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Creating Question Pools in Sakai

Use this Guide if you:

Need to use a consistent set of test questions in multiple sections/classes.
Want to combine parts of multiple tests to create new tests without starting over.
Want to build a test from a random draw of questions.
You can create a pool by:
1. Creating new questions using Markup text.
2. Create new questions, one at a time, with the assessment builder.
3. Copying questions from existing tests.

1. Creating a Question Pool with new questions using

Markup Text
A. Click Tests & Quizzes in the Course Tools. The main Assessments screen will
appear. This page shows: Working Copies (master copies) or that are Published
Copies (published and visible to students).

Page 1 Question Pools

B. To create a pool using markup text, you must first enter questions as though you are
creating a test. Give the assessment a title, click the radio button that says, Create
using markup text and then click the Create button.

C. Questions can either be typed directly into the question box, or they can be copied
using text editor. There are specific question formats that Sakai recognizes for
different types of questions. It is very important to follow the formatting
guidelines! (formatting guidelines are located next to text box, or you can use the
Creating Tests and Quizzes: shortcuts quick reference)

Markup text instructions.

Once the questions are entered into the text box, click Next.

Page 2 Question Pools

D. This screen is where you will validate your test questions. Check the question
wording, the type of question, the points and the correct answer choice. When
everything is verified, click Create Question Pool.

E. When your pool is created, it will appear in your list of question pools.

Here is the new question pool!

You have just created a question pool using markup text!

Page 3 Question Pools

2. Creating an Empty Question Pool to add questions later

A. To create a new, empty question pool (it will not have any questions in it until you
populate it with questions), click on the Question Pools tab on the Tests & Quizzes

B. On the Question Pools screen, click Add New Pool.

Page 4 Question Pools

C. Give your new pool a title, and enter any other relevant information into the provided
fields that will help identify the question pool. Click Save.

D. Your new pool will appear in the Question Pools list. Notice that there are no
questions in this pool yet.

New Question Pool

OPTIONAL: You can add Subpools to any

Question Pool by clicking on the Add link
below the name of the pool.

Page 5 Question Pools

3. Editing/Adding New Questions to an Existing Question Pool

There are two ways to add questions to existing pools: Assessment Builder or Add.

Assessment Builder: To add questions, return to the Tests & Quizzes home page and
create using assessment builder.

Page 6 Question Pools

Use the Assessment Builder option to add questions individually to the pool.
1. Select your question type
2. Assign the points and
3. Type in the question as you would when using Mark Up text.
4. When you complete a question, you may indicate the Part of the test and/or the
Question Pool where you would like to assign this question.






Page 7 Question Pools

5. Click Save (save is located in two locations: near the top and at the bottom)


Add: Click on the name of the desired pool in your list of question pools. Click Add
(either in a sub pool or in the main pool) to insert new questions and follow the
instructions for adding questions.

Page 8 Question Pools

For Further assistance, contact:

Nancy Hill:

Stephanie Brantley:

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