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Department of Electrical Engineering

Printed Circuit Boards


The printed circuit board (PCB) is a very useful way in which to mount and connect electronic
components. PCB technology has developed rapidly since the advent of the transistor and
integrated circuits (IC). In addition to being small and lightweight, they can easily be mass

The PCB is made of an insulating material such as phenolic, ber-glass, or teon that is copper-
cladded on one or both sides. The requirements for very high packing density has led to even a
higher level of sophistication such as the multi-layer PCBs. In recent years, computer software
and computer interfacing with PCB making machines has made one-of-kind or small
production quantities possible at a reasonable cost.


The student is to design and build a DOUBLE-SIDED printed circuit board USING COMPUTER
TECHNIQUES for a reasonably complex circuit. This circuit may be a part of a senior design
project or something related to it. If the student does not have a design, an appropriate one will be
assigned. The circuit must be approved by the appropriate faculty.


1. References on reserve in the library.

2. Textbooks on printed circuit board design.
3. Faculty and/or staff with expertise in the area.

EXPECTED RESULTS (as a minimum)

1. A sketch of the circuit.

2. A demonstration of a proto-board model of the circuit, verifying it operation.
3. The computer artwork for the printed circuit board which must include the date.and the
initials of the student.
4. A demonstration of the completed printed circuit board to an appropriate faculty.