
which will have supported written, photographic, video and illustrated content.

Does your project involve working with others as participants? Yes X No

Note: You will need to show that any participants have given informed consent.
Could these participants be considered vulnerable (e.g. children; learning-
Yes No X
disabled ; econmically vulnerable etc.)?
Do you plan to undertake the project or any part of it outside the
Yes No X
jurisdiction of the country where you are studying?
Note: If your answer is yes to either of the above, you will not be allowed to procede with your project until
you have received approval from the ethics committee.
Does your project require a loan working or health and safety policy?
Yes No X
(Check with your supervisor if you are unsure)

Schedule of Activities (please include as many steps as possible)

How will you progress the work throughout the year Hours Date Resource Required

Research 50 19/09/16 Books, internet

Planning 30 10/10/16
Drafts 50 01/01/17
Meetings 30 All time
Collect material (forms research) 50 01/01/17-
Creating the Website 50 01/01/17-
Create final content 60 01/02/17-
Additional time for collecting material (if needed) 20
Paperwork/blogs/reports 50 01/01/17-

Decision made by Project Supervisor

Approved Rejected

Approved with modifications Deferred