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1 April 11, 2017

Over the years, Kinnear has refused
ATUs offers to have Local 113 stewards
On February 1, 2017, former ATU Local participate in extensive leadership
113 President Bob Kinnear initiated the training programs offered by the ATU.
justification process through Article 4 The record speaks for itself - whenever
in the CLC Constitution. Kinnear did this Kinnear asked the ATU for support
on his own. He claimed he was writing to improve membership services, or
on behalf of the members of Local 113. to strengthen collective bargaining
capacity, the ATU has delivered.

Kinnear never discussed or sought
approval for disaffiliation at any 
Your Executive Board believes Kinnear
membership meeting or Executive Board resisted cooperative and supportive
meeting. involvement of the ATU in the affairs of
Local 113 - and then complained the ATU
Your Executive Board believes Kinnear was not providing support!
ABOUT THE KINNEAR/UNIFOR did not have any mandate and virtually
CHALLENGE no support to press ahead with his KINNEARS RECENT ELECTION
disaffiliation agenda. HISTORY WITH THE ATU
For more than 120 years, the women
Members will recall that in September

and men who move Toronto have built CLC ARTICLE 4: 2016, Kinnear was elected President of
a strong union that won fair wages
By invoking Article 4 of the CLC the ATU-Canada while remaining ATU
and benefits, improved workplace Constitution, members of a local Local 113 President. He was told he could
conditions and earned pensions that union can apply to start what is called not hold both offices and collect both
allow us to retire with peace of mind. a Justification process, a first step salaries. Faced with the choice, he chose
to disaffiliation from their union. The to resign as ATU-Canada President.
BREAKING NEWS process is supposed to ensure that
The coordinated plot to disaffiliate Local a dissident local unions issues with In October 2016, Kinnear was defeated
its national or international union can at the Toronto ATU International
113 from the ATU has now been exposed.
be dealt with and resolved within Convention for the position of ATU
More important, this plot is doomed to fail the House of Labour. The process International Vice-President by Manny
because of unprecedented support from recognizes that dissension and raiding
you, ATU Local 113 members, for your Sforza, ATU Local 113s twice elected
only benefit employers. No affiliate Executive Vice-President and former
union. of the CLC is permitted to secretly TTC employee. Kinnear wanted to
conspire with the dissident local
Across Toronto, you stood up and said replace his father, retiring International
union member to set up for a raid of
Thanks, but no thanks ATU Local 113 is Vice-President Larry Kinnear.
the local union. Raiding an affiliate is
Not for Sale! prohibited. The ATU, Unifor and many Your Executive Board believes that with
With so much disinformation out there, other unions in Canada are members his personal ambitions twice ruined,
of the CLC and are bound by the no Kinnear revived his Plan B in January
your Executive Board wants to set the
record straight with the facts. raiding pact in the CLC Constitution. 2017 - to trigger the disaffiliation of Local
113 from the ATU. Your Executive Board
also believes Kinnear was in contact with THE UNION CALLING
Unifor officials on his own, or through
go-betweens, to initiate a coordinated EMAIL: THE PLAYERS
disaffiliation plan from the ATU to Unifor.
Chris MacDonald
WHY THE MAJORITY OF YOUR Assistant to Hassan Yussuff,
EXECUTIVE BOARD REQUESTED THE President of the Canadian Labour

On February 2, 2017, the day after Sean Dewart

Kinnear sent his letter to the CLC, Bob Kinnears lawyer
the majority of your Executive Board Bill Reno
asked the ATU International to place Bob Kinnears long-time hired
Local 113 under a trusteeship so that publicist and advisor
the Local could defend against the
tsunami that Kinnear had unleashed. Anthony Dale
The ATU International responded to Unifors lawyer
your Executive Boards request and
appointed Manny Sforza as Trustee to
Bob Kinnears initials
manage the crisis. Your Executive Board
also condemned Kinnears challenge and
the disaffiliation plan, and demanded
that Kinnear withdraw his CLC request.
On February 3, 2017, Manny Sforza
arrived at the Local 113 union hall for the
first time as Trustee. The legal challenge
to the ATU had been planned and
initiated before any Trustee had even
been appointed.
Chris MacDonald of the CLC.
On February 7, 2017, the Kinnear-Unifor
alliance came to life when Kinnear sat
beside Unifors Jerry Dias at a news
conference in downtown Toronto to
announce they were working together to
disaffiliate our Local. Jerry Dias admitted
he was providing financial support to
support Kinnears disaffiliation moves,
From: Sean Dewart <>
including the legal action.
Hard evidence was discovered that links
Unifor and Kinnear a printed email To: <>
sent to the personal address of a Local Cc: Anthony Dale <>, Scott.
113 clerical employee. The email reveals
that Unifors Legal Director, Anthony
Dale, and Bill Reno, a long-serving ATU
Local 113 media relations consultant and
advisor to Kinnear, were given copies of
the Kinnear court injunction papers and
were told by Kinnears lawyer what to do
when Manny Sforza came to the union
hall as Trustee.
This email was in fact dated February

2, 2017 the day before Manny Sforza
came to the union hall as Trustee
following the request of ATU Local 113s
Executive Board.

