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Special Education Student Teaching Observation Form

Teacher Candidate: Rylee Knips Date/Time: March3, 2017/11:00-12:00

Cooperating Teacher: Heidi Hastings Teaching Program: Special Education

School/District: West High School/MMSD ST1/ST2: Secondary Student Teaching

Supervisor: Andrea Truitt/Sara Bringman Grade/Subject: Math Intervention

I. Professionalism
Teacher candidate will adhere to professional ethical standards and conduct her or himself in a courteous and professional
Rylee demonstrated her commitment to developing the highest education and quality-of-
life potential of her students with disabilities. This lesson was planned for a class of twelve
students, all who have IEPs. She has built a professional rapport with students. Throughout
the observation, Rylee checked in with individual students, encouraging them while
focusing on their strengths. She takes initiative, demonstrates self-motivation and follows
through on commitments.

II. Collaboration and Communication

The teacher candidate will collaborate and effectively communicate with students, their families, other educators, related
service providers and members of the community to address the needs of students with disabilities.
Rylee is a receptive and attentive listener, communicates in a fair, respectful and sensitive
manner, expresses ideas in a clear and concise manner and asks appropriate and effective
questions. She works closely with her team-teacher in developing curriculum
demonstrating her commitment to collaboration across content areas.

III. Assessment
The teacher candidate will collect information on student backgrounds, learning characteristics and achievement that can be
used to determine students present level of performance and to guide instruction.
Rylee demonstrates knowledge and skill in observational procedures. She interacted with
students individually and in meaningful ways to gain insights that assisted in promoting
students growth and development of decimal parts. Throughout the observation, Rylee
evaluated her instruction and monitored the progress of her students. She used this
information to slow down the pace of instruction (instruction the previous week was
interrupted by a fire drill and the absence of several students) assuring her students
grasped the concepts of decimal place value before moving on.

IV. Special Education Evaluation and Individual Educational Planning

To the maximum extent possible the teacher candidate will participate in the Educational Evaluation and Individual
Educational Planning process.
This observation was not a part of a Special Ed Evaluation of Individual Educational
Planning. The plan, however, directly related to student needs identified in their IEP and
the data could inform development of future IEPs.
V. Instructional Planning
The teacher candidate will plan instruction that meets the needs of students, is consistent with state and local standards,
and provides access to the general education curriculum.
Rylees lesson planning was complete and detailed. This observation was of the third in a
series of lessons focusing on decimal place value, adding and subtracting decimals, and
communicating using academic language. She adapted and/or modified curricular content
and materials to accommodate the different ability levels and learning styles of her
students. Her learning targets (in math and communication) could be directly linked to
individual student needs (IEP goals). Rylee planned for her students movement from
direct teaching into independent practice.

VI. Instructional Presentation

The teacher candidate will present lessons and units of instruction that gain and maintain student attention and are
consistent with student interest and IEP goals.

Rylee co-teaches this math intervention class with another CC teacher, not her
Cooperating Teacher. She demonstrated preparedness for instruction (materials were
organized, learning target was evident). Rylee opened her lesson by checking in with them
as a group. She asked how Friday math class was different from other days of the week.
Students provided a variety of responses. She previewed what she hoped they would
accomplish for the lesson.

Rylee presented information sequentially and consistent with how her students learn. For
example, in defining decimals, students wrote a definition in their own words, provided an
example and drew a picture representing decimals. Students did the same when defining
addition and subtraction. Rylee provided opportunities for all of her students to participate,
verbally or visually (on the whiteboard). The majority of her students participated actively,
completing their Academic Language Practice sheet and volunteering to respond to

Throughout individual work time, Rylee moved about the classroom, checking in with
individual students. I was impressed with the authentic way in which she interacted with
students; relating to their interests, learning styles and, most importantly, their strengths
(For example, Youre an artist. Id like you to focus on visuals.). In some instances, Rylee
needed to encourage her students to focus on starting their work. In others, she
encouraged them to Challenge yourself, to provide additional or more complex

Through her individual observations and student participation, Rylee noted several
students needed more practice to develop the concepts. She immediately incorporated
more questions and practice within the lesson. While she had to move off her plans for the
lesson, I was impressed by her focus on her students needs and her flexibility.

VII. Classroom Management

The teacher candidate will create and maintain a safe, positive and supportive learning environment that is conducive to the
learning and the mental health of the students.

Rylees classroom management is largely based on her strong relationships with her
students. She structured the physical environment to provide optimal learning with most
students sitting individually at tables. Rylee treated all students fairly, equitably and
impartially and demonstrated empathy and positive regard for students needs and
interests. Additionally, Rylees interactions were frequent, positive, and emphasized
individual student strengths.

Summary of Performance
Commendations: I truly appreciated observing you in this classroom, Rylee. Im impressed
with the respect you show your students and their mutual respect in return. Your plans and
instruction not only accommodated individual learning styles, but emphasized their
Things Id like to see during your next observation:

Recommendations for Professional Growth:

Overall Observation Grade: A

Cooperating Teacher Comments:

Students Comments:

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