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Curriculum Vitae

Priyanka Kommireddi,
Hyderabad. +91 9177412132

Career Objective:

I seek to apply my knowledge in a highly challenging and continuously growing

Company that can provide me immense opportunities to grow intellectually, technically and
professionally in concurrence with companys goals and objectives.

Academic Profile:

Marks Durati
Course School/College Place Board/University
(%) on
Avanthi Institute of
Jawaharlal Nehru 64.56%
B.Tech- Engineering and 2007-
Technological University,
CSE Technology, 2011
Intermediate Sree Chaitanya Junior Board Of Intermediate 2005-
- MPC College. Education, A.P. 2007
Abhyudaya convent and
th Board Of Secondary 87.833% 2004-
10 High school, Bobbili,
Education ,A.P. 2005

Software Exposure

Languages : C, C++, Java(JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Struts and Hibernate), .net.

Scripting Languages : Unix Shell, Java Script.
Web Technologies : HTML, CSS.
Database : MS-Sql, Oracle.

Projects Done:

Academy Training & Mini Project

Organization: Symbiosis.
Technology: Core Java and Advanced Java, Oracle.
Short Description: A 3-month fullfledge academic training on oracle database, core
java and part of advanced java comprising of concepts HTML, XML and JSP,
followed by a mini-project on the same.
Mini Project: Project Tracking System
Description: Idea of this project is to provide help for one to interact with other,
largely in the software industry by sending, receiving messages, open discussion
forums to share knowledge and to update project status using internet.

Work Experience:

Project: James Mailing System

Technologies: Java, MS-SQL
Description: James mailing system has been designed with much care, with intention
easier and the most complexity involved is presented in a simple and lucid style. The
various branches of origination can be connected to a single host server and then
employee of one branch can send a message to employee of another branch through


Participated in various College Level Programming and Paper Presentation Contests.

Organized National level Technical Symposium, Sustantivo2k10.
Secured the First/Second position in schooling.

Personal Qualities

Excellent Time Management skills

Leadership skills
Hardworking, result oriented and candid personality.
Fully dedicated, faithful and responsible towards work.

Personal Profile

Name : Priyanka. Kommireddi

Father Name : Mr. Narasannaidu
Date of Birth : 25th June, 1990.
Languages : Telugu, English.
Mailing Address : D/o K.Narasannaidu,


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is the best of my knowledge.

Priyanka Kommireddi