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Turn Sequence
Initiative and Activate Phase
1. Roll a d6 for each of your platoons, keeping the best score. The highest roll wins the initiative.
Re-roll ties.
2. The roll that won the initiative determines how many activation tokens each platoon receives.
The winner of the initiative receives one extra activation token for each of his platoons.
3. In reverse initiative order, players take turns placing one activation token for each of their platoons next to the troop element that will use it.

Action Phase
In initiative order, players take turns spending one activation token for each of their Forces (Lances and Platoons).
Declare an action from the list here then discard the token and execute the action.

Move and Ranged Fire – Element can move once and fire ranged weapons once, or vice versa.
Move and Close Combat – Element can move once or twice and melee, before, between, or after moving.
Dash State – Element can move twice and shoot (at a +2 mod to the target number) before, between or after movements.
Limitations: can only Dash twice in a turn, and cannot use Rapid Move or Precise Ranged Shot later in the same turn. Portable weapons cannot Dash.
Rapid Move – Element can move three times, but it cannot shoot or fight.
For the rest of turn, troops shooting at this element gain +2 bonus to their attack rolls, and this element suffers a -1 to its armour rating in close combat.
Limitations: can only use Rapid Move once a turn, and cannot use Dash, Overwatch, or Precise Ranged Fire later in the same turn.
Portable weapons and battlesuits cannot use Rapid Move.
Re-Motivate – Element discards activation tokens to remove re-motivate tokens on a one for one basis.
Command & Control (Commander only) – Instead of using its activation token, the commander gives it to another element for later use.
Roll a d8, and on an 8 the token is lost.
Precise Ranged Fire – Element opts not to move to gain a +1 bonus to ranged combat.
Limitations: can only take this twice in the the turn, and cannot use Dash or Rapid Move later in the same turn.
Overwatch State – Element can move up to a quarter of its movement rate (or 1 cm) and then receives an overwatch token that it can spend later to shoot
at an enemy troop that is moving through its line of sight. Overwatch tokens may be kept until spent, even after the turn ends.
Limitations: unit may take no other actions (except to accumulate more Overwatch tokens) until it spends or discards its overwatch tokens.
Overwatch status can only be used by infantry and battlesuits.
Self Protection – Element can make a half move and then receives a Self Protection token. The element's armour rating gains +2 until it moves again.
Limitations: cannot be taken again while still in effect, and cannot use of Dash, Rapid Movement, or Precise Ranged Shot later in the same turn.
Only infantry can use this action.
Reform Troop Elements – To merge, move elements into contact and combine the activation tokens.
To split, move elements apart and divide the remaining activation tokens. Update your roster.
Let it Pass – Discard an activation token without taking an action.

End Game Phase
If no one has won, remove unnecessary tokens and markers. Return to the Initiative and Activate phase.

Movement In Play
Movement cost for moving 1 cm across the following:
Open Ground, Grass, Flat Fields, Tracks, Low Hills = 1 cm.
Paved Roads, Laid Flat Surface = 0.5 cm
Rocky Ground, Scrub Ground, Sand, Light Snow, Light Woods, Rubble, Stream, River Ford = 2 cm
Forest, Steep Hills, Deep Snow, Jungle, Thick Rubble, Shallow River = 3 cm
Building, Fence, Hedge, Wall = Must be Climbed at a cost of 1 cm per 1 cm climbed.
Open Sea, Deep River, Crevasse, Cliff = Impassible without equipment!
Moving Into and Through Friendly Troops (within 2cm of each other) adds 1 cm to the usual cost
If terrain severely restricts movement, then 1 cm of movement is allowed.
Infantry sized vehicles turning up to 90 degrees = 2 cm or 3 cm if a hover vehicle
Hover vehicles crossing water = 0.5 cm
Antigrav vehicles over any terrain 1 cm or 2cm if it contains walls, rubble, steep hills or tall obstacles

Portable weapons with propulsion systems travel at the crew's rate. Those without can move 1 cm.