Can you convey all of this to BK, and get the message to Local staff?
NO CONFIDENCE IN in connection with the Unifor threat. that he will continue his raiding attack on
KINNEARS LEADERSHIP On March 29, 2017, we requested an our local union. From events over these
opportunity to talk about the ongoing past two months, it is very clear that
The trusteeship was removed by Court events and the risks of a raid by Unifor. Unifor, led by Jerry Dias, has aimed its
order initiated by Kinnear, alone. Your ATU welcomed our initiative and guns at your local union and we remain
Executive Board believes the Courts meetings have now been scheduled. under attack.
order was based on Kinnears assertions
that he was acting on behalf of the We are exploring dates and an agenda LOCAL 113S SEVEN POINT PLAN
members of ATU Local 113. for an extensive ATU training program
for all stewards sponsored at our request We know we have our work cut out for
Following the removal of the trusteeship, by the ATU International, which we hope us. Your Executive Board is committed to
your Executive Board assumed control to announce in the next few weeks. We implementing the Seven Point Plan over
of ATU Local 113 - and again condemned anticipate co-operation and support the next six months. We are addressing
Kinnears actions. The Executive Board from the ATU International. We have your priorities:
unanimously voted non-confidence turned the page away from the Kinnear
in Kinnears continued leadership and 1. W
 e will not be deterred by the recent
demanded he withdraw the CLC request Court decision on the TTC drug and
so the nightmare could end, restoring CLC RELEASES BIASED REPORT alcohol policy that refused to halt
stability to your local union. implementation of the policy, but
On March 27, 2017, the CLC issued indicated clearly there is a serious
LOCAL 113 EXECUTIVE BOARD a report that your Executive Board matter to determine at arbitration. We
ACCEPTS KINNEARS RESIGNATION believes is biased and is based on recommit to move the issues through
innuendo, incomplete facts and hearsay. the ongoing arbitration process as
On March 16, 2017, Kinnear submitted The report was released despite ATU quickly as possible. We will not sit
his resignation as President of ATU Local 113s demand that the ongoing quietly while the TTC violates your
Local 113, effective immediately. He CLC interference into the affairs of your human rights!
signed a Separation Agreement ending local union cease, following Kinnears
everything, including the outstanding resignation and his withdrawal of his 2. 
We will do our level headed best to
litigation between Kinnear and the ATU request to the CLC. end delays with the progressing of
International. Kinnear agreed to be grievances. We will review every case
paid until July 26, 2017, a combination 
The CLC report dismissed Kinnears and ensure that it has the priority it
of vacation pay and some extra weeks request for justification, but went deserves.
to bridge him to his anniversary date. unnecessarily out of its way to attack
Despite the settlement, Kinnears lawyers members of your Executive Board and 3. We will press the TTC for more hiring
who Dias has said are funded by Unifor, ATU International leaders. This was and more training for expanding transit
are trying to continue the litigation that an effort to whitewash CLC President service. Safety concerns are our priority
Kinnear started and then settled. Your Yussuff who previously worked as a and your local unions voice will be a
Executive Board will be asking the Court staffer with Unifor and continues to have loud message to the TTC and to the
to end all the litigation once and for all, close ties with that union. riders.
to permit Local 113 to attend to your 4. 
We will begin our preparation for
2018 Collective Bargaining, including

Your Executive Board is happy to say The CLC report did make it clear, based surveying members, developing
goodbye to the Kinnear era. Much was on its own investigations and interviews resources and bringing together skilled
accomplished at the beginning of his with Unifors Jerry Dias, that Unifor had and experienced negotiators from
leadership, but everything went sour in fact violated the CLCs Constitution inside the union and from outside. We
in recent months. With so much more by its involvement with Kinnear. Your will face down the TTC and get the best
to do, we are back to work without the Executive Board has demanded action possible renewal collective agreement
uncertainty of the past few weeks. Were by the CLC against Unifor for its violation for membership consideration.
confident you will reject the challenge of the CLC Constitution, a predatory
5. We will restore solidarity with all of our
from Unifor, if and when it rears its ugly move to raid ATU Local 113.
Sisters and Brothers in the ATU, right
and divisive head again. across North America. This has begun
On April 4, 2017, in a self-serving letter
to CLC affiliates just a few weeks before already. We want to work with our
the 2017 CLC Convention, Unifors Jerry International where our International
Dias defended Kinnear and alleged that can assist us. We are finally cut

Now free from Kinnears pointless he resigned because he had unspecified loose from a rear-guard attitude
distractions, your Executive Board has concerns for his personal safety. based in unhelpful jingoism and anti-
been working hard to get things on track Jerry Dias also claimed Kinnear had Americanism. Our union worked with
while managing the affairs of the Local. membership support for his effort to the loudest and firmest voice against
At an emotional membership meeting disaffiliate Local 113 from the ATU. Maybe Trump and in favour of working people.
on March 19, 2017, which was attended there are some misguided members who We cannot embrace Trumpian antics
by more than 1,300 members, your support him. But not many, to be sure. and disruptive approaches here, in the
Executive Board announced the Seven midst of our own labour movement
Point Plan. Your Executive Board believes ATU Local where jingoist insults simply do not and
113 must be vigilant. We have a solid should not resonate. All the members
The Executive Board has also requested foundation to be suspicious of anything of ATU Local 113 are proud Canadians
assistance from the ATU International that Jerry Dias says, especially his denials and to-be Canadians and we are very
thrilled to work in affiliation with our sisters and brothers to the south. We say NO to the divisive message being trumpeted by Jerry
Dias for Unifor.
6. We will plan and conduct fair by-elections to fill the two vacant Executive Board positions and the position of President as soon as
possible. The sooner we have calm waters to do so, without the threat of a raid, the sooner we will restore the united loud voice that
the TTC needs to hear.
7. We will earn your trust through our actions and results, with real communication to you so you are updated, informed and engaged in
the affairs of your local union.

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Ontario M3K 1E5
Phone: (416) 398-5113
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