Jump jets double movement and ignore terrain. Only one use per activation, and two uses per game.


The Armour Save target number is 4 – (defender's armour rating) + (strength of attacker's weapon). total the amount of intervening cover along the LOS. special skills or abilities.+2 Troop Element has DMR of 2. If the target element is wearing armour. Armour saves that do not exceed the target number are Kills. +2 Over 5 cm. -1. and they may only fire once per turn unless they have a dedicated Loader. Shooting at infantry sized vehicles. allowing one additional shot per turn. the base target number to hit is 2. Hits are automatic. If the Troop Element has no tokens left. provides cover. then it keeps the Re-motivate status. then the Troop Element fails. then before that other action occurs. then a morale roll must be made. and infantry with AoE weapons cannot. Surviving defenders within range of the attacker can shoot back. +2 Platoon or Lance has already suffered Killed miniatures this turn . LOS is blocked by solid terrain and height differences of over 40 mm. +1 3-5 cm. the active unit can proceed with it's action. A Re-motivate token is placed next to it. If it survives. the winner can move onto the spot vacated by the destroyed unit. +3. like forests or flimsy structures. If either uses an Activation token for any action other close combat. the defending player rolls a d8 Armour Save. The player who won Initiative allocates the damage. The player who won initiative assigns the damage. +5. they fight a round of close combat as if the other side had initiated it (the other side fights and inflicts casualties first). If a member of a Troop Element is killed in ranged combat. or Enemy. -2 Troop Element has Eight or more members. The defending element can discard unused activation tokens to cancel 2 DMR per token. and the Troop Element must immediately use one of its activation tokens to re-motivate. Infantry with S or AoE weapons may not move and fire in the same activation. it can roll an Armour Save for each Hit. +3 Ignoring any cover the shooter is in. Each kill inflicts 1 DMR. Rolls that do not exceed the Armour Save target number represent Kills. -1 Attacker is firing while using Dash State. This is modified as follows: If all members of the target element are within cover. For shooting. +2 Indirect fire (requires LOS or a signaler) ignores cover modifiers. Check how many d8 dice you need to roll for the weapons involved. Target in point blank range. Partially solid terrain. Check LOS along the line connecting the center of the shooting element with the center of the target element. causing 1 DMR each. but always has a + 2 modifier. and models with melee-centric weapons. Each roll that exceeds the modified target number is a HIT. The target number is 2 modified as shown below: Member of Troop Element Killed. +1 Shooting at crew manning a portable weapon. Area of Effect (AoE) weapons shoot as normal. This snap fire does not require activation tokens. Infantry can shoot through 10 cm of cover. For each Hit. -1 Troop Element members have a DMR of 3 or more. +1 Add modifiers for countermeasures if all the members of the target element have it. but each successful attack does the AoE number of Hits. +3 The total cover modifier is limited to +4. which must be used for a Re-Motivate action. If close combat eliminates either element. Close Combat Close Combat Check if attacker can move its centre miniature within 1 cm of the defending element's centre miniature. +1 25% or more of Troop Element Killed. round up to nearest member Nearest Troop Element is Friendly. and if he rolls equal or less. Portable weapons and infantry sized vehicles can shoot through 15 cm. -1 Shooting at elements that have a movement rate of 20 cm or more. or a height difference of up to 40 mm. -1 The owning player rolls the D8. The Armour Save target number is 4 – (defender's armour rating) + (attacker's armour rating). If both sides have survivors. Each model will cause a Hit. then they are locked in close combat. round up to nearest member 50% or more of Troop Element killed. will cause additional Hits. Any surviving defenders now fight close combat against the attacker. and each hit requires a separate Armour Save. Check if the target is in range and if it is in point blank range. 71 . Less than 3 cm. The Troop Element may not be activated with anything but a new Activation Token in the next turn. Ranged Combat Ranged Combat Measure the distance from center of attacking element to center of target. Only infantry can use snap fire.